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Tuesday, September 12th

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger and Luis Moreno Jr talk with NBC Sports and former WFNZ personality Michelle Tafoya, as well as discuss more Panthers.


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There were halfway home having fun and Tuesday Luis Moreno junior what does say all along we saw lots. Cantor Spanish radio broadcast credit glad to have him along. As we open up the 4 o'clock hour and we go to the technique on guess line you see here each and every Sunday night Sunday Night Football and on NBC and out. The great to us sideline reporter I think among the best in all sports and you see your on NBC sports all the time and I am glad to welcome her and Michelle Tafoya witness in all so as we celebrated a couple weeks ago 25 years of sports talk on this our radio signals 6:10 AM the former Mickey Connally right here on ROQ. Yeah. You know what it terrifying medicines weren't I'd hear about it terrifying. And I'm so sorry I would on you guys during that anniversary week I've met its call an end. Of course I got distracted about what happened but anyway thinks that's a very nice intro and congrats sir stand on the error let's not. Not only did they do. Now who would've sunk in its crazy it has to think back then it wasn't WS NC it was WH US and you're on which very valid court of people to this day still talk about. Are you guys is one of the most dynamic duo isn't in sports are Sports Radio in this town you lay the ground work you guys are the first ones we I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing if it wasn't for you right now. Well you know what that early ninety to say we had a that we had a good time there and I just equitable that lie go but that would WA US. Am I still keep in touch with a couple the people who were on the show and it's. If it. Would send out with a great training ground for me ask. I think about it a lot as I go on with my business and think about you know how I. This started and it's it always starts there. How many days be honest with you can't be and so the search center Michelle Tafoya witness by the way NBC sports and the idea is Sunday Night Football. It be honest with us how many times did you shot to work every day and think man I'm not sure if I'm gonna get read or Fung and get told CN outside the door or four even on the right now by how many of those moments did you have back 25 years ago because there hadn't been a lot rider had. Yet you know what if what really. I wouldn't put it that way I will tell you his colleague the lowest banged up I've ever happen but I knew that if I wanna get into this isn't that what you do you start not not inhibit pain pain me. X number dollars because I need a living wage I just did what I had to do. But I look whisper landed at Charlotte. Others were looked at the apartment waiting for me and down they did not add and so they said do you mind and a hotel at that. I like that. I know do we Louis Michel. Although we did she was still a great story to get our whole our it was suing get Michelle to swim back when this. I've for those who were unaware returned 25 years old as a sports talk station two weeks ago. And up back then we reveal WH US extending NW AQs a few years later we transition. Odd to WS NC and a really Michelle's gonna get us a different numbers were getter better landline but it was Michelle who jumped in when Jerry G at that time Geri Allen court and they were the first sports talk show. On the force for sports talk station we talked to ops. Everybody a few weeks ago that it just kind of laid the ground work we had Steve's a benign and it just all sorts of great stories being told but if I mean you can't go anywhere anybody it's been in this town for 2030 plus years remembers when sports talk captain of Michelle Tafoya it was and Mickey calmly she wasn't going by Michelle obviously Michelle make he can inherit their goal with that she's a stage name. Just like Ryan Seacrest isn't really Ryan Seacrest know you don't say hello. Now I don't says that happens sometimes but so Michel the foil is get back to a backdoor on the technique I guess I'm just a great story saying. I assume you're you're saying you're supposed to have an apartment but the apartment wasn't ready when you when you came here to start the job correct. I could part of my compensation as they were gonna get an apartment. And and so what they're ready okay thought on July 2 into the hotel for the night I don't mind at all of and I figured someone would just gonna bring up the company credit card and put it down Forman papers around. Now they kind of said. Do you mind putting that on your own credit card until we can reimburse the attention and I know I thought OK if that happens you're gonna go always felt. You know at the station that we really didn't really work everyone worked really really hard to get off the ground and obviously they did. It on and it's he's so funny because I I identify so much for those early days does and I'm still young registered thirty Michelle but it sure. Fresh out of college I did that same thing where we always were and I won't name them I worked at that's another station in town we did the same thing we were we're trying to go sports nobody else had done it since you guys back then and how he'll I was I didn't know any better I was just happy to work in sports like identical on a locker room has a job bag right out of college I thought that was awesome. And I was crash when my parents here in town because I grew up in Charlotte and I think I was