Primetime: Luis Moreno Jr Reacts To Panthers Schedule

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Friday, April 20th

Carolina Panthers Spanish Radio Network color commentator Luis Moreno Jr joins Kroeger to talk about the Panthers 2018 schedule.


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We have news when the Charlotte Observer S and Joseph person your Roderick C report that. For the first time in five years the Carolina Panthers are gonna open the season at home. Against. Cal. We're up. A live from the marks being wheeled to studio. They might just be our motto on a Friday let's get weird is primetime more powered by. Ortho Carolina were breaking in a new cohost. In an hour he's not new overall buddies and good arts OK and organ and I'm looking forward to this will Kennedy's gonna join us from W ccb. And will moon lights just all over the place look and I think idol I think I know will enough and were close enough that I could say this he's a bit of a media war. Can I say that. I think I just did say that he's gonna join a cent an hour and so will you CME he is he's he's Joseph newscast content newscaster on WC CB he's gonna join us he also does force for them to. And he's a die hard sports fan it's what's funny and good to see will he's one of these these news guys that it's not afraid to roll the sleeves and get out the field to be shoot and stuff and I'll see him at a hornet's gamer Panthers game or whatever at a practice at this year around I'm like well what are you doing here and he's just like. I love sports I just wanna be around I thought sob. I made specific opens for each hour that will Zan and I found his new Israel on YouTube and it's like it was thirteen minutes of just pure joy like I had so much fun don't really doing mistakes. Okay so we're gonna tell we're gonna we're gonna have some fall we will Kennedy will get the know will little bit better and to your first time goes on prime time he's gonna join us coming up. In an hour we are thirty minutes away from our guy Luis Moreno junior from the Carolina Panthers Spanish radio network he's gonna jump followed us. At 230 Dave damage shackle join us at 445 we love Dave Dave really fund is one of the really fun guys out there. I talk in football he does it for NFL media NFL network he's all over the place he says he's a hoot man sort of following him on a Friday and he's a fan Greg Olsen. Yes so we will we will have some fun with with the back again at 445 he's gonna jump followed us. I India and the third hour the show and I we're also lost we gonna get to Rick runner our friend will Kennedy okay will go I guess booking for us as he makes his debut today it's a good way to ingratiate yourself with the listening audience he's gonna join us coming up and at 3 o'clock hour and we'll talk with the spurs last night was tough man. It was really tough to watch that game and you can just feel the weight. All of our other coach of an organization of a CD. Ali team although a Little League an entire league last night felt like he was grieving with Gregg Popovich. It was so bizarre to watch that game last night did not seem out there and it tore Messina was out on the bench instead in. I you know Steve Kerr being the guy that is the popped disciple right now I think in the NBA. Odd that that traumatic coaching tree being on the other side of the other court as well I mean he spoke to it last night just how weird it was to look down the court cannot see pop there and you know disperse fought they're undermanned they got mean. You're not beating that warriors team. Without coli Leonard and so they put up a fight last night for pop like ducks we're gonna talk to Rick griner got everything going nine. Our wits with that spurs team he works for fox sports southwest we'll talk about the coli situation with him and wall also talked. About some team in the Dallas Cowboys he's going to meet make their debut here I can Carolina in the in the season opener. And I coming up on September 9 for I guess yesterday said it reeks of a 430 kick off shore America's game of the week Panthers and cowboys week one at Bank of America's war Joe Buck and Troy Aikman yes so for the first time since 2013. Other papers you know open up the season at home is the schedule got unveiled this will talk to Ric -- about our that had their way too early papers in cal was talk Dez Bryant is well no let's up and if you miss it the other day. I assume you were groaning because you thought. Odds of the pacing the cadence a Larry Brown was was not up to snuff for you. But I would argue the contents we got the with the actual words that came out of Larry Brown's mouth the other day. Were pretty interesting especially what he said about working under Michael Jordan. The dynamics of being a head coach while Michael Jordan is in your building wiser boss at the end of the bench yes all that stuff and he. You don't you're gonna say Carolina homer is a multi stuff that's fun you could feel that way if you want to. But Larry Brown feels it seemed very strongly that Mitch Kupchak is the guy equipped. To handle all of those land mines around the Michael Jordan and the Shara imported so if you miss that you're gonna hear that coming up at 545 that'll be our prime time everyone descendants into the weekend. Join us today what do you 70457096. Stand. I would say that's the same number for the phones and the building center text lined up but currently. Our tech slide is down I can't read your tax so if you wanna just fire him into the ether. And see if I get a like an hour from now you could do that or you could call me on that same number 704570916. And you could email I say it's a good way to get into. In the garage order email inbox it is prime time at WFAZI. Com primetime a WM benzene I come garage door guru email inbox and tweet us rally Jewelers order seed app prime time WFANC. Rally Jewelers it is done among temporarily. And to celebrate they're given away a weekend get away for free