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Wednesday, December 6th

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger and co-host Omar Gaither talk with Mick Mixon & Pete Guelli. 


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Peace peace prize. Powered by North Carolina Kroger is 3 o'clock he's witnessed the rest of the show OG. Happy holidays and a man who had a good season. Just hope they Turkey. 4 o'clock hour primetime power about ortho Carolina or here expect troops general hornets at warriors. No staff curry sounds like no trail on green knows Steve Clifford either and we're put out joining us the last thirty minutes saying. That this indefinite leave due to health reasons. What he's hearing is it's not heart related like it's been in the past which is really really good that's encouraging news but we don't know what that is the hornets are not going to the to speak any further on that. And it's are open for the best for Steve Clifford beyond when wins and losses sets. It's just a genuine dude is is as well look I've got to normal the last few years. He's he's just a good he's a good dude and so you want people be healthy no I mean they you know what a great deal with any serious. Health concerns and so while what we'll keep you posted on that. That meet Stephen Silas could be the interim head coach for the next little while and I he's gonna be on the bench again. I tonight is who get ready for orders. My question for you about how does. I don't know we do we we have nick on our no no for Ariel way ya ya how does that scene look which was with Steve I mean I know he's been there he's been on the Paul I'm sorry not involve under coast Clifford and things like that but this is business Hazelwood put it seemed like. Does he have free rain electric Kenny Kenny you know star we want to start or do these are well OK I know he was. Saying yesterday you know coach of this kind of just gave some advice. And let him do his thing you know and ultimately. If they are scout as a team you'll be a third different assist every assistant the way to work. Gets discount for for you know a game or so ahead in so you don't vet tech coach works in the scouting report. And then brings it to Clifford now in this case to be. Coach Silas and you don't think tweak it a little bit eerie you know. Any of that stuff but yeah any date they know what the game plan's gonna be relative. And out of the rotation they kind of are what they are but if you wanted to tweak it a little bit say hey you know I think maybe. Three or four more minutes for this diary under undated just my substitution patterns a little bit you know maybe he does think I'd like to get a leak monkey and in her situation where he's got free reign to do that but ultimately you know those guys work as a staff. Together you know if they all had dislike anything right now wolf I was in charge I do with this Witten he's probably slight tweak but in general the fact that are working together is because they all seem pretty much RIA. A line the way things should go what I think of certain players of the way they need to play to win so I think you saw that the other night you know a couple of spoke about it it it at shootaround earlier today that. You know. Coached us really home in young's got to call the president's about a work you don't put this pretty neat he can get an amendment as it currently is pretty even keel themselves because docket to fire two low he always you know the flux things back to him he's he falls on the sort lied. Hers guys which I think Chris Neil. What yogi garner some so much respect with the locker room what. Yeah I I think for first Silas he's got a way about him he's either got to understating you know we talked to Steve before path. You always usually show he's right apple doesn't fall far from the tree there that we are all so I think that aspect. That alone that kind of fingerprint. That he puts on the team gives it a different feel different flavor to it. And I think guys can of this the MBA. These guys wanna be coached but they also want to be treated like men. And I think you come via did seep salsa got a look he's on the shortlist of a co medalist semi everything heavy coat everything's an audition Java do you take the hornets like OK so it seems sudden in last minute for us because we were not only inside as much as we would like to think. You think Dorn is maybe knew there was some issues going on hey hey you know condemn compliment a certain way you know maybe to few weeks I takes a step by step back and and the horn is a saying whoa all right Steve. Saw us silence this is your opportunity. Take about a range of maybe you know something to that could turn into something a little bigger I mean I'm just curious as to Yemeni furor down. And now of course he's auditioning in general he wants to create coach but is this something where if he goes out he doesn't really really well that they could be saying hey you know we we really like what. We sought and I don't know if I go that far I think more than anything. It's funny the way this works right because I think for the hornets to respect coach enough to allow him to take some time right I think that tells you what they think of him poker. We do agree like from an organizational step to take if you anytime it take as emotionally whatever you need and Exxon will stand to get we talked to Mike Reid about this in the opening hour. He's only caught ESPN tonight at 8 o'clock corn it's a warriors. For fans who you know. It's somebody's head's always got a role where he always wanna blame a coach because it's easier that way she's a fire coach and it is to trade a player get a new player in here it's not the way this thing works. But I think Freddie organization's sake Clift if you need some time take some time I think that tells you. If they get enough respect for him to we believe that including news and how could you not Amir ansari like. I'm not saying close diplomacy does things I don't get some times and I'm sure there's a reason for I don't understand it but some of the stuff I don't get sometimes too polite. I don't know how you could look at it and say mitnick who think back to where