Primetime: Magic President Pat Williams Discusses Dwight Howard's Impact In The NBA

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Wednesday, February 14th

Kroeger opens up the show discussing the Hornets. Orlando Magic President Pat Williams weighs in on Dwight Howard.


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Powered by toward the Carolinas. But I don't know the veterans sometimes it's like me twenty minutes went by wire my legs just leave him a move to a little while should be done little. I text her readiness is tied to the other day and Yeltsin my wife she responded with toilet paper's under the cap and its us and bring you much confidence as. Amare extremely guilty studio. How thick and happy Valentine's Day it's primetime were powered by ortho Carolina. Fresh delivery happy Valentine's Day and you'll get credit records its door to door swings open in the studio. Diana delivering me a fresh Runner's World Magazine this I mean cuts right up your Alley college right out finale. Have you have happy Valentine's Day folks it's primetime or powered by ortho Carolina the LA. Producer Ryan probes we are an hour away from Omar Gaither joining us and I I just got a single one of the fun things we do around here. These we have a different voice in here sometimes a couple of times a week shore with the same co host the rotating in co host your show. It's never the same voice it's always fresh. You know there's good and bad that comes from that apparently were rotating a certain other host on Friday oh really discriminate on Friday. I thought you're not going to be here while not going to be here on Friday Sawyer I I know it when that happens by the way this might be bad I just check out so like you guys are on your own man and I got my arm off. Snow leaving us the dumpster thought well it's the all star break right so here's what here here's what happens okay. I eat I need to get away to you can but you're the consistent voice that I know it's been a long man it's been 23 and 33 days hornets play tonight. God bless some get a win and then just go to the all star break big town to the crap out of the magic the last. Really the last two and a half years in 19 in a row against the magic by the way former magic GP demanded drafted Dwight Howard Pat Williams with that pat on over the last pat truly good pats are really good front office man in the NBA was a good front office man in the NBA can still be a good front to make this attack coming in Pomona California. Right now also get to him at 230 we got to we got coach Odom was gonna join us we've talked to coach Odom and awhile like crazy cat. These Ali I would love to know coach Odom does it at. You know we we arts 2 o'clock in the afternoon what is Dave Odom doing at 2 o'clock in the afternoon we asking that question he'll join us at four Mina kimes is gonna join us. Senior writer for ESPN the magazine mean is awesome she's gonna join us afford thirty she's becoming one he's budding star city ESPN asked every time I turn around she's on ESPN either with Levitt tartar highly questionable work. Around the origin saw George DeSagana tweeting at like 7 o'clock this morning yeah current we got a lot like her George goes we're Georgia on yesterday we'll get mean on today Mir wrote a really interest in peace. That's pretty you know this is good writing it's thought provoking why aren't you watching the NFL yet but you know what my biggest takeaway was I can and they're good people who been screaming about this for a little while now this rating Steffi doesn't matter. He does not matter half and that's the big take away I think for me this meet is pieces sure the ratings are bad. Or better compared to what they work. There's a better and everything else right. And it's inconsequential and sort talked demeanor about that it will go around the NFL with Carol hi some Falwell do that a fourth dirty if you miss Kemba Walker yesterday as we get ready for Warner it's a magic tonight at 7 o'clock you'll hear that coming up. And 550 but in all seriousness one of the fun things we do around here. If we get a different voice in your so what's great about Kyle and frank and why they've become such a dynamic duo if you will come. Dirty old married couple already think things together for like a like six months and are already the old married couple. Because frank has finally found the perfect partner in life on this Valentine's Day you'll argue with him about everything. About what did you Ford or not what's that smell it. Well why are you so annoying they argue about everything right it's franks perfect. Work life he's been looking forever we finally found one Kyle dailies the guy. But the thing about what we do is. It's always trash we could talk with the same 45 topics every day but we get a different guy in here with a different perspective outside and he. And don't challenge me in a different way or ridden in a different way and Omar Gaither who was with some Monday returns today he'll join us at three. And I love this dynamic because a lot of these guys are former players. Lot of these guys like guarantee a former sportswriter still is a sports writer the blogger now. It's a little different parents lose tomorrow modify bloggers like offensive to those guys I don't know last and tomorrow here's what I know. All marsh the com did you notice as Omar comes in here. He gets beat you can see the player in him. He gets very competitive when it comes in here stars when you talk McChrystal McCaffery well it's beyond like the topics and did serious like he can't quit I can't wait till cursory staffer gets put my hall fame because I want Omar to do the induction so laurel see how that one