would any purchase of 1999. Dollars the best selection the best values the best deals on diamonds. That's only one choice proudly Jewelers. And rallied Jewelers dot com great ways to get at 70457. And ice extent. Tweet is that prime time WM DNC but we're going to start with the schedule here and we joked yesterday this is such an NFL Thain. That you could build up hype for schedule released you know the greatest thing they do actually he's when they give you all the future opponents and they say home. Only way but wait are they becoming you don't know you wait for Muncie wait for two months. I don't know when the dates are going to be man so you knew all along the papers are gonna play the cowboys. You knew all along the theaters are gonna play the Super Bowl champions the Philadelphia Eagles you knew all along the theaters we're gonna play the Pittsburgh Steelers. You knew they were gonna play some of these teams at home you knew if they're gonna play some of these teams. On the road you just did it no way and and so it is funny because we we do this. This game where now do we know like I'll may have look at that schedule and we're gonna talk about some instant reactions to the scheduled today because it think it's a fun thing to do. I think our instant reactions a year ago or actually spot on I remember thinking ten in 611 and five and they turned out to be an eleven and five team. Seoul. I think sometimes it works really well I would say other times it does and I remember two years ago. Where they had a gauntlet early an early season start the first four games he thought OK they can get off to a hot start. And then he saw this gauntlet where they're taken on teams like Philly. Indianapolis and the Packers it was eight it was a it was supposed to be our murderers wrongdoing air quotes here murder drove opponents. And then he played those games you realize old manager Lex back messed up. Almeida theaters are getting better every week only end backing doesn't look as scary as it used to. And that's the NFL to also assure you can't you can't equate that right now you have no idea who's gonna be playing him in six months rainy these teams who's gonna be injured when they play who'll be healthy when they clay. If there'll be a quarterback change all that stuff you don't know and somebody seems. Vastly different personnel is guess what were also weak away from the NFL draft. And that's going to be to finish the three missing piece. And the final peace proposal for a lot of these teams so it's a fascinating thing to talk about but it is also so NFL that they can turn this. In just such a story line unto itself and we just laughed it up we love it and you know I I think it's really fascinating. When you start pouring over the schedule when you start doing week by week. We in a loss win loss or I could see this happening I could see that happening I tell me how I do what is everybody else duke is what I do is. I do a quick glance at this thing. And then get roughly I have a win loss win loss win win loss win win loss loss whatever it is. But I don't spend more than. I asked a couple of seconds looking at the weakening game and taken via a what happens there what were they last year. Historically what goes on those games where's the game being played OK when are lost. I think that thing that's really interesting too is. When you start looking at these schedules I always look for a few things when you what's everybody looks for right away. Away our away games night games are Thursday night games. You know couple road games in a row I weeks he always the first thing I look for true always the first thing I look forward find out about weakest area and that's the one like if we're sitting here today we're introducing instant analysis your gut reactions and here's the thing if you want a -- win loss number you can do that a mockery Matty you. I get a win loss number I think in my head of what I think this thing's gonna look like. But I just wonder your general gut reaction like I was there a word that came to mind or a finger pointing to maybe it's a specific. Stretch on the schedule that you circled and highlighting he thought I mean this thing could define our season and why that is. That's fine I think that's what I that's my fun way to talk about the schedule gets scheduled dropped at least I gravitate toward stuff like that short I don't wanna do a week by week sixteen game breakdown today what's gonna happen with the Carolina cantor we only have for our true but I think it's so fascinating when the first things I saw a week I think we're entered the draft party last night and I got to the PR blast from the Panthers pulled open the schedule when I looked at it. And my first reaction was. I weekly for I don't I don't like that now at the earliest you can have this week for and that's. For a book we know now is a common ED aging team and it's an older team right now on paper especially on defense. And week four bye week as a satellite debt are a number of flags. I like that I remember a couple of years ago and businesses awhile and has made back in 2010 that the ravens had had their bye week in week ten. And then there was the there was one other hurricanes are playing the Texans may move that they had to move to buy a week for both teams are too weak to so essentially your pain you're playing like fifteen games in a row and you could tell. Late last year. An open last year and I thought let's let's try to yeah yeah that's right I forgot about that yeah it seems ever come back from that no team's ever gone on to make the playoffs after something like out of those two teams at the end of the year yet are beaten up they retired it dead that's. That's not fun to me I look at that but first thing I'll look I think it's a major thing actually now is now you put yourself in the situation I think you're gonna pay if there's we do this every year got start hot. Gotta start hot I would say got to start hot. Are you kidding yourself an