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Wednesday, December 6th

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger talks with Mike Breen regarding the Warriors-Hornets matchup tonight. 


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These peace prize. Powered by North Carolina. Robert I don't wanna come home on a Monday night and say hey what's going on with money not people guys are bashing the brains in trying to impose head trauma on the other team that's so old man. If it's not what I want that's not what I'm into maybe you war and that's and it's a business decision for you the viewer but so far guess what over the last few years consumers are watching less NFL football than they've ever had before. He would stay in prime time. We'll powered by ortho Carolina. Weird spectrum center of the hive nationally televised game hornets and warriors in town and this one feels a little muted tonight unfortunately. With all the fanfare that normally comes with ESPN in town with the hornets on the national stage which does not happen very often. With the news of no staff curry yesterday afternoon after he suffered a sprained ankle on a pretty gruesome sprained ankle has about for a few weeks. Against the pelicans on Monday night. On the worries you still play three other all stars and they're starting lineup instead of just racing for you get three and the go up against the defending champs tonight. At 8 o'clock on ESPN we've got the call right here. On WS then the other pregame coverage firing up at seven there soon so dream on green is not supposed to play and corrects. Always that happening to where does that happen is that the thoughts on on Twitter or really when that happened I don't know. OK so now we're down OK so this Fiona. Put down itself down to the all stars are dropping like flies are down from fortitude that is good can you confirm that please up normally on its nice you're telling the chancellor there might be a chance I'm trying to look at them at the I get them out of the game notes in front of me right now Obama thumb through these fairly quick to refine the we find the injury report here for for Golden State eyes remind green doubtful with right shoulder soreness. He's anti Slater all right we'll what does that tell you know about the warn it's too that they think they can merlot here obviously stuff would have played if he could of but he's gonna miss. What would have been his eighth appearance in his hometown tonight. I against the hornets betray months and a an eight year Yemen and just gonna give rest that thing tonight at ten goodness it'd outsell its a little muted from that respect right because headaches reported stance. What do you think they've got a chance or not tonight or not you wanna see them knock off the champs on ESPN two on your home for you'd love to see that if it could happen and then. You all rounds gosh what 945950. This morning we get we get the news that point it's a coach Steve Clifford is going to be out. Indefinitely as he's dealing. Are right now with which some sort of you don't situation the team is not speaking about that at all reap the exact release here the Charlotte hornets announced today ordered tickets Steve Clifford. Will be away from the team for the immediate future. To address itself currently there's no timetable for his return hornet's associated coach Stephen Silas. Was service the acting head coach out of respect for Clifford privacy the hornets look no further comment at this time which is to say you can ask we're not telling you what's going on. And so that I think is I wouldn't use the term red flag. But I think that is a little worrisome that's a little troublesome day here are the language like that in a press release but quite honestly I think that tells you maybe the seriousness. Of what's going on and it's not to say maybe so could she could change in the next week or two doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be months at a time more weeks at a time. Omelet that that's that's. It's just bad news is you get ready for this game tonight against the warriors this has close handling of these series has closed how has cliff had any kind of previous health scares. I can't speak to that specifically right now but I I do go there try I know that that it coach Clifford he's amid all these guys they serve at four all it is it's a tough job no it is a tough job and in the NBA I you know as much as we. We talk about this being a players league these coaches are on a grind it. Unlike any other period at least once or core I are great at what they do when they're that are committed to what they do and you know you talk about football and Omar Gaither could rejoice at 30 we get into some of the stuff with him because in Elena circle back to this year the opening hour because we got into the some of the coaching stuff yesterday awful what Thomas Davis said not on franking Kyle show. And all this stuff is gonna loosely related to one another. But I think the point is this these guys what they poured themselves if you're talking about at an NFL head coach. I mean they're what 161820. Hour days a lot of guys sleeping in our offices sleeping on their couches. Our guys putting mattresses. In their offices so they don't have to go home for days at a time I mean that there's nothing healthy about that. There's nothing healthy about the coaching world and then when he makes in the NBA. We're on the road. 441 games a year. Figure playing stretches like the hornets played a few weeks ago awry words what five and seven. Seven in 113 and four to back to back thrown in there as well like there's there's nothing healthy about that. And these guys already complaining so thing about the players but then think about the coaches who were staying up all night you'll coach Clifford the first thing he does when he gets on the on the on the on the plane is CE opens up. You don't the laptop and its let me get into the film work nearly never stops you know appeal we were talking about an ultra is certainly I got to admit this fully like I'm