Primetime: Kemba Walker

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Friday, January 12th

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger and co-host Jamar Nesbit talk with Hornets PG Kemba Walker. 


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It's gonna be the job. I think all three of those guys have short term Marty hurting your progress doesn't actually like do you think philosophically don't agree and innovative ideas and they're gonna wanna go get some of those pieces I just wonder how this offer. He sold in north that's that's a good good some bad. One is offered to how loses often sold him. I can't answer that question that is a good dad to do sequester. Because on the one hand you look at his illicit we. I'm worn maybe two pieces away from this being a of Ferndale we. Better than good offense or was this pay. I'm giving you opportunities you can blow this whole thing up is far from the very bottom. Want to live from the marks for. This video Billy the marlin. We got Ryan we got sacks full crew doing good work we're here at the high hornets play tonight we got Steve cook pretty back not tonight. That tomorrow an off Monday Wednesday welcome back he's cleared medically or terrible here evade about an hour 5 o'clock he joins us. We can extend the conversation with him we got Kemba Walker thirty minutes before talk about trading him. Y eight I don't know we'll do that and now we're talking about those rumors. That's natured answer territory for him it is new territory because that people think you're the only thing that's good so get off a bad team and go to a good team it's so we'll talk to come about that. At 432 mart has been our Super Bowl champ as we get ready for divisional round we can't sell in a falcons go to Philly first time a number one seed making its playoff debut. In the playoffs. At home. Is an underdog since 1975 in this whole thing was being tracked that's ever happened before and here's the other thing that is is pretty rare in terms of what we're gonna see. In the in in the divisional round as well. The start differential between the quarterbacks so we talk about this all the time about how. Veteran quarterback play vs guys making their debut or the wet behind the ears. I don't know if it's ever been this dark thick about this when we go across the board if we get falcons Eagles are 430. Titans pat to 815. That Jack Steelers that won the it saints vikings at 440 yards Sunday going to be the Sunday's slate Steelers jags seats they saints and vikings in Minneapolis. Make the combined starts for effort. Marcus Aurelio vs Tom Brady. 3041. Playoff start salt diet 3401. 33 game differential between Tom Brady and Marcus Aurelio who won his playoff debut. Last week and I guess before him it was one intended. Work were quarterbacks making their playoff debut. I think dating back to. I forget what year but at the last eleven games quarterbacks making their playoff debuts go to the last week it wanted ten in those games and more you actually want it's a 341. Blake portals that Roethlisberger 21. Like one too so I guess she get two guys that did last week that he get Matt Ryan did it folds nine don't want. And maybe get Drew Brees in case keyed a twelve to nothing. Peacekeepers and never made a playoff start before. It is career. I don't know if I've ever seen a disparity quite this wide across the board before we were set off all four games yet they're gonna be interesting thing is. These are good teams and so that's why I think Marcus morial won last week I think it's why. Blake portals one last week is because there's teams are really good and the teams are going up against are also really good to. We can't Jack seal. That Roethlisberger is not throwing five interceptions that game against the jags again and again not a whole again now in the play off the playoffs not a cold weather right but. Kickback hey Ali Jack still leads the foresight interceptions to beat the Steelers again to two maybe. Can they get at defensive score Gil can make gets hot can they get set up some really short field position we're all Blake has to do is. Run one yard into the end zone I don't agree to a very light on and let go nothing short because the vote gifted you know gifted to put. Yeah audits of other actually slightly intrigued to see. I know to try to take a shot of Brad just letting it comes out. Like this indeed is an hour is how much area that Motorola you know what I was a little little upset that eating catching and eating Kosher hot I was trying to take a shot at a ought to our. Not just talking about a cup team always lines of the thought of a that is plagued border of the Jacksonville they were Baidu beneath the he should've been like you know what probes a few. Does it review I don't mean that is a slightly he won a Super Bowl that's a good thing again but it was it because that's him and I think he's one Arizona team I think he's heard that from day one. Power from the time that it is a positive on itself is a negative out of mean it is a negative yet so you know those 22 and 38 we heard being shot over about earlier. So like four he's not that it is positive though I met with a positive you shoot tracer rounds. I will be watching to seek and a half but