Primetime: Kroeger and Darin Gantt Discuss The Hornets with Steve Clifford

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Thursday, January 18th

Kroeger and Darin Gantt close out the show talking Hornets with Steve Clifford.


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Powered by doing. I daring dance joins us and our fun and I say what I told a Sunderland. Daring cancel this at 3 o'clock if we witness the rest of the way it is crunch time powered by ortho Carolina native and Doug gig coming warmest upload. Nobody swarmed the cocktails of our hearts quite like a deer in get a pro football talk dot com live from the marks being real T studio program. I. Are your chance to win nasty coverage could join us in the second bottle we'll talk supporters they got the win last night when 331 and I'm it'll hunter playing better basketball. Chance right now UFC fight night January 27 7 PM at spectrum setter we got two tickets to go away your chance right now fifth caller gift. Caller it's 704570916. And thanks to Mondello is speciality of fish. And your partner USC. Are we even done this so literally in months and we're we're glad to be able to do this we go to the tactic come Gasol as we do each and every week we talked to the head crucial hornet's the last couple months well it's been the associate head coach stepping in the acting head coach Stephen Silas we get the head man back induct. An awful big win 133109. Although it's what a Sidney win because they're all big wins and these happen some times puts a nice one over the wizards last night's do you call for make it tough for coach are you doing. Stonewall purses could be very could you. No it's good to talk to you and I can be careful because I'm trying to train myself on you wanna save big winner big loss or any of that stuff but it's a win and you guys are strung together a few reasoned. I mean you guys just came right out of the gates offensively last night energy was awesome and I mean you kept it up sustained with the starters the bench everything I mean start to finish that that was that was an impressive offensive outing last night. There wasn't enough that you get one of the key points you just look to net you know the strongest warning and then also hope you know some of the numbers as we guide. Really good play out of the starters and then also although all the play out of the French true which used. If you look at our team and I think most teams use it to sustain point eight. You know you need to have pulled groups or to play a walk together now shall we got last Smart. Or talk and a head coach true hornets he conferees back missed the last 21 games comes back Indo hornets back to back wins another 13 out of 46 out of last nine silk. Start a trend in our direction but a lot of work left to be done during this five game home stand off the win last night 133. 109 you've spent so much time would talk about some of the stuff that happened last night the coach talking about that second do you spent so much time over the years talking about. Playing groupings in rotations and expectations are roles and it it feels like more than anything just over the last three weeks I don't think this is coincidence the benches play better. But these guys have been relatively healthy and we get kodi back soon enough but I think guys seemed to have just settled in their roles and because of that. I think the play is improved because of that is that is that fair. We you know the second unit has a way to play offensively where she is playing you know primarily through Germany and frankly. As the primary options. And then not given a couple things is Juan I think she's consistent player all certain groups or trivia our camp for. You know solidified that true. Yeah I think the thing with Mike might wrong on this coach Steve Clifford with a 133109. The final they beat Washington last night back to back wins big win over the pistons on Monday to on the road and done to be Miami on Saturday. 7 o'clock tip off I got pregame at 630. It seems like Mike and early it'll eat a thing or you obviously missed some bunnies near the rim and it seemed like his confidence on the offensive side was. We started dipped a little bit I don't know if it's a health thing is seen a couple of shots with the right I can certainly see me that confidence grow a little bit on the offensive side for him as well as opposed which is going on defense. We have heard here a big victory in each already up to me that victory at the end of the Circuit Court insurance Oklahoma City. Home and you know again I mean you know like a lot of other guys in the wee. He had a procedure late in the summer which. You know according there's trying to retrieve it. So when there's still could Pargo portrait part of more additional September all of October. The end I think in a lot of ways she's just now starting you do your rhythm. We're talking head coach Steve dusty liberties with this right now. On the tech become just like Puerto tele 225 back to 500 home twelve and twelve home now off the win over the wizards won 33. 109 so that's starred Kosher literally the best shooting star in in this modern airports basketball game back to 2002 to 2003 were tenth pretend to start when you guys were shoot over 90%. Late into the first quarter last night he scored 38 and any corder 39 in the second quarter to mean you're doing something right so. What what what was going on I mean you just have a hot shooting nights at happens holy bull what was clicking so much offensively for you guys early on. Well I think it started would we have really good then you start to game and go home. You know Mike editorial on she's just saying that Denard Denard are. Totally agree removed. Is that people talk about your intensity. Is to keep it detention the only decision that intensity readiness. There's also the key to all parents and I do think Eric Eric. When your more energetic cured more walking and bomb you know you're more focused