Primetime: Mike Tolbert & Brad Johnson

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Friday, January 12th

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger and co-host Jamar Nesbit talk with Mike Tolbert & Brad Johnson regarding the Norv Turner hire. 


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Powered by Ford. And I'll say it again the hornets could go one. But shot on that jury Stiller rebound from hall of Famer Dwight Howard and there you have it folks that's the Charlotte hornets season as they go down last night when you know when we go out. Fifties. And let live from the marks being real T studio Kroger. Go see Dave Matthews Tim by the way in Minneapolis tonight before the big game that'll come off in three hours listen for your chance to win 6 o'clock it is 3 o'clock and its prime time. Powered by ortho Carolina we got our Super Bowl champ tomorrow and as doing just that goes up dude I'm good how that a by your copilot and today you're walking in on crutches with W I just wanna see how the other side lives and live a life okay almost got them inside and alienate that delivers on that at all for your write a word about jump doing all right I usually little hobbled arts we have big guys listen we open up this 3 o'clock hour. We go to the technique come guess like Norv Turner now the offensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers in a minute. Played for the Panthers and a band that was playing in the playoffs last week Amanda played. And plates of his best football of his career. As a pro bowler in San Diego wonder north turner Mike Tolbert make him some time force on the tech become guess like told work gut told those are you doing man it's gonna talk to you. Notebook recruitment group is Ohio Rick. Honorable we've been all right we I think we kind of felt like it like you the last week we're still you know periodic reality set in for me it's it's Friday now it's likely get a cats are played in the playoffs this weekend so how how you did before talk about Norton and everything I got you've been the last few days is trying to. I come off the season and obviously it's never easy to go to the playoffs and NB one and done but what what what's it been like the last few days. I mean is that it for me personally you know Femi informal though there's been a role. You know 48 and two out. Well. I'm still pretty good. By the feeling very you know others who did in the season where we want it and put. You know you never know what things on faith in the future is so. I'm I'm happy about where I've just got off the road Rezko go before. But eleven out drop off my back home stronger so I'll move on from kind of right hours without my. One appreciate you when you're widget on out though right 'cause I'm buffalo weather complex you only live down here at seventy re not. Friend who brokered by their their food out treatment outright. And your comeback are have been a girl rather go zero for the through this as bad as we had visual I have visual. I but I look so bad there's snow in the near buffalo snow. I think it's all he's that was right yes it's. That's their oh point. Where you can you know quote. Or not. You know that it Buffalo's snow got a peek veto threat or say what were furious with the hope that all afraid. That's run and now you come back here this is all for you Mike Tolbert was this former panther former charger feels fullback he's with this thread on the tech become just like you come back all the people around here as you know. When the roads get wet act like idiots no value allowed only hear from no audio all like I've been up there. Life goes on what you got feet of snow don't know audio lack crazy when there's water on the road around here. Right you know hormone drugs who put it is to win their fair had a note if there was no. It today. That effort melted and here it goes right to beat where one point in a row well. The other work exactly low in October says something with their. He says some earlier that you can end the season the way you want to put up there and buffalo man you guys were able to get into the playoffs so granted you being get the championship but. I mean you guys still have to be satisfied we'll break in that African man streak from lobbying them to be in the playoffs. All right our meal we we bit off you know if he feels more. Cleanup effort you know more than fair standard you know coach McDermott preached the entire scene in the end apparel he was. We're fitness center right remarks were not in the field being the past. You know what we want to make our own more propagate so I think that we've used you know. It was fun you know obviously felt like. We could've played a lot better you know. If you bill you know we learn about things get away from work. The dividend date is to learn its various you know they're sending it over the we want happy feet in the lead anyway so. There's no doubt Mike Tolbert who this Panthers former panther full web former chargers fullback with the bills and of course on Twitter. At Mike Tolbert 35 cities with this right now on the technique come guests lined and I I obviously he you're not in this locker room anymore Michael you know so many of those guys and so when you see the pain of their season come to an end didn't. I eat you sought Tuesday morning just like the rest of us that they kitty Dorsey and and Mike Shula. Are being let go of Mike's been there for all seven years itself in some way shape or form Kenny over the last. Five years or so so what would what's your reaction just from a human element of what you know those guys and antsy and that change made on Tuesday. I mean. Me personally you felt that I felt like it. What comment you know just simply because. Does that mean give back in this over you know. Rumor thing going on what you know go for very good attitude Lowe better go got to keep ya keep our own good. He he'd make you move you know they go for the we've got a lot of like that happens we'll go I Tudjman Buddhist from way that we see gotta keep your I don't. Kind of a little bit overconfident. My gap and it. He's won about three favorite coach government. Well that's what did you see me read this situation Mike can you know you how it is it is the criticism always goes to. To the play caller to