Primetime: Larry Brown Reacts To Steve Clifford Firing

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Monday, April 16th
Kroeger and Kilgo talk to former Bobcats Head Coach Larry Brown about Steve Clifford, Michael Jordan and who he thinks should be the next Head Coach of the Hornets.

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I just got to cushion the NBA he's just to get somebody they can motivate people to play hard. And play unselfishly. That sounds like OK this is simple but it's also very hard. Yeah on the team as much a lot. Use of force and they feel more important. To viewers continues captain city. You have all of that is true. And I'm still a Trojan there's one thing that I can do that who gets your attention can't control your play. Into. Our control your minutes this season cal won't exercise. That authority if you don't play. Wasserstein to place you crazy because I won't control you were a few minutes and you'll sit on the live from the mark's green realty studio. OK okay. Are we gonna Bartolo Cologne stats coming in. On the building center text line 704 or 570916. Am. Actually to those 44 B 45 next month these five foot and 44 yet he's he's about to be 45 the crazy. He's listed at five foot 11285. Pounds listed is the keyword there what do you think his actual stats are is there's always thought eleven he's probably like 510 plus he wage to nine years until -- he's got to be three built nothing he's crossed the bills. I don't think he's I don't know we're a little bit removed from from spring training is probably put some bounce back on. Whatever conditioning he did in spring training for the Rangers is probably adding another ten or fifteen years he had great attitude this night yeah. He was sitting on the bridge in the best of seven perfect. People didn't know how to treat it means there's c'mon man check me if I'm signed. It is. It is glove with the insists he was think it was Daylon except somebody wrote in San Bartolo Cologne AKA the big sexy 100% took Roy it's. He plays for ten teams he's played during four different presidents and office and he's got one career home run I miss that badly hash tag let's go and subject had 70 floor 57096. Stand where he can hit a simpler phones of the buildings that are Tex want to pay the bills really quick to thank the improper pig as they feed us every Monday awesome North Carolina classic Barbeque they got that twist over there as do really gets your score and end they got an awesome craft beer and cocktails menu of food menu with fusion and burger features it'll release a blow you ways to go go would go check those guys out there over cops called on Sharon amity and online at the improper pig dot com the fetus each and every Monday John killer Cuba where this. On a Monday what did you think we're gonna do it more this hornet's coaching search and a we're to talk to Larry brown and thirty minutes to talk a little MBA and talk about what it's like to work from Michael Jordan. As an owner. But what did you think of the Darryl Worley news yesterday killer were you find out that bodily now according to Philly police six deferred charges have been levied against him and he was found asleep at the wheel blocking a highway eight in Philadelphia his hometown. And not only that he was combative with with police officers may have found a gun found a gun and he was he had to be teased as well. Before he could be apprehended. And the Eagles wasted no time they come yesterday afternoon and you know I think it's easy to look at this from a football standpoint and say well the Panthers won the deal a camp that I mean sure I guess if that's only care about omelet Mae and this guy. What a heck of a few months I mean that's a sad story yesterday it's a concerning Soria ushered you have had do you hate to see. A young man when he's MF leader not. Go down like this that was you know beat you do some. Blew himself out of the water well and I mean I think it's going to be really edge is you're always young. You know whatever happens in court this gets cleared up I can't I'm not Tennessee's never gonna play football again but many he's really put himself on the bad spot because where do you get treated. Straight up for better just not even a draft picks straight up goes wasted no time in no time. I mean that Doerr say I know talk to people after the aborted there at the Panthers traded him. There were everything I heard was. Always he's kind of hard to manage he's gonna harder coach does it take to coaching. I'd heard any of this stuff I heard any of the things off the field. I'd heard things that okay well he might be on the wrong path there he might now be focusing on football enough you might begin doing things that are legitimate trouble. So when you it's one thing when people say man you're not coach Ruble. But when you're not coach a bowl. And now you're doing stuff off the field and nearly two years Indiana felt that and that's bull. There's a bad combination