this organization 167 years ago he's been a part of the culture change and it's not where it needs to be yet he told us that last week he told me last week on the air. Chris I could be fired tomorrow. I could be fired a year from now are going to be fired one day in a given deserve it and how. Her that's the way this thing works and so like I'm not saying he can't ever be fired. But I'm Tony they've been bomb making a laundry list of what needs to change in this organization to get to the next level and coaches that is I don't know we cracked the top three for me he. Well I don't know I'm not a goal there was to view to top 31 no I mean I think a lot of how could you look at the personnel on this team and what we'll put another coach do with the it caused us safe these get the most out of what we got we have here but if anything like always say about anybody in the team or your organization firing anybody. One who were what are eagle Nick's right because I've seen as we've seen this happen time and time again you fire guy you have no playing you have no you want to can I give you an example for circuit. OK so reset your through the draft process with the sorts in eleventh pick. I mean they could get a pretty good player are the united franchise changer but they could get a good player if this guy falls Malik mark maybe get a bleak market he slips past New York he could be yours. I've talked to people around here all over over the last few weeks his sake this idea that we were surprised that only monks felt was at eleven is just not true birth. Weeks wheat wheat Bonnie we probably would be there are eleven. And so this idea that the hornets got this diamond in the rough them leak mark. And that they're not using him even though he is a diamond in the rough and they're wasting him. Is is is completely false like it's not true they expected he could be there at eleven and it's not to say he can't be good player down the road who could help distinct. I think Malik monks got a ceiling and this is. This is not to be easy to get to I think he could be a Jamal Crawford in this league leading sixth man of the year instant offense off the bench electric shooter and that's hard to do go to the economy is sixty right it's coming to ever get on this day hot air when he shoots me and he can hit from anywhere right but you gotta be able to defend in spots on the floor you got to justify your minutes that's got to take time. But this thing with Malik won't hit me yet we're so lucky if we're so grateful to get only monk I can't believe it. There's a reason Ted other teams passed on him into a single leak is not a good player thinking as I think he can be a very good player in this week he's nineteen. He's he's defensively deficient he's physically. Memorial and small Felix he looked it's gonna take Tommy does not have an MBA body right now. And in this thing with Mitchell where we went Packers no please don't take down individual we've had Donovan Mitchell he's Gerald Henderson. We've had Donovan Mitchell is a guy's going to be good he's not integrated anything done the Mitchell that this debt. Used to it's that's and until had this yesterday Donovan Mitchell bodily said he rookie scoring record for the jazz the other night. Has now scored twenty points in the last four games he's the front runner for rookie of the year right now in the NBA maybe you would a guy like Jason Tatum he's in he's in that type of territory. He's the first jazz rookie to do that since Darrell Griffith and 8081. Who went on to win. Rookie of the year. Coach Clifford wanna Donovan Mitchell. If he was making the pick he would have drafted Donovan Mitchell and I'm not saying that would have been the right there aren't but that tells you what goes on behind this he's more of Mitchell's more. The NBA ready to rev up the bucks but he's doing athletic freakish things were playing on both ends before he's a good passer he's a good shooter he's dollar he's been a very good shooter already can distribute the ball he cuts to the basket. He's got great court awareness he does all of it now. Can monthly better than him double row maybe he is I don't know but what I'm telling was that it bet. In this goes on I think a lot of organizations this is why it's so hard to win in the NBA it's what the warriors are so different it's what the spurs are so different. Honestly what the pistons are you got to credit the pistons standard and he's coach and GM right now via its public pick up better this year what are on the same page uses the same price ally they high pick and choose the cursory try to pay for so I think that's the problem with this team it's been a problem with this teamwork I think chill knows what he's doing I think Clifford knows what he's do what I don't think they always CI Dalai and I think they pick and choose who wins what battle. I think it's hard to be consistently good when you do that. Period and they looked is Dave Gelman Ron Rivera good example of that to spin it to the Panthers and now Marty thirty Ron Rivera is that a better example perhaps moving Ford of eight Marty and I can win which killed. And amassing this is how Whipple Marty I can't win with Kelvin Benjamin you're gonna what we do here do you think we could do something here. You know what I agree with you and I trust you run you coach this guy I didn't draft him on the to trust you. And I think that level of trust with your coach in your GM constantly. Anadarko win every battle aren't there more often than not I think is what lends teams to being consistently good. And so I'm not saying coach Clifford doesn't ever deserved criticism and I'm not saying it's all and show either but you gotta have that decimation in every get top to bottom guys got to be more often than not they're going to be on the same page. She NN and that's studies have to do elect he said but it be in two people can't be that you know. Who makes the choice though and asked and that's what you know in some organizations are like for example the pages I'm sure Bill Belichick who who gets the final say Andy Reid used to get the final say and and enough Philadelphia. Who gives that final who. Obviously it's show here because 'cause coast lifting