Primetime: Kroeger and Damione Lewis Talk Patriots Eagles; Norv Turner & Panthers

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Tuesday, January 23rd

Kroeger and D-Lew switch gears over to some football talk, Robert Klemko weighs in.


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Powered by pork. Every day by the way we need to cross this stuff you do whatever that is which probably painful it's a painful twist you do you mean you keep your. A wise we go to new cyclone over the cycle Morgantown. Season yeah. What she's been volleyball live from the marks being real. I'll play somebody you said the man says that I got his pregame meal and you ready to go you enter Giles about. Going to talk a lot of Panthers got Robert Cohen Cohen thirty minutes. Can't wrap your head around this for 12 this is what of this this is a reality with the Panthers are going to be dealing with this event and it's here this is what they're dealing with right now here it is clear they do offensive coordinator. New defensive coordinator. Special teams coordinator a new owner. Maybe in new GM by the time the draft is over and on with his Marty Ernie is scheduled to be with this team through the draft process as a mineral. Then they got to hire new GM. Then you think about. Is Jonathan Stewart going to be here. Charles Johnson going to be here. It is and Dixon going to be here. Idea how many guys as Mike Adams come and back again as captain marlin gonna be here how many of these guys on this team. Are going to be sticking around trying Khalil going to be back in a Panthers uniform have we seen the last of him you think of everything the theaters are dealing with and then I tell you. This team is never a back to back winning seasons and it's in tot it's an it in its entire history and guess what I'm this there was an on year next year scheduled to be an off year. Welcome welcome to the off season my friend I know injured bills. Lot of open some tanks don't have to be made an armoire Mardy is on board he is going to be Wheeling and dealing last I heard he was down. Ed young Senior Bowl. There was a Mobile, Alabama now he data mobiles hanging out he didn't read this book women in daily management's good passing cause ran to Rio daily elusive surely hear the first five minutes and do some reporting did you hear that put that on the scroll. It was a it was a dole was a deal bomb like a close bond that was it was a dealer dropped his blood that was in May relate more attorney working down. Your ball and I'll save as I am dead serious about this. I'm not worried and it's the crazy thing and maybe it's because it's still early and I don't know yet but I genuinely am not worried about all this stuff because. And Ron Rivera I knew that the hornets game by the way last night's season he he was having fun. I'd like this guy is just a leader of men and I think the fact that now freight a second your role. You've got one of his coordinators going to be a first time head coach in the NFL and you promote somebody from within news guys a leader and he set a cultural over there and it's just business as usual announced the next man up and I don't you know what I trust that this team's going to be in a position at another successful year next year payroll. On this story and see around the league man you know he's got his defense recorded segment one you know and always got to deal. Line coach stiffen up the BER defensive coordinator hasn't changed around also so out of Boston's changed. You know change is good you know one especially when you're having gas. Guys are way you know also are. Are all looking forward to what they're gonna do I'm looking forward to move is going to be may we know there's going to be changes there's older guys on the team this team is getting older and you know he won while we'll send the blitz so much. Throughout the season you know you gotta give jas I just wanted to make plays so they can on the you know and I call you when you have major team got a little bit more a little bit more advancing your screen. So are they got there is they got to get your Guinea others they got to get battery and you noting got to get more efficient on offense on bigger play makers on all shares you know morning are things they got to fix and they always you know govern us tomorrow. And some snapped back on special teams been trying to get to go. What's crazy is I can't wrap my head I know this is that this is not a sexy wonder nobody wants to talk about the Thomas again heat special teams coordinator didn't renew his contract so wasn't fired it was just say guys your oil go out of my way right it just went up to New York to be that to take. Take that job under pat charmer Dave gentlemen air pressure the vikings offensive coordinator now the new head coach for the giants. And Chase Blackburn former linebacker special teams ace during his day he's been on staff he's gonna get that debt position now from. I'm confused and exercise special teams look I think third. Their coverage unit it is at times is really that's always been so I just think he's been pore over the years you are but in general we had a terrible kick her improbable cal upon agreed and you had to kick return for a touchdown you gonna punt return for touchdown in the same season I think early handful of teams that could said that all your long in the NFL in a couple of block kicks as well so immigrants into things like. Why I don't know maybe he's just a personality thing they