Primetime: A New Potential Owner Emerges

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Wednesday, March 21st

Omar joins the show in this hour to discuss a wide arange of topics from Steph Curry to flying on a jet with Michael Rubin. Charlie Casserly joins the show as well to discuss what the Panthers should do in the upcoming draft...


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Fees fees for. Powered by court. Good in the open is dawn met Bob at Bob. It's an agent says don't like these they did though that we that much time. Don't want to come back tomorrow and the next day and the next day. Live from the mark's green realty studio. Program. How long does suit better. Especially here. You guys are funny sometimes Omar gave others here that you boy born and bred yes sir mr. Myers park. You tee ball. Former Kantor former eagle players that longtime NFL betting. That was us on this Wednesday it is prime time. For powered by ortho Carolina I'm in panther clip you guys always keeps the jokes run and in other buildings center text line 7045709610. They're ticklish right cities as speaker Greg Oden he's the only player in history to file for Social Security in the same year that he entered the end because my stuff. Listen mass he looked values falling as the oldest young dude you've ever seen beyond a struggle it was easy have you ever seen a guy look older at his age then he looked I've never he's he's looked. Legitimately. Twenty years older than his actual lazy looks 38 at the age of eighteen yeah he did that isn't he's forty years old so fortunate that's not funny though that sucks for him man and he went through some tough stuff because of the feel like if you ever followed his story over the years. You you wouldn't be making jokes about Greg Oden UT I enjoyed every day you give a soul I don't think you be making jokes about Ryan and Russell yeah he's not just. That's out of my son just called robot but seriously you read about his story that is. That's everything that can go wrong when you've been you there you've been gifted everything right and gets ripped out from underneath you and yet I know you're not supposedly seven DOS airport the look we got some fun topic to get into often on the show this is one of them that your walking into. Right now which is. If you could create by your all time starting five you're out and it's got to be a starting five bubble where folks not just your thought Alex thought I'd bring in players see any. This roster got to make some data sets and their lot of teams ago three or four guards in college hoops so that's OK do we go more wing oriented that's fine just seeking and that's what I'm doing. I come a small book won't run a small ball lineup on my team in my teens and to your team can look. Step two of my biggest assassins. And competitors we've ever seen especially with the size limitations. In the college game they know how to win in big games in big moments put their team on the backs that's my backcourt Jimmer Fredette out on the winning another lethal shooter could shoot from anywhere in the sport people just inside the timeline when his plane to be one of Jimmer Jimmer was great man Jim sucked in the NBA but that's not or talk about here this is college basketball he can get it done in the college ranks and holiday laws and in my power for ongoing mellow with a power forward spot same thing do can score from anywhere on the floor he can post you walked. You can put the wall before he can get and and then at the center spot and go real small dongle and Kevin Love down low same thing real scaled down low we can also set Wyoming college all he was cool. There was some with what was the final illuminate on steroids that was Kevin loving college. Luke may on steroids what school among the UCLA UCLA and that's why Microsoft and runners on yeah. And I was always Brooke I'm. To Europe this is what I'll ask your all tonne fob key weighing in on this all throughout the show your all time fund you can think about it for a little bit but the guys you've watched with your own eyes. Anything mimic I was fine. I think he's one of the best players I saw during my era watching the game what would be your five and so you can take about dappled we're just gonna get into that direct to shield from her and the reason we got into that Omar is. Ten years ago today stepped curry emerged on the scene. Especially if you know we. Alaska only and I can't believe how good like any follow Colin bass college basketball at that time you heard of staff her. Allman that's cute doesn't ever seem want to elitists in there in the so Kanye you play and UT Chattanooga and in Greensboro on a regular base as soon as this grows let's go to color we don't play western Carolina and go on a boon to play out state from a 500 fans who would see that her soul. You know about him if you follow the sport but the average fan got innocent why March Madness is great we get introduced to these people. We learn about these players we learn about these schools we learn about these stories. We learn about these coaches these these sister Jean Delors Schmitz the 98 year old nun who's the team chaplain at Loyola Chicago. OK we learn about this stuff. And stepped emerged ten years ago today forty points against Inzaghi. Eight of 103 point shooting. And anyone bunkers and knocked off Georgetown. On thirty points he gets five the reason I came in he would score 33 against Wisconsin they killed Wisconsin it was 73 to 56. And men. He goes against Kansas he scored 25 Vienna Porsche shooting night from three to 4163. Point shooting but we lost but two ports they're bright they're they could've won that game to go to the final four. He scored a 118 points in four games now I'm. Question four. Earlier you said that you didn't think steps could lift the players around him right. I think he can but to what extent to how much okay bloodstain that's why is that not the the prime example and do an X there was no and also and is roster at the college level. Okay