making. I think I made like 50. Twelve to 151000 dollars that year the first hour we can live off of that but you don't care right it's sports it's like out of me whenever I got to do want this is also that this is my job. Yeah yet that's exactly what I was firming I was willing to take an erect I mean I. I was living on the beach in her love the beach California when I took this job you. Guys there were a lot of things holes. I mean you know I was like living the dream and that this is working on a more and I knew it was gonna require sacrifice they knew that so. Not only did you know I give up my little beats. Life that I gave up most of my social life because for me I do. I was going to be graded on how well prepared I want them how well researched the Iowa and of course that was the case. And so I just I honestly I'd sit and you know get out. We did so export stage covered cover league USA today's sports page covered cover I mean I read every line. And I just made myself ready and every single day it was just I didn't know rest and I watch everything I went every hornets game I would you know. So all of that stop it but you know what that the staff the work. Are talking to Michelle to four and die WS Lindsay like she was actually former WS Lindsay was WH US backed that are 6:10 AM twice five years ago I to the date a couple weeks ago and I don't forget of course Sunday Night Football this week was CNN a C championship game rematch falcons and Packers on Sunday Night Football and also see Mercedes-Benz stadium. I'm make it stay regular season debut on NBC of course some Shelby. On the sidelines for that went went to genome to show you really wanted to be a a reporter could shore so good that it can do gotta have that skill set an index that crap and that that mindset you have the did you ever know you know 1520 years ago may and I did this is what I really listen my passion I gotta make this happen here. You know I was in grad school we are not when I just decided. That I loved sports lately much should not be doing something with it and it was. About that time that you just started to see people like Robin Roberts settings Hannah Storm and people start working in the business side but you know what. I think I can do that I didn't know how while I thought that way but I just haven't got feel like I think I can do that. Now I'll I'll tell you this is not as easy as it looks it if it. If some people do things with it very very simple job it is not I am here to tell you especially on this so thought I had football. That's all it requires every ounce of preparation time that you have during your weekly it is a very demanding group. And now that I think that I just I knew I wanted to be a broadcaster I know I wanna be it sports broadcaster. And I would commence this kind of see where the opportunity to let me. As they just continue to work it just came you know what it just it just they wrote kind of reveal themselves to me. Russa coached in the NFL that you just eat whether it's football or anything you dissing you can't wait to get a few moments in just talked a longer you know you're gonna turn away learned something and just be just have a great conversation is that coach for you right now. So god there's so many I can tell you in the NBA it was I was Gregg Popovich absolutely adore like that I worked in India for many years. In the NFL sued there's so many to think about I mean out of his beloved talk in the build ourselves and of course these are tired now but at least if I thought he'd been taxis that. A great great guy. And so a lot of by the end Jason Garrett is just. A really Smart world believed. He's got a lot more to say about life than just about football so he's one that I look forward to. I loved it variants down here Donnie is one of the kind of coaches to me you know you see Embarq and a lot of players but he has been nothing but great man a lot. Socket a M at halftime they're really quite a field so I don't wanna get singled about the so that I am. How do you feel like gay and you've worked at all levels do you feel like when she gets the pro level where I know some people think pop is a little prickly but it just in general there is more respect for what you guys are doing in doing the job and try to make sure that they're accommodating in your accommodating to them you feel like that respect levels there at the pro level little bit more. I think what happens is you are in that respect as an individual I think that every single play by play announcer. Analyst and reporter have to develop his or her own relationship with a group on the they're dealing with and that player that coaches that PR people that owner of the general manager date everyone that you deal wit and you know you just try to comport yourself and make sure that you you are respectful for them that when you say something off the record it off the record. And that you are respectful of their time and that you're polite that you while prepared all of those things I mean it's just about being professional. I think over time once people start to get to know you. I think they understand who you really are as a human being outside just doing your job and so I think. For me that's what it I've always tried to do it is. I would be really respectful be mindful of their time. Ask Smart questions. And and just be ready to end and again I think I just can't say enough is the professionalism that matters. Or talking to Michelle to foil a former WS frenzy legend six NAM WH US back in those days with. Courses here on Sunday Night Football this week it'll be Atlanta in Green Bay they connected