Primetime: NFL Draft and Clemson Football with Ray-Ray McCloud

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Friday, January 19th

Kroeger and Jamar Nesbit continue to talk Hornets; Ray-Ray McCloud shares his thoughts on Clemson's season and the upcoming NFL Draft. 


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Powered by sort. Players who fights break out those do get close to the style hey. You gotta future don't don't don't don't so money right don't mess this up frank and owners I know there's because they have to demean. When I was a young you don't really an hour hey I was so the people I shouldn't have been filled my dad missile market. There's almost pairs or my affairs a listener I apologize right now but a fight broke out I hang out with these dudes they're a site are better here in this fight or. Like so I want the jumpin and I felt like this grandfather hand like conflict of cartoons the current push me up the way. They have different country and be like hey you don't need this and I just kind of still. Live from the marks being real T studio. Kroger. As Billy the marlin just did it is prime time powered by ortho Carolina we'd love to let people behind the scenes look behind the curtain see other sausage is made so to speak easy. The barn as there are super warship where does the gamecocks hall of Famer. And. We have the something here they treatise every Friday there great literally go to best pizza wings and all Charlotte players here yet. They are for so we hit them from you for this very reason. Possibly stop d'isere OK if they do quite as awesome sale which is the awesome sauce to best pizza does swings that's been voted on literally they won that award near Charlotte imminent also say what just to Visanthe pizza co dot com there in Matthews. They're now in a town of fourth quarter as well and no sale which is came in right is we were leaving the last commercial break a heart but that was what fifteen minutes ago now close to it and that how were right where is we go to the top we are too quick cause we like as a commercial in there maybe a promo. All in bloom. More back and no sale which is it just in that bag and no it's it's when those brown bags. In a wrapped in in parchment paper to a in the Greece is just soaking up. And there warming you can smell is just the snow is just. Wafting into our nostrils and they've got a stake bomber seeing what's in there which we are so we're gonna fight over there's only one with and there's four busing here. And lord knows that's not enough to go around and so it's just teasing me we come back and I I just seen a brown paper bag over their and it's teasing me now has a one ED ninety excellent time. Yet yet so I nearly ten Mormon it's a catch and what I was a Clinton gospels. He's coming on any minute apparently what so put Gregory what's the word on father is apparently an issue with eastern central and eastern and central time told USA. Don't you tell him and I don't know that adding isn't the only even though. Duels are for that we get on in the second Tim wants to join us real quick go to talks in theaters on a toxic copper championship weekend to coming up in a minute Tim what summit would you say about the sort of stuff. And came in and out of the other thing. There I don't think there's any way that Michael Jordan is going to allow which show who don't expiring deal and sells its tertiary institute. Trade. Kemba Walker a major franchise decision. Especially when the all star game has come and in the short of next year I don't think Michael what apple laughing stock with an organizational all the buddy come on party next here. Two article the I don't know if you give equal value they earned one point or communicate on court play is pretty high right now in terms of all around the league are equal value in all honestly I don't know which took making this veneer when he eleven yeah. I think that's going on and make you know a judgment on what he they don't we get things of the trading but you know the drafting and where element and coached well. But if you look at it if it got fired in the job within ten seconds yeah I agree that way I don't I don't see him in the job. Yet and simulate that I appreciate you Conan at that point I think is one that's really interesting is again if you watch aroused your choice rescue he has been saying or it's a may Kemba Walker a global trade talks that they tried did. Trademark ruins and JG you could do Dwight Howard has an autumn interest in that answer because of that they've tried to may be attached kemba some of these potential trades. As a way to do so. I'm not the tour actively shopping her they're hell bent on doing about the work they've they've thought about the possibility. And you don't as the way to reporting stuff goes it is we talked about. It's never just say this is happening with there's always a reason why somebody's willing to talk gripe yes so why is always an agenda all the way out this wealth. Yes and no it personnel personnel. And I think that's the question I'm trying to unearth and on Packwood this with with. As it becomes an Isa facility right now and this is gonna happen man. I know this is gonna happen this. If he's got that bomber also bummer man. What is Dahmer Jack until you have the boy Kemba Walker the guys untouchable it MIA half from my piece and either four pieces you know what you MIT's. Anything else you wanted to Monty Soviet team player today with the boss Smith but we start to unpack some of the so seriously. You know if you're rich Cho may be he spoke to coach. And it's in him maybe trying to say it'll come to a