Primetime: Kroeger and Omar Gaither Talk Bortles VS Brady; Cam Newton's Future

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Monday, January 22nd

Kroeger and Omar Gaither dissect the QB play from Championship Sunday. 


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It's primetime powered by Ford. That's dot com and looks on their great job it is it's gone we all know ferret. Open heart surgery okay sorry I. Affiliate there. Can live from the mark's been real T studio Kroger. You can play for you. Paul Lawrie gave their prime time power by ortho Carolina five so the patriots to patriots things day they came back. In a big game when it mattered without their best players on the field and we're not surprised back to the Super Bowl they go Eagles doing what is have been wanting. EAG. Though he says he closed they're doing what pay at the excuse me. If there's fans. Have been trying to do all the way since 2003. And that's exact some revenge against the patriots has it remiss in this whole foot and they created a gulf war and they're going to accept the first time since Super Bowl 39. Eagles once again. Good of five for their first Super Bowl championship ever. Of course they they want and NFL championship three times last time in 1960 they've never won a super ball so. I can you imagine what this city of Philadelphia would be like if the Eagles. Get it done it against that patriots team eyes I sold I think the headline in the New York Daily News today was. Giants are fan's worst the entire Super Bowl match up he's against Philly and New England. In this Super Bowl on a super ball 52 and X dug up this coming Sunday the following Sunday will be Minneapolis self serve more the same. And we we we gotta get into into some this that a little bit but I mean I love that the NFL preaches parity all the time but. Don't really feel like parity to me were down nine in the last ten number one seed to the playoffs have gone to the Super Bowl. And the pay church or going for the eighth time since 2001 so. I know the NFL's richest. Pared their quality. I mean is there what that's not dirty to me I mean there's parity comes in different forms that in my opinion a former parity is the book of is that Jacksonville Jaguars go from the three wins to thirteen yes. And being up by Tim would just the winner ten wins and making the Super Bowl hollered to DN AFC championship game excuse me yet thinking about it now yeah that you get are the draft pick you got to gallantly and permit. And you know you bring in Tom Coughlin and then now you'd have a southern go to Super Bowl figured that the uptick in the fourth quarter turf with. Every chance to win it that's pretty I mean hey you look. Parity parity severity when it comes to to the go right when it comes to Brady many of them are with us or any any mandates Tyson woods indium. Jackson my you Michael Jackson no tech was wasn't into it but the point. Not very like Wayne Gretzky program note our parity just goes out the window when you talk about great so you know. Is that parity I think there's parity the Eagles are all in the Super Bowl again when they hadn't been in. Yes fourteen years if so those parity you just have that you still have to make all the right moves into into a lot of right things to get there. Even if you parity is your take him different teams desist that you they as the dock on the NBA. Is we always know who's gonna win a championship I mean there's do you write do you know right now for certain and doing is going to be Eagles the Eagles. I mean I don't know we surround and awarded I don't know for certain wars are gonna win an NBA championship either but yeah I mean I've been a large sum of money on about the pace for journalists who won't I think about what's spread by how much you know like I don't know any that it was we talk about this all the time in the NBA this seven game yes more than likely the best teams going. But an NFL. This that the net realized on that happen. We go. What he would do nobody even beyond that mean legalize that's one of singling me realize time. The crazy unpredictable team won the Super Bowl and at times there was 792 and reducing folk agree and that was a decade ago now. Let it still at the United Center I think a year. Seminar noted that a losing record. Am I think about when the Pentagon and they don't 781 I think that giants team finished nine and seven or ten at six debated heavily and I don't know how much do I don't know I don't think you're ever read a single team with a losing record it would Super Bowl aren't we'll see but the point is. But that was a decade ago OK but it is a once A decade is only have to do to claim that no it had been I mean the taxable or from. Whatever they were last year it took to to head to possible possibly agree but that's what if the mindset elsewhere across the league if I'm paired. My mind cities if you're if you're expecting. While Jason Kidd just fired according Ager would arouse devious BN. Despite that I have not that. An explosion while getting me into the headline wow that's a quote Bob forwards Jason Kidd out after a two and a half years is boxing coach that kind of seem like that was coming they've massively under chief this year they got a lot of talent they've done nothing with whom. Anyway he speaking about the picture if your if your ideals parity is any team can actually win a championship in the NFL that I don't think that's actually true. I don't the idea that any team any lightning can't can't win a championship in the NFL put that's what they pride themselves on those here's an idea what else writing don't find anything click on that could be you next you don't go into what could I don't know let's let's not let's. Look that's not parity that's that's insanity Cincinnati could be addiction let's hope the bricks this is that he has the tools and players in place that if they did they do after the right person in May view this time or Marvin out of town but they drafted the right there right can't. Don't they could pick a bit. You know running fourth amid an organizers say the people running for it you can get you can get to a conference