you down at Atlanta at Mercedes and stadium and it'll be on Sunday Night Football and I you be able to watcher. Alongside Chris Collins worth and Al Michaels I've here's the thing about Chris and this is stresses all the time so. So many people picks favorites when it comes to you know broadcasters and in play by play guys in the of one guy hates Joe Buck and other guy loves among guy loves Al Michaels and Chris Collins worth another guy hates him. Rob what what what is it about those guys though do you think the way they call a game is is so impressive is everybody's got their own style and a boost what is about those two guys in your group. Well got a great voice number one is the way he talks and announces is unique and it could well it's a pleasure to listen until. They're both thinks it's a clip could potentially deep voice and how that southern and gone on you know afford it did Kentucky. And then if they are both I'm Connie that. Brutal work. Exceptionally hard exceptionally I've never. A volatile market MBA in every other gig that iPad I've never been asked to do as much as I am now and you don't always hit on here having their game but maybe get five hits on the air. But believe me it's I've got to know what that is packed an annual ready for every scenario. We all three of us we really like each other especially those two having to deal with each other in the boot and have a communication. Did you think due respect I happen to think Chris is so good because. He can teach you something and very easy time she can explain. You know. Look at what he's doing what if whether it says double Big Apple whatever he's trying to explain he can put it in terms. Good everyone can understand and you know it's funny to me because everything else I've ever worked with people can't make up. That could accomplish hate the Pittsburgh steeler I just can't stand he might seem like no he doesn't he ever made teen band. Think they Allah hates them that's okay because. If Chris called it like it on both sides and the yeah I think if it's extraordinarily fair and and cleared. He's gonna take the hit from the players and the coaches. But that's what he does and and he's really really good edit and again the preparation is extraordinary. No this is true gazette it into that point it fits the ribbon to me that puts this all on a tae Bo and ties altogether for your son and a football packaged as a guy who prides myself on our bumper music around here he bumper music at our Sunday Night Football is the best in all sports I'll put it up against anything in sports broadcasting it is ridiculous how tight it is every group. If he is so good all it did I think it was the New York Times actually get an article on him up a couple of years ago all week what are relentless teasing him back. He is sensational he is. Top forty works without produced very during the week and we're going to be in this city so what about the band as they originated there you know let's. And then in this situation and that the you know we leave on a made field called it could be called what. Yeah it. If all the way around just a superb broadcast them and I actually feel lucky to be a part of it. Michelle what's that what's that that would let you go what's the what's the thing of the populace what he's still got to do NBA UAE checked everything off on the sports broadcasting career east address more stuff that your your Jason what is. You don't have a lot of things I'd like to do but I'll tell you what some might bucket list now has changed because I have two small kids and for me. Being their mom is the most important thing that I can deal and so. You know right now I'm just gonna keep doing that well I'm I'm I'm lucky I am on the number once on television you can't ask for a whole lot more than that what I left here. I was still did the other thing sure I would but again I've always let the kind of the road open to forming what ever appears like either say yes I'm gonna go that way or no I'm gonna stay where I am. And I detest such a great group that I am working with but. All my extra time to devote my kid but just that's the way it is period. Michelle to fully as NBC sports and you'll see your son and a football on us Sunday night obviously thirty kick off with how in now christened it be Atlanta in Green Bay going at a from the new Mercedes-Benz stadium and WS Lindsay legends even predated the WS fancy your sixth inning and aren't for us and now we know it'll do the best you lay the ground work Michelle is truly a pleasure to talk to you this is the truth. I told my producer I said we gotta do this coming up in a few weeks because it was a big moment this is a big big occasion are in our station's history. I said we gotta talk to Michel mayor just ended the conversation she's got to be the one we build up to and we did so it's good it's. Except that I guess I blew it and I don't apologize and say hey happy anniversary nonetheless that fit it. Great is fantastic for the Adelaide. Yet thanks Michelle bodily shape Griffin says hi speaks the world you OK so I say wow I was doing a good to talk to Michelle. OK there you go Michelle to FOIA we get a break come back on the other side we get back to some NFL and cantor stocks here. We might be talking it to recall when we're still wait to see whether we're gonna talk to the NC AT&T product coming up a little bit Louise marina junior writing shock and what is on this Tuesday 704570. 