on the fundamentals of your individual shout you're gonna shoot the ball better structure goes to pick Carter rich we also got some steals. So that worry and we get out and score apart due trying to challenge so how. There was a combination though which is sick huge bridge shooting at all men and I think. You know the ability to get out in the open court martial bull. For the interesting things see you could see this is a priority for you last night right out of the patriots in early action for kemba but he ran for nixed to and I think you could easily missing that we got to be careful sometimes you'll watch a game you read a box resale nick had eleven points four assists three rebounds and and what an underperformance that was put seven of the stolen and came in the first few minutes of the game last night because you guys rain and some early action and he knocked him down and that seemed to adjust the trigger for him and flowed into the rest of the offense the rest of the game. And and I don't think there. I mean he does so many saying it's a church opens teammates play better you do not ponying. But it's a war criminal our home. That it did not the end you know 100 feet from the other years at least this year your receipt of 1566. Now. Torched the original if you could do people consider. It is a little different but our attitude this year because. You know. Why didn't work so gets the ball more so when you have a guy. Oh deserted yet. Or shock all can obviously be as a Q what charts for the other from the floor and that's part two during the whole you know we're also. Coach what what happened I am sure you talk to some of the guys was it just textbook chipping just they were frustrated last that would happen at the end of the game with the with Michael Carter Williams and Jason Smith and Tim Frazier what would happen at the end last night. Artistry. It was. All I think maybe frustration at all own. You know they have a console king incident guys are competitive got you. Bomb being and security through but it still look toward its saying I don't get it. We do bill alluded to you know hard screen there should think pulpit what they've written. That led to. You know gun didn't a spot in the you know what should happen you know. You do you think the double tech effect this Mike said after the game he thought it was. Probably a little bit too much it'd just been one. You think that is that was Dan may be game precautions that the crew last night zarb and those guys over what's been going on in the last few days in the MBA or or set there it was and not related at all what happened there. I mean could you know why I have such a terror. You don't know somebody else is sitting you know on discrete problems from their toll. Or the Jewish polish secrecy to do. Yeah just defuse a situation well and I would one what did you think when now I mean obviously it's their call to white Detroit got a rousing ovation standing ovation from the crowd last night to come off the bench and played a minute the fourth. And go to the charity stripe less ninth last night to shoot there's two free throws what was going through your head when Dwight went back on the floor. Our this year or this'll trigger the trial court shall get him back out here now are all in it and no one really knows who or what looks. Full sparks so I mean there's really not much you can do this. He knocked down both they're pretty impressive suffer for Dwight lesson he's free throw shooting I know he had a bad game gosh what was it to against the mavericks where he wished he just really was it an abomination for that one night but he's free throw shooting coach really you said it was gonna trend up I think it has strained and appear over the last couple months. You worked hard data to be very diligent it's important to home. Aren't you Bruce took establish a very good fortune relationship friendship they're an adult homes north puts you put it that totally different actually shape and it's also our sort of I mean it's it's huge stakes he. Are lesser things we'll let you ST clippers with us and double automatic here on this so Miami on Saturday and I know you've thrown his term around and everybody's goal is to build this and that's culture and I think they're very few organizations and any professional sport that it actually built it into. I know my Amy maybe not necessarily be average and would say that put. I just keep looking at amend or the walking wounded and they just keep winning games and date they are going to be a tough opponent on Saturday they won eight of nine. And they want seven in a row before that they've won five the last six on the road Dion Waiters is done for the year Whiteside hasn't even been playing the type the minutes. Up all over the last few months that I he's played in years past Amanda bios been really good early on what what what is it about Miami. Maybe it's coach go but it's more than a Tubal what are what is it about them where they just keep doing this coach. Or they're cute with his community is a huge part of Britain's. A home I'll risk it is Christian it is just students in the last few weeks from watching. Are you at all water skiing it is. They've been incredibly impressive. I told our guys there's the other day is when you get to game forty. Are you really get to see the change toward making progress. You know what street forgot how they have to play to play more consistent action and I would I'm. Albert near the top of that weird stuff toward their left. And what you should be injuries told readers that sort of stature and it. All. I mean I distinctive they've done an incredible job or you know what they could send everybody. They know all they wanna play offensively. All better now we're also in this case they've done a great job they always have all these years. Follow. You know finally they're trying to guide the shouldn't hesitate to these MB if you look at your roster on. Still the Joshua restriction to