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Thursday, January 18th

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I'm hearing and joins us in our fun and I say with that tone I Sunderland. Daring dance to a visitor. What is the rest of the way it is crunch time powered by ortho Carolina native and Doug gave coming to warm us up. Warms the couples of our hearts quite like Daryn get a pro football talk dot com live from the march screens we'll do studio. With a series primetime powered by ortho Carolina they're staring get hi Darren. I everybody. Building center text one that's away 704570. Nice extended its lead as proudly Jewish Twitter feed. At prime time WS NC proudly recently named one of the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country by national jeweler magazine building trust for three generations. It's probably Jewelers. And Bradley Juli stock comes somebody wrote in earlier said the Koppel's. LO while he's there again it's cold it's been stormy it's been. When tree out there we survived by the way we made are you okay how did you do. Are great I love that I mean it's it's a great day to be alive and did I I know. That school's out and we've had the weather an economic school's out and now gets an Amazon doesn't want us but just look around your little city today. Look around what you see a little larger than an army of lawyers say you know we're dealing with the rejection of Amazon they've picked twenty finalists for HQ eight H winning boy it's a new two bits were not on the list. All around your city today the sun shining the sky's blue. There's this beautiful carpet of snow over everything you see you know an hour deploy started mail this morning and a black all over Canada to. Carolina my guards on Annan Annan jet listen I'm choosing to be hopeful here today. And is point one. It's me he is being closet okay so that's why should you warm the couples of our hard writing that Sosa regularly for the pizza both Megan and her sled dogs. No I did not him by the way silliest thing this is what happened yesterday we made it out alive I mean we like going up. Was to just one day at a time we made it out alive okay. But I knock before I AG TDs young minds. On the Donner party are you familiar with the Donald borrowers okay soul. It was what do we learn issued eighteen dollars RD of toil at 1846 the exact year where Dodd now now being noted in famed. In some Israeli Donner pass in California search they tried to go out last left it late in the year. And they're covered wagons in their party always named after the leader of said party was normally multiple families it was George Donner odd decided to blazing a trail. A little later in the year and none un traveled trail and would turn out to be really bad miscalculation and winner said in there are literally. I think almost I think seven theory inches of snow off my memory serves me correct in this OPEC's de beer and they just started eating each other. That in admitting to each other the so kill them but then they would need each other because what you gonna do gonna stay alive so I was going to do it this way to the snow do or did they do it another so do about how they don't know killing each other team then you know they did they were harvesting each other for Blu-ray were just take anointed daddy you do get picked off by mother nature the hunger is an extreme cold it was a dehydration gentler form of. Are these guys had a sense of of the diners. Well what are you gonna do we huge we if you were mean I just we don't mean it could be could be killing people that you guessing Lan needs is this like to join us in sister Jack how are they relying on the this is a good told the story like to. Told his concerts and other drivers so there were survivors what do you famous. All problems over those traveling Madonna's family then not all the daughter Suzanne it was a let your homework rendering your history American history it's a great thing for read a lot of families that survived but it was named after George honored the Donner party anyway plus it's a really funny name when you walk into a restaurant you don't go to on a regular on this and ask for a name me just say Donner. Not a part of and then and hey if I have to say Donner party of four and you go out and take you to a preview of American history golf and harass you if they get a laugh ready so anyway I was sitting at their animals to a first date July stocks you know the believe all the all the impact. Mac and a gas price and then they are there Eaton Finley dogs and stuff and I remarked yesterday and Carolyn my wife was listening that she was upset and I said if it came to would I woody boot. And I'm not sure I was lying but I am sorry honey I apologize I just say that well I wouldn't you were you when meet mr. green how we're. That's the difference between life and death. That's correct. And you look more human for a reason I mean I don't ahead an animal kingdom isn't it. The dogs my dog is man's best friend seeing what's your best friend. The dog would you love it to the jury is seeing it was reversed a dog when you know I don't believe that mr. bean knows where the line is to be wrong we written we have a deep respect for each other what is it what is CEO what is the Versa greater love has snowman in this that a man would lay down his life first friends so what's that say that's your dog is man's best friend it didn't you do all over again man. As innocent dogs laid down a life for you. Is that your friend writes my dad why do you automatically put yourself in. Higher on the