the offensive coordinators and Francis is what it would do you know whether it is their fault or not one of the you know one of the things that people point to its exact guys Walton. He'll Mike Hsu who's got a lot of over the years and I feel I give him credit I think he's built an offense is you know. Around a special talent a quarterback in a way that a lot of offensive coordinators might not willing I might note that might not have been willing to do. Over the last few years but you know. Rollins also been really loyal to a lot of people call for real change for awhile now runs always giving. Guys second third fourth chances to time. Turn something around I feel like that's another reason why why why you guys respond. Ron sold so well is he he's he is a loyal guy he trust you guys to get things fixed to be frozen and make adjustments. We have to move to a golf then that he could have got it there for the players that you want to close at least. So even if it's anybody wanna put forward. Understand look at the pool is wrong there you know so or four mark felt when I was there you know I was there it was right. You know what I mean to tout himself because he knows what is that he Mike Tolbert who just won't. It's our Mike about it lacked a lot of play which could really trust them you know as I've got that you might hear. Filtered down here you know you know I've been here in Iowa where a lot of you have that faith in coach and that that prove when he does get the it. That's where we're talking to Mike over former Pitt to former charger now with the bills he's with this right now. On the technique come guess on a case of one of the guys that is now the new offensive coordinator year old offensive coordinator you had a lot of success. It's seen Diego at this do you draw Norv Turner what would what you would what do you think it hiring of north. I'm out love it you know that political asylum office that you are. You know I got that quote prepared form up three favorite mode current is a net third. Even that you got it gave me my opportunity. In a belief did meet for four straight years that you played again and I want to play I call my number so I'm greatly appreciative. Before the what do you it. From from a out of me because itself but Mike from from from the standpoint of an adjustment this doesn't feel like a huge departure to me what what did you play to both offenses under my chin and ignore what what's the what's the departure in terms of philosophy and in style play a play calling and all that stuff. Well I think you'll was more book holes. Traditional. Quote where you gonna you can back you know you used back there right next to run around where we. I think gonna pick up off before becoming. He's very Smart game planning and I think that the different that they can bring the he's been around it long enough and done that a high level of there. He's gonna bring a different dynamic and I think actually with part is that we don't make Campbell better or that a player before. He stood so why do you say that what what what would what's gonna make him better I think I've ignored assistance that details its goal. Fine day. It's part but anybody that prepared the way you view how would you can you know so he's got to make sure it. The quarterback Warren is prepared to pay more if was up all day in day out with those rivers to build a bullet you know Charlie and stuff like that you know I'll leave it you know. So I've just I know the Eiffel. The man he had forward its quarterback and his hiding and it it ultimately violence running back and there. So now you mentioned running backs in north system. You're so you had a lot of success there a guy like me Tom means back in the day he had a lot of success at those. Though you to type of backs are kind of similar in them in that manner. Who law in the Carolina roster right now do you think this will give his number called more often now that nor is here that may not have had that real opportunity before. Well off mapping obviously. McCafferty garment garment get his. His role. I think with every rule would probably be told them what to work. Their throat the fourth and TV you know. Honestly think. That found in a row right now. We Cameron art plane didn't integrating those dollars back he's really really thought. He just hasn't had so you know he's always had played by myself doctors who are now the effort so I think have an artist friends over at the. Click here. I feel like equipment for wrong McCaffery you know the one thing about him and what it seemed was the Panthers maybe never figured out exactly. What they wanted to do with them you know they get the shiny new toy new super productive but he was productive in a variety of ways from both the bumping game to game sometimes. With door about you prepare for volatilities and he's role may be will be. Almost reduced but because it's reduced its refined and it's maximized by taking advantage of what he does have maybe not asking him to do as much is that is that a fair assessment hurdle. Come out with that so I mean Amanda got that note there is finding his feet though he's not he's got that down everybody on and off oh. What would he keep him keep their ruler on that he and like it or not if she got to do. You wouldn't it. Well it and I feel with the pieces matchup critical backing away or talk about your time in San Diego and went when that offense is clicking and in. You know the things that or Watson is often to the power Mac you're talking about that the kind of the change of pace scat back you're talking about. That the pass catching tight end the big physical wide receivers and speed on the outside as well but if they're sort of all those things which you Greg atomic Karen artist named McCaffery. Conscious. I mean that at the big arm quarterback that that excels throw the ball down the field a lot of the personnel seems to match what gore wants to do and went what is often it's as your clip it. Oh yeah the forum I think the great fit for you know the great fit but it came at 44. Event who have the army is. If that's fine it's going to be fun to watch. Well you city came home and I mean. I was a one year deal with the buffalo writes on horseback with your bag you're here so what's what's the deal Mike if you had to