Primetime: NCAA Tourney & Panthers Free Agency Talk With Omar Gaither

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Monday, March 19th

Kroeger & Omar Gaither close thier thoughts on the Tourney and begin to discuss the Baushad Breeland's recent perils. 


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It's peace prize. Committees the type of player at a school like that it's. Decades they've got to the dance you say watch out for this steep price this guy would be the star. On a mid major team. He would have any other talent around minutes. But that's not to say Luke may is not very good look plays very good so I think that's a good sort of like let's not act like Luke may look Greg could go onto a lot of other schools. He wanted to go to Carolina because his father and he chose to be preferred walk on. And so we were. Great form you bring you right here's Diaz exceeded expectations but there are confident Luke may was going to be a very good. Any talent can you talk about basketball you know hundred guys can still a lot of every story but that being said. But he just did. Don't know many look and live from the marks being real T studio. Kroger. Text your city building senator text like shock is doing a fantastic job in Texas she just can't sneak up on anybody when your Texas they weren't sneaking up on anybody at VCU the last four or five cheers here either so I'm not saying shock is doing a bad job at Texas make no mistake. But there's also no arguing the casual college basketball fan assert less a shocker Smart and at Texas then he had been they have when he was a BC there's order. Is that this kind of a weird thing to say and that's the odd dynamic a college basketball was cute when your NBC union Eumig attorney and make it knocked out alert evidence Texas is it's ninety anymore. And it's easier act at a school DC to build a program where you can consistently win your conference or compete for your conference season and recruit to that conference. And have a path and a lot of bogeys how record Rick is gonna look good every every year at a pipeline to the NBA that way you know it's funny too because it as somebody's writing in. I'll wolf flood saint EC doesn't and abbey golf facilities that the UN beast that you NBC as a struggle. I mean that's the thing you got to have didn't have to date didn't just comp per justice stepped down as a so that's another reason if you're if you're right notably a look at it east Carolina sand and it makes sense it's back in my home state I know that area I can recruit that area. But. Yeah I don't like you need some major I think financial commitments from that school if you're rhino to miss that tree goes next maybe he's daisy you NBC there's a report on ESPN that. Very d.s already saying yeah we're gonna talk in the next couple days. We're getting this men a race isn't enough to keep on for another year till he's distancing I loved dirty. Look I understand eventually he's gonna wanna go somewhere else are not stupid. I'm just opened teeple for a couple more years. The self awareness right like I'm not dumb ass or Maryland Baltimore County he's gonna wanna leave eventually I can only pay him so much our next few years will enjoy it while he's right but you I would think if you're Ryan. As any competitor would write you would like to challenge yourself. Maybe I can keep building this maybe this wasn't a fluke. Maybe I can recruit at a higher level do we get even better players maybe we can become the Vermont of the America east and what's so bad about that. If I like it here. And the school supportive in the fans supported you never break a lot of money what's what's what's Harmon head for the next he. You never know with these guys with day until I assume is awesome sand just like it was shot like. He feels that. Many wants to be in the NBA Wanda who knows. Step to that level it's going to be a lot shorter than from VCU I he's gonna have to give to a major college program. Before he can do to be MBA is it's it's a process we talking about shock and now they liked the Bret Stephens went from Butler good to the Boston Celtics. They can happen anywhere I think it'll look this is the thing I think it's so odd about college gospel because this is impossible in college football you can be either. The mid major kind of the cutesy little team because Scott Satterfield can go from being a head coach in that state to being head coach of the Indianapolis Colts this is sure you don't mean and crazy we you can do that in college basketball where we can scout talent and recognize talent. And you recruit you can recruit at a high level through those schools. Put out as many NBA players in VCU has as well over the recent years. As a school like Texas it's crazy yeah yeah which is especially Moya you look at what Greg marshals tell you Chris NBA talent to Wichita State. It's wild and now it's the American athletic conference is his recruiting grounds do we get Stephen raised up platform up a little bit. There are some coaches like staying at that adds that blowing kind of dole in a program and making money for the school by scheduling new big opponents having guys going to be you know. You know going out someone's you're going out to a B or USC Euro ever and and and making money for the school our coaches enjoy doing that what Indian fields an interest in well he's thought to be I guess a little bit worse like so it is one of the US seemingly little one that emerge with Florida Gulf Coast with a fifteen to upset over Georgetown cities dog and a little bit of a play. Playboy likely he likes the glitz and glam team all SER I mean yeah yeah so that's like saying. Did anyone that was the attraction to the job of because US she's