it to guide they want it. And if if you. Give I don't know source I think Jordan got final say the oh OK I know Jordan's got final say. Also OK so enjoy more bits gives a Jordan pick like it's another example and that's okay so that's the third tonight he got a bit against the the only FDA yet there that are already it's doing better about staying out of the way but may when he gets in the way right. For really he's in the way we you know joy and so it is important swoops in some times and you know he gets he gets a guy that he wants to have dizzy sees some of the stuff that he likes it a player in May and I I'd like this guy what do you think. Jordan and a lot of success with sticks. -- ago I was then Kwame Brown Dan what Kobe actually went on to stick around the everybody's every round he's ever deserving of that I got divorced him thirty player Kaminsky had to be fair Kaminsky is going to be around in this league for a little while put like he's not. He shows flashes you know the other night he showed flash is why people think frank Kaminsky can be really good player in this league golf dimension. That it goes away and it goes away sometimes within five minutes but that's the eternal struggle goes on I think within this organization of like Clifford. You don't show they work well enough together. But they did they don't always CI dial what use is best for the team and in Jordan comes in and maybe he aligns more with close sometimes right but even he has strong opinions on what he wants to do what who's telling Jordan know what it's his teeth agent I don't know. Date they have to get that worked out or either Jordan has to give to people who who are he has to be more Jerry Jones Jones ask. With that within pecos New England whomever they be chooses I don't know text deriding him by the way symbolic mark could be better than Jamal Crawford that's disrespectful to a guy some multiple time. Sixth man of the year in the NBA so likes to Alec I look at my guess is not offers as some ball he's not thought he should be Stockholm Crawford one of the best bench players. Of his generation to be able to come off and like stopping your ears showing yourself out of fear us you stop it sir hold. They may enjoy just coming up in the next ten minutes talk to the voice of the Panthers about Sunday cute game again. Come up against the vikings and you can join us. Open now through the rest of the week on Sunday NASCAR all of this plaza it's our holiday on ice Tony seventeen Charlotte's only outdoor ice skating rink especially in uptown and special date night adventure. This Saturday as well get more details at WS ONZ. Dot com and also don't forget as we're here for hornets and warriors we get some some players they're gonna hang out with Doug Joseph moss in the camp for J. Crew December 7. And that that's gonna be out tomorrow so 530 to seven to care for chief. On independence boulevard supporting thousands of kids who need gifts this holiday season with a Joseph moss foundation frank commit schema leak mount Cody Zeller. Point bacon 3000 toys collected last year the trying to get 5000 this year. So mark your calendars tomorrow 530 to seven kept for cheap east independence boulevard. And a bring your on open toy or edit or donation and you get an autograph from either frank commits team oblique mark. Or Cody Zeller or join bacon so that's going to be a great a great time to support those guys Omar Gaither where this arms so Mike Pereira. Former head of officials with the you know no right he's he's become became the first rules anal as we've seen on TV down there yes Mike Pereira was on Twitter last night and IQ is he was re tweeting something for Peter King where Peter King said a couple of years ago Peters witness tomorrow by the way. Peterson a couple years ago I wrote I wrote the players need to police themselves there's only so much rules makers can do. I was ridiculed may be rightfully but I still believe that speak about some and maybe over the top hits that we're going on him on Monday night George I locus penalties then reduced so he's not going to be suspended for game. Dangles secondary corner man. And it looks like judicially Shuster suspension is for being a built for one game. And I would say that's probably because of the thought that I would honestly you have over yet she probably if they went into it he went above the right and then. We got grown up with I mean one game for that dude is not enough I don't know how that's okay. That's not a football play what he did that's borderline salty can cost the guy after the play because he was fed up. He's an angry that's not cool right in this in this in this excuse for it is just. Excuse I don't believe in making plays like that yet I made a play like that that was and those are exactly exactly alerts and that was frustrated. That's that's some blue route to me I can't believe he only got one I don't. How fight to break out on his rounds together like if you're fills your not to limit my guy yeah. He's a that's that's blatantly disrespectful lay in this and that's like somebody like you have your helmet obviously they ransom exits an amount but that's where we go and we weep like we can all talk about the violence of the NFL and where things are out of or more on a similar and anything the game at capitol Monday night that game was played. Every game every game I was a regular game five years again titans are a good game no problem playing pro what do you think much about it. Below we we thought wildest game this is brutal but then they signed up for you or we would have just said the game was a little steep we would've said it was very chippy. Like somebody hits we would have we would not have been as. It's been this Jaycee and things different that that's a freak injury Hardaway can they have not updated the update the status such an easier so it's under early on like using purging now you start to worry. If I do think they'd be coming out as soon as possible with fleas and good things are good saying hey guys here's what's blue here's an update unsure easier so. Keep thinking about in praying for risers are pathetic and it's that worries me the fact that they won't update Brian change