Primetime: Kilgo Reacts To The First Games Of The NBA Playoffs

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Monday, April 16th
John "Killer" Kilgo joins Kroeger to react to Steve Clifford getting fired and the NBA Playoffs.

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Powered by toward the Carolinas dot com the through surgery Boston make it Tom's worst undetected Communists like yeah yeah over the far. The vocal with a prayer lives. Still pretty crucial post for the prepared for oh you can putt putt placing your backyard see her back identified tried putting dream about back don't have. I've really beautiful we call home over my day. How would you define like scene that they have little bridge over reconstitute that they got to get to that one quarry here in North Carolina that's when you got that place and you do still life. So I think you think oh. This guy right here and a year ago set the mood. Tradition unlike any other. Trade Boston's backyard. The immaculate seven hole putting her. In quite like. Live from the march screen we'll see studio. Kroger. There's nothing screen John killer Joseph go like rap music. Prime time is powered by ortho Carolina killer how you doing my friend ahead. Stay Dylan I'm doing really well you're wearing your Alabama switcher today when you're you're treating this like it's game week you have a sprint gamely you've tickets to come on now it's not a bad guy at a spring game coming up at five days you're treating elegance a gamely plays yourself that your in Alabama I'm not here OK and then you'd understand what sprint football's I do like the Berkshire I do like that switcher is that. Looks good on you. Element very classy don't people don't Wear what you are wearing right there. A true. Our crew next sweat shirt people don't Wear the kids these days and aware crew neck sweatshirt anymore no they aware of the booty sweat shirts. Don't talk we'll put on the back he had do I don't know what is new ideas OK OK listen China if we start off last week wanted to know if I knew what the computer wouldn't have. You know what is now if you don't want to put its lectured us fill our. Had it okay so John killer killed as good as any to ask you this due to clear conscience by the way you are you OK until you clear mind when you came in today yeah. Playbook for got fired on Friday do you feel any sort of guilt her work or accountability for what happened there and path you feel like you started a dialogue and then you do you do it. I did it you do this you may be answered the question that's enough I think the Arafat. Well two days later they did so I'm just wondering do you feel like you have any sort of like in anything to do with that move ahead and men are you OK with that how do you feel about that thank you are things just you know. You're enjoying it thanked. You can thank Pete Clifford is a good coach which I do a tech center thank did she needed to make a change here. Which I didn't actually grew both of those points and William both of those points to know I'm glad I'm not patty did he what he's got you know. How would you like to get foresee making four million. I don't know the exact is that would you is that the report effort it was contract lest he was making got a good race he's making good money not yet so he's making good man he's just he's he wants to take mixture often restaurants he wants to go straight didn't. To another job DS those options do those most people would like to get. In that situation in their lives are here's the list of things John killer killer wants to talk about today you guys join a 7045709610. C number for the phones in the building center Tex lines you can tweet us on the Bradley Jewelers Twitter feed. On your computer Cuba's got a computer till you can tweet this app prime time WS density. And don't forget it's diamond Monty brown Lee and to celebrate they're giving away any weekend get away for free would any purchase. A new 1999. Dollars for the best selections values and deals on diamonds. It's only one choice probably Jewelers. And brown the Jewelers dot com so these are the things killed oh texted me that he wants to talk about today you made me do they know I'd like to get a feel for what you're feeling okay and I. I actually agree with most of these things he's run my docket today you'll get your legal pad coming up later on. You sit NBA playoffs none coaching search known painters spring football. Portola Cologne boy do we ever need to talk about portola Cologne and a whole lot of stuff and I wanna say this OK if when it I said just open the show. You know I love the NBA I know you love the envy how much playoffs did you watch watch over the weekend watching different games. Eight different game Yemeni army all of those eight did you watch it to be honest I'm numb and I'm mad you underwent. Upset me. Five how many of those games did you actually find to be compelling. Boston. Gets a good one yet. I thought that was good I thought too rough thought. For subs for reasons that not for good basketball but I thought Houston. And then that the timberwolves was. Okay yeah that I don't toward yours was all full with tear San Antonio terrible and that was on almost un watchable. A timetable was associate game yesterday afternoon. If chasm pacers. Yeah I enjoy that really did cause of Tyson just kicked the morals of course this year loved watching LeBron and just sit there and just. Get his teeth kicked in. You enjoyed that well you deserve that thing on that list OK you wanna talk about LeBron. Don't don't think and I and I know you love the Indians I love the