EM I mean you're you're not you're not conducive out. Too bad I mean somehow I hated foreign well and you know I hate to keep beating a dead horse on this but it may end. Dave gentlemen if people propped him up in this town and I thought did Gelman he's Smart football guy kind of the same thing as Steve Clifford. There's no organ and act diagnose the game of football he's gonna sky outside but as we've gone on further and further and further away from his draft Dixon and especially recently. It doesn't pay any good picture to make. I think you look back especially that draft class where you took three quarters back to back to back James spread very I think it's pretty good. Dear Lisa no longer on this team he might not be any NFL this year and then he got Zach Sanchez on your practice squad. And did skilling used to famous line you can't go into the draft and you can shop hungry when you go to the draft. And he because hungry that he was cut yeah he was hunger that draft two years ago now killer were you cut. Josh Norman when you walk away from Josh or new resendiz franchise tag did nothing to show Ford and you felt maybe the best way to do it was to cast a wide net and take three different corners. And it really seems like only one is gonna be worth their while and I'm still not sure what James Bradbury is as a corner I don't know seasonally number one corner in the NFL as we go into his third season. At doesn't look good for gave government some really is from I guess anymore because he's not here but. And that those draft classes. We got further away and I think we look at him and think. What exactly would you point to his date government's job here he cleaned up the salary best there's no arguing that. But I don't what what's the what's the best gift he left the theaters after his time here. What's the best thing you look back and say man I'm glad I'm glad he did this. You just touched on cleaning up the salary cap yeah. Is that a guy and that's is that high praise a feeling that's not high praise secret but that's guys feel there's a little weak anybody but now. That seems a little weak today. Some look at it like Shaq Thompson. I stood how do we know Shaq Thompson is is a player yet. I don't I couldn't say definitive find out we're gonna find out I think we'll find out pretty early. I don't think you could say definitively today's Jack Thompson's raider placed on the status only that and that's concerning considering going to your four for him. What could steal kill the measure when you punt until amendment where you didn't but the Panthers did. Christian McCaffery. He's still early for no I'm not willing to call on the bus split. I think you wonder is he ever going to be one justifying. The eight overall pick in the NFL draft I think this a fair question. And I don't know right now the F that's an open ended answer you could say yes on. It's addressed returner and they want short. OK does that mean those are too good due to a really good draft picks Tom but. That's like all of his first round draft picks to meet. Have been you know starlet toys not on this team he's he's not here anymore. You are willing to pay get it. And that to me what stars a good player but you're willing to pay what the market Bork because you didn't think he was he was worth that kind of money in your draft him first it is your first round pick. I mean what do what would be the things you point back to we'll do you think he also assigned to Lille rise to tackle. It did son Michael we'll we'll president and that was a that was a bunch of money. In the jury's still out on that one at least. Meanwhile. What what else what other picks would you point to bear on the fourth round. Dear Williams you're talking well yeah I mean he's developed into is a pretty solid right tackle yeah so you've got. Yeah trade turner you get Gerald Williams you have KK short clean up the salary cap mess it's not I'm obtaining it is a bad bad job but it was funny how when people. When when the fan reaction when did Gelman got fired was how could you do this is the greatest general manager in team history and that. I don't think that's close to being true in hindsight and elderly woman in the same league with bill pull you know it wasn't don't always sleep and I would say on the whole now you start to compare. Marty attorneys tenured Dave elements tenure more carries drafting is far better than people ever game credit for how long was. Dylan was here three years for your leadership and human to play dolls with three time us. And look debts that you know that's a testament to him that that that has to be a good a good checked for me and I think his greatest work was probably finding. Those bargain bin. Free agents during the salary cap situation. Finding those guys like it Ted Ginn. Like Mike Mitchell. Those occur Coleman finding those guys that you could plug in play and they would fit Jericho Cotchery you name home. Finding those guys and placing them on a