Primetime: Kroeger Opens The Show Talking Hornets; Kemba Walker Weighs In

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Tuesday, February 13th

Kroeger kicks off today's show discussing the current state of the Hornets. Hornets Guard Kemba Walker stops by to reflect on what was a stressful trade period for the team. 


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It's. Powered by poor old Carolina. Our best because you would never ask those questions. You are so far up Clifford bleak you're afraid of losing your job with the team so it's funny how people like this is why do you Nancy most also plays that guy. Hi this phone I don't know we use face he'll never say that's in my face and that's fine because that's self again and that's how people work in 2018 continuously AD opposite when I go to the arena. Good you recently and are you allowed to save some of the stuff you say on here every day live from the mark's green realty studios Kroger. Hello everybody I. Primetime were powered by ortho Carolina happy Tuesday we have k's on the show lined up. For the next four hours Damione Lewis is gonna join us I actually and I say this. With all love to sport athlete Damien Lewis and by the way I don't know what's I gonna find out about that I don't know what's what he's up this Twitter game recently we'll find out about that is well. He's posting videos of him just taken BP. I guess first softball finally that was not a baseball bat he was swinging team I mean he mashed. The hackable at the ball when he went up O'Toole when Oppo he would not always so Damione Lewis if you pull a ball to the sport athlete he's crushing in on social media recently in this agreement Twitter. Gotta do it for the Graham. And he's apparently taking BP a regular basis maybe he's got some sort of meet maybe maybe he's gonna join the WD TV media softball team Billy well I get the email. Did you Dino Kirk's. Can get the you know I move low that's not good yeah and John Carter is in charge of all this stuff will John Carter WB TV who senator so and so hasn't hasn't carving cursing the red team. Yeah would I use the index like the so here's what happens right there's a red or blue team WD TV. We're here in their building we used to own this building on us but WBT but now we're kind of the same so I say us because I'm confused that's now works all right so WDT. Our sister station news 1110993. Day open this building I believe they pay forty in cash on day one they were just rake Grady Cole the great Grady Cole go on the Grady call center tomorrow for an announcement. Great the great Grady Cole at we Swiss re getting so much cash they did just said hey we wanna build this fancy new building. Here you're going so there went. But then they started that new single television station a few decades later TV became this big thing a money making thing to became split off. Radio got sold to somebody else now TV owns the building net radio actually paid for and they actually were subsidized subsidiary of in the first place and that's that's American that's capitalism in America right now for a company that was founded by our sister station. A RT so our sister station was founded in this very building. And then became the thing that now owns the building we pay rented big about that okay if that doesn't say America in 2018. I don't know what does but either way WD TV there's a media softball league. There's so many people. That are taking party media saw Boller out here we get to to swear in the same building it I just went up into two teams and it's kind of a thing right like the blue and red team are. It was kind of like a natural rivalry within the attitude TV we're we're friendly until we meet. Isn't piece of the red team is your blue team tracked. I think the red team is kind of thought to be in this is why I say this here in all seriousness but in jest who has the better hand the red team is thought to be like the the real serious like oh you got to get like it's an honor to be on the red team so here's what happened total seriousness about just. John Carter takes all this very serious John Carter. Just. He just exudes grab a toss on the air on WBT that's what a news anchor. It's supposed to look like in sound like and Paul Cameron as well Maureen O Boyle right they've got gravitas when they take fear you believe what they say and John Carter is very meticulous very serious about media softball and she runs the red team. And he has for a long time and because he's that steak guy. And I introduced myself to John Carter is an upstate guy somehow I found I found myself last year on the red team but here's the hook up here's the hang up. I never go to a game I ever brutal practice. And I think they don't know what they did I think you won a lot of games I was on team red but I never showed up and don't worry don't be booted from this whole league because. I didn't show up and and and I was on the best team somehow and most serious team and yet I just kind of I was a hanger on and now I think that's gonna come back to haunt me is we get ready for new season. I've got a guy got a couple thoughts on this story and first of all I was team bloom so I got an email from coach will which is Christine is Sarah's husband okay so that's really why you need to deem okay you were team red. Second of all maybe I was put on team blew the way I met John Carter I sent to come backer ray back to the mound and left him quite a bruise on his wrist so on your on my T so that was that was high and met our our co worker and the third point parity forgotten. That's okay man look it's it's Tuesday