food chain in the dog that's the circle of life and may have cut off a foot train a dog so the dog kitty is that okay dogs I'm up for that you're no William mr. green we'll chop off your foot so mr. being deliver an extra week may be my last one. Anyway I was educating them on the dollar party that happened yesterday we're here we're still like this is gotten do we really morbid story. All I know always what is it about a icing you warm Chicago's of our party yet here we are I feel like we're not being warm today and somebody asks what is trying to bring the war do you keep talking about cannibalism and killing your digital era in his family dog knows American history you what they say about history if we don't learn from it will will repeat ourselves OK so first of all if you would you like a normal human being now. You wouldn't have to send me move in the next time it rains so. Hey here's going into I can carry a few extra pounds she asked I want Ronnie Jackson to describe the last physical odd do I carry a few extra pounds jab at the next on the power goes out I'm not an easy mr. dean like Kroger. I G savage. You've got this box of doughnuts in front keep the rest of the materials I want. The dog to survive head to already here's what I know you wanted to be entomology here you go 1671. It's from the corruption of Latin not Cox leg which he's venture goals obviously of the art. And earlier attempt to explain the analogy no longer noted in reference so it's possibly do resemblance of Koppel's too large so to warm the cop was of someone hard someone's sorties to provide happiness to breathe deeply felt contentment and now I regret actually saying the you do that is I'm not sure you deal nobody cocktails are. Our hearts quite likely Darren can't do that you're. Listen I walked in the door happy loving Charlotte even though Amazon doesn't love us. You want talk many new dog. Well I I am now I'm no longer warmed we're gonna have to work on that we've that we get the next two hours and fifty minutes to jump thought so absurd that Jerry gets through this pro football talk dot com you guys join a 7045709610. Cinema for the phones in the building senator -- like we got doc keeps you cool docs how easy is it -- Kiki Likud tea at 430 Texas Tech wide receiver Demetrius flowers is gonna join us pull back from Oklahoma where in draft season and we're gonna talk mark dress season. Because the one who. Mock draft one point no male side for junior it's out today folks it's there. It's out there. Just look around and Easter and Serena talks appear there's draft and we'll get into that we're gonna talk some Panthers and how to hornets last know again I can do you believe that I can. Do what I wanna do which is. You your dog you my dog and I don't get tied up no longer expect anything from assorted steam in just in a one pulled pairs from your playbook. The scream in sports liberal. And just enjoy what they give me and just recognize hey kemba Walker's phony really good basketball and Dwight Howard can be really fawning go to basketball. And guess what frank Kaminsky is is a guy they can be funding go to basketball and Clifford back and he's healthy and that's a good thing. And in the grand scheme of things. You'll we got a team that more often than not he's can be good and fun to watch and I should quit getting bent out of shape and I should just enjoy them tears tonight. Nice to you Kroger beat bill leaf in the stream that flows along with the watering goes where the current HE don't beat the rock standing in one place in the middle of the strained. Because they are in the water which is wary that. I don't know what that means to be honest goes Disco with did I mean. What are your feelings on the sorted steam I ate cassettes and possibly loneliness last night I honest to god. When I turned on the TV at a certain point I was just sitting around that it be you know watching the snow fall had Netflix cultural lives finished watching some stuff turn on the TV and saw seven. OK I'm just in time to see the fourth quarter wrongly thought that was halftime and it was like well what a prime minister and and I doubt it back a little bit and kind of catch up and a lot of first half and I watched the rest of the game and rather enjoyed myself and that's the team that they can be best case scenario but it reminded me I just had the flash back to what was it November. Our early in the season when they were on when they were doing a couple things well early voluntary early and I said. What was my word for the Charlotte hornets I said this team is day. Tease tease him if asked this team to tees they're gonna do stuff like this. And you're gonna think wow this is what they're capable of and maybe this could be really neat and then they went through a stretch when not so much so. I don't know I can. I don't have any illusions that they're going to get out of the first round of the oil and what I also. Don't mind investing a couple hours of when Steen night. In the winter when it's no one outside and stuck on the couch anyway in watching them they provided me enjoyment last night. Do you think that was best case scenario though on the tragedy could be better than what they were last night show I mean you complete these simply defense last night. And a sinners or another night 33 point yeah I mean they had an employee since I was nine I can I joked on Twitter than Steve came back from the DL is Doug Mo. They were just run an up and down a floor cranking up shots now helps when you hit what was it 49% a year threes some don't like paying some ridiculous