not trying to put myself put it in in a coaching world. But we can all agree some of us out there are workaholic so we have a hard time stepping away from our work we attacks so much of what we do with our work and what we do work. And I was just telling you guys on Monday you'll awesome I felt like just taking one day off on Friday depth. Is going away for one day and turning my brain off in getting off social media. They're not worried about what was going on at the office and just spending time with my wife. For one extra day I think we need to make this a habit no extra current round which should be happy for everybody in all seriousness in this is what's so. Felix concerning about these coaches and it really is genuinely shocked that the more this stuff doesn't happen where there are more coaches having like mental melt breakdown is or. Physical breakdowns because there. You know I mean these guys are not how many coaches would you say it like look the part of the god looks healthy. And I'm talking like football and basketball we look at me like even Larry Fedora who supposedly looks the part right. Larry put door count how many he claims of self company Red Bulls to see pound a day there's nothing healthy about that. Flick where you need to drink consistently 68 to ten energy drinks. To stay wired Ortiz you know to be mentally remember Enron saying you like drinks like ten accommodate as you can as a defense can do voice there's nothing healthy about our. Odds are. So you know as a long would it waving its your question I I know. There's been some stuff may be in the past but I don't think. I can't speak to what that is right now and I know this that's not unusual for any coach quite honestly. And so you know we knew we could so could look for might be to the point now with whatever it is maybe he's just. He's stealing the lethargic he can't shake that. Which is out of a Norman maybe he's trying to figure out if there's something else going on or maybe maybe maybe it is something more concerning that's the that's flared back up. The fact that you would need to step away I think tells you how serious the batteries because all these guys are dealing with some version of that and it it's more than anything from a personal level you know it just stinks and I spoke to him on Thursday right. And I hate this who is just that this is just us having a conversation. And I told coach Clifford. I sit I'm worried about you because he looks tired. Because I mean I'm around them enough to know like you looked drained you don't look okay. And he you know he's on final five. But he told me he loved where he was that right now the challenge of where he was at right now to trying get this hornets thing turned around. Any sic frankly it's the best part of the job. But the winning is great everybody's trying to get the winning everybody's trying to harness that feeling every everybody's trying to beat the mountain top like Steve Kerr is right now but. The coaches live in the minutia. Big live in the dip in the nerd in the nitty gritty they live in the weeds of this stuff that fans are paying attention to what fans all they claim about ways we'll Kleber about this why is Moly monk now playing more minutes. Der der specific reasons for that that the coaches are looking so deep into the weeds as to why they're doing what they're doing and when things aren't working they're trying to fix that stuff. He was telling me on Thursday. That he you know he was he what he loved that challenge but Mahan can you imagine what the stress that situation is were you lost what six in a row. You shake that Benny go on a four game losing streak again. And you've got you know your city he's saying everybody sitting around this team it's the most count report its team he's had a five years and yet the wins haven't come yet. Like that's that's got to be some real level stress free you know your job is on the line. And I don't that's what these guys who make millions of dollars I mean frankly because they're they're sleeping. Maybe two to four maybe five hours a night if they're lucky. And they're just on that grind and on and on any given moment they can be like go at it Zaria wasn't working we got to go to different direction. And soul I know everybody's probably listen to sit like you know I trait that RP. And it's easy to say that if you don't like I could never imagine what that like we all of pressure in our daily lives would work in its relative to whatever are working is but I could not imagine knowing the pressure. All of Michael Jordan be my owner. And trying to live up to the expectations. Of making him happy and doing my job correctly like that's got to be some next level stuff so I I I hope. Coach Clifford issues kinda maybe feeling a little bit. Lethargic or not himself in he can't shake it in just needs a little time to say tonight. Let me get my bearings will receive anything else is going on and then come back in its you're ready to go but I'm out its series can you remember last time you. Even beyond this even if he said this this take this issue away what was the last time you heard the coach just down. You don't not feel that well so good and to miss a game. Like at that doesn't happen. And you know these guys get sick of either fuel and utility is like a coach is never showed it to the rain likely and I can. I can barely I can barely get out of bed this morning but they coach because that's like that's their job and that's what they look for that's why they make millions of dollars but. That's what's a little concerning to me and so the fact that the hornets are kind of put it out there and saying. Hey we gotta give some space and we're not gonna talk about that I do think that's a little cause for concern. I wouldn't be paid picking about it and at the same time erotic Stephen Silas has this team. In it it this teams in gradient would Stephen Silas is is a guy that is to get weren't ready for the warriors tonight. He very well could've been on their staff a couple of years ago instead what Mike Brown though the former cavs and