Primetime: Larry "Showtime" Kennedy Joins Brian Noe & D-Lew

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Friday, February 16th

Brian Noe & Damione Lewis talk to Larry "Showtime" Kennedy who shares his thoughts on the Panthers ownership search, and how he would like to see a local ownership group emerge. 


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Amare extremely real to studio piece he's primetime powered by ortho Carolina and he heavy metal in the. And they have to. He killing kids showed some leg old school Pentair. It's a limo guy ideally get fed into the mix nab show. That was an even. Even the door open for. Gaza and similar. Right now he's not stillness and. Here's what. I'm right now and for. Alongside Damien Lewis primetime brought to you by ortho Carolina. 6:10 AM what do 25 FM WS and Z. Craziest thing on your playlist Damien saying Iannetta metal guy and fortunately this for us. Let's all that's on your playlist lead leg really that's on the I'll try to go Brooks. Ask me where my list to look at museum and then again you don't come down with Garth a little bit that's got. It's very good friends in low place and you know there is two more here in Nashville. And we went by the bar. That apparently Garth Brooks used to go to words out of the lyrics. Of friends in low places is that right. Yeah so it takes you on this little tour in their tell all these stories you know yadda yadda so it's really interest thinks of your country guy. Yeah maybe a little. I don't know what they calmed trolley tour or whatever it is some type the bus to war in nationally be all over them and yet I would go to the yeah Wendy bad not bad at all. On yet the new nickname I have for you though. Damien. The heavy metal grinch. Effect talk that's like got for you anything about that who I potential for all. Denise curry put on our good. Oh yeah you know seriously limit little grist yes it all out. Yeah braves figure that's a I know this is a good or bad thing because deep down I want you to embrace heavy metal. So I hate to give you a nickname which emit fewer and embracing not being heavy metal values more heavy metal songs that are tolerable. But I'm not gonna sit up in the right when I jump in the car and I'm getting ready to hit the road. That's not going make the play and his brother and I are known to not get into. Okay well I mean hey I do appreciate. Our son torn here damion I do appreciate that you're so. You know adamant. In one direction but I just hate that your adamant against metal. You know if it's the only thought at a crossroads here you know then yeah I can't remember who you are going out on the field you don't screw balls involved in lifting wage sin you know and stuff like yeah. Haskell was a permanent place for but a disk are can be. You don't hang out you know pre and video game commercial or listen to what we got that he would bring the boogie yeah yeah I did. That's crashed there on fed anger bode well it's great. All they'll we do have bleary Kennedy is in the studio is he not it is it is a terror now is easy right by you is he within the it's a microphone. Yeah I got the marks phone number and it Rucker wrote this language it uses vivid little lose lose his buddy your book. Aguilera. Our US does it the heavy metal grates over there Damione Lewis being anti heavy metal they don't know idols so mantown have a little blue and it is now when I listen to this half past I know what do you have what you have in the rotation player. Do you gotta stay in a social order so my style of music is just a little bit different. But I do I do like marine private by changes Opel will be scared you know I do a few people I do change is okay but you know on down south you know Luke. You know it's little rattled her coming you know mom moment different level when it comes to their music but but I still love Barbie stuff old school and well Anthony Hamilton I like the soulful music jazz both soulful voices but. When it comes time to get down on down south all day. I'm Jim this would go. Its. Consumer. I. So I so wish you guys resist you know like I've been metal lyrics right now but that's okay that's all right I mean I appreciate where you guys that come from now Larry you're at Florida from 1991 to 1994. I know you follow football very very closely but what are you CN from some of these these Florida players come NFL draft time here a couple of months. Was only two others don't be inching army would just a year we have. The CD guys go won't come down to how they do of the Kama. You know to come by and a goal like Libby pardon in their draft status I mean you know we didn't have a the last couple years haven't been that great. But though but we have produced some some good defense of players. So it'd be listing see what happens this year just throughout the draft I think the the guys from a numbers standpoint to doubt what they need. Two to be productive at the next level. But just from the