fifteen and 31 from three adding. And it practically captured threes yet you're gonna put up big numbers and I hit that shot on nine point percentage and what you almost all the way through the first quarter there are 90% shooting. That's why probably not sustainable and is now handling it's unsustainable but they didn't play a complete defense and then they would have been a different game to it yet here's the text so you think that's the best they could ever look what they did last night. Cry baby yeah I mean considering the opponent consider in Washington is not a bunch societies considering. You know that's an actual NBA team they were playing against. I think that's about it and they were entertaining they were following that. Kimberly is Kim by Dwight was being good to lighten having some fun into in the same could sailed dance. When they called a man who put him on the line any drill but does free throws some mean there was. You know again I was entertained it is this a problem way as. Us it stands our city Don I don't know but. I don't think they were great but for an evening I was inner aren't a boy Jersey wants to jump do we get a break we come back we how we roll on 704570. NIC still bring it in some banter some NFL and doesn't even draft because. Trout season out of theaters are playing this time a year or so we get it all that you guys jumping and we continue next prime time. Power by ortho Carolina. Only got a pretty darling sporting. Prime time winning numbers grow. Powered by Mort don't care. Your chance to win two tickets to USC fight night that comes up and about an hour and a half 5 o'clock we get Dmitry flowers I think this is a bad dude I like Dmitry flowers. They'll start to sell life younger of this guy I like this Jack the reason he's a monster he's. The major does everything you watch Oklahoma's also that you probably haven't seen to be true because you're not paying attention to him your pain too much attention baker mayfield and all the other weapons that they have Rodney Anderson another one of those guys on the on Oklahoma offense but Dmitry does a little bit everything the split out wide he'll be a fullback will be an H back he can. He can do it all boy can that would block it he's kind of way. This is high praise but he looks like Mike Tolbert in as early years in San Diego. You wanna young Mike Tolbert again hello Mike Tolbert says Mike Tolbert wants it back in Carolina last week with a -- we learn that on Friday. I think Dmitri flowers might do some of that stuff Norv Turner would like. I could kind of see it. The senate is set a nice way of saying he's a little chunky. And he's too well big. He's stick but if you remember Mike back in the day Michael wasn't exactly the bowling ball early on in San Diego he was big but boy he could scoot I can get up to move back that. And then when he came here in new his body yet to hear hey Mike actually told us what this best he's had his weight in what six or seven years and he's what he's told us on Friday was all under since since years three is in merger in the NFL's you know so look like saying I'm feeling young again so you wanna call me -- you can do that he wasn't putting on weight despite being in buffalo when all is freezing temperature we learn this Michael over told us all this on Friday anyway Dimitri is gonna join us about five minutes to talk to that this text erode in building center techs like 704570. Nice extent I met Matt -- pick a club 2000 called me out now this is gonna oil and story. I commitment Geiger club 2000 back in the day Tuesday all he was one execute. But he has some real diamonds on his arms that was my first encountered a pro athlete in public so I kind of sunny cool seal play after that I was remarking about this earlier. Johnny O'Brien's my guys cranked it already does a guy sure unseen. And in your guy really has really got it's not that good. But he sure got a preacher I understand and so like I've nickname you know Johnny O'Bryant reportedly amongst his teammates we learned this from Marvin Williams is John you'll buckets. I like Johnny a green light that's my nickname for him because he comes in he stays ready and he's getting shots up man do we know if he's actually Irish. I I had no idea. I don't know actually I do know he lives in a constant state of the Czech. He is always it'll be zinni's lives in he checked his entire NBA career is inning he checked. And I like Johnny O'Bryant so I was asking the with a random dudes that if you're a fan of throughout your sports Corey sports thing and don't. Where you knew they weren't actually that good but made gosh darn you love those guys Johnny a brands of those guys who make level. Back tiger apparently when those guys ice like Matt Geiger to I could exploit them I think because he looks like a bowling ball. With a said and he looks slightly unhinged so I just kind of like that about a. One just a look. He wasn't in strike saw little unhinged remained at my favorite Matt Geiger story was Dave Allen say Indiana pulled last year in the playoffs is hot hot hot and a anchors. You mean he wasn't practicing his heart his talents wanted him to and so talents was like I don't know he's got a pulled ask some. Might have been the closest thing it's the most truth they've gallons of her spoke for a ward of somebody asked her about that Darren gets us play our show within A show is a little troubling today. During the break your kind of let me down I walked in the door asking you about a flinch quotation and you look to me like a head to head I know of flags are never see