not a good basketball job or not there. You're always won the last four in generally speaking in the determine if or when the first foray out. So he went there because and Tim Floyd didn't leave Menem very good situation but it's LA right into play Ellis nice nice nice a bit of oh. I hope for your email forty Gulf Coast is kept winning without making them they've distilled and consistent team in the sun there that's closest that you weird landscape this way plus one half. That was me what happens and years if from you have to give Danny Manning doesn't work that way can that job opens up or like George Washington okay and knowledge there yes more or afar curly leaves trial on May be may that's on the he jumps on immediately. Like farce is such a great job. And yes and no it's a very good job it's got its pitfalls you're you're always you're always the forgotten team and now think about it state duke and Carolina because I just as easily come right yeah. And who. How much are we talk about weight and I know they were there they were back very much but it when do we ever talk about weight fish aren't yet but still agree I think when I Wake Forest or go to win it's a great place for us and it's hard to do manager Dave Odom what he did we set the bar high where it's been our dilemma today in skip Prosser did a great Justine to go to two to live Virgin Islands where the worst impressed. Here's from the US surgeon the single version comes from a player let's go to John early cookies inning and I was shocked I'm not a John Paul would somebody what do you wanna say. Shock beat you there. But yet it hatch RL. Well it's a war. We've PGA. That are. Gotta have art. Yet at a gate guard play is spread about all are great article written about. In I wanna say it on their age I awkward age but it. Yeah he had not at that pre op iWeb Kurt art in. It out there are still all it got to have that person now that. They can get bank. But I ticket big red lead enrichment. We got to bite the bulk metal bat all they're because I got. He had no doubt it in on mice my sister went to grad scored VC would she still lives enrichment so. You know she was she would tell me all the time about how all active shock is in the community that was part of the reason you check his Stanley genuinely loves to Richmond anyone believe. And I I think there was a reason why they chose Austin. There is it is kind of like Chris Petersen Chris Peterson didn't want to leave. Boise forever because of the same things and here he needed to go somewhere I think there were something medically related with one of these children so we Chris Peterson left. Boise he needed to go somewhere with top flight medical care and that's why I chose Seattle to go coach Washington snow. Death damage it'll look at somebody writes into a fantastic job might be a bit strong for shocker is 5050 overall record in three years. At Texas and consider were accident is this is as a football school I agree that's sing like that's not bad to me guide to me that's what you. That's what you expected Texas and that's on sing so shock is happy there knowing that I might. Have a good deer get into the tournament knows what happens to the best of both worlds of think about it. I do not get that. I didn't pay him to be 55 okay but you're not you're not. You know he's not duke Carolina so he's not expected to be in the final four year but not BC you so you you big time and I think time money but I do think Texas paid him. To be a consistent tournament appearance they paid him I think to be in the tournament every year and that can mean distributed BC you can do it Texas which is not fair outlets like the whole point of this conversation be like these are apples and oranges right because I didn't like you said VCU you can run to accomplish no problem. Let Jimmy gives every year. Possibly win him but it Texas got to go we can we tell think about it Bruce Weber Kansas State big a deal self they've won fourteen in a row. Big twelve titles a Kansas and many mixing and Oklahoma with Lon Kruger a hall of fame head coach I mean you go we got in nine Bob Huggins a West Virginia when you go down a list that conference. A good conference man and if we don't watch enough of it but that's a deep college basketball conference silly your taxes like you roll out of bed your arguably. At the start the sixth or seventh best team in your own conference. At the start ten them as a via. But the but the money's nice. Money the next release their own money maybe edit that are sort of shock value these players big talents aren't I promise theater starkly Stewart next because the Panthers just made a signing. I ID and then it's kind of forget a moment. But we get to that because. All whole stock went down on Thursday Friday while we are off the when it makes sense of all of it what it means for the offseason OGA crow sits prime time powered by ortho Carolina. We're listening to primetime which Chris Kroger powered by ortho Carolina dot com. Yeah thanks again to be improper pig always feeding us on Mondays and daring guaranteed now are thankful I talk. Number gonna talk will painters all season since. With him or to talk some cancers right now to go check him out there over on Sharon amity awesome Barbeque just your checks the barbecue staples over the air but there really unique menu is well once he can check him out give proper big guy come a point current or through food trucks always thrown around town. And of course there's sister restaurants. The peace appealing temperament they got three locations as well seek check them out online Tappan peeled icon it was beat us on Wednesdays as well so we appreciate them. I'd drop him bye so we don't Margate the witness the birthday