the parlor shop since. It in all those guys and then packed. And they're not recorded or don't we saw a degree we're gonna get them played together one of the most impressive thing you know it wouldn't there's. He works for Pat Roberts could use is obviously a master coach ash and yet. What they do now they still the same and the initial period Sacramento and so on offense but in terms of their coverages and stroke play it's much which they're Kirk. Well what do we know about a Cody Zeller coach any update on him. Now I've been either of your work and not a paper and I mean I you know which it's. You know I haven't been told you to he's cleared for anywhere any aspect to prior to ship. Frank good to know C Clifford head coach for the hornets and I could this award does that the docs what is said no more doing this with me once a week that you sure that wasn't on the on the plan moving forward don't talk to me anymore twenty minutes a week. Now for that we're the number true was it an American are important yeah on all the Mahler purity thing else but today and there. So you're contractually obligated is what it is that that's not a militant I have to lose lift and separate called Jews. Coach we're we're glad to have you back and he will see Saturday at the arena thanks for dropping by as always look at our district. Only Don Murray darling sporting. Crying time we've always grow. Powered by Mort don't care. Peace he's primetime audience happy hour. My Jack Daniel's Tennessee ride combining the distinct flavor rove ride in jacket. Daniels distillery Stein modern charcoal mellowing process the result is a bold spicy rye whiskey dead center in smooth and check out Jack Daniel's Tennessee ride today. Drink responsibly. Ortho Carolina earlier took a quick corners and you put cancers nugget is what we're gonna work this stuff in Madeira and I reached out to be only a winner whether things are scary around here he can ever be to safer since he DJ you want to descend the WS AZ. Mobile rescue unit to pick you up to make sure you're ready to do the show today and by the way the mobile rescue unit for us at W agencies might my vehicle I will have one. Cry against said. You're disappointed because you thought because we sharing a building with WB TV riot we're not under the same ownership used to be long ago and any more you thought I was gonna come out that big hunk in the as she needed they have with this monster truck yeah storm tracker torture hour. Tracker Aaron like I was gonna take over for Lindsay to pass is in doubt and Derrick Thomas and -- I would like I was gonna come in with the entire WB TV meteorologist team off to their home state of DG IQ yeah and I would've allowed you to do that and I would have lumbered home because the chance to ride in that thing I'm pretty sure I'd seen that thing in a parking lot not taken pictures of a sentiment thirteen year old son. I'm pretty sure that things got machine guns in that some players bitch you've got a secret panel switch is do you think you can hit in the machine Donald pop up out of the side do you think the money believed to drive stormed torture of the storm tracker we know but he's got a car with secret machine guns there's no question about that. He just a much more stealthy vehicle day he's got like an Aston Martin our sons and idiot that has secret machine guns and it all right so I'm sorry I'd see her machine guns are playing with me when I was a kid I used it here I mean I don't know I was one of those things I would motto filed late model cars and stuff and put exe crucially this machine guns and what LC unit to a suburban victory hello hello and keep keep themselves entertained as a kid sees an acre I don't know you grow up seeing so many of those James Bond movies and stopped and everything everything had to have a secret compartment. All right so I'm sorry to disappoint on that I I also could not bring you DeDe did the BB TV helicopter rather I'm its did you view thought that was an option as well I think it would be good I would helicopter this safest way to travel in Charlotte are wondering yesterday. I'd just like Carl kind of cool places in Charlotte I would have gone yesterday if I had a helicopter but because the winner debt storm eighteen. I sent mass on the couch. I just love the back in the day you don't our beloved Jim joking around here. Susan talked about him like he's dead so it's still okay Arizona. Since diesel digital living legends of the Los analyst saying it seems okay. Are going to kill jail our beloved Jim though he was still alive back in the early days Jim's Oki also told time is Jefferson pilot. The land traffic on the planet. Jeff Tyler so he would he would Kenny would actually get in the years Jeff pilot in literally like two hours later would go do the sports updates is Jim joking it was the same guy. In changes voice not a Good Charlotte was not quite as big back then so it just it didn't matter peoples a study of thought oh man those guys. They're Brothers they sound kind of similar Jeff pilot and he thought that we had a helicopter pilot named Jeff yeah. Who is a pilot but acquitted theater of the mind man radio is all about even though it was owned by a company named Jefferson. Pilot. A complete at least they were really in the helicopter though it was and so did you speak in his chest what do you think people think we're going and stolen right now but do you have betting your phone out do you have people in your contacts in your phone. That have their first name ma'am what they do. My guy I guess I doubt I'm alone there's a guy ray who works on my car from time to time freightcar context is says ray mechanic. His last name's not mechanics find. Well do you know his last name now. I know he has a lack. I don't hold on it because of the aussies doing it because you don't know is is less leverage is doing because it's easier remember I put it in my I know his last name and as soon as I look it up. And when I did in