you've ever seen one of the greatest movies and American cinema and then during the last break I asked you if you knew about Fred Kirby who. Friends that I Kirby don't actually forgot cowboy a deadly BTV legend a man who in this very building. Main television gold every week of my childhood at Bryant's weeded out ask anybody they know coach who what was his name for her friend Herbie asked if anybody knows who that is going to be a line of demarcation at about forty years old. And if you're on my side of the Fred derby line you'll know exactly what I'm talking about it you'll be flooded with memories that I bet there's got to be it was a memorabilia in this building of who have Fred Kirby you know dozens. He is a singing cowboy he wore red strange cherry actually cowboy hat yeah and we played one on TJ and he wouldn't come here and he would introduce. Song he would play a song in do little skit with. His sidekick uncle Jim Jim Patterson beloved. Well I don't need to present Jim Patterson and then they would showed. These rascals card to his better works or atomic power and when that when the hell bomb falls out but he he's saying so how could I not know who that is. Clearly that's not walking the same holes spread Kirby walked. You're trading on the ground legends trod upon. Let's. Budgetary. Means and honing home dream. I can give us your side here on go to Jersey is Jersey frank getting his Jersey for Jersey what's up man. Hey thank you trip bears picked up beyond this show and example it added that there so you know spread germs. Yeah yeah I had do I've been around the corner and I say there's Mike knows everybody so that's not Communist surprise. But I would like to make a couple of they're great is about Matt and I get a an uncle Ted you it's 28 income beer great year olds and. You know I mean it's like. Don't boarded and it really got at the point where they know how to work in. Offered to why I agree our party and that there often is open about where they are shot derby comments. A lot more spacious and open and that why he respect that you spoke up last night. And number two ugly Cuba. Not not not that that's my guy. I mean that it degraded or you know all and you think about it they're they're read a lot that he drafted as a monitor quote dark. But yet when a car crash in every year he had improved. Just a point where he's an RR. I mean he is the heart and soul of what we want all your feet. But without that and KG get there have been you know be where port port two sided player he went off when you do learn a lot. So act feel real good about or. And then finally. My aunt quit their go to giant didn't open long car. Daddy you're the giants dog Jersey caddie here that. Oh man and not very. Ignorant and Reynolds. All come on now yeah had been badly after morning Jersey good to talk to you may get that here at the giants in your rockers talking out of your have been all right 704570960. Is a bad your criteria of the technique I'm just like to be a recent Senior Bowl and he he is the until an easy easy X-Factor in that high powered Oklahoma offense. Talking a fullback H back at the I don't even know what you call he's a little bit everything Dmitry flowers making time force on the technique I'm just like Dmitry are you doing man. Out during your America what are you what I call you fullback H back doing all your -- your bit of an X-Factor for that sooners' offense what was your position would call you. Pretty out there and got in a Swiss army knife me and I give. I it's so funny I I watch you and I we seen this before you came all this I think if you watch a lot of highlights for Oklahoma's offense. And you see all the moving parts in May and there's a lot of moving parts you guys get athletes all over the field you're you're one of those guys is cut out. Dimitri still there. Major. Are put. Okay I'll sit I was saying you watch you know you're offense and others a lot of moving parts every knows Rodney and nobody knows baker boys. You're one of the guys think it's asked to do a lot of different things on any given play in your your kind of the secret sauce to make everything click for that sooners' offense. Oh yeah you gain military what if there are over around a lot. Well don't you you know you're only going to Japan to go to writing her off in mind to Egypt you really. Divine everything we do anything at all. They do a great job of putting up Iraqi history there I achieve proper utility in this day. That we use a lot of move you know on the field goal seemed to be out there and. Well you love to hit right to be deposition do the things you do your great blocker you got you don't like to physicality to do what you do right. Absolutely out but in an apple Activision now that's what they you know you're going to find that they want. You have to be physical geography about a war on Tuesday Colorado where. We're talking a Dmitry flowers fullback H back he does it all coming out Oklahoma Ambien Reese a senior ballwind. It will be interesting to see where where his side his draft status ladies and it'll we're talking here urges in Carolina we know we've. This offense Conner runs it you don't has any ears under Mike Shula kind of a college style offense around Cam Newton and lot of preset move men and they use a fullback H back and and Mike Tolbert C guy that I think played when he especially early honors group play played his pro game the way you. Right now and Oklahoma. Doubt threw it out or myopic as compared an annual wanted to mow my game after Michael are now. Like you say you bill aren't welcome all the Carolina