boy date belated happy birthday. How we are just talking college troops by the way some of these coaching changes. I AP reporting amend this will officially announced Penny Hardaway junior as the next coach of at Memphis after Tubby Smith as. Put together two pretty good years but guess what. Odds are young man's game anymore into recruiting game and penny Penny Hardaway reportedly. Is going to deliver what's supposed to be the number one recruit in the country not next year but the year after that. He coaches them in Memphis at this he's that high school coach there are at least east Memphis is worried coaches so. Kind of changes yeah I feel bad for tubby I'd Tubby Smith is always one of those coaches. I still like everywhere he goes he's never appreciated won a national championship Kentucky's not appreciate it goes to Texas Tech did pretty good not appreciate it goes to Memphis. And you know it Josh passer leaves them open drive for Georgia Tech. They've been competitive. Not appreciated hey tubby we want this kid he's a local kid we think we can imagine the only comment in his coat so yes and bodily what's how long is it decades so good how long's it gonna be there and I was announced that it. And Tim Penny got anybody else in the pipeline after that it's so high. I don't know I hoped I just feel bad for Tubby Smith for their debts and coaching years for yet AT reporting that here. In the last little bit other pitchers have reportedly signed this field are Scott Fowler by the way. I Jerious right or Gerris right I should say put an extra eye in there to Jerry so I. I'll ice I after DA now before you Gerris right so he's easy guy who's played his first six years in the NFL with the vikings. And they signed and I think reportedly. To a two year three and a half million dollar deal which. I saw somebody I mean this is Twitter wrestle somebody tweeting out earlier just like like if enough for that money it's like what. And a seven a gag order only seventy or any NFL that's a little over minimum. Yeah I mean that's not a (%expletive) and I think to a person said this earlier on Twitter detectors by his number set about sixteen and a half million in cap space not a lot. But also not a tiny bit either that's enough to really fill out some of the holes with a second wave of free agencies so. I mean. I don't know who this guy is very much and I have heard the mobile where some of the stats he's put up in Minnesota you know we're talking off earlier OG deciding TV. Maybe he's Russell Shepard competition they are you going to be teams guy could you BR your fourth fifth wide receiver and can you do it for a little cheaper. Because sergeants say that's there because it's cheaper than I think what Russell Shepard making right now I guess my next that was going to be my next question maintaining coverage isn't a matter been good any steep. Did not real fears are not ideal Russell's thought to be a pretty good. Why does special teams like you know we knew everything about his hands on offense that's been a bit of a thing this year. Bob Russell Sheppard thought to be good teams player I don't know I jurors writing is on special teams. But he'd have to Wear Zenyatta is a guy earlier in his career he was a return soil so maybe that's what they're thinking I don't know it's kind of vote. And so forget a little on the whenever just a Philadelphia and your roster. Yeah. Is it anything other than that I did this is it not tomorrow what exactly that is what we were what I was saying like Cain. Who make a lot of receiver yet but we're. And the that a horse. While final or surrogate is gonna have to be dropped a lot. You're talking about running back no I mean the number one like Julio Jones always you're talking about that wider seat yeah yeah I can you can. Gonna find a running back in the draft that's I think that's pretty pretty F well it's funny because we we go I mean we always joke around here I take a day offs so it never fails something happens and so I we took off Thursday Friday to secure the tourney games. And we get the story on Thursday that Don teary post signs. We think that signing by the way I think that's not a good thing for. What was. And it. I think three point 1311. I was three years 27. The three career so he's definitely in store lease means that they base that he's gonna play play a lot of these disorder I don't think is a beautiful thing for them. Heard of Auburn ma right. I don't think that that bodes well for him. This what I think about this cycle Vernon was narrowing of pump replacement firms for starters are our expertise. This is weird on their bottom like we talk this for a second because I've heard different people say different things I've heard his superiors when he by the OK yes so it's via that and and that's all that money meant good money and I thought wait a little bit less than what star was getting. I'm sort about a similar average per year but he got it over the course of a five year contract. And got more money guaranteed soul killing don's cars on making 800000 this year all. In my back loaded no it'll lose its most of the signs I would science and what would you talk cash. All things equal. Starring in Don Terry and make things different. I would say don't series to me slightly better but only because I think of him is is more disruptive. From a past trust import. Starr is not really that guy actually was funny is. Over time and I don't think it's you know your job as always what's asked did you write. I think because of what KK provides as that three Ted you don't won't start to be here he was again it was commanding ought to double teams at times but when they drafted him go back and read right after the draft. In itself leading