works I know he's like Omar takes a coaching really well. He wants to go back watch the taper listen to the tape what did I do wrong that was that was a good radio what can I do better how can I treat he's listening right now I know he's listening as he's driving and that's Omar he's nodding his head he's throwing nodding his head right now is trucker in his car as he drives in. And did cool cool dynamic about this is you know who else is like that. Damione Lewis. In Damian came in here yesterday gases come back on trying to Damien then OK Dana crushed it yesterday for three hours did he not like he came in here. And was a ball of energy knowledgeable opinionated. Have been fine. I mean we had a great time yesterday and so ITI Omar I know you're listening right now I know you're listening you'll do what is it about fifteen minutes the abortion sat on end. Willis came in your third down yesterday and so I wanna see what Omar Skinner do. I wanna see Omar. Can raise the bar again over Damione Lewis do we have that special dynamic in years so Omar is gonna join us coming up at 3 o'clock I I asked do make a full admission. I've had a I've had a bit of a challenging time getting into these Winter Olympics and I genuinely. I'm one of these people you want these people who. Gold is and can you get into Olympic mode and the Olympics come around and you know nothing about 95% of these events doesn't. Always trying to act like we're immature analysts all of a sudden everybody is an expert. Everybody's an expert or not he's already feel like I'm not even gonna take that noble we all like and we know what we do is this we watched the coverage right we watch it at night in prime time most not most of the time. And then. The next day you talk about with all your friends and your coworkers and you start Reagor containing all the analysis that the guy has included the word for word yet if any did you see that built the triple Axel. Did you see the list. The power that was a classic a lot no joke of watching figure skating in bed last night at like 11 o'clock and make a tear in this these two are so. Freaking. Good Tara Lipinski and die in Johnny Weir. Even really look like they're doing a Hunger Games to win those antidote to those that do all right there is analyst they are so. Good. At speaking to you this and we talk about this all the time what do you love and an analyst I love somebody that makes me feel every bit as excited. About the things that they're watching and liking that that they are. If they can they can somehow transfer the energy they have to make the passion toward Tony romo's got that quality about. Can also breakdown what you're watching and what you're seeing away where I'll listen and feel smarter now I understand the sport Terrell Penske Johnny Weir did that Tony Romo does that. I like the analysis in sports where guys are shaming them and sing guys are mean people. Where people are. Evaluating the performance. Anybody can do that I could do that from my caps not the bonafide you do OK but even I can look at and say man you probably should've made that role. Could you explain to me what he was thinking. Can you explain to me why he might have made that thrower made that play that's analysis to me. Not everybody can do that and I'm not hitting Kenny you Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski last night had me watching that does the lists. And the rose on these ice skaters last night work you could see the full extension and the power you know look at me and only using the word I'm using the vocabulary here but the power of the grace that with those which there was ice skaters Rolen was last night I was all in on ice skating like I it's been out it's been tough because college basketball's really good right now. We're watching and what else we're watching the Westminster dog show delegates tweeting nonstop about the dog show last night he's also taking pictures of mr. dean every day compared to no look at did you get the EP NBA last night you had cabs in order which was uninteresting game could you keep trying to watch with the cavs can beat and they wanna get last night on the road that's a good win for Cleveland got to go with all these guys do it's I it's been hard for me to be all lean on the Winter Olympics. But last night are you not telling me that the reason why you're not on the show on Friday is that you're going to be going ice skating on on trying to you know exciting Friday when I'm doing his own legacy blacks to get there by myself likening the movie theater at 12 o'clock and just go watch that on myself but say it. Not to see you working on anonymous on what you're doing a Michael Felder and like going to the movies by yourself yet another excellent doers and Alec and examiner column writing is the same thing Matt Munro reading and building center text line 704 dot seven L 960 and he says Shaun White was still last night how. Awesome was that. How awesome was that last night to watch Shaun White in tears just sheer emotion and on bridal enthusiasm shoulder white grown man she'll light I think he's what 32 now 31 or 3231. Same age as me I feel so wanna accomplish now compared to show on why he's not there's really less sunlight you know he's doing all the stuff at the Winter Olympics history solace from Sadie you San Diego California but they have mountains in northern California. He's like skating deliberate it's like. Like I didn't know like a comparison for that how cool is that bill and it was so funny is you view these and they were like the side by side of him back in Torino Italy. Back which would then watch 2000 into his debut in the Olympics is 98 I think was not no bench arena was 