mile apart from annoying great right now but the saint you know maybe not doing it may be she's trying to distance himself from the basketball ops in the coaching staff and what's going on say and mean I'm I'm trying to. I'm trying to think about the future he took the chicken farm that's a that's a that's a man's man right there. But maybe he's trying to do that I don't I don't known as he should say got something about the future so we going to not not when that contract extension time comes up and you know I tried on here you don't yet I'm still interest did I. I've got to avoid evil you know was much better than evil you don't know when that's sure to right. Yeah so is gonna get out the way to the level do just get I don't know if you're broke that's got it has to be so hard for him. Oh and go from being in the best. Ambien all the you know it just let's put his basketball. Everything he's done to decide to be an owner. And to be an actual basketball guy that could be a true basketball owner. And not have a an organization that perennially. Competes. In your conference has got to kill it. Just as a competitor. It's gotta be killing. You. I just don't. Imagine what that's like where you you. You won't things you you run the ship you right the ship I did you cook with Pete Kendall feels like something else sometimes you're right the ship. You can you control the ship and you get going to be the one who gets the write the checks this and you thinks it because as you or. The goat you when you have a better I first heard this stuff for talent evaluation for I think that's actually widen as. My theory I think that's why you values guys like Tillman franks so much setting values that we are college player but he values stood the the winner guy. The competitor guy the pedigree guy he'll franks an ace in this player of the year yes that's very hard to do believe the NASA thing. Collegiate I don't know I get it but that's hard to do what I think would that he makes an effect he went to a final four national runner up nearly beat duke and idle thought in F fifteen championship or years I think he puts a lot of stock net and that any of the greatest times getting credit for being it was a big Campbell fan really wants and I think he got that one right. Kaminsky is still a veneer there I mean quality bar and he would like that again me and I do do that again now. Today it's it's up it's a difficult situation for there really truly is because he has what he likes he sees those certain players and it just unfortunate doesn't translate. For the majority of the players he's picked it doesn't translate in today's NBA really is a completely different game. On the one that he's mastered it be really actually is where. Teams are more concerned about the potential of the player vs what they've actually. Are you ready to you remain appear as though aren't we re very McLeod was this Clemson Tigers wide receivers are going to be any NFL draft and guys go through that whole draft process starting now and we had a little mix up little time zone thing going on but we got to witness now detect become just let out water houses things will start. And a re rate at some outside in particular rate or how you doing man good to talk DF. Social disclosure here we gotta we had a Super Bowl champ across the table for me in Jamar Nesbit who plays college fought South Carolina. And easing dean Cox hall of famers so he's still sometime away about you being on the phone right now never and a listen first and foremost. Congratulations. I'm taking that it'll burst out alarm bells are plaza of come on many international table don't talk to ray railway outlawed I can't claim that you've got a kid. I can't claim it. Rick great I would look to no link is obviously but what happened in the Sugar Bowl is now we you guys would want to go and it is as the one seed in the playoff Boyd. It is it is it is tough but it is still so awesome that you guys were able to avenge that loss a year ago. After what happened in 2000 in in in sixteen can indeed Alabama in that comeback win when you guys that are down 21 and you got to be national champions for the first time since 81 so that's it's kind of tough to handle this year but may I mean you you leave Clemson as a national champion and that's something that. People been waiting generations for. Yep we're blessed. That's what they know the and that pretty that we. And sit in doubt would go out. In the standard and the look at that. Where were what are what are your memory were McLeod weather's dried up clubs a wider series going to be in the NFL draft what do you remember about the draft priority issues in the recruitment process and and the first time he met Dow below and that guy's got so much passion in just beat the buy in is always there what do you remember about your first meeting with dabble in and we were like yeah I'm this is this is not places is my god this is where wannabe. There are atmospheric and by the way. The player is go go go in the group bought up groups in the game. And the way it's you're out. And in every sport but about. Attracting everybody is so close. And I think there are very. They're spam orient and this gravitate out there and and there and they love it. Where Omar. We're race fastest guy and I Clemson team this year was a who's the guy. Oh. Okay so that that. That's a name off the beaten path a little bit dated eight I always I don't know if the average sale would do what is it that would have any answer going into the year. I have remarked. I gotta we all. Better. And immoral but. Or or what what what are you working on right now what are