your status any further to say even. Hey he's got full movement very feeling in his lower extremities again that is terrifying that that's worrisome to me. That the Steelers won't update that. Yeah he is because. There's no good there is no no there and so let's hear it yeah so anyway that's separate but that that game. Happen all the time in the NFL for more aware were more sensitive to it that we've ever remember for the CTE stuff. All the concussion studies where it's we eliminate different H rights or more hypersensitive to the stuff and maybe that's the right thing that we've ever been before. But Mike Pereira tweeted this last night you respond to Peter King says I think it's kind of follow the lead college in stark. I issuing targeting. It jet players for hits to the head make it automatic review mobile force teams to play a man down. Which carry over to the next game if it's in the second half colleges doing more to send a message then the NFL is he went on to say for people claiming that it would be hard do. Part two out of the did you know implement and educate he was saying. I agree to college rules enforced inconsistently but that is partly because you have five different conferences with fearing philosophies make the NFL's flagrant hits to the head or neck area only. No crown of the helmet shots to the body lastly forcing eighteen to play with one or more players less than their opponent. Mike just force coaches to work a little harder to try to teach against making these sits it's time on Don. He sit back to my marker read import oh pop insurers Mexico while he's a little like education and out for you by I. I'd watch party. I don't know man this is stuff that this. It's I'm a big proponent of player safety and players take care of themselves with something you just can't. You can't borrow from there's this certain times for example of quarterbacks sliding in you coming in. You roaring in full speed Cam Newton you don't know what he's gonna do sometimes he slides sometimes he'd be just go for extra yards. These lies and go down and you wind of it didn't hit him to take contact in the arms amount of the game NS has been the first several another like this this this this this. There's edit this. Player safety is very very important yes what you can't suspend a guy analyst is some malicious in it it is. In the eight duke big guys duke is suspended. Guys duke he kicked out of the games but just for the actual act of of hitting a guy and home win it's not considered malicious. Or in you know overly intense and open. You shaking your guy out for that and it's certainly since it's been for the the next game 04 phases I think there's too much who don't. I would agree don't you could it it would like. People get mad watching college support targeting stuff. But it is a reluctant but man widget they're gonna appear on the side of being overly cautious and orderly cautious and if if it's a thing where you feel like maybe you should live. They should have rejected somebody. Big Brother air on that side and then not right. Thumb but the thing with college I agree it is so it seems seems so inconsistent because our somebody different officiating bodies I would say the NFL. You know people take issue with the NFL the Murphy shooting compared to colleges night and day if you have one unified body. Saying here's what it would look like if this is targeting I think it would be as inconsistent in the pro game now and say is the right thing to do but it's interesting that he's a former head of officials saying it's time. It we could do it in this is how it would love of course this little more than he's just a slight sigh okay no more taxes it is good news like keeps them it keeps them in consumer jobs there. I had to obscurity that they don't want you propose are robots. Could Jude I mean you could do that in baseball could you dutiful bought a thing as opposed rural idea I've listened. There's a lot of things you can do robust nowadays that do you pride in they would have who was Basel two years ago. Did it some. I'm zoo somewhere attest is coming up with a way to replace listen robots again to you on the believe that that is who go to the check become an iconic voice of the Panthers make me sit with us. With Mick is that true that there's a lot of things that you can do with robots that we didn't think you could do ten years ago is that true or their lot more things of the robots now when you think about that. Robotics. Gosh I don't I don't know you can't go wrong south. And now like it when there was only four TV channel the what do we go to the asked for it to maturities are gonna make me a big play on me when I'm Clinton's commitment to mislead you really big moment a few weeks your. We have big time im sorry you'll see that they remember. I'm I'm sickened in the I don't know what happened I'm zillion times I don't understand don't have that I'm sitting in his tire shop right. Mix walks in he's he walks up to Canner. What a Smart shopper would a real. Rooms operate there and play whoever we're restoration so it's no bricks right tell the story Koran assay for the same it was going all that so far. It was like Louis U you guys though aren't you Vic you don't apparently you don't Rivera beat new. Let's say they usually only that's a track they admit that he did that's. Any that the U you know your resume to somebody give me is that you don't really know what you already know they are yet to pull back a little bit yeah Davey did that although he's big time movie. I sit chop that up a little bit not to have. Recognize beginning though it's okay it's okay V yeah like thanks for your autograph so I was little I was little bit in the catatonic state because I had just. Bennett out of gonna cost me 400000. Sat. On the program but I only thought I want without around. Julio that you had to use a Volvo you know many citizens are now open and look at you had a special form to sand there's an object aren't picnics into the source of the theaters. Mic night I was listening to you guys up Monday night for brief moment as I was coming over to the arena for the hornets broadcast. On pit their talk on on W BT and use your words of Swiss don't worry