my contacts the first time it was I just put in race and mechanic with a what are you doing Brian why do you have who you have in your phone whose name is is blank. Title all like I have like I don't know how many did he Darren has and I'm not trying to like brag about this. Like all of us here ago I had I. On islands off like 6000 numbers in my phone and lying legitimately. Like legitimately that clearly you're literally mean he's got some illegitimate number. On Haiti share and zero literally mean you've got thousands of phone numbers and yes there's there's occasionally someone that will cause that like they'll be an agent or someone that I talked to that I don't that I'd feel like there won't be talking than down the road and they're just you know. Bill agent or. One ever. But how do you tell me why even put it in your phone as a point that's what I don't get which America is because I feel like the moment that I throw away a number actually come never need to again like that's that's my neither you know what I do first saw violence and if you've probably got this to. I've got dead guys in my phone yeah Connolly excellent stand once you guys are not gonna go through and delete them from my contacts debt. God did it's I'm I have. Actually spitting on their crazy events like a final indeed we think you're gonna get a call I don't remember you anymore all of may have Fred is calling me wonder what he's doing up in heaven right now. He just move unmanned cargo on you're gonna you don't like and like I personally know in take him out of your contacts. That means your memory is worth nothing to me on the little earlier artillery demure like for like I'd like I've Roy Allan his summer myself and I felt like I. Here's I feel bad about like deleting that lay down. He added organizers sucks that he's dead but he I mean he's dead you're never gonna talk to McGuire while we're humble bragging right Soledad probably the coolest thing I've got in this phone was rifling through your phone is bill the butcher. I I have Abdul butchers phone number in my phone can you call them today what would happen and call them right now. I would ask him what happened to his restaurant in Atlantic has disclosed recently. But he's right next to bear buyers from my dear old co workers from the Iraq kill Harold was passed onto their ability and always remember Barry but. You know and I just thought about it whenever I'm not talking your contact is contact. You just about Mary in a while until I looked up Abdul butchers phone numbers air he is next to him guarantees of attacks from that person in your phone. That's weird. Conversation between. There are some of those I have some of those necessarily saw homes are lost some of that stuff. But now have a new big phone with more memory. I've got even more. Guy's point then goes that's all ideal ideal I don't pick global phone if I don't know the numbers if not do anybody else does the number calls me I don't recognize it I go to voicemail and guess what personal nobody uses voicemail anymore until you leave me a voicemail. Lets me know released it was somewhat important I can then see what the voicemail was now you get the audio transcription of the voicemail and I just read your Mike oh that's that was a call back. What do you call we need to leave a voicemail I'm certainly not calling you back in if your numbers not in my phone's a contact uncertainly not taken up and sometimes. All get a name Mike and I don't remember that name your in my contacts and I'll just say hello this is Chris. And then normally don't say then they're forced to say oh hey Chris its XYZ. Any of you remove this and the awkwardness of the situation. That's how you handle phone conversations right there whatever you two were doing keeping the dating your phones and holding on to long lost text messages this is weird whatever you guys are doing right now. Really weird. You're hanging on the dead contacts in your phone I don't understand that this webpages being I think it's even more weird to actively delete someone who has died from your phone. I mean are you that hard up for spacing your phone that's a costly than those glossy get a DU got its valuable realist I don't just give this dead person out there it is it's valid valuable real does it that's the juvenile song now yeah eight euros coal Casey all getting regional phone you can tell the realization funny you have this I'll. I'll die phony bite your tongue sir how much memory you have on there. I don't know why are we talking memory right listen here's the bottom line what I've come to the realization out today HU acted like I was some burden and you had to drag around for three hours when you but. I come to the realization that you're not nearly is young and positive and hopeful as I used to think you war first of all you kicked dead people out your phone before they're even couldn in the ground second of all you've already said for the record you would teach your dog and yeah that's what who were OK so what is sacred do you Chris Kroger what do you value. Apparently now the marriage of Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Obama has and it's just. He can't see this this is good he's in his. So Lamar and Khloe Kardashian and I knew my marriage decoy was over one quote she was on her second or third MBA player. Our colleagues is quote we did that sink or second or third brothel. All who. I got Helton who went zero to 100 her real quick. Still for those who were unaware of of the of the jokes they're not really joked dozer those are hard and fast facts right there. You know Lamar Odom basically almost killed himself because he went on on a on a drug and alcohol binge all in with with prostitutes prostitutes in April. And was on his death bed and somehow came back. And man that's some that is some cool last hole. That is. That is a major shake from the actual life in in actually no excuse that's up from calling that's Kim Kardashian in as tweet