lakers take coach secret Silas is gonna be a head coach and it in this league. At some point in the next few years you you can bet on that would fit with the lineage of his dad with the way he's regarded the way other people talk about him in this league. That the hornets are going to be fine with Stephen Silas I think for me and I would hope for everybody it's more B for beyond basketball your words from a personal level. Clip for you okay like get well forget the wins and losses for second. Just it just get well. If they don't Josh we get this report do just tweeting and proudly Jewish Twitter feed. At primetime WS benzene. Every one of brown Lee wishes you a happy holiday for three generations Carolina family Jimmy Bradley part of their holiday gift giving with fifty to 70% off a priest retail value and diamond rings earrings and it's a more building trust for three generations that is brown the Jewelers. And brown the Jewelers doc Cummings is Kirk. If we're gonna see tonight while we're sick coached he missed a lot of time bust years due to back issues he's is different scenario but it's but similar things we I great debt but. He could that was to the point work Kirk cook could supposedly like barely move he's incapacitated. And so like he was physically unable. To get to the bench but he was doing a lot of game playing stuff while Mike Brown was coaching the games he was doing a lot of that stuff from home. Where he wasn't just out on the floor on game day that would say like. There to start a lot of examples of made I don't feel we know coach K you know a couple of years ago what happened but same thing it's. You know it's like stuff when you're physically incapacitated. To get to the bench. And unable to stand there or be on the bench for a couple hours at a time. It deal with the rigors of that stuff so obviously everybody's open net but things are okay with coach cliff. We're we're gonna talk to Mike Reid in fifteen minutes he's on the call tonight for ESPN reported some warriors Rick what else can rejoice at 330. And we'll see if he can give us a little bit of a scoop as well and we're gonna talk a lot about about this game tonight Omar Gaither is with us at three Bill Polian took a drop by the 5 o'clock hour. If you miss Kemba Walker yesterday you're gonna hear that come up. Get a little bit as well but I wanna get into this when we return I want to circle back to what we speaking of coaching what Thomas Davis was saying yesterday. And Ron Rivera like legitimately I know you can you can. Split some hairs and have some real peace with him as a head coach. But where does he stack up because I'm telling you you look around the NFL. I'm not sure that fans understand what they've got. With water pair as a head coach of the Panthers we discuss that next to prime time powered by ortho Carolina to. Carolina. This is how you don't you get good. Food drops by every Wednesday Philly during the break always coordinating always and in in charge of what's going on behind the board Billy the marlin saying. They croak what's the plan for the pizza peel. What's going on they come back to the studio visit your words is that correct Billy I'm not making up not telling a story here about that's right okay and so your reasoning behind that is and I say it goes on here expect to setter we got dealt hornets a warrior son Mike Green on the call Prius V and he joins us in ten minutes. I'm here at the real Omar's gonna join me at 3 o'clock. You said is the food coming to be reader coming to the studios that they should come to the studio Omar's make it faces a reader now has a horse like oh really that's the food going. I say no licking good the studio when you say OK good good Zach is about to fight somebody if it doesn't make its way back here. Absolutely he's he's one of those pizza two Wednesday pizza Friday kind of guys around your place of these New Yorkers have buffalo guys we like he's you know he's got to have his pizza and wings and so you get that today the pizza peel a tap broke. And third sister restaurant of the improper paid. And does stop shop in rural restaurant group and didn't get awesome pizza they're actually opening a new location of Matthews and the person might have to fight is no markers on Mars getting he's getting a lather up right now he's not happy that the food to go back to the studio. 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And also don't forget Mexico to be at Friday night over this get towels at Carolinas place in that parking lot of Carolina play small. 5 to 7 o'clock in additional 20% off anything and everything in the store five years interest refinancing. Some Scotch tasting door prizes would apparel hornets tickets upcoming games available there too complimentary tickets to the 2018 W authentic golf classic. Any 100 dollar gift card to the palm steakhouse end. The first point but people get a W authentic golf past six rounds of golf on six different Charlotte courses. Good until the end of the year for free for the first 25 people so go see those guys details let's also deal worked alone and going out Mac and the guys. Friday nights he tells a Carolina place Friday from five to seven. Stewart yeah opening topic of the day I'll. Our daily news Billy's really deal impact aired this is Thomas Davis we played this audio yesterday this is on Garcia Bailey TV was pretty impassioned about his head coach. Are saying don't be blaming him for what happened on Sunday lot of mistakes pop like don't put don't put this on the coaching staff this is on the locker room. I do move boats that when I hear someone actually that is the courts follow. Kota Sudan Dennis the coaches did land a complete win snapping any game that we formed in. No Soros is all about going out to execute the game plan as clear as we sit there we. We the coach is putting game plan and we came to reach out. And you know we do a good job throughout the week of execute may game plan in. It's important truths to be carried it over and Sundays in Gilani is secure to game play in the same way and when we don't get it