the next few months gonna be like duke is this is a bit of a transition as you go from. They can team team team all the time to start thinking about yourself what it means your draft stock in your future so what are what are you working on the next few months. Describe it. Wait and see. Greg you know our craft. To. In all the people. And go out about that the ball well Opel. I rhetoric so as I see. Gregory's dad around 510511. Lewis under six foot. With the way into law. Anna tells going with 636. Or six while receivers wash your team take you over somebody like that what makes you stick out woman what's gonna help you. Make your name in the league. Beverly and this. But. Yeah. When you put it if ordered to do whatever. What web site may be. You triple dip my it's. Development by the Fed and that's the way how. Not me Bubba and the but there. People's feet it what you can't see is quote them. Bravery McLeod with a sponsor wider series coming on the NFL draft is what this right now on the technique congress on its lag low baseline level is is that is that a 100 right now I would love to know where you're talking the talk and NFL says scouts and draft guys personnel guys. What what are the things they're saying hey we want to see more this for you we we we wanna see the you can prove you can do is on an NFL level in your in your game what would those things are asking about right now. Definitely spell out yet. It up there but you know these how the game of football so apparently. Definitely being able. Pop. If they're because can't. And so being able to. It's got to be accountable. And that's really work out there like bought a grip that we go on or off the and not well but they're well. And developing it code that it's out of the. Rare what's the best part of this duke Clemson athletic performance facility was the best perk you guys have in this brand noose. Awesome building it's the moon may be the best in all college football what's the best perk you guys have for players and a building. All he thought what so and so. I mean you guys get some good stuff in there right labor talks about the slide you got better stuff than that there what's the best for him a bill. Almost an apple. The net from what's the natural. The net of an ally in the upper right out of fish tank and it would like is but the real. Well let me got what they at least it is you look did you look at these are irresistible law. Is that they write out a lot but you wake up what about the road it's got to do it by you yeah edged down when we knew it. You guys are says he does or says boy you got a nap room where there's fish swimming around in the role wall writer crosses right across the hallway from the locker room. Yes home and you guys are spoiled rotten are close or Melissa and I can't I KB I always just gone up your game I can't produce and talk to a lot of detected at all. I can't be a sock a lot of graduates and out passes question. The kid do. They weren't allowed to bat okay it was a vital ask you this question you ready. You are who don't. When you get to leave are you prepared to take a pay cut. For Clinton. You stop it right now. Great credit for I don't do that there are our rear McLeod a Clemson wide receiver he's going to the NFL draft he's in the state to senior year end. And we we wish him nothing but the red dog and nothing but the best ray remote. Document did you sleep thanks for dropping by god first gob it. Absolutely new golf Gregory McLeod make a time force although we get a break. Are we we had to take a little pause from all the hornets discussion and talks and talks and painters and we do that now is eager to think what we Tim and always say hindsight it's 5050 innocent until we talked theaters next prime time powered by ortho Carolina. I Charlie score. Powered by Mort don't care. Carolina. Billy the marlin he's the guy is the voice of reason around here. He just said something really. Repression during that brief recession. You know if I went to the Sante pizza company I'm not sure what I would order. Because it's all really good. And Billy's like you know in my order ID five Wayne this couple slices of pepperoni pizza. I can you may have the bomber and they brought their sale which is today. And we just opened up all of them can distort he was like a smorgasbord of subs in here in the studio I just ahead. One piece of the bomber amazing. I just finished off a piece of the meatball sub amazing. I had the chicken cut itself amazing I want to chicken farmer Tony took all that that's OK does that lessen the bomber the ultra oh okay. They are holding so he has would you say what would you do in that situation. What will totally no way we're seeing is that you you take it you'll just take a senators out of my daddy mad dozen people in an office and asked what I make sure they wanted they wanted is that one of these two can I get yeah sure sure sure even if you're gonna eat it all yourself you'll actually portrayed that way no how would allow men look like the fact that. So funny because I'd texture rights and other buildings that are text line and guy he says it's the same god complains all the time battling no hit bit we're guilty it's all you. There's oh yeah. How did not come out of the window now. It's so funny. People writing and attacks buildings that are text line. I and says I geez guys tell you so a lot of football talk about we didn't then boats dropped a load bombs or where it talks of football now but it's. So Dodd and we've we talk on about north turn of the last week or so because that's. It's a big decision for the Carolina appears there's Iran are further change