take casually looked have you made the call I know it's early still hasn't all been me so that. It was a bit hasn't made any calls they obviously broke Vera you know it. Warm up there but for the most sort of warmup script coach coach told skipper to run a better go to India is not favorable side. Football so. Newspapers hit it right here all of a threat. It's. We do believe that that. Right blooded Shaq I don't know if he's just Thompson your voice Shaq just weeded out he's at you right now to leases this is great to overhaul. So he could go. Certainly he's gonna take a quick social media push is over there right now so what you're saying you you do another training camp you got more than he. 23 more really. But it feels great. Of these new love these new training camp you got to look through these new treaty gives lifted our big enough he. So be it. Think again right right right foot and a. But. But at the board but right now I think I can I can do the you know half a body is so great about it alone though it noted that the first is that right by. I think my third year that every week I waited a bit too good you know to 4840. This. Supported plateau grapefruit league you know feel fat. But I'll vote. So I'm I'm excited about the future what happened there will we do you change your died a little bit word change to work out we do we nominee it was cold up there until it's a Reno. Definitely when my wife. With. Bob morrow for profit before. And you think they both pretty much filled it there a way that there. You wanna have a home career. Can keep door to door snuff out smoking stop smokers who are not about treat him as much as well with better flew him up by the the release. I think Kim might help and let it gave me more ambition more drought more you know more motivation. Since so it would who aren't you know there actually enjoyed. That it I have to try to five different healthy you know. The group so there you go Mike Tolbert saying he's the best he's felt since a year three in the NFL he's back home he's looking for a new deal Norris coming here so you know we don't we're not saying anything we're just we're all we're laid out the facts if you know it's going to be it's going to be a long long season so look let's just start start the crusade now we'll see what happens when that although some guards you got to the house back and give. Graham how. For. Awful did you play at Haas broke the rules foes who don't let that that's that's the way up for a while our. All alone knows she played that's not if you wanna be candidate bush is like overseers about this hammer and as he can remember how these are Mike Tolbert former panther former charger played under north and done he sounds like he likes to move for the Panthers. From an offensive coordinator standpoint just had a great year up to buffalo and let them to the playoff to the first time. It seventeen years and do not forget what it may write down in Charleston your your fishing tournament it's going on down and made their right. Right right that's right it may men wanted to put a brave they think the press that benefit faithful. You know we know but. That it is concerned it we don't care Rick Peterson who promote with a grain of well. We will keep pumping a four year he'd enjoy the next few weeks if decompress a little bit and coming out with a since studio where these days Mike what they settled out. May know. You know what effect got discovered letter that Coppola took the words more or Beckett settled it unpacked is not covering out so bad it. It's tough to dresses gravel lot. Let's do it or have heard all the best buddy good to talkies thanks for making time fraudulent to look apartment oh Friday goblet that you've liked so we're make a time although we come back. Look this dude Jamar Nesbit the Super Bowl champ we got Panthers to talk about we got hornets to talk about we got. Divisional round weekend which makes me Zach is the Panthers are playing but we'll get to all that we do it next and his thoughts on Norv Turner. The good and the bad it's primetime were powered by ortho Carolina. By ortho Carolina. Right in buildings that are excellent great way to get ready to do it too broadly jeweler put her feet after primetime WFAN Steve Brown leave recently named. One of the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country by national jeweler magazine building trust for three generations of friendly Jewelers. And rallied Jewelers dot com they Tron was not in San Diego with north Jimmy writes it always and I Dallas Dallas and which is where. You know nor spent some time enough politics so that we do that but you'd you'd at city there rolled your talk about all that all the different backs that embed their computer come through. Go through with the with with north over the years. But it. You look at north and it's been it's your job what do you think that's what what do you think the hiring because if I get it I wanna say more freaking out about it I think it's a safe tire. A really bright as its nominal situations where. It's comfortable. Obviously he's he played. Forums are he coached with him for him while he was a San Diego so it's a comfortable car he knows the system his system he knows. What his thoughts are he knows you know chances are. What he would do in certain situations in those things and I've more importantly I don't think nor Sherri these two fall our way from what it. Quote career. What his own ideals are. Well but the one thing the all the things that perked up. Perk to pat me perk up to listen to be here Witten Mike Tolbert to sit with us and you do the same I saw your reaction when he sits. Talk about he's a great team played coach of your head kind of reared back like. No okay. Well I don't think that he meant that if shots fired at my age Mike Shula and ours between two maybe some 38 being shot over his I don't noble but all I know is he would have been big shots that's why keep looking at this will say this is an upgrade at edit space this is an upgrade in an offensive coordinator and when he's on paper on paper and where is it an upgrade of that. That appears to be there that's all we're saying. Yeah we didn't see this matter of fact he directly out point for both of these guys yet north's great. Or is a great game plan coach