up to the draft the things the painters were saying about star. They thought he was going to be and I had a force. In the pass rush not just. They weren't labeling him when they drafted in as always gonna space heater they're talking about he could be and he was at times last year Loney had four sacks. But never released ought to start as that guy a I think of Don Terry poll. As they disrupt her you know just a space heater that I think of him as a disrupt her as a defensive tackle but. They're black like this or thereabouts but since I agree on that same kind of guy we they're happy with that trade after the Panthers because yes Don Terry. It's been in the league one extra year but he's a two time all probe. And you gotta for less money right now get a pitcher you feel like maybe you want you made the right call hey we like star we would have liked to keep them but. None of that price tag in a way we got you for that a picture we want you feed your pitchers I think you feel like he won that deal you have to. He gets so when you look at it and it. At with the painters did on Thursday and you get Don Terry told. And you're right her Butler certainly a back up but now you got your two deep essentially set on the defensive line NASA guys. Up and down the law Brett. Com and menu you get on Friday were personal to Greg Olsen thing I wanna talk about that in a moment played. There was a report Greg Olson's interviewing for the Monday Night Football job anybody's freaking out I feel like it to somebody at Defcon. I sound the alarm is you don't think so people don't vote says that fifteen is it's not for anything this year. Regardless of race and cash pay Greg we'll pay you to. And I want to I don't normally I don't know he would make more than that. Year bowl I think so basically what to look up Jon Gruden right if you don't mind look up. Making Krugman rightly paid a lot of money okay Greg will be ousted the two I think it will lead to two and a half can be in the Booth you don't have to I don't know. Hit upside the head every weekend and go to training camp and his then the third. Anything to do is just. All right well I am confused by this too because from their safe from ES PNC employed you don't generally interview guys if you're not serious about. Details the point bright you know serious about hiring them and it. I mean what's the thought that they're gonna keep this seat opened form IK Greg if we like you enough. Come back geared to an pitchers that's not nor are never easy to agreeable I don't know. I'm really just hasn't done a very much into the one game a good for the viking remembered the whole hullabaloo if hiking after Europe vikings rams can't be did. I guess that's on the that's on Iran to to you know you know how it is are you can find a good thing you wanna you wanna duplicated to try to get that host and remotely and she to be fair he's done a lot of work with ESPN over the last few years as an analyst in their studio shows this is a different animal. At any gaming analyst the color analyst sort of play by play broadcast completely differently and I that's why don't blame Greg if your Greg. There was so many opportunities especially that job the money and take jobs and in you can average for the next when he and he doesn't pose a playing football away. One or two more years even if it doesn't work defect like say you have a bad interview. Now you know what not to do what you need to get better matter what you need to work on like these these opportunities don't come along very often. And Greg's been very matter of fact he thinks he's got a career in broadcasting after football. I don't agree don't John Brennan junger and his was ESPN's highest paid personality at six point five million dollars. So Greg I would think could make like toys you're right you know maybe 23 with two to three apprehensive. And what's what's say. Broadcaster and if you look like and we would do they need to. You are have you asked film you've you've done and if you liked there's no what's the interview process say Greg are you good person you have to do our community that our broadcast okay. Could someone right. Yet he's America. They have actual foot policy don't like play by play and now he filled in in the booed wherever he was the color analyst for millions of vikings in the theater of Internet they have actual footage so this is and this is them getting their hands around them what they would demand of every every networks different what they every analyst at DuPont and what they would. What they would critique him for how that dynamic at work. And by the way Sean McDonough he's not doing Monday Night Football and in this April in Niger tests to be the new voice a Monday natural Greg goes in there and blows about the war which says I'm a reasonably good. And they say integrate the cement you you did a great job we weep if you were retired we would hire you today at three and a half million. Four point 56 years old would you do if you're the Panthers because somebody's writing in on the building center text on sync your foolish to think Greg hasn't taken the job. If it's offered framing it as for the future is a way to be safe. In case they don't it's Susan I agree. So if you're a painter who you're just from the resulted. But you just let this ride you like sure Greg go do it we don't have many options frankly say earlier today you do have an option in your viewers employer. Greg if you're not committed to us. I committed do you during the reader you're out we want you for TV jobs. We're not go find another tight end but that's what this. OK with what does not committed to Mimi. You gonna go find another site into it I didn't have to come back to compete with whom I