team where if you bring Jared Allen and he traded for Jared Allen is to deal death methadone is a good deal. But I think it's what's funny better as we don't know he's getting better but I guess that's my point is what's funny at all back. What's funny in hindsight is all where I thought or he got the most credit from fans. Was his scouting acumen and being an incredible draster and I actually think that's where he was the most disappointing today. I don't think he's drafting was all that remarkable overall but he did do some of those things better than Marty Ernie had done and that's what's going to be interesting to see about this trip there's offseason. Do you think it Jerious right in Jeremiah sir earls and Ross cock crowing to Norris to nor sir see those guys gonna be good enough to. To fill in the additions fill with seniority we need economic team we're gonna find out. Well part of via. The problem with a look invented gentleman's tenure is a wager you did it. And you signed a week before training camps just jumped. It was terrible timing I mean it was what do you think it. Answer your question. Look what were you think it's he's somebody wrote an injured oral Norah is another good one cassettes and undrafted free agent you just developed in the highest paid offensive linemen are our interior lineman in NFL history. That's that's pretty good work. We take it all back I'm just are good I'll wish you were here I'm not saying I'd like he did that I'm trying to like I think when you look back in hindsight they were the things I think we gave him credit for the time probably weren't things that we should have given him credit for. And I think he did a pretty good job but this idea that he did far away a better job than Marty Ernie I don't I think they're both pretty good in the wrong. Ways you know went out one of the things I did like about Gelman get among those. He didn't care what people said about it. I mean he did he would have been injured and out of what you wanted to do and maybe that's why aren't one of the reasons Richardson started. But he was pretty much he was. A touch Americans want a law away with a man who is he was pretty cocky. All right John killer showed it was with us Robert wants to jump they won't get him on the other side and Larry Brown in a little bit more than fifteen minutes great leaders have agreed Larry Brown is a hall of Famer after all it's primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Listening top primetime which Chris Kroger powered by ortho Carolina. Are you laughing killer. I'm misled that you win a 150000. Talk about all through June Paul Ryan told us during the break okay John killer Joseph goes witness Larry Brown is gonna join us in ten minutes Robert hang on her company US second. Ryan said he cruel hoax. You know shake checks coming next week. And Jake checked shake shack I was informing you of the Della TC that is shake shack. And is now going national we had we had shake shack I shake checked twice in the span of 24 hours in Minneapolis at the super bloke who went to radio world we're in. The Mall of America in the food court. And there's a shake shack just taunting me the entire time right in front of me and so what's for lunch one day and then the following day it's like 5 o'clock or get off the arson Ryan and you know they can go. Can you give me some fruit again any got in the same thing at the first day burger Fries Vanilla milk shake. Gonna like five minutes I mean I'm I was savage I probably look like hadn't eaten my entire life. And I was telling you you would've been embarrassed by how much food I ate yesterday because every Sunday we go to mighty mighty my wife's grandmother's house for lunch. Every Sunday every Sunday my Minnelli got she cooks so good okay. And she had a meatloaf yesterday. Are potato salad killer she's got great potato salad. Like potato salad you know it's so good news or you're eaten there is lunch yes what is silly deal around 1 o'clock here so I had potato salad I had meat loaves I two helpings of that. Talking corn oh she's got the best fresh corn. I would Austin I have the whistle Black Eyed -- yesterday. And I love pickles she was puts fresh pickles out on the table and a bunch of pickles and and a look back around to. And then later that night Joseph pickle a peanut butter sandwich again I did not have that you should try to bottle is really good nets don't match. So I had all that in the end what's let's see I got home yes Rosie you some some potato chips and and and you know enjoying the games on accounts and then we we we had some pasta for dinner last a Saudi sheep being just a La Costa. Giant thing a pasta and cream he like real cream cheese. Stick you know heavy pasta with some few silly tossed and then Seles rallied. A some roles as well. And I think had two rounds of that to show ends at six yes so I I a lot of food yes I mean I eat a lot killer Ayman Al locally and utilized ambush you or tell the truth 150 