done. They have that in due to coaches'. Is all about the players not give their jobs done a job it will pay to do and we just got to get it done like I think it. Marcos in this is tackled as we cannot be. But closed in missed a third down stop this week in idea still as important for me to understand and put that in perspective and as a player will always do it. So that that was pretty impassive yesterday for Thomas Davis here on WS Lindsay and you know techsters ready right now the building setter tech celebrity circle back to this oil markups because Mike brings you to join us in a few moments. But it texture right sit on the buildings that are techs like for the life of me I don't see a runner are played linebacker in the NFL. With such a wimpy demeanor he used another word so I just swap out the other word for for wimpy he says he makes excuse after excuse for his his poor play. Can't say that on the radio. What didn't even as who have Buchanan did you did you dump littered however there we did America and Ireland had a little fun but we'll worry about that later Achilles what they call will make apologies after the fact. He says he never gets up an eighty place days and never hold anyone accountable its always we missed opportunity he's jokes Jackie writes and this is not get no problem with her parenting he's a great coach Shula is the dumpster fire. And meet another text reading is saying he's one of the top five coaches in the league. I don't know he's one of the top five coaches in the league but genuinely like look around the NFL. Then again it like everybody wants the world Bill Belichick we talk about with a coach who would this with coach cliff everybody played recently it seems has got to deal. Got sour on coach efficiency everybody but a lot of folks have and just a few years ago it seemed like me we were happy with having one of the best. Under the radar coaches in the MBA and god it was getting more done with less more often than not had a good reputation around the MBA. And repair second I'd like it was really interesting to meeting here Troy Aikman raving about Ron Rivera. On Sunday on the broadcast. Saying how how much you respect stronger Rivera Howie does it the right way how we've doesn't overreact. And I think what that techsters talking about there. Is exactly why I like your match that runs like yelling at guys and by the way I I think frank was talking about this yesterday at the way Ron acts on the sideline. Is that the same way he acts in a meeting room. Fort practice when that when the media is not around or in the locker room. I mean I find it heartedly brought never raised his voice when any of those guys and all the played with him for years so I mean actually dear what Omar has to say about this week. You you look at Iran's record in the month of did November December 37 and fifteen. That's after the loss the saints on Sunday 37 of 153 best record in the months of November December winning time any NFL. He's got that he's got the third best record in the NFL since he became a head coach only bill bell a second Pete Carroll or better. Which we're would you rank those two guys in the NFL. Right you would say you would say those two guys or Belichick number one you say Pete Carroll's on the shortlist. Among great head coaches put this road reverse record of look at it this today. 6346. And one army sees a two time national coach of the year but here's 61 wins. Eight in the NFL. In the regular season are the most are the sixth most in the NFL since became head coach. So quite. At a certain point 0151 kind of skews that number a little bit but the rate for this year. Like when Ronstadt talent you collect 2013 what twelve and four like when this team is that talent. They've one game so I get it you want an angry animated head coach that's not who Ronnie is and I would say that's probably pretty good reason why his teams tend to respond more often than not. This time a year although we have to take a quick break we come back on the other side Mike Breen of ESPN we talk port it's four years national TV tonight it's prime time more power by ortho Carolina. Chris Kroger. Powered by Ford don't Carolina. It was a lot more abrupt all say last time this time had a little more time to prepare and kind of think about it but. Going from my assistant coach routine two head coach whose team is completely different and I'm all about routine so it's a Louis hello love. Frazzled right now just trying to get everything done. That is now interim head coach for. We're Charlotte hornets Stephen Silas. As we get ready for the warriors tonight national TV game always fun when ESPN comes to town we don't get a lot of these games around here 8 o'clock I've got the pregame at 730. Steve Martin Matt Carroll myself James Hamlin with the call starting at 8 o'clock right here on FNC and word of a lot of fun that I ordered to warriors sounds like for sure gonna step Currie and maybe Notre Dame on green either so. Still for all star she get to and Stephen Silas gonna get so to baptism by fire to welcome in my previous PM on the call tonight and that's a heck of an indoctrination to be out to the head coaching realm for a few weeks perhaps for for coach Silas tonight Mike. Yeah you know critically. Because it'll appeal to attribute that always gonna rub out both well liked by the way would you would you state he barked you need to. Opera disappointing the great. The great Steve Martin. You know what I eight as they as a kid you grow appeared Charlotte the Charlotte on hornets basketball going to the old coliseum. And occasionally beating the knicks team that you know so well call the game trim as she is well Steve is a part of my childhood so when I get on the air every night and get to work with him on the same broadcast crew. It's one of those pinch me moment for young guy and then in the radio broadcasting world and I get the call Steve Martin's dusty part of broadcast partner for few hours a night. Well I wish I could tell he was part of my childhood but also wait to yeah. Hot hot hot hot. But we're gonna have some