would likely be out because I'm one of the better tight ends and no I think it's I think it would I think what frank weighs. And I'm not really a simple. Trying to cohorts in Frank's mind emit franks now but I think what frank was saying was pretty black and white in terms of Greg it's simple if you're into broadcasting board of football that's fun good or not mean that you we're not Matty you if you wanna do that. But if you wanna play football you play football and I don't like to point our questioning gray is a football player because I don't know who's doing that nobody told us that's all other girls. Incentives I committed Oriole who cares if if Greg continues to go out there and performance he's if he's the player he was two years ago before the entry who you know who cares what he does on on Monday basically what. Again because of that exact situation of you're hanging in the balance of waiting for an answer that you can't control I can can do for you by the way could you cut Greg Olsen issued papers hypothetically I'm not saying they should do this. All I'm saying is in this hypothetical. Turkey runs on the market right now. If you don't like crazy but there's a reason any breaking. Not saying he is but when you get to the situation a month from now whatever it is to Greg gets word of whether he would get the job or not and what if hypothetically critics say jam out. What are you doing this who's left on a free agent market now you get drafted tight end your biggest option on your offense. In Cannes career is gonna only god it's been here three and all the way through seven years is gone I don't from a pitcher's perspective. Now we gotta talk here first set if all the printers we don't know what sit down and talk first X rays holding all the cards he has all the leverage in the situation will you let them. Well new to this. OK so I'm great in your tenure your printer let's play this out I'm John Marty are you Marty I'm great. I hate what should I guess you call me up and say. Becoming the office of someone Allen talked to pay was going Omar is doing all right now I'm not doing all right the united you do your voice and doing what. Familiarity helps in enjoying the second time around not I'm not good right now wiser now not to read something about you the other day and a nod and a good anymore. I don't know it's just like what I did this past off season where women in this I think I'm just gonna check them out they were taking me out you know sort of shifted because. Play ball forever that's fine you said that was that was a rap last year that wasn't an audition that wasn't an interview that was you just joined. Would you just get it's another. Through formal interview Marty would assume we just sit down have a talk it's no big deal. And a big guy can party and had to pay off for what were your make in here to go be in broadcasting as opposed to playing football when you get assessed a prime play football for another few years probably. Likely likely I'm I'm I'm here with Carolina mall into why take the interview. It wasn't a formal interviews we're just good to shoot the breeze and then I'll leave that interviewed an anomaly that he knew Marty will we just had seen the myself. They offer me enough money you don't all right we'll take him because. You are. You cars ready but that's the same thing as if and I know these that we tried him in the workplace in the NFL in pro sports it's a little different than every other workplaces would tell you wanna think because that's what you would do is we want here we we. We want you for long term and then we dragged him tied in to replace union right okay now for the same but how many how many people in any workforce in this country to get IC and with full admission I understand the dynamics are little different but how many people in this country could. Say you know what I'm. I'd like my job like it. If I there's a job opened I want it but if I don't get it it's it's cool as I still like this job how many of those employers what would willingly let that happen we let there during their coldness all is that as long as that particular individual still focused on and is still performing and at the highest role model. All gosh us. I think the list serves does Tony have an issue with your doing the hornets. No but her partner of course it works together works hand in hand ESPN and the Panthers are all have a I'm Jay-Z. Yeah good to benefit songwriter and a great deal. Because I brought it to them and say here's. It really started slacking here would they have an issue with that of course dozer separate issues though you're complaining things that have been brought in advance saying hey yeah like who are deceptive. As opposed to saying no I. I actually like it is better that I like my courage covered this is an alternative to my current job so onion does leave my current job played brilliantly Brandon Marshall has has done that inside the inside the NFL thing on showtime for years and neo is different post that is different pieces on came in the city easy and both he and he plays as well not only exist if he hops and cabbie he goes and works for a few hours ago was the plan isn't just. The biggest point is this style. I guess that I think Greg goes on courts in the in the telescope what does he does great justice to. Doubled Saudi information about what he wants to do what he's planning to do to defend that one is not gonna cut already he's Greg Olsen. Because of this I'm not saying they should or I'm not saying he does and I agree with you only sings I don't think it's out there were I think it's all these things the same time but the Panthers also have their own interest in mind and if I'm waiting for my all pro