early hole you don't want two hole now and I think he'd actually knowing that seeing those first two games cowboys at the falcons after that. I need to get the dangles at home should be a win but who knows that he get a body if you're staring at a warning to start going into the bye week. And that's gonna really not ever going to be the saints much here. No that's really good I think dampen expectations and dampen the excitement around this team so I think it's fun what one would do some of that today okay what are your from your your papers say at 704570. Nights extent in instant reaction could be a stretch of games you look at one game we circle could be a period you're looking at. I could be. What I did with the bye we can say I don't like that maybe maybe you like this schedules for all you can say man it's not that hard. I look actually think it looks sneaky difficult I know the to do it. What is the strength of schedule ranked we look set up because I haven't seen that yet we can look set up dual we come back from break up but I look at that I would say. That's not an easy schedule let's say it's really really hard either but that's not an easy schedule for make and a what are you getting into some of the things the NFL did it. That they've never done before in building the schedule will do that Luis Moreno junior gonna talk printers witness at 230 its prime time were powered by ortho Carolina to. Listening sub prime time which Chris Kroger. Powered by ortho Carolina. Get some conflicting info coming in here Mike D'Antoni was saying that was less Snyder pro football draft roundtable thinks there but it came out with a C Anthony was tweeting in on the rally Jewelers Twitter feed at prime time. WFAN easy it is diamond month that Bradley and to celebrate their getaway weekend get away for free with any purchase of 1000. 999. Dollars. For the best selections values and deals on diamonds there's only one place that is rally Jewelers. And rally Jewelers dot com Anthony saying Panthers with the seventh hardest strength of schedule. But Luis Moreno juniors texting us on his. Personal building senator Tex lines I he's gonna jump on what is it about fifteen minutes for the painter Spanish broadcast he says twelve party's strength of schedule. Are for the Panthers still sort of for whatever that's worth. Got you got that that tore rat right now I think this is interesting mark Craig a who covers the vikings would be up to the star Tribune. In in Minneapolis Exley wrote this yesterday. About should we say right holy police to sex he said he got his infer from CBS sports dot com okay and that's the thing sometimes I think there are different. You know different sites are using different metrics dude to write to weigh what is strength of schedule sometimes is just win loss opponents win loss strength. You know overall percentage of your opponents at birth from last year I think dirge for ways to go about Debra mark Craig wrote this yesterday for the free a star Tribune. And it. I he talked about last year for example the Eagles you know so she said Panthers are twelfth day of the twelfth artistry to schedule that say this is pretty comparable that. On the Eagles I shoot this one had a tent stuff attempt to top this. Strength of schedule going into the year seven games against returning playoff teams other papers have six games and it's returning playoff teams. Now to those are for those games during your own division with the falcons in the sixth. We said last year I think most people agreed in the NFC the NFC's that was the best content best division top to bottom. In the NFL and it doesn't seem to be any reason to think that won't be the case again next year so for the six teams in the division for the Panthers are are going to be of their playoff games against the other two Pittsburg Philadelphia. So they've got four games on the road against playoff teams from a year ago tour at home those two home games. Against the falcons in the saints are so do you look to last year's an example Eagles are pretty comparable they had seven games against returning playoff ticked up playoff teams last year three road games in the first month. And then that stretching in in December that was was away from home. Well guess what I big poster pretty ridiculous does pretty pretty ridiculous record. Are they turn out to be the top team in the NFC even without their starting quarterback anyway on to win a Super Bowl. He was talking about 2015. Falcons actually had the 32. Ranked. Straight to schedule the easiest strength of schedule when he had a teleconference when Eaton Eaton 2015. Did make the playoffs. Last year I did there were two years later odd you have to falcons when they went eleven and five they won the division and went to the Super Bowl they want the NFC that year. Odd they had the toughest strength of schedule the entire NFL so they went from easiest trying to schedule he'd hate to tell district to schedule eleven to five a Super Bowl team. So that's where you you could sit here entire self and I'm not worried about strength of schedule ought to do that but I do look at this and I think the schedule is kind of sneaky tough. A cowboys game the openers not going to be easy especially we think about. OK look this is a pants and put the cowboys they got their own issues on offense too I think we're gonna find out short but. Don't go into the offseason knowing he Kelly it's gonna be there starter week one that dramas off the board. They should still on a dominant offensive line. Actress got to god they can make plays if you're not careful against who cares who the wide receiver corps is the defense still work in progress we are talking at a Panthers team that. Don't historically speaking underwriter bear has started a little slow they're not a team the boom right out of the gates and on top of that you're talking about. Up on offense it's going be working under the tutelage of Norv Turner and who knows what other new pieces are