may be there were rushing their but I was confused that. His contract wasn't renewed biggest special teams wise. You could argue might have been most consistent productive dinner and all year long yet. He did have a good year you know they had some return for a touchdown sore arm you know sometimes misses it's they don't some chemical just feel like dimensions can stereo if Farrar. Aren't you know this is a you're really cool you know you'll lose in the DC you don't know see you might as well keep. In the building knew your grass and change the dolphins are. Our coach our. With Torre braille and I think he's leaving him that would Wilkes over to our Arizona that's going to be. Coast so easy motion you know move on so you don't you got a new gas company and you got new guys Roland got old guy. So this applauded its rays edged already at a showed it happens continuously. Damione Lewis witness former panther and de Miami Hurricanes directory service through the rest of the show our our man in the trenches hanging out with us on this Tuesday Ray Brown might end John Masco they split. Do what he's kind of this is co offensive line coach is I don't know you know the particulars of that what was the what was the what was one's job vs the other between the two do you I don't. No nothing mass goes pretty mustard guy you know what they are. Mass Gold Coast also is a lot of Saint Louis hello sir great cultures are mean and also coached. There's a Ray Brown who played in the league you don't you just got to go on as an owner Jerry just got done a few years don't have a guy who played only pushers and a leak in a roll over into you don't learn from the mentor but I got legs are Mascoll just speaks volumes. End up I Knoll did ray is BR. Aren't prepared. What is opportunity that he's getting tells our mass schools are great coach he's a great teacher really you know he takes his guys the end even in Saint Louis when he had his assistant guys he made sure they are understood what you were doing them while they were doing it. It taught them how to coach flip Morris one thing always remembered. Barrier so I know ray is beyond depression is opportune. And in Baltimore when they had their run game coordinator did the growing corner will decide later if they had run pass option where they had to two run options and a pass play. The wrong according to choose that's it goes to run plays and senate to the offensive coordinator dissent in and they also control over the personnel on the field. Not in the information look at it that's a Baltimore material maybe that's that's again Moses offenses just cut their carbon copies of it although the other ones. OK so why this did all this change are talking about delude this seems like a lot isn't a lot for team is just one infant from a coaching simple Deb this turmoil. But targeted this as the years changed you know you got change going on Seattle you guys change going. Old adjourn Giguere James Gorman. An owner has already got James hormone which Tennessee you got change going. Don't be short changes happen in our. Leaves for girls who are there vehicle just you are you still haven't changed in like assistance O. c.'s DC you know it's just a constant rotational guy right now are and is a big movement. This year you know we're definitely an attention to a because what we're haven't done hearing Carol our Christmas with the way our whole are more minutes say he's got kicked off what. George you know what dorm mr. rich and have Minnesota team so you don't we've been extra sensitive that is used in has been a lot is gonna. Allow all around the league are you ready for we we've got audio Norv Turner were to play this coming up browser though and I've got this quote this is this a separate this audio we have from the Panthers. And bill vote impaired their stock come this quote beastie greed of the Associated Press on the conference call an hour ago Norv Turner on Cam Newton throwing off his back foot. What do you think he said he when just the quote what do you think Norv Turner set a Cam Newton throwing off his back foot we author sick. Quote we are going to work hard to get his way transferred it has is that he's always throwing we don't we don't fix that. Translator we don't fix that I don't think stayed open access in north turner apparently he was plane hits today during this press conference and he said a lot more in this press conference or in this in this conference calls and he did with with bill yesterday OK did you say this audio deals also really good to experience he's very he's very truthful very calm him to talk about that situation and he talked about the fact that Scott turner whose whose son is going to be quarterbacks coach. He was on the staff a couple of years ago and and he is here with cams so. Your east he talked about some of the continuity is going to be here in the end there really isn't me it's gonna change that would not a lot of people think yeah. Well hold on his site I think what's interesting is what does the defense look like because we know. I ST looks gone Derrick Washington now is going to be from. You mean they head coach did you know I'm I like this I love it actually got to ten so. Get your thoughts on his take what will the defense look like now he's it was a big departure from McDermott to Wilkes. What's he gonna look like for Eric Washington now call on the placed John and Tommy joyous cheers we we hit a break we come back we react to this and Robert tomko discussing