well prepared but I got to do and. Well we hear people talk about the fullback position I feel like it's the way people talk about and of your basketball cinema big basketball fan of people say at low post centers there. They're dinosaurs there are dying breed a joint people insane after fullbacks for awhile but I I still seats I have four teams after years of peace and correctly the fullback still need an in football today. I go out you know I don't know that you are what people are corrupt political. If this. Personal debt and our political like MacBook. Due to a lot of different things go in beat both of them. The open upload it throughout the year. When you were standing on the sideline to be true flowers with this by the way at Oklahoma is going to be in the recent Senior Bowl fullback H back he can he can do at all. You stand on a sideline of a the Rose Bowl and you're getting ready to to play one the most historic games in all sports in this country and you CA. A stealth bomber. Flying overhead. Did reality set in like holy crap this is a game I ever played him before. It's sure do you do about it well a lot of earlier McConnell actually about about you hear comment about the way you look up that you did this is what its intent here. You know we had a month a month long wait the that there are there audit he didn't go away we wanted it but you are so can't all. That's that whole feeling that's got to be the best feeling on earth right need to play all year in. You kind of live for those big games and those big moments but to know you guys should start with that when it's a horseshoe to put yourself in position to play on that stage that's got. I mean that's that's that's everything right as a competitor. Absolutely you know and it's why we go to describe the process. It is that feeling that our work paying off to get to that and you know we we ultimately got there and new book forum vote in ought to be out there. Dmitry let me give yellow preview of what you're gonna experience over the next couple my sister talking to teams in the pre draft process. They're going to be interest it and you also but a lot of people are gonna wanna talk to you to find out information about baker mayfield. What are you gonna tell an NFL team when they say. What is baker may feel like when the camera's not on what's that cat like when nobody's like. So you know I don't know that told the truth then you know they pick on oh god yeah you or my best friend Hugo leader. And what you see it on the bill that is passed in the game. And it's competitive or is it that fire but you know off the duties well I got it it eat you did you're not a grip but it was. What was different with obviously you you came there anyplace for coach Stoops and you've played under lane two to put under Lincoln as your offensive coordinator then became head coach which would it was a different role what's the dynamic when he made that change this year to you guys didn't skip a beat this year obviously get into the college football playoff. And it I mean that's the thing they're really looking that much if honestly that I kind of took quote we are not the only difference look at who we that he needed. Yeah. And then it's gonna that it took it to occur in them how to move to a democratic rather Arctic or it's by spike you bet he'd be an error on the. Well one of our favorite guys around here on that staff in week we saw on the got to talk tomorrow pretty regular basis for a few years is is old rough Ruffin McNeill what what what's it let's elect a rough and around you guys that guy is man he's he's best. Area outlook outlook a rough meant either. Eat eat eat because you can't go to audio out there you're exact comic relief where you period you know got a drop of one of the in the future role model. People got to be. They had no like if you need he's just one of those guys bring these people in their life right Dmitry where you're like you know he. You need some my advice or some some pick me up and you know you could go to Rother Ross gonna give it to you. First sort being you know he couldn't live through at all whatever you can pick up is. A critical. As it didn't we see you would always starts try to focus on the individual game you've been such a team player that's kind of the nature of your position in particular so now it's all about you for the next few months has gotta gotta be we're departure. Not fully clear a couple of weeks is reality kind of that it oh well what they've there's you know it. We sit and out there. But you know it is different now could then all the ink and it'll eat well. Particularly well and being able. Which like that book but I dated and Oklahoma is not how are well whatsoever but you know if I go out there are so. I was I was to back you just love watching when he watched medical football right now who's the guy. I mean interpret this play maker of overlap like I can. Do you like you know well in it it should be Delanie Walker occurred. Eat a lot of things they're into money at a different position and you know be blocked well or corrective. You feel like it and I know you guys get so focused on on your own game it's hard to watch a lot of NFL football you certainly don't get to watch every game every week but. Do you see more than ever did the college staples of all the offense is being implemented at that the NFL level. Now. I know I. Kind of joking around like he's multi unit oh Jacksonville on the little pop the if we can't grief of course want but we ran couple of the game. And are bigger boat and it it musical and open and