tight end one banking on to -- legitimate claim if you're between a rock and heartless greedy and you can you can do it took dictate those terms if you want to you could. If you want it to. Our yeah she did you shoot yourself in the foot. Would Bill Belichick let dislike we will not we're not doing okay how many other coaches would like this fly. More out of the 32 probably 28 really has got he's all right and he's been every seven years everyone loves them. He's not making a ton of money making money what's the precedent for this though that's what I ask what's the precedent for this in the NFL. You've got one foot in the door one foot out I mean this doesn't. I think Greg's not a productive football player he doesn't still love football I think he loves football sources had to do it agreed but Allen who longevity what's the precedent for this org I'd say you know even beyond broad power Tony Romo. Golf. Romo did duel with golf for a little while saying the same difference they kept around or is he wanted to be around. Asif Ali dealer here on auto parts. Well he gets the quarterback spot OC does it feel it's an all pro player on the thank you they don't rule out a bit every day one no but especially that position on that team the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. Gag that's what that's it that's a high profile Jack I agree to it. He's exciting for the for the two on offense this season and once he's in a more target you're not gonna just say it's a great when you ultimately we gonna give you an alternate on. Look I'm I'm at a great for looking into the opportunity I'm not Matty DSP and for thinking of Greg pretty opportunity and I also wouldn't be mad if the cantor said Greg we need some sort alternate endearment and in that. I don't think you'll could clearly they're not their call. This yeah. And instead of saying not this is for down the road this is her this is for dollar this is and and but your point if somebody offered you a deal that you couldn't say no to. You're not going to say no way no way no how why well. What turned out even even two and a half million angry explicitly what makes it six navy. Even Tony I knew it obviously comes to me with a move jobs for the index however many years. Where I don't have the bang my body up and I know I can continue to do this for however long Brett yup for the next twenty I mean seriously I. I am not on my battery. And I think he's gonna be really good broadcasting he's already go to new studio stuff and you can really good at it does it doesn't take a genius. So yeah if if you're if you're Maarty if you look at the junior nervous. But you do you know this is what you're getting the winning winnable last year. I this is that but you critical ripped out of the bundle teacher you wanted to awesome and I agree with you you give didn't dent into it and and is coming off injury. We got to remember this right this is he's not a shrink chicken anymore Hastings acknowledged it took to mature than they used to it is just did just this sort of thing you'd say. 48 and a 32 teams from blue or light grey is like. Now this works. Puts elicit what it knowingly knowingly knowingly doing an O'Neal players do media. So we we did this one slip of the Louisiana Sheila Baltimore would write I don't Baltimore's Maurer. Now they would lot of I don't know I know Harbaugh pretty well and he's he's good he's really matter back. Broker and a guy like you and are out kind of he's our balls and in our I don't think this goes. But actually went and hassle ousting I don't know obviously it was mostly gets on the and as so I had already had New England in an end in Pittsburgh but I see you through ball to mourn and makes. And I mean. Who knows the other team but there's got to be in release another one or two if not then between and a 32 most teams would allow the Pro Bowl. Tied in or whatever position player to league to take an interview that then he says that he just came into office and told you there's no big deal I'm just. Prince probably to the other like patriots satellite teams out there like those used in the world now Detroit Detroit now all right yeah yeah but usually there's you NBC's out there. Yeah I battling a patriots. Oh it's like the satellite system that a comfort to people Twitty and really quickly here Torre should Dawkins Panthers tell in says a man on the Olsen thing crow she's a friend of the team. So we'll get no angst from the team what drives me nuts is everyone who takes. The opposing view is anti also by default it's not if his heart isn't in it but the team though don't flirt. If it can be for the future audition interview in the future similar to when I and then somebody else writes in similar to when Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson played baseball ego. Yeah I think that by the way that'll never happen again correct we'll never see a two sport FO. I know he'll don't have to be do you have to be a Bo Jackson time teller it is mean listen to. Once level what's you can get away with every whatever you wanna get away with as though you're good enough. You know what Seattle's levels of patients with this whole Russell Wilson things like Brazil and yes there are gonna have an asteroid around he's not being contemplated based. But they've evolved into LeBron James go Cleveland got the cute Cleveland Cavaliers right now they wanna try out this. Baseball pro football team wherever it may be up in offseason Adam. He currents the team and what your point is LeBron is the case so you have to be that kind of transcendent talent to do it. All right I want to circle back to some painters I wanna allow you time to talk tiger what are you what are you gonna do first year painters or