pounds. Not a believer. You dig away last night did you I think it's UN may be a 130 guy weigh a 150 counts but if you've never had shake shack okay what I love about a Berger the home. Shake shack is eight that's what a burger should be okay fresher role fresh one. Broader dumbest topple little toasted on the bottom right on the griddle and you get a fresh beef patty that is nice and thin. In you slap it on that on the grill top and just siren on both sides heard it's really crispy you know it's like a bark on the outside. It seals in the juices you put some hot cheese on it lettuce tomato onion a little they have little special sauce. He called at a Danish guy critical cut tries to electrical cut Fries. You don't hold it like to salt that's what I love about critical cut pro so you get the hamburger a cheeseburger yet in this trial as he admitted to the mall milk sharing and malt O meal (%expletive) up. In the UAE a hundred and you say 150 yep. Well when you do stuff like I'm not that often mean that that that we can do to twice back to back in the span the 24 hours but I mean weekends in my cheek and I feel guilty if I go home in these couples are screen. Really yeah. Only about a I did have ice. Jog my memory let's go to Robert really quickly or drama about five minutes Robert would sell me what you wanna save up a hornet's. I've yet just wanted to I appreciate that McDonnell and thanks for call last week and talked to you about the origin. Imagine that you know they decided to a total rebuild you know it'll. Broke off the whole band based that they've been working so hard on bring them you know keeping them down there and you know it'd be nice you know another five year deal or what have you. Billion tablets surprised to see up what you think that they that. What you then go to coach this merger talk is. Clifford is I was you know I was you know creation prize on that deal in. So to be attrition to say to a subject that decides to bring in two we're on the team maybe wanna ask Larry he wants to come back. Know myself every unit Ari GNU are we gonna do we do we are we asked Larry that if he's been if he's been reached out to a mission and Mike are now do we do that today. I thought they I think also you know the answer to this. Was that no matter who. And he's looking for jobless and penny Penny Hardaway offer Mike a consulting job resort and apparently didn't want that made him wanna be consultant he won an actual like. All assistant job I text direct since Terry insurance is is this a sports or fruit shell explodes actually Larry Brown joins us next distraught time Howard. Ortho Carolina we'll give me a minister for. Not surprising we were still talking food during that entire commercial break yeah. Think I kept going on and on about what mama Nellie will make it lunch kill kill does it what time what time does the hammer droplets and I need to be there. Truth should ask if you're invited next Sunday we are a few spots open my parent my my in laws are at a town next week to get a couple of spots open at the table you won in 1 o'clock that's a but I'm not saying it's gonna could might be a pricey or you might have to buy your way in but do you want in -- yes on Campbell make that happen as we go to the technique come guess line here and Al Gore were to talk a little hoops right now as we welcome in the hall of Famer himself Carolina legend he's coached everywhere UCLA Cannes is the pacers the sixers. And right here in Charlotte Bobcats sort of welcoming and Larry Brown who's with us right now on the technique on guests on Larry you don't it's good to talk do against. It. Let me ask you did so take as we're talking food and I was saying my my wife's grandmother just coax the most incredible lunch. Every Sunday at 1 o'clock it's can't miss so what's the thing for you growing up whether it was your mom or your grandmother or or just a family member when when this was on the table. Larry's eyes got he's just he's big as his head he just knew he was beaten good that afternoon what's that thing trio. Well my mom or. Are they and ours is very so. We have made blow on a Monday night. I've probably up big blow for crimes that we. I love new low fat or thought they were all pretty well may I filling meal looks got a bad rap would you agree on and I love meatloaf but there's bad meatloaf out there. Not not order a mop or it's here or. My brother. Me globe on Monday and then. Read. It on through there. Went there are they were. You know be happy gravity yeah I spoke carrier on the animated prepared are we we're OK we did. Really need it and gaunt and I was so good enough Europe. I say this is why we brought Larry Brown not to talk crude and to talk meatloaf he's with this right now on the technique I guess Len hall of Famer and a former bobcats head coach. I would wonder Larry what what did you make of of the Mitch Kupchak higher last week for the hornets is GM and then also a what did you think of his decision its first real