how do I mean to be good zag and Georgetown and Wisconsin up. All the other players on your roster or worse and all the other put all the worst in any of the other players and other rust you're the only player. That I guess you can say was amiss maybe a couple of guys who go to play internationally but they want to be able. Yeah there weren't very good players waiting rationing they annoy. Let me by boat that's the best Davidson team ever and they went seven deeply Italy and India and a good quality players of the college and no one else played an MBA yeah. Any raise those guys who did you beat those guys an elite eight now I. Real issue but I'm just playing that kind of you know for those who. Jumping in your question that we your answering his I was trauma center because it's such kids. That was definitely arriving and he drew basically banned their players the MBA now this is crazy and it took some time to percolate put it it finally happened. If I could provide to you in this town you get what he's you know it's like it's like the matrix you take the red pill you take the blue pill but it's up dealing going take lawn and there's no going back. So what every ten. We will sorely woefully ignorant or you're gonna beat and we won't you're gonna woke okay that stay won't and so I say behind the blue pill on the red till the one to always go red for for for Davidson and step Currie. The red pill is swallowed the red pill and staff Curry's it is triumph mean you don't know anything else would stay occurs in his prime his play for the hornets. The blue pill he is still. This whatever they are now. And then Cam Newton as your quarterback you don't know anything else either but Cam Newton is your franchise quarterback for ten years so which clearly taking red or blue. And why there's a variety dancers I mean depends on what you look for. And that's why I think it's it's different everybody. It doesn't have to be the same for everybody I'm just saying he who you think is a right or wrong I'm not gonna is all pose this question is who do you think gives his team one team. A better chance to win a championship over the other or. That could be an answer for you both for other people could be up sheer entertainment value in attaining. It could be other stuff like what what till would you take to land what player for ten years in this town and why I want when it mattered you take the blue pill. Going camp. You are I wanna see Allison abusive and I've been organ about a Chevy seuss' have been on there here with Q I wanna stand on trying to aren't. And then into confetti follow my face. And throw beads weren't you good sentry serves or he's having you know didn't turn up a little there are enormous sock it weird. As so and I think cam gives you. Best shot at that. Will return environment and you'll now obviously if staff was here and he was he would. You know bunch of other all stars aren't well that's that's far more likely to did you just have one guy you're not sure we surrounded by saying you think. Who can elevate that team to a championship yup. Our I am my money's on camp. Was somebody wrote to sit on the building Sydor Texan I agree I I was actually telling you this earlier I I think this is the one reason why C dis dynamic it's more packed full to have a Italy in this is what these are transcendent players let's be honest these are transcendent as what it's a good argument. It's apples and oranges but a similar planes relative to their sports OK so when you talk about a guy like Seth Curry. Yeah when he NBA one begets another and you have a step curry it's much easier have a step curry and go get. A Kevin Durant free agency. It's much easier to step curry Earl Brock even takes up out of the equation got a LeBron James. It's much usually go go land player X and free agency when they know all like it to play would that dude. What was gives us a great chance now there's two of us we're talking championships that dynamic doesn't exist in the NFL. I don't know if steps are not took this step would locally you know drew remark in the tank anyway Steve Kerr for that matter. You pull given their I don't think so. Is that Corey was honest and take Tim out insert steps Kevin Durant come to Charlotte Nicole. So. All that stuff matters. The city police surrounded wins it and you have stepping up drain money you have all those guys had a unique camera I really good point. But I don't know step doesn't buy us. Let me ask you this is steps they take steps and a big kemba and replace them with staff today on the hornets when Garnett and Wednesday they had. Like Joey GM Joseph for example I mean it was we have now whether sitting there at thirty wins aren't. It's yet step thirty and 41 US step to the same roster. You've you've you've 45 to fifty. Yeah I agree with that I think fifties on the high end of the I that's a huge. Now thinking about where they are to where that goes that's a huge swing that one guy can make Yemeni decent playoffs in May be like we are competing for change billion anti torture united championship can now team if you. If you take cam also test triggers a roster for the past 78 seasons. You don't masseuse who mobile. It was a symbol woods but Jimmy Clausen. Won't know I'd see be picking in the top five continually Indiana filter so you don't know quarterback who would have been lit. You know can obviously go racing entire offense I think that's a no brainer I don't know still asking can do step getting your team can't mature about it. Now did he can but to what extent is it enough to push like. Easy you know LeBron stratus you're seeing that's I think LeBron no deal. Like I got issues with LeBron at times that's the one thing we don't I mean that's his legacy LeBron could take a bunch of random dudes. And you'd you'd pick him as a favorite to beat in the Eastern Conference finals you pick him and put them on the kings. You'd be you'd pick the kings to make Eastern Conference finals yet or theoretically I get the kings moved to the if we