into. What you did I didn't got a lot about it is that they expect to vote grant it. I don't regard your honor ordinary whether or not but I. Just being that not expecting about it it's backed away in translate into both political. Our Demetris flowers for the journal at a normal fullback H back at Oklahoma will be Teresa senior goal always going to be selected in the NFL draft in Dutch course played in Oklahoma playing in the Rose Bowl game. I against Georgia where the Rose Bowl game traditions is a Larry's beef bowl so how personally how much food did you put down Demetric flowers to Larry's beef. You know I'll talk all of us and being there in the cream court. Hooker or a group that's you know. Was so that was the highlight more than the more than these indeed the primary and you're getting down on the creamed corn. Uh oh. That we that I bit moderate to do so because oh in the of the properly though you know what that act out back my feet. A claim they airway create and I derided it of course but I claim quarter a wee bit but that was brokered accord. How often though we got sitting down your team because you probably all like yeah I'm about to put downs a serious amount of food how many guys actually disappoint here like dude you talk so much game you really use your eyes are bigger than your stomach you could put it down tonight. Well there are a lot of people that it bet you'd there it is fine people that were competitive and being and so. Ever ground a breakthrough on the experience where they don't realize that they. Were hurt but yet people. All are on Iraq for the third place they're unit but it but I don't look great I know all there. We yourself food coma Demetris flowers fullback H back and Oklahoma via the recent senior ball and you're and here's name selected during the NFL draft coming up in a few months and Demetrius it's it's a pleasure to talk to your best to lock and dollop won't catch up sooner okay. Are. Be good they're going to be true flowers if I I love that do Teamsters he looks like Mike Tolbert and Tony if you like you watch what Mike was. We talk to this last week people forget San Diego's offense. In the late years of the worse than where LaDainian was gone. And it was more Tolbert in Sproles. It would and then you had Vincent Jackson still at that point in Antonio Gates would. That's first and Sproles pro or simply told were told what you don't leave here to over became more just kind of a lead blocker short yardage guy. Used to move toward around a little bit demotion amend their backfield literal the wheel routes and he could. And he'd he'd actually make guys miss in space and flat out just run overdue it's what I want and Mike Turner was the other when the big Mike and Mike Turner here so yeah I mean it's I think yeah. You talk about the position sort of going away I think there's always going to be a place in the league is as people. Diversify out chances and as supply and demand since more guys to the league or coming from and spread offenses. People are gonna have to adjust in the NFL and I think you're always going to find a spot for guys like Dmitry. Yeah and it I think when when you see what versatility means and are on a team anymore it appears there's I think you've done a good job Joseph Webb was a good example that he was on this team for so long because his versatility. You're 53 roster spots Andy Kenny got a can do 234 things at one position a while occupying one position reality of six or more there was no more you can do and and satellite principal. Odd Jerry get with a pro football talk site I'm trying to warm the chronicles of your heart or saving yourself a little bit by the way my brother who is a teacher he cities are proud of me text NBC's very proud of me. Because he was just teaching his young students are about the Donner party. On not all that long ago so he's proud he's proud of me I got my brother seal of approval here. I don't know what that's worth but there you go or thought I don't know Steve Clifford by the way he's gonna join us. I sure he has a miss this for the last two months he joins is a five we'll get our weekly parents with him at 5 o'clock we'll talk about the hornets win last night the last two wins in the the play better ball over the last few weeks since that West Coast road trip he joins us at five and Dell were to talk to another draft prospect could I key key could teach. Wide receiver from Texas Tech that's coming in the 4 o'clock hour. And we might hear from Riley Ferguson is coming out the draft as well Charlotte kid played a Butler. Quarterback at Memphis and I keep saying this but should play for the show 49ers. But they did recruit. So didn't happen and makes it harder to play for it kinda does so we were hoping to talk to write a lot of the Cincinnati Reds him but sometimes not the cards may hold on we get a break come back we got into this Rob Gronkowski. With his biggest challenge yet the English language we get to this sound if my team got it might be off. It might. Better than our favorite drug selling whole assay and it is it might be there again Kroger front touch. Powered by ortho Carolina. By ortho Carolina. He seemingly born it was fast and gone after any what are your thoughts on. Obviously in June in support he's one of them all so very much creativity. Yeah yeah I haven't seen it my guys hurt some of it I mean I think some pretty financial they're all funny. But I know back I don't know I guess awesome I appreciate it good for us where conflicts. Okay thanks see. Bigger and bigger voice portal then you add people who