big decision on the job to a release Steve Clifford of his of his head coaching duties. Well pro prop Politico wrote I putted great like that in. We're not sorted by a bunch of games. There in the city tortures. But it's a special. Army. You know I I don't think a lot of people remember Bernie yeah liked Eric its current track record result what our armed. What it or not going to be able play in the next here and there about a I am many. He showed up the first spare part there are rated go to work. The ability contract and I are working under very well and but for coach Smith a beer loyal. Employee. It did an excellent job were all like. And I think the fact that he or pants sort of Michael. I think you're gonna do an amazed being Michael Price. They Mitch note fully expect great values. Aren't they aren't they are but. Know that major rob. I hope people. Because people get fired coach but I thought they match gonna. Grab where it or were Bart prices could be and so they'll figure things out. Do you think Steve cook did you look back on Larry Brown's with a sickened by the way could you look back and say over the course of the of of the five years that's a long time in the NBA on assignment if you're not doing a lot of real meaningful winning. A five years is a long time in the NBA I mean he took over team Larry as you know that 128 games combined in the two years before it took over and they never won fewer than 33. It is five years so what would you go would you look back to personally say you know what knowing the dynamics of what he took over and where he left it Steve Clifford coaching tenure was a success here how would you how would you graded out. Are they get for up you know. Almonte comfortable with Bo or you know we treat cultures. But that nature of the group when. You know Rihanna and create their own merit and other league got a bank because he's signed people who are bind though. All our contract. And now. It's pretty good called the old but it seems you know play enough there's banter. Are hard to prop up its words that they relaxed here. We want our bird that I got a bigger one or beer around Burton law because. You know earlier this up like that he did say a lottery but ability as well. But you know I I don't know what. You know people judge a coach on awarded. I think the biggest thing that's happened and only group bringing in great kids there's boat down. Or not develop. A lot of you know we get all the worked out quote Jews or developmental coaches are out there teaching kids that applied. Well fortunately poet who even sorely. That makes it real typical. Com. You know I don't have but embattled don't respect the minute they get. You know they have a bad game there oh obedient somebody in their element of play an American player out. It's pretty tough but. They do that all of a coat but. Not but it Richard embark however are really want to pull up in great. Ever really good about bank and I don't believe there. So great where you have been your creditor pretty quickly. And number 04 so. They're broke right wondered yet so Liederman. And help on it get better but I think the way you know the foundation and I have were we've. Banco bode well for the next coach that's what I. 001. Internet rewarding work and that was Detroit. And not. Our sport should not follow code what. Rick Carlisle. Carlisle had some pretty good values what I got to Troy. And I literally about a bit by that. We're talking to Larry brownies with the trend L hall of Famer former Kansas UCLA bobcats pacers sixers had coaches with this on the technique come guess life. And also the only coach in. Basketball history to win in CA an NBA title let him Larry you love. When you're with a box kits and at other places you made it a point tempted to talk a lot about getting your team to play the right way he's Telus seventh. In a paragraph into when you say play the right way in the NBA what are you talking about. I watched the game now and taught it a lot different game that I ever but it. I always thought the right way in popular about background I've played the most vibrant John what don't and Pete Newell Alex atom. I require. Coach Smith about coach along like coach wrote that. I think they're about all party promoter. What am well this week. And by Jeremy try to teammates better do what you do better. We better structure and play hard. Really not coaches up to beg you to play hard but it kept it out you have it guys probably do that. Great shot. We know. Coach Smith right on the board play are what are what are other out on. Went out his freshman coach encroach. Would be all right bye we the united retrieve data and in the best. Allred that was fine but. But my thing you know I. I think it being great shot there's really really critical. Because the way people read it now openly quick shot the ball great shots in transition. You know our but it talks about the brief ball a member. How are buried the beer great report that your