season they've hand in another type of team they've had over the years. I just think is is heard the draft but the car buying got a chance to helpful so that's the way you see what happens and come bonds and and see how these gas fair and come plasma I think death Leo help address that. What do you make of just the state of the Carolina Panthers right now looking for a new owner. Marty Ernie has been reinstated so she might well be the next GM but no president in terms of the structure of the front office or what do you make things right now. Was tough right now I mean you know it's so log loan write down in the city you know it buys Cali in a way to seize. Typo situation in a mean one thing about it the fan support is here I think the city is behind the Panthers. You know we love our team we love what what appeals have done as a whole. But would the ownership thing you know we hate to see our mr. rich singles. But at the same time you know you know with time comes change and I think with some of the names that to bid if dorm around out there. You know I think the chances of being good news I just hope they stay keep the ownership within the care line ups. Who you feel that's pretty important to do so I think is very important I think his hometown team. I think this team is built off the Carolinas. Everything about it is seen as Carolina feel. And I would hate to see them go outside. Of the Carolinas ownership. It just means a lot to have this teen with in the state. Within and keep it here in Charlotte I think it's even more so important. And to bring some outside influence in here I don't think necessarily will be the best move for the city for the teen. As a whole. He's ex Florida Gator leery Kennedy junior joining us here. On prime time brought you by ortho Carolina. Let me ask you that though Larry let's just say it's someone from outside the general area. He think he would take awhile for him to be embraced do you think he ever would be embraced. Well I think it turned back into like to deal with the bobcats. You know you this is one of those things where the outside of course it just did it just doesn't work. In this city just doesn't work in the Carolinas so when you look at what happened to the bobcats a mean they never took off into really they got a home town. Or are in the Carolinas type ownership base. Would Michael Jordan coming in and I think the same thing in the Carolinas has success because you had. A mr. rich so which was a Carolina I've got. And and I think you go that outside influence me in it it goes off the moxie of the team and what we represented here in the Carolinas. And I mean I know some of the names they've thrown around it may sound sexy but it's not Carolina sixth. Yes well that's true fourth and fifth that's absolutely true I've been what do you think Larry if fun if they're able to upgrade the receiving corps. And it's not a talk trash and say nobody can get it done this bunch is a very good receivers Greg Olsen stay healthy he's still very capable as a tight end but let's say they draft. A top of the line stunt I howl. How effective vocal of a quarterback in terms of top five top ten do you think Cam Newton can be if they get that straightened out. Why would Cam Newton state and not think Kim has has all the tools to still be one of the best in the league. And BA MVP type candidate every year at QB position. I just a two got to go out get a top three receiver think. That's the one thing that's missing with this with the Kansas is topping receiver somebody that decadent that it take the roof off at the need it. I think you all those mid range guy has a great punches. Greg Olsen they were will find it. I'm we were filed with the role players and the thing about it with the role players here we don't just have role players are role players are great in their roles. But now we've got to go get a superstar receiver they can truly take the take to topple in if we get a guy we head into the mix land. It changes this all sorts. Turns out that they would McCaffrey and and added to the mix I still think you can even go get another run and bag that would McCaffery. He's so multi talented and multi dimensional you can do so many things with him when this in the backfield though the sim slot receiver he's he can just offering so much. On the office of being so you go get another back to all sit that was him and he had a receiver to the mix of top in receiver I think the Carolina also has its Israelis take off. Yeah yeah I'm gonna take in a different direction here Larry. I was talking my man Damione Lewis at the beginning of the show. I got a marriage license. With my fiance yesterday. And it dawned on me that I have never in my life seen someone frame a marriage license and display it in their home. Ever. Do you know anybody who is done something like this flare into. It's not I've been married to a one years and and I don't have been to many is. Yeah. Vote I don't know if