have self awareness are among my favorite kinds of people by the way do you follow voice portals facts on Twitter at play for those facts I do not but I'd seen him reach we didn't in my timeline before about this one's from three hours ago career losses including the playoffs were buoyed portals is undefeated in Tom Brady has lost nine times. Tom Brady 64. Like portals forty. Playoff wins in 2018 out boy mortal Sachs guy. Played portals to Tom Brady won and they tagged the patriots nice Super Bowl losses Tom Brady to blame portals zero. At one mortal sexist bit and out there. And it is one of these funny it's up there was followed Jon Gruden. I'm not a big fan of parity accounts on Twitter they were funny like in 2010. And they quickly became not funny anymore but there are still some original when Giuliani is good are really balanced kind of an old army Ellen's not funny to me anymore. And Brian Skinner and it just comes our democratic process you guys can comment so what portals yesterday asked about eight are you familiar with what goes on. On on none on Twitter a voice portal sacks young lawyer I don't follow blood. I'm aware and done there's nothing there's nothing dazzling captain Andrew Luck I don't. That when it's good to actually yes the one where he'll because he looks like it almost civil war general life and it's a black and white picture of him and it's him writing letters. You know two home. While he's out on the battlefield about his latest conquest and it's not going his way and there's been a lot of that over the last few years training knock. So that's a funny Twitter account you tweet us Bradley Jewelers Twitter feed app prime time WS frenzy per only recently named one of the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country. By national jeweler magazine building trust for three generations it's Fraley Jewelers temporarily jeweler stock console that's great preview sound get this ready for conference championship Sunday. Let's go to the other guy in that matchup with fire open your billing. Sounds good. There Rob Gronkowski. Yes some familiar with his work as the guy you want to talk to writing a big game big moment each player he has inside deep inside as to what could go on the AFC championship game and you don't broadcast about or just that the nature of good naval yes that's true and so drug was asked you all at the home field advantage said Gillette Stadium in. Their fans and just what that might mean to swing the balance of the game against the jags on Sunday. Our friends I was when I mean that about the fact let me if I if I remember last year I was watching stands in there is little presume that they're super loud super proud outside. But that doesn't matter where you are if your plan homered to find a way. It's about a team that comes out it's a team that's more prepared as the team play harder on Sunday that's gonna win the game it doesn't matter for homeless for a way self. It's whoever comes out and then plays harder on Sundays so that's what we got to do and I mean obviously having Ted. Our home fans I'm being super loud when they need to be definitely helps out of. And going and going what it was Brazil and bazooka which sucks. What does that mean. Is it. Tech story and now I mean there was the legend of bazooka Friday. When you could fire a bazooka down the hallways of this place and now this what it will not display we were the only place. But you could fire bazooka down hallways and not dangerous soul at a certain time on Friday afternoon it. Bazooka bazooka fried our fans go bazooka. But the fans going aggressive and stands there was a good or super also going rises asked. I think somewhere between berserk and buzzing go on though. Honestly if you had to get on dead serious on this god bless drunk if you had to gear and into millions tweeting and says maybe unions bunker still put that on a poll does he mean bunkers her or preserved. Where does he actually mean bazooka he doesn't actually know the difference between any of when he's not confused if you had to get him in it English. Literacy test what do you think drugs reading level is still a serious on this what age group do you think he has the reading level off come I reads a middle schooler. Is thirteen and Elian saved or not legacies like sixth grade but I think it's like eighth or ninth grade this. Scattered demeaning he knows he is. Know the definition of bazooka he has stated he has to be able to process so well and ask directions. Okay. I mean it is just football but he is still learned a train you know he has been trained to do a certain thing now continued train a sealed a do those things. You came. He's like a cat cats are very Smart. How good are we on that and there are loving they do good things occasionally but in no grades given generally get big and maybe they know the difference between right along the natured unlikely cap. Now we go that far and yeah I mean rate there's nothing. There's nothing mean there's not led. There's not an evil bone and Robert cows he thinks I evil bones in cats oh yeah the cats a double. Cattle steel breath out of a bay Dicey lie like a sleeping dogs in the same room I don't know what's better sound what play this again Rob Gronkowski rob what do the fans a Gillette they're going to be crazy it's going to be colder going to be drunk how to get a reaction on Sunday afternoon. Our friends I was on and I mean that about the fact I mean if I if I remember last year I was watching stands in there is little buzz of they're super loud super proud self. But that doesn't matter where