you know what the son I woke up this morning the sun came out things certain things are fine and we're gonna we're gonna wipe the slate clean. And if it's on to Minnesota and and it's a big one but how how do we. Can you know compute and try to make sense of what happened on Sunday against the saints where that's that's now two games this year they've lost to the saints in the saints appear to be maybe it all three phases the better team so far. And the Panthers might have let the division slip away on Sunday final thought on that before spit of Ford had at a we at a we handle that game on Sunday. I think there was a unifying. Diagnosis defect gave him that was was what would have missed tackles. He and the Panthers are a good tackling the excuse me the characters are good tackling defense. And I think it's the correct people said their heirs of either way it's a really good there Rolen. They've with the vikings they're they're make an offensive football looked very easily. And and now but the Panthers well I love what camps and after the game win the unity he gave credit to the states for the very classy way of any. People that essentially if we do our jobs. The rest of the way it'll be up to us to do that we hope we see that club again. Mick mix a voice to the Panthers witness and of course there on the call 1 o'clock on Sunday. Big Three game home stretch fires up this month of December for the Panthers vikings and then it's the Packers and it's the Fiat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And up pregame coverage begins with the army and James O'Keefe stadium show at 10 AM and then now all the guys on the call Mick Eugene and Tokyo 1 o'clock on news alert intent. 993 WP TV is so weak when you look at at this saints team Mick if you are are they as good as advertised is that I believe they are them believing that for about a month or so now. But you don't you have now seen them twice and then once on that track fast track in New Orleans. How how how good do you believe that saint Stevens. Well I don't think there's a great. Team chartered not really in the NFC if if if we were looking for one day be at the conversation so would the vikings haven't won a good road team. Placate keyed of this play the way their front gets after you. And they're good up the middle of the their defense is really good drive up the bill whether it be like most good defense is our. But this thing it's it's almost it's almost not fair when you combined what drew brief it's capable up how he climbed the pocket how he plots that throwing money. How he how he gets rid of the ball so accurately he's just not like normal people the way you CA had. You combine that with the run game. He and and a feat that that that's got a lot better you know they went over the time three straight years. It when you do that you can get some draft picks and they've hit all of south of well where I think they're a handful right now how you got it. I don't hang it did and had picked approves and couldn't you know do it to. You know phrase where it's it's is one of those things I think where there are more of a complete team than maybe. Carolina is it at all positions and in that this is to show up especially late in the season and guys have banged up and so on and so forth so. I mean my my my question going forward Zhu is you know. What are what are what is apparent is approach going to be going down the stretch because you don't once we get through our first 22 are dip isn't as good. As we would have liked would have been we hadn't really developed young guys do the course of the season like we thought we. We thought they should have should have developed I'm sorry so. Go forward it is there there is is going to be one of those things where maybe some guys and practice or maybe get a few reps get a few looks at me we had Charles out so. There's obviously some are open reps there. And and and you know below forty PW possibility. I disagree with the premise that your question though bar I think that one of the reasons that Robert bears Panthers or something like. 35 to fifty of the lead up pretty good record of November December. Is that they are at best. In death early in the season so that when you get to November and December that next manned up. Guide doesn't mean that some guy who's scared to death who had been off the field right after their liking shark's tooth I think. There are many good example of that but I think you. In italics armada fullback there is what the panther to try to get him more reps try to get a ball up try to get this first. NFL touch but he before five face special teams guy and has done a good job that and I think that I think Carolina will be. I think will be all right we can get in the play off. And and be somebody's worst nightmare I think that they've got a chance to work out. I make Nixon's with a sports the Panthers on the call on on Sunday 1 o'clock. For play by play on these 1110993. WBT Panthers and vikings three straight home games coming up. Starting on Sunday at at Bank of America Stadium and I guess the one question Mickey is you've seen him out twice you've seen Christians so far through twelve games. A lot of Panthers fans feel like maybe Alvin canary is what they thought Christian McCaffery. Could be eat what they are different players physically but what what do you think the gap is between those two guys obviously compares to the ground running. It's been. A little up and down from McCaffery although he's been a huge part of the receiving game as far as already set the receiving record for back in Panthers history three weeks ago that the first season series. Would put what do you make the difference between those two players are a little different but you've seen both of them so far. Are there exactly what I think governor not tried not to coach the team from the press box if not try not to try to broadcast the game and I'll how about the golf fans what they ought to think about. But he gave him blood flow but just have to the wizard now I'll try. But that what I can not think of a bigger waste of time and the Earth's oxygen. To have a discussion like this for a month panther fans. That sample sizes too small. Their