916 and in any speaker by the way speaking of broadcasting in a world of of live broadcasting we have. Arguably one of the greatest gaffes on live TV ever happening last night in a more involved Jim Mora. The same Jim Moore they gave us the playoffs ransom we'll get to that in the sour or random sound of the day in what exactly is the formula. For the Carolina Panthers in 2017 we get an answer from Luis its primetime powered by ortho Carolina. All right let's give away up. Here tickets away for tickets what do you say NH RAK okay Carolinas nationals and even this weekend at CNET extrapolating concorde. You call in right now crews were given away for let's say color number four what do we do that. You're the fourth caller 704570960. And windows score tickets to the NH RA Carolina nationals and I messed up earlier my man David. Is not tweeting in saying. I is not the four wide nationals I said that earlier that's always in the spring so my bad I apologize I'll take DL on that but duck right now fourth caller 70457096. Cent UN those tickets to the NH RA Carolina nationals and now we'll get your insult. And get you squared away phones are already late lighting up theory go 70457. Health. 96 tent our thanks to Michelle to forever drop among other hugely shelter for FM by the way. So what did you Stephen it's a cherry on top that she's a work on this radio station and on these airwaves would. And Michelle to Foye is as good as he gets when it comes to sideline reporting in the NFL. Guess she's one of the best I remember what she was here is this as we talked last time we I was I was able to be here would you guys yup. I was a move to your 20/20 five years ago in 1992 when the station's first open soul and our memories and be one of the even when he came focus. He was an aren't are not. 66 set and then he went to an antenna into what was then our arrival knows sisters as an hour and it's and I remember that Jerry was probably hit 8 PM and the two were probably only show. That could compete would what then became the sports production of this station. And yeah I agree we view our respective she's one of the best in the business. Always nice to to see you're on TVM and it was a it was a pleasure to do here is her story. Are a few minutes ago. And I always try and you know people always talk we just listen only she's just always try to treat people it the way you want to be treated right and you know you never know where you're gonna cross paths who's ever would anybody nearly anyone I've had a few jobs so far since I've been in. In a business to destroy any walking like you just never know where your your your future's gonna take you. You never know when your pastor and across again and so I've always tried it in things on. A good notes my dad taught that lesson I've tried to maintain that throughout my young career so far. And I can do not everybody I talk to a site you know reached out to people and our stations pass over the last couple weeks. Sick without a doubt Michelle before it went on to have one of the greatest careers of anybody arguably the greatest career anybody never worked on this radio station. And she was just the most salt of the earth genuine down to earth person would do a normal for you so humble and and so that's that's always going here too and people say stuff about you not only do you work hard. If you're a great job. But also. What I like this person was so good to me I'd go to war for them they do anything for me I do anything for them people always say that a myth about Michelle deford is still mr. conversation with her will get that posted WFANC dot com. Joseph person joined us earlier in the show we might be talking to two Rico in. Former North Carolina TNT running back he had a nice debut with the Chicago Bears over the weekend. And guy he he's a guy that it's interesting Luis people sin all you could add to recall and here's another running back instead of hours McCaffery. I don't think in and I hope we get to talk to him and maybe he tells me otherwise they. I don't think of to recall and as a true running back and I don't mean that is a sleight on him. I just don't think he's gonna be a guy like for example we've talked about this whenever Jonathan Stewart's career ends whether it's here or in general. Christine McCaffrey to meet can be a guy that you give the ball to fifteen to twenty times a game just purely as a running back. And you would always need a different type of back with him there but he can be your primary back I have can you say that about two recalling. Moving Ford I don't know why don't you on not an en us and I just don't I don't think there's a difference. And the reason why he'd had a good games because Langford who wants in the feature back got hurt believe newest place and are ending ending Jim dike protection multi. Oh he he he got released a he got released a Capello was he's on the practice on right now OK so he got really so he's he does his replacement and he has a good opportunity. But talk about whether or not we made the right choice with Christian McCaffery argument X sample Matt Forte and Jonathan Stewart both guys were selected. The same year. Why might the bears won by the Panthers. Where Stewart right now are worse America and wears Forte. One of them is still the feature back with a Panthers Forte still trying to fight two wins power on a couple of guys in New York. To be a feature back so. In his not just about the war that the first game the first sheared it's the longevity. How much is he going to contribute long term two to two to your franchise that's in these more key element Dench is whether or not a one game one guy's better than the other. OK I want to talk about this Louise this is really interesting to me you could lose. Again I think it's hard to take away