seriously 2017. Kenny you know Ryan it is arraignment Santa he's brought up Joseph Flacco forty Joseph Flacco is probably the greatest can't do anything it eight Joseph Flacco I think is even. He played lights out at those if that is their playoff you know the greatest post season run in NFL history right so you know even to me that feels like that doesn't count Joseph Flacco is really good day year. They'll might be the greatest a lot of play up on a little too eager to segregate users that either you know that they're excited and surrogates and we can you say. But I think this would be the closest thing to a trade deal for Horry Brad Johnson. Quarterback to team winning the super woefully portals does this kid at work because you hear people say I got a quarterback to win or do you or do you. Can you write letters poured out of the very few that you ride either illegal yeah. Take a lot of shots of Brad Johnson like he had Tony to hit twenty plus touchdowns a year and an essentially the reason why they brought him in is because Shaun king was a winning football games. You responded I'm not saying he was quite you know you guys are projecting on mead upset he's guy he was flying. He also wasn't Mitterrand is that they want whose music component just like Blakemore roses put portals write you a boy portals rushing yardage last week when they game. We portals had to do what he had to do to win the game affect. What to watch it you could tell the change that was in Brad Johnson's voice when he talked about playing winning football like forget the stats did you forget the steps we you'll have very good stats. Well that's true right. Forget is that he just play winning football bat that's how like I you know credit but that's not feeling like I'm crediting him for point winning four point Trent Dilfer for doing what they went off and I thought we're gonna have a short interview there was Brad Johnson when typically covered today if it. So I don't know a preventative against yeah. As I started makes it I started making it makes its velocity itself off the plate seemed to chase it. Don't go say they kind of don't say that's about it that you were content to music high he's a very kinds other gentlemen as you could hear this. It's from Marietta Georgia I think you could hear it in in McBride Johnson toys should have asked him though with all his old former head coaches coming back did jobs he couldn't have gotten in there on this. Turner train with all of forty people think he's bringing along with them on the coach's staff. Four he couldn't get over their son would Jon Gruden down and allow Landeta reports worker was looking for who rich get it to be the do you and wanna do is apparently took took too much work. But it seemed. Nadal lightly you leave it this is an act only hurting as are the work forty hour work week up by the way about this headline out on Twitter from off for the big lead you can tweet just rally Jewelers Twitter feed app prime time WFAN seat round lead Jewelers recently named one of the top fifty. Retail jewelry chains in the country but national jeweler magazine. Building trust for three generations it's brown the Jewelers and proudly Jewish dot com the pickle we tweeted this out. Carolina Panthers again Norv Turner officially offered to coordinator now. Carolina Panthers decide nepotism his answer for Cam Newton come off hire norv Turner's entire family. I don't think again that's not exactly what happened but it does it if I get I get the optics of it looks like debt smells bad. Well what he what do you make it a whole situation what do you make of an awards. He would sit Ron do ignores the guy now what Ron was a consultant earlier ride his brother Ron Turner this year. And then his son Cameron was he assisting quarterbacks coach like. If you're hiring door at his sense Scott do you think you have to keep the other to the door William to the current I listen you fired up OC and the quarterback checking a fire juice get her help. You mean detect cult you know defy you said it hurt he was the assistant quarterbacks -- dangerous that you fired the whole CN quarterback coach I would think the assistant got to go to what may be totally does who supposedly doesn't happen yet here we do we find out about three minutes to live down the freedom brought. So the fairways here tonight can't keep the guys to the curb you won't have that compensation. I'll be probably not our right. Does it matter don't they are you glad okay oh sure well loaded all agree. Eric but does it matter or people making incident to a much bigger tonight I did anybody ask to get at some manners and here's the reason why bear come from so automatic institute leading up Michael begrudge anyone to have a job when his mom against him. Because now you can't stand in front of me as a player I'm a player. You can't stand up in front of me and tell me that the best to keep through your rules will make this team. Not wind not the best coaches are the ones that are in front of me coaching. Maybe they are the best coaches they just happen to be really stop it. Stop it. That's who stopped so there isn't. Players are still about that I could say that was basically every it shortlist publicity to a can't listen to with a straight