we're gonna have some fun Billy the marlin producer Ryan or in the studio would you guys. Coming up until 6 o'clock at Walker's gonna join us in 25 minutes he's our top all sore again. The second straight time in coach was talking about this the other day where. You start talking about multiple all star appearances in the NBA and basketball in general is different than the football. In the most simplistic ways in this regard when you talk about hall of fame status. It's a good group. Ever be a hall of Famer. In professional sports you've done something right with your career that's pretty obvious statement to make sure it's the elite of the elite in pro football and we've talked about right we talk about would dare all the time we poke fun at him and how they they they like to make up the rules on who gets in and who gets out you could look at the basement basketball hall of fame. Be shocked at some of the guys that are all Faber she wore it in half because if you could what happens is people use the football criteria. For basketball. But basketball doesn't use the football criteria for basketball. Basketball uses basketball criteria which is were you good sport when you're playing. Did you make a bunch All Star Games did you do things better than a lot of other guys not everybody but a lot of other guys. If the answers to most of both those things are yes and he did for consistent period of time. If you're in. And so I think this is interesting no joke like kemba now becoming a two time all star. I don't know what is future can hold but you can look at the guys that are multiple time all stars and India you start talking 567. Time all stars and chemist got a long way to go to get to that but given his age it's not crazy to say he could be a three. Four time all star he's now already the all time leading three point field goals leader in hornets history they'll become the all time scorn hornet's history before the year's over almost certainly. And you talk about what he's meant amongst his peers is the guy of his size is if things in the NBA or in the it's not even the NBA it's the basket and then they Smith basketball hall of fame. I don't think it's crazy to say that if kemba kept it is essentially not in sustained for long it's gonna be a long period of time can be for another five years she'd have to see chemically for another. I'd say eight to ten years you get it wrong career in the NBA now but it's just putting is it the NBA is such a spot where you start talking a multiple times and anything. You're an elite class and so Kim was gonna Johnson talked him into thirty Sean identity from the sporting news is gonna join us at 330 we're gonna talk a little MBA with him we'll talk about the hornets Joseph cores gonna join us at 430. And we've got to talk to jolt. About something to build votes so a lot from papers are console was the other day which is this idea that nor will we just out the door there's no questions asked. Not so fast like there's a possibility. That an Odyssey a lot's gotta happen. There's a possibility that insure Orwell left guard for the Panthers whose two big payday. Could be stolen pitcher come 2018. But what does that look like and what are the consequences if you make that happen what's that contract gonna look like. Kenny Tate could you find a way to get them for a little bit less I could you find a way to restructure other guys if you if you dual solos things who were guys you'd say. Yeah we're we might just have to flatly cut you and then after all of those things do you have any other money to go play around in free agency address also hard hit got also are the chances of him coming back to Charlotte smaller after a certain higher today in New York. Well I get to that is well because Mike Shula I don't know what to do this because. I kind of king or Jerry cans have because he's able to kind of dust off the means of that he is I guess but we also did the thing and look I tried to defend him for a while. I an ethical Mike Shula did a lot of good around here. I wasn't the best offensive coordinator the NFL it was the worst but she did things that other coordinators I think would have been unwilling to do with a talent like him to be built and also -- of right and I think he deserves a lot of credit for that the play calling adjustments you can OK we can nitpick about that valid criticisms. But the thing about Mike Shula to me is so many people set off that guy got fired he'd never get hired again. And I was unwilling to accept that I kind of took an element a few minutes is your cease fire. There's only so many jobs in the NFL on and narrative to put this out there I mean he's knocked me calling plays for the giants he's just essentially going to be quarterback coach attach Amber's gonna call plays but it. But yet there's always some of these jobs out there okay but that's so good that's still and the NFL's a fraternity like you know it's it's sentinel you know old boys club or whatever and they reserve connection between debut Ohman and Mike shall have no doubt so he's. He's got that he's got a job back in the NFL after a about a one month and a half away for Mike Julie's gonna be the new offensive coordinator I in New York to join pat sure murders their new head coach so we got so longevity so Cory and Jorge Saddam I wanna call more hey I don't think I'm allowed to call Moret does it feel like it's only for his close friends. And his fellow Hispanics the George tadano from ESPN. And Doug George is great man and he had to put it was a really impressive sit down interview. We Dwyane Wade yesterday on ESPN we're Dwyane