can draw stores and keeping the Cleveland including an assist the kings roster even LeBron and LeBron you say elder going to the Eastern Conference finals we you know expect that you know. No no. The little guy who did that. That was a bunch of no names in Indian and Philadelphia. That he took to the finals I guess what I believe yeah let. You talk like Eric Snow yeah it's air occasionally limo right yeah unchartered vaguely remember that team so. They are can do it wasn't Dikembe on the team and it would cut Mutombo was on a team still the news like it used he was old yet he was to use Greg Oden so they I can go a step K. I don't know really so Brooke just brought this up earlier in the building center checks on saying. Also the entertainment value meant 82 games a year and an asset that's in the threat wins and losses. I get to watch that 41 times in my own building inside by the way I can't think in a climate controlled building in and it. Do you know how did you lose and no 41 times in my couch I mean we do wanna lose much that's the thing unless he just OK. But I'll be great. We can beat this team we'd have like somebody that is truly worth the price you don't kill was worth the price of admission he has to reject edges of their past this war particular race okay. Jack I ticket price is all still gonna be a show is worth the price of admission status or buy a season ticket. Yeah I don't. And you've got your horizons are all my career I. I wanna talk about this throughout the show keep jumping in and out on this you guys weigh in building senator text line in the rallied Jewelers Twitter feed your all time five in college hoops players that you put in a starting lineup. You've seen you've heard about night you've read about you've seen yourself play. And not only that. I've just ten years ago today stepped emerged on the scene forty points eight of 103 point shooting and make Iran's elite eight I'd say. Red tail staffed curry a hornets uniform for ten years blue pill Cam Newton appear there's uniform for ten years. Which toll taken today and I don't believe for 12. At the wide receiver corps for the Carolina Panthers. Is failing Cam Newton over the years OK there's a list that's going around saying here's the guys that the Carolina theaters it played with our that the Panthers have put trying to camp. For seven years is as wide receiver group admittedly it's not great. Failing I don't know we talk about that would Omar Gaither next in Charley casserly to talk draft in fifteen minutes it's prime time. Powered by ortho Carolina. Join us in about ten minutes former NFL GM NFL network analyst we're gonna talk NFL draft with him and you are the Panthers go Nextel free agency started really wine down your your pick in the top of the other trash bin in most areas not all areas but in most areas. And tiger is one of those things now. Backup tight end because today. Eric keep Ron. I'm not only did he signed with the colts you've got Luke Wilson signing with field with alliance so Luke Wilson of the back and tell him from Seattle who'd kill your last week for a visit. To make it some other visits and he lands in Detroit today to replace iriki grunts about the they're slim Pickens intact and tight ends meet do you go Mercedes Lewis to meet that doesn't seem like else me. Seems a little older right I don't know if that's we lose these can have been using me EA I don't think that's we look to for so maybe it's got to be a draft. And then again and it's not a lot. And he where do you do that to what we need a big detectors have this is not been talked about enough I feel like it that's hard. Are doing perhaps public figures for the top radiate picks in this NFL draft. Four picks in the top 88 you should get some good at that sound quality artists yes rotational players see you at a minimum. When you start talking and I even those third round takes ought to sing yesterday I don't love the idea if you're like looking at the draft. At least as a way to find. An immediate start to wide receiver. That doesn't happen very often even in and you have to do if you did you'd have to do what it 24 the first round it's in the have been so. Exciting contributor. To me in the mid to late rounds we do not keep your banking on finding you do there's gonna plug and play your number two wide receiver opposite of punches CNN adding happen. Our receivers one of the tougher positions who are. Ours and then you just a physical freak that's different right I can tell what you were open Benton would be York's Calvin Johnson's in my heart that what you have to actually run. On routes and read coverages in the stands third to be effective. The end to a secure. Are going to be growing pains right so but other than that four picks and a top 88 you should be able to walk away with some guys whether it's safety whether it's corner whether it's running back winners defensive end. Whether it is tight end I mean there are a lot of little holes something good. That you gotta fill do we do we know offer to go large and other unless you think he enters on the roster with a guy like Tyler Larson or Taylor mode and in. Yeah we can't speak so that we don't know what they think those guys and an opportunity do we know that titles. Somalia we hadn't hadn't gotten. Her that is where I'm still wait and wait and see mode on. Most of it was interesting because Norv Turner was at the south John hurting yesterday to see Hayden Hearst tight end from softer and maybe that's supply but again OK so say you use when your yours it's what I mean he nurse would be 12 round pick it seems. So you're using your second round pick out of back of tight and back from Thailand who may not. I mean. A lot of torture sanitizing rough must not a got his playing of Europe Greg Olsen plays 100% raise that literally is one of the few tight ends to do that minus this year. And Amsterdam and it but at least healthy plays on our kinda snaps at fox pointing it out no pitch he wasn't in uniform. I I gotta put it on percent of the