face. So we as a player umps sit there and he's meeting room. If you got good called a tri stand here for enemy as say the last 53 minute worst automate this team I know you're fully. I know you're full of brilliant knock it alive leaders still get up. You gonna do what you have to do because you're trying to make the squad yes period of foremost I'm just tell you that bad lip service where it normally would hold some sort of weight to it. Will hold no weight to well I do feel like the larger issue is the one a week we always seem to talk about the study were coaching hires go on which is. Are you given the right people the right looks elsewhere so it to be I'm more concerned with. I don't I don't that you bit of a locker Raj is so lucky to refute you on back I think you raise a good point but I'm less conservative he what are the diet dynamics of among. The guys in the locker room at what they think of it open as opposed to I just think it's. You can do better at as at to be more creative a look at elsewhere for for qualified people and that's the way I look at us eleven to be single writing orders off like god but everybody gets us there are yet fully booked. I would say this listen. The cynic in me I'm gonna say this them thank you thank you for making it a pair thank you for tickets for pullen L war low. And letting us know how it actually happens now you know looking gore around here say in that. It is an equal and balanced playing field as we all now know that it is not not. So thank you thank you for letting does not a whole lot we come back we got we gonna hit a break we come back Campbell walker is 430 or less than twenty minutes or that. And we get asked it about these trade rumors that he could be a guy that the hornets used to. Change directions to climb out of whatever hole people think therein and get this this franchise to wait. A new level trading Kemba Walker the captain the all star. The one guy they've hit on it developed it turned into a star that's the answer I don't know that word is. Martyr next hold on we come back we could make his I don't think it makes sense I got some trade proposals people are already starting to write in. On the building sitter text like killing himself addressing it at 430 it's primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Carolina. Having Clinton back on definitely helped that it ends solidified things and there won't be the uncertainty anymore as far as when he's coming back and how long I'm going to be coaching him. But I've pretty much stayed consistent. Tweak things here in the air but this should be an easy transition for Clinton comeback kid and then. And do his thing. Stephen Silas Seles earlier this afternoon after or just read this Jack. The hornets tonight on offense to sell Chris DiMarco the cause got previous at 630 we will hear from Steve Clifford medically cleared to return. Last night. And because it was so quick it was so unexpected Dave he wore. Ready for this that there they're gonna ease the transition by just letting the coaching staff keep doing their thing for a few more games that'll come back next Wednesday you'll hear. You'll hear that coming up in in about 35 minutes of a little. It shook right now could they just saw this week come across to me Rapoport profile the brown lead Jewelers Twitter feed app prime time WFAN Jeep rallied Jewelers recently named one of the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country but national jeweler magazine building trust for three generations. It's probably Jewelers and brown lead Jewelers dot com. Sort posted on at a felt like company there's linebacker. Telling. Telling the NFL network and specifically. Brooke. So recent low. That 2018 will be his final. And I he's going to be a studio all week long any NFL network for their for the pregame stuff so next year will be the last. Opera Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis according odd to the NFL network and does story going up soon. And on so I don't know how. Surprising that that really is probably as much is just put it expect to see that if for 25 on a Friday going into the divisional round. By the NFL playoffs but frown on his doubt. Yeah I would call that a new stuff but that's it we don't that is that's that's Thomas is out there he's in their building. And you know. Maybe you scratch my back I'll scratch your take abuse and studio stuff and I'll give you guys give guys a little scoop which there Thomas had remarked on Monday. In any exit interviews that he was fully expecting a reduced role going into next year and there you go I mean he's going to be one of these guys that. Maybe that. And does that I don't know what he's thinking there might just be insane that is that in trying to force the painters and we got good company now right like if that was even a thought if that was the thought. Paid so it was a preemptive strike here like united a couple of Albert's my last writing elect to go out on top I don't know it might just be simply. Both sides wanna keep us updated some way shape or form he just is letting your body no now. Could it get any need to question sir the offseason any any of the questions going into the season for a this how I feel so and I I think. Not surprising