Wade which is speaking honestly and openly about the dynamics in that cavs locker room. How things is written guys weren't sitting in. And that it it just was nowhere near what it's shaping and he's been on him he would know he was saying this is nowhere near what a championship caliber team should be your could be. And that's when when it what do you all think you don't often hear that you don't. You often hear while we deal maybe just didn't come together the way we want hater you we'd bigger goals and it just you know it didn't materialize but lately sand. Not that it will work in and Pennsylvania we we all went away OK we are everywhere honesty from that point I like Dwayne Lee's one of those guys those who talked to Georgia 530 what is arsenal hornet's. And all that we do have to talks in college troops and done many in North Carolina and we talked about yesterday the buy in for this team. How do you not also look at this North Carolina team and think they're come along okay this team is moving in an upward trajectory they are trending upward right now with three weeks ago left in the college basketball season before it's tournament time and last night more than anything I don't care about the style of play although that run at the end of the gamble with a fifteen nothing to close the game last night against Notre Dame impressive. Three games five days awfully three game losing streak they've now won for a role more than anything I think North Carolina to take away from what they did last night is. That's what you're gonna need to do come march right. And a and her daughter right now man there they are putting it together and closes like stay freshens once they stay healthy that's like you said that's the recipe for success tonight and the answer which you'll what is Ethiopians is quietly become like the caddy he's the catalyst for the seamen we talked yesterday about Luke made Luke makes great they goes he goes to public look at that game last night Jeff just beat the shot or fallen for him. But deal pits and all of a sudden. They played a little small ball till like Roy now Roy started to linked so now Royce got a style of play that's working his style play he started tinker with some other stuff for they can go some small ball line of Seth in Alaska like I can be a bad thing for Roy and stuff I don't know. An uncertain alumni really start to like with the seals team is put out there on the floor so we will get into some college troops. And we've got a lot of theaters to get into his well and we'll get into the stuff with nor well we talk about this offseason to do list Damione Lewis gonna join us in 45 minutes week we do this we get a break and we come back. And we fired all up Kemba Walker and fifteen minutes it's primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Listening to primetime which Chris Kroger powered by ortho Carolina dot com. Frankly listen. They it already. Has more responsibility. For more but you know how inconsistent we played tonight do on our had a lot to do where it. Almost every one of these guys Tommy here and then on my head toe so. There's nobody else that there has bit big part of the ocean side view and our outpost there by the fact that. I think it is important in terms of just hours. Oh or potential I think this is the best team. That that we can act you don't but we don't play well. For yesterday here on a video through franking Kiley kemba Walker's gonna join us in ten minutes and we'll talk a little more it's within he's gone back to an all star game. Per second straight year text derisive building senator Tex I love kemba duping the 136. Alternate seems a bit flimsy once not use the third technically. I he says same guys are going in a Pro Bowl but these other guys get in there in the super bore hurt OK I mean that's a valid point. Valid point. History is not gonna remember any of that stuff. He will never looked back and say hey remember that season in 201718. Are Kemba Walker went to a second consecutive all star game but is because Chris that's got hurt. Where sell you right in the moment if you look at it that way if history is knocking Lou remember that and I would also add this. There's not in a false. Whether Kemba Walker was there was not an all star this year he's an all star player he's an all star caliber player seamstress for Dwight Howard. Like Howard's numbers are every bit as similar if not better in some regards Andre Drummond. But Andre is on a team that's won more so. He gets sin and but Dwight Howard's not any less a player today BC to make an all star appearance but you're right on that. Mean he's not he wasn't a first ballot selection if you wanna call it that but he's also are nonetheless Andy's gonna join us coming up. In ten minutes texts are also writes in Tim in Charlotte. Wanna talk about the hornets would do that in his second you can tweet us roundly Jewish Twitter feed at primetime WS NC round lead you're running out of time folks this tomorrow's today they're gonna make it easy for you it'll save you a trip to the florist. Spend at least 199 dollars get a dozen beautiful long stemmed rose is your sweetheart for free. Enjoy discounts of up to fifty to 70%. Off all diamond silver and gold jewelry and a free doesn't beautiful lawns emirates is with any purchase over 199 dollars. It's rally Jewelers and brownie Jewelers dotcom party told Billy. And he says he can win these diseases station employee that's SEC rules he just came went on this we got Simpson concert tickets to giveaway again. And so if you wanna make Ted Valentine's special. Today's tickets. Rod Stewart