championship game under the NFL's thought that at that Brady and Belichick is suddenly go for the last fifteen years that's not the NFL smoke I guess I have seen what you have never Brady and Belichick. I don't think we will see anybody community and I'm sure every year than anybody else I might give you most teams I give you have to leave I was six in the fourteen okay have to leave. Inch and a half we used to could prefer to have the Likud would achieve legitimate current system isn't very very easy to see Seattle back in around. Picked Carolina we we we're good for being there not being there. The Steelers could could make another minute Jacksonville I think there's there they get a rule or rule. Well franchise quarterback they're chronicle before he uses a great if it attacks the rights and all the buildings that are Tex lowers the good points just 36 six and eight teams need to make the play new teams make the play health insurance and I agree on that. But I get my mind. My frame of reference on this is he not get to the playoffs because I don't think that's with the NFL sell selling I think the NFL selling. We get to the playoffs you can get there you can with a Super Bowl many true though is like getting through a dozen of them and pianist super boat as we welcome to now this thinks that being a Super Bowl week a Canadian make it to the comforts him Dave gave them mean but I'm just say one point and that's what the NFL so you. One play and I'm telling you I think there's a set of all planning to bed at a bit of update this big switch is on telling you I get that they're pushing that I just don't think that's actually true well and that's the great look that's the great marketing little they've made I've I've played I've played in the NFL and I'm on now here we go I've got I don't drop output is called love down here ago I do go but I've I've gone from. Being in an NFC championship to not making the playoffs next here that's paired him effort. Those same teams that I beat the UI or they beat even that OPEC that's how worked okay. Everybody's not noticeable uptick PLO and I'll take be on will this second thought take the other is carrion himself. It's like being as thick that I text deriding in buildings that are tax license great show fellas cut off topic did you see that 48 hour special. On. Aaron Hernandez I did see that and honestly I don't know I guess I thought it was kind of rehashing what's happened thus far. I thought there might be a little more meat on the bone but that's neither here nor there if that thing we noticed ask us how he made it to the NFL right. The the thing I wanted to talk about your Tony Romo fan in the Booth that is odd accent. We like about. Like he is he's raw. And that's always been a thing for me even listen to announcers and those that know though I'm no problems with no quarrel with the guys go to school to do this right. But when I listen to a guy who knows maybe not as polished. I. Always gives it to you they just give it to your military pressure on the podium last night whatever I sold guy's gonna go away man. Tony so Tony Romo I like him in the movies he's Smart. He's he's he's quick with it he gets it out and in in give you everything you needn't. I mean I can be mad at you I heard somebody I I think necessity tweet this yesterday. That he's an incredible. Point I've heard anybody say this about Romo yet. Because we've all kind of that I think is a country watching football year we've been infatuated with Tony he dealt I wouldn't say he's polarizing our overall they're cutting the majority people like them. But I have some people say I don't like this guy can see is so different the way he calls a game like you're talking about. Because he is so knew what he's just kind of dropped yeah I think it's a good thing though like I like that about him Bob we view. But I saw somebody yesterday and I think on Twitter say Romo reminds of a John Madden. In a way that an end I hadn't found has not been trying to figure out what is it about Romo that I can pull my finger on. But I know there's a reason why I really like this guy and I think he's got the same exact qualities that John Madden had it. It reality. You weren't really eat you were learning something crazy knew when you listen to this guy a break down a game. Put made it felt like you were sitting on the couch with somebody who knew football right and loved your golfing community it was fun with it holy crap. I dispute just you keep talking Manny really good at what you do their literally when you when you listen to our Romo Ramirez you literally Liz. Watching a football game with an ex NFL quarterback. Liked the piece you see he's he's is like you eat both you guys into the room. In recent news telling you what the other teams go on doing what they think he doesn't even wait until the plane over Philly to have something that you need to keep he gets you right before the place Darth. And and I love that take the the Kia. Watch for what to watch for Tom in this situation and every goes hurry up in the two minute. Second down at the plate he Mexico to running backs and what does Tom do also running back like that. That you can't eat it's hard to find that's what to do and then I listened to the next game I think it was a Troy Aikman yeah and I'm like Choi yo you gotta give me more every guy Carrillo quarterback know this is good at W somebody's. I'm though I picked. Tony's kind of set the bar from former players especially quarterbacks who do the movement called games colored guys I'm just saying I like the guy put our. I don't do you get because I think that's a pretty good compare. Or send. The personalities are little different but he was so infectious to watch our broadcast when John Madden was on it because his. How could you not love football the way he loves football he made you love football right and raw mode does that and I didn't think we are so jaded honestly 2018. I did think somebody could do that. It's infectious the way he he communicate so that was broadcast it does that I think it presents a little bit keeping presents some. But why why would you eight who sees the star