day. I think they gave undermine asking was I thought the games raw awful. On the whole. We talk about the play offs in the intensity ratcheting up at all that's not I thought on the whole the games are awful this weekend there's nothing compete go to me and I watched most of met so much I love the NBA. I thought it was so so lackluster so Monday night in finding anything compelling about any of the playoffs this weekend Ellis thing. Didn't know not really do they'll I mean you have found. Another interesting moment. Some games there's an interest in finishes but I've got nothing to achieve people don't love the NBA like you do yes I think you have a problem what's that. For people that two men like guys do not come watch a watch the NBA but I really watch him in the playoffs and I can't stand the way. The NBA officiating is LeBron James. And Angela Brian James is got a million guys out there there's no matter what he does a gun to protect him and that. Did this this is not basketball he gets the ball just today. 1819. Feet eighteen feet from the basket. On the right wing he turns his back to the basket and Stevenson's guard trying to guardian. In LeBron James is 68 to sixty is that about what he is Jeff. He starts banging Stephen Stevenson has his spot on the court LeBron knocks him off the spot. Doesn't come all he knocks him off to spot again. That's in Colleen knocks him off his spot three times and gets him down to where it's Stephenson has no chance to play defense. I miss Davidson reaches around him to try to slap the ball and LeBron acts like to get killed in the face and every place. And Jeff Van Gundy will ride on it. There was nothing they did LeBron James and the thing he in fact it correct me if I'm wrong got hit in the in the family jewels people of Europe is that the best way to put you up okay and yet he was he was driving himself and his crazy Palestinians in the ass like he began his Aspen happen anyway. Want to what is a defender to do just that testimony that question and I know they'll love Lance Stephenson has brought a lot of this on himself for the way he's acted time. Half and conducted himself over his career but I mean if he can't get a stab his position. And noted because of 260 pounder is free and are Kim also why did you play defense silver. And had a triple double yesterday and OK here in league lead in Kelly oil I didn't think so either which kind of speaks to how great he is but also. I mean I don't know he'd I'd LeBron is one of the most interest in people with talk about sports history would you agree doesn't agree or disagree on that I think he's serious interest because he's so complex I Wii I don't think we. And we think we got a read on him but you know every time we think we figure out what he's gonna do one a quarter off to Korea does something else. I he is such a great talent. He does things like that killer like you're talking about that makes it hard to understand what you like or dislike him. I text you one of the things that kills me about LeBron and I know stars complain stars always complain about officiating. I've never seen a star. In the NBA with his I mean this is an all time great player one of the greatest that have ever step foot in the India. I feel like he complains about every call. Every single call. Whether it's a good call bad call whether something was blown whether it should have been against him it's not against him you name it and then on top of that. In a playoff game I don't ask this has happened a multiple occasions yesterday. In a playoff game on his home floor his team getting embarrassed the leader of that team. Who did have a triple double and as one of the greatest players in NBA history all these things are true with the same time. Was too busy complaining to an official. And Iran back on defense the other way. Mean yeah did you see that I know my eyes betraying me that happen multiple times yesterday right and I'm gonna be gonna make this about Michael I don't think Magic Johnson would do that. I don't think Larry Bird would do that. You name the all time greats in basketball history and Oscar Robertson you name them they're not doing that Kareem Abdul Jabbar Wilt Chamberlain. Where they yelled when they arguing screaming yellow officials instead getting back on defense wanted to make this about Michael. Bronze an incredible talent I love and respect O'Brien but. It's one of the most grating things he does to me as a as a basketball fan LeBron showed up and play. LeBron a must see any Kevin issuing an official. When to stop to chat and stalked to the guy you have every single play every single time he's got an issue with the way he's being officiated that is Jesus didn't. Be sure didn't. He should die and I mean he's the last person in the world ought to be bitching that the officials as LeBron. Because I mean he gets he gets calls like do you suppose there's no Stevens and many to eBay in Stevenson cannot play the game against him this today. They say you were anonymous you guard him OK he can bring you up under the basket. All night long meeting takes you ride and a basket where you have no chance to stop it you give LeBron the ball fire season the basket who's gonna stop. Nobody nobody you've got to establish position and try to hold is an excellent. Stevenson was trying to do but it you know. Obviously he's a great player and is in fantastic player and to star players in the NBA has always gotten the benefit of the whistle. Always well because they wanna keep to stars on the court and they were very very attitude is in this is not the officials doing that they've