that out. Can guard as she defending the honor of her sister saying or second or third volatile for all the guys out there don't know the difference in the Kardashians Kim the home with a but. A message that one is OK I can't have often been Omar NBA team score card ashen or Luke Ridnour yikes. He's the life Luke Ridnour. Great organ ducky spend time hears about getting get a decent have to seize I think is about getting the trade deadline. In my right arm and I feel like I'm correct on that part of the Jeremy lamb trade was an 80 my goodness gracious several people are Jeremy lamb trade went away ending came back and went away again. Or I'm making now you're making that while cracked yeah he was part of the Jeremy lamb I think he was part of the deal that sent Saddam. Gosh we sept part of the deal they sent. Oh I can't remember which may in this team is made so many random trade now. At the trade deadline over the years bush brings you to this by the way out of this early this twit is in my tension. We were talking about this last week with which kemba I went up my rig yesterday you know trading Campbell I mean Steve Clifford now almost essentially told me as much yesterday. And it. Or Friday excuse me and then he'll come by saying the same thing like. I mean I don't know I wanna be your man likely would you expect Kemba Walker dissect it doesn't wanna go anywhere but you re gonna do as a retreat for you that's setting your controlled affect your name keeps coming up. Is that your controllable Bleacher Report has an article up right now. And it this is where like. Some of the stuff he's just contrived and Dan and stable. At Bleacher Report is that they are more Somalia I don't even know who looks for politics usually gentle volley painful volley Bleacher Report I like to have his liver. Hey nice Chianti and some of finally being asked about different trade center field I guess there were there're a lot of talk around the MBA right now that it's going to be a pretty. Quiet trade deadline is that it's is earlier trade deadline this year. And full volley giving up five ideas of things that could happen. Means on the move this was what happens Angel removed ten bon Temps for the Washington Post a couple of weeks you'll say well what did you really think about trading Kemba Walker. We'll should they think about it or are they thinking about because those are two entirely different things and social volley puts this out years of Cleveland bids farewell to Brooklyn's first round pick. Which they got in return for that Trace for Cairo reek to get Isiah Thomas and Jae Crowder to Cleveland. And so it's that it's a it's a high lottery pick now. Brooklyn's actually been a lot better this year so any good to be. Eighty top three pick a top two pick in in all certainty it's probably going to be a top five ish top set British picked because that's where there there slotted right now so anyway. He says the hornets received Channing Frye. I CD osment annoyed do that is I love the NBA if month shopper JR Smith. And that first round pick next year from Brooklyn and a 20/20 second round pick for Miami which is worthless honestly that's a worthless picked. And casually get nick to Michael Carter Williams and Kemba Walker. I would do that well I don't know I ask you why would you do that you what is the answer. I'm not given away timid just to get some might it take a bad contract off hands but it seems stupid yeah I mean that's counterproductive I mean that is starting over with bad stuff. In mean if you can start over with good stuff if you can go. You know if you got a high lottery picks if you got top five takes you can start talking about it stuff but just taken other people's trash this hit reset and I'd rather just watch and mean this sounds terrible and it sounds like I'm advocating all the things we hate I'd rather just watch a 500 team with Kemba Walker on it. Well that's what I'm. Singh might open the show talk about Devin this is a book or your pay playbook this agreement sports liberal or just enjoy sports and has gone in just take him for what they are book a lot of the frustration with a series and you know maybe unrealistic expectations although I don't think they were I think what we saw last night we seen it time for this team is proving this team can be one of the better teams in the east. When everything is going well and clicking. And their pointy basketball they've got a ton of talent. And I think what's going on this year is a lot of people been disappointed frustrated and it immediately turn to blow it up but. Man I equity to sit back and in don't have expectations for this team right yet to what Howard fun to watch man to watch a hall of Famer here you got the best center in Charlotte. On both ends of the floor since Alonzo Mourning after it around that. So you got the best big man in the in your on your team in this city for the for in twenty years why doesn't hurt diesel big goofy you know a bit fallen. I mean it was fun last night to watch him play the crowding get a staining is silly is this was played to crowds. It is standing ovation negotiate to trek technical free throws are and a quarter and he made both and he blew a kiss that was a monstrous that was a moment to moment I'll cherish forever and I mean it's a minute ticked at which you were there that day Kelly walker. Is the epitome. Of what you want your star players ranked demon and he's he is self improve Jesus self star arteries is a competitor night in and night out he's sure he's got diminutive size but the way he performs. In lieu of that the way he's overcome that the way he's been there Justine had seven wins DG not all that long ago. And they are 48 wins two years ago we've seen this team can win with Kemba Walker when he's got the right pieces around him and he's become an all star level point guard. And I watch what I eat eel and somebody threw this out there the other day. The idea that the hornet's and I do think this is a somewhat