now. All I mean look. If you can step up be better I don't know what to tell you look right this hotel but look bush only had to say the beginning you want to arrive romo's go to other media presents a little bit I do and I ship and you rather sit for the wheels fall off met. Look. Mambo the said it best that so far I've been I've been that there I've been nearly four years have been through Super Bowls. His radical though there were about. Google does the locker slowed to have a dues go back to Super Bowl for the secretary you know maybe he's the catalyst hello we have very quick comeback I'll always keep talking but there's I think if people were far. What do you to perceive us I like that so I wanna I want you when it. Keep talking about this and I wanna try to offer some insight I think into what's going on with this Kemba Walker stuff so we do that next to its prime time from all Margate their Kroger. Were powered by ortho Carolina. Personnel moves being in the NBA the NFL today Jason Kidd fired in the last thirty minutes feature looks around ski reporting that. And it is that's what I think a poorly kept secret around Indiana Jason Q Wisconsin really thin ice. Offer what the hawks haven't done with a all the talent they have and you look at Milwaukee right now. The eight seat to 2322. And what they've got they just traded for or what so about a month ago and he's a fine. I'll put the return to the type of talent they have around Yana so what your honest this is a talent early teens who killed at the talent. The Bucs have a box for the trendy teen media right number one seed two C three seed if things go right these last year and a 2322. An aborted to Florida half games back at them right now. Their excuse is not a good quote. What might be I mean I I'd I think you might be okay but this idea that he's this great coach and he was a great point guard who's gonna lead going great you don't call him a great coach. They need to be fired for whatever you're up there yet to be at a couple of playoff what was it one playoff your two playoff years of Brooklyn he he weasel his way out to Milwaukee actually is what happens there they gave him. For hall of famers in Brooklyn. All hall of Famer as soon that was bad get them to get to go to like released and they didn't work out of one and done I didn't do it anyway if that's that's one move and then now we know officially now Arizona Cardinals announcing today Steve Wilkes. Panthers defensive coordinator to listen he's going to be the other new head coach and does seems like based off reports. Al Holcomb is gonna go with them Panthers line backing coach was Al you're you're London are going what's not okay brazile staff that are blew the staff but it wasn't Lama OK so Al's gonna be used DC by reports of the Panthers have announced. That it's going to be Eric Washington. God he was at Philly I was there for the with him Hisham Beilein coached for the well great guy and I highly respected wanted that maybe he bested deposition in the entire NFL that's a crazy to say as a do you like coach. And we over the air. Eric is a guy that really earn the trust and respect to Julius Peppers along time ago followed him to Chicago home. And was a reason when he came back here few years ago little comfortable commitment yet and so I do wonder that does that. Give the opening up a little extra reason think about coming back for another year we had a good year they'll be reason enough yeah filibuster time he's got he's got he's proven. He's got fuel left in the tank before we move on. Wilkes local kid was Charlotte grad your voice just mobbed VoIP apps stayed alone have stayed below and after my. Still looks look born and bred. And I thought the key point yet picked this sport yet but he was he Groban by the same kind of neighborhood to our time I came from the city. My guy would have rescue me always shows a lot of love he's had so much passion right player coach. Reminds me a lot of of a common a little and a lot of ways. As far as even with a background in this fourth of the the players in the guys really like them wish him nothing but the best I think I have a cellphone number of not out. I'll try to get a from McDermott but some but. You and wish him nothing but the best suddenly tries I listen to this but maybe his family is whatever but that's good to seal a local kid doing well. And by the way it Steve reported this out earlier between the south from the AP so the papers in a new owner three new coordinator. But at least three news value position coaches and possibly new GM next year and then. I mean who knows what happens when wrong long term because in order you to come in and we'll see who that owner is what they if you will that is money so don't agree and that's why he's fire he's on the weather's going to be your long term and out I think that's up to. Whatever transpired there yes we have Superman so K bullies get to the playoffs. Well that's the that is. That is the great honestly be that great you know deodorant for the spinster she wrote on New Year's very much so. It's gonna be it's Demetris is we've we've become it's been a wild offseason the congrats to Steve looks really talk about that coming up a little bit more. In the 5 o'clock Al what do go to the phones really quick British talk a little. Our NFL draft by the way nickel or safety for TCU he'll join us and now we'll talk him a few minutes but I think mark is saying you know mark which sell male would you wanna say. Much out there talk about now are you tired right now. They're Rick thank you know part. I just don't want alike. This. Is brewery brought air. It's my ball. It. Well now the poll yeah yeah up outlook for outlet not just click on the watch next year they'll be a partner Tony Romo not well. Time and you're all right. He comes across this. Plate called the area and stop mark mark mark my words for a it will have a books so well but not now. Mark I think you're right on that but I you don't appreciate coney here's the here's the crazy part I think Roman is what makes Romo Romo you know that this is always like broadcasting 101. Yourself from people get yourself. We're almost