tiger. I this is 520 so we got two segments here before I just wanna make sure we have enough time to talk because it's a squeeze them they would thirty seconds. The show. Sometimes you're so what are what are. We take a break is really scarlet and we wrap up with some cancers and we'll revisit it when you just drive by twenty city and that. We will get to some tiger talk at 5 o'clock AWD 5 o'clock segment. To get into some Tiger Woods definitely Cindy hill over the economic yeah so next it's Omar Gaither your chance to win. A thousand dollars and thirty minutes and we roll on its prime time powered by ortho Carolina. This is fair but I know there are fans feeling this way Chad writes in building center text line he says. By the way the numbers 7045709610. Your chance to win a grand coming up one final time today. At 515 guarantee it after that the real prize by twenty from pro football talk dot com we'll talk Panthers within the Chad says. Am I the only one irritated with Ryan TD and Greg right now I wish them all the best but I think they're hurting the team sorry I couldn't care less. About the retirement towards the real. I'm good luck in life the rest of us one commitment could you imagine a commitment questions camp would get in a similar situation while look at it. And I guess some of these guys maybe you've earned the benefit of the doubt a little bit more bit. I don't know by how much I remember a couple years ago OG when. Tim was doing is Nickelodeon show how you commercials you have to remember what people were set and I was on Abu. And soul. They'll I don't I don't I wouldn't say I agree 100% with Chad but I understand that sentiment of luxury there or you're out. And I think there are some fans look at this sand. Does what is Lakewood seven level right now the only Julius Peppers. It went it went away. Kind of went in tiger neo for a couple months we all wondered we thought he might come back but we wondered would he come back and clearly took time to think about it what was important to him did you wanna come back for seventeenth season in my era. And it just came back and Yemen. And asked what he did soul. Yeah I don't know I don't try to ensure it is on this I just feel. It is a precarious situation if you're the theaters about his Greg Olsen situation getting injured more shot I think was the what do reported it saying. Greg Olsen was interviewing for the Monday Night Football job in the bill votes is guy stop worrying this is not for 2018. But you're right OG like let's be practical for second if if somebody offered you a job. And you worst mostly serious about enough to interview the first place if it's such a great offer what are you gonna say. You know so if and that's from the pitcher's perspective what do we do so I don't know I know I know is a job. I know it is a tough situation for the team to be any other tough situation is this this facade Greenland sitting on Friday okay. Whoa. So. I don't know it's funny because I was thinking about this and a lot of fans said this high in reaction to an OG were the shot opryland suns a three year 24 million dollar deal. Eleven million dollar fully guaranteed. And the Panthers thought they upgraded their secondary and we also updated upgraded their secondary right. And all of a sudden we find out. Why is it been so quiet what's been so quiet because he didn't pass his physical and he didn't pass his physical according to David Newton of ESP NN. He cut his foot on a on vacation he's gonna need a skin graft and it's going to be months. Don't pass a physical again. Months which is really meaning. Essentially after the draft at this point soul won it stinks for him that's got to prognosis was two months so let's stinks for the show Audrey looked as you're losing draft. No I miss a thing they agreed to terms data in sun and until we pretend it was kind of assessing the physical so he's not the same thing happened with Brian grand Baltimore there's no I'm. Edison on news the Contra based on the the physical yeah it's not nice bonus for he's not them and again they gave his mind Don Turco. Even maybe I don't know I mean yes that's technically were some of that money went I wouldn't say that if they didn't sign it pretty dissing would have to would reeling they would've cycle anyway they might stumble who knows. They would have had to us now how does know something like this is the only team both right Kelly what I had to restructure some things but they could've found a way the weird thing is that they they expect the possible ways in. Wis done before the announcement of the unrelenting soul. You would actually think they are planning on doing both moves it wasn't hey man we lost three and we gotta go get pole. They're planning on doing both they just lost out on Braylon but the question is this like what are you doing the corner market now because there's not a numbers this this free agency is not. He's sick enough to be any. Who won for the fences in my opinion. The stretch Pelosi when the games of play always thought it was a good what do we could go when you lay didn't really want you got tourists and if you may now and then but this you're right but does rightfully throws a wrench in all this huge. Drinks a strange thing about it was so whichever one so this was on the same day at the ravens have five had failed Ryan grant's physical. And it. Ever was kind of beat the ravens up because they've given 29 half million dollars to Ryan Grant who had 500 receiving yards because they were essentially the league they've. People were keys in the ravens assailing his physical so they can go and sign. Michael Crabtree you got released coal you know. What happened between the Panthers agreeing to terms or agree one