fun tonight is this is you know. This is I think can some complexion for Charlotte NBA fans because obviously Dell who's on the TV crew won't be Conan tonight that you guys are on the call. Ideas BM might bring would this you know warriors imported teas the all time leading score here. We saw Dell and I will literally raise Steffen set on the floor the old coliseum. And he goes on to Davidson after playing at Charlotte Christian becomes a nick in electric store he was in school when I was in school app collection state so I got to see him play his ball. And I never thought even when he was lighting up teams for 4050 points in college basketball I never thought he could play in the NBA. And to see him become a two time MVP but he's gonna miss this game tonight he's played here seven times averages thirty points a game when he comes series at 4040 or more twice when he's come here but. You look the same time to kind of open to crack may be good to steal one if you're the hornets tonight. I mean teams in the NBA have zero sympathy for particular have injury probably up to everybody goes through it you know you just feel that. You did Cuba for the fans that you know maybe this is there one game that they did messy Seth Curry and that's disappointing but. It's a legitimate injury obviously as opposed to the rest of scenarios we battled the last couple years. In our expert bill they can't even imagine you know prepare myself. Two to be able to. Nobody comes at all but obviously stop playing today but. They've the price cut sitting here broadcasting a game. When you're symptoms they haven't been there just to kind of player is that the kind of capacity is. It's pretty neat for Dell to. To watch the thoughtful approach sure. What we're talking to Mike Brady is the other on a call tonight we got to hornets and warriors we've got the radio broadcast here on WFAN Jiaka pregame firing up. At 730 and so the wars are won six in a row against the hornets and you have this this warriors team Mike I try to tell people all the time because I love the MBA so much for those six that watched this warriors team and all they see scoring at three point shooting and yup they are loaded with stars the thing that gets lost so often put a victim he went when you watch him on what makes them special. Is the defense and it's how long and athletic and how they can switch everything I mean they've really. Individually as a franchise. Changed the landscape of the game and now everybody's trying to play catch up with the way they're building their rosters because of that. Did Chris Russo write about definitively how strong they are in a you know they give up close up a lot of points because the pace is so high but. You look at the other defensive numbers the ones that matter of being opposed the opponent's field goal percentage. The defensive rating and there you have been warned the court to. In those categories that each of the last several years they took. The puts so much effort into defensively and speed of acute obviously during Bob Greene his versatility as a defender. Is so if you need to believe there's very few players who could do all the things he can do it better than before but the other guy that did it fit to be never gets the proper notice. And he should be an all NBA defender or votes all the cup team is certainly tops of millions to direct. Steeply so many minutes he he averages over twenty games if you type percentage yet every night he's guarding the other team. Best swing quarter. So when you have too so I mean historically our stars defensively. You know and that you get into the team cup took it to it's really fun to watch that's what makes him you know that there's so what's felt we should both ends of the court. You know for troll traditionalists like me it's just it's great to see the kind of team basketball we play night in and night out. Mike you we will not see Steve Clifford tonight might bring into this he has yet to get 8 o'clock tonight reported two warriors who got pre games starting at 730 in the call an effigy at 8 o'clock is well. I this this hornets franchise in a staple for when he took over recent I want to be the one to get this team out of the first round of the playoffs. He he said he wants to be team that gets about the second round that's never happened for any hornets team and any aero for NBA basketball in this town. Up but they've never put together back to back winning season Fleischer is a bit of a frustration and they're off to a and up and down start so far this year would what do you think of toward its basketball with what you've seen them become over the last few years because they're been some highs there have been some blows but in general what do what do you make of what they are right now. Well first off from in the double what product I bet I in my mind that I know a lot of people spot which is that you know Steve. What he's going through hopefully you're going to be okay and give back as soon as possible. He is he's such a a great coach. In terms of this especially with a communication with the players as players we spoke with Kemba Walker was born at the practice. I mean he just. It is his devotion to its head coach. Is is off the charts and and it's because of Steve communications skills work ethic of knowledge. So we're just open he get we get twelve tuna gets back but it's it's also what team Chris that. They don't have a huge margin for error as some teams like the warriors. They can have stepped curry go down and they can still win nine in a row being. Number last year Kevin Durant went out for eighteen games and what would they they were like sixteen and two or should upheaval and create. For some teams have that luxury. That the the hornets don't so when when the so this is the first twelve games and he's you know still not back to a 100% terms of rhythm. When Michael could deal Christmas and games when you've got guys that there are missing games. It it's hard for most teams to recover from that are the people. But I think they're going to be five MB bit once they get healthy