news again surprising him in the in the timing of it maybe at 445. A. On one with his debt with his cat with his dead Catholic view Cottam beat you know beat its cost you four point two and as captain is nine you know nine point nine. I mean he might as of this team on the roster anyway. Yeah I agree and he's still really good player what you know I I really do it's funny I told Ryan Issa told us Omar earlier the weakness and I I see Tito and I see what. Ray Lewis look like in his final years where that guy you know was still really good player. It was not the same exact player was a few years earlier but maybe he is so savvy. He's so Smart and he knows just so many techniques things of what kidney shoulders square didn't do was spotted. Beaten guys to a point to where. Is he is 70% or 80% is better than our guys I'd be pretty a 100% right but that he's doing more with less right now. But the guy is and so here's the thing but the guys that compete at a high level or he's competed against for years you know year after year day he'd seen. Twice may be in the same division or you know elsewhere. The guys who competes against Armando yeah because it I'll go back to win Ray Lewis was playing like 20012002. Doesn't want. You could not pitch ray Lewis and a great he had you know two to three huge defense alignment here from Sarah goose but all of them due to from. To keep them clean break he was all over the place make it tackles doing things that you had not seen a lot middle linebackers before him do. But as the years were wrong and all of a sudden. I'm catching them on the backside and efficacy data talked to Thomas right is so he plays ray gets washed out a little Leary gets caught up in the in the traffic. And you also regulars are sticking on Biloxi ends up on the ground more often and has the biggest thing right as a coach told me listen. When you get up and age you end up on the ground more often so when you just start ended up on the ground falling either buy or sell for. You got a hit or armed might not taking you down previously now you're on the ground like that's when you know we get old and I hated for guys I mean it happens every one. Dubbed the mind is willing the mind is still a sharp samurai sword but dead body. Father time does not lose that if he does does it becomes for all of us so you wonder if baby is it one last or offer Thomas Davis and I and Julius Peppers and pictures that go back and sailed away while they may debacle all right all right now two big men right right I. Maybe they've made that bet packed. But I I say this. By announcing it now I think it also helps Tom Davis to give anybody right right one last hurrah. He's gonna he's gonna put everything he has to this last this Favre arrived in LA he knows mentally he's he's able to prepare themselves that when it is over. Hey he went out on his own terms one. Right he called his own shot and very few players you have the ability they get the luxury of doing that. But to. Now he knows there's a finality when that clock hits all zeros. Is not a possibility that he could come back later on this or there's not and you know T use cliche elusive. He knows there won't be a tomorrow so he could put everything he has into this and then leave it all the field and not having any regret after easel. And it's salesman tweet any says I hope new ownership recognizes that your to makes TD. The first player to be inducted into the Bank of America. Stadium ring of honor series he retires and I feel a guy grieving if you want to read does he deserve a statue or any of that stuff I mean he just exemplifies. We know why. That whole keep pounding Montrae is all about and doing it on the field and off the field and we talked about him a few weeks ago in what he did with. But it took to raise the 151000 dollars for. For Harding University you get stuff for their for their high school championship breaks the state championship brings to the first to bring a championship and what over fifty years Eddie does stuff all the time of the community units that make him. Big media you know. Hang onto them already we just he's so really beautiful boss whose good opinion of being a football player he's really gonna just mean human being and so. He's that he's just been that special briefly the only only wrap your header on the seat only player in professional sports history in any sport. To overcome three torn ACL three he's got a he's got a cadavers ligament in his knee right now. That was the only way that they could be one last hurrah of hope. Was Sealy hill Mary let's see if this works and it it has and for TV Debbie that alone beyond anything that alone to play at that level. It overcome those obstacles three different times. It's never been done before so there you go according to give you just turning into one or why we talk of a TD like this. NFL network he Rapoport reporting audit Thomas Davis is telling them. Next year will be his last year in the NFL and I do wonder yet maybe it. It was that his way to get that back oh hey yeah. That's like I don't know man on Kamal what went parade you know you have radio and out you know went out of playoff run the moment run of that I'll try to back if you run effect all right so there you go and they're