Primetime: Mike Joy

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Monday, February 19th

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He is the voice of NASCAR and he certainly the voice of a Daytona 500 great Mike joy. From NASCAR on fox Mike you don't think Jamaican time for us. But some great sure it hurt our global. With the gay rapper but the right story. They make great and they're like huge RB. And and thank you were McCorkel marketplace. How how ridiculous is just all of that yesterday and I and I you know I guess that's kind of a you know especially when it when it comes to super speed ways are stricter plate racing it's just survive and advance put. It's still just mind boggling to think of those two cars in those two drivers going 12. With Austin and Bubba in the three and 43 car going 12 with death at the at the checkered at at the finish lining get that checkered flag yesterday afternoon. I don't were called the ensemble we're going in and on. 08 there. On the bill were forty watt. While much longer shot than that you wouldn't that be you'll. They did vote am book you were what is the theory one so it was. Patricia mr. Bible. And the we are going on all week. Where that Clark could get next to an order call or what you write about what he wept rear. Were you out there a couple of times the upper or awkward and jet pack in. Order. Are. Acura and Buick and bitter round and we never seen and like. Really like that before epic so. We're talking to Mike joy on the call yesterday alongside Darrell Waltrip and Jeff Gordon in the Booth for NASCAR on fox on the Daytona 500 and the sixtieth running. I would it was certainly something to behold and you don't actually more than anything Mike once we heard Dale Junior delivered the other at the start yesterday I think we should know we're on to something Dale Junior with a pretty good call but the guys. Are there engines yesterday afternoon. It would. He said he wanted to go all school he should've been a attract rocketing. On mid eighties state or by greet her and go local school it and it was great. You know the finish. Ever or edit it for you that finish and probably all with well. I. Hate. Bob Bowman over. I think the idea that urge you can get some bumper you can add up their prediction I mean at that part of that legacy appeal work hard and I think Brett. I know they are great their way out. And goats and I'd like what or the last. It. App for work error elbow. Not. Google and you know. I'm gonna try to block it currently that it but apart Kirk spoke you know it took. Used to yeah as thrilled off the bill and you are or. Not. Well it's funny too is that your point Austin after the race saying quote I guess I could've lift dating in David Schulman. Not had this Daytona 500 bring them wearing it and he said he can do it to me until Talladega it's gonna make him feel any better. I mean. A driver refused to ought. The world war or all of the you know. You can talk a couple away. By a jury. That Mike Joyce when this NASCAR fox and I feel like this to breeze it was interesting in real time to watch this happen where we're Jeff and DW were in the Booth at the end of that first segment. And and Ricky was being super aggressive Ricky said how's junior being super aggressive everybody was jockeying for positioning. Try to win that first segment of 2018. And those guys are saying. Mean you can tell these segments matter these playoff points matter guys are trying to gain positioning and and of course that aggressiveness led to that first major wreck of the afternoon but. I mean to me when you when you set the tone that early. That was the race all afternoon long suits your point about about dumping him bumping those guys I mean if that was kind of the context of the race all afternoon it would be one thing of just happened on the final lap but. That was really the entire race for 500 miles yesterday. It apart but what we did have in the final page. A good bit of single file running we were correct and you know waiting for a dramatic move. One vote for or work together nobody could be rated web. And Oreo. What a or that led most of the right at a chance to win it but you look if you could start checking. Box above forty driver of the deal and it will as well capped the Spiegel that at one point Goran not our attitude the window or. So we're pretty competitive. EEE so you don't like. Baum and Olken our racing is that something that the defense agree with them with fuel and ended our bid to within preferred to be more clean cut wood or do the fans actually. Like CNET that sort of salaries. What would you be an example from previous weekend. About three our culture and it worked great spirit ran at well super speedway. And a little while ago or were we chipped book and so. Gave Todd gill and the ball over in the corner you David you'll not be able in the 500 chip it out for art for the raptors were chirpy but he. And that move gill went up the racetrack and eat by moving here and not dumping them. And they came out or like that are scored guilt and go under stole a leap back a great. And the crowd went while. I think moving. The is that acceptable. Dumping. Spot. But people all I don't that people may keep the current and there are real idol would occur. I I I don't think that the way and I think that and bill and really did it. Yesterday copy eat Gator or shot. And then here we go wa and. It and in just a a real quick question. To give me some relation to. Don't bode finishing second and being like a 721 favorite. Is that like a sixteen CB no one seed in the tournament I mean what what's the relation to something like that haven't does that and Austin. This is something you can expect or did this out of left field. It does not happen off. That somebody what though won't I Brookfield would not happen