and failing that sailing the physical envoy in the contract and not going out and signing another corner. But you can go sign somebody for the sake of signing somebody who has it right but if you but it. Why why why wouldn't if you had that's that much faith in Braylon why would you just say OK take two months to heal and then we know we know that your only player we gave you that money. Why not we know when your health they want to come back. Because what if he doesn't heal properly there's. Yeah it's a lot of it is that's a lot of their pitcher like second half with any player like you know give it. Can you spill isn't us on this is actually has your foot snow ratio. You play football today did not know this before they even know but that's my point is like how would you know all right Aminu I guess it's is sick to think. You know buyer to buyer so. Survival laundry I mean how would you how would you know that if you're the Panthers because if you're if you're talking to him and his agent. You're just assuming you're always assuming everything that the two guys healthy right and I would imagine they asked is everything good like if you come in here and we do this physical. I would imagine. Condo that he wouldn't pacifism agreed that's on sailing if you Panthers you would have had to address that correct this is what is your guy good if we do this is he good to go. Q is there anything we need to know about in clearly. Either his agent or were shot directly east said no we're good at everything clear and many very many of I don't know if it were not good. Your foods missing Ricky didn't know no one told us if it was missing this won't work. This is where I. I can't think about another situation where team signs a guy ultimate contract. Everything is ready Iraq in any any can't happen would Ryan Grant you just say how they had a note but some said they know there was some issues. Plus a look at what Ryan Grant was he would he would never missed a good game and that was the same thing would storyline. But the issue with the real one as it was non football related wishes which you know you've got in the singing with the NFL's top. Reference its animals GMs don't one guy's going to playing basketball and you know stuff like that but but again it's. In this deal was agreed upon earlier in the week you're the only Kuo was a Monday or Tuesday now we're assuming they are bring him in at the same time that they brought in Tori why wasn't this an apple you know this didn't come outsource till Friday it's why I'm Jewish so they brought a minute the same time. Beat because being because your because you're wanting to add that. Essentially they've they probably wanted to announce the deal right the star free agents pat summit I don't I don't I don't I would operate under that maybe that happened I don't know. Because of something goes wrong you wanna get him and you know and then again if something goes wrong then you want him to go out and say oh here this is gonna work out let's go sign. Guinier not thinking anything's going wrong why would you think that price point like that's the problem is why would you ever you think there is no good because you had those conversations would have had to been but you're only hurting yourself by waiting. I understand that the much I guess why would you ever think something would be wrong why would you ever think at the shop Braylon would need. I skin graft and would be out for two months it would pass a physical guy sinister got to play the last game of the season you assume that everything's in the on the wrist shot to beat yet to be forthright guys like eight heads up I wanna sign would you guys this is willing good but I got to sting in opinion. The shot no we Torrey Smith Laurie Graham but the lowest in that situations on the shot to say I think guys I got this thing I still wanna sign here I'm not sure about him pass but like. I just need to be off towards what's going on with me. So late today everything if you're shot what do you think happened just short of the facility where you you meet your team doctor somewhere and he got physical done in their life. What's this thing with your foot right what's going on here yet. Hole I you know what I should've mentioned that. If you're applying for a job though and you've got something on your criminal record saying they don't ask you're not gonna volunteer that Europe's gonna disclose it the other way ten years ago rob the bank did the not asking you're not talent but this is like you this is like you not tell them about your criminal record. You walk into the interview which you criminal record tattoo do you shirt now. I imagine they're going to see you anissina parking ticket they say like oh yeah I got a couple unpaid parking tickets or is that you. Today I get there are huge it's visible whatever they're gonna find out but I just don't blame him for for holding onto it I mean if there if they're not ask him why not let them know until you don't really comes on breast you have. Find out what that why hasn't the team to sign another corner sense now why this is my son. You don't just go sign somebody because you say oh beat him by his son you're looking for true number two corner you're not finding them on the market right now. So now you got to go to like you're left with a draft or trades maybe we'll I was playing that card like hey listen that there's not a lot of us out here so when did you find out. Because this base they're gonna just say I will wait for you. As crazy the answer on that is not son hold on to a 5 o'clock our starts now your chance it aground a grand and Omar Gaither not shaken up. For themselves on tiger way it's it's next prime time powered by ortho Carolina.