realistic trade possibility. It's order I have not only the hornets are interested in this but I think this is the type of deal you would get for Kemba Walker see this Cleveland things a pipe dream. And I think it is a pipe dream but think about if the knicks saw kemba and said all right you were start to move in the right direction Melo is gone Chris steps is a guy we can build around. And we need a point guard we got frank nick Alina we're not really sure what he is but he's he's got potential right now. Why don't we trade nick Alina. Fort Campbell walker William a first round pick. And maybe some spare parts to make it work whatever it takes to make it work. If you're a hornet's. Why would you give up your all star caliber point guard. If you've developed to go try to develop another point guard you're not sure if you can develop home and go take another role on the right on the hamster wheel in the lottery why would you do that. What hornets stay in his signing up for frightening Halloween in a first round pick to get ready Kemba Walker who does that why on earth would you make a move like that. Well and I don't think he would gain and again I think it speaks to that larger conversation about the character of our city I think bear a lot of people who were in that building last nine who were sitting on their couches watching TV. Who would rather watch kimbo on a 500 team unmanned then. B. Completely resent and three years into a process where you know they're going to be terrible. I'm not sure I think Charlotte's a little more stable than that but I'm not sure if the fan base would survive a reset in three years of rebuilt. I don't know that you could do the processing Charlotte right now because it's been so long since we've been go to bass what we we had somebody right in yesterday in the text on Tuesday a temporal slammed. And it's the timberwolves cannot it is and is much certainty you can say this with Ethier left her fourteen year playoff droughts gonna come to an analyst in the NBA it's gonna win a good spot now yup but guess what good and their funk still a sell out and they got star players and a Carl Anthony tell us again Jimmy Butler they're getting injured weakens again good young good veterans that have bolstered that team as well and and guess what. They they still got attendance issues sheep is still out there igloo just go down yeah see that the fourteen years of losing a dude it's everywhere you look I don't care outlook is guess what they had good players with Kevin Love and in. And Al Jefferson to. And so fans have seen that before where hey you tell us we got good teams we got good players show up anyway are you committed to winning can you actually win. And it hasn't been that low here Charlotte the may have fourteen years of that you'll meet a fan base down and you'll lose that's. Wrecked your head around that that's a generation of fans that they basically just the way. Fourteen years is almost an entire generation can still play dissent also like to wise like delighted to free drugs often goes into the distance. So I'm not signing up for that I'd rather sign up. For you know what I know I can win with Campbell we've learned that had always start trying to unload everything else around me if you're certain that the pieces are here now what could you do get renewed but to what could she do. To may be. Upgrade Michael Michael Kidd Gilchrist instead what and I do think it's a little all it takes is a little move I mean anybody could have made the move toward its may two years ago remember. Jeremy Lin serve our river people early on that seasons they really and that all seasonal OK all violent by loss Ohio and Germany have realistically what do you expect. And now people look back in hindsight say when Jeremy Lin might have been the secret sauce to that 48 win team for the hornets they made a deal for elite anybody could act accordingly to trade deadline. And guess what it was a great deal. I mean this sort of move they had a couple of Spencer Hawes OK Spencer is good and to the bench type of player. And he filled in when I was out for a little bit as the backup center Cody Zeller stepped in to be a starting center. If they had just okay pieces he was a good tenth man down. I mean it's it's crazy took his text right sin. You know. On the building center text so with the all star game coming here next you're be bad to trade kemba Kim enjoyed should still be your next year because we need ever represented given that all star game I actually don't disagree from a business standpoint if you're Michael Jordan. I don't think you're thinking about I don't I think you are thinking about that I don't think you're thinking about sending lawyer Earl Starr. When he MBA is coming here and next season in your building you wanna have at least one of those guys and I gave it maybe soup is that business or is that personal profit. He's both men can be both things can be true once but I just know I am. If there was a way to. Get rid of the Batum contract and get rid of some of they other stray part Saban I thinking better that's one thing but I just I don't have any interest in. And and sounds callous but I don't have any interest in watching them without him. I mean I've seen that it's back it's awful I am we've seen life without Kemba Walker around here not. On and it's not good in people or you're talking about people's hard earned leisure. Money you know there is this simply point to text a road is a sacrament is in your thirteen could win with a top eight player bullion that's true to their their the second longest streak and guess what. Hornet's thirtieth anniversary next year but NBA basketball on the stump thirtieth anniversary so. It's just had a cumulative count distaff challenge here as the years the average in the year they origin is the thirty year anniversary. Out of Duncan because it's 28 years of basketball and yeah. But what it said that stuff matters and you've got nearly 121000 