so what do those coming up at 420 that's probably more for the white feet not having a lot we all acknowledge that but those are good tickets nonetheless. We'll give those away coming up at 430 and don't forget I speak to cliff we got our coaches show coming up on Thursday we'll come into up. Cuban called a first half recap because when they hit the all star break purely 25 games were left remaining on her 82 game schedule. The law essentially banned almost three quarters of the way through there season. So this isn't even a second half push this is they I mean this is is for it to the finish line if this team were to do the unthinkable on her Tom have Porsche row with franking Kyl say. 3% chance to make the playoffs right now. For the warning it's so you're saying there's a chance well I would say AD what's well no I guess Anelka is here's the thing you look at the standings right now. You look at the standings in the hornet's this is rush trading a week ago they were three games back of the playoff spot with about thirty games to go. There are now sitting today in tenth which is why you want to LeapFrog a lot of teams but there's seven games back. Miami is is is not and a half games back to the top spot portage sixteen and a half games back Detroit's twelve and half squarely in the middle both of those seem so. That's a lot of ground to make up and then if you're saying what's eagle my ABC thirty inch when he six now what will what win total guarantee you the HC. And that's crazy it's thirty and 26 now all too well I'd say four. The five. And 45 guarantees 88 see you finish at that point 45 in August 30 37 right that the record. Maybe even 4040 generous 4436. So many seem to knock don't you do just that Iraq awful bunch winds. So 644 and 443643. And and 37 when everyone today. How do you get to that number if you hornet's you shouldn't 23 and 33 to get to 43 wins with 26 games left to go so you're saying. Odd they getting paid to find a way to go 26. And if you go nineteen and in nineteen in in seven. That's just that's a that's a tough task rice once or schedule look like they're doing and require I think by the numbers they have the number one rated schedule in terms of the uneasiness of difficulty in the easiest schedule left off on the on the under in the NBA the rest of the way but. They play by my count let's see here I think it got eleven home games rating. So wrap your head around that they've they've got to get eleven home games remaining 1515 home so they play 26 games point five after the break and they've only got eleven of them in all. So I don't care how easy your opponents are by record strength of schedule. You gonna go on a road crew bunch of these games and that again that's a tough task soul. But what what were they were attracted to clip about some of the stuff coming up on the coach's show do that and you'll hear that coming up on Thursday it's always brought you back corolla like it's lunchtime but city game on line in proud partner of the Charlotte hornets. Stored its opening topic of the day all. If that's the thing 3% odds that sounds right at that point right if I'm telling you at a minimum they got to go eighteen and eight. Nineteen in seven to get into the playoffs the rest of the way. That's at 3% sounds about right I think does or not. Ten games under 500. It's going to be hard to do some kemba Walker's gonna join us coming up in five minutes text the rights in building center text line is my boy timid Charlize is croak and you and Lisa to quit playing revisionist history but riddle me this. Always heard pre draft was how much show and Clifford love Donovan Mitchell. Why on draft night did they go against their convictions why it hurts to watch this guy sort of play revisionist history just hurts me is a fan I know it's early. But it's not looking good chief. I thought it was a good was cliff still love Donovan and Cho was on the he had among them yes so the eight bit dusty cause hurt and Michael Jordan were troll the pro Donovan Mitchell. We know what Michael Jordan Austral frank Kaminsky won that argument and there were people who were pro Devin Booker. And troll. Gosh why is by Zain escaping me right now miles turner opened Indiana who turned out to be very good players obviously as well and and we've talked about this to nowhere and I think there's dirt this is just the dynamic of what goes on from a from a front office standpoint when you've got. Somebody making a decision one time and another guy would making a decision another time. You more than anything and we'll 'cause it's equal for city yesterday there's not a guy that I haven't had a hit it whether that's installing a disorder or not he said there's not a guy here that I didn't have a hand in bringing here. I don't know that to be 100% fact but for him to say that you take him out of work now whether that means he was actively getting in here. He at least signed off on singing oh what I think I can win with the Scott I think I can coach this guy we can win with this gutsy coffers said that on the record. Year after year there's not a guy here what do you think he's good or not what you wanna blame the GM or not were you wanna blame the owner or not I didn't have a hand in bringing him here that's accountability. Now could that get him fired maybe I don't know sequel to cost a cent a few months ago now there's there's gonna come a day were on the longer working for the hornets is gonna come a day. Somebody might wish it was tomorrow not working at this radio station okay we're gonna get fired someday it's a results business. Are you producing results