steps and I'm sure they do wanna run some more you're tied ancestry you know running you know running sixty to 70% of your offense is set to take your time and that's so. Don't bet this is the stuff he got away yeah like that dude but how much reading you simp quarter okay this team needs a second starting corner. Horse first if you wanna say Bradford. So you go like people said I see all of her 24. At a Colorado a corner. That's fine I wouldn't be mad about that given the need that need their Toledo was safety to well I think you know corners another one of those positions it's hard to plug and play for rookie. It's hard to plug and play the corner what I would save panel at a minimum correct me if I'm wrong here at a minimum if you're saying they don't address this a free agency I don't know how you could at this point if he's over safety and corner do you need to find two starters. You have to spend to those first four picks on a on a corner you wanna fund started yes. And now you're looking at running backs they need running back into the final running back later in the draft with the Aspin really I picked. America that's been proven time and time that perhaps but now there are a little hot right now all right give it but he can cancel falling back to be able to have your pickings so like for example you're right maybe you go get a Royce Freeman later on in the draft to maybe go get a Ronald Jones yet Ronald nobody even Ronald Jones I thinks probably go on the second round about a guy like there's guys. Mean it's harder yeah I don't think you're getting him later than the second bag you know once you don't. Is it's instinct deposit. And and its. He's a guy who's good player whose fault of the around it's possible very easily and Ronald Steele is a little smaller. You know I USC I really like Jones you watch him he's one cut and go. That dudes got if you don't watch I don't blame you watch a pac twelve football analyst Ronald Jones is really productive. We don't Texas writing and building setter text line has kitty the Karros on knowing hasn't but is that we wanna do you reduce uncanny to Carl that's your other starting safety. Have a choice yes. What do choices that unless I'm Carly tell the arm of the samba coral. The town on. I want DC to start from these guy go opposite I'd rather have Jesse basin awake force then inside Geneva car in free agency maybe you both you want to do the. She's not but it is not as the safety's only. Sparked only only does this you need so based on a fact that you and I have a lot of other holes to fill fill that hole without using a drafted to do so. And you have a guy you know shouldn't do it now he didn't know what's a unit of. Know what's really at pro bowler on our Sharon did get that puts your heart you have film you have NFL football film is two point. So owners can fill their best that I mean don't you. Every everybody has good or bad film that is what it is but that's a whole one let's Holyoke where most of the morning draft picks you need so many other. You still are just grab somebody you would still I didn't do later. Even then what are you getting you don't like is eventually you got to find a starter at safety IC GQ I mean like Kim and these conversations I think are. Lee in an obviously more injured idiots are what are being had inside that building right now of are right here of the holes what are we prioritizing. Its and you have to trust our identity and trust already are surprised. I trust R&D and I absolutely don't. It's a problem. It's like did you did you apply either to even be rob Peter to play ball well and that's why we say hello are you rob Peter to pay Paul you write on it right. I would give up on I would say give up give up some weird all also as I always I would say you know what at wide receiver for the most part we're dot. Redon no motive but I love then you loaded in that room. Room was full but again like a bomb again the assets were talking about assets this team has left let's use that framework as a way to have this conversation Charley casserly and a few minutes here you've gotten. Picks in the top 88 was your major assets right now right. I'm not using any one of those assets to satellite receiver no immediate that I could get one in the sixth round maybe the seventh that's fine and if you war. And in doing that won't you don't sign and always are pretty soon now and again get to get issued a cornered history to safety are. I think you've got to use to those four picks in some way shape or form. On a corner and safety. If you have. A safety or corner that's available. That meets that that bet Jack takes. You know that in the past that a potential you you don't assign a guy because you have to take you news daughter like he has to be worthy of that pick. Now on their corners and say I'm Jesse Bates is a god like he could be either early in the general I don't want a guy that started to photo. Draft picks it's like one of the guys wouldn't suggest a well. I'm not that's the one dude I got a mistake I'm standpoint so there's go to an attitude of my biggest get what you told so. Now you're stuck now you hear you need a safety. You tell you we got this thing around is messing around worth discussing these stars say I mean this. I agree don't say you're not see you're not taking Ryan Harrison Tony for you mean sure you could take him that's like it's another one that's a good and Ronnie here since Adam Alabama who played a net in the backfield along side make a Fitzpatrick can be master so he he was to guide it. Really didn't get enough shine probably super athlete. God played every position nicely in Alabama defense so. Will be enough already as much about it so like a case of say 24 I couldn't be mad about that Isiah Oliver Tony for. Odd as she said Ronnie here signatory for a final that then you move onto the next one. Why is it tight end is it if you don't go to corner you go safety or you go corner dealer safety he went safety do you go quarter million. DN meal that's another