offensive coordinator sure just the third time in Kim's career is from Jiri. Just the first time by their own volition the other time was because drug should since he left to be head coach the first time they've chosen I'm going to do new direction is offensive coordinator. So it's pretty it's pretty big decision right here and we we're talking last week of what would you do right I thought it was really interesting Seattle moved on from there a double. And nurse a report slightly last week here's UCL Michael with a college offense they might really go to drastic new direction and built this whole thing around Russell Wilson Altamont take in new isn't what they've done in the first place we're just gonna run for his life and chuck the ball forty yards down the field. And then I actually haven't. An offensive system surely oh sure besides just Russell. Helpless and it seemed like some papers in rural north and and then and then they when is as simple as you go and Brian Schottenheimer. Yes well it didn't SE a choosing naming two because it seemed like a lot of interest in me and I wish we were doing that I wish we were bringing in something to really build around came and not argued printers actually have for juniors whether it's been good enough for now that's all other issue a mini god I just dug the other day and this is pretty it's pretty bad Brian Morton DOC for the jets who. So what city did a pretty good job with not a whole lot of tools this year bill. I think ultimately finished 28 an offense total offense. But just recount had a pretty good statistical year of their for them thank you must beat the Panthers was a horrible no one horrible. And if there's a report from that they were just hoping that he be hired away and it didn't happen so they just fired him. There is hoping that we are gay men like I didn't I didn't itself was not a whole lot so at what's making Morrissey did have a they're like never mind by by seeing your fired and then Todd Haley officially put out of his misery rose yesterday I think officially it have to would Todd Haley camp. He's been in Pittsburgh for awhile and it's interesting because Pittsburgh actually put up some pretty impressive numbers under Todd Haley. Over over the last few years where you go back in and look what they're able to do their top seven in total offense each of the last four years. They were third this year the won the division title three times playoffs all those years as well and then he had some huge statistical seasons from guys like Antonio Brown Levy on bill. All that stuff he's settled he's ought to cook with. But they've had some good results to. Interesting to see how they how they spin this right are they going to say because his system these players were able to beat you know productive or are they say well. Put these guys and anybody system and it would work so be interest in the see what the narratives going to be for title. I think it's good morning anything right I think bin after. The lost of the game was I don't know why did run of quarterbacks mean write a regular. Direct shots they were thirty total loss it's. Third direct shots at your signal caller. Well. You -- here's the interesting thing to Wear big man was saying he'd -- Big Ben was what alleging you have the the latitude to make an audible call on fourth and 20 is that what we have got to coming out after Sunday. On some of the play calls there but I think with with Todd Haley is you know they were there and we we talked registered dynamic the way they interact with each other was very interesting very strong minded they were very odd they were always going out one another and I just wonder now in hindsight. I don't brought I had to be brought to remain up his mind he wanted Norv Turner. And I think we didn't affect it progressed so quick happened so quick. Ron was going north turner but if I told you all these guys are the market has been there admittedly it's what are on the market there was a great market for these guys. Who would sure rather hat would you rather have Brian Morton who maybe seems a we do a little bit more with less although the numbers our great. Are we sure rather at a federal level who did similar stuff honestly in Seattle that has been done here. In Carolina where they wanna be running heavy they wanna be balanced when the offensive line play was great his offenses were great this sales to teens until offices here and this was with them them having issues in the running and ready when they've had good offensive lines are running game saved interest mean they've been pretty impressive offenses over the years where to Carolina. This year yet they were bad this year amid they didn't try to hear the 1990 if they've been given bad suing you when you and they did that consistently in terms of total offense under Mike surely when they were eleventh I think. In 2015 when they were number one in scoring early eleventh in total offense so ever been a team has racked up a bunch of total yardage. And so I say all these guys are the market Todd Haley Darrel bevel. Brian Morton when you're when you're going through the search last week is the outcome any different. I don't know I think I would say no for me like Yvonne I gave from what I understand about Ron I would say no. I know I think I would laid out different I love the idea Todd Haley. I do I was bombs or I think it didn't work because the attitudes didn't work between Ben Roethlisberger and I. I think Bain had his allegiance to the OC that was there before him. And once things got switched. And I'll buy it might have been a situation where either a they didn't ask