are your labor Ers producing for troll are you are you producing truth full benefits from your labor strike. Are you winning more games than your losing are you putting butts in the seats or you are you developing players those are all things that judge whether a guy a coach or GM. He's able to stick around her not and that's not fair to pin that just on rich either he missed on that one the oil rich Cho may have committed some land mines and John Cody Zeller and a draft that was awful. An awful draft and Cody Zeller was one of the few draft picks it came out that drafted and that draft class it was worth anything. But there are people did too still today because again. You want when others what you don't have what what others have it wit great job you he's not your honesty should he got me on sat what everybody missed sunny honest everybody not see Milwaukee. Half the NBA pass on the on a sense had a couple awards aren't alone in that mix. This is the business he got a hit on more than you miss and so far reported sent infielder do that but I you know it's funny I was late with Kyle and frank I was talking to somebody. With the hornets earlier. And this notion. That leak monk that dirt that he's a boss or that I this and this this idea that they're trying to hide him because they're afraid of how bad he looks. You can't serve two masters OK you can't never works. And so is your chief goal is winning and that's been all receive gold because the what like top 5 and in the Eastern Conference in payroll you've got a veteran roster that won forty games two years ago disappointed last year and try to retool that you've brought in Dwight Howard not have to pay and twenty million dollars you stop pushing Cody to the bench another year Jimy Williams frank Kaminsky. And and more and more we can't could bolster that bench unit those returns have not been good. Ten games under five under what 26 to go your seven games back in the final playoff spot in the east but if your chief goal was waiting. I don't I don't soared to look at this way more leak monk was not part of those plans early on but guess what. Plans have changed right. Enclosed said the other day eight to ten games after the all star break we'll determine. What this team does from a line of same point but we I I to meet you gotta have the argument today he's worked is it worth going down that path are you already there. Honestly. It's enforcing a 3% chance and an old. He played games one of the odds on that but 3% chance of making the playoffs or ten games under 507. Games behind with 26 to deal. Are Chu already there. Yeah she I mean that's an organization that is embracing knocking on the door that's an organizational thing knowing it and it which boy becomes eight we drafted this guy. We are playing a long term game with a wing we really believe he's gonna be good is he would Donovan Mitchell is right now is an instinct triple of course he's not. And that's the frustration. But maybe it's development time. And I know something is missing is should've been that way all year long but if not now that went another eight to ten games at which point the first fifteen games left in the season. So what oh what what does that development looks like. What kind of minutes is Malik on getting what kind of competition easy playing with the before I'd argue right now. And and look odd and so he simply to wait and see game might understand what they've done with more bleak month from that standpoint. Why would you work may now. You could start to work and now we got 26 games to go and you're gonna play with somebody more with a legitimate starters and rotational players. Get some meaningful minutes now if you don't winning and winning anyway here ten games under 500. You're seven games back with 26 games ago. I think you gotta be careful bud ads of doling out minutes work we gonna do your role model for and its its its weeklong couldn't intrigue on Graham in. And and you and Willie earning dilly earning Gomez and when you gotta give it I think you also have to give him a fair shake to. And but it's tough to serve two masters is you're trying to win. Honestly the numbers say and this is what the coaching staff follows the numbers say it is the league monk was hurting your chances of winning even Donna Mitchell would be the player that he is the talk here in Charlotte now holds. Why why why would go what why would why would he be back here what what opportunity we have yet when he's on it and a roster that lacks scoring. Black shooters in that was that was when they had Ruddy put on the roster Ricky Rubio is not a shooter he's got a hot streak here the last few weeks so if I put more week won't can you tell you think he's doing what he's still improbable. When should probably but he he looks a lot different right now I think the leak looks like he got it probably looks like a legitimate top ten pick any NBA draft. But opportunity knocks you don't Dennis Smith junior why what does that say about scheme in development of players and that's an organizational thing they've got no interest in it it released early on and they had no real interest in being a playoff team but it's it turned out that they are on May be there on the fringe of making the playoffs in the west. They scored Heyward they were in they were in a quick rebuild moat. They were gutting their team but they didn't think they were gonna be a team that was gonna be fighting for a playoff spot in the west but it turns out they are. In any given likes things change sometimes but if you look at Dennis Schmidt junior Dennis Smith juniors playing a lot