2000 tool. And fought the original Flying Tomato days. We had that long flowing red hair. And he looked like surf he looked like surfer girl from San Diego California and then he seemed today niece is a little bit more really lucky little look like Carrot Top as an athlete he looks like an adult now though is a little bit more clean cup and how awesome last night was distances to watch him throw down. And he knew the minute he got out of but he got to the bottom of that half pipe. He was like I did that. Now he's just waiting he'd said less things I don't look at the judges I don't wanna make eye contact. But it happened and then all the settings he found out he won gold and just. Don't let it all out like daddy's gotta be the greatest feeling on earth. One of the greatest feelings on earth to hear your nails and gold medal in any boosted I guess they don't do any official metal. Steve and they are they doing in in the arena or whatever later on. They did the mini podium last night in the give hope plush toy did you see this now. It's very odd like I guess there are three different versions of the like as a place holder. A cure for now enjoy the fanfare here. We get a gold medal later on but they were given these little like panda bear plush toys or something with the oddest thing I've ever seen somebody get a happy meal like Sutton knows something you'd get out of like a vending machine replay the clogging our love that game and that's what it look like so like I got last night so I I was all it on Olympics mode Omar Gaither is gonna join us. In 45 minutes. And we got to talk some college troops were to get to Pat Williams. At 230 we'll get a soft so the hornets are we got to get to this NCAA story as it relates to Notre Dame is this is pretty wild and Notre Dame senior US and around and so we get to this we rule are we got a lot to get into little NBA little hornet's. Lot of theaters lot of college hoops Omar Gaither is gonna join us for the airport that it three and but let's talk a little college hoops this tonight's late is pretty pretty good it's pro. I'm timer powered by ortho Carolina. Listening to primetime which frisk program. Powered by ortho Carolina dot com. Return tomorrow obstruction by corona lighting slime time but city came on line in front partner of the board XT peripheral join us tomorrow we'll get into a deep dive on. Where this team is that the numbers say they should be good they're not and they play again tonight at ten games under 500 and play the magic and speaking of which we'll talk to. Pat Williams president for the magic. Passes to be dude man you could speak to pat about anything he's motivational speaker is a writer and he's us still the team president for nearly no magic of course he was there has been there ever since when mandate they've put put Dwight Howard in into the into the mix in the NBA is number one overall pick and so fourteen years later we'll talk to pat about got to wonder what he thinks about his career resurgence this year. Mae and I wonder what he thinks about if if he thought he'd be playing this way in order to be ten games under 500. And seven games back to the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference coming into I tonight's match up is well and actually sees me. I six and a half the game after game last night used bothers either resting in Orlando the game day at a time when bonds fell flat. They picked up a little bit of room solo learned yet look what talked of how Williams coming up at 230 we've got Dave Odom is gonna join us at four Mina kimes is gonna join us from ESP and at 430 and if you miss Kemba Walker yesterday pretty fun conversational kemba yesterday you hear that is by two key to close out the show all marquis there's gonna join us coming up. At 3 o'clock odd month amid some bonds tweet many says a brownie Jewelers Twitter feed app prime time WS then see you get a few hours left folks are gonna tell you one more time. Brown lead Jewelers gonna make it easy for you today is Valentine's Day disk forgot. We'll save your trip to the floor spend 199 dollars or more you get a dozen beautiful launched emirates is for your sweetheart. For free to enjoy discounts of fifty to 70%. On all diamond silver and gold schori as well and that's free dozen long stem roses. When any purchase over 199 dollars it's brownie Jewelers and brown lead Jewelers. Dot com. Stewart who are opening topic of the day I'll. As the months Sweeney says look at crooks challenge and Omar Gaither says vote oh GMT Lou both do good to work when they're in your they do but I wanna I want to see we get up to game a little bit on sells a self serving here. I won't will get Omar and here are getting relic a rose to the thus co host maybe I will at the end of the week I do feel and this is you say that I do feel like there's something we could do. Should we make it listener driven what do we do here do we make just like a Twitter poll do we put this on the web site at W offends he dot com what could we do. As a right I don't know what the reward is for the co host other than he had adulation any accolade. What do we do to say eight listener when you what do you think was the best contributor to prime time this week. Was a daring get who would text right since the surprised he's a dog person I pictured here and get as more Protective Life. I agree on that the current puts off cat guy doesn't need it puts it kinda does he doesn't put off dog person steering inputs are kept person. In fact I'd argue daring get puts off like camp stir turtle person. Know you've put sauce now dare put some like I got an odd type of pet type of thing. There's throw listener and young and get a text and a second