all this in talking NFL what is from the MM QB coming up at 330. Primetime were powered by ortho Carolina. Only Don Murray darling sporting. Crying time we've always grow. Powered by more jokes here. Let's go deal. Robert caught until ten minutes. You guys joyous 70457096. Cents in ever for the phone building standard text like don't forget to go to WS ONG dot com another way to win. When I mean I scream throw right now he's fighting a plane had already feeling you feeling or our border regions came here. A man literally came in here is a good you were ice cream cone to do with how quick did the three of us just down those ice cream that's the problem muscular. It's fast we need a way to address a Kruger looked enormous sums up in the break there was three minutes and you get sort of crushing you did not pace yourself slope I thought they need to dig even faster and a radio show to come back in and bring us back from break no holds a freeze and similar. I think our guys did well film I didn't know he's still my throat you did well of a beating you within the three minutes. But now you're suffering the side effects of beating its U chassis should pace yourself through history and I should've been made we had them made it yeah might not only what I need to wash it down as a Modell prospecting get tickets UFC fight night and that price tag right now WS frenzy dot com. January 27 at 7 PM a spectrum center and thanks to Mondello speciality official beer partner of the US Siegel forget hornets coach show I got it it's six on Thursday has brought you by corona light game time. Blind time by city. Official partner of the Charlotte hornets and us here at WF. And disease so I have a disappear proud can take good here's just don't know them. This group code do. Austin ice cream cone they weren't and rendered and don't forget master today. Oh lord your chrome state rule. And now you're talking my language you are speaking to me right now Damione Lewis has the food you are Greg. Jury came through there corrects this Saturday there's a fare compare statement bears are you always got to me laugh and make sodomy for my app state loves. A mile mile. I'll say to each his own. You ready first active got a fact for you do to control what we're about big stacks around here had to write fax only I've got to factory you're ready for this is the only school. In all of college basketball or college football to have both as head coach in the NBA in the NFL. What school that day. What's going to epic uterus in my known that would be Cadillac in state university community that you had coaches now odd or even though you can't sing and stay. I don't wish Charlotte a man after my own heart and have stayed alone. I'm really great that app state coasted upstairs for a little while too and you know the NBA coaches who X Wednesday's opponent Alvin Gentry to try to shall we North Carolina played his college ball at stake. Are now lies hello and said coach so absent the look man you wanna talk about that state and winning a football that's what we do we put coaches in the head coaches into the NBA any NFL the only school at any level about debt they. Didn't. Don't they go well. Anyone they'll get a call right mayor or very bad Duff I would come and are 70457. On ice extent salesman is tweeting this he said I look at it this way we've been driving a nice car for the last seven years. Can tell these talk a hornets are Panthers is like kemba. Coming cameras come in at the same time right there tunneling together pretty saudis are competitors here is and I look at it like this we've been driving a nice car for the last seven years nothing fancy pretty dependable. Don't study of the Carson TLC. Exchange some things up. They did Turbo boost some better tires achieved early boost this team's performance. Today's America we can more local IDC entertain after so yeah enough dabble with a pay after so we speaking of nor being in here now being told general Eric Washington now is the DC Steve looks going to Arizona and now Tom is we gay he's leaving now really renewing his contract and so. Chase Blackburn former Panthers linebacker special teams ace in his career he's a new. He's in do our special teams coordinator show I think is really interest him is George said today were deployed to Saudi owned a little bit. Now a lot of change honestly there to tweak things with the way north runs a team they are an offense but fundamentally it's gonna be the same offense there for the most part. I same thing with with a special teams I think chase might have his idea of what's gonna happen but he was honored Thomas McGahee. What about air Washington though is this is kind of the question mark because I think a lot of painters fans felt like. Mean we got to go get a DC. I get he had McDermott and then Wilkes was your guy but there is Derrick Washington can he be a defensive coordinators defense a line coach Jimmy we need to go get that guy instead of promoting him from within but. Meant everything people say nine no deal Lou that I heard from people about Steve Wilkes is everything you say about Eric Washington here this salute the leader of men the master motivate her get the most out of his guys. I character so. I think you're going to blame between McDermott. Wilkes period. A regularly and will blitz you'll get a little a lot of stuff coming out recovered to get our which is his rule seals the deal I'm told Cindy Wright as his background so. We deal I'm intent to not like