a ton from Sunday when the cancer point 13 to three and they're getting ready for buffalo one. On this coming Sunday for the home opener 1 o'clock of course again want to call on W undies 1110993. WDT and also why pregame coverage starting at ten over there we'll have coverage heavily starting at eleven. With us at the WS NC Coca-Cola dock house have come home by. A quick as you as you look back to last week to try to find takeaways and what does this mean moving forward and what's this project to and it's. It's one game and so they're gonna be some things that change going to this week it. And they'll be some things have probably stayed the same I think you hoped the defense is gonna play like that for four quarters against them. On the door slow out of the gates they were to run fits were kind of bad early on that first quarter I think they have 43 rushing yards allowed. In the first quarter were seven yards per carry allowed in the first quarter. They also force ever just go away from the running and that's why they only allowed 88 yards in the second half as well I think on six carries. But. That was fine on the offensive side I think the thing I'm trying to figure out is. The Panthers. Good or bad you tell me disappeared there's not a gain or were I don't even know if I'd say reason for concern but what do you what do you say when I tell you this. Panthers did not score a single touchdown without having a force turn out. Every touchdown drive in the early two with a touchdown drives they scored Rauf a force turnovers. Obviously that's not bad to bite. You can't you can't depend on that moving Ford every single drive to set up your offense or. Hello 2015. I think that you depend a lot of dough I think that the defense put. Please this said this offense in good position a lot of the times. And that's what this team finished fifty no one in the regular season you but you have to have a very good defense you have to have a stout front four. I think that that was a different you mentioned Carlos siding company had success in the first quarter but once this front four was able to put pressure employer. And put it keep them away from those short passes a three step passes that's when this defense became a dominant and took over the game. And and and and that's what you have to have you have to have. But in order for your defense to beg your secondary to be successful you have to put pressure on the quarterback and you have to be able to stop the run well it will. Just her Sunday excuse not to wanna say yesterday Sunday Panthers were were even a turnover margin to giveaways McCaffrey's fumble came in the tech. Down near the end zone which again I mean grand scheme of things. All turnovers and are created equal deal Ryan seditious Jenny is true that kind of flip the field without point 20 yeah obviously it was a putt it was essentially appoint and that's a plane like sometimes you got to trust your guys. Hey this is a play I I I'm I'm asking your to go make a play if you could make a great. I think most situations I'd say nine times out of ten that's not an interception that's an incomplete pass and I'm mad about that. On the turned into an incredible play from as we mentioned earlier. I took whiskey tarts is we now know is your surgeon to quiz tart to make it a great one handed interception but the paper for even a turnover margin forced two turnovers had to giveaways. On and your point you go back to 2015 Luis. They had just nineteen giveaways in all 2015. They forced 39 Nina takeaways from four which I think was like. I don't do it regularly say it was like ten more eat more than the next closest guy news it was a ridiculous number it was it was. Dominant and as I'm trying to tell you that. If you look you need now is the same thing with the interceptions a lot of times you. You wish that interception category could be given to be running back or receiver and I was given to a 222 we quarterbacks a lot of times there's interceptions are are are more are costly than others. And I think that's the that's the case but when you have consistency. Pressuring the quarterback running stopping the run like the Panthers were able to do this past Sunday and then on offense is a make mistakes any view may come. Don't make him to be too costly I think they ran with the with the with laud him you mentioned that you have to be a little lucky to be winner to be a winner in the NFL. I would love to know if there's got to be somewhere and keeps the stat. I of course I don't look at this guy you're right there in 2017 there's got to be some pretty key to stat I would look till what's the average your words. Op poor per Ers starting position. Prefer scoring driver even in general for the Panthers last year. And then also in 2015 until those those numbers have to exist somewhere. I I looked on Sunday like averaged the starting offense is a retired yeah like what's the average starting field position if you if I think Carolina and an end because it was a big deal based on how many turnovers again I think their marriage was over and thirty for the between thirty from forty yard line from 20151000. Yes you know I don't know what that number was like last year which is Ali and when he's 25 you would think and that's the difference 1520 yards per drive is a big different on the fly scoring drives in general when you mix in the three field goals on Sunday this is contend this Henry Jessica what do you think there average starting field position was five scoring droughts in the five growth growth 38. 