there's such a good defensive team. They haven't shot the ball well obviously for a lot of guys the team this year but that usually comes around as well so. Between how well their coach to the depth that they. The defense of cultures that they. I think they gonna be right back in the in the thick of things and these are they get Cleveland important level fell. But I think they are there that just about every other team level of these. Mike we've had on the need Odyssey she been doing this long enough especially in New York wave wave with a mix of dated date since that that fan base is as hungry for winner as any in the NBA but we trek fans. Feel really the first few weeks of this your first few months of the season really kind of sour on on and on Clifford as a coach and think this team. Needs to go and a new direction and and find a new head coach come on baffled by that but we would you make of fans who feel that way. Why am meets fans are that if you sit perfectly they're just desperate they're hungry and spent some time generally find companies that the point of cigarette and often depends if the coach often at the star player. That's okay what you showed that they care yep but I couldn't disagree more upbeat he's. The guy is he's just the culture that these established here is terrific. They happened had the talent level to compete with the top team in the east. You know certainly take to get into the playoffs. But I really think the issue with the improvement of some of the other players. You know obviously Kemba Walker gets better and better every year with. With the the ascension of it Jeremy lamb but with some of the younger guys coming hopefully bleak month quote get back in the groove. This team is to be really really good I think he's the absolute right there these stunts such a terrific job with. With what he had been against certain teams will with a whip and nick bitumen from one of the most important players to his team has the original the heat. In this twelve games so it's it. You know you have to be a little patient no that's the word that really doesn't. It used very often or or certainly is an exercise. But sometimes you have to have a little patient on the court to Biloxi. Your Mike Breen was he has yet again in order to warriors on ESPN tonight 8 o'clock we've got the call starting at 730 with pregame tonight in the end up play by play 8:8 o'clock on a hornet's radio networks have Dwight Howard are you amazed I I I heard Scott Brooks a couple weeks ago when he was here. Might say he he's seen that version of Dwight Howard that we all knew. And remember him for over over his career thus far he's back and the numbers will probably bear that out. He's the only player you can use this on the broadcast tonight if you want I was looking this up last night he's the only player other than DeMarcus Cousins. Averaged fifteen points and twelve rebounds a game right now so he is playing some pretty vintage Dwight Howard basketball what what do you make of that and and how surprising is that to you. Yes it I wouldn't say it's surprising it's more it's just nice to see again. You know since he left Orlando that but nothing would drop out. Yup that's followed up first with the lakers and Houston that this league is part of up to succeed in. From just the basketball standpoint that he had all the extra trouble going around you know he was like the ability the bad guy for a couple of years he was self disgust. Now he's just playing again and this seems to be like the perfect spot obviously his relationship with steep clipper group a long way back but it doesn't seem to me like. He's not worried about how many touches he gets below or how many minutes we get teach is when he's out there playing he's playing with. What kind of a joy again I know these have a couple of incidents words got fines and hopefully that's powerful stuff. But he seems to be enjoying being out of the court and not so much worried about numbers are shot attempts to look like that and you know he's had a very big impact that the. It's funny you mention kemba two and they'll let you go in a moment might bring to this eight EE I talk to Kevin yesterday. At a six chemical X seven years ago I told you you'd be one of the elite point guards in a perennial all star in the NBA would would you hopefully that. And he said would you believe me if I told you I did and I think I would of could see such a competitor but nobody else would believe that about Kemba Walker seven years revenue remember Mike even three years ago. He was one of the worst two point shooting field goal percentage players at the position in the NBA. And now over the last few years she's been as good of a three point shooter is anybody in the NBA so what I would what do you make of of kemba Walker's rise in in the Eastern Conference him a point guard this. It's all about work I mean he has made himself into an all star player obviously of the great. College player but that doesn't always translate and he he admits to the rude awakening bit. You know he thought it was going to be due to be replacing just wasn't good enough. And the speed of the game really overcame them in the first couple years you know dispute with his strike putting the college pals and everybody that so. It was a big adjustment but the fact that he only 61 it was sometimes hard from the get off the shot. Everybody went under the screen when they were defending him because he wasn't gonna hit the shot. But he just kept working and working and working if it's a true testament to his character to work ethic. He's such an. An enjoyable. Player watch now because he's not just plan for itself can he really has taken up a leadership role player for his team. It's any young player. He's the he took a great role model to ferret is the guy that that. You know and go to war when he first got to be MBA but it didn't didn't faze me just kept going about it go about it powered partly and also. All right Mike well we got a way to talk mix too real quick I know I know it's kind of gone down the last week or so five