now where he's nearly two where he's gonna excel is Monday through Friday the game play that's gonna togethers where this guy's gonna gonna gonna get Kim better need to get this team better. Yep and maybe more than that what I really like this everyone is going to know their defined role. In the office I think that's the yeah I agree ID that any Steelers think that's the biggest thing because once you guys know what they are responsible for. They can be held accountable for it. Right I mean you've got right now you got a situation with you with cam and he presents. You know all sorts of ability but what is he truly responsible for yen could throw out a big blanket statement. You're responsible for the success of the office of people what am I really responsible for. But what is going what responsibilities are taken off my shoulders so I know Lackey can. I can concentrate on these five things to make sure that we're successful and based upon what Tolbert is saying listen nor was going to tell you. In our run game in honor and more specifically in these. Particular please this is what we're expecting you to get done yet. And now a guy can hone in on that and hone his craft to make sure they he is. Able to get those things done this the same thing we talk about people are system players that. You put them in the right system where you matter affect you give them the responsibilities in the jobs for two did accomplish those guys can go out there and do and focus on it. And work to their potential to get it done. It's when you just don't play book that people say no your. Know your assignment. Right is the difference between responsibility and Simon go at Darren earlier Simon yeah I know supposed to block that got to do you know where your head is supposed to be. It's funny because you talk about being a system where all use this example Josh Norman was thought to be a system player cover two corner a coffin as a sneak. He he's still number cup record yeah three cover two cover three zone coverage type of corner where welcome perhaps the field and I'm not going to be your prototypical. Pressure with the lying to me run public on May abandon. Ball hawking on shut you down walking down one student type of course that's not who you thought to be and maybe. As we've seen in Washington there's some truth to that. But it doesn't matter when you call you look do you use your people's as a country manager for people use that like it to curse word. How many how many games for certain fan base is where you wish your quarterback with the game manager would you wish he had throw that pick where you wish. He made the right decision as opposed to the wrong decision and so when your system player when I hear game manager. So often those are curse words and they're used is as as wasted to knock somebody's game down and didn't win. I would look at it the other points there what I I don't care for system players the system fix it it's the system and I'm running like if if Cam Newton is a system players norv Turner's offense. More power to admit is that to me that's a good thing. We get wrong is he got a system player in a system that you're running. That doesn't fit what he does spirit and soul if if you use that term system player. And I feel. I asked Olmert about McCaffery I think that's going to be entirely true Christian McCaffery I don't know what that'll be exactly but I think Christian McCaffery what's going to be asked of him and actually going to be less. And I think by asking lesson and I think he's gonna become a better player I think what you solid Mike Hsu Liz. I don't think Mike Shula knew what to do with Christian McCaffery. No I just think there was so many plays as Shula had. That he had to scrap because he didn't think he'd he figured he didn't have that type of player we have like he doesn't McCafferty. So he just threw a whole lot out there and solve what would stick against the wall. Right and unfortunately. But not a lot stuff now he's had some break up plays Amy's army first off let's beat this is the clear the duke caught over eighty passes. So it's not like he doesn't have the ability yeah right no doubt so it was just. Figuring out I don't I think you saw an eight and I don't mean to use this as the example what you saw Ron your run play we play the audio format the other day. Where he was always been talking about how they got him open. On on that play on Sunday which got the banter back into the game he broke free for that for that touchdown that's a perfect example of off him point better by the way you discuss north itself put the book put the grab one move go north and south and outran the defense but also. Using McCaffery in the proper way within the framework the author towards not forced. It's taking advantage of what's there because of what everything else is manipulated with the defense right so he's a guy do you take advantage of as opposed to. Well we we're just gonna scheme in these plays for the sake of it and so I think that's something because you know you Beckham watched Colbert Colbert actually. They used to hold a lot he'd kind of a similar way you know is a full back you the pictures used over Morsi traditional type of fullback rants and could option some stuff to wield over the six giggle they used to hold court. As it was a peaks gaffe that yes like you music if he could move back bit. He could be a living he could still move the Likud really grew back that. He can hurt you choose be shallow he you know he could get north itself to go itself that's the thing every I think he's always quick. What nor is done with some other guys that he often told we're used to actually be that type of guy north offense yes and then they and that's the thing right I mean it's. Being able to put guys in position beat in the piece says and I know that's a cliche and I know people here that no less post up but when you have a guy who has a track record who's been able to reproduce that. In different stops that he's big he's been that. That's it bodes well but that's when I say that this is a safe hire it truly is is is safe hire because if you know they truly wanted to go out and find somebody would be giving someone new in opportunity we gotta be careful about that though to military gear brought this up with a