been told to do it. Is the fans wanna see the stars excel. Edged Panama break and that's what they do remember playing golf one day with Michael and coach Smith. And how would an income Smith say this Michael. Was woken on the fairways dove valley in Durham he said Michael. Do biblical trampling on you know the playoffs in Michael looked at him like. Are you crazy fifth pieces. In the in the playoffs to save us from the start to the finished out of the whole route then my call one travelman one and one chart. Don't play well what was that I mean Michael looked I'd like. And shoots me big colored trim little boy what. Was the play I cannot remember from the week and it is somebody sent it out I think it was on Saturday night there was a complete do you see this play out on the wing behind the three point line. There is a complete shuffling their feet forceps from what for did you see this idea did a couple of the ref didn't let me think there's nothing completely show publicity from left to right a click it like a Texas two step and nobody did anything that. Not a single thing that I gave an honest as called. Text your rights and on the building setter techs like this is a good question we're gonna hit a break I'll get into this hornets coaching search and a what are your thoughts on this and what this team needs to find. The qualities they need to find in their next head coach we'll talk about some of the names that are out there really early on a but it text or writes in who is the biggest even sports right now. And that's a good question what is the biggest diva in sports is the way you would call LeBron. A diva is that the word you would hear some of these I was a little strong you know I'm Tammy crybaby he's some hero crybaby UC crybaby. I don't think LeBron is. And I don't think he's a crybaby I mean dad passed out. You know Judiciary Committee complaining saying don't when he shouldn't that. No I don't think she's a crybaby and I don't think she's the biggest honor in sports city. It would be at the top your list it's an all sports. I would say he's dead done. Tom Brady would be dead for real close to the top and Brady's up there. I mean out of. But I can LeBron did he didn't look LeBron is a superstar. All time great. Any gifts that calls but he's tough to first all time great to get sick calls Michael got to calls Larry Bird got to calls. And Nestle is going to be in the NBA but did they ought to be a limit to what they get. Context or dreading innocent LeBron definitely is the biggest thing he might I just I hate it and it's very off putting and what's the old adage about act like you belong. Act like you've been there before him yes. I'm sure LeBron carries himself a network on the basketball court sometimes I think he carries himself like he's a guy just one of the greatest that ever still looks like you feel he's entitled. Yeah demy you know what that and that. You don't what you say not a crybaby not a diva that might be the best way to put it Witten who who is the most entitled person in all sports where they carry themselves. In that wayward where you only. OK do you know who I am ride as strong does have that air about it yeah. He then sorry he's up there 200 front Tom Brady the Mandy didn't all right let's take a quick time out we come back on the other side out we got a lot to get into we'll talk theaters. We're gonna talk MBA playoffs we gonna talk this coli Leonard situation because that's without precedent what we're seeing in the NBA right now but I wanna talk about. What the hornets are looking for their new -- next head coach and some of those names that are out there we don't we killed the next Larry Brown at 430 it's on prime time power but ortho Carolina. Get my first dot com. Com your place for the best deals were an hour away about away from Larry Brown little bit more he'll join us. In an hourly rate Larry the great Larry Brown. He's coached everywhere killer is there any work Larry Brown has not coached. Is it. Name one name one place. Did you make better. Not even SMU I know startling given me reason he was drawn a hundred people PF. And they started actually put together good basketball team than that they're selling them. Now camp that says Larry Brown's so we're gonna talk to him in an hour wonder what he can tell us about working for Michael Jordan as an owner and bodily fifteen years ago today Michael Jordan finally. Once and for all stepped away from the game of basketball as a player fifteen years ago today. Does it seem like I'm at any time you're more titles would Michael lynch had two. It is not known baseball. Do you think they could of won 80. If feeds BofA is the agency ignored and you'll never know it's one of the great mysteries of what could've been some sports dim if Mike stuck it out. Could they have gone on Iran where it was for a row five in a row 607. And early in a row could it I mean I think it could've yet that's not too. All the indications are that they should have now the interesting thing is and I know the rockets claim miss those rockets team that won back to back championships. If they always had the bulls number in the regular they were one of the few teams that had been on the regular season but in the regular season they always matched up well with. With the bulls so if they adore their pads never crossed right the rockets never got a break to rule. To play the bulls and see it in the finals like that but if they would have what would have happened. Would they pulled that off I don't know whenever I wonder is one of the great what is in sports history if Michael Jordan didn't