self made you could tell how comfortable he is an Abu with what he's doing abroad and it'll be an epic fail that they go out and try to find Tony Romo says to find out if they can't and in what's crazy is Eli thought. It seemed a little rash for CBS to go from Phil Simms to romo's back quickly just pull the plug. But it is somebody wrote in of the buildings that are techs like 7045709610. Saying it. But with with Romo the beauty Romo is it says he with them in the Booth. I feel like I've never played it down by like cream he helps me see would of course quarterback's supposed to seat right Phil Simms didn't do that. He'll I don't think eight and a gun at all because we don't they do they critique what's on the field. And I think that's why fans also get so angry at him because they always feel like they're over critiquing their player. But wrong I don't actually if you think about it I don't think we're what does a lot of critiquing he's explaining. Right like he's doing that thing where hate this is what. This is what they're dealing with right now and then here's what they should see here's what they are seeing other. Us too because I had that kind of do the same thing right when I retired to. A lot of these guys you know listen guys guys you played with played against have respect for so. And when you're fresh out of the game it's much more difficult to critique guys. Because you know what they're going through nobody's perfect everybody made mistakes Tony wrote roll made his his share of mistakes and he knew exactly right I can't sit here remember a time where he just. Related to a guy can't believe he did maybe get Sebelius or couple maybe that's just not habeas Brando final that I don't think so I don't think so I think. I think he's didn't rave reviews for the waited he's doing things alone retained right he's more about a pre snap guy that the postal post that guy Monday Morning Quarterback. Kind of guy. Color and that color analyst kind of got it in and I appreciate that from. People writing about the way they want Dom Capers Matt he writes in somebody said Jeff do we have for DC air Washington the new defensive coordinator. Sixty Wilks is gone he's the Arizona coach pit that's already announced or Washington bureau and that's what brought a rare guys think you're my staff are you going to knock you off the level let's go to rob really quick rob what's up there we wanna say. They would cut guys I don't know I got a quick question about kemba okay on if the hornets. Rightfully are going to four. Established youths draft pick you up and to take some salary. How would you guys prioritize those through three things like your yacht to sacrifice. While on all what woke woke which the other two were absolutely non negotiable. What's immediate and that's a great question and it in this is why I think again I think some of the suit appreciate called Iraq and he has listen to this information been skewed. And you know we talked about it on Friday where did this come from because every there's always so there's always a leak right so we're Italy comes from out of thin air he didn't come from here he didn't come from inside this building. It came from. People my understanding is this came from other GMs in the NBA said we're getting reaching out live in the court ordered federal Matthau almost no way alike. Do you believe this guy can you believe what this guy's trying to do right now asking for a lower or no just him back though like it would count mismanaged this team is roe Bob and console. I think if you would think about trading kemba if you got this you got rid of that contract Indiana first round pick him. I'm a saint top three top five but you gotta first round pick and you got to establish young player back in return you get all three of those things you do that I think you would appear to warn it's honestly. Denny realistic. And so I think for the hornets the biggest issue is who cares about a draft pick when you can draft. How about getting regular posters slate if you this team with fourteen years the only thing we put a mirror at that they've drafted is Kemba Walker you're gonna get real well so. Draft picks to me that's at the bottom of the totem pole in established player. Younger player. He is getting rid of a bad contract if you could do that and you got some sort of throw away pick I'm RI asking for a little and I don't think I could get it doesn't does he know he does deserve it we're not gonna get that to get rid of those bad deals we don't wanna take on other people's messes period. We we we spoke with Kerry rose earlier who who was a coach I believe he said he was maybe a front office guy that. And he he admits in the three things that you need to do we rebuild you want to draft well wanna bring in a free agent. You want. I forget what a third thing was that were created. Dialog problem up I guess. I was trying to get it all those things with a win jury of Kemba Walker basically what I think you'd have to do with draft picks it and take up the the other Credo that you are that we were try to bring your docket that's not gonna happen and that and it's why we talked I still don't feel like that I talked must select across the leak he's. He's perceived to be this great point guard that we know him to beat. Even when you watch him do you can watch him night in night out he's getting off on guys the look of relief. Stay in front of me can hit the long ball he can drive he does everything you need him to do four point guard but I think across a league he's as if there's just not a lot of respect there. I really don't think. Oh I couldn't disagree more you heard Jerry I thank you talk of people running NBA I think the purest the figures the truth on this team. The two greatest assets the hornets have at some Michael Jordan as an order it's not Dwight Howard enjoy it's been good this year and really good. The two greatest assets the ordinance if you look them right now offers the greatest asset the sports team has is. C Clifford as head coach and kemba Walker's point guard. Period and you talk to people on the MBA because just like Terry Saban wants all I'd rather