coming in there. And you're also bringing a new defense corner on the other side means that same system that's going to win beetle right like that's where you you can look at that game I think man that's not just like coin toss early easy brought the ball and you're gonna be DeKalb voice and don't forget Wells Fargo championship coming up is April 30 through May sixth. Get your ticket info at Wells Fargo championship dot com right now or anyone of the eleven area Dick's Sporting Goods locations right here in the Charlotte area you're official ticket retail outlet of the Wells Fargo championship and ortho Carolina proud to support Charlotte cobra football all week from tomorrow they get their home opener over north Mecklenburg high school we had those guys in studio last Friday some good support them. Semi pro football team our first responders in this community tickets are ten bucks children twelve and under free and it's high level football on those guys have actually won a national championships a ghost go support those guys you get ticket info there at Charlotte cobras football. Dot org. Adored her roof opening topic of the day I'll. I don't know 457096. And I actually found this really interesting looking at the NFL and what they did so they fix some of the scheduling quirks they've had to deal with in the past. In your talking about tens of tens up tens of thousands of of our schedules they actually popularly they create schedules and then they look at emanates say. Now this doesn't work and they throw mic you know it's taken a sheet of paper they just throw all the way in the air. And they get abuse and that rigor different get a hold off. Amen I don't ask don't Muster here okay ideas but no that's what they'd literally pulled out Peter King does this every year the day after release easy post is that he post his article FE MA and GB dot com talking about what goes on behind the scenes. And the group of people the team the and saw has its Cray. Easy it's a really interesting process and actually I've I've kind of seen it I've actually personally kind of seen the out the process myself. Obviously kind of a couple years ago there was that issue but in Baltimore when they won a Super Bowl like they wanted to the home game you know after the next season whenever there was a conflict with the Orioles which meant dealing with Major League Baseball schedules so like it's. It's very very complicated like this is not an easy process at all. I was so frustrated like so many cancer since I think when Mitt when the Panthers had to go on the road to Denver that your else sound dwelling good. When he got a whole go get some revenge there still getting revenge for losing a Super Bowl. I don't you go to that team's stadium when there unfurling their banner or not there's no word that there's no level of revenge. You can exact in that moment okay so I think he has a love that match up on TV obviously delivered great ratings on that Thursday night a great story lines. On the main accent that can't there's team and a spiral and in in hindsight the NFL the last two years. They have not gone back there they've realized that it was probably mistake we should have done that death and a painter said he did Tina had to Wear but so here's this the last stop last year five teams hit the road. After a Monday night game homer away where they played Monday Night Football. Five teams lies you were dead on the road the following week so quick turnaround. That doesn't happen at all anymore so this year every team that plays on Monday Night Football the reader at home the following week. Or they have a bye week so they they eliminated that Porsche sounds like maybe a small detail but I think that's the sort of stuff that goes along way even from. Just being you know up in a routine it'll rip dome. All that stuff that that matters I think in football. As much as any other sport and just try to recoup for your body to one the other things. That Peter talked about in this piece was last year the giants had 22 games 122 days rather three full weeks. Off fewer arrests than their opponent over the course of the year leading up to games if you totaled up pay we came into this game with five days' rest they had seven. You total that up throughout the course of their entire set seventeen weak schedule they actually had three weeks of fewer arrests than their opponents. So d'isere the giants have eight fewer days. There's no way to eliminate that you're going to have days over the course your schedule we are just going to have your coming in on a day or two shorter rest okay it's just the way it is chore or you got more rest. And it tends to balance out some times on the whole this year there minus eight. And the seas in the NFL eyes minus eleven but that's crazy when you think about that 22 days a fewer resting your opponent over the course of an entire schedule. Less sinister reason want to pick a number 20. BP line if you mean they were doing dumping it all sorts of injuries you look back now in hindsight you'd think. I wonder how much that had to do it now mean that had to put a factor for sure and then here I thought this was interesting to Peter King was saying. Now this seems. I don't know I guess on paper going into it you could say this he thinks this is the greatest. Prime time TV schedule that we've ever seen in the history of the NFL. Which are on the what does that even mean that's kind of a weird statement to make Kim Rory noting that. We I guess on paper re saying because he looks at the Thursday night package which is markedly improve like there's no arguing that you look at the Thursday night package you'd think the skate we talked about this the last few days sickest fox wants that so they took a lot of other double dip so when they have the double header is going and this is actually what was Smart business for fox. Apparently. What they decided was they took. A lot of there 1 o'clock games being sold at 1 o'clock games where depending