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Tuesday, March 20th

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Ron Sanchez. Good to be the next head coach for the Charlotte forty niners basketball program I'm sitting here reading a tweet that the Charlotte 49ers. Sent out earlier today all these quotes from media members across the country who covered college basketball as well as anybody. Guys like Jeff Goodman saying Ron Sanchez has done a tremendous job over the years. He's an outstanding young coach great energy and knowledge is integrity and character beyond reproach C and shares is a home run for Charlotte that's JB illicit ESPN. So we've got DAD might kill who I would like to welcome to Charlotte officially and and just how does that make you feel Mike when you make your first major hire you get that kind of praise from hiring grant broad Sanchez to be the new basketball coach. Table first of all that thanks for having me on her show are really appreciate the opportunity at. Yes it's so incredibly excited about Ron Sanchez ruining our program year. You know it it's weird there's no doubt the reputation nationally. It's optional you talked to Gerri Willis caught too. You're Pete Campbell you know other yep that and I'm in the business they'll tell you. That that this in the Geiger and hackable reputation that the man of high integrity character. Which honestly that was my number one priority you know on the passcode optimal. Surgically given a landscape that we find this sport it without so much a you know and and also is the tremendous coach and recruiter guy rhetoric he agents who work. Really have an eye for talent he can recruit in a five star player but also. I have the ability to define the diamond rock so just incredibly excited and happy is to see that tremendous response nationally that the patient. We're talking in my kill new AD for the Charlotte 49ers and Ron Sanchez associate head coach from Virginia he's going to be the new head basketball coach for the Charlotte forty Irish men's basketball program. You don't know me from Adam which is entirely fine but I I was saying this the other day Mike I thought of the first big take away from you on the job. Odd that really stood out to me is when I saw some reports that. You hired Ron in not only did you hire Ron you do it uses search firm you can use some sort of third party did to navigate this deal you just said you know what. This is my guy and I'm gonna go get them and that's kind of rear. In college athletics or logic go that route why do you say no I wanna be the one handles this and I'm gonna make sure I get my guy my way. Well you know that there are a lot of different ways to feel about hiring Tuesday and is I don't mean I'm not trying to do the same violated the that's where right labor is the way to order. Now working for a long time for one of that state these effort here all burst your order. And what Scott Strickland has come on board last two years and denigrates our reporters well and related a lot of the is that you know we we wanna control what are we are correct the searcher so. I want that you know by myself in this search giant ball that. A few key staff members insert certainly involve the chancellor. You know is well in the process but I felt like if it were to keep the small circle. And to you to really have the laser focus taking a lot of their work for he'd like trucks that. You know I had some names in mind I knew we wanted to consider. And also wondered where crossed checked that with other people to. There were experts in college basketball in the Enron paint this circus at the top and he became our immediate direct focus would target him and inspect we were able edit so. It found its not an easy thing it is that the court will land the plane you know the guy you want to also want the job. And now we're fortunate in the that we want it also wanted to be here and go to perfect match. Well and and on that note I suppose I would ask you this every it's as you knowing in your job in your field. You always have to have a short list and it's always about being prepared for what might come up to what might happen if for you is unique because you just took these jobs are surely you knew at some point. You might be any. Some names and some guys that you always thought well I we're making a higher I'd certainly look into these folks how how long had. Had Ron been on your radar personally before you took the Charlotte job. Well it's it's funny because rotted the guy who actually had it no well at all coming into this search but I hit map wrong. And at basketball. Convention or conference coaches conference and out at night about six or seven years ago. When I was still or and Ron was you know in Kenya. And an open coming assistant coach at the time that I had that opportunity to visit with them and meet with the a bunch of other up and coming coaches. And I've I've found mind now our effort being really struck by a by the and it is presents its characters knowledge. Just his way about it and I found my note in order that would laying up off the last week on the Charlotte. I found those notes that conference and his name was in there aren't story is payments are well. So it. Kind of interesting bit in it played out the way that it did he. I was impressed by in years ago and here we are day in it were going to be worked together