this individual was imminent not to sort of okay come alone there but does that go. A lot of mumbo of these houses in Al but it does seem gave Ben wedeman is licensed trained is the guy hanging in the living room. Yeah man I and I've never seen in my life that I started taken like. I can't believe I don't know anyone leg I never got into anybody's home in just like you know. Just seen some saying you know frames and things that are in frames that your I've never once seen it and I find that strange that I don't know. Anybody that's on that. Non Madison anybody's panties. Yes you know obviously I was anywhere good answers but I haven't seen that the marriage license so those are tucked away somewhere. Yeah yeah no doubt about web mail most women need to prevent them they're free no. Right refuses. Here it seems redux is framed employees see their way right dry areas today. Yeah absolutely the Larry though in terms of what the Philadelphia the Philadelphia Eagles just did. I mean you think about the landscape the NFL I look at it Weathers and glass half full glass half empty. Where if you look at say. The Los Angeles rams right where they had the coach of the year. They had an MVP candidate in Todd Gurley they had the defensive player of the year in here and Donald and they didn't win a playoff game. So I'm relating oldest of the Carolina Panthers where you could look at it can be like man it is incredibly tough to win a Super Bowl or take a look at nick last half full and look at what they Eagles just did. And get on the ruled that they were on and nick pulls comes in their tickets lightening in a bottle. Would you be more optimistic or pessimistic. About the Panthers Super Bowl chances going forward based on how the playoffs played out optimistic. I mean you know. I still think the cancers make him go out here in India is they played a tough conference if not the toughest conference overall from top to bottom. But I think the Panthers because of their defense. Still has a chance to go out here and compete and win a Super Bowl next. Mean. I really do I think you gotta you gotta get coaching staff intact I mean even with colts Wilkes leaving which was which is a huge walls. In you dad in Ray Brown called brown Amir I mean they've they've also been some keys. Component so that coaching staff but I think with the guys that they they they they stayed in house which was important after all. And not achieved chemistry right. And I think you know you add those couple pieces. I think you continue to look at Thomas Davis announced his retirement. Next year I think a lot of things the play for so you got some gas plants are some things that that they know this is it in some gas for a guy like Thomas Davis captain ETU Baghdad's a screenplay for doubt like this just because they notices his flashy. And and I think cameras go bee champ. I mean you know you get what you do it would cancel these global audience to form he's old he's will have the antiques I mean he's cool. He's going to be a crowd pleaser and and he's going to attain this like he always does and he's the only big big plays he's always have a few bad plays but that comes with the game. And I think with the DA added addition would McCaffery coming off now commit to a second year I think you know that the rookie year behind him. I think Eagles still lob while McCaffrey and they don't found ways to give him the ball and you got a new oh seek common in the play who I think would definitely helped him do I think norm turner will be a big. A decent to this coaching staff from an office standpoint. In what he borrowings from you know just knowledge just you know his head coach and abilities tickled to pass to us how they they he changed the locker room how he'll have control demeanor the bill will be different did not think it was which she looked. So I think desk will even itself. Play a big part in the production of the Carolina Kansas offense and how far they go in the playoffs makes. Larry it's been a treat to visit with you today can you do me a favor. And in just one area not be like Damien Lewis and just embrace the heavy metal a little bit can you do that. Closest whole army you know. That's a fun. And I'm happy I thought you know I think nobody really given Sunday you do elegant women playing into the middle yeah isn't here but you know wanna go run into lol yeah. Yeah the building it makes it crazy yeah. Some of football team right a man did miso market is you have obviously the slab home and I just kind. It definitely will will cooler little Lamar vibe going on I like it I guess it depends on your position to do for you know and it's and the NCAA. It way. You know nothing else that's what I. Low bit you know how it handled a music for so long. Remember when member Donovin Darius uses safety for the jaguars nobody is just a news he'll listen to classical music that was his thing you love those in the classical music on the way to a game auctioned