gesture I think it's good point but let's change till you see change it and sometimes the change. Was too much change is doing quite well you ready for the and I understand that but that was say this. On the dawn of you getting or actually use the evening of you beating a extension. You can you have the most amount of a bargaining power a great. You'll never be more confident in your ability to do whatever you want with a to with the right you never Orlando shooting your job that you have right now are out there right before and drugs. So he could have gone out and found. A world breaking in offer to coordinate if they were willing to take the time. To do that so that type was any if she knew that wasn't an idol was do exactly that we look at as a lot of photos got old so. You would have had to have started your search awhile ago and you would have had to have been fed up with your current. OC. In order to get 2.2 where you don't have to start looking outward to get things situated for all right 704570. And let's extend Brad Johnson's gonna jump all the cement I think we will the phonies will air on my call screeners and let's go to the phone 704. 5709610. Will what's up buddy what do you think. Interpreter. Underwhelming and how are you. You're good enough hurt so quote rich and the sort of pick in the softball. I don't think we have never beeper how much you agree. We knew that when you go abroad I'm not enamored with generals put everything in play you can't they're helping the players show me he's got short armed on occasion. Shepherd you know god and god help Brooke go get me DeVon Smith who's picked up with the jets who. And they don't know how to use him enough money through the whole love their. Work you can take a couple of feet it gets any bigger in the free of Arab and he can run a bath and they're fearless third player. That that would make me have to fill. Don't agree that she I I you don't DeVon Smith sitting in my hurts of people bring him up throughout the weekend. You know. And don't actually said he thinks cap cure artist paper running next to appoint could still kill could fill void of a power back in north offense maybe that's it that would be. Something that could be answered on the Rosser and I'm not super confident he goes better than me but you know when I look it. At that the receivers I agree safety Devin courtesy of it was never asked to be what tech did was and is offensive to this idea to say welcome back pictured will do it. You keep you make on that that seems like a dangerous plant and that's not my only concern. My my failure if you don't get me beat Jimmy. Speed that's efficient and that I can travel agreed agreed or any of those great but I believe the American character pimping camp so from our Parker they're two. They're here that's what they leave the agree that stuff like that with a book but the thing had a. Yep well I agree now appreciate called it 704570. They'll execs of personnel is getting that's next to me that's even a bigger priority than point call it. If you got to give nor to peace is due to work implement that style and I think they got some album Olson McCaffery the quarterback. Punches I think to. And it beyond that and I think you start to answer questions around it of what we need to upgrade when we need to get there we would have a roster what are we need to get that we could say yeah we we think we got the student that that's what's going to be. The job of I think of all three of those guys have Norv Turner Marty birdie run granted I think actually like to think philosophically they all agree as an organ of because they're gonna wanna go get some of those piece I just wonder how this opportunity was sold in north. That's that's an aggressive that's what I wanna light on how was this opportune how was this often sold. When I can't answer that question that is a good bet to do sequester. Wanna know you know because on the one hand you look at his illicit we are. I'm Warren maybe two pieces away from the has been a up for an elite. Better than good offense or was this hey I'm giving you opportunity that you can blow this whole thing up for Starr from the very bottom if you want to. But how was this sold him because you say he's gonna import he's been looking for the right opportunity. So what was said to him that made just a right altitude and. Massachusetts assurance there quite drop the bomb obviously go to the tech become guess on we welcome him. Another former quarterback under Norv Turner former Redskins Super Bowl champ. Brad Johnson make it time for so the technique I guess like Brad you go to thanks for joining us undergrad effort here at notre thanks. So what do what do you we think give twelve year old year old head coach Ed what's considered to be one of the best offensive minds in the NFL throughout his career north charter company Carolina to take over the Panthers offense. You. We're we're Norton. Besides Scott MacLeod what can you cannot have a football. Not ignore the coach for over thirty years and head coach the coordinator and turned out at all from from a different path enforceable. Enron prepare them together. But there's been Diego together for there's a great relationship great trust. With them and they've worked together and I took work and I loved Clinton gore orbit say. But does for a lot of football and the wealth of experience to go back through. Argue with a perfect out only days before Aikman and then I'll live platform and he's got that. It's. You know who forgot I can't do. They throw for yards for a touchdown he he can run for you are me it's just phenomenal watching me assessment. I was kind of thing but you know really hit it to commit crimes they have taken him to the level. I'm what is quick hook him up and his drop. He's a great place you know they've got a great running game there but. Northern Gaza play action that shots from the field. Industry can't really can't take his accuracy up about fifty papers that kind of thrower QB to 535455%. Completion percentage got to get extra first down. And he got it out because a lot of them but then the other part that boot camp. They have a lot of staff and you know because you know it yes she is the runner. So limit although you know from 35 affect your down and in the twenty so it hit