Ben what his thoughts where or they asked him and they just didn't care and they made the decision anyway. But. They never had a great relationship it. The way the league is run by quarterbacks. If the OC in the quarterback are not on the same page. It doesn't matter how much success they have. Back quarterback is going to have wore a more opportunities to throw at OC under the bus. Gold for mean and you saw a bid never. He never told the company line he always up through that jab in there you know it was a it was a. Any and all those guys never seem to be in the same page when it came to Tomlin big band and Haley how often were those three all in lockstep with one another very rarely. What Cecil did I would say the deal would rather win it unless they went and I don't broader Arab Mike Hsu look we lose or draw always kinda had a date and it's got this is Ron is a guy to keep our EC he sets that that. That standard of this guy's real win as a team we're losers team and the and the players and organization take a leave from the coach of the coat and global laid down on the sword. And take up for somebody. That's you seem that's beneath a policy beneath him that works for MS on his staff. Then you only expect that for the coaches of the positions. The take a for the players I just wonder if from offensive I don't think grunts decision change nothing wrong what we north resort was comfortable yet familiarity would jump philosophy wise they're pretty similar it's just and it's a different voice right but I would wonder fans. Would one would've wanted to different outcome of all these guys are on the market together. Enron was going through search when you prefer wood which strains of purported Gerald level was fans of prefer to Todd Haley over Norv Turner is the north things are polarized like mommy and don's tweeting NN primetime WS frenzy proudly Jewish Twitter feed proudly recently named one of the top fifty retail jewelry chains and a country by National Journal magazine building trust for three generations. It's brownie Jewelers some brownie jeweler stock obviously I would not want healing your camp and that's the thing I'm not I don't think Haley knows that a deal in kid blocks. I don't think Todd Haley but we knew what we seen those dynamics. I don't I mean I think you can bet that either goes swimmingly. Or that goes straight to you don't just straight to the bottom that that's either gonna blow up. In in a bad way or it's gonna explode you're gonna get fireworks. Well it depends depends on if he comes in and he is teaching some break me because. As players were not stupid right and if you're coming in as a new code mostly well yes easy getting I think I'm. Yeah it was easy easy larvae is easy lob I threw a new. You don't listen. We know if you're teaching us something that we don't already know as of day listen you can come in and you had claimed to have this great system. But unless you're teaching me something that's gonna make me better at my craft help me to produce better on the field but they did with big men are having. Julian wins that which is the problem right because. On the one hand you know as a former player and as a veggies Connolly a look you know I really had 00 a very good working relationship with the previous guy yet. But now you wanna bring in and give me this whole thing it may be changed yup but you can't argue with the success that. Heavy Dickie did what big band with a pair dissidents say for a couple years another try to do at camp and the numerous guys we talked about nor like this all them kind of shifted the focus more on cam cam got to be the one that's receptive to hear it and to nor for whoever the office coordinator is off and I mean there weren't any issues with with Kurt Warner anti alien in Arizona farm income is rolling around until he really got so they were condos now. I would sag we see absolutely no I'm sure there had dual band there. Yeah I mean there had to be I must say it was his idea what we see would be banning tee and Hayley that's been pretty and it put it out of front street don't try to hide it well but surely there's got to be some dynamic serves. Her Warner entirely about the same age or stroke. The bus and is a there's a there's only so much you know friction obviously attrition welcoming him because coach and coach and player percent to like Todd Haley still played in the league like so he's not coming from a situation where. He doesn't have any any pelt on the wall from from guys go look up he's not a situation where he hasn't been in the league or guys can go and do their own background check. On on how it is the work with no. It was really interesting George Rodrigue bodily premieres are ready good piece up at Charlotte Observer dot com today about speaking of north I she talked LaDainian Tomlinson. And there's pretty interesting stuff in there and one of the things that did you take away from that is. LaDainian senior we spent a lot of time talking about cam like you guys are talking about the impact on he would north but LaDainian saying he thinks the real god it's gonna be the benefactor this is Christian account for. The grocery Caffrey is going to be his his ability to become a true playmaker in in the sense that his skills taking advantage of he said there's nobody any NFL in terms of play calling. I'm paraphrasing here but even that's what makes more north nor does the goddess of the run sees the talent knows how to get the most out of it he's gonna put all his guys in position to succeed. Which is that maybe the big knock on Shula now hindsight. And I think Ron cutting into did that have. And