you know that Florida muscle. Leave enough months only of Florida. Was oh snap I got the power. Before Hoya Allen does and oh yeah must certain kind of music decades because I don't wanna be a bad influence on the kids of Charlotte I guess it's yeah a you know once I reach a certain point into the dry out a book into the stadium how could all snapped I got the power to finish it out. And you know our play do do my favorite new moon was top gun so I'll always have the division of the jets. And I got a power and demand samba routine and he would walk into the swamp by dean and we will leave. That was something else back then Islam at Florida in early ninety's. So we can give back guy like Dan Mullen. I like the staff he's put together allied countries embrace and they do old school players male I like to recruit class you know I'm I'm a damn Marlins fan that they he can make this thing coming I think he's the second coming. Both the old ball coach potential. Move them. Will be great for college football a few years oil has left missile solid B David nation is is overdue. Yes I hear you man Nigeria Wohlers is great visiting with you today meant extra drop combined no problem in a drug they did you know I just wanna dropping your load those so that. That's right it's slippery Kennedy junior Diop and on by we love that's coming up next. What did Matt Ryan do last year that no other NFL quarterback was able to achieve on Brian now. In for Kroger he's Damione Lewis its primetime brought to you by ortho Carolina. I'm Brian know it for Kroger. Alongside Damien Lewis its prime time brought to you by ortho Carolina 6:10 AM 1025 FM WF and Z. I ran across this article today Damian I thought it was interesting I'm curious if you're. Impressed by this or not okay this is. There were 32 players in the NFL that played every single snapped this season. And Matt Ryan was the only quarterback to do so didn't miss one snapped all season long. Are you all just by that alone are you impressed by that. Yeah that's a testament to the dolphins have learned to bring out our former. Yes you know yeah. I agree with you and you dig a little bit more. Of the 32 players that played every snap on their side of the ball. Matt Ryan was one of only four non offensive lineman. Unaudited one. And there are only four non offensive lineman. Lee had Matt Ryan. Then you had to browns linebackers. Ed Christian Kirk's seat. And Joseph schober. He also had jets linebacker Demorrio Davis yep those are the four non offensive lineman that played every single snap. Pretty crazy. But it doesn't support our special lumber workers models gusted and we are you might typically does mark multiply your. National sports there's you gotta gotta guard does a great job in one stop in coverage. Quarterback don't always had more than just run on that list to be your switch up our maybe two drills and our children. Quarterbacks yeah yeah yeah. Last year that was the case there were four guys last year that didn't miss a snap. It was Drew Brees Eli. Kirk cousins and Matthew Stafford. But Matt Ryan was the only quarterback in 27 team that didn't miss a snap and yet it down the area a down year from his MVP season but. It's amazing how durable he's Ben he's played every single game for eight straight seasons. And he's played a 158. Of a possible 160. Regular season games that's pretty impressive visitors. Yeah now durable how about this. Now Mel extra back here I think he got a good chance to get this one right Damione Lewis. But the the play here that has been on the field for the most offensive plays over the last five years. Who do you think it would be. Tom Brady. It's a good guess. It's Drew Brees. Drew Brees is number one yeah most offensive that NASA gonna answer. Well I would never got number two. Philip Rivers. Would you mind of going to Philip Rivers about three or four. Yes they are better than me I would not have to I don't know why but I would not have thought Philip Rivers. The second most often never collateralized there's change you never drew had a million hurt like he is missed the durability. He's very durable. Ides I don't know why my mind just wouldn't go there. I would go with X. I honestly don't know where my mind would've gone but I I wouldn't of thought Philip Rivers for a little while Matt Ryan. By the way he is eighth on that list he's had over 5000. Offensive snaps over the last five seasons. Slot man. That's a lot you are. Out. Wall wasn't up until this year Joseph Thomas had that long streak re asked to snap and and tell you we do a show we have Jeff Schwartz comes onus. On occasion he talked about how just how impressive that is given the fact that you know. If your helmet comes off for you if you if you lose a shoe or some thing like at southern make him take a player out that even even if yeah used there's not a injury involved and that's you know. Up until this year Joseph Thomas was levels consistency there. Yes it over 101000 