on what region of the country you're in and that's what's getting cleared. So those were always going to games of the games of the week you'll America's game of the week at 430 window. So they took on the 1 o'clock games that might only been partially cleared depending on what part of the country you're in and they move those the Thursday night. Which is Smart business because they've only part of the country's gonna see it anyway and you think it's a great match up. On paper at least why would you move that game to Thursday night. And like picking a paper Steelers is one of those games on Thursday night that's one of the two prime time games for the painters is that Thursday night game. And that looks like on paper that looks like it should be a monster mash up in Pittsburgh to. So that's. I've found some of that stuff really fascinating. And if you're the NFL you're never going to make everybody happy I mean there are teams that are starting three of their first four weeks on the road so those seams or not. We eat there's no way there's no way you make if not wits with 32 teams out there like someone is going to be pick someone's going to be mask like somebody's going to be you know pissed off and by the way here's what's also gonna happen is so there's going be a team or 20. It once we get into the offseason is gonna raise a stink about hey I'd like the way this happened in the schedule was a weird quirk and they're gonna raise another point you might even be a valid point but they're gonna raise another point. And then this is why this scheduling stuff is so large that I'll actually be put in as a perimeter now moving forward the NFL signal that's a good point we don't want that to happen anymore they schedule makers don't let this happen anymore. It's all the laundry list of things can they use a computer software. Where you literally plug in the parameters up this can happen this can happen this can happen. And until you find the perfect schedule that it churns out. That crosses every one of those lines that says you know what did you write at all those things are no longer happening on the schedule as we can move forward medicinal 32 teams. Are gonna be somewhat OK with what they've got as they get ready to look at their schedule let's take a quick break we'll come back on the other side Luis Moreno junior gonna get it all this with us we'll talk schedule with him and I've been told Luis is pretty high. On this cantor schedule is got a pretty good win total we'll get to that we'll get his thoughts on the draft. His prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Chris Kroger. Powered by Ford Joseph Carolina. Happy Friday its primetime were powered by ortho Carolina nothing says Luis Moreno junior. Voice of the Carolina tea after Spanish radio networks like some Doobie Brothers on a Friday high Luis how you doing my friend. Everybody you are do you feel about The Doobie Brothers you Doobie Brothers Sam. Yeah I like 7080 meting out like everything that I really do you don't like Elizabeth countries not. Diplomat Forte with it being in this period or over when I think it's gotta you gotta like some of it yeah like everything I like. Like 00 rap Q outlook but I like that. We we discovered last week on the show I think it was actually last Friday because I think we're probably playing other more Doobie Brothers last Friday that I'm. If this is not so dirty little secret I'm in the yacht rock like especially this time mere words nice to roll the windows down on a Friday. How could see that's The Doobie Brothers perfect type of music into trouble understanding what excites her window in the studio and a quick thinking about that. Yeah absolutely. I agree I myself like. Bridge in not gonna do it like it is wrong. I'll grooves on the boss a moment that OK now you might as. He might Gabby my choice is several home tonight after we get off the air Luis Moreno junior put this pair of their Spanish radio network what's the first thing always I was asking this earlier what's the first thing when the schedule drops. You look for your eyes is gravitate to what you wanna see if it's there now what's the first thing you look for. I like to see where were the bye week you're going to be I like to see. Way how many prime time games they have given to have their act and looking a bit oh record point. They're very similar to to upn fifty crips are at in 2000 into the biweekly payment we are. Our four we we we went to Seattle on a panic and shock the world. You know we only had Greek prime time game we thought and he. And oracle apps aren't import it against divisional opponent. I was listening to to show well the last thirty minutes or so. And I agree with you we knew exactly who will now and what I think it more important when you played them. They know what type structure perhaps. Computer with a bye week is going to com. And you look at that stretching and December yet you have to play you know why you play Atlanta you have to play some debate at our up. But he used to use under under repairs when he threw any. In the month of December and any time they play I gain in December this team. I eleven and three so I like a champ this I like Hearst it'll it is pop out this is the team that that'll be just. Are at home on the regular season we're on our get the Kabul and we got a little WiMax. Yet you you don't our own group because you're you're you're an actual chance to go to the player. The mission about all that well it is important that we win oracle were to get. Luis Moreno juniors and this cantor Spanish radio network he's on Twitter about a way at Luis junior forties joining us right now. On the technique come guess less funny to Kazaa I would say a missile we should go back to. 2015 now three years ago but when that schedule came out I remember you know the initial reaction was okay. You know you open on the road at Jacksonville could be a hot day muggy day you'd expect to win won't be easy. You know Houston at