one I'd say there's a reloaded there but we're not finished although the T I don't advertise Allen has lost the defensive ends in the draft collectors there's there's essentially drop off the rounds you're looking for a rotational edge rushers were looking for Sandra burning right now on a burning issue I mean I this as an asset on the birdie one of those top media picks. I don't think on a defensive end unless I absolutely have to select. This is I think it would on a running back this Ross is an accomplice. Some tough place. It tough isn't what tough is in. You have a lot of holes. Even after you've you've sealed other positions that needed to be sure you don't sense it's clear that every team that's every team right I'm NFL to some way shape or form. So horse and others are feeling you're right you'll never plug every hole the NFL that's what makes the GM's job maddening every time you think you've found a solution. Like dissing was always outside. It OK and then this thing work food every night in but he might be a much and I thought I had green and signed and all of a sudden he lied about something he was injured with and all of a sudden now you eat you can't sign on opening comment allies say he misled. In this communique. Said. I mean I saw a half we don't really get that situation doesn't happen all the cinders is different tenor around these top four kicks in the first 88. Selections in this NFL draft correctness if you really inbred Bergen. Oh yeah you you do. Then you that's a hold it to them the word missing dissect he had tied dander Hayden Hearst to tide Anderson Ronnie Harris and or Jesse dates at say right you're seeing yelling go get a Sony Michelle learn each other running the national a lot better about I don't know I rookie sixty when you have the veteran corners so it all goes hand in hand. People send us call line by the way Omar el. Call Dallas based Value Line a little bit Obama environment all right we're go to the tactic I'm just like here this Maine is uniquely uniquely qualified to talk about all this stuff former NFL general manager and you can see them on the NFL network NFL network analyst. Are you could see you throughout the week on NFL opted admitted at 5 o'clock eastern and path through the draft an hour later at 6 o'clock eastern we welcome in the great Charley casserly on the NFL network Charlie how you Dillon thanks for making time for us. Yeah man can we can you take us inside the mindset of a GM and specifically a front office. In these few weeks now leading up to the draft because we're just talk about the theaters and it seemed like Marty hernia Don some pretty good business. You know on the cheap relatively speaking through free agency and then the real thing happens so now you got to hole a corner. And it's starting safety probably need to find another running back may be need more wide receiver. May be another defensive bench rotation guy. May be back up tight ends so I sure a lot of holes you can still all home and they've got four picks in the top 88 and in free agencies winding down so what's the mindset of a general manager over the next month and a half. While the one thing he wanna focus on needs in free agency. And you you have to equate. The need with a bag with a player financially so. No I I I I agree I thought Morita a nice job on the trade at Torrey Schmidt because that establish beat guy. Who also has some ability not there's a guy who runs belt deal. I think that's good I like that part very close by the because you know he's guided it to run stop. Packed necessarily going to be a patch rusher. And that was a tough break you know on the real outside I don't know. You know sometimes on those things. Double what he's still hasn't signed anybody correct correct correct right so maybe maybe this story and overeat. And so sometimes you might be able still get that guy. And again we don't know the extent of the inspection act but what happens there so. But the mindset is that it is free agencies need the draft. Best player available so what you're doing now is up on the trip part of it going back to retract and get top hundred players. Make entry got all the boxes checked not a vote on the field and off the field. To come back in April finished draft but that she should have a pulmonary border reset up now you finalized regret what you monitoring free agency deceit. Pop group may still be available let. You know possibly can help you. Financially in other words I should help you ought to feel that Iraq at this spent a lot of money one. So that's the thing that you wanna look at it create to see at this point time is up is that part of the so you can always pick the players that are there. Don't overreach. We're talking to Charlie casserly longtime NFL front office man he's on the NFL network NFL network analyst you've seen at 5 o'clock NFL network's up to the minute and patted the draft an hour later at 6 o'clock he's with this right now on the tech become just like in your eyes Charlie what are the holes and and the priorities as you said is that's the most important part but what are the things that meet the Panthers need to do. Whether it is still left in free agency during the drafting and how do you prioritize those things. Yeah well I think I don't know that to try to prioritize. I think you just list them up there and let the board prioritize. Which picture you take first a couple want. Our free agency again you can prior I've been of great is the because that the money is sitting in you have to pick either spend more money out certain players and other. Top but I think when I when I wrote down their needs. I thought wide receivers you wide receivers some that are open up their defense. That that was the number one knee I thought you know I look that offensively on the football. Our offense obviously. They've lost Orwell. So you know who's gonna point guard launched I'll bet they do that back. You know it it they have a guard they are ready to step they're not the same low but skeptic