record a demo room. We're talking to Brad Johnson the Super Bowl champ former quarterback under Norv Turner in Washington and he's with this right now on the tech become guess like. Early on in the transition it's always tougher. Freddie quarter equities we start getting new coaching and it's it's new terminology innate challenger and a coach who differ ways what was the biggest challenge for you. Early on when he started being coached coached by nor from a from a quarterback's standpoint along what was the biggest growing pains. Well I I think that the great great question. From the outcome of one fit them in Minnesota for seven years yet I knew it. If you take a guy like Mark Sanchez Q has it that the quarters for fifty years who though. And and you take it you know but got the study started quarterback can have been coordinator for having hit them they've been in war it they've been a system is that similar. You know outlook for language you know ID call for an auto that the big deal are you pointing up in my for the hot for the break call. Or is it all built there you know chance at a point now where he he's been understood the he's played he knows the game. But now we have to take it to another level that's rough talk about get that complete percent compared gave up 64 you're coupon. Take left that. And he darted right when he football playoff quarterback you've done that multiple copies in the Super Bowl but take his game from the level. And if that's what. This can be unique event for nor to figure it also could get not just incredible run camp but also. Has those who two but camp at a point now I delete epic seven years the dip EU 67 more good years great use out. And up to this can be a great marriage. Right do you do you ever atom bomb boldly you remember word maybe use on the practice field or a meeting room could better later time with door for maybe later on where you. You remember him in explaining something do you and your like. It had that ever see that before oh my gosh it makes so much sense and never looked it's up to provide you ever have Bellic an aha moments from nor real I mean this guy is CACs really Smart IQ point lead never thought about it that way before. He just has the will the prefer them because they're a member Joseph until May read when you when you watch it when he called the place just trusted. As soon to tell yet you vote before the cup but don't try to hit the ball back at the pool just laid in their truck the throw throw the play. And throw and throw plays a rhythm with your feet and and your speaker Tom that we do. You know the route and all the kind of thing that I've ever you know I actually taking care if a former doubt they went about forty point them. Nor conflict for him to play right four or 48. They fit the scoring for the that the to enact them and it became they threw the check that. And and sense nor that they have Afghans don't want people to check I call the occult square. Either way I would surely get a completion. And then in the game where you know what are called a plate truck that. Front row of the courtroom for the corner brook the people and then let let me as a quarter dictate what before yeah that that's rock the patent for cam. It is just shut the plate truck to play I completely know what happened quickened up and drop. And and it will be neat to see that half. And we're talking to the Super Bowl winning quarterback Brad Johnson former redskin is well under Norv Turner is with this right now. On the technique come guess slide at what I was asking Sage Rosenfels this the other day what what's new what's your demeanor in the in the film world and also on the practice field which is Demeter specially with quarterbacks. He you know he. You know you beat the you want your feet great. These are demand from yet and that they can't spin off of me if I mean did pass before so it you know how the winner that's kinship. In all that kind of stuff Super Bowl player and BP all that but but to take it to the left what book you get that out up. And that ethic that doesn't think the candidate that says. So what about the yards to the right to that the guard that they in the game what you're trying to get the cheap yards it looked like he felt the 300 to get the right yards. Were you went into playing and head early in games and he he closed games out met back when effective Troy Aikman. You know if you look fantastic football or path compared to what they did that happen all the yards to the plate can profess differently. And then to be a close games out so I think is the big prize for cam just to be over with to go to a new process for this system but trust that. The draft ordinance that would you know arches through years of experience he's he's great place for your every year quarterback talk about is about experiences always. You relate to get it long you need to get along. You know you can joke you can laugh we feel part of the fact optional. I think it's immigrants to George. Brad were you surprised that they coach gruden finally got back after all these years or did you think none of time it passed it was gonna happen to everybody talk about it religiously NAFTA which you think. Not because it's simple logic fit you know what happened it got struck everybody but it got up and what it would happen not newspaper not years ago. Unity starting QB you have to start up. I got on Monday Night Football he did the draft he Kathy kept her Beverly game though. They're just I don't look that bad. I knew that it cannot know it turned out drops in the path of this was the right one for Kennedy got a young quarterback can Oakland. Lot of talent and I don't think you just look. They're a great situation for north portico on a bus. It's a great situation for jobs won't back to Oakland place where he's he's used to the new last controllable you know with hormone SE but he's got to. If you see a little maybe a little Tampa Bay Bucs and in the Jacksonville jags right now you see a little. You see a little Brad Johnson a boy portals and that defense and everything they got Coco at their running game were bill. The situation. Yeah go different situation. But without this great defense. Was going on them they're like they're winning football yeah. You know who does what happens if you