44 yard line at the same as Cisco Florida port a chaser too as they ever enemies are scoring drives an average six yards an enemy territory while. Now let's not I did not that's okay that's not sustainable you're doing against the team that might deliberately in the NFL but it is the first week. But dot goes to I think go back to this formula of it'll run mention it again yesterday were you OK and at each different targets that's more along the lines of what he was doing in 2015 Iraq. Adam necessity his government and it wasn't there and now you've got you can do because we got a lot of different ways to play with. And then you mix in the turnovers getting after the quarterback handing the ball in the offense getting field position. And you just put these teams in this vice grip where. Did they don't cry uncle by the fourth quarter Goldman eaten half minute. Again I I don't care who it's against going to eat half minute drive to be able to grind got a clock to finish off the game that that doesn't happen in the NFL very often give an. You might not at this team finished first two years ago with the most points scored per game. Ed didn't they where are a couple stats really finish first offensively and it often enough and production. I heard of this offense will be less productive bottom of camel how 45 total touchdowns and and 44 in total 4400 total. Are or were the yards but. I think there with the defense and the fact that you have so many other weapons this team can sustain a lead keep it and then just in the fourth quarter just pound the ball. All of the other team's throat and then deep and whether you scored twenty or thirty points the other team might not be able to score book. Seven to ten points per game down might be the difference this year. What do you say Iraq I will say this from last year and this is from football outsiders the Panthers actually were third highest in the league in terms of starting field is how season. So that's easy that's saying it's interesting sometimes you get I think you would guess that they didn't dim hum. Losing your average starting field position on your own thirty yard line OK and that's that's regardless of scoring drives would love to number nowhere that in this another thing too with this horse is out of a 188 drives that they had last year see that's interesting and I would want to know if you could break this down that they're probably camping and the NFL teams have access to this insult. I would love Seminole for example where there average starting field position was unknown scoring drives. First is scoring drives and how does that also lined up to the league average Lycos Clifford had Izzo we it is media luncheon last Friday. And you know he's telling us exactly what happened with where we were two in his breakdown where the things went wrong for the hornets lectures every wanna talk about our offense. He's so it's not our offense it was our defense can crunch time there crunch time offense which is a final five minutes of the game they're crunch time offense I believe they were. Her fourth in the NBA summer like that they were tough five issue in the MBA and they were 26 in defense. Tony Abbott wasn't about offense offense offense in reality a look at the numbers and it's news cunanan and are asking the wrong thing on day scored on 68%. Of those drives which was 23. In the league. Sends a bad that's not cattle are good opportunities yet and that was a difference I think when you lose you literally your injured. You're season when six in ten rather than tenants sakes because sixth place. In this entire year and that's how little are different how little the differences between. Ten wins and six went to could be a handful of placed the coaches talk about them all the time on capitalizing and that's exactly that it McKay UN opportunities you didn't capitalize on that they did that on tooth in 2015. Exactly to probably took advantage of it but I always think it's interesting to look like you you can look at a number and number we'll tell you one thing I think at its face on its face value. And I think again I would love to know the deeper dive into that status OK what was that number on scoring drives were does that rank in the NFL what do they do one. Unknown scoring drives were does that rank in the NFL I think you usual better glimpse of those. Where they really were not taking care business and I mean it's just incredible to meet on the five scoring drives in this can't be happening every single week just won't. They started on average on Sunday it appeared of the 49ers 44 yard line that's unheard of gas in your ridiculous if you started your own 44 yard line they started their forty what we. I think that debt is not. Too high for an expectation maybe not 44 in the opponent's territory but yeah. Why not think pastor for Europe when when you have a very strong defense that caused this fumbles or caused this. Turnovers. This team cost two turnovers and had four sacks this is very similar to the way this team played in 2015 consistently. Throw seventeen or sixteen it was it. It was funny though Louie she says that two EE also that offense was slated to gauge that a year and it wasn't until they Seahawks game that they kind of randomly by the way to that's a ridiculous game you go on the road against I double bye week yeah which this team has never won until Rivera after a bye week and then the first the first three games they guarded you beat Jacksonville with 22 peaks they pick sixes. Because of your defense not your offense. You second game you barely beat Ryan mallet and the Houston Texans by seven points and then the third game if it's not for Josh Norman. This team loses against my