home New Orleans at home. On the road with Tampa you know could be a 31 start. Public and all of a sudden. At Seattle only worse barely home burst the colts on Monday night. Roberts the Packers that's a gauntlet and next thing you know the pit there's a real off win after one of their fourteen and I was so it aibo. I always find it interest and we look at the schedule is a man there's no way to come out alive on that yet you would've said that three years ago when the Panthers were when hottest team in the NFL silly it's always hard to get a read on it and I kind of feel the same way. I look at the schedule on that list that stretch November's pretty interesting to me home bursting above. And then your at Pittsburg at Detroit back to back. And then home for Seattle and I don't people think Seattle's gonna be down but believe it when I see it and those those matchups early stuff because they match up so well with one another so that's that stretch in November's a really fascinating one that I keep looking at. I grieve YouTube include the first two games in December on the last reinvestment in November you you are four out of five games on the road and I think Gupta talks stretched. But again I go back to Rivera. Under repair in December 23 and eight are spent which Beirut basically guarantees you don't want your playing fourteen in the summer going to win at least three I deeply by games you don't know when most of the time for. What you what you expect China to only won three out of five games in December and this is a team that you see. You're you're hoping that you commented that we haven't you abnormal and already clinched the playoff maybe that the bishop already. Because it is going to be taught how to close again or happen to be in the position we were last year which he has to win back in Ottawa you were going to be a lot heart. So we're hoping that what this you can can eat just shut it won't be doused the first time I went to great Kirstie and and going to Atlanta. At and hopefully. Aptly they're not not not just one time but all week twice this year role when it an entity in every so. Well we elect a bit of deep they win big games they have to win that to meet our people are at least seven and one at all. At act and and protect that home to a bad match are apt throughout the whole great mercy and if you don't do that. I think that that would be it a little bit complicated and you also how to win big in exit poll went out last year to even look beat him in Chicago I should have never law. At and acting out not only. But maybe. A first person we are in the in the playoffs with a pipe also is that up well good morning good addition they have been up. You know why are you how to window into how to win again glee when Rivera how much talent every team have turned game ready you feeling your contender. In my proven winning those games and and our interests or are in the the actual trick army in Cincinnati Baltimore. They're good team but you have to win those games if you need to be if you wanna be portables and number. Well that's truly it's a single is his only get into this fairly quick and and I think we could spend that towards the draft as well because I think another thing I would claim that this team needs to do if they wanna be more than just a good team because they were very good last year they wanna be a great team again. You can't go three and three injured in general it's a tough division in the NFC south. But did this team. To me if if they wanna go back to being a great team and it in this league you got to win your division and you don't maybe it's four and two I think four to be great division record but. This team needs to get back to establishing themselves within NFC south point the saints have been really the bugaboo over the last couple years. I agree and I think that the biscuit even though is that tall puppet it went off on you yet. Yes or. I do believe that that pattern I have been having you know teams like Atlanta that Nolan and I'm okay. I claimed him late and he knew how to win those games. And I think it you guys are in there to not be app that white. I think that and we will alana and all of that just like every other year and that's where they can win the division. Well. This is what's fascinating to me Luis we had a you know we had a pro football draft roundtable last night and one of the things that. One of the things they came up was in terms of player personnel and evaluating personnel. You know you gonna find fits for your team but I was bringing this point up. It to me. Everything I'd always heard there's wherever you're doing with your team yet to be built to win your division first. And right now that means you gotta be built to not only slow down a passing attack of the saints but to stop their two headed beast. In the running game as well with mark Lieberman Allen Camaro detectors just didn't have that last year they did add data at times would slow down a passing game that the running game would get away dates. In the playoff game they did a great job bottling up album Camaro in the run game and then they got beaten the passing game. And so for you in this draft how much stock do you put in that oh that right there whoever you draft this team needs to get back to being built to slow down and stop. Maybe a Matt Ryan Drew Brees and their passing attacks in the running games to strong running games this team put out there in the NFC south till. Yes and and because of a bit desperate need that this impact. Picked up 24 that first round he gives them each a good choice when it comes to multiple players best player available. What varies I eat and today and obviously there's only a couple that that that most people are right and urged wrapper around. I trapped in the work each. But you traveled a lawyer maybe eight ebitda and popular he's been maybe I played around him better and yet but that. She now they went when a lot of this. This a polish up and there are a lot of the