snaps. Without missing any time. But since the 2007 season Damien if she was there for every snap since 07 until they get hurt this last season. That's insane man it's crazy it's crazy. It these are how about this okay look mr. Her answer man all right I'll be Alastair back again here. There's no weighted it's impossible to get the highest non quarterback. Tom with the most snaps or last five years it's an offensive lineman. Mitchell Schwartz from the chiefs but you got a fighting chance about this highest non quarterback. Nine line men. With the most snaps of the last five years. Would you think. It's tough man I'd sooner that gonna be any shame tonight get this one. Is he in a CA RC is an AFC guy. Targeting him. Not a tight end but. In the tight end picture kinda and a couple of let up a. Well. Mair I enjoy it isn't. I think you're on the right position and that's a very good guess but it's not Antonio. Then it's one of those that would make sense once you hear the answer but he actually got banged up this last year. He missed the game at the very end which is the best I could give you. But there was a lot made about all man this is the first time he's and is this to happen yeah ID all that type of stuff. I don't know how was it it is Antonio Brown. Not Antonio Brown would Damien guest. RNA. LC is not yet they Hopkins and Houston it is the entree hop throw line. It's an error but at the FBI Andre Hopkins the highest non quarterback none line men. Over the last five years this is a five year span he's had over 5000 snaps. 5053. Crazy there is no she hands. As far as the defense of guys. Most snaps or the last five years even want to attempt this one day it's it's a possible Damien is that a linebacker. He'd say cornerback quarterback. Our Richard Sherman. No yeah no way zero CA ANC. He is AFC idiots. Or. Which you might associate him with. Both conferences. As the late. Try and make him more than Hillary who is not derail no. Sorry it's not it's not Malcolm Butler now the event that happened that at least those seasons now are up there it is now with some. Was was to give them in Denver. Up until he took me out of this. Here so that's an old saying Syria doesn't go they're not achieve that. Legally it down on that murder in the book but I don't know I don't know it's tough man there's it's impossible. Of all players. Now Ryan might get this. Maybe now and again it is easy you know it isn't CJ Mosley. Now it's it's cornerback corner as a corner. Many you know wood is. AJ Boone hit him AJ and boy it's a love and let's just did just a fact he knows AJ boy EA is great. That's awesome but now it's not him burning car. It is now. There rain in one another and the car would have never guess. I saw never I saw that when he signed because essentially the the ravens like the last couple years as soon as they lose a corner there they're screwed so like these these I I just Franco. Let's let's let's be fair bring Cardin had a great season this year especially in that one Pittsburg game where Antonio Brown lives and we lit him up for like 220 yards and an iPhone tomorrow Humphrey on I'm I if you have brain and brain Carson she was signed because he plays every snap even if he doesn't play. What you know and a Pro Bowl level yeah at least plays every he's there for every snap. He really isn't just under 5000 defensive snaps over the last five years for Brandon Carr. Anybody that he might have been thrown at an all 5000 shows that goes through the snaps at a spell really on the ball turned. Okay cars on the fate of some good years meg eight years with the chiefs and cowboys but I didn't know he was that durable Damien I had no idea who you. Yeah it's great. Two of the offensive lineman this past year. That we're on the field for every snap to Carolina Panthers injured Nora well in Daryl Williams who didn't miss one offensive snap so. A 1066. For each of them. That is incredibly valuable when you can count. Not only game in game out snap in snap out we're having those two guys on the field and injured nor was playing at a high level on top of that. Antonio he's going to be and we we talked with such a course from CBS sports icon this week there his former agent he said I mean it. You know nor oil is going to be he's probably gonna get that that Kevin similar deal from a year ago. And you even if nearly missed the Panthers you know signed that franchise tag tender which is eleven million dollars and you're you're you're giving yourself. An extra time to negotiated deal with some. You know Zach Martin's prodding and you're gonna get to be the next guy and Ellison terms getting that that high paying guard money so if you wait there used in just betting against yourself there. Yeah and this is going to be even more difficult freedom to bring him back so. Yes it's tough enough when your cap strapped in your. Yeah and an arms race against these teams of all kinds a cap room good luck and don't containing gonna test this