to blitz as much we may do some zone dogs and his and things like that work. For the most stunning when you say that zone dog early grades all right and we'll drop provisions of lemon and trade in order to win and inserted to a blitz and got and our. Take too many chances are you also are you are strongly on his reasons learn to put pressure on the quarterback if we have to sit back complain Covert. And that's just pretty much to do your articles where are very conservative. You know she'll let you do don't you guys are short in if they're not given to any of that sprinkler and summit you know will still some blitzes and things like that so. For him what I more excited about is if our mornings gonna go out and give him some young weapons because the defense you distributed defense up fairly quick through free agency is too drastic. You'll always work so Regis it always does also has a different story but on these trips you are. Motivated hungry young guys you got Lisa gravel a little light is that what's the difference on defense rallying to get all cause that the players towards toward defense and our younger at a total football you got to understand and know what you're doing more than. Oh guess what offense is giving you so you need to know your play responsibility. Towards you reckon I was going O you can trying to to a ball. You also I think it makes a little bit easier for defense of or defense of players to come and get adjusted and picked up they give. Moving on to shield employee and RE SP. And Texas writes in building center text sizes but did we not kill the top concise here because all the changes they made a do you think we can even be as good as them. That is a valid question. Bomb but it. This is again like these are these two questions are related because a text Erisa buildings that are checks on as well 70457. Or 9610 Robert uncle if you ministry to take these calls and we'll bring everybody says what makes us think Eric Washington. We'll be good defensive coordinator dropping a deal linemen into coverage. Never worse I would say never works out that seems like an oversimplification. But I think the tour related write when you say why are we killing the falcons because they brought in a college coordinator who was an honor staff. To run the number one offense in the NFL from a year ago and say go do your thing whereas with the pitchers you're saying here we go we're promoting from within you've all been on the same staff you'll fundamentally gleeful ball needs to you your defense needs to run the same way you're gonna tweak the the nuances of how that looks. And you're doing it under head coach that is is one that is defensive minded himself and hello under fencing. Ordinary just the way you want to do you want to put multiple with a in the cars you have confidence in the guys that your hiring. If you have guys that are being pulled away from your program to go get here coaching job and you must reward your colds and stuff for the jobs they immediate. If tomorrow we think it's risky to go higher from outside and I usually call. Love that culture you know our way you like to do things they have a cold jet printers organization and other try to reinvent their culture. Alternates and they're doing it to rule our guys didn't warrant has had an extensive relationship with their coach works for all it is not affect absolutes of good rule and offers ground. I'll ignore sort of overhead understand that what this yeah okay Lewis 65 and that old are you Knowles football he Knowles the game of football no doubt in and out. So you look at this guy he's got to bring some nor soaring goals some great calls are recorded at all fringe. In Macon mall when a different way in each sold he's a doubt that we are doing these at Torrey pagelet. He went out he had really real leverage we'll read to bridge what a major bridge well look like the next thing the best things besides us lies Brit over Minnesota before you got injured so any to a sale reps in the tournament to a player in Minnesota so this guy he can get it. So are really excited to street cut apparently. Move around inaugural priestess bringing together leaders say they need to make pretty youth movement in our you know with a strange part of arm in almost. Let's go to John really quick Robert clinical and a few minutes here John what's up Betty we wanna say about the hornets. On all crow not much man ought. Much. All part of what I got to a table and hornets all all all the ball are there. Yeah a sell out its credit need to go I think that's cute for a problem all art seeing you would in this situation. They're very narrow. I mean they're popping in and our market real dumb. You know our being and like you very Croat news good bit. You know could go very well Dre commitment to being the winner had a good idea that actually drown out the black actually good players. Go to a critical look verbally purple ball players that bought that ball out in my heart. And another thing. Donald purposes of our courts are OK there you spent. When it more premium beer and all of the corner there it will be you know war when all contrary are very. So far art therapy or alt com bin. On the prayer that we are. Yes John I appreciate gone daily dismay distaste of light and if you bet your bottom dollar it's going to be an address journalists that they are deported matter really what you're doing well it's interesting he did this teleconference with the media about an hour and a Capital