training. I think they're a lot about. But it is it is if you don't coincide. Well if Chara get respecting shot. You know in our respect and it shot and then. Were all oh and get back on. Particular order. So are they play in the right way or coach pep talk about. Larry what's the hardest thing about working for Michael Jordan as an executive. Well. One thing written on the bench where it's prop. You know what players compatible ball. Our. You'd I think it's really important when you take somebody out you can't explain don't. You know why it about. What are murdered. I got a call caused Michael partly under bridges spoke competitive. What are all of Europe's. Bond among middle earth you know they want but went so. Belt or are. What it is it is a really bright really cared about the people or formerly what what where armed. But it really more important the greens are. I think there's got to be nonpolitical that are going to be bringing order. Prosperity. And Nicole. And not being in it's between. You might have an agreement. And they might be pretty muted. But it edited very there's only one boy and everybody are pretty unreal what this prize. Armed. There are our armed. 1000 strong. Because there there were a lot of different you know we had a code we haven't though about it Julio all of our. Our own. And I I think from what might have bought I ordered a did Michael hear all what our borders app you're in any words there's Puerto whipped rain. In I didn't feel good job in America. And I thought it would have been more or were they don't have an open dialogue with Michael all five but it what net new order do it. Just got a call five trying to. It. Why it would should appoint well let's go this Larry I I was mentioning this earlier I mean as you said it's never fun to see people lose their jobs split. I was remarking he'd be the fact admits is essentially cleared house in the scouting staff and the basketball operations all the way down the training staff. To me to that point that's a step in. Hey we've got to get everybody on the same page we we can't just be peace spewing the staff together even if guys are good at their jobs we need everybody. On day one. Buying into this idea of what needs to happen moving forward that's not a small thing to me that's a that's a big deal on an an encouraging sign moving for the Mitch did that last week. By I think it's the greatest way to do what they are not that the people that match let go work capable of qualify. I remember what I got to coaching jobs. Com. Coach Smith told Larry people Brit Hume has it next you. I'm going to be the most important people you can have morale and instead you can teach them all about or know. What you can't do it several of respect or so make sure you. Are really aware that you. And I I think that was really and I think what I did struggle a lot of our. Important court I avoid people. You know call me. And some. And I don't think that the best thing. I don't read all about it it's a sensitive guy cares about people. It's probably what he's all but. You've got our people are out around them better you feel really cool loyal comparable. What are. Because they don't it. Stern knows Michael Michael Q I don't. An opportunity if you do that on. Saw. I'm pretty sure that's going to be recorded as far right you know Greg our that you are are you puke or for me forever. On the right I think a lot of people want it look at those burgers and maybe so but this year it's been up. You know little problem where art letter that not not much really all but. In general. You know pop made the decision and everybody OXQ. Are secure so. And there's some believable oil in connection between everybody. As spaceship. And I think that's what you win you don't have been meeting where reproach me were the players. You know I'm a player goes on and they were not on or think. Ordered jail out. You're you're altogether book you'll want boys and they note it. There's nobody gonna break that. I think the only way to do that. The surroundings so we're capable people. That I understand you have a loyal you wouldn't go execute any and you. Think it's important. And never you do have stopped and very very good statement the right way. Larry Brown people out. Deadlier enemy could show off. I think it's pretty. Difficult spark from marriage personally. Know what am. But I think it's a right thing to do. Larry Brown he's got inside he knows what it's like to turn a program around he's done ever spent in that's why is all they were and the only man in history to win a college championship and an NBA championship and kind enough to make some moments for us on the technique on guest on Larry is always a pleasure thanks for making time is good to talk to you again. You wealthy gulf Larry Brown hold on let's take a quick break delegate Jill goes reaction on the other side and fifteen years ago today. Michael Jordan played his last game in the NBA as a player. And I wonder what we think of