go into. Retirement free a forum for first time in any comeback and go play again but I wanna get to Larry Brown at at 430 and talk about some of those dynamics of what it's like to work from Michael Jordan. As an owner and god has got to do you know somewhat. Passing relationship with him gazette summit child get a cup check comes in here now with this Carolina connection everybody's gonna say FOM friend of Michael. I guess Amanda Michaels who talked to Larry great article gets a total bum deal. On a bunch of that Christ think Michael gets a bum deal on some stuff and I don't think he gets talked about enough on other stuff I actually I I don't think we have a firm grasp. I knew what makes Michael a good and bad owner 'cause he's a little bit of both I think he's a really good owner in some capacity I think he's he's probably an owner that. Just like to coach and GM they all need to do better at their job but I don't know we have a firm grasp on a PC it's just we label him with things and I'm not sure some of those things are true I. Thank you everybody did die as it is rich enough to buy me an NBA team up on an NFL team. This is naturally gonna have people some people not all. But some people around him that he's known. That he understands how they operate and that he trusts and and Michael. As some of those people but I don't think did he is loaded the deck Koreas nobody. Is afraid to say. Know him I guarantee Mitchell say no to him. When he thinks a deal he deserves it I. I agree would certainly get a meticulous does he hit on something I wanna get into right now we're gonna talk but this coaching search for the awards to some early names are out there and I do wanna hear from hornets fans on this okay you got your wish some of the are some of you did it because you just think Clifford socked others a viewer more like me killer which. Say they're close a good coach it was just time now is the time yet to make a change right so what are the things you're looking for the qualities you're looking for. In the next head coach and by the way let's be also want us about this. The next ones not to be perfect either so for all your that'd certain issues with Steve Clifford the way he coached and the way he did business. On the next guy's gonna have some flaws of zone to none of these guys are perfect. Well none of us OK so just temper your expectations a little bit don't forget though give my perks dot com thirty dollars to get she enters tonight or pro football draft round table and deal worth neighborhood grill was Biggio send you home with that ESP address god bless and Corona beer great not a football talk and coming out with us thirty dollars Thursday night starting at 630 deal worth neighborhood grill you can get that info. And get my perks I dot com so I was mentioning the ciller earlier killer I don't think this is a small thing actually look at this in the for the first time. I could look it. Something that happened. Since the GM search Chanel hiring Mitch Kupchak and point to it and think you know what that's encouraging to me and that thing is. This is this acting to sake is this means people's lives there are getting changed and uprooted. But Mitch Kupchak reportedly cleaning house and a basketball operations scouting staff. Support staff coaching staff training staff that's a lot of turn over new. And that sucks because I know a lot of those people when they're good people there so I hate that for those people of course. You never nobody's ever happy to see anybody lose tonight Erica jagr has taken a joy and give them on the message but that right stared Samie. Is a major sign from Michael Jordan that one on trusting Mitch Kupchak to really. Change the culture here in Jewish EC's best for basketball team. But not only that. That cost money it cost a lot of money the hornet's generally speaking have been pretty cheap they've been pretty stingy with how they spend their money. And so for Michael Jordan to green light Mitch Kupchak. To gut after scanning scouting staff to gut the coaching staff to get the training staff. Some of those things you could Dunedin need to do to kind of kept the training staff wouldn't find it would have been no harm done there. But Mitch Kupchak is so big what we know who killer so big on building a culture. And a winning and winning way in inner organization. That he clearly saw that this is necessary I get a clean out everything I could hire my people we're gonna do it my way and this is our going about it and for Michael to say you what Mitch whatever cost whatever it takes. I think that's a big step honestly moving forward. Instead of Michael sing your Mitch you can fire the coach but we had to keep all the scouting staff just teach him the way you'd you know I think Hattie you know how to scale. Or Mitch you know what we're gonna fire the coaching staff but the training stats gonna stay because why do we need to fire them they do good work. For Michael to be willing to let Mitch Kupchak clean up everything. And then hire a whole new staff in place that's a huge sentiment we're talking about here I mean I think you're talking about at a minimum home. When you talk about training staff when you talk about coaching staff we talk about scouting staff. I mean easily to three dozen people you're talking about a year men. So that's that's a small story to me that's a big sign to me that Michael Jordan is serious about Mitch you know what. We need everything that you bring to the table. Not just instilling your knowledge on us give us culture or give us discipline give us organization. And Michael Jordan never