One of the things I thought I saw him say was he was watching every snap election we talked about that why did it take so long for officially be announced. I would venture to guess he was going back at least at over the last. Three to four years of cams if not his entire she's watched every snap they campus police the recent memory it was the sick can guarantee that he's charm. Trigger our work or you know what are your hotspots for history what what are what are you doing well it's. What do they need to improve more. Then there's just be an office according he's taking this thing is if he called every play last year. Know in these sort he's die many and he's getting into all these you know these guys and didn't know you know there have it's almost field and watching prices failed to. And so we must never daily on available water footprint is and that's what we try to stay murals procedure I think there. It just got to see the progress of these guys as it's being going so he's got a he's got a diving in. To this toy tool twittering guys that you don't work in Germany to result shares last year he's got a and I mean regular no get a feel for each and every one. Are we got Damione Lewis witness and he's withers the rest of the show we got Josh Norman in an hour we'll talk about Steve Wilkes. Being gone Eric Washington he knows most of those guys end up -- we'll get to him coming up in an hour now we go to the technique can't guess on we talked to this man Robert clunker go from Sports Illustrated any MM QB dot com I think he's done at the recent Senior Bowl and we'll talk Panthers and NFL and Super Bowl all that but we start the most important thing which is this tweet from an hour ago where he says there's somebody using a Polaroid camera. At the senior ball and players are blown away by it because they don't know what it is tell us about this Robert what's going on down there. And I apologize if there's no way underdog factor of extortion the other in fact correct about that at mobile but. Yeah you know there was the Denver Broncos dot com we'll look forward January 2 major player at a sign of media fortunes. And that the players were you what they were visibly shocked when that when the moto would come out of the Polaroid. Is this. What is this what is this sorcery exploited this so there you have sir are iiroc. Limited alone. All of these alternate for the reporting that you know like in 96 and more now on another open had a steal and it's one usage. This anymore the new. Odds are frustrated many men and is ready mesa resort import worked on their three sustainable Robert club culture on Twitter at Robert Conoco from the end of QB Sports Illustrated. We were just talking about the staff changed its crazy Robert because that you know the one thing that's been consistent of the theaters over the years is inconsistency have never had back to back winning seasons and you know here we go into this offseason where you'll have a new owner certainly maybe about a time the draft is over Marty tourney will either be a full time GM or you'll have another new GM in here. Ideal of new offensive defensive and special teams coordinator and probably a lot of fan favorite veterans that I I think we're going to be going this offseason is also it it's pretty crazy what what do you make of port of the interstate in all things considered what they're going to be battling here over the next few months. Yeah I mean it used to edit it but it's very rare in the NFL I haven't seen that you know our trip were back at it there are that player. Now the better part of decades and still has this much. Coaching changeover. And I speak Arabic to peek through. You know be unique coaching approach you have the date the coaching. I'm Cam Newton to be except all commented if you gonna bring anybody to you that territory term with a great choice just because he's been around so many off but that. And you know you look at this it's that but I think that this even their arc arc in the Norv Turner didn't help them on that top. Three except you know haven't brought in player but it and Beilein. And helping blacked out fire a starting cornerback. I'm thought you know I think the great hire and I think that. Is number one priority. Probably you find the number two receiver. You know certain supplement that off and I think if I'm Christian McCaffery I'm extremely excited because these are different bowl in San Diego and with that in a prolific. You're at its career. What Norv Turner and you know very similar. Style player. What the defense I think it'll be more of the same and it air washed and as a good understanding of you know what that he had done well I think that the national top ten laps I've been here you know that's gonna change your back is it's for your coordinators that go on. And yet head coaching job and then be able to promote from within. In that situation is that IPO. Robert clunkers was this from the image QB dot com Sports Illustrated is with a stride now on the technique I'm guess life. Doron you look at the. Panthers what does this start word is that more key position that they have to look at it seemed this desire you we after Colombian. The most the fastest. You know I think solar year it's been wide receiver. Stay vertical and as you can. You know kind of open not a lot of equipment and cannot and I'm when he has had died you can get open and in a situation that didn't look very he but the more well. But you know that Dave and in the