usually. And often time it happened in arrays like that it used a race so are certain. And other drivers are people waiting in even figure like record Jimmy jock the heat you know get taken out wrecks that are not that earlier the road make. The point is nobody got it up in position to win. And if well it's not even Austin Dillon that bush. We get up elbow. And before you know Erica so to work out there for current portrait. There are a lot of things better and more open to what war that we. Mike we're having this conversation Mike Joyce when this again off from NASCAR on fox on the call yesterday as always would be a Daytona 500 without him. He's on Twitter by the way at my joy 500. I we were having this discussion earlier because you know for me as sodium 31 I grew up on my early years of being of trying to follow the sport of latching on to Dale Senior and and when he passed I I like a lot of folks just followed Kevin Harvick and then. You don't Allen at that point where who is a guy that I can latch onto them underneath becoming a big fan a bubble Wallace because of everything he represented how he's gotten to where he is in his personality and all that but there are a lot of our fans and listeners who were you know Chiming in saying. You know these are guys with silver spoons in their mouths and there either you know. Austin Dillon's only in in Victory Lane yesterday because he's Richard Childress his grandson you've been around all these guys and you've seen this transition and it happens. Every few decades for the sport gets turned over what do you make of that because there are a lot of fans saying. These guys aren't any good and I can't relate generally where they are because of who they are we what do you make of people who say stuff like that. Are I think their view are news I think the pool their look at it Bert show. Austin Dillon thought I'd go home or are true. Drivers like they are who came up because. They're parents were able to fund but there are great until they got to Iowa. They will all we have that stick my. Getting there on money. But that state they're in the wrong car on level and being at all winning. When you grabbed the steering wheel with your hand there are no dollar payroll between. Ample whether the story. It doesn't matter you got to go out here you gotta get the job done. And for every driver but it should. There are Jimmie Johnson there have been any animal. They're and Alex moment. Who come up through their sport by Allah O Lowell. Yeah so what else notes that. And so unspent money but the pinnacle or sponsor them and help get them well all right and it didn't necessarily be fairly. You know that there's not anybody out there are cruising around. That beat earned their spot Britain or trying to when very few part time driver now. It did at the you know mobile he's gonna take over that correctly that that. And so now we're at poppy. Marty Robbins rockers burglary that I think you know the very short list of people who work just clear because they ought to be and there Abbott. The drivers who were in. Contention where they're earned the right to do so and they earn a separate Sunday. Well and I I was remarking earlier Mike about a guy like will Byron and and in your did piece you guys did yesterday in the pre race about all these young guys especially an injury to what Jimmy's doing now. Kind of is the elder statesman of the group but. A guy like O'Brien who's in school. Getting his degree guy came right here from Charlotte and he's he was saying how we are literally raced anything he's racing RC cars to try to find an edge. After on the track like these are guys young kids to grow up on the sport and got into the sport at a younger age than anybody else before and I know maybe old guard can't relate to all but people who I I think are in their teens and twenties and early thirties. Thirty these guys up with a silver with a giant spoon correct like these these these kids speak to a younger generation NASCAR fans right now. Our most are provide an epic of jumping so you're here what. When Byron there are successful money manager. And not only that Humana court. Sure you can pretty university spot. Or on the ballot sponsor yup but you know or where. They used its successful driver. Someone whether or company or individual and get them in and repel them and give them the tool. Serbia but I talked Sunday. It will not be it. At betray him or stray the course but round and tell it I want tribe. And they got a bullet in our summer archer or people like biscuits fast and good. And it and the rest is history ever gotten and you want. Funny how that works sports is the ultimate Bartok. In half my sports is the ultimate meritocracy Mike join NASCAR on fox on the call yesterday afternoon will leave you this Mike. I'd obviously I'd I think a lot of people I if they had heard a bubble Wallace before yesterday now they have what. What what's the what's the thing that could turn him into was started in the engaging personality obviously. Sustaining this has gotta be gotta be something what what what are we gonna see from him in the 43 car the rest of the year. I think you get a few more respect him and and you're right at the book or in order to build and but you already that of NASCAR social media. All the media that. I think I think the fans embraced him either our first. African American driver or in the sport it's when Scott. At at a high level others have tried already Mayo will he ripped it wrote the Bill Lester. And but you know while a great opportunity. And for himself to XP for the king and and to build fan base right along with it and not let it all right. Mike you guys were fun yesterday thanks for thanks for giving us a great race to watch him put it on you guys did an awesome job all week long at fox thanks for making time for us. Here.