have this study the other doric teams in the NBA it's demand. If cliff coach my team white glove with the coach my team of Campbell was on my team. Those two guys or the most valuable assets and jurors it's not working here. It sure these guys have an imperfect and they've made mistakes with the things that other teams or any any value about this team or those two things right there and it's universal. You can't talk to anybody in the NBA who just don't offer effusive praise not okay it was pretty good for them always tricky he's not a bad team who voted to note that due to bad man he's a culture setter he's a winner. He does everything you want out of a player. And yeah I wish she was on my team at the same thing this is true cliff may and a guy. He gets he gets the most at a guys. Man I gotta give to gonzo would it would kemba clip I. Guess in though I think. I you know 50% of the people in mind having him the other 50% would look look at them sideways you know at the clips just. He's a good coach he's a really good coach but don't think he's a he's a guy that you you you run down attempt to pick up if your team looked for a vote before a coat. Kemba I do feel like he's one of those point north before whatever reason he just think at the look I think if you polled the players. The guys who have been checked him. In the team that have to guard against them they tell you that he was atop. That's like asking if you don't think it's don't know what got and look I love fans who have fist on the Iowa after an open on -- like Edgar did you notice their people and every sport where fans to cement their guys are very good and then there's people would say Clinton people they know one thing to get their IKEA you meant it couldn't be further from the trooper you know soul. Kemba is just that guy because he's not he's poison a smaller market. Please have a team that release only had one great year two playoff years in his seven years now maybe it's a thirty year seven I don't know thumb. But in any gun battery didn't get the same. As one of the top guys who won pilot mark Kelly got better. People keep this a statistically true he couldn't shoot from a peak could shoot barely 40% threat from the field guys got better it is first few years if he should you shot over 40% from three the last couple of years and so. It's not just a menace guys got better this guy is completely changed his game. You did you step to fight over on top of a screen guard Kemba Walker because there was no threat do you see anything needed to shoot let alone make a three pointer right now it changes everything the way you defend him in the screen roll game they ruined. They run it as effectively as any team in the NBA because of it because of the growth. When he finishes at the roadway uses his speed changed direction and size to his advantage boy there's not a guy with his skill set. At deposition into his size of finishes at the rim the way he does. Hi res to get to me is. Arguably the best finisher in the NBA at the rim what's the matter here the rest of this size compared to Kim is not a they're whole assembly old notre don't know Cairo oh yeah and Kyra he's got. I mean he's got so I he's got thrown in India on the Campbell if I do it really ease. Six even and that's being generous and we always like 511 or so how would easily be as probably 5116 even. He's live setting is like 61 or 620 thanks to shoes maybe. But for somebody to finish up the room with the type of size he has a good odds with our bodies in there it's on to the contacting draws. The charges he draws on the defensive end as well I think last series. Number one in the enviable point guards in charge astronomy puts his body on the line all that stuff put. My understanding of what's gone on his. And it's hard to put the toothpaste back in the bottle now always. I I don't think there's a lot of respect around the NBA amongst his peers for rich Joseph. And and I think what leaked out over the weekend was a byproduct of that. And he's got their goal overstates the I mean he's really he's really wearing it right now but he deserves to honestly you deserve it may kemba deserved better. That how he found out the other day he deserves it. I mean he should find out by. A bunch of media get right to walk up to a basket a bunch of questions about hey by the way that there's a report you might be treated. That I deserve better whether he gets traitor or not it either guy deserved. Better business you know it's a business. I don't say deserves better because he's been great for his team know we deserve better this from a respect standpoint. Disrespect another human being enough to that if if if you're. Seriously contemplate in this. That you have the you know what's to say to his face right. And that and that's not a deserve thingy that the you know it justice to respect affected you want you want respect. If you if you if you'd like we came at a come you it's AM I don't know I'm going to be here he I don't know won't stay here then you should you should offer up that same respect to kemba. And then I read somewhere where you know he had the very loud rumbling up applause when when he was introduced on on Saturday because defense you know. They know what they're watching they noted that the Kimble walk what known as team. We'd be we'd probably be picking. One or two next year there they know that there 181000 people in the building on on Saturday and it's now from Miami Miami saw the type team that draws an interest anymore I use a lot of that I think people say yeah man. I'm gonna how to become students do reject this here article watch him because it took another hit rumors are ousted in a room talking in that. He's the best player in the organization you've covered about. Box betrayed them by. It in the end I think is it could be a good move for the if you do the right way in Mikey sent straight to draft picks is great to wield real drafted well so. Before you trade for picks makes you get that the pieces in place. That'll allow you to draft well brightness though playing give all the picks in a world of you to be blowing them so it's there's a lot of things that