that's a good 704. By 70 and on sixteen and same number for the phones. And the building senator techs on is okay you ready at the person Valentine's Day for you guys are ready for this attack. Here's what you do you're gonna take up some take out all the way home. If we ordered head is everything gonna take out tonight after a pig ignorant or going out here picking up take out that's like the I learned that mistake last year never done taken on Valentine's Day before and I waited like an hour for the takedown a thought man I thought I had a Smart idea. I know I was what are your reader getting take out or you're you're going out to eat tonight okay so you're you do one of those two things and then once you get your take out. You come home. You're four Demetrius and some nice wide eyes thing you know you're going to Italian one and I've read it right. If you go fish or does something illegal white you know what everywhere everywhere depends a lot of your meal is cabernet Chardonnay or you get your nice wine you pour yourself for the last flattened your glass for you when your lady. And you can use it back on that couch OK you get the get those either of those TV dinner trays. We still have those in our household get the TV dinner trays we know we got I tell you what this is a game changer we've got the coffee table that lists up to us. Those are nice oh yeah it's analogous sitting on the couch it's like you got Earl Perkins got this huge spread right in front you you wanna do a game day right. Everything's right there you get the chips the dip the drinks all that stuff see what you set up shop right there on the couch get a little back and forth not on the TV yet. And then tonight eight point one you know maybe she. 7 o'clock 7:38 o'clock I'd say seven to be saved his consonant issue Virginia Tech duke starts at seven. You fire the TV any get weird with college basketball. Like let's get I think things are gonna I don't know why a bit weird vibe on this Dave Odom is gonna join us at four I think things are gonna get weird today. Villanova they play on the road Providence Providence I think this is. Pretty hungry for a win tonight I think I think they are there one of these teams that beast is trying to improve their standing in the big east are really good team go off. Oddly storm back him in the second half to take control that one on Saturday. It's gonna be sneaky fun game man is in Providence Clemson Florida State I I cannot wait to watch. What Constance could be tonight we give this stat up the other day. Close and this is mind blowing adding it was actually Od Tim Tim Moret who's there there dress ideal long time SID. This is the first time since 1997. That any people college basketball mind you. Constant is ranked ahead of both duke and North Carolina. 1997 the last time this happened and that's exactly were north we're Clemson finds themselves tonight and everybody all this and is. I should say everybody people are now starting to be woke to the idea that constant really good basketball closest that the number four RPI in the country. Like Clemson is quietly put themselves among a team that. Think about this for second this is not nuts if closer ride this out. And they finished second in the ACC. What is closer to make a deep run in the ACC tournament sick to even get to the ACC tournament final let alone win it. What do you do with Clemson they're a top at a minimum their top two seed in the in the in the head in the country minority right now hasn't as a three vessels sail like if they keep this up. What if what if they keep this up in clemson's schedule now. The rest of the ways going to be something that this is more starts just to get a little bit tricky but it floor statement home vs duke at VT. This isn't a little mini three game stretch your dictate to a three year and I think it's possible. Especially if you would be duke at home. And he got Georgia Tech Florida State to get in Syracuse. I too close soldier talking about right now 1236 games left for Clemson eagle Ford suing these final six and personal scandals and I know is a nice little schedule but did they finish set up man all the we should be. Really aware that also include some we could be talking about them is anyone's anywhere from my attitude with three seed. Realistically in the NCAA tournament I cannot wait tonight. To watch would you does Billy. Because that if you wanna call the blueprint what everyone to call it. It beat the big game plan on how to beat duke is out there. You attack them you get out running transition. You get you to you're trying to draw those bigs out there on the perimeter and you have the pick and roll and you tried ticked them off the dribble. And you know. I think for Virginia Tech they get the scoring capability to get the speed any athletic schism especially on on the perimeter to give duke tricks tonight and so I wanna see duke what do you do. What's the war on Marvin Magli about a Wacey playing tonight would slide and seen anything on Bagley. I didn't miss some on Sunday and just because they're playing Georgia Tech it's gonna be a little bit different guess Virginia Tech tonight. So that's gonna be a fun game tonight when he talked about this is the this is you want somebody getting weird this is where you get weird 9 o'clock in talking Auburn this is the stat of the day I think John Rothstein had this earlier today John Rothstein from. Fear rag in CBS. That Kentucky this blows my mind and you wanna talk about why Kentucky six and six in the SEC this might explain some things Kentucky is only year in total. Ten more turnovers than they have assists. So low. I mean you wanna talk about talent Kentucky's got talent