of six they've dropped licked they've been one of the front surprises so far and but it Chris steps is is trying to get in his ankle where I thought it was a lizard he claimed he was a lizard which have never heard anybody call themselves that put a body heal quickly were we at with Chris steps right now. Well I think he's gonna play tonight they play it all the diplomats yup and you know it's similar. To be and the hornets Chris simply with a mixed. One important thing misses out on the major player is out report to win game up they don't have that margin of Barry either what he's been really exciting. Talk about a got to work this summer at the key is to get so much stronger so if he can stay healthy pizza place seventy plus games I think they have a chance to. To be one of those people with a shot of oil. Well my court were awarded central do we hear a lot of bang calls for kemba on threes tonight so I have a photo of the call C you are a few hours here at the arena thanks for making time for us but as a crook I thought could it be good to go that's Mike but Mike previous. He's got a national game he he steps aside and so what knicks played tonight and I he's on the call here Charlie. For cortisone warriors we come back and they'll we wrap up the opening hour Omar Gaither fifteen minutes we're gonna get into all this stuff we did talk about Ron Rivera we had a talk about the Panthers. Steve Clifford this board it's team. College football or see if his balls and head coach yet at some point in the next thirty minutes I'm not sure that's gonna happen so we get to that. Are but when we return we we US to get to this okayed this rich blue cheese debate around here. It's been a war it ravaged our land it's torn apart and so late it's way too lots. I can tell you a war finance that if stored at the fabric of our listening may do just like villager ability yearly and inserted zero never really don't know we're gonna call this little. This is more than we're more than them only show or in order to push guys away this is dead and gain national civil war that has torn the fabric of our listeners on the first brother here's the thing. We don't have another important topic to debate its that we do that next its primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Sorry Charlie scores are trying times which Chris grow. Powered by Mort don't care. Game day morning Zulu warriors tonight again we got the call eight on pregame coverage starting at 730 Mike Breen appreciate him drop divide that guy has the smooth this pipes going in the broadcast business. It is there a better calling more simple call that when somebody it's a dagger and he delivers a bang. When curry or anybody else well obviously when it's not against the hornets and you can just sit back and watch ESPN gamer ABC game and Mike Breen just yelling. The real question I know them this is kinda need two minute offense thing but if you had a if you had your top five broadcasters and he's in any sport with a big on no that's not you that's not off a couple of gonna stop and think about that that's evident. He's done things that's a big gas Kevin that's almost insulting that you have to be the unit give it to median of the show not only thing I could do that like I wouldn't I would really need to sit there and gather my thoughts and really sit down and think about that I can't destroy a list like that together. In fact am honestly offended that you would just casually throw that out there it's like that is that is that is being really casual. We something that's very important to me like that though a doer and ready for the complex the stuff on the fly I don't like I would never shortlist like I can go to connect to like a cheap car that just ready to go whatever like none of my head and your back pocket yeah I do not actually so look at that they could do that tickets over topic bill. It we're here though hornets and warriors tonight at a pregame at 730 on offense he don't forget. You can't stop by the Kemper Genesis boot this Sunday WS antique Coca-Cola dog house. Register for your chance to win a brand new 2017 Genesis G 88 after every home game Kemper Genesis gonna pick a lucky winner to receive a pair tickets to the next Katz all game. So makes you stop Mumbai and we've got make mix and voice of the Panthers he's gonna join us coming up. At 430 Bill Polian is going to be on the call. For his former team accused the GM for coming up at 530. It would gonna talk about all the stuff going on NFL lies playoff picture wise what he thinks it is Panthers team he's obviously in radio broadcast for Panthers or vikings on Sunday. That happens at 530 and and here's what I quickly want to get into here. Because first thought text or just rode in other buildings that are text on a ranch I mean that's that's the type this is the war that waging what people are just lobbing grenades that are running away. They're just lobbying their his lobbying you know like explosive devices that realm Molotov cocktail into the show running away. And so last night OK quickly here. Last night I had to get my hair cut right to go on at a town we're gonna be army navy game on Friday. And it's been a few weeks in. If they get you to hear it right so I got here cleaned up and might appoint it was a little later did I would've wanted last night oh I was go to sheer excellence over east boulevard. Those guys are great. Carly always does an incredible job taking care my hair she cuts a better than anybody having gone there for years are great over there. So we meet good quality men's haircut you go to sheer excellence look at their what their roots wanna ballots on one and he sport so anyway my point was at seven. You don't were offered six right in so it's like a ten minute ride at most of it to the hair cutting place. And I had some time to kill with a haircut at 7 amok what am I gonna do I guess so get a bite to because of Hungary right. So I stopped by somewhere last night quickly and it's one of those things like what do you do July I want I want fast food so is gonna go sit down and eat