season ticket holders of that building and a lot of them are there you don't watch because every night they know they're gonna get to see kemba. He Dwight. Have a good time I can tell you how many times I walk through that concourse after games. And I see the same fans going up to the same mushers over their sand. I the best time tonight and I and I know that stinks for some people Buddhist viewpoint championship but there are a lot of people that pay money to make sure this team actually is Bible here who go to that building because. It's a fun time for them and their family and enjoy it. And I know this is weird to the rabid 1%. Of the people who listening call this radio station. Not everybody who watches sports. Demands that their team win every game I mean that's just not realistic that's not life and that's not sports hold on GM Joseph really quickly get a break great Orkut a few more things before shut down shots Joseph what's up there what do you think. But our draft them early Mo and number eleven. Well when you Bethlehem of of that but it will be a starter and then coach clippers. Although and and and and and not done that in any troop and a whole lot of that nature you draft a starter number eleven. Well. Clipper chip. My late model. To be a starter in the BC. Could these ninety are. He could be Joseph he's nineteen he could be ninety and a. You've got a player if if people are or are. In timber point one on got to go and order Goodell only to tell you know he. Could get an all applicable to golf or. Joseph are you convinced right now that the league mark is ready to be a starting starting anything in the NBA. Probably straight straight kemba the order trade debt I would let this beat them play out and then when the when will that Bartley. Cleveland. Thank goodness are they don't wanna you know some of the matter can't let them come out there is no then I would trade kimbo. In my day but that would happen either no Joseph don't. That would happen nobody is that the first launcher appreciate Conan is your Cleveland. If that happens that scenario happens dirt here they are tearing it down. They're not waiting to do this thing where they tried re mix of players and try to be competitive if that happens that's why they're trying to hang on to the Brooklyn tech. If LeBron leaves and I'm still not convinced that happens by the way. If LeBron leaves. Dirk it's down this it's down to the steroids and you're you're rebuilding everything and Kemba Walker at thirty years old is not can be part of those plants so I understand your hypothetical that hypotheticals based in reality that's their contingency points you read all the NBA guys are now they're saying they don't wanna give up that pick because it's their thing that they're hanging on to a case of emergency. This break classic case of emergency a look at our lottery pick in case LeBron leave so let's go get LeBron. Alana maybe. Know anybody who plays friends I know. This makes are all on we come back raising now horses never crossed the line for the city of mail we got to get to this story Panthers and falcons being linked together we'll get to that when we come back and we have breaking news or do we breaking news we have breaking news. While we have breaking news I learn about this breaking news with Darren can't next is prime time power by ortho Carolina. Student flavor of Brian Jeff Daniels distillery time honored charcoal mellowing process the result is a bold spicy rye whiskey that sickens me. Check out Jack Daniel's Tennessee ride today and drink responsible. I gotta say a word for you for room. I thought it was Teddy. I know all Paul Pierce so far I what I love watercolor. Heart because to me they're going to be all types of announcements that happened to 48 minutes during a game we'll carry all types. Okay including celebrating Isiah Thomas could be one album. Wouldn't that does not take away from your situation like Kobe is that happened during the game because they are doing your home. Polls game. On between us. Isiah Thomas thanks. Formerly the Celtics outcast. Paul Pierce Celtics legend who's gonna have his number retired on February 11 they're getting you are you familiar I am aware of what's going oh what say you scream in sports liberal because the to principled argument is this is. This is Boston. Home of all the championships and we're retiring your Jersey for the all time greats in team history or not can remember a few years for some tiny little point guard who had a good run and we had some good wins which is no longer on our team so Paul Pierce was getting his Jersey retired on the same day they're gonna do a video tribute to Isaiah because it's Celtics cavs that nice -- they were gonna do it earlier and you're Isaiah was out so they wanted to do one last time. And Paul Pierce is like now week we ate about that. And you might grow in my knight's son. This is my night Paul needs to be a by obvious that's the problem we expect Paul because he's an old ban because he's done some things in the league. We expect him to not be worried about the Isiah Thomas tributes of the world. It should be big need him. And affected it's not beneath him actually liked the fact that. Jalen was Wilma come out to his face and say Ascap pity I kinda like Dell in this regard and I mean that is the standard right about this this tweet bodily every adult who is central on Twitter rally Jewelers Twitter feed. At prime time WS frenzy brown Lee recently named one of the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country by national jeweler magazine building trust three generations brownie Jewelers. And rallied Jewelers dot com Rondo reportedly saying. On Isiah getting hurt decent what is he done. I told and he led the Celtics of the conference finals I share your mark hull. That's what we celebrate around here he then went on to say this is boss this the Boston Celtics not the Phoenix Suns no disrespect to any organization. But you don't hang