I think running back. They need another running back in the air I think McCaffery Israeli out. A third down tree could pay back. He's not approach the second runner for a second half grind aren't so black guys use the media but I grades sixth running backs in this trip as first round back while. That's somewhere in there they could pick up the fact that it's exactly. Oh what they wanna do and I don't think necessarily they have to say it is the first rap beat their civic or you mentioned them. He that the safety. I had those positions them. So. Obviously they try to fill McCourt didn't quite work in you know he's very gazes out there I don't know he fits their system. As far as the quarterback goes. I think you know what he is these. He's more of a third quarter. Charted course. He's not as good as. Really is more of a nickel type player. So again. He's probably on the street could get a bit too much money. You said there are 66 running backs you have first round grades on qanooni and those Charlie if you don't mind more than six backs the you have first round grades off. We are obviously Barkley and a class by itself. I've had put various types of LA if you. Next. Ronald Jones is very impressive on tape did not have an impressive come bites he lied. So probably what happened to Saudi Michelle jumps ahead of them now. Sony the shell and B is is interest in in this case so long to the other so make sure I tell. I've mentioned Jones like that makes other Georgette who took a shot penny. San Diego State well what happens. Oh late one to a true. Great but you know it's technically a first round great. Now the thing about Michelle that I think is interesting here is is Camara. Okay. Like if we look at Camara in college it Tennessee. Michelle it's better shelter better inside runner not could be the power got that by putting was a little better as it is sidecar. In college neither one of these guys are used in the passing game they would be used pros. I think we show could do everything. That Camara to do in the passing game Republican it is college state obviously these income lobbyists are. But he can run outside. He's a little more physical is citing as the ball so my question is why not you know you have to work about to see why not but. Those are the guys there there's I think are all legitimate guys because that's short and quick. Can you I was talking about Ronald Jones the third earlier Charlie Charley casserly as witnessed by the way NFL network NFL up to the minute live 5 o'clock eastern on NFL network an impasse of the draft it's 6 o'clock could be a bossi could watch him. I even got I watch a lot of actual slope on the rarity probably missed part of the country Ronald Jones has this ability. To cut and go in a way where he feels like the moment you see his foot plant he's already five yards of the few what do you see and Ronald Jones because he seems to be the type the guy they might. Excel in what north likes to do offensively but which are scouting report on on Ronald Jones. ER I think it's it's the same thing. On the guy you know he kind of blossomed this year with a new position coach. And I think when you think about that. Maybe that has got to do what it. Both but I like you know when I see them but up first and cover up up my report from the cutter built bought out the ability would you talk about what to make this cut goes straight ahead. I think he concede all these various stake they'll think he's got the speed to get outside and I thought he was there a physical running back. Other people disagree with me but I I'd put the guy has some technicality tool so up. He orbit checked out diet apparently that's what that's what you're right not gonna get better. I don't know well not the find out about that. Solo to have lasted about. I saw a bid for rap talent wise guy but again you have to look at these guys only daughter who once you do have to be sure twice not up for what you. Charlie could you who do you see it tight end and how deep is that class that that's a spot the Panthers might have to lean specifically through the draft there's not a bad idea may be which where Greg Olsen sat in. Yet he might maybe wanna go do TV before too long and where he's had his career so you know what I know there are some other guys out there dissect key at Penn stayed Hayden Hearst in South Carolina well what what does this tied in class look like TO. Five I hit domestic mr. Holtz and do not quit. But all the new television. Are you at your mind just by their it after what they've paid television what they they have what do not not. I might myself respondents thought about me up about what they're gonna say you know. Okay and what he's make it now. So what let's just make sure that he gets that message right to. He's good at football current Charlie still really good at playing football so that's a whole other issue altogether. Yeah let let that Iowa is pretty good yeah. And I I think I don't see a trooper outside it but I think of it though at the end. I think we will evolve and who expected group is out of a book a block any or. Two guys respect he had Andrews. They rant there that the com Bible when you watch them in the game films they don't look that there I had hurt my number one item. South Carolina. While I whip widget. We where's where's the great for Hamels Roy you think second second round surfer Kurt I added the second round I like that look at archer. And but it got to get I think he had that first round becomes the second round because of a team is gonna read tribute that light I've built take a barrel drop back. And and you may see some you know one on tight ends at that point I'm not sure what you see one go I think that the. Charlie I want to circle back to one less thing before late going that subic a guy was already on the roster you talked about Kershaw McCaffery they took tomato brawny and an incredible statistical year. In terms of the passing game and being that safety valve on the check down and I don't know if they ever