the quick happens to focus in maybe mourn up on look at how they can tackle can come down at Atlanta and up duke and got bought. Even a linebacker. And not taken into consideration that he he will will will live the first organ of the Eaton. You haven't guys near that you think has talent to help you right away. And you go out and trap them because that you know the day YouTube you can never have much. I think that it you rather have a court player in a position where you don't stark rebuke to wrote in Portland and popular right away. And how Wanda maybe get up right away but then he's trying to two Carter won all by a corporate another one tell you how different players. Com and running back is one of those two guys that tort regard the main unit that he's thinking that their ground. For even eat you you get one of those guys. But I think that that the EU right now and martyr Ernie. I'm double bag the EU one of the best we are round in its record and at speeds were self. But I think that the media puppet position at this point we have so many different need to understand that when one more. That whoever you pick conduct or trauma you want to be somebody that can help you try to wake. Would you be upset if they went running back again with the first round pick police. How well they have a guy like maybe child sore or one of those who are now I do I wouldn't be upset because I think that that that Marty knows what he's doing obviously. Now I wouldn't it wouldn't surprise need to wake of the air around Wii U to create to do one of those type may need to act from Alabama. Or maybe to our problem from Oregon. Are those guys that that maybe at this point are not computer top talent. But the start with a lot of potential. So I wouldn't be a wouldn't be extended to pick a running back position that the data indeed imploding right away. And it helped out because that you know the date is two years from night but no matter where the guy got it abundantly produced a preaching. Well one of the things that came up Louise marina junior witness for a few more moments cantor Spanish radio network is with this on the tech become guess line he's on Twitter at Luis junior forties joining us right now talking about the schedule dropping last night and also little NFL draft for less than a week away at least from the opening round. And so this time next week we'll know who that first round pick is that we're we're in that that final stretch of tough on right now Louise but one of the things they came up last night was. You know this idea they Cameron artist pain could be the guy already on the roster and I'm actually not willing to say that he couldn't be. You also can't. Go into next week and not walk away with a running back of some sort correct you do have to get some insurance at that position even if you take care artist thank you get some snaps their next year. I agree especially you speak to be taking decoration that you can't afford to let her Spain had where there are a few last year. Well you have also are a couple one up on you need somebody to congress that they in deep. NATO did not necessarily take over Cameron art Spain but opportunity I think capital on to get an opportunity. In that aren't preaching acting I have at least been beaten to keep them the opportunity to have more than and that than two or three. In Turkey active because the United States. If I its word idiot either they're trying to pick up a legal what are Auburn though that it IP you EPI group. That he can be that act and not only do you how more that we get apple on not a weapon in your arsenal. Or or what coach turner two to turn this one in it to one of them the most most our power or opposite in the lead. And maybe go get carry on Johnson's at all over an idiot to Auburn running backs battling for that spot when doing all we're on our crime yet. Duncan isn't that jumping up to that I think small yes I said. I bet they're cookie diet and not only Barkley or or nick joked that perhaps some other guys are there are in my opinion. Meaning that it imperative and foreground and the look in the not a court romped right now you can never know what will happen yeah I think they're not in England wide receiver. I think there or die a quarterback they don't eat you don't eat and eat it about twenty sport. The court rejected competition already in you not be. Be you know to reach you don't have to do that we knew how they need to look there is Clark whether each of the band whether it. Linebacker corps that. Running backward step why it was he burst they eat. But not to mention a few tight and you because it no longer and even the only creek manor where all meet somebody else will keep. I think it's fascinating Luis you talk about safety and corner and all that at. I think we're sold beaten down with the Dave got a minera and withers I think we're so be now with the Dave Gelman air worry clearly just didn't value. That position whether corner safety to use a high level draft pick on it. I've heard he's wired a little different we've seen in his draft picks in the past that if he likes a guy in the secondary don't use a first or second round pick on it so. I would not be shocked if we're we're talking this time next week and there's just there's a new starting safety for the Panthers they took a 24. I try to keep each user read my mind because ignored our Erica White to personally I think it going to pick. I think is going to. Just glad that it's riot yet the right away. This is to get popular deposition. And help in multiple weight. At at at and and to get after for the corporal corporal precooked what you eat and so I think that one attacked again there's another with a couple our backers credit repair. Our RU EDT may come. But even demand the work up or or maybe even a quarterback I'm not I'm not. Negating that that cap and understand there's a lot of depth. In this strap it on a position where you don't need to reach one guy that you don't think it's her