careers have to play out. They're playing in different cities are different here coaches for different quarterbacks with different alliance. It is it's not fair it's it's that hypothetical question you know issues you have gone out with PB like top. If there's a virus that pairing in this he's out of your life how was your IP can ever cut its patter of little the the dream your aspirations. Mean it's there's no way to. Christian McCaffrey is the health football player and and would you trade him right now for Alvin compare but based on what you know about the barrack I would although compares the great players well. Really interesting as we get raped me question if there's an vikings coming up on Sunday 1 o'clock news 1110993. WBT's Hokies got pregame starting at ten with the stadium show over a Bank of America Stadium. And a lot of people make this is even doing a song enough no surprise here a lot of people frustrated with. Runner Eric Thomas Davis was on our airwaves yesterday saying matter of fact don't blame the coaches this is a this is on us we had a great game plan we did execute some of that tackling. A lot of the tackling that you're you're talking about. Then the record in November December is 37 at sixteen for runner clear that you were just mentioning that that that's the record for him. I know people want him to be more animated you know him better than most major round them on a pretty good day to day basis. I'll what is the thing that fans don't see that maybe they should understand about who runner there is as a coach is they see him kind of still look on the sideline today think that that's a direct correlation to losses sometimes. It just think yet you've got her or don't got the pole for a bit more of what fans are stated that they need to stop a bottle Twitter. Very well and truly that you're better for him to leave if they grants that fish. None of senses. But is that I think. What they're busy for what they may be that is coach repaired stuff and how popping up he. You know part of it you know you play for coach is that. You didn't want to let them down he wanted to work. You work you want it you weren't what the fear based you know walking tall park do their we're Google whack give thought they had whether horrible stick. He just didn't want to disappoint if you wanted to repay them. For the fate of the trust they placed that you trust you to do your job. And that's the kind of feel I think are true very gender in the tent their locker room but top hurt tell our fans have been about sourcing on this is pretty good. That he will peel the paint off the wall. He'll talk. They're now their parents their parents' parents. If he if if need be if you think that the team needs to get that his preference would be. Two to motivate the drop that armor around their children through courage. But if he but he got it temporarily get very very animated. Mick I I was pored over some of the numbers today and as I look at Minnesota and to meet. The difference between these two teams having Adam Phelan has been incredible is probably the piece becoming more star studded but he's probably been the best receiver in the NFL the last two years and nobody's heard of and he's. Our top three and over and over every major category I love the stats for him I think he is third I wanna say in the NFL in third down receptions. 27 and he's got 21 minute gone for first down so I mean this guy is just he's electric he can do the consistent stuff the big play stuff. But more than anything I look at Minnesota and to me if they're doing the things offensively and defensively the Panthers are doing which is there relief in third down red zone conversions. On offense and defense and that's that's an area where the Panthers have had struggled at times this year. Lately they have the Panthers a couple of games ago we're number one of the NFL on third down efficiency offensively. Those numbers have taken a little bit thing hit. So so I get what you're saying Chris I think that the oath of vikings are very very interest thing. Offense they they have a total West Coast game. A lot don't run after dozens screen Wii game that they have a wide variety of screen built green to the tide in a fact. They've got to wrap combinations where the united. And I slipped out into a flat. With screen action meanwhile the back row of the wheel route they it's by the feel that you Boyd got Phelan wrote in those big I can't they have a problem with this TV. This year and he had a feeling catch a pass. Rudy free there's no one even in the brain on the TV. I don't want to go act all right you guys knew that this is one of the best for the state first. You know covering up that he had yet what is it so far BM. Is that whether you have to do we get the respect. There are begins the respect will win when the office coordinator. Has enough talent in the attempt to be able to scheme you to where you can really Keeneland entirely route runner man he's a narrow 20 yeah incredible so it is gets a skill you know it is viewed. It's it's Iran are running can be taught but it's also soaking the two well it is funny took as we mentioned this mic I mean I think it 2013 he came at a Minnesota state which is a deep to school I believe. He had to. Two offers as an undrafted free agent rookie free agent. Minnesota and in Internet in his own state. And and the Panthers the Panthers were one of the they looked at him back in 2013 and he chose to sort of like yeah all right it's cheaper. Well. You know and there's wrap their route Redick and other West Coast offense throughout the truth of the excited just there's so many. Times where the quarterback and the receiver both depend on each other collecting the same defense that data. Right. Mick mix invoice the Panthers you'll hear him on the call 1 o'clock on Sunday. Bank of America Stadium and pregame coverage begins with a stadium showed Jim's Oki. On news 1110993. WPT got to be at 10 AM mic it's good to talk to you my friend thanks to make it's a moment source. Yeah out opted to what occurred thank you if sort of laugh and our market leader of the camp Butler. There were a lot of time doing a scene or gross hospital just a man has always