really found a way to. Figure out what he was to their offense all year budget. You know you've been in this business it's hard to do that the do you think the Panthers if they can do it all over again they take McCaffery it an eighth overall if they if they were presented with that opportunity again. You know I I care about an answer I police say it's an what the time before that wrapped. I that I did not see him being a cup and that I if you got to make it without that they. Then you have a specific role warmth that you are gonna use image and then you're happy with that that you're happy with that. I did these big guys being in a read out back now when I read the clips they were projecting him. Are campaigning former used you can use that word when he news if you heard this like that that he went out yeah. I didn't see the body build were read out back on the there's a quality part of the and that that was the only thing that concerned me out sort of mismatch or an outside that saw that multiple used to keep it used to. That's if that's what you want I do expect such great comeback there's that sarcastically. But to have that somebody carry a load to. And no doubt about that Charley casserly longtime NFL front office man you'll see him. Throughout the week NFL network's NFL up to the minutes 5 o'clock eastern and then path to the draft right after that it's 6 o'clock. 88 I bet they should get a pretty good hole for match right Charlie for the top 88 picks in this draft they should be able to fill a lot of holes and get some impact would with the selections here. Well well well let me say that's. I did a threat study okay ten year study on the probability of players becoming stars in the NFL the Brett. The second round is only 50% who the third round is only 30%. So we've just got to go we just got to you know I love it when you run a team you're expecting everything. The Playboy easy to go to the percentages so if it doesn't work out form the probably just at the percent of its. Charlie it's a pleasure to talk to you love watching you on TV thanks are making a few moments force it was good to talk. Great way to help Diego Charley casserly former NFL front office man we take a quick break we react to that mean we got some breaking news starts out as a relates to the Carolina theaters ownership process we get to that next Omar Gaither Chris Kroger and its primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Listening to sub prime time with Chris Kroger. Powered by ortho Carolina. The line we all get our little draft crushes this time a year since Ronald Jones the the third is one of those permits. If you saw him he was with the six radio row we won all Kyle and frank dead date he's very unassuming from a physical and what he's lost a lot of weighty did it intentionally I don't know why did DeVon did it intentionally. When you've faster you heard Charley casserly talk about they may not people say it's got a road art or physical I see it he says IDC I don't know what others are Sheehan. And Charlie was talking about those are his notes the same thing is the one thing I disinterest or make a mystery I watch him and the one thing I've been impressed with his. The holes there and it's gone and he's ten yards up the field slinky it's cut in Gil cut it's no less around it's no dancing there's no standing back there it's just. Not I am OK here and then I'm there and that's the type of back I think. Everybody's gonna have a different idea of what they think is running game could look like but if your ideas to try to get back to torture should traditional runner. Ronald Jones is not Jonathan Stewart he doesn't have the builder Jonathan Stewart but he is the type of player that can. Go I'm just gonna go on just gonna go north and south American Media surround. American we try to make guys miss in the backfield I'm just gonna go and Ronald Jones I think is a guy you could get in the second round you could get him. I'd maybe I don't know if he goes to the third who knows a lot gonna change with some of the stuff but. Did you think about the starters they need OG this is at a minimum right now gate there's what is the way it's primetime. Were powered by ortho Carolina and minimum at a minimum. All right Greg Greg please don't leave us your Charlie said grabbed only has great corner safety. It's true but he sees Charlie such a football guy OK check this corner quit football and I. Only over it's presented as I can do. Probably football until resettlement buildings that are techs like ten years them on an ex football gig is gonna play pay quite a bit more than a couple more years or nearly as much either extra texture. But here's the thing. Left guard corner safety all starters you need starters in what she thinks he insert and guard is on your roster in. Tyler Larson or Taylor mode we don't know what they think about that yet. And I told us he had heard anything so. That it always is he's not gonna hear anything he's not a guy. How profiled out and and exactly you know exactly they'll make him giving me grinding out rotational he's atop several key guy on your offensive line has so there were occasional player to could you get away with starting left guard yet you could get away with it sure you could policy is not that you wanted to do that she's doing was starting him at left guard. It's the pieces that are around noon that is the issue starting unit that Garcia. Right Sumitomo Lil Larsen and another bearing the cooler and also your left side looks okay. At best I think it looks OK you've got an okay is so dumb agree would you initially we'll get into this and again a little bit more and more detail later on but yet there like this. We just edit I think it from their very apparent after hearing Charlie's began their lot of holes ago addressed and it. Until the bodice and a boat seemed C or should I don't know if I do. Laughter why did I ever said he victory don't back away doesn't hide it. I'm not a mom you're doing security is this is pouring out your