shown a willingness to do that the past he's hired GM's okay maybe they hire a scout or 20. A but a lot of those staffs have been collect. Kabul the piecemeal together and I think it's hard to win consistently when you don't stuff like that that's probably one of. The big items on the agenda when Michael Linda and Mitch. We're talking. About whether Mitch was gonna come here to take this job I'm sure those are the kind of questions at this JS can you let me do it. Are you let me do it piecemeal yep who's piecemeal RK make it work. What do you want in this in this next head coach killer what does things are looking for. Jimmy. I want another one another kind of paved this is gonna sound bad I want another tight one of fun and other Steve Clifford 100%. Disclosed checked a lot of boxes off. But I want another coach like that of one and the coach that's a teacher it's a student of the game and it. I don't care about name do you care about a name I could care less I could not care less if it's in Maine god I never if they hire connect. No that's that's the last on the list. How old somebody. In this is you know this is a very turf. This is a very tough situation to put anybody into the but you've got to church in the NBA. He's just to get somebody they can motivate people to play hard and play unselfishly. And you've got to be in that did that sounds like OK just so simple but it's also very hard to do and virtually everybody on the team is might do a lot more money than you war if you're the voice and they feel more important. The new cars Eugene you've got to say he. You have all of that is true but I'm still the coach and there's one thing that I can do. As coach. Bill will get your attention our control your point in time. Our control your minutes if you think our own exercise. That authority if you don't play. The way he would Wasserstein to play in your crazy because our old control Europe minutes and you'll sit on the bench. And you have to double effect juror contractors situation in the future. But anyway that's special one weapon. Then an NBA coaches are controlled the medicine the display and on the court. Gee you've seen the list of names and about their so far correct you know some of them so we're talking major Stackhouse now we're talking editorial Messina yup and now we're talking about David Tuesday Oslo to assist the early games. I want to talk about the do any of those jump out to you about awake well you know I don't know about Jerry Stackhouse I don't know how solid developed he uses a Conchita doesn't understand he's done great in the developmental league given I've got questions about that by the way. Okay insist they are here. Really good things about Jeff. And wouldn't be surprised in New York made a strong running Zeum but did you know if I'm argued he admits she's got some people. Oh isn't that prominently in his mind that we have no clue they are well a couple of things I wanna hear from hornets fan at 704570916. Where to get into it on the other side but do any of these names jump out to you and why and what are the qualities you're looking for work. In the next head coach for the hornets and I've got a question for kill bill the pertains to all that silicon to a next its prime time power by ortho Carolina. Anytime with Chris growth. Powered by Ford go here. I'd kill goes getting taxed those personal building center text line on his iPhone when you what's your what's your grandson texting your nephew who is stiff. In the the question do you wanna bet the biggest wanna get crybaby whiners and I don't LeBron on there OK he's got Chris Paul long there Chris Paul's a good one. He's got Blake Griffin on there who point curtains and other good want. So we sing just NBA early sports and are we saying current oppressing does Ryan brought up John McEnroe McEnroe is an all timer oh yeah he's a first ballot hall and Tom. It is of ism is a crook is a huge one as huge water. Let me at the time most of them I think are are just thanked him. NBA right now but you know he's just somebody symbol of what even that aside and say somebody set on the tax Sinaloa mixing it. No he doesn't fit I mean. What do you do it we mean what am I did do what I'm reading the text audience of me that it has been used once you take this show it to places that don't nod goes. How can I mean look I may vessel for the listener is all eyes on to save on a vehicle here I'm just passing the information that guy give his name and not isolate this text line works people hide anonymously behind your keyboard that's good analyst good I'm glad he did because essence. Enough he he might get on the players as they did say mr. riff for our 70457096. And similar to the phones of the buildings that are Texan we just about LeBron earlier if it is not putting how much she complaints we can all agree on that correct yeah absolute even the biggest LeBron lovers out there and I respect LeBron it's just off putting I stay out. I remember and OK this is. The by scum and after its guilty. But I Sam is trying to think back during the commercial I don't remember Michael Jordan. Being in a crybaby. See what hot mind and I'm with you my memory might be a little foggy I've done some crazy things in my 31 years on the earth. But my memory of the of the NBA growing up in the in the ninety's any B star players. You used to be more subtle about how you worked to refereed. During a stoppage should work over and you cannot you know you can't allow any kind of lean over don't talk to people you talk to a woman wore combat way to speed a funny way it wasn't in a grating or patronizing way. And