so side. Eddie. PCs thought to be a great recruiter everybody keeps saying he's such a great people person. All the names even though back to Washington State he's been credited with with getting clay Thompson to go to Washington State getting tie Jerome to leave New York to come to Virginia. Can you give us a story. All of where. He really he really turned it Johnny turned on the recruiter knob. And he really dialed it up a few not to Israel like OK he had viewed this guy's got it he's got the X-Factor he had something forming. Yeah outlaw outside of that the actually they're actually quote there are you OK but I think it's it it it is gonna illustrate what you talked about for the interview proper well. I knew about and manner package deal. This sense that this is this is the guy on today and that you you've got to be it's got to feel natural you'll. And I I can tell almost instantly you know what were relieved that all together eat great fit here but. And it he was also demanding everybody was saying what but. Beyond that he you know justice speaking with them. The other day about you know our. But apart Chinese you know our we have we have the Chinese coming in this year obviously that they committed back in November and I wanted to talk to have a out and before I even get the work out and out he told me that you are at their cart record predation. And you know had plans to reach out to them so it's brickyard it was incredibly out and recruiting and two maintaining. You know tired he it's how are not active in this statement regionally nationally and internationally. And that's an iron out an eye opener for me as well talk with a battle the next act so big guys extremely well connected. He is a genuine authentic person who connects well people. You know you're not one of these guys is gonna come in the room. And it's you know current you know like the place a blaze that case I'm not a circus ringleader he would have a man of substance. Who is that they turn coats of big time mine in you'll be doubted you interact with them it's gonna be exciting. As you know it's been thirteen years since we've been able to tie Charlotte 49ers basketball city NCAA tournament what what. What are your expectations I grew up around your Mike just from it and I went to Appalachian State the grown up you could not be a Charlotte forty niner shale with what Bobby did with the program in conference USA at that time. They were on national TV got a pretty regular basis as you know so. What what are your expectations now it's not gonna happen overnight I think the answer or aware of that so what our expectations. Which UN Ron for the basketball program ago. Sure well you know when you referenced that there is really the glory years and order great. What great job on in the state here. You know he is he's he's elected as far as we're concerned at that this basketball program and may we niners. Basketball brand you know prop and at that people recognized nationally so. You know they're they're a lot of great history here with with a great attractions for me to come to it to Charlotte knights did come into place. It wasn't really invested in basketball so but with product they you know we have here's a guy is built there. In all you have to do is look at his track record this is that guy new. You know we've been with Tony Bennett one of the best coaches in the country Tony Bennett the national co the year I think to the two collapsed where you're right and so. He was that Washington State went with Sony where they took over program that's maybe one of the most difficult and all the power partly. And took him from the basement that that at the time in the pac ten. To which sixty. They left Washington State and came to Virginia and for for people who have short memories pretend it was at the basement of the ACC they were not what they are. They were higher for read the comment in and build and repair program. In here they are now having went in on gains. For the last five years they want school record 31 games this year what 21. In the most difficult week in the country this year mean that's spectacular. Upset notwithstanding. In the first round is they are we all get that disappointment history at all like the the track record of this guy and the staff is absolutely spectacular. So he's a builder he's been a part of 22. Programs that were in the ditch basically it's open to top. And yet this is a rebuilt now and though that it there's no I'm not I'm not that I'm able I told them that we are gonna instructs him to rebuild this thing. To do with the right way and be about the right thing which is two years and what he has. And that will get there you know the right way and they'll open last. And that we want occurred this program to be competing for conference title. On a regular basis and be competing obedient they turn on a regular basis. We're nowhere close there right now. There's a lot of work to be done and he's Erick comment with its staff and all their sleeves and figure all that out what we're going to get there under this man leadership. Mike butcher a valuation of the football program and you're you're still kind of finding your way you're still probably going through some of that process but what true valuation and and it's in its infancy still bull what's your valuation. Yes so having your references. But the state in this is the fact