of Dallas why is that. They're like a sniff the playoffs one of the worst teams in the NBA so why would you play him. But it is that if the mavericks were team was fighting for talks were seen in the west you can Desmond junior would be on the floor now. Again I got to preserve another capacity has now agreed and so that's an organizational thing so if it's not a failure to would think the weeklong city good. Just ordered since a bully on just what the next team after probably wouldn't take him holy month. They draft him holy month of the right spot. It's not done initially there apparently is out because the bucks made that call that interest or whatever was a week or two don't really think about it for missing a point to that point. I ate I heard it again talking I I heard that bit the two names they kept coming up in trade calls for the hornets at the deadline. Course they didn't do anything with Campbell we're in talked to come in the second. We need a break. Moye Clark. So the two guys that people are calling for for the hornets are eight and and why is it was bleak because he's what he just turned twenty. He's got scoring capabilities. And to the timing and and just give it time. And I think that works both ways for the fans sort angriest why wasn't playing earlier he's nineteen and they had a veteran roster they were trying to win now. On the other end of the spectrum you got a veteran roster you're trying to win now in a work in maybe it's time to blame only mar Puerto talk about the leaked. And jump ball which kemba he joins us next its primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Flozell the first half of the season over the first half almost three quarters of the way done and I get 26 games ago 25 will be after the all star break and there's gonna have to pick your spots to try and arrest these these go back to the all star game for the second straight year Campbell walker put us kemba you doing man I'm good merry go. Up until well so take us back to last Thursday right it's always. Kind of a weird day at the trade deadline it's moved up a little bit. Obviously we've been talking for a few weeks hey you know you you just never know all right I miss is that this a business that's the NBA so. 3:3 o'clock comes and goes and then you also get some welcome news few hours later so Thursday had to be a wild day for you it's. Bill that pretty inches in des how. Obviously where this should guns be over. But then it tumbled from when that. Falls blown out then to me it wasn't great news no. Aides also gave no replacement. Christoph posting just was this. You know pretty pretty cool thing I mean. Not cool that he he he he knew was injured of course might be we noisy people get hurt. When so. I was able to have the remains as. And your condi I could sense you're just kind of like you know it's great it's a nice accomplishment and also is a reserves Bob put. Feel coach was saying last week you know when you start into molten balls are appearances what that says about a player. And he's had given your age Judas is your seventh for you in the NBA like. You put yourself on a different trajectory collected that's an elite class when you start talking a molten balls are pierce is for players that sunk in for you are now. I don't think so the idea that it's just us figured Olympia I mean. No I'll always have days where I think it must have played that overall. Maybe is get in there in the NBA I mean there's just. No special thing for me not just never thought I would I would be here. Other loans these pitchers than it is now and guys. Know via FaceBook friends you know when the guys that Elvis fan it's us or me. So Wausau is only as this this is really zero. But it really great feeling. Loud and proud of me. Going abroad soon. Nothing on the whole city watch our best for the Wholesale Club back. But this is really cool. Take take us back to your days at rice high school. And you you place a high level high school that's bomb and that's the Mecca of high school basketball basketball in general New York City. He said he didn't think he'd be vocal where you think can honestly Becton junior year senior high school we knew what we think in life ahead for kemba Walker's gonna look like. I don't know Harvard. Thought this fall yet well no I mean. I just take it day by day and then just played those without love the game so much now. Just played. You know this game is from so far the most news. Jesse different places. I mean chances go to school for free. No gave me chances. No gifts this level and didn't take him a family. So. How on the way out though would be always seem to. Being here yet. You know this. It's tough to do here. And I've done that every one that you'll makes it don't need to be one of the kids you. Know make you think you just. It's pretty unbelievable. None here and I can sell itself all star which is which is really really really crave your muscles tell me anything can we. This is great. Friends are the best that clearly a couple walker orders point guard or get ready for us all star weekend get a final game on Wednesday against the magic and it takes a few days off welcome back 125 games. She saved people blown up the phone right you got a lot of support. Nobody's a bigger fan a mama walker so what oil among walker say when she found out you go back to the all star game. Lost its all need to. It's led to give her mom. My credit cause nausea suffered. It's usually goes out to investors that it fits that let's go pulling mom oh yeah it's definitely. Either way the shoes she was really excited of course on. No she's been proud of