now that's the one mile to have this in this meeting with the officials. At the all star game. This year just with the players and officials because they feel like the dynamic so bad no does so bad guys scream at these referees every chance she get. Right we expect gonna happen right but I don't remember that ever being the case back then like. You get an occasional situation where you yellow raft but mostly if you disagree do you find a way to conduct a coax some. Indeed you'd be real sly you try you try and ease cozy up to if you needed to try to get a call I guess you know I guess then I don't know who who's a leader all the time. In technical houses that Rashid is to be close. A variety in Iraq she's got a Dwight Howard you know they're too I mean Rashid was a tech machine. About coach K we do here text directs and coach connect. Well have you watched any say I don't now and now you're going to let's ever watched any college basketball around now you're going to go there odd text reading in Michael Jordan was a crybaby and so is coach say to my name is Josh. That that's what's your name ought to do OK let's go to James who wants to jump in its over the sort of coaching search James would submit what you wanna say. Well look on our beat these these kids it perfect fit for our feet license that I. As he had a lot of clout on what I understand it they've done in Miami. It seems like players really really respect that he seems like got no not that type of guy are what he'd be well Gasol really well. What you can look so puppet that all are real they agree with Eric can keep doing what men there's this is just what they're great court is type of coach is barracks. And we do read them while they're hole. They're old scratch got there it is in flux than it is right now. I think it's gavel coming here. I think on a good unit committed thereby say thank you people the player to run and I think he can eat you know a credit ought to be done or. They younger players will look at him. And keep his car or are no coach can you and Miami yet they championship pedigree. He's been better be good guy code that the duke and I just BP you could just going to be you in anyway be that is going to beat you. Yes I get James appreciate caught it I I eat I feel kind of two ways about telling killer because. Where Fay is still went wrong. Why is this is so this past Judy won what 43 games a year ago in Memphis his first season they go to the playoffs and then they open up this year there were kind of you know there are kind of underwhelming just to start the year and this still comes out of the gates and starts Italy benched Marcus saw as the greatest player in Memphis history. Without a doubt Nam and there were say. A pull up politics they go well with the owners and Gasol and then you know he had this deal saying mama I'm on the coach of the team this is what I wanna do. I love the idea of it but you also do have to recognize the politics in place you can't just flatly like and I mean we don't know the exact details but if you're David Tisdale. If you're gonna go bench the greatest player in franchise history. You can get a key everybody you know and that kids is do you say here on the coach this is my team. Supported in this is why I think maybe your way for David Tisdale could be good but you gotta know how to finance relationships if you're a coach too it's not just about me I show up by coach the games I go home. If there's no doubt about that I mean you've got to do then you've also. Got a list in those that you control the minutes and our bench is by no my team if they don't do what I say yeah a period that's his stay on as I understand it. And I don't know as much about this as you do because you're an NBA guru and I'm not I'm a college basketball man. But I like the NBA I understand that he was. Is highly respected. In the Miami organization. With the players and with Pat Riley. And news with Spoelstra as you could possibly be yet a lot I mean I love that coaching tree absolutely record was cut from that coaching tree and I don't think. They do we're talking about less choose his tail off stage Tisdale. Is going to be a hot enough commodity where he's gonna choose somewhere. I think he's going up more than one chance I could. That's the one thing I look at all these names and I think you know hey B great age you tell me David instills an extra coach I would have an issue that. I find it hard to believe David is still stupid to go be the next head coach for the Charlotte or dwell on them that might be so but concedes after it just him more than one chance. I agree on that if the knicks in the hornet's both lay it on the top line where is he don't. He's go to New York. Dexter get Chris steps forcing the issue at a team with salary cap space and you got to a market that is still way to get it has happened recently or not it's free agent destination and you got a crazy owner you have to get a basketball rich history and a fan base that state I mean. You go to MSG it's the end mobile as the Mecca. The world's most famous arena I mean Erica I mean. You sound like to god given the start line sites is our voices. Bill welcome to the world's most famous are really hesitant to seventh street and not the world's most famous what's the world's most famous arena bunch of them the dumb and S and you know I don't want I shouldn't say this is true they've renovated a little bit so dumb it's a don't it's a dump. Smith and reflected a bad I've never been inside truthfully so I can speak and we'll see you there yet. I mean the dress and I've they have renovated Johnston