going to be tough decisions let there be really tough decisions about. Where this team is that we have. Charles Johnson I don't know how that how tough that would is that they keep you move on from Charles Johnson. You move on from Jonathan Stewart and our if you keeping Jonathan it's got to be at a reduced role but at which point is that actually still feel is actually. Really that's a roster spot that. This singular nature right up he doesn't play special teams he doesn't do anything else but carry a ball so if you're only keeping him to two. To be a healthy scratch you up you know they did. And I think maybe we've seen as I exited that just does nothing it's been that this is to position to me you could stayed upgrade try to upgrade your second tight end position. Do you try to find that development develop medal position. A tight end behind Greg Olsen now. Where you could. A you're you're now you're thinking more long term and they I don't know how much longer we got Greg it while I was there was a young guy behind him Demi do we keep. Over our house is I think in an enormous norms. Offense he had he does have a lot of speed. Too tied it sets right and there's a lot of while old school. Regular pro form set for two tight ends that you quoted just run the ball get right so I think there's definitely a place for Fred Dickson. Lesbian the block you Tenet we know he can catch the ball I mean he's he's shown flashes of that. So. Back like he did at that that second tight ends but as always wonder is kind of precarious in nature because. It just seemed like that's that's that position that you cover is throwing as an act of five the second. I as long as I'm looking for number one I can find the second or there's plenty out there on the street so. Unfortunately the value in that position hasn't gained as much as it should of in today's systems but. I think I. How would think day it is it is pretty safe if nothing more than. We know if Olson doesn't come back a 100% healthy yet mix here we have a viable. Substitute not replaced him but substitute until either we pay develop another number one or B we get our true number one back. Interesting today is Steve Clifford was in the building he met with the media were gonna get him at 5 o'clock for about fifteen minutes earlier what are your some of the stuff you talk about what he's been dealing with for years now. He he said today sit there have been rumors of that I've got a drinking problem or. Odd that I've got a heart issues again he said that's not the case I've got through. I've got to dealing with some you know really sure he drinks the good stuff out that he does that mean Hollywood I would too but he you can some recommendations yeah he was that he was sale look at video with some headaches and to see him come out of his coach's office after shootaround guys come down right outside the locker maybe with the media. And denim info guys combine talked to the media and one by one they can all see Clinton they knew that cliff was coming back obviously to take up the word like everybody else. They had seen what club hasn't been around he came around it to my now ex. I think the next day or two right after the announcement was made was stepping away and that he has been around since they've talked to him. They texted with him they haven't seen his days haven't seen around disease he stepped away used truly stepped away. I've because you want to be the strategy any needed to medically to get right he needed to do it it's so when he's standing in the doorway. And did you see go to those guys from a human element alone lighting up at CN. Then that's what coach again he's back and just knowing that he's okay B looks good he looks healthy he looks well rested and an energized right now. Pretty cool dynamic and you know this this teams and we are Smart right and as fifteen to 44. Five and a half games back of the final playoff spot in the east to get two games in hand all the teams ahead of my think they still play a four times each so. It's just it's it's go time I keep seeing this like I was and I was killing those guys yesterday opened the show and I was meant to you. But made it his goal Todd Martin used the term would meet the other basic cliff told them. Months ago he can get late early and it's getting late early for this team 39 games at a certain point you gotta quit saying. Always got it would not half way were we still a lot of team look at Daskalaki can't freak out. But to also there's got to be a distant understated sense of urgency with this team and etiquette stuff like this. Which starts to linger at which is trade rumors for Kemba Walker or who do we trade I mean does this team Celek that deadline. If they pie how could you by what he bringing in. Brigham and yet these are over the salary cap you're near the luxury tax dollars have to match dollar for dollar Jamaica trade so all this stuff is lingering around this team right now and I take it to you start stacking wins in getting closer to 5079. Games under being 234 games under. It's gonna link. Or knowing economy emotional that way you just kind of come on like some some happened to come on economy it. My daily just to get it now it's gonna get off my chest it's our Arctic and then the next day or two after that and is not a bad guy rationalize things. I can see things from about big picture standpoint. And so we do that now double walker got a chance to talk over earlier today and we address this stuff where this teams that. The sense of urgency. And the fact it really for the first time ever his seven year career in the NBA is they've been brought up with trade rumors. Are we gonna talk total orders basketball and Homestake continues in a tough one against the mavs the other nights were joined by quarters point guard Kemba Walker can buy you doing men's room you don't. The list of stuff the other night I mean this this season. 