had. That figure buddy they go Vick makes a voice of the pitchers are about equally chilling discovery of a ten minutes and I want you to speak to this about the coaching think if you play for Ron. And he's got a way about them that. You don't beat the aesthetics of it doesn't lend itself to fans thinking he cares very much it's a worry to get to that hold on we're back in a moment its prime time with Omar Gaither Chris grow career high of more power by ortho Carolina. Stop we're surely scoring. Powered by Mort don't care. Tonight we got the broadcast at 8 o'clock got got pregame at 730 myself Steve Martin. Matt Carroll James Campbell and we're all going to be on the air at 8 o'clock organisms on hornets are warriors national TV game so. The kitchen unit of fox sports southeast watch and Eric in Dallas Stephanie you'll see that tonight they're they're sitting in the crowd his fans and so I can turn on ESP we have Mike Reid on earlier. And you clear Kemba Walker by the way about an hour as we get ready for this game tonight. And we welcome it chief marketing officer for the hornets beat quelling make it some time forced -- to see you break Chris thanks for it to be here well first of foremost we're talking of the most important thing which is the head coach Steve properties he's taken a little bit of time away and indefinitely to deal with you see his health and get things okay with what would weep when we -- is -- OK I mean that you know Chris is an organization we try to be as transparent as possible in our forces is one of those things just can't really yell collaborate on I guess it is a lot of admiration for. Let's in this building as you know and you know we just wanna get him back on the court justices who possibly can't well and I think the thing with. We're with any of these things and be honest honest Omar earlier just the fact did you know you east. You just osu coaches misbehaved so I mean it's just in it speaks to who they are coaches right there such grind yours and so. I think maybe. You look back at nights on a Monday night that might have been the first mechanic clue of our coach needs to step away for a little bit and just kind of take. Take care you and you get you guys are going to be met face right now and the secret club that's built an incredible organization from him throughout all of its assistance and you know everybody the best operations department so it's it's nice to be in a position we've got some guys a good stuff often and you know fill in. When they need to well it normally we talk about staff coming back in the hornets are warriors and I don't know staff tonight he's he turned his ankle. Against against the pelicans and their comeback did they come back from twenty down at the half twice this year which is on a real pleasure to kind of firepower they have but. I mean nobody's feeling sorry fur for them so it is a great chance of a dream on might be output I mean in general on national TV game at home against the champs and that's what that's what this league's all about these guys to be fired up tonight it's a it's a big night no matter what obviously you know you wanna see every committee with their full complement of players just like we wanna be playing all our guys even though we had its challenges early in the season. But a big night anytime we get a nationally televised game. And showcase the arena showcase the team in the city. The something that I think people get really excited about we'll have a huge crowd here tonight we did we do have a handful of tickets remaining that typically would be gone. You walk up that's where you know having step up could impact potentially but it will be as close to a four holes and you can imagine the fans wanna come to the box office tonight he just checking you know maybe leave and I don't think it's you can take I don't know until what time you know last check we had a handful of tickets left for you to get some cable box office now it's a built in 704 hornets to write yes we're at seven afforded toward its stock comp for our rip. Up what is the number two if so what what 1848. Ticks if you look at the other number two Connecticut got a call so a 704 hornets do we get ticket info for that and of course. Saturday's going to be the real fun night because frank is just got to be peeked out of his mind for Star Wars Bobble head night for a cellphone. Senator and I personal it's great to have you including last game 1013 at home just nice to be home. Huge game tonight in this arena always has something going on trips are very an orchestra tomorrow night's basically sold out polls come in Friday. We Saturday night is something we've all had circled on the calendar for awhile it's always fun when the lakers come in this really exciting young team. But star worst night is something that everybody was fired up about from the minute we kind of ruled out the promotion in the frank storm trooper Bobble that I don't know which thing about bobbled if you like him. You wanna have something you collection this is one you absolutely have to have. First semi 500 fans wrote Kurt people who come out early. In tickets are really selling fast it's going to be a great turnout for that game so whose idea was this was this you guys was this franks say it's fresh it's a and there are about all this stuff whose idea was this a T know what we sit around as soon as a schedule comes out every year and start to look at what we think are windows of opportunity are we did some great promotions in the past that you remember that old ninety's I have. Nickelodeon and knows a thing and I did in the Star Wars poverty just present itself because the movie's launch them. It mid December and so we thought hey this is a no brainer we know there's a ton of fans out there's a highly make it fun that'd make you look over interesting. And that's who we thought about you know if frank Kaminsky story after for Bobble head she anytime you're kicking around a promotion like that. He's got a degree personality Frank's name typically comes up verse from I can't tell you he's not thrilled about the color of the beard. And some of the hair he said when we as if they get this at all was when I become a ginger