like GP side he he went out and got dodger rosenhaus as is agent this off season though so his door and they must be the moon and it. FF FF FF FF a in New York here just about the money after a true doesn't exactly sign clients who are on the coliseum better years are behind you. Cup probably Drew Rosenhaus enterprises over here is that the way goes typically. It's rhino in Damione Lewis primetime righty by ortho Carolina the food today was brought in by the Sante pizza company you can check them out at the Sante pizza co. Dot com something else I only to get into you with here Damien. Is it. Driving back from Saint Louis yesterday with a lovely Christine and we had another conversation here now she Ocalan the back story. She. Had two wisdom teeth pulled. And heard should cheeks were just like. So Robin you know there's all kinds of terrible this going on right. Europe and Scioscia to take some pain pill she had to take all kinds of stuff and she's getting drowsy so she asked me to drive. Now she has a Fiat six speed. I do not drive stick. I I don't know how. So I didn't best I could man I didn't just like good stalled that a few times. Scripting beer together they're out of goods are really quite serious Elena dub you should smell type thing get up. It's only got into this conversation. And I was flake. I was like I just some terrible at this zoos like well most guys are displayed often say they're good at it. And I am like well I'd that's just numb me out I just tell like it is you know. And so we started talking about what you guys embellish the most. And of course I asked her and she is like. Size because of course is the number one thing you know beyond that beyond embellishing the man zone. What do you think guys embellish the most Damien. Would you put at the top of that list outside of anything man's own related. I think salary would have to be there and it's. I think apple led a schism has got to be out there. You got it you've had that friend that danced to 2598. Times when he was in high school you know. It they could hit nine threes for the lakers right now. I think apple is hasn't behind the embellishment list you. My normal warm on the morning after the men zone honestly. Would be salary if you never really. Out there and then go to. Oh how dumb are. They get embellish their salary hunter has gone by the other. About that know yeah China get that dope yeah yeah. I was legion. I can't think of anything beyond that I know there are many things we are simple green yeah simple simple simple. I had no money would be that high is a man makes sense right. It makes sense like if you're in kind of the you know if you're going out on a certain I didn't hear you meet a girl and have her and you know. I feel that that would definitely come up in the conversation at some point Richard and if you're trying to do to woo certain a certain female. Right ray your a lot of that happens and the adult oriented re teach. Kids to either. What's it worth it wedge third you know your skills that sort of thing but beyond all of that but I know Manny is in the studio Damien. Is it just jet fishing stories that's always an embellishment right yeah. Conflicted. Totally pound bass that sort of thing dinner. Ten pound bass. Am bashing there ya the ones sorted out do you have dead just term is weird nor to my wife Trisha when me. Arms she's about to get seasick you know everybody's our Carla closer is heard turner unknown so you land plows were in the hole. Almost learn pops are grow learn set the hook review image should officials' own. We put the donor she goes the work. We're sitting there were talking a hundred Chad and were drinking problem Beers here the fish jumps out of the war oh man. The attitude of the vote changed though no point five and dynamic did a little uneasy saved. Beat five foot. War and Mahi Mahi and dolphin whatever you call it did little. Jumps out of the war and it looks like the commercial he jar. Studies body has strayed stay out in the next thing you know you see to he would tell us detail. Remember at all in your G I'm not serious right away while I don't. DR captain knows them away and they heard. You sure you're given rise to the big day instead in midstream Tarver. And. I. Is the absolute data premiere of thirty minutes aim is she got that they knew we got inaudible we got a pitcher with Robert. There was she lays over remarks shortly and she's on a file for the quarter. They'll blow the main fears is bigger this year we'll well from head to toe shoes is lowered my wife. The fish is 51 and you life's little obviously is a story on that relationship goes to none other than the shortest lady owned a boat she's Leonardo. That's of that story is in the minority because typically it's a fishing story that is inaccurate right. This yup you got it down to the senate meter dude this action this is money yes. Another good one on the building senate tax line not embellish or you know or how well