for days. But when you're turning the ball over more than your actually helping your teammates. You're you're going to be just an okay team now and Kentucky's kind of an okay team and they go to Auburn arena tonight to play in Auburn team that would just press the you know what that you. Like they would just get nothing new and they will defend and Bruce dot places going to be Iraq and they called the jumbled up pleasing me rocking tonight and then. Nevada Boise State to teams that are combined 25 of the Mountain West Conference and I was introduced to keep denial like. Bottom teams in the tournament date you probably are paying attention about west conference basketball I don't blame you on that we get a really good slate college hoops tonight but we're announcing any Amare and Bagley yet so I guess there. Playing it. And if she tagged hearing in on Twitter with that why I really. Now I gotta deal with the repercussions of that. You put it out there I didn't put it out and attacked or put it out there. All now on the tag budget tag may you always do that you tag me on Twitter would that might do that Spezza and you hold on Pat Williams. Magic baby he drafted Dwight Howard we talk a little NBA we're gonna start so we're hornets are two we do that next hearing yet. Not in today I do that tomorrow it's Omar Gaither joins us in thirty minutes till. Prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Omar appears to join us about thirty minutes this is the other thing I forgot about Omar he's he's kind of anti Valentine's Day. And so maybe we will will allow him some some time today to get his advice. I'm Valentine's Day I'm not sure it's gonna actually do you well but look the floors is we'll do that a little bit we go to the technical gas line here though I got courted free game tonight coming up. In four hours 630 airtime tonight we got tip off at seven down in Orlando at the Amway Center boards and actually I dared pretty well against the magic the last few years your ninth straight wins committed to tonight but Doug to spend money here that magic Steve. NBA legend himself Pat Williams pat how you do admit it's gonna talk to you again out. Chris thank you so much it's safe to catch up with you went. Yes we have not been able to figure out. How to beat these sort it summit it's unbelievable. Over the last few years we're. We're we're shooting blanks so. We're eager to see if we can get one tonight down here. Well let me tell you this pat okay so that's fair that is that is valid the hornets have had a magic number I'll tell you this. All 29 other teams in the NBA seem to have borne its number right now themselves dessert they bit their 23 and 33. I remember talking to you. I gosh it was what the day of the NBA draft tweet we knew Dwight Howard was on the hornets squad this point going into the off season week we're kinda have a hope renewed going into the year thinking man hornets might have. Found a way to to to really lift themselves to another level even though look like they were there were kind of capped out and yet it really hasn't. Hasn't worked out but it hasn't been biggest Dwight Howard hasn't played well what do you make or the hornets are now Kazaa would have guessed that Dwight would be this Gooding Campbell would be this good and yet the team would be ten games under 500 at the all star break. Well. But excuse me Chris that's a great point. But I think what people Larry as you gotta have meter tide players. Who are good every night and and deliver every night. That's like where it's called consistency. And the best NBA teams have the most consistent players. You can cattle are delivering. To their actual every state. And I haven't seen all that much of the portraits. Seeing a lot of articulate. And again nice. I think it's consistency so that would be my wife until in this. But it following Dwight is kind of interstate you know he's having a nice here it is numbers are good the east seems should be. Playing you know he's not deployed of ten or twelve years ago but he could still get a dollar and it has numbers are very impressive. We're talking to Pat Williams of the Orlando magic's long time NBA front office man and long time magic VP as well he's on Twitter join him a follow at Orlando Magic had a by the way I always love saying this wherever books are sold his latest book is out I coach wouldn't forgotten team source of lessons from John Wooden summer basketball camps to talk about that in a moment but he's with this right now. On the technique come guess when you've been in the NBA for decades pat and you've been around great players and great teams and teams that have won. And teams that had high expectations. And teams that they didn't meet those expectations. I'd take it back to your days with the sixers pat wood would Barkley in particular because. I'm not gonna say it's on the same plane here. But man there is a lot of frustration as you can imagine from port its fans of we just thought more than anything this team at a minimum was a playoff team could they be a top four seed well that was up for debate. But this team had too much talent to not be a playoff team. What do you remember about those days were same sort of thing where people thought you guys should be better than you or maybe it didn't work out the way you wanna do that would what's that like from from the front office perspective and inside the organization in dealing with those expectations. Well Chris. It's called. You've got to play the days since. You've got to play 82 games if the NBA which just made up both of perhaps. Free agency. Treats all of be a wonderful production. If you hit it you don't have to played some. What nobody would