end you have to be if your debit playoff game. In the week. You have two competent waters speaker that elevate your game that there are still going to may and get opening the zone. And they haven't amp. Ahmadinejad just we know on top players we opened run intermediate route running back but you're tight end and debate and a well. And you can't just 11 wider if he'd got there are several options out there armed and that you have in critical but they're up by and I think that I would ignore. Number one priority that how they're doubting that. Find a guy who can catch people up. Well and you sit and I think you're spot on Robert bush here's what's crazy too is to so many times fans I think he'd get caught up with the idea of having. No Dell back gum or Antonio Brown when you think it it seems especially wants to make deep runs in the playoffs for. More than anything it's it's about who is your what is Jerod receiver corps overall how does it as it would melt together on assisted in that maybe that was the idea with punches and Benjamin just never worked but. You know you would never say about any DC these receivers for the Eagles of the patriots and vikings individually or the jags that they're the best wide receiver in the NFL but they're all really good at what they do when they complement the offense overall in the cantor says that's just failed suited to build around Camden and that way. Yeah I mean it's great that voter don't panic it's utter all church under guard but that book in your ability in the playoffs no doubt it would who. Let me decode it well that is when Mohammad the new if there ever under dirt. The candidate that somebody that you in the bin. You know the pride in where at the end that they can come out of nowhere as big gains were oh you're beat you keeping the Atlantic that all. You know had several big game. I went in agreeable to limit what Julio was doing. And just you know these particular liking being in. That nor you know what blog where it. Arctic albeit being acquired it well the playmaker but. I don't Beilein is is making unbelievable catch at an end is look at the former on that it. You know I think I think you can get into. The playoff and and get to a super ball where you know. Average quarterback play what you can't do it it's not have been out and it's still a position player I'm supporting their corner. We're talking a robber calm come from the MM QB dot com Sports Illustrated on Twitter at Robert Clem can always with the trend now down in mobile with the recent senior boys with a -- now on the tech become just like silk a lot of fans Robert always wanna get -- a big name is a higher whether it's a head coach or coordinator in Ron Rivera now has made it a point to say on any keep promoting from within so out goes Steve Wilkes second time in his many years that the panthers' only two to have a new defensive coordinator and Eric Washington gets sick gets the call up but he's got strong ties to some of the best. Defensive lineman in the NFL where every day and Julius Peppers is one of those what do you know about air Washington what do you think it's gonna mean so this painters defense now. But what about Eric Washington is what debit and noted at the peak of the bar and our or in general have been emote but there. Unit on the scene for the better part of a decade. You know that's ebooks protege. I'm not a diet food you know he's been at a big name in the media paradigm that was you know really rumored to be used in line a lot of other. You at the coordinator job. But like you know I think you'd ideally when it's on the not well you know so I just promote somewhat on. Until this being. That they're I'm sure they'll be bump in the road they're washed that. But if you look at team that went their coordinator move on to greener pastor can become a coach try to hire an outside. The great example of Atlanta that I hear this aren't you people keep being replaced. Palestinian. You know I think a lot of these coordinator and a stumbling. Either tried to call something that. But you or write to replicate. What was done or. I think you have to promote on the Libyan side. If there's all by candidate in that situation. Robert we're we're talking about dislike the rest of America yesterday about the patriots and their greatness in the dynasty and everything they've built over the years eight Super Bowl appearance is now between Brady embellish Jack. And I was I was saying it's a fun little game when you really try to encapsulate what are greatness in one statement if you can. And I think you could boil it down a couple of different ways over the weekend but to me Sunday for them to come back again from a double digit deficit in the fourth quarter against the number one defense in the NFL without their top two weapons is elements and gone on here all your grunt didn't play. And you're not even surprised and it doesn't register in the grand pantheon greatly at the out of comebacks in their history that's the patriots dynasty what would you say if you could wrap it up in a tae Bo and say this speaks to what the patriots today and our since 2001 how do you encapsulated. It vehement specific in my mind is. The post game ceremony at their championship. He went up crap of the granite state and Bill Belichick the Lamar are open. And Bill Belichick treat them much of Dutch and of oil that's underwear. Apparently do not put off the topic. If they don't play or if he title you know our. That. I don't even debate