you know them. That's true. That's a good one gal Ali yeah I Kobe Brian deny we we had lunch before. We've edited know somebody that's right absolutely. We got a shout out Nassau. Bahamas. Lake effect I replaced the passport analyze news that's music. And you that you ever spent so you can. The guards are you yeah. Did you get rid of ozone guys over and got a book Tigger got over its rocket. Well very yup or actually gray Yemeni guide around because the wedding is march 10 and we leave the next day. So you have until March 11 to get to the rock and roll hall of fame. In this series. Yeah her brief speech in this race there's no real reason might wanna go there before LeBron leaves to see you have something else to seeing Cleveland. Is there. Just is a heads up. Gary what about a Breslow weird people Cleveland lingering Indians. But away by late Damien. What is nannies outlook you're ten year old son on the NBA playoffs who roots for the warriors and the cavs are right now. Mary. We think you'll win the we regular playlist you'd like to have so Golden State you don't my home but. You. Yeah. Oh it. Cavaliers. So you take care little put together after all the changes they've heard it on their team in the last week or so. Well I. In between east of Abu. AV in and fines if they beat Iraq hits. Do you think America's going to beat Golden State have been a firmer and probably. And and. You know we should do we should get Manny selections for all star weekend. You know. That's the that would how about we do that serial let me get let me see here so we get. All right did dunk contest here the four contestants to get Dennis Smith junior from the mavs. Donovan Mitchell from the jazz. Clear against juniors now with the cavs. And Victor Oly depot. We like many. You attrition from the cats yeah. Okay Zoller Ed junior kicker norm and the the dead could fly he can fly to. That makes sense yeah cool now you go with Klay Thompson to win the three point contest. Yes and now no Monica no great no Klay Thompson who. We like that Paul George Bradley deal is gonna win the three point contest. Going. Burger you know sugary. Sometimes that's the android phone don't go Paul George fox and JPG. Thirteen to take. Though the three point contest of boot this had to catch a a a attributed the god do we got. Your home. Yeah no layoffs dammit I made so far I. Yes I've got to put the gun blasts are right. There right there is proof it's a good look at the all right it's a bit next to close it down in style. The latest chapter in this stick to sports book. You'll get to that I'm Brian note in for Kroger he's Damione Lewis its prime time brought to you by ortho Carolina. A bright note for. Alongside Damien Lewis it's primetime brought to by ortho Carolina. 6:10 AM 01025 FM WS benzene. I actually saw DMX in concert over in Albany, New York Damien. Do you turn out he did Manny is great. The scoring and concert experience. He is. All energy in concert in absence this guy how to fight. Yeah and that was you know that was well after is is peak you know select the right. Didn't matter the Massachusetts. Is still like fired up visit that was a huge arena or something you know your death and you of that. Today brought you by the side they pizza company Tek about it this Sunday pizza co dot com. So we've us got another installment here of stick to sports this is a Laurie Ingram who Fox News personality. She's recently taking issue with comments that LeBron and Kevin Durant made. About president Donald Trump check it out. NBA superstar LeBron James is talking politics again. And this time it's. Here's is barely intelligible. Not to mention ungrammatical take on president trump and I knew it ESPN podcast. If I can host Carrie champion ask James and fellow NBA star Kevin Durant about what she described this tribes are racist comments. Must run their mouth like that unfortunately. A lot of kids and some adults. Take these ignorant comments seriously. Look there might be a cautionary lesson and LeBron for kids. This is what happens when you attempt to leave high school a year early to join the NBA. And it's always unwise to seek political advice from someone who gets paid a hundred million dollars a year to bounce a ball. Oh and LeBron and Kevin. They're great players but no one voted trio millions elected trop to be their coach to keep the political commentary to yourself. Or is someone once said shut up and dribble. While. Okay. Just trying to start stuff Damian here are your thoughts on that whole thing that is is absolutely bonkers. Yeah I'm just right round like you you do us going always yeah man. You know aren't aren't all in all year it's just it just trying to rile people up you know used desperately trying to soak. Does that Danes SOC's go for you try to do the opposite is the thing that I have a problem with is. I don't know why we've gotten to a stage where people don't just simply say yeah I disagree. There's nothing wrong with disagreeing