account and the saints at home. That's how little three or four plays made the difference in 2015. And I think winning that first game last week. It's a huge step for this team to move forward to resist priests are postseason 2078 team what's gonna DVR Dave really quick before you to break daybook somebody would you wanna say. That devastation lookup are so sore arm. They've met just after an arm all the vehicles or sand L oh well can't get there without ever get there an option arm. You know whoever didn't know enough they're complaining. I don't understand it it's outta here it is in a nutshell. How would you argue Iran or. A hundred. Third the chase and change. Correct. Road over a hundred anyway and what is it 80% of our games we rushed her a hundred yards a hole on number two there you got a Cordoba that needed to shake the rust off he's very vividly showed the rust off street first and second half. I'm happy with that McCaffery only 85 yards whatever log on the air whatever walk on the ground. At least sixteen teamed up there it would love to have what we have last Sunday and there are probably another ten or twelve all that also love to have what we had last Sunday you'd think the falcons wouldn't take that we have is that I haven't beat themselves sampled it and and and Jared stop or call wind stand on fourth down. They were blog don't have what we have I think there's there's really not the left the side we we got. Well we've we've got what we work hard or. And I am happy where in anybody's not have what it is is basically just wishing for the New England Patriots to beat last years in England patriots. Yes and in Democrat yet Dave I appreciate the call you know I think there again the expectation nice I feel like was a little high coming out of the gates that we don't want it Huskers McCaffery a lot of people worse you know buying into the the hype and I think the hype is a long term hype it's not a day one hype. And it didn't help that he had a great pre season their away were you he never looked overwhelmed in some people thought I was gonna happen week one to wealth. Business picked up a little bit weak point is so it makes him just routine rookie mistakes putting the ball on the ground with the fumble. Trying to could you make a couple of comebacks and in moves to gain extra yardage as opposed to take any easy yards in front of them. And he's learned from that stuff. Yeah I'll worry about that also so IE punt return that a campus aren't having quite a while it is even though they were called back because of some flags. The way he returns punts to meet. Again this is not just Iran mpeg you can not compare to doubt and Coke to Lennar for an end to what this guys did this past week he's going to give you he's going to produce differently and I think that the Panthers when they picked this guy they knew ahead of time. You still got Jonathan Stewart to be your your your primary running back this guy's going to be your primary wildcard because he complained it in play and many positions are on offense and special teams. Luis is this is an unofficial stat I'm racking my brain here but I I believe the Panthers this is true I never. Had a decent punt return and 22 years of football without having a flag called I'm just render some official can only do that. But someday it might be somebody holding a stat keeping their debt as well as somebody got that stat some moral unlock that I was we have fun Iran prior somebody I'd die hard fan my word we got Luis during a junior Panthers Spanish radio network when we return. I don't want to oversell this we got a random sound of the day to get to a point we return man can I believe this is the biggest gaffe in lives TV history I don't know him oversell it but I believe it is that evolves Jim Mora senior. A ball people off we exploited its next chair conga for five and how about that primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Grateful for Luis Moreno junior in and it Tuesday we got to recall when I imagine this guy because. One is really good I'd like down my team get a nice debut for the bears and also North Carolina ANC product to recall anything. I believe that 2013 upset in my state mountaineers a kid per stadium and he walked in there and got to got to win I'd make him. Gilead a few plays the next game and I'm still mad at him for this in 2013 apple and thorny that was not a good year for us a song and an inability of words with him. I'm sure those words will be. I'll just the hi and welcome on the show we'll talk and coming up at 5 o'clock so we saw saints and vikings last night Monday Night Football doubleheader they the saints. Absolutely embarrassed on defense shocker there also a shocker they're not so committed to this newfound running game that they supposedly were committed to. And they go down 29 to nineteen Broncos can wind. Tell me if you've heard this one before. To open up their season because of a a field goal that didn't go through the ports where we are now one before you there yet this time it was because they blocked it deja Vu all over again they beat the chargers last night and it's it's Vance Joseph getting the other victory his debut. Over the the young I'm Lucy Lucy a head coach with the idea chargers itself if you land continuing those can see shine he's not young now. I was thinking Jeanne I'm thinking Shawn exactly Ethier goes to the hey chuck click on the Euro GM that came from Washington gathers to I don't know man there's two winning teams California all of a sudden I don't know what to do Willis seems in California climate. What are they need so many teams in California