something. But I also owed didn't wanna like get it to go where Mike it eat it in my we needed in my truck that's kind of awkward right so I go inside I order to counter. And I sat at a at a Booth Bob myself last night. And I liked it and I was thinking to myself. There's probably people in this restaurant there weren't a lot of people they're gonna stick it there are probably some people in the restaurant who were judging me say man that's probably sat right here's this guy eating by itself. Dinner time he's gotten a weirdo he's got nobody with them right. And I loved every minute of it. Like he was quiet I was able to gather my thoughts are gonna decompress first second it was just me and myself we're just I'll just stay here. I was present in the moment. In a tweeted this out last night I I asked people how we feel in general. About eating alone because I think when I was younger I did used to think it was awkward in sat once when I would see somebody. Out eating by themselves. But I tell you what I like it. I I am cool with eating by yourself lunch or dinner. And whether it's going to like a full service restaurant whether it's counter service and go sit down afterwards I'd a lot of people saying it's only cool to go to the bar. Like if you read by yourself the Bard makes it better if you get a bartender people at the bar who talked to you but I don't know how wanna be talked to. Like I'm cool with the ideal but just eating alone no stick Mon no judgment. It's not sad. I don't know feelings about it it's just it is what it is I'm eating and I'm just come there in the moment muscles you're the guy it's okay were taking up an entire brood just sit by yourself targets the targeted to servers are well I used to wait tables to yeah I know how it works so we guy it's stinks if you don't have a full. Ticket of like 456 people. But you tip you tip accordingly if you're gaining full service you tip accordingly easy tip accordingly last night I know is counter service of I don't want to that's what I tip let's counter service you don't to counter service. You walk up to the register link into your food and you go sit down he'll tip for that right. I've ever Tipton a situation like that was the surface was exceptional. It'd have to be pretty exceptional let's have something like that what you're just handing me a plate of food not gonna sit down to grab the napkins and utensils myself. You ought to be and I go to my drink myself. But I. I think what my idea is this okay much like we've debated ransom blue cheese I do feel like there's. You can tell a lot about somebody by whether they keep their cool with eating by themselves are not for any given meal. In the in the social situations they do it and and so I'm starting to think we need to come up with some form like a five question list. Off things that we can ask our guest we don't rate for breaks blue cheese I think sitting alone at at a restaurant to another one. Where we can do like a personality test to find out what type of person worked talking to when we get guests on. How do we feel about this idea to I would nominate or you cool with eating alone at a restaurant is one of those questions that probably cuts pretty pretty. Straight to the Corfu somebody is is a person in my alone on this thirty guys agree. My question is are you doing this just to try and find something to win on. Are you digging for some thing we know how much credit because you know the year losing to southern battle that we didn't that we didn't going through the last couple months with with with dozens of and a solid interplay. Not trying to win on this I think if you don't they do like the Myers Briggs test of your particular Myers Briggs test now Saudi test it's like that will come up with some sort of like Akron him. For who you are sick person if you answer yes to this or no to that quick we need a five question. List of like really humid important basic questions that are like. Really axis potential that tell you who somebody is is a person and I think if you're who somebody is if they're willing to sit alone at a restaurant and eat. By themselves that I think that tells you about somebody and that cuts to the court who somebody is is human being. Now telling you anything good or bad though I don't have the best thing Alec I don't know like that but what are the other questions we would ask. What's another important life question you ask somebody to find out what he ticked as a way of judging who they are a person. Chris rich blue cheese is a good one. I feel like dad are you comfortable sitting alone at a restaurant in eating a meal it's another good one but what's another like daily. Dated a life question you ask somebody to cut to the core food they are to person. You're driving in the left hand lane. Somebody comes up on your tail you let him pass or do you make him go around you that's another good one yet that's sort of talking about so we can take some of these cancers or the questions. On on the building center text line 70457. Nights extent. But I feel like we need a standard set off five questions that at any given moment we ask you guess these questions that we can get a pretty good read on who they are or what type of person they are. And I think that's another good one Billy like I'm willing to nominate data not saying it's in the list yet but I'm willing to offer that one up is a nomination. For for for our our you know and personality test our Peter boutique. A PPT that's were doing your prime time personality test. So great blue cheese or are you comfortable eating alone at a restaurant. What do you do if somebody tries to. I took the if your if you got somebody in front of you have a lasting Elaine when you're driving down a highway that's enough that's where it's a nomination but we need other once elect what are other questions basic. Human questions you can use to determine who somebody uses a person. Do you follow here no I feel it come on an island right now on anybody hello. Dealer at 3 o'clock our starts now Omar Gaither its prime time powered by ortho Carolina.