but to the point where it's like. Hey dull voice your opinion that's Randall problems there's nothing wrong saying you disagree with the opinion that was voiced. But don't say just stick to sports I hate this stick to sports. Thought it's just. It's America man our backs and insults their intelligence. Yeah as the younger Americans do they live in America just like everybody else goes and you know there opinion of their president and the way he conducts himself is their right you know my brother will say and stick to sports or stick to. Whatever you know when people were asked their opinion about what they didn't like about. You know Barack Obama or what they didn't like about George Bush or what they did Mike about Clinton or they didn't like about the last George Bush. You know also resist I don't. Be fair. You know in your criticism are understand you talk about the storybook. You know you can keep to jabs you know you have to Germans they stick to basketball or taller guards you know. Not intelligent he's right very intelligent human beings you know and they are leaders and they are leaders of me. Yes you know when your leader romantic doesn't matter if you. Dornin in a little for Reno if you do and then in the dual core prayer or sports or whatever it is you know. It requires respect for you to be able to you know. Moved people to do Laura. Com under one full more you know what your charm accomplished. And that's to be known best to be celebrated as not to be you know which are Dan homer Carlos. It's not in these so called realtors. Again in this and in the same way that like you know all of us are allowed to have an opinion I mean you know and end here would this work would that would Sheehan said the same thing to Steve Kerr who we knew he was asked kind of a similar question about what happened. Florida the other day in and you never know what someone has as grass gone through in their life and you're Steve had a family member gunned down. And here which she sees the same exact thing two to Steve current SEC Deloitte to LeBron James. And the same occur soon you know he has his of cleansing you know and he's always on fox talking about something there. I've heard this they stick to bitch right exactly what nobody says that when they agree. You know nobody was telling JJ watt to stick to football when he was helping hurricane victims in our so it's just it's a lame. It's a very lame thing it's Elaine card to play on the stick to sports thing it's just. Let me and it's America you're entitled to an opinion ever and as somebody. You can you are entitled to disagree with that but don't sit here and say they shouldn't be able to express stuff that's where arrived to have a problem in the Russo marsh was being idiots in the yeah she terminated or tell you what even go to college so I mean we can't beat who's surprised it was just. It's slow hang in true man there's unmet. How about this on a high note. Damien pen across the story where. The the demand for Eagles tattoos. It's just going crazy after they won the Super Bowl I would imagine a self. There's a local tattoo shop who says he was crank it out may be too old we need that like twentieth day after they beat the patriots and earlier groups and yes I'm going over Bryant's death they've got images of Jason tells C. From the parade where he had the crazy sued on it now or more people tattooing that on their bodies. Would you ever did ace are themed tattoo girl would never never. I don't even have a U turn to. I would it maybe had some you wink I didn't know. Don't government Ewing wouldn't tell you wink know. No no no it's not gonna change time new. We're mergers what do you think of a super fan who has Jason Kelsey the Eagles center. Tattooed on their body. In his lake celebration crazy outfit what do you think of you are hardly see you buddy across the parking rotten. Right oh. Death begin right around. Your breath diddley did that earlier that I do you wrote hello addiction is that the same sister you give me. Inter's in my left for heavy metal music are you really Lucent's. Huge priority. That's why you have the heavy metal grades as they didn't and this is. It is that I know extraordinary and Larry describe. Bench these goodies red or blue brick wall of Toulouse who do that buffalo created jobs or you know is good his short term when you read to your room to brew Wahlberg does not look good for LeRoy. I ran a little luck everything and obviously bring a good guy all in it is made for driving around in the car truly is no drain you don't have draster you're not only of their life. Yeah well that's true the last quick check of the buildings and building sinner text line. Talk about marriage licenses being framed in displayed Steve from Winston-Salem he says. My sister framed her divorce divorce papers for about a year so I might have more numerous papers claimed then marriage licenses. It was fun man hey. Great Dane Wiki Damien UN Manny.