39 games in for you guys right now and you're still just kind of trying to find your way and things. You know I think that that's forties dressed almost Sonoma in an odd way a motion to urge you guys I think going into it than that Brittany guys built off the road trip almost seem to come to a stop. There. Those always those influences. No one whenever you have four days off. No give back out there. And had the same room was. And I was almost sure. But you know you go look. Look past that last name. What's what do you think you guys learned now. I'll never tripped him and you know trying to just find a way to recreate that night in night out what what is it about what you guys did out there that just needs to be the answer for you guys moving forward. I think for the most part is the way we play we play so so use. We play hard. No for 48 minutes ago. That's what is no doubt lose what is really more for us so. Hopefully we got hopefully we didn't realize we build that road trip because you know bring you back home and just get better. Like so many times to like good things they get lost if he wants so I'm making shots all that stuff but. You know I felt like watching that game Winston amid the communication was lacking in so much of what you're talking to the energy and an ex communication that that's got to be the difference who wins and losses right now this for sure. On the West Coast and our and you lose. It was very very recent days. Those were the same no last night knowing them somewhere other night against. That was no we like and you know consistently in that game. That's something that we can't do you know we can look forward to know not now Hollywood North Korea and enjoy every single possession and you know. Yes there's no we don't know we have to play hard. How we feel right now and you're in middle let's Saudi your body for about a month which is not right himself. I see that grabbed that grass get a little lighter game by game receives you feel and are now relatively good. Don't get healthy. I was numb Schundler I can help my team is going. Don't try to be more consistent as well. There man. That's that's that's the whole goal restaurant where. I you've been on some some challenging team this year I mean you're you're you're in a mocking her remarkable story from going from seven wins. To 48 wind voted forty wins a couple years ago you get to be a top three seed in the east he tied for top three in that playoff appearance and now you look where things are at the last couple years where where is this where does this rank assistance in terms of just trying seasons with the injuries closed departure now he's coming back foot. Just everything when he makes it and what you guys are trying to do right now where this where this thing is that it's so far are. Those from the is whenever you know the whole year plus no. This season. Which no we're definitely working towards it work. No I love being here. There's definitely been. Though a typical start. You know and I first got here why don't they are definitely. A lot better. We have some great players no of course no clip from the West Coast that they're great love to be around those guys so. It's a great. Feels like you guys are far off so great I mean all things considered is just so crazy does that mean twice. Joyce at what 22 double doubles I think coming your second leading point guard scoring wise in the Eastern Conference and you don't nick has been injured he's trying to get healthy and he's shown flashes of his old self so I mean this is all that being said the bench I think he's come along a lot in the last few weeks it. So it is given the circumstances you guys are you're still kinda right there right it's not that far off. He says you know this. Has been a struggle but here we're not that far on the road truck games out of the playoffs so. You know with the team's catalyst we we played tool to teach sports on them one of the teams twice so. It was still a chance no Israelis because all of us this morning knows just how we. I'm gonna response to rest of the season so you know we started really be logged in. Don't put together some wins. Month and a marlin to correspond guard Kemba Walker where this mother went on Margaret it's said this to me the other day seeing a cliffs told him don't you guys something a few months ago there really stuck with him which said. Many can get late early sometimes there's a long year you can trick yourself sometimes when he can say it's a long years along here and here you are 39 games and so it they can get it later only. The MS it's true it's true