need to go on. I you know I loved him but I don't I don't know if the only way the trade works is if you have something in please ready to go then makes sense long term and and I just don't think we have that we're. On the snow like you get this he get this today from the San Antonio that Nevada where there's some sort of rift may be between RC Buford and quite literally I mean that's crazy. I can't see them that being if I think that's gonna. Force of the little things up not knowing has that's who we're Brit senior Tony yesterday the first time in its seventeen years Tony Parker came off the bench. Seventeen years at any of pop had a conversation and get talking about culture. Tony said I get it. That's happened it's happened a mono I tepid at Duncan's appointment I get into my guess is that recently I've been here and they lost that's okay good. Did John take Murray's their starting point guard at. Did John tastes fine. But you know they meet Dave needed to up great point guard for awhile earth could that be so but would eat you know they're not taken a bad contracts and they're not trade away picks. So anything Nikolay. Oh god no why would you know that's that's third guy you know that's the heart beat their team aren't Gillick kemba is Tosca why is that an insult to this summer to San Antonio so. I'm just saying like Easter try to find the exporters because again any conch any deal that's to be done because your over the cap dollars have to match. Almost nearly dollar for dollar it's going to be great coach. Her other works in the NB a jury could be ruled their discovery rules for but walking is that dance partner. But for duplicity kemba and cliff when we get back on terror. I'm that it. Now I don't I do present. I administrative work or lost on Amazon okay when we do have which try to tell us cellular data and I think about picking bush state New York City work to be it'll get New York's flexibility now the car most don't is flexibility that's their asset. So there's talk of fright really keen the French point guard their rookie for kemba in a pick. But now there are going to be saddled with paying killed 150 million so went all in with a core of kemba. Was seeing is forcing gays in Courtney Lee would usually you don't data to me that's not Smart on their partner they're out of the hell of Carmelo now they need to do something different. So it's it's keep drafting well surrounding Chris steps with young talent. And then having the flexibility to go to the big fish in free agency if you wanted to do it see you seem that we Cleveland. Among people outdoor in what after the season what do you do to keep taking raid of spare parts from Cleveland it there'd have to be a third team involved snoopy was in Detroit in two point guard I think they do to upgrade. What they've got put. What are you getting back to return from from Detroit a protected lottery pick in Stanley Johnson no. What can I trust Felix stayed the course there's something a device there's something to be said. And up I looked I think changing GM could do this team some good I really do everybody's got to be on the same page Jordan got to get out a way good luck with that. You gotta get a GM who truly he knows how to get evaluated as it were the respective cliff closer cliff has his respect back and return all that stuff. It just everybody be on the same page no more fighting you would want battle I would the next that's got to go away just got to. May have more leaks nineteen I think fully can be dynamic score off the bench is a six million go look at guys. Wayne Ellington who could be that type of player cool look to Lou Williams go look it Jamal Crawford you made a living doing that the NBA for fifteen years. There's a need for that so keep trusting only can develop. Like comes off the books after next year if not he's tradable asset at the deadline next year cause he's Dwight Howard and it's an expiring deal. Paul and KG keeps developing and he has developed his offensive game. Hope that he can keep bringing that along east 43 or circuit senior in the mode you look I get that way but there's so here's the other side the point in name. Guess what you pay Campbell what he's due. Eight people at some of these other contracts get closer to theirs then being expire you try to move those and then what is your draft pick this year top ten or show. Nail that draft pick if you do all those things and Tony it's not as crazy saying this team could be again could be forty to 4445. Wood tee the but. Academics again there's not a lot of that's coming out of in the draft this year. Mean I you know I can name may be three players Bagley. That the point guard at Oklahoma. These last name is. Jung I believe his last name is this is so much radio very young age to be top three pick my way. You don't there's this there's just not a lot of stuff coming out in the draft issues so. Cuban who had how Kouzmanoff fleet the first round assistant for the lakers if you watch college hoops especially packed football that do was a ball or Utah put him. Again how many fans are saying draft Kyle coups look this is true but. This is where you this which is we get a scalp but I don't it's gotta be gotta scalp that you're gonna do your job that he get a development needs to in the second round. Right if we see second or late first I forget late late first second the same and India I don't know but what is he wouldn't think Hillary should have been knew they were taking them. To him before bald head no when he was good so we have put. So I don't know what the point is I don't see a lot of a lot of franchise changing. Players coming out in a draft as she put it to mean it's another reason why you don't blow it off you know to be like if the idea was blowing up. What what reason do you have to think that that guy that's going to be the Kemba Walker five years of those in this draft I don't know conviction about that you know for you to play the odds like what what are the better odds of this seamless itself out of the mired stuck in by staying the course is trying to do better that their jobs or they Kim contract for two good players in those two