and I and sinks. A sing some of the work that they've done that I mean this tin roof come on. Les arena's that they play in to deter some there's like an aura about doing damage he's done a lot of great players that are just dense lower there's no doubt. Okay hold on how we get into more this in the second and we talk about Bartolo Colon who's really fat and really old but still somehow gonna baseball it's primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Is this kill goes ringtone still. This used to be ringtone correct. That is correct though because on somebody quickly I don't know about this non. It's not used to deal it used divisional Bradley guesses on there that was put on there and if I see there I guess I don't need did you have that they're butchering till now. On the phone attendant OK we'll see if we can get that out of him by the rest of the show odd too how about this tweak rally Jewelers Twitter feed. At prime time WFANC's Larry brown and about forty minutes he's gonna jump on what this coming up to 430 John killer kill bill with me on Monday. It's diamond month it rally and to celebrate they're giving away a weekend get away for free. Would any purchase of 1009. A 1999. Dollars for the best selection values and deals on diamonds salute when choice is Bradley Jewelers. And Bradley Jewelers dot com pro football talk dot com tweeting out report Brown's not interested in Dez Bryant. The browns artist is it any sign that there will help him win again he feels like rock bottom what had is that a relief or is that disappointment if you're Dez Bryant. Is that there's usually a better word is weird because you're happy Odessa brown would say yeah I really important because that was my dream your house you don't just play for the Cleveland brown would you sign Dez Bryant if you're the banter I would if it didn't cost me he's. Everything that I had seen I don't think I thought slot I think if you signed Diaz Bryant. He would immediately become the best receiver on the Jauron around there. I agree on that yeah I agree on that I didn't look I think he's worth the risk and Hutus. And once I think do you think of him I was saying this the last couple of days I don't think it Dez Bryant as eight. Bad guy I think she's also competitors they get that. It's the best of them I think to blab to one thing is did this worrisome though when you never receiver. There's constantly complains to the quarterback into the offensive coordinator and if he's not getting enough passes thrown his way. He didn't disrupt an entire offense. Now Brian he's done too much of that. If I didn't see if he if that I'd get right in the defeat them I have about. I right now is that these gases say OK I'm gonna show Lou Dallas that they made a humongous mistake. It wherever I go Lou I am gonna torched people. Invest in that then I think tested. I think that's an appealing saying. To signing begat. But how would not sign him if I didn't have a candid conversation with him about don't don't come in here. And starred did you need KM if you're not getting the ball thrown to you every 52. That's what I said on Friday it if you knew it I don't know I guess you can have this conversation when Dez although Joseph person saying. Pitchers as as of right now I'm not interested. Didn't in pursuing does bribe a lot of people reporting out for obvious reasons why make sense but say you sit down wood desk okay and you explain to guess. As we don't need Judy in ninety receptions 12100 yards twelve TDs so it's not we're looking for. We would like to have sixty to seventy receptions we would like 7800 yards. And heck what do you know if you get 8910 touchdowns your red zone machine for us we'll sign up for that. But if you're coming here like you said killer. To compile a bunch of stats and throw back and the cowboys face. You're you're in the wrong place this that's not all we want our offense that's not what we need our offense so that's what you want we can do it that's not or after it. We need complete honesty from dads there absolutely. I'm and you you have to talk it have to be some tough talk. On the part of the Panthers because I mean I've seen too many times where he goes over there yet he holds up I. And then the two passes thrown away. I mean cornerbacks have a hard time dealing with that crap you know what I was saying this on Friday Dez Bryant to me is Steve Smith this many used to be the same way exactly and we love that about so many. But when somebody was here. Guess what there's another guy in the huddles Jake DelHomme who was every bit as fiery. It didn't care what you thought about him either and they would like most just told us this before killer they would scream at each other during the huddle. Steve would yell stuff and then Jake would yell right back in and they were just shut up and they would play in everything was spot not but they had that dynamic where you would kind of fight fire with fire. And I think in this locker room. With a veteran in Torrey Smith which Greg Olsen. You don't with the right ankle we'll I think cam now I would hope now and year rate has the ability to control Loc Herman control wide receiver group. I would think that it could work here and I think may be read say we wanna put money on teaming Cleve winner we wanna put among this team here. I think you could bring Dez Bryant in here and I think you got guys that could women I think you have guys that could save gas I understand and I want to win every bit as much as you do. We had to do it this way OK some days it's going to be my day some days going to be your day and a fund has