that's one of the best one of the things that's always it always tells us and he's he goes right good. Most of those who he's talking about he's he's he's a resident folks know Parsons it's a great coach. Definitely clearly early look. You've you've got him back now so we get the great news he comes back in Minnesota beat tonight it'll be. Next next week woods what's that mean for it for you individually and just so locker from a morale standpoint to get that got back out there. It's a love there wee wee wee wee we'd listen. He's our leader. He makes us go. You know. No solace. To those guys do great OK they've been living great. There's absence of north can't praise those guys enough it's odd that they've done a it's a shoot to kill nobody says that such a great co. Those guys Steve we've held it down. Save lives on either. He's got that we're we're we're really used to. And degrades down back. I hit hardest point guard memorial and go to minute guys don't really interest think America is you know the season's gone away goes of course trade rumors come off and all the stuff could. You all the national guys insurers say hey look the hornets the way out of cities to trade Kemba Walker disease in facets of this team he's a guy that people would want. And I you've never really been a part of this in your career where all of a sudden it's like your names get brought up in some of the stuff so that's got to that's going to be different for you. They're very slow. Then just stuff. But I don't know how I used you never it never happens though my name never comes up like this so is the first job. I've heard they write them for the round. I don't know how long those adorned with a very good news or at least. Flattering no right leg at a minimum the fact that they'd be hearing your thought in that regard but at the same time I mean you are so committed to. To producing a winner and I mean I'm just always struck by you and cliff talking about. We when he gets the playoffs and we want to win a series here that such distinctions such a big you know driving factor for you guys see you week you wanna be here anyone away into unknown. Of course. Always. It's organizations in this city. Those who do big things here. That's sort of play indoors all of them here. Doctor Taylor rumors and do you. Know do my own way. Just a rumor I guess yours is what we've drained. Like you say I'm I'm I'm I'm committed to this city it's his organization. This is where Obama started opportunities so. I mean I don't know I don't know well whatever so I'm I'm here now and hopefully for a few moments ago. Hillary Wear or electoral man it's good to talk to you desolate tonight we'll seasonal got our vision and I think hornets point cart. Only Don Murray darling boy. Powered by Mort don't care. Both JPEG and Ellis on a Friday were here at the hi Steve cook birdies back I think that the good lord. More than anything disease healthy man have little scary stuff everybody know what it did it would go Bonner Tex on her Twitter feats of do insane. They croak what do you know about coach cliff and everybody's been really tight lipped and I think that was out of privacy and respect and also out of the severity of what used dealing with which we now know is. Some severe headaches. That were borderline debilitating and he's gonna to what is it ten minutes away from him he's gonna talk some ball weigh this and also talk about what he's been battling and he looks good he did he looks like he's lost a little weight from. He looks like he's rested in the curious how so it is he just looks he looks as they are forever as a member of the chunky proof yes right. You know just because of my my tropical power than me now all of sudden they looked good like. You could be you look good you are there aren't that many and it usually it's a show all day today I needed and then all over the place today got this great is trying to help liberalism with flag looks healthy young went beyond anything to anybody forget what happens wins or losses like. That dude I'm just glad he's okay influence and that everything everything's all right before really worried about him for for a long time and for good reason and he'll he'll be back on Wednesday we get him in ten minutes right here. Our primetime were powered by ortho Carolina shot at again to facilitate pizza company Matthews. They get to pizza Qaeda pocket a week's a bucket of weeks he says that's what they got to call this what if I get the text from. From from from the guys facilitate they Jimmie said guy as Steve said idea we said in a pocket weeks while. That's a lot of wings you said in a bucket away Maurice that was a like a trash can totally imagine in my imagination is pretty strong. I wanted a wings deserve better visual that legislation wrongly there the entire bucket full weeks of Lake Victoria. Goodness aha that's pizza vessel exit Charlotte that's been voted on the fact check about I'll live this not take pizza go. Dot com we appreciate that they feed us every Friday are you ready to make are your picks my friend. I am but I'm just sitting here laughing because now I know how you know how much my wife has changed the way I think because now thinking about that whole book doing but I'm like man I gotta