veins and all I. I say it was Kroger how do you feel about what he said about seems that in one cool and all right so would anything Donald I disagree I don't think he is a three down back based off of what I've seen so. You've got to find unique ways to get him involved in which means you need to go find your predominant primary running back by the USE per day is today and Marty earnings actually there itself so maybe her dog baby is doing. We go into the sea is it possible. Is it seemed possible that we. Going to start into the next season Christmas cash to bring starting running back. I don't think that's a positioned well. Curious he'll start because he technically started some games issue ads is to designation. And you know I mean I'm just. Charles Johnson was a starter for the painters this year over Julius kept cool though. Okay are pretty I don't mean the question catapult himself in the UI and ibex first play I don't think he's going to be the starting running back earlier rescue music featured back no. If that happens to be featured the offense he won't be the feature back OK okay we will address or in America's history whether it's. I guess free agency or attempt to use. We didn't draft him I think free agency said there was six PCs running backs for sure angry at all are gonna go to surgery only high up and that's the answer really good up through the thing. About this breaking news coming in this is up a couple of things here because this happened earlier today work the observer does import job reporting a figure was. Gosh it was it Rick rock factoring Katie were caper also again who've been doing a great job on the speed put. We we've got another potential bidder. Coming in for the Carolina Panthers and this time. We get an international flavor. We got a Canadian folks realize Canadian on August 10 international it's technically right that same continent out there at passport the other do usher Canadian steel company CEO is the latest potential bidder to emerge is the the CEO of the private equity firm bedrock industries. This is the owner's foot console there's less influenced by the theaters now Allan Kasten bomb. Is is the CEO he's going to be could be a potential bidder your source spoke with the observer. On the condition of anonymity because the bidding process is confidential cast a bomb could not be reached for comment click. I just cast a bomb becomes the latest potential bidder since the up plans did to sell the team were disclosed. And cast a mom's a guy did disclose this this deal. For the steel company and he was joining what was supposed to be three other bidders in bend tomorrow Charleston job businessman. Also our man David tepper hedge fund manager. And what we thought Michael Rubin but not so fast because daring her veil. As just tweeted out the last little bit fanatics owner Michael Rubin. He's dropping out of the race to about a Panthers as force for a first reported by. I don't know who this observed this person this is just a random sports business onlooker on Twitter. Dare dare rebel a confirming with that person was reporting sell our rebel always saying odd that. Two things here one he's he's dropping out and right now Bloomberg Sam and money. Because right now the current dating to two and a half yeah billion dollar. So he's socially and he's so phonetics and I was actually it's weird you say you bring him almost as to an internship with phonetic that year. And then we all went down and in or whatever of private Diller but he's so fanatics that your four I think a billion in one or billion in two. So he doesn't have enough money. Well that's the other thing right so we brought in Joseph side who's the the founder Ali Bob always is one of the greatest tech giants that were bodies were billions upon billions upon billions of dollars he's trying to buy 49% of the Brooklyn nets. Well apparently rebels saying the didian step curry components in this Rubin deal that was the other thing it was reported. Josh Sean Diddy Combs I step curry they're going to be guilty faces of this of this bidding group rebel saying that's not true they were never in the did officially. And that side is dropping out. And if Katie for all to just tweeted this out. On the brownie Jewelers Twitter feed app prime time WFAN sees a lot of information Erica. I get in boosting its stricken little throw water goes right now proudly Jewelers if your driving her crazy. With all the basketball score some make up points during Bradley Jewelers spring mania sale savings of fifty to 70%. And all diamond jewelry plus special eighteen month no interest financing. An on line of Bradley Jewelers dot com. I Katie was saying to exercise a network of ten and a half billion. Her NBA source said that size deal by the nets hasn't closed yet. And I think those things are probably related were side saying wait I got money. On but it's tied up and other stuff and it hasn't closed yet and Reuben say always I need more of your money era state bill you know seriously don't want this sort of stuff goes down jokes aside essentially would end. The financing here for Michael Rubin. Because what you're talking about a guy good money not the kind of money now I didn't have to check in FL franchise because the NFL wants 30% of whatever the sale prices. At that SM OK yeah. Like anybody liquid you can come up with like 60700. Maybe up to 800 million dollar try. Is there debrief deep green and you've briefed to the wire that's enough right there why does that work like I think they wired this. And it didn't end well liars question so when I do liars like say 25 bucks I think right. When you are 700 million is still Tony five bucks because technically is the same amount of labor. Just curious. Hold policy but it's not a guy did get a distillers does anybody out there is that a hard seven million let me know let's do this right now it's primetime were powered by ortho Carolina OG 120 ministry to find out about the guy that might be the next GM for the hornets it's all ahead.