tribunal what the ultimate way to shove something in somebody's face 'cause this is the thing unfortunately pro winning today like throwing deep yep. Absolutely that's what you get measured for greatness in Dallas it's not stats stats compiled incredible stats he and his career in Dallas is the all time touchdown leader in cowboys history. Bush's desk right going to group be remembered as one of the greatest wide receivers in cowboys history. I don't know you know because he's not Michael Irvin he did win three Super Bowls. In when any Super Bowls eating get to a Super Bowl. Didn't get to an NFC championship. And when those things are said about you in Dallas right or wrong you're you're you're not considered to be a winner in fact I think people would look at it does his career and think. You might have been a hindrance to winning so you can get Dez to buy into the idea of giving this example how about our Shawn Jeffrey last year. How many people. Going into last year were saying stupid stuff about our show on Jeff for. That I don't know if you can stay healthy here I don't know how great easy and delete delete number one wide receiver. All that stuff that was said about how some went to Philly. It was a huge piece of art in the number one offense in the NFL and wanna Super Bowl then. House on Jeffrey got paid any got the last laugh this Brian could do that here in Carolina if you want to. Is there a difference though between the the attitude problem vs the injury bug. First rules for Al Sean persons were dazzle our whole thing what does is that he's going to be a corner and that is going to be a cancer in the locker room you know there wasn't any problem without Sean. This can affect you were you were you more sure he's gonna be on the field all the time yeah I mean. Six of 11 half dozen of the other guys who is winning winning cures all ills and his dad's gonna sign a one year deal for you know two and half million dollars or where was that that Al Chanda I. We're still it's gonna go to huge long term contract I don't think that marketing decider. It does is been injured to Dennis as Dennis has been a god it's been a little nagging injuries that kept him off the field consistently the last few years so. I think it's worth it killer I think he's got to die and also think she's gonna have choices. I mean you could see it's just one of these things have you signed a New England wouldn't we all champion the deal and say man look at the patriots they do it again yeah. And bought him why and why not here on out here I think it's worth the risk attitude. Which they do it I thank him. Would love throwing to a guy like that he that we put on mr. Graham. Output pretty pretty pretty pretty pleased as he posted on its agreement to the NFL's post about it the other day so I am candidate and a so I guess that whatever 2018 I guess that's a vote of voter confidence. Are from your hundred million dollar franchise quarterback I speaking really quickly here. Up a talks and based did you see what happened to watch Bartolo Colon last night I did. What do what is gotten into this guy he's got to rub on any net. The guy can pitch I mean he's you know he's what he's 42 years old the guy was he had seven perfect innings of baseball. Going into the eighth I mean the guy I mean he can deal to put a tort reform wrong Bartolo Colon was either. I can you know found to be proven abusing PDAs or was linked to TDs correctly from wrong that's a true statement. Bartolo Cologne once. Linked or actually. Factually use PDs can you look set up please write if you don't mind PD's assessed they day they teach keep that a secret because it didn't work for him well and how would you know he is he's he's so he's so out of shape and he's an affront to anything you would say about a professional athlete. And his physique. He looks like he looks like the every man. Looks like a dearly softball player then it was suspended fifty games and doesn't while I was at the V Oakland Athletics it's funny how we do that forgot is completely out of shape we're going to talk about that really is tedious job that Chris is Bartolo. Crazy old Bartolo glow a you pick did you see this as my favorite stat about his. He is on his performance last night we did see took a no hitter last night into the eighth inning or you're talking imperfect team into the no into the eighth inning. Ten of the first seventeen batters that he faced he was down 02 in the count. Ten of the first seventeen batters he faced last night don't go to an account he struck out six double. How I mean what's how does that happen he would if he could've completed it last night he would've. I he would surpass Nolan Ryan for the oldest oldest pitcher in baseball history to threw throw a no hitter. Yeah Bartolo Colon. Proven ged user who the that needs to be that hey how he might not last a third of the union is now extending. I mean if I I wish I was disappointed when the Braves didn't bring him back. A guy wanted him back after after everything he's done the last couple years for what it's worth Bartolo Colon pretty much accepted responsibility tick is suspension and was quiet about it unlike some of the other baseball and you know looks like a fat slobs and nobody cares if that's the best thing that happened there or he'll look like a fat slobs and nobody said anything about PDA's offense layers of fat slob these early Oldman still gonna baseball all the odd quick ID we're back in thirty minutes away from Larry Brown you'll go with me and we gonna talk about your early would do that we come back its prime time powered by ortho Carolina.