me so she's she's looking. And again I always enjoy that's how much do you love this affected she's on the bench every game that's special man not everybody has that. Has there relationship with their with their parents and especially with the moment she's here every single game she's the biggest fan in the building for whoever gets. No question is a huge fan she's she's saying she'd love to see. No she just for you assessments on here. Don't share. A drug it's this is not college and here she she thinks she and house at this stage. The way everyone is just sharing no. Is this just different so. His mom got an intra leave with you with the arrests has that become a thing yet or no she did about that the other over the head yeah heads who must knock on its own without. Work. But feels his of course we know she's good. I know she's a big crazy. This is just enjoy herself then you know. That's how it's she gives. In just as she loves sports and games she. She loves chair and on. She's he's numbness finally a couple of walker where there's three of the first humor most virulent go get ready for all star weekend is go back for the second straight year. You've talked about where your game is always talked about this a lot right you've gone from seven wins to forty went a few years he did try to get that this team back to that spot put. Killing two years ago three years ago you were shooting 30%. From three you were shooting 38% from the field like that's I mean you know like that's wild where you're at right now we want it eight guys in the India. Who are shooting what you shoot scoring points assists. Rebounds and and shooting what you're shooting from street and the other guys like LeBron. Staff James Harden I mean you put yourself into into an elite class in the NBA. And you've done and in a in a pretty quick time so had I mean how does that happen what do what do which changed. Oh Bruce. Competitive moves and go to some confidence as well and I mean. The thing that. Did anybody anywhere is all working mom and yeah. I won't work hard and then fast. That's really like Syria and I'm always in the gym. In the Summers on the my putt them almost too good. I love the game live. You know before I got today. We know I never really never accused of rushing for sending something like that when you know. Number that is a select as big an NBA saw you had to know how to get more efficient so. And knows a just. Us but the word in just for the work and they know Falmouth spots. On how to get my shots off real fast. No the bigger defenders and learn how to beat crafty and things of that nature so not so much when instantly. It's become the. Was there ever a moment where you like had a conversation with tourists with cliff for coach price at that time or a coach Kurt credits related talk nowhere though like. And then you change he sings or game you're changing your game like what. He told me the last place gates only though. I skim my three ball better. Lisa just OK okay keep going on the it's on the once targeted let's mostly to people consistently. Not the all star. And he was right. You know guys that are. And the three. Just because I think. No score from anywhere else on the course so. There may I mean that's. Definitely was a game changer and making being that fifty. No more consistent. Normally go here a moment a couple of things one of the guys are talking about you've been an issues only Montel how much do you talk to police about stuff like that he sees. The heat I mean he is he's got like you when he came out he's got some. Physically he's got to change his body's gonna change his game he's got to develop how much she talked him about that they'll be fun. Excessive. As well it was a stolen give. He's learned is this a process. Is a process. It's everything takes time to go as long as he stays level headed and word ma'am. Great things are confident kid I mean he's super talented he's nineteen years old I was 21 when I came in he's an eighteen. I mean. He has so much time here he's he's going to be he's just graze or he's gonna do. Prior we're lady go this year to be busy and I mean that these are you serious unrest like Stanley Cup play next week until we can avoid. You know you're up 25 games after this all star break right now your ten games under 500 going into Wednesday. I mean you know who did this is going to be tough but we do it in the schedules their few guys too so. You guys speak about that Blake what's said in the locker room amongst you guys and what what needs to happen to make this trial for. Bush downwind. The studio lot game. Yeah really clamp down. Gilad instantly under the wing game. He wouldn't make it posted to the blog let me just Obama's talking and he says he knows in front of us and coming greatest that we had the easiest schedule left that gave bush. I mean anyone knows. This professional basketball. All the teams are good because of their record that we can lose anybody anybody can win on any given night so. We haven't thought there really give everything we just because we've all of them and of course is never enough. Trying to record these wounds to his last from six yes. Hartley go this authority saw this Andrei. David West I think trim on one point in the in the huddle for the warriors last night coaching. For the warriors they're drawn up plays and every sport that doesn't happen trio who's who's going to be the guy in the huddle coach cliff turns over degree supporters get who's called place. I gotta you gotta a moment draw some more for myself and finished tenth at. We'll drill handoff. The area that we had go go go