can't that's what you think about it that these kind of thing you can find ways to win games. Especially fired up the paper. They denied me pretty frank is that not a great quarterback but no yeah I get another great defense. We can week out because I went to win so you know go get coffee well that. Well how about about. Tom Brady still get it done he's in his forties Brad you played what seventeen years and the NFL brief a look at Brady in his forties trying to get back to super won't win another one. It's amazing it's amazing he's 45 bodies of self. Just broke down completely and dot com believe they put it all here. Preferred not to have Super Bowl could golf purple water fight off a championship game it's he's relentless. In the for that you're all what quarterback wanna be that they can't run that defense effort forty years now the college and not just seen the final way to win. And if it's they've quarterback should. Found ways to win five to greatness and that's what I'm done his abilities. And only thirteen year here or blow. Well the last week guy I don't I'm sure you sure you were made aware what are your records you were the only man or at least the last one to do this in NFL history were you would catch your own touchdown as having 98 was the year of the theaters where the opponent. And Marcus Murray other joint unit in that exclusive club last week it. Yeah what do bracket not 97. The foot to play with the players play throughout the book out that thought that the law fear. I'm lipped out. Both the look out in the white they went ball got batted back in the temple. Three yards the group belt before you're allowed fraud in yards short book. Got it there is finished up half sister get through it all worked out the game and you know when asked because kind of unique play. And then the premarket mayor to do is count the I'm Brit who won the traders their cuts were silly enough. And that Tennessee they're off on about mark they all laugh about both Clinton app so great time for him though. It was. That's phony bride Johnson Super Bowl winning quarterback played under Norv Turner as is it coach in in Washington endemic in some time for some the tech become guess slighted. The pride of blackmail north clearly put your high school blackmail. Right. Yeah sure this oh who. Great by authorities but feel what we can't lose them you. You'll agree if you're from but that actually also so than any peace coach you know that it's the small school a lot of progress there but now. Yeah I was just up there like last month it to go to we can't get away with a wife who have the Black Mountain that was that's a black melts and I see what you get. You that you already had out out a little ways with ash feels like what twenty minutes away tonight that's a muscle area up there. Yeah I feel that. This tour about government yeah have. I've got Primakov that won't ever charities that are we Senator Obama Cokie Q are you there have also built. Condit go back half of this. Beautiful place but what's more so. Well Brad wants a quarterback always a quarterback mean it's great degree do you talk about nor to the office and look what might become an effort came at a cantor Celtics or make your time is it to talk dia. I appreciate got that he'll go to the Mel Blount bump them up what backup. You know Brad Johnson Super Bowl winning quarterback in Super Bowl 37. Which Jon Gruden who's now back in the NFL with the Oakland Raiders and there you go we appreciate him making time for so the technique obviously it's a 45 and Australia Kemba Walker. We ask him about some of these trade rumors is names coming up and I think it's ridiculous and actually don't find any reason why the hornets have any aides to genuinely have any incentive. To make a move like that it's a look at it that killed as good a joy to support thirty Steve Clifford cleared medically to return to coaching basketball won't be tonight or this weekend. It'll be next Wednesday here against the wizards but we get him for about 15 minutes it's 5 o'clock British talk about what's been going on how we feels now what he thinks we're in order to read. Would do that coming up at five what we come back we got to get to this we'd talk a little while real quick and as. I this divisional round will literally be something we've never seen in modern NFL history its next prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Only got a pretty darling sporting. Prime time winning numbers grow. Powered by Mort don't care. We're here at the hive hornets played and I think it's a jazzy it's the daughter of our 5 o'clock tip off actually Dumars to get here a little early for 7500 fans in attendance will get those awesome. Throwback hikes classic T shirts the order to be given a ways to get there get there early tomorrow I got pregame tonight at 630 I've got post game as well. Kyle Bailey owes me for this what may a couple of double duty on a Friday night and yes I got repose tonight and delicate to set its deep Clifford he's gonna do what is it about an hour. You'll hear that we it to. We've heard from living in over a month now because like he's missed the last eighteen games are due to a health issue which she said today is that I have had. Headache related that he was basically he did use this word but basically the word he was what do we used his gravitate describing it was debilitating. I mean he was described as a real debilitating pain. It is head and he got a medical clearance last night he said it was out of the blue that's why not just gonna come back to coach immediately he's gonna allow the staff to come to close out. The next few games and it's tonight it's tomorrow Monday in Detroit and it'll come back here to play four straight games at home. I'm starting next week next Wednesday with the wizards who talked to coach at 5 o'clock pebble walker about thirty minutes coming up at 430. I want to talk about this notion of treating kemba is I just don't understand Billick I can figure he does not talk about mess up both I would talk about we can about what the 430 we'll talk about coach of five got annoyed you an idea this is America's I genuinely. I don't there's a weird thing going on around AM BA work. There are national people talking about it I understand you think the hornets are broken