that's when certain terms like McCaffery sure put up good numbers statistically but at him and yet we get and could have been more imperial could have been more tactful. He had less numbers. What is touches or more pactel because they were game breaking plays of their plays that take up a third down her led to a touchdown any of that stuff but how. And I hate I'm a mom not issue apologist I really am not bust like. But. He has no control over running back run through the hole and didn't arm tackle. Yeah to me and they ran him a lot between the tackles when it just seemed like it was all the as the mayor there was a he couldn't OK but and I get Devin Harris change alright man in my eyes toll this thing announcing something else can I run of that no we can't start run and outside zone starts are short run and some some suites are reticent sausage you can run their stuff for him. And I think I did at times but ordinary but again. If everyone knows that's all you can do with him. And that's a little blade and your uncle Leo do with her. I don't I agree I just think it's interesting out again came to go is as high say it's 5050 it's as if ginger she knew who relish the market was a greater for being honest further sells like. I think yours is probably is the best of the best but I immature I would've been intrigued with the likes of a guy like Todd Haley because of what he did would they bend they got big and healthier and safer he wasn't taken a typing hits a big it was taken a touching its camps stake right now all the running around here word is sustainability down the road. Martial art we're gonna go to the tech become guess line and we can talk in some footballer or any transition keep talk a little NFL draft is well and we talked to this guy Jeremy Reed CC II know this guy can use while motto we play in the Sunbelt we call the fund belt so don't chance by the way Appalachian State this guy from south Alabama safety Jeremy reasoning did Todd forced Jeremy how you doing man. Are where you're until well ICI like some belt Coppola Jerry but not everybody around here understand some Belfour fought so tell about the fund got a good Jeremy not arouse any man no stopping. I'll tell about the fun though Jeremy. Are very far that they they have ceaseless self edit if this show every every every game day you're Saturday. Or a Friday or go deep in the Thursday you know it it's there's a great game is very distinctly about you know across support. There's two Kinect you know polluted by so. We've got a little lit up the man on the election. Are talking major theory safeties coming out of south Alabama's media NFL draft and it's funny because. One might my producer Ryan got a bad mouth of the Sunbelt Indy to inadvertently the other day because we are taught by James Bradbury whose you don't want the corner for the answers he played it at Sanford and it was and it was initially. I think supposed to play it day a decisive role announcing that again briefly. Sam first slam it would be I am in Alabama it seems hard Alabama he was committed to the to a some built schools and Ryan's act like you can't you can't find kids indelible focal you guys are playing good level football down area outside of the tower five. Aria about. But very conference you know let us yeah if you look at the these faculty years. Without a vote seems clear prop up congress has been a pretty big game you know. But here yeah marking. The automobile ABC stay in this stage. What. That same here the Tennessee game from our concede is patchy at one. Apps state latency high abstain. Took an outdoor. I mean it's tool is critical all the way up into the air the coaching there it goes this is getting better and better be. Anything that happened which Tennessee this year doesn't really knows too weird post do you I was alive she went out there and get rid of the ball and I was. I'm mad about that so German in my mom under should've won that game I would look to go for you always is. You start going through some of the scouting process and talk and guys how much stock do these NFL guys put on your tape. Vs those power five teams what what they say about those games and and they wait goes more than your games in conference play how does that work. I mean are they there there that are partners but because they're the whole Iberia. Note this is the competition that we see in in the furniture. And you know that that looked at that there are looked at first the body which why did he play it with a got back considered note Oklahoma State. Or mr. then. Go to a pop pop pop you know angry at. But they also looked at those pump out games one of mop up post got to get Shula I don't go home. They look at. From top to bottom. Okay you play at this level in Arafat almost yeah I play you know in the group trot when he plays in the conference is he consistent you know go home. I think at the spin bowler valuation but the first and it looked at all those two Arafat in that you. Police here in your you're going to be in the Senior Bowl right you'll be a Teresa Senior Bowl. Sir so diet that's diamond that's the best of the best of of its debt during guys Saturday guys that play a lot of football just like you when your career and from all different conferences that that's got to bring out the competitor in you coming up here. I absolutely and about hope for peace. They're only gonna break out you know. Her basically my entire crowd that last meal or you're out there watch me do it so looks. Yeah how anxious are already did get there I like governor out all our response that a mark. And I'm Desiree did that and continued inclusion. Go pro so