where one is leaving going to an environment tier guys are their fans don't know what you're appearing that right now so anyway that's how and Tony's happy because of the guy you know I don't should not be happy Tony should be upset like I am with fox in Chicago Bears should upheld the Panthers Ambien there. Nevermind you're angry about the out there I would say this someone I think this has to do with the opponent. I think I was rooting harder for the falcons to lose on Sunday Garros for the Panthers to win because I just expected the Panthers to win. I really didn't expect the falcons being that much for dog fight with the bears so. I was kind of angry at unlike you I was angry with the bears I was really really hard for Atlanta don't want to lose because could you imagine if they wanna do this week's game Sunday Night Football. New stadium. Against the Packers may be shall look in it owing to write and write terrible air. Via a big difference are we think look the pressure's on I mean idol winners since yesterday and Omar. Even if the wind. I don't think it takes the heat off of you know makes it easier to get ready for this game via the people are now oh look you guys are already struggling in everything in this is the thing with the Super Bowl hangover. I don't think it surreal seeing as much as it's. It's just always being talked about in no matter what you do it's always going to be back or your target audience target think about this lease even if they thought going going hot streak even if they start hot and even if they you know the playing well in the office finds its way to didn't find its way in the week one game. People are going to say always seemed out of pressure's on you guys are gonna get back and you gonna hear that too it's just everything around the whole conversation is cedar. You're screwed and I can be any good again what have you don't permanently jail or oh here we go you guys are good now you guys gotta go with Gil and avenge the demons and and and do everything that you won unable to finish last year so you can't win either way. That's this Super Bowl hangover in the paper clip that last year. Yeah and top of that I think with the Panthers you have a lot of injuries. I had a Cam Newton who do simply at the same level that he showed. That's an MVP of the league two years ago so but again it does start with you have to win their first game I think that's half the battle after. You lose the the Super Bowl I would be some are out of I'd be curious to see how many teams loss of their next game after the law's a Super Bowl and probably death has a lot to do. And there's a reference is between that and the teams that didn't make the playoffs than the and that that the years later. All right burglary it to to recall one coming appear to second 70457096. Diner never did jump in I gotta get to this first though our random sound of the day. Are from last night this is incredible I also find it. Incredibly random because I don't know what this guy. Always doing on live TV last night Jim Moore what what I thought Jim Moore just went away. Again we still alive and kicking in fine like I just Jim Mora original. Did you hit bottom and the sad thing with Jim Mora is that he has a decent head coach is a really early years ago it was a good coach would that with the saints and then with the with the Indianapolis. But he will always be known as a Gaddis of office you know on and and and and when you first when you come out on and have a I ran numbers down by like this. And if that's board that's going to be your legacy. Right do we have guards we have our big fancy production here you know. Primetime random sound that the hard so Jim Mora. See here. Father Jim Mora junior last night local TV a former saints go she was on eerie New Orleans to a local TV and feel after the game there you're talking to the studio there live on the scene in Minneapolis to open up we want him into other sports anchors and yet here's Jim Mora listen closely because I don't think he realized he might a kind of sort of been like TV last. Speaking out this season not being over let's get back out for our crew in Minneapolis. Like turn Shareef and coach Jim Moore in the later against the west pay. Injury does. Dodgers and the later gets in the last patient get witnesses that trip is that. I don't you guys. Yeah. They've done in that funny pulled it about oh yeah yeah river revive its OK until I get along well I don't see OJ might come upon the at home my god I have to thank images move faster and I thought it has yet to be here. Keep your hot home. Q are you getting at okay. All of my gosh it's not okay knowing that there's nothing okay now saying the S word on live TV yeah I'm Noah is fishy like that when you're when your criticizing one hell I don't know if you're Kohlberg curtains. Oh my gosh it deal look at his face Dewey was like he was decides of these like. -- were actually live yeah me I didn't think he'd save them on live TV and my favorite reaction is the anchor next to which takes is Mike can easily shut it down like. Somehow that in time goes back and rebuild it takes the words out of his mouth and yeah just happened on live TV for everybody and then the Internet to go out reach we didn't go everywhere. Come on man now what I like acid now Jim warns there been known as a head coach in the NFL he's gonna be known as the so what can I mean that's going to be is new SoundBite were lions. The playoffs we're playoffs are. Terry Collins former North Carolina ANC Aggie drops by the show we talked till we're back in thirty seconds primetime powered by ortho Carolina.