you are require home to find a way. It's about a team that comes out is this a team that's more prepared as the team play harder on Sunday. That's gonna win the game it doesn't matter if he thought you were away itself real deep ties whoever comes out and employees are our Sundays and that's what we got to do. And I mean obviously having. Our home fans I'm being super loud when they need to be definitely helps out of. So drunk yeah they just have to play harder Cameron Jordan when they do to theater city and we just wanted to more okay great analysis or. I am great analysis job growth as well what's better sound that's. Or Rob Gronkowski. Which actual deep thoughts on sale racism inequality in this country that we make everybody come together love one another. If I can ask you to kind of gave nothing and I mean through. Well I mean everything going how tough is going tough it's going to just feel like you should always just destroy itself my new and you know what I mean and which in sports but team. It is this surrounded. With people with different backgrounds. With different races would different religions. And you know in order for a team to win on everything comes together. And I feel like that's what. Like the USA represents an end come together in order to win just like sports and Julian. I always relates sports talk real life situations. Because as orders see the business got all the come together as a team as one unit in order to see if federal resume their succeeding. I guess what you're gonna viewing gonna come together and form morning and be stronger. So as everyone on the same page. You know what I mean. I don't matter what race what background what religion you wire. If everyone just comes together like a good solid. Football team in baseball team on T what it is whatever sport. Everyone comes together and that's how you win games. Look at all. That's you know I'm me his answer Lou is there's always the I. Everything he's an incredible answer broke in alone command respect matters King's Speech yeah. Must say it is so true and it's a natural you know evil basically destroy our effort sure. Of course and wrote. Does the best of moos TV you know those it was an it platform glittery you're right literally called its class sexy it's class export stock comes moos TVs are. I'm delighted all the time like this to death your right so true we had a we got seated so apparent drunken you you laid it out for is that we not see that. Which better sound that's I think that it is the greatest sound in the history of our show might does that Rob Gronkowski sound I am. A pretty big fan Obama. Militias and sound like he's having questioning its are now oh you're the winner is asked have you heard the police is sounding your home are gutsy saw the fight Aeroflot wealth almost a fight era flow taking a swing at porn no mining of deletes of from Serbia. On the court the other night or Minnesota in Orlando now and no money I had great cat like reflexes and in pullback in her. A follow misty and while the least after the game asked about the incident. I was an Islam is that it's cool but I only professionals who play a little camera finder in the game. Or feel like I'm reaching here. I just tried to protect myself and an American a good thing because that's the direction that Clinton. Is trying to calm him down because. Panel to a group and. She's like you Daryn here's reasons street's recent history in this area not suburban Hickory but in Serbia literally a war zone demeans streets of any pennies happy. He is happy thank god says unlike a professional basketball court he's likely because he's not what he's actually eight he's actually it's just a master. Deal martial artist and he mercenary and he won't kill you. On the money Belize so he was raised industry recognized during the just had earning him his hands are registered weapons. Remember when bodied. Now lack keep saying in the sings in none of you children in this I don't know why you're gonna remember when applied when I thought it was with the lakers he wants got into a fight with the hornets and Stuart gray AM it was too big whopper white setter at the time and and Stuart Graham body work on added in a lot of aid made some comment along those lines he was like. The crazy man from Charlotte. And he referred to Sterger is the crazy man from Charlotte and there was like a wrestler like he should have been wearing a mask or something. But Stuart gray was just a gigantic guy a couldn't imagine meaning any so many how are we ranking these sound bites here across newest bike is clearly at the bottom right now what's true. Really sounds like he's put gross moves TV buy did number two. The boy it's a sounds really good man half. It's got so many hidden jams the more you listen to them we keep blasting added I mean I think I think what's wrong star power things different from higher up up on the list what about our fatal defeating itself is going to be a mile one scene that's gonna kill you and I feel like you're gonna find that fortune cookies twenty years from now what about our favorite little when he basketball broadcaster. At the local public evening ladies and gentlemen good evening for all hours of the day just from abroad we are stopping life from Lithuania this is Lithuanian basketball league. That's the only day that is divided. Missile while all of that's there watching Lee Agile and how well waiting for you again. So welcoming song for you also welcome of their little way me welcome tiller who may need. Welcome to look away neon blue on the view beautiful basket.