the automobile. Have you been scouting the roster already beyond assuming you look at the guys are a million on 12 act when drill start have practice during the game especially coastal beyond that guy who will you look at error right now. Look that the losses yes. The first thrust cannot just say I want everybody are I want to get my side everybody up that kind of player I ever thought about mark. On coney decider. I want to. Cover apple you know whatever route you take on mom and everybody that. You know on both been. Careful what you ask for a careful addressed forty hero Ramesh for. Taking on Lima signal. I am the only have to make business decisions in the in the Senior Bowl and listen and look I played conceivable I I need you want piece of advice okay this. Then a week of practice. Is going to be. The most intense not intense because of physical nature that's nominees Errol is almost tuition because. When you look on as sidebar right just like your old high school gaze on these coaches are coming down recruit out. But man although scouts of a mile lined up watching and everyone I'm hearing on fans you're now don't know their look at that you and all that stuff so. Take every opportunity try not to miss reps. Jumping in there or somebody else is down and all that sort of stuff member. These strategic rotate this. If there's a situation is not a put two and a good light. You who might wanna chill out because his moral situation you're trying to cast yourself in the best light possible ma'am rather and that keep your head down work your behind off Manning go have fun. Rapper. Are we grow our poor irons good advice or Jeremy Williams for the first for those who maybe a medieval watch some they'll football and other there wonder and which Jeremy reed's is gaining a painter uses safety they might be in a market for that in the NFL draft what what is your game what do you think you bring to a team when you get to the next level. I pray that says Byrd is 20 and that's huge for me I'm I'm a leader out there a vocal. On the quarterback of the defense to say it. Custody Khaled bring. Capacity Syrian army. You can look at a tourniquet quality to what they're looking not so that you also it is consent. Sure you know rock opera element to it and felt like not many people greet her case. Well and it just the Clara that the players have always been in my Tyler. You know practiced. Come Ito. In addition I'm back kind of guy a local law outlook in my entire life go round. I'm very passionate about what I do. Chairman every safety coming out of south Alabama is going to be the recent senior army can -- I a lot of these guys and a we'll see with the centers and video options to do in the draft a secondary help plug a plan offence to end. Jeremy from off from a fan of the fund belt to to another thing thanks to make it time mr. Cisco to talk to vessel uncle cats. I've heard that hurt our results Jeremy Reed safety from south Alabama he hit a break come back a one and only guess it is gives up. Is we are you were here now did you get all these bowl games every Senior Bowl and it's OP able all the stuff going on on draft season is here. It's the best. It's also the worst end this on Lamar Jackson will talk about next explains just that it's primetime Jamar Nesbit Chris Kroger and Dodd David Griffin of 45 minutes of talk and all the stuff for the hornets and trade rumors involving Kemba Walker it's next primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Joining us in about thirty minutes former chassis and he's actually three. I'm serious sex and then B radio NB ATV we're gonna talk to him about this feature will sure ask you report earlier this morning portage putting Kemba Walker in the trade market was a weird day of practice because. You just knew people are going to be talking about and asking about in Kimberly answered some of that stuff NIC Batum as well Steve Clifford you. Said it first he heard it was unaware and told everybody today when he told us a week ago which is. Deal I've been in this league preteen years when he tells us we do you never say never but -- I can envision a scenario that happened said as much. Again today I so that that's kind of where we're at right now. And hours talk to David Griffin just really. I don't talk about the specifics of this is much is only talk about. We do a little more it's like again this idea blowing it up compared to just kind of ride this out a little bit waiting for couple back contracts to either be traded or. Come off the books altogether and just keep trying to develop your guys keep drafting well what's the more viable long term voice who talked to Dave Gergen about that coming up in the second but you can we could talk a look NFL draft and has been. And do you like dress season but he you'll address season. Nothing nothing than doing worth you know in morals plan and then I like to be even less those of younger kids aren't they went out. As well look at. It is a businessman a total oh but I mean listen mark in my begrudge him. I anybody the opportunity come to a bug does not like I didn't celebrate like hey I can't wait to go see who wants my job right and I just hate like from a fan's perspective I hate how stupid some his analysis gets around these draft prospects and everybody's got sources and an innocent dudes about with loads come roaches. Not like Cushing woods is credibility. But it's amazing how many guys come out of the woodwork during dress season my sources say this from my sources say that and and I dictator who does he's at mocking the draft on. On funds on weary work stressed being patient I knew I guess