trial court be when you have already and and and Iraq. All right Luis it's it's beautiful out it's a Friday you spent far too much time with a single crack a nice little beverage and enjoy your weekend okay. I taped but he thought don't forget that we were born Toronto. Yeah along cracked the vs and obviously so does that godaddy the windows are going down in the first is getting Craig don't worry about that I'll see you soon okay. I adios grass is Luis we appreciate him making time let's do a quick touch quick time out we'll come back on the other side love that dude I feel what we'd love making fun of the ESPN because quite honestly they make it so easy. And they made it so easy yet again I explain Nexus Prime time Howard by ortho Carolina. Listening to primetime which preschool program. Powered by ortho Carolina dot com. And offenses try to elect a little. Six the Luis Moreno junior for dropping by will Kennedy's analysis can enjoy is like five minutes WC CB you're gonna break the minute he's not muted WS then he's just new to me. It was not news maybe get a billion no better and anybody. Which is weird guy has been on yet is gonna join us at three wood did damage Shaq at 445 a gore on the NFL with him and we'll talk about this. Crazy draft I feel a book which I Dave and I will get into the idea that maybe if you're the brown do you use every take on a quarterback. To spend every single draft picks you have in this class on a quarterback because then he can't possibly screwed up Ametek they have like ten yet to some saying just take. Of all the quarterbacks OK then you cannot bother odd to mess that up so get to date he's fallen NFL network is a steeler Schimago. Yes we'll talk trash about what's gonna happen in November what appeared to draw up and Heinz Field in and walk away with a win so will we talked into 445. We are Ric Renner from fox sports southwest this is a good Lilly sees guests booking. And he's gonna come in he's gonna join a sit at 345 or gonna talk a little we'll talk rockets will talk a little spurs we'll talk a little. Also what's going on with the cowboys' Dez Bryant thing. I wondered this and get what we've imported some of the stuff on Dez. Which is called Dez like a problem guy with a problem child. But what is the problem with Dez like from somebody that's been around Barry team like what he is. What is dead is what are the things you need do you feel like you need to controlling Dez is out here trolling everybody posting workout videos without a Beckham junior a social media. Like he knows he's about to break the Internet so it's funny mail we get all that would Rick he's gonna join us from fox sports southwest into the schedules out right. And world join our instant analysis what's the win loss record how does it look Canada break and so ESPN ever to content machine ESPN. Had all observe beat writers this year they get. The brighter for every single team did you see this that McCain is pretty funny so they have all other beat writers. Offer every single team like David Newton and they asked them hey do your game by game picks who's gonna win a lot. And so they did eight the entire schedule analysis for all 32 teams had just feel like I'm bad at math we joke about that all the time around here okay. It's true though I'm bad at math. But. Follow me on this master at 32 teams yes sixteen games each okay so you're talking. 500 in 1232. Times sixteen win one win one loss and so that means. Assuming there are no ties. Did the record should be 256. And 256. It should balance out correct the same amount of wins and losses yes. Is there are only two teams playing every game and again like last last I checked that I got to go right on this correct so. It's kind of weird when you see that ESPN had a grand total for the entire NFL this year collectively wins and losses. As 289. In 223. Some is not right. I suppose so hot who once something though but what's going on there again. 289. Possible wins Adam what really can only be 256. Says something didn't add up their for ESPN and I don't know maybe they should've gotten everybody on the same page thing guys. You know if you guys can get together something happening here and here's the real problem pro football talk wrote about this. So they've got that win percentage of 564 when it should be 500 but the problem is this. A day had the best record in the entire NFL at twelve enforce somebody's gonna go better than twelve on for next year. Like it's just the reality at somebody's gonna go thirteen to 314. Into what's gonna happen and not even they had there's the rams. I'll be shocked if the rams go twelve enforced is good as they look on paper I obviously would be. They're gonna have so much pressure on them week to week so you're already Fred are you rooting for them to fail kind of everybody else I don't I just not fun to me I don't want them to be a super team. A Mardy and we've really seen him yet emerging for them to fail but that they were the best record they had and then on top of that the worst record they had five and eleven. So nobody's gonna have fewer than five wins next year. Like again there's there's there's going to be one of those like dumpster fire Tim probably Cleveland honestly like history would say it'll be Cleveland again not what they're eleven cornerbacks they're gonna draft that's for the future in the game and immediacy Gergen is that we really back because they're working through all those quarterbacks and so other than that the next closest team six in ten. And then there's four other teams in 79 so they only had six teams in the entire NFL be under 506. Out of 32 teams. Under 500 so 26 teams in the NFL would be either 500 or better. There's no way on earth that happens there's no I mean it's it's mathematically impossible actually write again. You can only have two buttered and it's 256 and 256. Some like communism to me pulled out will Kennedy explains math and football to us next its primetime powered by ortho Carolina.