Michael Jordan as an executive since we do that it's all ahead with Hugo it's croak in its prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Listening to primetime which Chris Kroger. Powered by ortho Carol. Lighted dot com. You ask me this as soon as we went to break. And you said how long could you just talk to a guy like Larry Brown. Just keeps soaking up knowledge. As truth it's I could tell. I just talked to him for. I consider listened to a talk basketball because it would be I don't care if you like him you disliked team. What's your persuasion czar at the guy's a basketball genius. He knows the game you know said the game ought to be played. And he I mean he just indeed the knowledge that he is designed to it's unbelievable well there is his line that is not his line it's dean's line he took it from Dean Smith it's a team principal but play hard play Smart play together. That lie that that. That decree. Mean that that policies still up in the in the hornet's coaching. And the practice facility and a bunch of other lines that are up there but yet that's I mean that's a quart tentative Dean Smith it's been passed down to every level of his coaching tree. And it's EO Larry put it in when he was here are still there coach cliff had sold his. Look it's funny because Larry was saying there's an article that was going around and I think he analysis is now black and white on this it's not by Gary it's not either it's Ryder trauma it's not either this is true reduces false. There's an article go around at forgive me for not knowing the link on it. That I think about it and at the high dot com. That talked about coaches coach puts philosophies of what he believes is a coach by the way. We I grew leery about away his his line of he doesn't like the way we treat coaches I agree OK we treat coaches like to the phones. Don't win enough journey yet you don't win enough you don't know your easy change all the players that you change you can write us so I couldn't agree more Larry on that. So we put together this formula. To hate how do we put values on the things that coach Clifford says are important to his team's. And do they worker did not work and by doing that would describe an overall value to what a coach Clifford successful or not. Okay. In bodily by that analysis who it was basically suggesting. That coach Clifford runs and outdated system or that the way she did things he values. Are not important in today's game I just heard Larry Brown I don't know did you catch on to this I agree with this Larry were saying. Three point shooting is in everything. Exactly it is important it is very important pieces they said that but it's not everything right and it. There's a thought process that. Is somehow the game passage you buyer Saudi team. Has evolved and stuff I don't know as a coach she did you knew you weren't aware hatred just your coaching every day and the league moved on without you and yet you're here I am a man this is awkward I don't know what I'm doing anymore. But treat to hear Larry Brown say. Now I'd I think you know some of the things that you would say aren't important in today's game anymore they still are about a way those things that he's talking about are still the things that Steve Clifford valued which is getting back on defense which is playing inside out which is being low turnover which is being sharing the basketball and by the way all of those things. Every coach in the NBA would say those are things you have to do. There's not a single coach in the NBA we say you know what I don't value getting back on defense could do whatever you want. There's not a single coach in the NBA they would say you know what I don't value the basketball you turn it over what the heck. Those are core principles of being a quality basketball team. So some teams are better at added and others some teams are so talented that they can be bad at those things and he'll matters much. But this idea that those things are valuable in today's NB some of the stupidest things and error in my life. Those things are you play basketball. Good basketball teams generally speaking do those things. They get back on defense they shared the basketball they play is a team. They're unselfish their low turn over and they play as a unit on defense those things I don't care how much three point shooting. Has evolved and in in basketball those things are always the important game of basketball well. You know one of the things that drives me crazy is to hear critics. Look at a guy like Steve Clifford and say the game has passed him back limited is something that is absolutely. True. Clifford would say it Michael Jordan would say it Mitch Kupchak would save Steve Clifford is a better coach today. That he was when he came here five years ago. He is a better Tennessee game is not pay esteemed idea understands what's happening. What's a game but sometimes circumstances. Especially in professional sports NBA NFL. Major League Baseball. Sometimes