he got this from. Bill Polian I think it might have been on a conference call with the ESPN speak of Lamar Jackson. And Bill Polian said quote I think is a wide receiver and a dynamic wide receiver he said he was worried about his frame his accuracy his pension too I just take off and run the makes Shea also thinks he'll get drafters quarterback probably transitional lighter Seaver and done country thinks Jackson to second. And and also thinks he's he's going to be hot and talk about of Trout round draft pick Nucor are graphic and thinks he's gonna behind may be met by Mason Rudolph and I guess I'm just always amazed this time a year like. How much stock we put into a not look I respect the both sides of the resume guys like bill pulling all that stuff. I just like I don't know I get so uneasy about to make this guy did sir makes this guy batteries is going to be a wide receiver and I do what I mean. I've seen Lamar Jackson plays a look he's got accuracy issues and he's got issues Timmy sometimes with with. Much like you say about Camden or maybe is McCain at Charlotte lost and he he he is. This is arm gets away from a little bit throws it away from a little bit. But but more than anything. I wanna get Lamar Jackson who shot a quarterback now let's sit on how to address this guy so who leaked but I would look to see would this guy could do in the NFL court again we're six saving about Teddy Bridgewater for five years ago understands anything about Cam Newton dealt. Every one of these players has the right place and a red cent but it that's my point I guess and this is right Kazaa it's a great point. You'll hear enough of that of any Laura I think he could be a quarterback needs the right coaching needs the right system around him and he certainly needs. I to be drafted with the right tick because if you take him in the first round and you're expecting him to be a franchise quarterback right away you are going to be severely disappointed. You're gonna walk away sides say there's a thing about baker may feel necessarily where's baker may feel gonna go 'cause I think if we said baker mayfield and a lot of people's. Kind of said this or question this what does he goes to moralists. Give Drew Brees 2.0. You can kind of see that ability and in baker huge arm. Smaller but me and he does have great pocket presence and he can be athletic can move and have this capability to he's not really a guy who thinks run and pass these past. Ron at all cost you don't seem freelancing a lot and he's always thinking downfield with his dodger breeze place. And more importantly you'll you'll have an off on the line or leave shall have offence of a scheme. That takes protection into consideration. Mean because. They've done it they have you know so. That's not a horrible spot. We're in the land I Cecile accused draft process makes so many people stupid like we'll collect so often the analysis mixes dumber. After reading in any hearing what some people think of about folks I'm telling you it's so crazy these people act like Cam Newton. People have been around here know if you remember what happened in 20102000. Elevenths. People around here remember. It wasn't a no brainer Cam Newton well. Number one overall pick though on people single Patrick Peterson. Go Marcel Darius no instead what it's like eagle Blaine Gabbert a lot of drafting analysts in dual acting Jiri about the time that pretty much split on Boeing governing Cam Newton is quarterback prospect. Jury never a right answer there rain ever an absolute. You gotta trust the system yet to trust your homework on a guy and and quite honestly how many people now on hindsight wish they would have taken case Keenan he went undrafted correct please can was I think was undrafted that a US. How many guys we say drafting case came you with a fourth fifth sixth round pick. And it developed it took a chance on him and you look at what case can obscure right now for days' rest on drafting guys at a Houston. Also I'm willing passer in college. And but a lot of that was people sale is a system quarterback does and an air raid stylish Houston Kevin someone with his head coach at that time now. I feel don't buy that dude that's a college quarterback right there. It was a college quarterback and -- appears to be an NFL quarterback TO. I hope Lamar Jackson gets a chance I've got questions about his physical frame I do take a beating. This as we saw from god Paula you smaller smaller he's slight frame is why but I'm less worried about whether he can actually be an NFL quarterback that mean that doesn't. I worked there across on London's latest he has all the tools he's shown what he Indy I mean he is we're drums he's won the highs and the sooner we address for quarterbacks I don't mean Skype are currently on his conference going issue was saying citing somebody ask about Josh Allen's numbers is his numbers were also Liddy dole a lot of winning this title completion percentage and Healy said stats are for losers. I mean OK Tucker but you see just gonna blindly take a quarterback from Wyoming number one overall from Wyoming. I mean I don't know logs out what you know what there's just such a holier than now aspect I think to some of the stress draft stuff sometimes we all remember what. Knowing Iraqi war where the heck did that guy go what you said about Kim Newton a mistake smiled. As really held him back over the years and truth really been a deterrent for her out for his visibility lead a franchise. As quarterback hold on a quick ID we start the 5 o'clock hour Alexei and on big as what this was another hour's ago it's primetime powered by ortho Carolina.