display the appropriate that at and our. The planet earth to global and and they expect to be there every year one of they have the best boat people all. And a quarterback. Who. Historically over the past decade. Belichick had been able to be the hardest on in the meeting. To the and met with everybody else that if if I can. You know the bike in chew up that the best player and it in the history this should note here you can get out there. You think Brady finally one pictured the week this week what he thinks. Maybe. I don't know and I wrote my regular all American might have I don't known disagrees literally passing for embellish Exley who once again seven of these men and this is eight I don't need this on Melanie the other seven I got who wants it you wanna go on to an early August and. So Robert visit is that Charlie always is it truly is it out there is it to have. Look at it did Brady is clearly the best overdo it is to go right to know it's got to be to go by our. I think yeah I mean you never know what would happen if he got drafted by the out and brought a coach. Opposite corner of the cheapest pepper just about every quarterback that ever played her that. I think that way and are all horrible way do. Judge quarterback and I think there's an argument being made. You know it is Super Bowl except much to it around and thank. But then you look at the eternal power that they have it just in the last five years of that laughter. And I'll be all right and if that piece that they had concrete. I think he I think he demonstrated. You know that clear that is about the law. Now I know I I I'm with you and eighteen on the other side of the coin I I found this analysis really interest because I think both things that your robber Willy go this. Boy portals I think had a game of his career on Sunday yet. When the game was on the line and yet to make one troll just one throw some Foyt the fourth quarter he was incapable of doing it I mean that says it all right I mean once Furl is only need differently toward closing giddy he couldn't delivered on Sunday when he needed to. Don't weird I think they've got I think they can go out a little bit of the but not been that they were doing. In the first intermediate passing being really aggressive on offense they can where they stopped doing it. And I think they felt like. You know if they got it they kept going with what they were doing that Belichick and figured out. And and stop there and make epic play it they expect. But it that they do you know pictures what would let them out. I think a lot of America. Look like the eve of the underdog debt or purple but it's the total inevitable. All right Robert keep doing great work done at the Senior Bowl we want to next story on what's going on it down there we now know that a Polaroid camera is a foreign object and new technology that's the city's young young young gov NFL draft prospects to other Teresa Senior Bowl Robert Klim come from the MM QB. And Sports Illustrated to talk to you thanks for making time. Aren't you know Robert Congo Malawi we hit a break and we got to get to this when we return to speaking of the patriots. We get a check whether boy Billy Jack up Nobel expect. And get an update on on Tom Brady's hands so we can join audio update next his primetime Damione Lewis Kroger were powered by ortho Carolina. Site ortho Carolina. Not a great place for indigo quarterbacks. It is you know it is what it is certain it won't be a prominent couple weeks there's a little nephew. That is to say it's been a problem now. Tom Brady and patriots quarterback although Damione Lewis. It's peace only you can hear what Bill Belichick had to say after the AFC championship did not I missed that I was. Actually in power. Watching volleyball OK and once the chain pitcher you know the championship did you learn OK the kind of carried out in that. And given me a good job senate twit you see JV team they have built a dynasty they rent on the dynasty lunge out at a time. So you cannot hear the Bill Belichick you know rightfully so after the game were Tom Brady yet again Gotti performance list the patriots from behind with a game monoline nobody's surprise you does it again 26 of 38290. Yards passing two TDs he throws to a bunch of job folks out there on the field and it doesn't matter he gets it done OEM bodily at ten stitches. On his throwing hand that was big aged millionaire check and tell bill bella checked man Harry I don't surgeon Dodi performance from your quarterback to win an AFC championship. I looked on their great job is a tough guy we all know all right both. Apart from open heart surgery. I think he's being I actually don't think he's being a stick in the but I think he genuinely means what he said believe me and everywhere else. I think that's a lot of rumors are you thinking one page or do we can all seriousness I don't think I don't know I don't know if you gave little he didn't work that is Bruce Wright like yeah the other is more in and a he'd. Always number two do you wanna dolphins aren't really get a chance to win and as a group did a good job when they need to do they did a great job. So did a great job even though they gave up three sex. They steal kill the pressure out of homes race the whole pretty much of the first have there was no more ultimate person outside the one bridge projects does it. So Tom Brady again on WG WG I our sister station now up in Boston. I can and Tom are you okay what somebody hand you can be all