he so that the heat aren't there aren't you know sports like football reporters while the year we played football for five years here. Only grieve yet via level though. I think you know it and make it like an excuse for people who don't like one win season and none of the coaches is an athlete. But it's not an excuse it's reality right so I think you know we all those players after one backed the war see progress ball. But you know it's way earlier. That it can certainly the again with the football program is yet. I do not that the timer Pratt and Lambert and super impressed by and I tell you that. In college football coaching circles via an incredibly yet reputation. And so I think you know we we. Our respect our respective staff and see and I can't wait to see how that ball well because. We've got some great opportunities here between our home opener it would them. And in the following week we have our state around here. At this regularly opinions beat this ground that. We've got to we've got the app state and in this state though a green. In our stadium not for that big game but you don't get a copper plates so you know there are opportunities here we think it is to make progress this fall in its start. Well as in that state alone mostly good luck on that okay I'm just gonna tell ya just good lie and I can't try not gonna help I promise you I'm. I'll support you guys every other day I'm not gonna support you guys on that afternoon I'm just telling you guys. Right now might kill a I know this is one of the fun parts of the job because. You don't I'll use this example I remember when Charlie Cobb became the AD any CAD at Georgia State now but he became the radiate an app. After being an associated North Carolina State and I remember one of the one things he was he was just blown away by his every fan bases. Fanatical and they've all got their things that they're just so. Crazy about even the most ridiculous inane things and as that fans the fact that we we couldn't have cops in the stadium anymore we stepped cops were nice. When you go to the concession stand in the first few years they went away. And he brought those back in it was like he delivered manna from heaven something as silly as that so I would wonder for you you're still in the early phase of the job Michael what's the thing we elect. I can police fans cared this much about this little thing it seems like it should matter but this resonates what our fan base for some reason. Yeah outlaw I think there that there are a lot of things that I've that I've seen him hurt this you know. You know it's streets throughout conversations that are pattern or think that. It is much is any pain out there man Kirk is down there on pre opposite for success forget that these you know are in the football and basketball have extra. But they also are hungry to be actively engaged and so you know we're gonna work really extra part you expected to be that social media. And grew you know an effort to be out unity and it's indeed our. Our our young and old line art art owners are students. We've got to negate your unit in a way that. Create a future on not based here about our athletic program I'd really really important. Now in the future for the success that 49ers athletics so in the that that public that they take with it bureau little thing if he lap and in about. You know about branding uniforms then yeah game experience of it what will it and all that you're a girl were issues that. I think that they can make the wait for me is that they wanna be gates. Can I offer one not that it matters but can I offer one suggestion you can take this in stride do what to do with it what you wish OK can I offer one. Sure I want the old Kelly green to return I I would I would love to see the old bright Kelly green and really that yellow shade of gold. To return for the 49ers I'm sure I'm not the first person to say that heady feel about that. Yeah so you know on under a lot of the Indian about it's shade of green that we Wear the collar alike so I'm a big ramping. Experts and that's why we're that the big piece of my background until I promised you do all that thing. We'll be assessed and evaluated we look at the program. And I know this is above your pay grade but can we just make it the university of Charlotte you know Memphis went through this would Memphis state now they're just Memphis it needs to be the university of Charlotte we find a way to make this happen a feeling this is important. So you know I would live with it and credit where credit is due here's there that the 49ers here athletic it's been referring so Charlotte. As Charlotte for almost eighteen years now sits on a 49ers. And you know you see down you know form their athletic uniforms so there's no issues there that that that cyberspace that. Egypt is is not one at fault and are they are gonna simply pass the buck back Chris. An acute push it up the pipeline if you don't mind my card Mike might kill. A deal at that at Charlotte and you just got on the job he just major first big hire nobody seems to be praising at and which we can't wait to watch for these new air Charlotte forty niner basketball's gonna look like under Ron Sanchez Mike I appreciate you being gracious with your time and for for chat with us for a little bit it was good to talk do you. Are great rock in Rio look forward their work in the future stood there are.