it's a little noticed a little dog got a pretty advanced copy it is a little read a little jaded you know we've told them frankly we collect a look at some your pictures from earlier in the year mean you know like the colors or color we. We'll decide these things we just take the pictures we try to duplicate it but it was funny they're just kind of poking fun at them with that but he's really excited to have it and no I've heard. People coming out of the woodwork how to like get one if people can't be here and from out of town and one on the get their hands on him. There really would get your hands that want to come here choke on Saturday night you know words secondary market eight days they'll try to be a nice Christmas written and we truly Callista have seen some of them already. In the future shop to people not checked out this match up I went into the cup weeks Kuwaiti massive. All the awesome collections of stuff that Jordan brand stuff especially. That you guys always had special Jordan brand stuff here now you get even more Jordan brand still fear we have special store wars themed it. Gear hornets here that you're talking to people combined to change your eyes it's just now the Bobble head admit to everything you see is gonna have that star worst team to a you're gonna see characters. Walking around the building into your life. You know integration into you know the game presentation is well but here for the it is going to be merchandise are worse the merchandise the guys Rex if you're shooting shirts. You know with some glimmer of storm troopers legislation yet I beat to it I don't I actually of one of those were hearing it all the way through the game into the fence shop in all the Christian I don't talk to place her affair about that I got to find one of those sure he would be your guy but he's got to can help me out are gonna get to Jason before the night's over a little army unit Nittany volume Yahoo! doesn't. Yeah I always take your data and a it was eight and of about us he said about me all right I got lucky dog one bone Eliezer or credits doggy Dogg moral and equally to the chief marketing officer for the hornets against the some limited tickets may be still available for tonight's 744704. Hornet's where walk up to the box office tonight. Your spectrum center court it's a warrior at 8 o'clock and then the other thinks because the fan shop are there any. Classic jerseys left what were the pitcher there's there's still some yeah we got our first delivery in last week we put about on Monday that was a great response still a handful of them left in their right now and it can encourage people to get down there grabbed there will be more coming in the other hole. Transition to the Nike product is probably a little bit more of challenge and people would have anticipated it was just a big movement at a product and you know they've been ordering an re ordering by the grid position now rule we have basically everything in the shop we have one mergers coming out to be released. They're likely kind of in the January timeframe but almost everything is here now. Because we were talking that's going to be the two final that is the community edition city edition which is gonna be if the tide today spirited joke of what you guys want to do so I'll let you know what's so funny is talking to Microsoft about this the other night. The uniforms have always been great I think I love I'm always an element Nike guy born joke meant stuff right now I think that changes made great because all the colors just look sharper the fonts look crisper it's everything's pulled together. And the purple Jersey which used to be the road there's now no more homeowner road or alternate jerseys they're all just different and have different reasons but. The purple now is as kind of that alternate where we'll be worn again tonight. It almost looks new again we don't mean like he just Sina a few less times in the teel is just so special is my favorite one. But to see a purple now I kind of have like a new low for that purple Jersey now yeah he's got a beautiful it's funny you say they can when that you know we first wrote to this process up to -- jumps out at everybody and you know classics were never going to be amazing. The purple you know eventually saw the couple years ago I was that was a huge fan who we are we third in the order in announcing third popularity problem on our fan base. But the redesign even though was a minor some of the tweaks they've made due with through Nike Jordan brand it's great now and your point worry tonight for the second time we know we're all years will be fun to see that expressed on national television looks funny too because I remember all of where you remember this when they when the original pinstripes are being warned back in the day and LJ so much in those guys until. When they introduced the purple alternate it was like OK it's one thing you guys Wear teal purple pinstripes footed all purple Jersey like that that Jersey. We're kind of you know if they already took the league by storm that the per point came out it's a kind of feels like that against a yet another in the league gets it I think they understand how important features dessert every single team. And they've really kind of loosened things up but when we can Wear them how we can Wear them how we kind of tie in with different types of you know gear underneath injures his friends are so it's it's a whole different ball game they've really kind of take the gloves off relative to what we can do we jerseys in that not just for this year but in the futures well you know next you're celebrating the thirtieth anniversary. We will be going all out with the classics in a lot of classic theme nights. You know for that particular year but this could be a lot of things coming up for the next years offense can be excited about my. 7500 fans in attendance on Saturday. Storm trooper Bobble head night for frank Kaminsky. Against the lakers and it can be fought back to back up busy stretch here eight to ten Teva thirteen of being played at home. For the hornets 5 o'clock our starts right now we're back with Omar Gaither and it's Kroger and its prime time powered by ortho Carolina.