right let you can only a few weeks here but it's it is damaged is it going to be an issue what happens here we think Tom. No I we were imposed an acute that all you want by messed him up there Sharma about a bill that's my data with we're doing the thing there here's the thing you're ago. You don't have to like it might well I've had a couple crazy injuries that this was pretty crazy and a pre K come companies do with them no and quite quite sure I was gonna do you know on Wednesday. Wednesday night and then on Thursday wasn't sure and then Freddie king little confidence in him. Saturday was trying to figure out what we can do when you know Sunday if you know try to garner make it happen so I just want guys to. You know we all a lot out there and this is little injury at the end of the day it's certainly delivered a big part what do quarterback because I mean a lot worse injuries in this press. It is my left and I wouldn't care could care less for it. Space somewhere was some sort of deal with the. Selling different version LaBella sexy in a right converters like it was kind of a big deal like yeah I did I did think about and to manage the pain and again don't check after the game on Sunday like Mac come on now and let's hold off for every get all you do is stop it. Every last one you stop it. No excuse. Well there was juice off more of a the media circus than it was a tough football crisis such pressure relief so that way I don't think anybody what was or was then. Sometimes things happen during the week in the name. Is that they have an early enough in the producers there a chance to resolve it and that's basically what them. All of fighting man is seriously that's a that's a thing right it's gone on to seize Alyssa fiesta and reported about the scope that's actually going on behind the scenes that all infighting about who's who's got more responsibility for why they're so freaking good that that's what are fighting about right and are fighting about they can. Can't be a good. No I'm not you don't think the Eagles are working to play our own that burn. Our goal I don't buy one who do you think things there more more more to more responsible for all the winning they've done. Well this therefore mean more than one got to dig all accredited progress. He had a library on that you know and then after that is the head coach I mean he's put in pieces around Brady to keep you performing at a high. And then Brady is doing a great job over even seemed no so it's a lot of credit Gorham volatile honestly don't buy at all infighting and on grades though. There are things that they have that was serious conversation about. Worcester future or the immediate future this team we're calls Tom Brady didn't seem to be slowing down inning sold that gives you an opportunity. To trade grappling did you know get some better draft picks and there's other quarterbacks come and there always a former quarterbacks come and so. You know while feel like Belichick thinks he can go out try another guy and Kraft know the guys eventually in just right now rubber suit we're not doing it today will do tomorrow. Or what not today so I think we're gonna see Brady forums only eighteen possibly 2019 million easily to a. That was actually one of the things and I try to you know you try to be preserve a moment with the stuff but watching him do that again on Sunday we'll see woody doesn't Super Bowl and honestly expect the same right is right. I might might take away it was and maybe this guy really can just keep doing this for a long time. There's a reason why they don't want this trend around the training staff that I might be some brief gore. Because you know Tom Brady's right Libre ansari. Might go over Boston I'll be back well he's got a call this crazy like he claims it's all like flexibility style videos he clearly is trading ends their flexibility and indicted in sleep through drift zero you know water in troop two year. We things on there didn't you you know you know Mohammed ultimately it's called OK you're about to say that I'm. You know you do to platelets and our economists thought that blood treatment just got a good treatments and all that immediately lets legal right has legal. They're doing an owner is legal. You don't have bitchy tone puts a minimum follow 1000 dollars in yearns by. Animal he doesn't look forty like even beyond what's working yeah. It'll be on the football if you look at him he looks like he's I mean he looks younger than me I just turned 31 looks better than I do got a young lives many got to keep well. It's supermodel and you OK you guys study. Is that exist today he may have. Monetary or football if he is not in the morning Brea women's. Why do you think they collide buddy picked and so capable of allowing him to take pay cuts right through you think he's been so willing to do particularly his arms around her bra hum scraped. Hey Tom ladies and it's a domino easy to Wear this on top. Kamal tall tall order for you to our I guess I can we doing this for you Gisele hello we call wife Gisele we believe and home this year on Tuesday. We score 25 we apple. When Pavano and make the loan. Your noses is that it's all on somebody our restart the 3 o'clock hour excuse me to 4 o'clock hour. Are right now and the days of our NBA lies we had so much drama in the last 24 hours and in BAT's ridiculous really gets all this and they keep happening won't stop. It won't stop coming Damione Lewis Kroger it's tribe time powered by ortho Carolina.