again try to figure out from their perspective how do you fix it. Like what also is going around on around the NBA is there a lot of teams in the NBA that would be intercity kemba they don't want to give anything for. Correct so that's that's the wheel is everything yet but I don't know he wants a super furry current goal at eight allied force it will get into that coming up in the 4 o'clock hour so we get. Here's here's what state says when. We've been so busy this off season is crazy already for the painters already crazy free energy water yes or two or three or whoever but we're gonna get a new owner. In Charlotte for the Carolina Panthers this. We have an offensive coaching staff change. It Norv Turner officially being announced today as the offensive coordinator far thus north of more changes are on the way food goes Steve Wilkes. Thought to be leaving now looks a keep might stay on because it doesn't look as if he's gonna get. And head coaching gig although we interviewed for a handful. You've got the fact that Marty Ernie is the interim GM still try to prove that. You know he told I would just say I'm looking to do this permanently he told us that on Monday yep and got to blame a might be looking to do a permanently to the latest these geeks play. And only thirteen of these exactly and then he makes it run getting a contract extension but what does that mean really long term anyway what do I do water could come in. And maybe if mixture doesn't go the way you want. Maybe the new order says now clean house to do things my way and I think that's a great in its entirely. Realistic realistic possibility here. You mix and an aging roster that came up short the playoffs. And really the road doing they had nobody to blame but themselves because this team just didn't make a handful plays in certain games and that's the difference between being out right division winner. Being the difference between may be hope. Having off a bye week in the opening round definitely have a home game itself playing on the road. And you go back to that that that that third game against the states where. You really you you really you're really stuck on their game marked what we gave that third game against the saints are much stuck going to be taking it that's that's for you. That was kind of a you couldn't do reverse this. And I think that's the way it should be cute to me I'd I think if you would otherwise in Atlantic too I think you gotta look at this realistically you're the Panthers and say. Where we stack up but aren't they just there forget where we stack general conference where we stack of her division and that's the thing that just seemed so apparent to me this team lacks speed. They lack some youth at certain positions they like deft at certain positions. And you've seen the it landed a war let's get better faster stronger. More physical a lot of positions on both sides of the ball I think overnight seemingly overnight and so give you don't do that's my you know that's the encouraging part of this quick. You mix it all that stuff this offseason already crazy. And so we spent so much time as we just got to talking about other stuff. Are they gonna make a change offensive coordinator go oh wait they did who's it going to be oh wait it's nor is this the right call is that not the right call. Who's the owner gonna be all this stuff we been talking about. And now I think it got to today Dick Sears this is just that so busy I got to today in reality suck it right thought. A we have enough play this week right. Oh we gathered up the playoffs oh yet the other NFC south teams are. Oh yeah we have the falcons are favored on the road thick about this this is never happened before in NFL history and has never in modern NFL history. The Eagles as an underdog about a little door picks segment in less than an hour would do it for fifty flip or flop. The that we give my. What my stuff was from two weeks ago. Did you guys and call me back the last. And I know we will you what are your record USR Recker was like oh here earlier I think that's the calling okay we'll put it to the test vertical pixel where another go figure we did two weeks ago first. But for the first time since 1975. With the NFL began using a hole through the data tell teams. Regular season winning percentage and number one seed which is what Philadelphia is yes. A thirteen to three. Is an underdog. At home against the wild card team the six seats in the Atlanta Falcons it's never happened before a team making its playoff debut. At home as a one seat is an underdog. And that's exactly the case tomorrow. Pretty Eagles and in the falcons and so it's to see you all reality sits at panther car plane aborted him look at it and taken it could that you don't you know a lot of people say hey. Right you could play the Eagles are you could play the rams that could be a deal. And a favor and pave I don't know we knew if Carolina would have been thing I would I agree I don't think Carolina would be I think you're doing a thing where that's a Super Bowl. Team a year ago lesser you know rating NFC champs they've got some playmakers on offense the quarterback thing obviously with Billy bit more than anything I look at that. And I'm Lily tree by this because I I think Philly. Asked it to these games are so tight as we always know that might be the only extra juice they need there the statistical I mean that's that it is not a disrespect that is extra. Really disregarded as a tad bit we're thirteen and three it's bears some only seed they're coming to our house in our cold weather is like thirty degrees dome team. Has got to ask you need to be favored and now through no doing of their own. Mind you the falcons had nothing to do with this. But you know that little bit of hay told you guys. No one believes it us that's all coach and he's crazy the ball coach needs and then how about this to actually hold up we'll get to this there's another aspect to what's going on this weekend is something we've never really see before quick guiding we're back 4 o'clock hour. We get to this couple walker thirty minutes of talk about the idea. Up trading Kemba Walker to make the hornets better I'm not sure I understand that went to extra board as an attraction it's Croker its front overpowered by ortho Carolina.