get fired. Everybody would be a hero will be wonderful however. You've got to play 82 games and that's where everything comes out in the wash. And I can visit at the end of 882 games you are what you are. You had enough basketball team is to determine that this is reality. And so at this point what you're seeing with the order it is is who they are. And I guess we've got what 27 games slept. But to. And they're capable you know that eastern play operation is still bunched up quite quite a bit. And they do they keep getting hot here and to make some progress but. They I I've got to say that from my vantage point what you see is what you debt. We're talking a Pat Williams former magic a long time. I NBA front office and imagine GP as well his latest book is out coach wooden is forgotten team stories and lessons from John Wooden summer basketball camps. And dates written with Jim Denny is well wake up pats with this right now. On the tech may come guess like you know there's always a lot of talk pat about roster construction in the warriors. If this is what Jerry surely great teams do right they make you think about how are we building. Our team I would say is a credit to to you guys when Dwight was there in the early days. You guys coach Clifford stalked a lot about this you guys were the precursor to what today's NBA has become with one in. In four out the world with a lot of shooters out on the perimeter nobody was doing that back when you guys did it. And the legal always kind of comes and goes right it always changes in then the game goes at one direction or push back in another direction. But truly at its core the way you build the roster the way you build a team like you're talking about because stepped matters is it any different in 2018 that it was say in 1988. Well not really Chris because at the end of the day. Basketball it's about putting the ball in the hole. And you've got to have shooters. Noted let me rephrase that you've got to have makers. A lot of shooters and since it's important to have makers. And back in the day with. Turkoglu and Rashard Lewis and Jameer Nelson that. JJ Redick and all we get we have a lot of shooters and makers and and that took pressure off of blatant. And Dwight was able to. A work download nobody could handle it one O line. The end result was. A real good ballclub they got to the finals. Against the lakers and had a chance against some. And that was collider is very. I didn't see it that was delayed it is very topple apple. He's. He's still very good back in that try. And take you wish spectacular. What do what do you remember about that pat back in those days where where that started to come out with Swiss standing and coach cliff was on a staff obviously but this idea of hey here's here's how we're gonna build. Our team around Dwight is that was unprecedented that at the time nobody was playing basketball that we want your first impressions when he started to see until what that was gonna look like on the floor there's nobody was to that extent. Well that's because nobody had a Dwight Howard yeah. I think that was the TV and you know he was so top down low that he never did develop an offensive game. For many any range at all and and I guess he didn't have a 20. You know because he could score that there are others who you know it will almost. But. And nobody had Dwight Howard. But he was he was so. The elite center in the league and there was nobody even close to perennial all star. All defensive. Player every year. That he did things through a period beer. That were phenomenal. I remember Matt Lucas who's better at medical there's been around the NBA forever. I was doing our broadcast back in that era he says one time he that he bit better defender. That Bill Russell. And Matt and Matty played against Bill Russell for years. And he made that statement that Dwight Howard better defender than Bill Russell. So. He's quite an interesting player to wait and people I I still report is safe to see it well. Pat when when you see where the horrid threat right now universe and talk and he he was not real serious talk it was it was just talk but the idea that as a way out. To -- getting rid of Kemba Walker is a way to maybe attaching a minute and ideals to unload bad contractor had a young asset are back to return or maybe all those things. Alternately they didn't do that at the deadline there's no serious talks about that good. To me that seems like a hail Mary maybe I'm oversimplifying things the what I see teams and kids love to talk about this anymore about blowing it up or tanking. Timmy that data idea of tanking or blowing it up it seems like a coward's way out correct in my wrong and be doing it that way that that's the only way to fix a franchise is that I may be along in ignorant to believe that but I don't think that's the only way to get out of the Meyer urine is an NBA team is to just blow it all up trade away the good players. And just hope your going to be good again in five years that doesn't seem like the only way out to me what do you make of all that. Chris you better be very very careful. Because it's awfully hard to find good players. All pretty hard to find all star caliber player. And if you have one or two of them. You better hold on to you but tricolor. And and then keep adding pieces around down. Because finding elite players. Discard it it's it's a rare breed and if you've got a few up on. Hold onto woman to figure out other ways to keep adding to your arsenal. Speaking of temple locker. He. He lights up just walking into our building. You know I'm curious they should get forty. Later this soft. Or maybe I'd settle for 35 yeah. I mean he is eyes light up for some