players don't have to be. All pros or whatever the all MBA but just put that contract to the players. I I don't know those guys are I don't know it's kind of a cross Otto Porter I don't know there was none of the problem maybe Israeli bill maybe snag a bill somehow someway I don't know. I mean CMX guy. Otto Porter known Mac Bradley bill all the all these guys are Max guys now wanna have that kind of Avaya business. Ghana a Rolodex Otto Porter is one of the best reporters in the NBA the last two years he's the epitome of 3-D guys that he's what you wish him KG could become. And keep these when he threw a look I'm just. Gotta have her said he does he do that any NBA while this is year five now for him. So he's 23 but is their dog years formerly known. He get any better growth with the heat. Stop that don't know leading getting better is often it's a game this year is that bad that he got okay but that's getting better I'm not saying he's worried needs to be outside REIT the has progressed daughters drew a baby Deere comes out of the hole walking out of this I think it's better. All the odd because it's politically Obama we come back so we keep this Roland I think we got other phone calls or wanna jump pit 70 floor. 570. 96 dead and who we got important stuff you need to hear from David Griffin former caps GM about this to its prime time or power by ortho Carolina. Artwork career that David Griffin interviewed by the way for Friday which was just. I mean it's illuminating bodily if you wanted to guy and I don't want people say I ever be losing Mitch Kupchak is used there was a lot of the lakers success. Which got Jack daddy nearly to by the game passing somebody by this situation. What if your summer break if you were bring unity Jimmer shows contract speaks it ends after this year. If you were bringing a new GM. So what what is Mitch Kupchak done Perasa may stay a point that tells you could work with a small market team. Without elite level talent in bill through the draft and make Smart trades away a free agency do what's Smart deals. My daddy his claim to fame kind of thing you know I mean that's just not what he's done right in LA that's right and Bryan Clay until I think was a Smart move by Philly to become more an adult mature franchise after all the losing they did. I think he's done good work where that they've taken a step Ford after seeing Mickey. If you don't you're gonna go a little that's that was simply gifts are for people say hey he keys no trade call no no he's not competed so I bring it saving key. OK maybe but. I'll tell you right out any Steve Clifford deputy so we will depart with your head coach and to bring a whole new regime did you was systemic losing for a long period of time. It was a dual fan base that is just now in the last few years really come back to the NBA in this town in a way that it happened five or six years ago. So these are things you think about running a business it's not just when I may what's what's what's flip the switch NCA ABC would have blown up. It's not a binary thing of hey it's either this sort that threats all the stakes you'll I'd like the idea quite honestly. I'm David Griffin. I think David Griffin to get working Cleveland and he did all that stuff he managed trade CEL. I had to do with it what do you do if you want a draft pick. How do you get guys some veteran guys all that stuff and only had LeBron to work with it. David Griffin was doing a conventional stuff in reports were the reason was forced out is he was doing the bidding of bronze people wanted him to do. And because of that that we got to pushed out the door. And and animated change GM during the summer Mordechai retrain or I think he would do what is due diligence what. But LeBron mean the bronze went to the finals how many years in a row seven in a row now so we are apparently knows what he's doing who Griffin the broad. OK but now in the Bronx who are really complaining again. Others are naturally happens okay going I agree but I don't this is where I also I'd love LeBron I respect all his greatness. That's the stuff you BBDO cadet of both ways you wanna be GM BGM probably don't that for all the personal music you've made it you've orchestrated with your boys. Jay gore and she on and Channing Frye all the moves you make how pore over for easier moves LeBron. These are your moves oh okay all of that is doc I've got to stop look I say that the say this. Much like cup tickets is in LA that's sold at a ball game. I have and a guy like that brought into your roster in trying to build around that with that through that RB when worded as a whole other ball game as well so. You say David Griffin I'm I don't know how well he would do in a place like Sean because you don't have a LeBron James so. What's his resume a minus LeBron James is like is like Erik Spoelstra was in coach of the year. You know he was in a running or you can get it for three or four years there no LeBron James. So good team. Winning coach of the year. So what's your resume David Griffin without LeBron then please resident was used building up all the assets while LeBron was gone abuse the one that day got. Week in and say hi reunited lucky that LeBron was. Big in case we got him avoided at all so it's no credit you will bronze not there you can get any credit. You got to give him credit for our group when LeBron was there that's my boy he acquired the assets to flip that stuff for LeBron to come back in the first place. And input Kevin Love it there with them to go. Please him with carriers got lucky the broadest Sotheby's to bigger medical by the police that I adding he deserves more credit than that the bush presidency give to LeBron. If you ask I'm not a single brought you're asking me what he's done outside the LeBron I'm telling you we split assets in place for LeBron took for that to want to be a place to go back to. He's put gas it's a place for them to be able to flip deals that make moves not with very little sap when he grew up there was bordering there he started his career there. He won't let you get credit for LeBron being birthday background giving him credit for surrounding LeBron with