be sure I can have a napkin next Diaz is shuttle gets up all over the place I drink a wet clay is yet in my imagination have metric on a coaster. Well over here the low got a he has he's going to be put stuff particularly good at that bucket list from facility pizza can I want to join the rest of the wine and cheese crowd of fans. This so if you're new around here what we do want Fridays for fifty we make our picks against the spread. Throughout the college football season and we did three college games to NFL game so one NFL game was the Panthers well guess what the Panthers are done. College is done so we're going all four NFL. Divisional round game of the playoffs. And because we need a fifth game we're picket hornets and jazz we call this flip or flop we don't take her pick serious that's what we flip a coin heads or tails Paul this heads tails is away. And we fire our fate he gave Joseph music as we open our. But a lot of money in this production right here. All right give us the numbers again for the coin on the year what's the point because. In his 45331. Of our callers are 3544. And one in our posts are stickers at 37 and 43 OK so they're making a bushel to court records or get a healthy lead but they're making a push here so I helped out two weeks ago. As she did you tomorrow went 322 weeks ago that job the coin went to a three injured tied to coin and he tied the course the second consecutive tenth consecutive skew me a second consecutive week to encourage. Aren't anywhere old siamese he's on again yes if you think you just named dude and I think this and we should have a different picture I've I've beat is being. Great to get the court here doesn't just calling it right there I shut the plague at the same and I don't give up because we are united in here every week. Do hope that they've been a farmer Greg Jarrett Jack Jared what's up there's a lot of talk smack to you know I don't think they'll take them from thickness. What am I don't understand thought I get Edie usually says adding you know not it is not in my division I should have to pay him twice all right here we go we start in the NFL. Divisional round game tomorrow foul instead it's six of the thirteen to three Eagles the one C a 16 match up. And the falcons are favorites three point favorites that drew the line open to it we're still sits we have taken Jerry. I'd say the falcons. All right we've taken this job. Diane I'm TV. May very fit the falcons Eagles the point taken a road team they like the falcons his wealth to the next game we go. It's going to be titans nine and seven at the pats thirteen to three a huge number in a playoff game pats. Thirteen and a half point favorites. To open up and died now let me check here think that line is now either still at thirteen and efforts down the thirteenth though still at thirteen and app so now you can hook so now we're we're we're still we're still ask you this question. Is this straight up or did you despray against the surgery seed and a half point spread here Gerri great president of the Jamar. Good question here where we've got the fifth. I always taken the titans that I ever had to big government. We've taken them October I'll take its pound of taking the patriots patriots to go to huge liabilities with two touchdowns let's go coin in the air. It's flippant sticking to road team going likes the titans to cover the thirteen and a half let's go to the Sunday games going hates me saints' eleven and five. Taken on the RX or so of the Jack jacks did it six at the Steelers thirteen to three Steelers opened at seven and a half point favorites it's now set it. Don't have more of the ticket period. They are there it still isn't taken as. You can elaborate front all right Richard Jackson I could feel. I could feel it. Now most dealers artistic and still torment. Flip the coin here. Not a good clip that we just didn't come off of them right and tales. Going likes the jags to cover the 70 it's all right here we go. Lost game your State's stimulus Super Bowl with eleven at five. At the vikings thirteen to three vikings open history to have more favorite line now all the way up to five here. Really look at a moment on this line which is interstate you take injured you know why. I think if I don't think really it. We've taken. Colombo say things I think usual previews and if you really say really gives you wanted to depict the other team is actually portray that all right coins in the air here flippant. Boy likes the saints to go on the road to cover the five we close with support its basketball get a Olympia. 5824. Hornet's against the jazz seventeen to 44 and out of the high points four point favorite T take it very. Florida all right we think this. Although the hornets aren't going to feel records please don't fail me now. No Rudy go very good for the jets tonight by the way. Point taken a routine you'd like that you did say that before he had been out for we've been up for weeks now all right co it's taken a jazz to release cover the four point spread. Jerry best the luck we'll talk did next week my friend thanks for call an end. There is. Good luck to you appreciate it all right although we're back Steve Clifford he's back he joins us next its prime time powered by ortho Carolina.