gaga that's less than those. That's Gulf Coast town OK so Oscar remember those plays. So our mumbled something else. We'll ambush I know it's been a crazy few weeks I speak for a lot of Charlotte here we're glad you're still here man and who individually all star break because they you know. I appreciate it. I use. Generously by the NBC sports network Bay Area warriors pounded the suns yesterday when 29. Eighty juries. And if you didn't see it is a sports generalize this morning it's primetime were powered by ortho Carolina Dana Lewis is gonna literally join us in five minutes and however we got a lot to get into lot of painters to get into a small Portis to get into Sean Devin he's gonna join us at 330 we appreciate Kemba Walker. Offer drop him by is well we got Joseph Courtney talk about the the painter's cap situation. Could they actually keep injure or well. And if they do what's that mean in terms again other guys in here to address holes in free agency he joins us at 430 George tadano from ESPN's gonna join us. At 530 to talk courted today MBA as well or in some college troops so you didn't see it last night warriors pound signs and during time outs. Players were taking turns at the grease board calling up place. And that's a really generous way play that again Billy that's the broadcasters the warriors broadcast on NBC sports network burial last night we use is there really isn't really generous kind way of saying they don't respect the other opponent this is how we stay from getting bored. Priests or. Andre Iguodala. Now from the huddle tonight. The Golden State. Do different. It's. OK I'd love designed by Steve there's no design here you know what happens before the game Steve Kerr rose to his guys dude what we're playing the suns tonight. We say it like out. I just sit back you guys on a dishonest tonight we set thinking what could pull that off. If you win a dream on you and David West are you wind. But I just turn this thing over to you'll. It's the suns we can get away with it a Betty is one of MBA on time and I'm mad at the warriors Ford. That's how good they are if you're suns player on the other side of the court. Like what was what do you what are you thinking when you see Steve Kerr staining on the outside of the huddle. Are sitting on the end of the bench. And he he's in the middle of the huddle with the grease board right drawing up plays like that has to be the most disrespectful thing you can do another team in the NBA sort of like spitting. Tracer punching there's a chair de lethal Chris Haines of ESP NE sit it says it shows a lack of respect for an opponent maybe right now we don't deserve that respect they don't mean it's a thing right if you're the son Joseph to. You keep when he keeping beat by forty teams won't respect you but it's up to us to change that and Domino's ordered on 21 to discuss the other. I can I that was a little jealous because her trip. Loan lured. How I mean that is. Man that is that is blatantly disrespectful that is a savage roof how many other teams though in the NBA could you legitimately do that against like where's. How likely get a look at the standings right now in the in the NBA. And how how for up to staining is do you go for say I probably couldn't get away with it against those teams presenting a go Sacramento. Phoenix. I think that's honestly word ends. After that point like Mike Boone holes is too good of a coach evil with a tally gap in Atlanta others he's been since they fired on Israel and I did OK if it okay. That's my boy JB bicker stats on a Bernie Becker step dad I don't but how many teams DC I think you can count a one hander right Sacramento Phoenix for sure. Maybe I concede it leaner Brooklyn maybe. But they're well coached team was was he also this year it actually homeless once when he gained you got to give him credit for where they're at right now. Chicago like OK may I see Chicago I bet they can do to get Chicago. By the way the bulls up as the hornets it's seven games back of a funnel playoffs by the east. The bulls are just three games back of a hornet's. It's gonna be in the hornets around my little colored maybe the points like what choices are good guys that is awful hey do we have despite this is Steve car after the game trying to make that makes sense of whatever that was last night it's funny though. It's their team. I think that's one of the first things. You have to. Consider as a coach Snyder team it's not Bob Myers team is not doing it seemed a lot like I told Joseph that. It's so player's team it's their team and they have to take ownership of it and and as coaches our job is to nudge them in the right direction guide them. We don't control them there they determine their own fate and I don't feel like we've focused well at all the last months and it just seemed like courage thing to do and I thought they communicated really well together and they've. Drew some nice plays and no. It was a good night Steve the guys. Steve Kerr has turned into Phil Jackson light and and not even through he's almost Phil Jackson the stuffy spews from like. Did you know that descends say stuff that he puts out there the zen master stuff and that's worries I mean that's his that's that's his coaching tree that's what you like to get the heck out of here. You don't respect him and I don't blame you for not respecting them you're the best basketball team little world and you thought I'd be a fun way to keep your guys entertain an interest if for couple hours last night that's what happened Steve curtain Damione Lewis joins us. Well right now it's primetime powered by ortho Carolina.