reason whatever he sees that Orlando Jersey. Like Kemba Walker just goes ballistic. We've we've never been able to figure it would slow him down. Well it's going to be fun tonight we get to 7 o'clock tip off down at the Amway Center in Orlando to be the final game for the hornets for forty at the all star break out at 630 pregame tonight here after Lindsay Pat Williams magic president longtime NBA front office man his new book is out its coach warnings forgotten teams stories and lessons from John Wooden summer basketball camps before we talk about that it is Valentine's Day I have a feeling maybe my read is off on this that Pat Williams knows how to do Valentine's Day properly give us some advice you're sage Mae and Pat Williams how's your guys approach Valentine's Day this evening. Well I'll tell you what I did last night Chris thank idea I invited mrs. Williams. Not to go where it's made to root increases stake outs yeah. Here in Orlando. I I say I saved up for about six months. And and off we went to root Chris last night yeah. Mrs. William it was very pleased. Very very pleased. And I also had I a nice Valentine's card awaiting her. And I think she's happy today. I tell you what pat I did I if I can interject for second because IE don't talk him out pat myself on the back out here for a moment the one thing I think I'd do well. Is I love. Cards I love to give a card I like to sing a thoughtful with the car and I like to pick the right car it's got to be degree that the perfect card and then here's the key correct. He got to leave it handwritten note he can't just sign your name there's got to be a message heartfelt message inside the card when you do cart. And Chris suck Teddy you if you wanna take it to another level. So little piece of amateur poetry lose. Owens little piece of amateur poetry. He's rove roses are red violets are blue. A viewer might sweetheart. Drew went through you stop and wouldn't that went into bed that was off the costume that yes yes. OK. A little bit of amateur poetry always goes well. We're giving out advice here and die if if you're looking maybe maybe your wife server your girlfriend's a big gun basketball fan here's the ball coach wouldn't forgotten teams. Stories and lessons from John Wooden summer basketball camps which would Wear this comes from pat lord of the idea for this book come trump. Well this is the sports book got written on coach with congress. He let the end it was like gears back. To do the first one. And there have been so many different angles are aspects of his likely career. And I've just continued with it this one and his coach wooden and this summer camps which nobody really has examined. But for many years. He ran knees and these marvelous summer camps out in Southern California. Thousands of kids attended. Maybe you know many many counselors and and I was determined to pack that are deprived out. What happened there what was it like. Well what I discovered was coach wooden. Handled those summer camps just like he didn't UCLA teams. He was there every day. He oversaw its. He'd make sure everything was done just right. He spent time with the kid youngsters every every day. At the end of the road and at that time we spoke to hold rupiah pictures with them. And you keep respected a mail it and you know it just have his name attached. And everything he taught. That that he UCLA players it is doing the same with these 101112 year old. To get couple's story really just been captured just wouldn't in that static. I think we were able to do that. The book is out now it's called coach wooden is forgotten teams. Is daughter odd manor. Wrote the forward for its. And then that was pretty interesting indeed just CNET reflecting order father you know really into sites that we never would have gotten otherwise it's. So what the book is just stay out now it's just getting into bookstores and I think people enjoyed as far beyond a basketball book Chris. I am well John Wooden just one of one of the great leaders of all time and I you as a motivational speaker you know it as well as anybody Pat Williams. Senior VP for the Orlando Magic magic and imported studies seven at the Amway Center I got pregame is 630 and die if you wanna feel less accomplished in life just recognize that Pat Williams. I he's written over 100 books the guy just does it all pat is always a pleasure my man thank you for making time force let's talk soon. I call any time Chris. Have very very tasty Jack. It's good to talk to either go Pat Williams senior VP for the magic hold on we take a time out Omar Gaither is ten minutes away till I get a feel pushed it offers a different Valentine's advice not we're not here richer poetry in hand written card negative feeling that's not coming from Omar Gaither when he joins us at three. We do have to get to this when we come back this Notre Dame thing that went down yesterday to repeal. Not not heard by the NCAA North Carolina they got off pretty easy Notre Dame not so fortunate. And we're going to full office space on the on the NCAA we explain next prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Are. Okay. Join us in five minutes. Cries I'm he's itching and he is that she's ready to go he's shop earlier you heard your challenge on the way in any also heard Pat Williams I would video. But he did I thought he did OK I guess not he was a listen it was already and I know listening. Appliances and the second Omar Gaither is gonna join us at three Pat Williams. Saying he throws down with the white eagle nice steak dinner. They're nice car a hand written note you finish it off with some amateur poetry great night. It's going to be a Purina tonight working Orlando Magic president