what you preach what you say you did did did you just the Audi is a coach they're not listening to me they're not hearing what I'm saying anymore. You Larry Brown to me is the perfect example of that because what did you say what's the knock on Larry Brown as a coach who burned people out. And it's a York's two Marty burns them out and end. He can't stay any place. Very long book also that that and I think there's truth to that cannot opt I think there's truth to the but I think it'll Larry. Also looks at the game he looks a thing game almost as a religion. This you don't play at the right way and I'm gonna jump ball here and you don't we have practices we'll have a long practices. We're gonna do it into you do things to the right way. I think Larry. Of although he was a great term. And coach in both areas outside our I always thought that he might enjoy. College basketball more bent out in a rude that he picked are hurting say one time that day he didn't they didn't that he enjoyed the NBA more. But those things are things that are real credit to why he also is thought to be one of the best program builders or tar heel he's a guy we're every went. They turn around that day it's instantly now you're right it would Wear on people and it would go away and that's what things would end poorly or he can leverage before he be asked to leave. But that's all those things why he would coach so hard Roy had no non negotiable so as a coach it's like he demanded excellence and he demanded greatness and guess what in the short term. His teams gave it back to. But his grating I I told the story on Friday killer. Somebody was telling me. About coach Clif OK and that Clifford. And I think in the early years where you've got. You know of a young team we a couple of veteran players on there and a bunch of guys who were either. Barely in the NBA or back in the NBA. You can coach them hard and and there's a body in there because nobody believes you're supposed to be any good anyway. In the early years of the hornets and bobcats that's what was happening with Steve Clifford would guess what you pay guys a lot of money in long term contracts you have some success. That's the NBA how do you keep buying in. If your player do you keep speaking to those players. And Steve Clifford is talked about all this on the record over the last two to three years he said I don't think I've connected with my team the way I wanted you heard leery say himself to Spears' studio when when coach Clifford said last week at his exit interview. That we lacked spirit that he thought rights and an arrow that it's over yes. That's it yep and I heard shifting Gundy say this on on ESPN yesterday on the broadcast when you sort pacers in caps. They were talking about wire the pacers like this could you look at them talent wise there are OK okay obviously talent wise old people's had a great year. Miles Turner's been up and down sabonis is that a pretty good year. And Jeff Finger and he said you know you can talk about ski all you want. You need to have eight did you Muni it's about competitiveness. It's about. Having a fire with Daniel paraphrasing here but he's talking about the the mental makeup of the team. That's what takes a team from being pretty good too being grace note. And I don't think the hornets have had that about a coach Clifford is as suggested as much or not he's. I know this he used to be able to go in at halftime this is the first two or three years and he's kicked a trash cans and raise his voice. And the guys would snapping to attention and they would respond in big they play the right way the rest of the game. That debt hasn't been the case for the last couple years. And that happens it's the NBA right you have just leak. Dude I know coach Clifford would agree to agree about this himself that locker room needed a new voice they just needed a new voice and sometimes it's okay. It happens. In those. Announced I think system. I think Larry kids it is all woman did did you know reboot when he talked about him when he was here. That he wanted to know if he was doing the job that Michael warn him to do it is sounds to me like there was a there was a second there was another person that stood between Brian Higgins is that rod I mean Higgins was here at that time it probably was into it did did stood between Larry and Michael and Michael could never and I mean Larry could never get through that. And I'm. In news he's right you got them would you guess the coach in general manager and president owner. They're all on the same page and you can't have somebody like Tom Brady go run to the owner. And say Asian trade Jimmy German short a grapple because I don't morning morning team anymore. A quick idea let's come back on to get into this on a talk about Michael Jordan for second as an executive and we got some college football to get into some painters is well and the final hour starts hill and killed it was legal pad its prime time power by ortho Carolina.