conference titles I do we hang on are we gonna hang conference finals what do we hang here title banners. Okay cool. Okay there a couple of problems with that part of it. It is coming true already if you allow me to go back to earlier in the show when I was on my social media Iran what's wrong with social media is that we let stupid people talk. And give them a megaphone that they do not deserve a few of those are we asking rate Rajon Rondo what he thinks about this is usually mean he'd Ferrari goes opinion on. Say any thing. I mean that's kind of like the NBA guys like this Steve Kerr position all of our ball. Why are we asking him about this what do you think you're gonna get there. General I would say cause it's unhinged in crazy doesn't mean it has value I've gotten frustrated and receive curse like the captain easy stance he always says the thing that everybody kind of degrees with it is it is a little annoying to me that people keep going to Steve Kerr is this like. Bastion of what is right and wrong in this world a Mike like here's a basketball coach. I don't think Steve curse probably guess the principal thoughts and he's a Smart man value at the end of the day what do I care what Steve Kerr thinks about what's going on all right finally woke. OK I mean he he is okay is probably is the guide on the street is still early start asking him what he thinks about everything at the people when Charlotte people who Wear khakis and have good jobs and living comfortable suburbs think Steve Kerr is the definition of what OK he's like up. Cleaned up polished up version of Popovich used just an all liberal crank who don't care anymore. But no. You know he says that things are keys and he says that things people want to hear. By the way speaking of a media saying things that they don't know what they're talking about text or wrote in building senator techs like 704570. Nice extend out one current NBA all star said the bench is rookie or even a warning on guys were wrong about -- mongering your dream on green average is trickier minutes per game thirteen point four. Normally commenting your holy month is averaging right now minutes played another seem sort of belief thirteen point four and soul. Actually lead he had facts only actually. You have big sacks actually has techniques extreme. Didn't get a lot of drug user here you don't like hello and on and I'm not a lot not because I'm not done yet you know why he got run Gomorrah you don't always there's more you know why he got on his church here why conceivably defense arm and you'll want bleak month hasn't gotten enough fraud yet in his rookie year because the FD. We're other. How that works but he can score a whole lot and I think the league's going to be a fine player in this league we don't comment it would all the great players in this league diverse set the heck they didn't. You go up and down a lot of teams over the years the good ones they took a little time to percolate and marinate before they got on the on the floor and I sing dream on green is as good as any player in the NBA outside I don't know five or seven right now so. Yeah that's a pretty good example but god indeed cities rookie on the bench quite some time before it turned into all I don't know what you see in all star and defensive player of the year. So you were I don't mean you were not leading the stream only chance last night crew I was not although I was glad to see him get out there and affected as teammates are like Ellis absent on come on how to hear more explained better on Tony he is you watch him. He is learning how to win is limited minutes so what you're saying is in the games in the gym knew they was Sasha Silas he hasn't been that way when people practice things they get better as an astonishing aha it's amazing concept dotting. And bodily what's our breaking news some on the amount aware of all of this is huge for us. On that would be Charlotte Mecklenburg schools. Closed again tomorrow really for a third straight day of roads that bad is that I think wanted to see you know it was at a temperature it's a big county it's you know what it is it's a black ice thing. That's not just must superhero named black eyes eyes I inherited the mantle from Tom Sorensen when he retired and everything about what's going to be black guys positively black guys. If you let us in a freezer overnight it's gonna be amiss in the morning and I don't want our guys in my neighborhood we don't. You don't have enough wells in this town Billy you bite your tongue sir are the last thing here before you're ready to say bye bye tradition for the other show I got the hornets coach or show by the way like sixty seconds. Falcons interviewing Ken Dorsey for the quarterback's job. It's all according to. A situation but it. It'd all Lauria as demand used to say where's my excellent interviewing I don't know by the way and there's a lot of talk Seattle. Mike there's an open and in Alabama with a list. Go home maybe now. Go home I'm sure Nick Saban can't wait to get him honest answer I'd love to get some but she links to Mike Shula attempt if there's things and actually do that on Saturdays to. There's a lot of talk we like thirty seconds or there's a lot of talk the Seahawks might do like some college staying with their offense and it would hire Brian Schottenheimer what's over that com. It's a comfortable on mean which one timer in Norton is comfortable faces Pete Carroll knows he's getting older in his. Clocks run out on that team so he wants to be comfortable going memories like eighty condemned cedar gonna do we should do and high price on challenges to what Ron did we all agree jewel of the first down three more comfortable people employed sixty DJ Steven sack Billy Riley got a full studio but podcasted WS NC dot com. Stick around hornets coach or show with cliff and again starts right now this is Vince Scully wishing you a very pleasant good afternoon where ever you made me. Mark's green. Real estate studio.