Pat Williams but he took care of things last night watching Kemba Walker go off yes hornets played seven I got pregame at 630 coach issue is going to be tomorrow and I've got a way we got another day a ticket giveaways realty feel the love and get you into the show shall never forget when tickets the Bon Jovi Rod Stewart or sport or this week stadium one. And 5 o'clock you only got today. Bon Jovi. So we got great tickets you wanna give one last opportunity. I'd to win these tickets to giveaway a Valentine's Day we'll do that coming up at 5 o'clock Bon Jovi tickets Mina kimes at 430 from ESPN. And also Dave Odom former wait for South Carolina coach gonna join us and talks in college hoops great slight gains and I'm in I'm telling you and the Auburn Kentucky game is one that he's really worth watching because if your Kentucky at a certain point. Yeah the circuit this thing turned around third there are very OK basketball team what's weird is they're very okay basketball team in an SEC that's as deep as it's been in jail a long time. And so I killing to talk to coach Odom would do that coming up at 4 o'clock and also don't forget you can fly away 2018 spring training experience a cactus league double header. In Arizona and also two nights a country finding the valley's only spring training pool party a concert to a desolation Old Dominion. Go to WS then he got come to register to win it's a national contest. It's a go take advantage of that. Right now so this Notre Dame thing came out yesterday it's funny his who was that one at one of our listeners tweeting me yesterday during the show saying crow to be seen as. I'd love to know your thoughts on his compared to what happened with North Carolina. And I was vaguely familiar with the story. In the fall when it came out that this was coming down that they were gonna vacate the NCAA that is was going to vacate. I'll winds from Notre Dame I dating back to 2012. And 2013 21 to be exact. Our first some some academic infractions. And of course North Carolina went around and around the merry go rounds forever when it came to DB paper classes. At the University of North Carolina of course University of North Carolina their argument was always. Will this is a school thing this isn't an NCAA issue. Any any so sure. Did worse there were players or being steered towards these classes but guess what. Any any student that had not just a student athlete any studio net the school could have taken these classes at which it's no longer an impermissible benefit that's always the term the NCAA uses impermissible benefit. Is it something that no other student on the campus would have access to and at which point if it is. That's an impermissible benefit. Hey could you have access to a tutor that somebody else couldn't have to help your greats impermissible benefit. Hey did you get twenty bucks for doing XYZ because your name is player you don't. John Dolan you you what you play for Alabama's football team impermissible benefit hey did you get a discount on the local restaurant impermissible benefit right that's always the the broad term that DNC go to NCAA last year as well in this case for Notre Dame it was an academic trainer. Stewart series student athletic trainer out for Notre Dame who was helping students with their course work are helping football players with their course work and debt by that you don't degree the NCAA deem that that was what you would call an impermissible benefit. Notre Dame appeal saying hey do I need to see you guys rolled about North Carolina. Wait so this is about education gap that certain that sort of sings hey we continue to say you don't really get involved and academics this feels like its academics. We wee weed him this what our code of conduct are on our policy until this was that this is a thing like that they would be happy with an ugly or are you going to class and a target for great yeah and so the other eight days they deemed not your work you're not gonna hear your feelings of those 21 wins all vacated and notre Dame's president came out yesterday. And just even a serrated. The NCAA don't get to some this with a mark is although I had this discussion a few weeks ago. What is the deal what is the function of the NCAA. And I'm not thinking you know the first thing McCain in my mind was when I when I was 3 disorders earlier this morning and this afternoon was remember that scene from office space. We're who's the guy Tom. Isn't Tom the guy. He's the he's middle management. Right that it would get to console it succumbing in getting guys thinks is going to be fired all the time yeah he's middle management consultants come in and they start asking everybody hey wait the Bob Syria the bonds command will be what do you what do you do here's what exactly do you do here. And so I visualize you know bonds across the table that the NCAA. Is top. Always worried. Always thinks is jobs in jeopardy but I swear a valuable here Dicey and me I promise you need me around here. What you do in an attack. If you take the specifications from the customers. And you bring them down on the software engineers yes it yes that's that's right well I just have to ask why couldn't customers just. Take them directly to boost what people. Us engineers are not. Fresh okay. So. You physically. Take the specs from the customer. Well you knew it. No my my secretary does that. So then you must. Physically bring into the software people well. Well I don't I think sometimes. What what would you say. You do here. Book well look I already told you deal with the can't customer service engineers don't have to I have people skills I am good at dealing with people that you understand. Would you pay blown.