the things we needed. I knew it would upset that he he didn't so he he made it where they could go after the wrong. But we could do that here that there's no. There's no guarantee that we'll get the big to big name free agent you still have to be able to go to the gas it's the flip even beyond that you've got to go be able to have the leverage in. And the assets to go get a trade for Kevin Love to have the cap space to bring in other guys that what your cap strapped keep making these deals he did great deals and I know they were LeBron if they were down almost always make of him you gotta look at our bills or not you gotta make a marquee. Some level pretty you can't say he's now apply that logic he's not creek deserve credit for nothing already declaring his right here does or does this go 5050 IVs LeBron fills his boys he's that lets RJR let's bring its upward as do is that the third I guess you can save somebody's got to fundamentally make those steal somebody's got to make the dollars work that somebody's job I can go say hey go get Nikolay letter tomorrow does it work. How do you make it work that you've got to Mozilla take those steel it's much easier to make work with with lower level guy just goes out of a Max got Marshall without a Max guy. These this. How are you the best. Catch and shoot the reach three point shooter in the NBA not being stepped Currie and he's not except for twenty plus million OK but everybody wanted to and they would link to them so when it comes. I'm okay but you've gotta you gotta convince the automated poker tournament you've got to convince the team he's on to trade let it be traded that's what. Point LeBron doesn't just dip to single give me how corporate movies on my team will play somebody's got to do the for a move I couldn't do that but. I didn't pick up much crap they get Kyle Korver that is that I have been banned book called her into it. Had worn out his welcome and value adamant that he had worn out you know a lot of people were fed a global corporate. Quote ring come through there crunched down the stretch for those talks teams that work work quote unquote contenders now over with student trying to do is think. When Gypsy listed at China boosting. Call overcame a short minutes I'm gonna play out. OK that's fine ideally get to give my pronouncement that's the Kimmel live and open up saying no you can't beat the number that the people are you have already you don't have those love for. I think that we're more level Covert and Atlanta I ground look on whatever will wouldn't try to give it being given a voice and they did give more value but we will begin with about the you could call it then I brought the -- or not make every month of god get out of here hold on by the way Bryant says Kouzmanoff first round pick 27 overall so it is correct Kyle Cooper with the lakers so you get he got embody every Cheney tensions in and then yeah bottom file what bottom four pick in the in the NBA draft this year CJ Stiller let's go to the phones really quick British air this interview Griffin because it was really good CJ what's up man tax cut. Person has not particularly. If you're reading your columns being you'll ever really felt especially at its own growth that's a deploy everything you do everything your power. Don't all these all the players you do everything apart especially. All of my net be it draft but no acute stress on. I'll look like you're you're crush her fingers and hope that injury occurred rapidly. Move that didn't. That is always a way to get rid of doping contracts are particularly the three off. I will go off. Watch a couple of big deal. Carl freeware Cody was making are popping here like Briere former you're not Arctic partnered with being out of the market it's crazy I don't understand that. On I can understand every paper I would spread out our home equity or commodity. Right you could hear it I would go well you'll pretty good account of coming out in ninety. Yeah it don't repel you Rico tip get back to carry beer in Arabic retired. While panicky will Rick when are showing that we got. And then there will be compelled corporate partner what better and be back. Did you ever incinerated and grapple because you have bad contracts and other area. Are we got a bit player and you're good enough. Yeah you're allowed to the bank you know you're right your left to the bank on that for another team there are rare. Bring it on I agree an NA this is doing it this is the thing to exit we gonna get a break or his three run as David Griffin interview but it. The single with the so Zeller contracts in the MPG crunch contracts go back to Miami Miami's good example is. They're very strategic about who they pay a total of one of these big fish user who whales that pat. Pat Riley likes to refer to a superstar. Generational talent they generally don't give guys deals and that's the culture is come here. Play will get a contract elsewhere they pay deal later this year now the OnStar for your cause he's got an ankle injury. But do you look it at Miami they probably would have paid Cody Zeller meant KG. And I think the cortisol he would get an early were selling them now but those are the types of contracts Achille more than Marvin mortem into those. Hey let's just look you're exactly right which just played this out and if it doesn't work we can't pay him and it doesn't work. We we let the guys along the blue contracts to a Q were you more than that who got contracts and I understand this and about not. Trading away homegrown talent in kemba who did everything world around him so you'll have a choice you don't you don't have to OJ you ride it out you could you can. You can not as bad as it's okay don't have a choice but the point is is that it's universal remote to turn even on the board you know because you did everything else wrong a girlfriend Kim Paula put it more your reaction. We getting into the slot o'clock hour get back to the copper championship weekend Super Bowl said patriots Eagles Omar Gaither Kroger and you gotta hear this from cavs GM. Former cavs GM. Who may or may not deserve credit David Griffin next front dollar fine North Carolina.