Primetime: Keke Coutee Talks NFL Draft and Texas Tech's Season

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Thursday, January 18th

Kroeger & Darin Gantt talk NFL Draft with Keke Coutee.


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Powered by Ford. I daring and joins us and our fun and I say with that tone I Sunderland. Daring cancel this at 3 o'clock everywhere there's the rest of the way it is crunch time powered by ortho Carolina native and delegates come the warmest softly. Nobody swarmed the couples of our hearts quite like a deer again of pro football talk dot com live from the marks being real T studio. Bodies are the more I think about. Police is a bad day gas. Envisioned when you hear that we visualize inside visualize something what do you think I was visualizing his texting a gangster schools back in Serbia text span and then there are a follows career may be shorter. And it was the other night before he songs do you think he's a Serbian mobster I it's entirely possible. I envision him I mean that's like Somalia Neeson stuff in a movie where he's sun on he's underrated but he is going to take you down to the that's what I envision your vision is far larger. Ring of crime dawn Zain he's a man with influence who can make that. Hat that is a very particular set of skills and I guess you're telling me I envision him when I hear that sound that was in the locker McGinn play this again I mean this is the last time people are probably getting sick of it I keep thinking it's funny no money deletes other Minnesota Timberwolves I'll tell you what I envisioned when your list. I was in Iceland is that it isn't dead but I'm like professionals who play a little ever find them in the game during again. Loan one more time and not feel like I'm retention. But I just tried to protect myself when. I'm an American a good thing because that's kind of the Clinton. Those trying to calm him down because. Panel to a group and. See I hear that dubbed the first ten times or heard I think your data European renowned thinking. He says staying got I reacted that way he's saying thank god my emotions didn't take overnight until a moment cool guy. You say it sure would be a shame if some bad happen Aaron Afflalo right there on the court but I envision wanna hear that Billy is the money deletes in the locker not with a talent just waiting to get dressed instead and he finally stated suit jacket three piece black suit which the vest with white trench coat over the top yes white shirt black tie maybe even a bow tie find Italian shoes and he's getting ready in a foot on detainees getting ready to murder somebody and a violin case with the Tommy gets inside. Tonight here again this is all this with the money believe so all right we've got Steve Clifford and an hour or more it's one last night that's good news they want to AMA. Animal hospital that's 679. In the play better basketball Sorin talked to Clifford five. I got our WS Lindsay hornets coach a show from six to seven Steve hassles gonna join us as well and we'll talk about some of the stuff for their widest explain better what surgeon added to white what they're getting it into the two Marvin Williams as well try Kaminsky debenture shall we talked to cliff coming up at 5 o'clock we got daring get with his pro football talk dot com and how great is this just to take the edge off for the painters not playing a conference championship weekend you'll today is. The day eight that mock draft one point 041 milk hyper junior came out norm. Why should get that'll via. How do you feel a mock drafts you are you pro mod dress for your time doctor Bob I'd take him for what they are I don't ever get mad at people whose mock drafts are wrong I always look at them as mart bank a okay this is a guy who is a top half of the first round this guy's a bottom half of the first round Mel thinks quarterbacks go in this aiming you take him for information if you. It's an. Quote unquote football guys like Bill Polian gets upset at people over mock drafts. I guys mark drab to a strong he clearly doesn't know anything about football. It's not what it means because you can be Smart about contrasts and when the Chicago Bears make an insane trade. Last year to move up one spot take mr. biscuits are resulting out yours might be imperfect rather pace was the getting it on. So you know you take for what they are there for entertainment purposes only. Well and and this is what's really interest him because I think because of what your talking about it I think for so many cantor stands. There to have a pretty spec I feel like it could be reading the temperature wrong I think Peter since wanna see an offensive player 24. Yeah again I think they wanna see camps like this people and without knowing I am away ear annual process. Ignorance I will own my ignorance on this one I know the mail put out a mock draft today. I mean look at it I don't know who's in it and what's spot but I imagine if males did something that was not a wide receiver at 24 to people us the my god my god milk diapers Ney Bill Polian is going to be somewhere wagging his finger going to nitrogen they got annoying thing about football. Well and it's it's funny because I think we chase it 2.0. If my memory serves me am I going to Chacin 2.0 clippers are one boy now. If my memory serves me correct correct type person little. He's at least he's got to get on his doctors aren't you sick bastards been doing this for a long time I mean they've been at SCANA. Some people just go overboard with these things or want a dual Mike the day after last year's draft men many healthy your way he too early first round exit only taken us so here here's the two guys always do those the year before the browns always have the first thing yes. The yeah well how about this he got to pro football focus and hyper both in there in their my traps have of the theater sickening interior linemen. And the interior offensive linemen it's 14 yeah you guys are I have the ability price when he was don't that was Billy price setter gar from Ohio State. I suspect there's a lack doing the best centers in the league in Coolio surprised to be a replacement for freezing guardian drew nor well already a lot of money on the O line might not be able to afford Orwell's no dollar price of three year starter regard for the Buckeyes moved over to center is a senior. It's he's he's got the frame to play other spot in any got frank rag know. From from Arkansas. It's as the nation's top greeted senate for two straight years right now can do it all in the run game nose tackles. To locating and destroying linebackers he's strong in pass protection as well so incapable playing guard additional position of versatility with nor was a free agent Cooley on the last year. Adding depth should be a priority this is your old rag now. Or AG NOW I am I pronouncing it wrong well he if he didn't have the W on the and it's it was like rag so. They can save a bunch of money over the air by drafting him because that sounds like some kind of superhero like brag you know the magnificent he controls animals with the power of his mind and you could just take the head off to Jerry Richardson statue emperor rag know up there controllers example or is it -- now what is rag now every time he punches somebody or he gets he gets out of his stances is blowing some dew off the ball just open its rag now. It's either I know right now I don't know either of which he's gonna swing in here on a vine in kicks Masson takes in May well it's funny because it first at first glance you're gonna reap important likely to show fans are gonna said that's not a wide receiver that's not right back that's not maybe a second tight end and you start seeing some of the stuff and you think. I don't like dad did that seem silly you don't take him but I do think well I think in general is gonna mean there's no way to know. It was actually a little surprised that their Mac called me up this morning and and he said something about. You know what he thinks happened in her what do you think the plan is when Noel and as like the plane is he could all this he's gone the plan is by the plan is he sick about AM when you sentry turner to the contract mills back in the fall I mean that's can justify spending that much going on that line he just couldn't go on to guards I mean it's just it's you can speak and that kind of money you can spin big money put together a line if you've got to Joseph Thomas is from any if you're the browns and you go I mean the browns went out and spin a pile -- concealer. Last year in and Nora wells gonna get that kind of money it's gonna be shocking to people on main that's just. The premium guards go for money that is ridiculous. In terms of roster construction I mean it's not that you wouldn't love to have Norway Ellen turner. In the middle your line for the next five years together buys you can't. Have a pair of ten million dollar a year guards because it is good is he as you got to remember where he came from. It is an undrafted rookie and so go find another undrafted rookie from Ohio State used the term sound money. And I think that's a good way to look at it with him. Were you treated as found money he would two point. I was undrafted you cut some really good years out of umpire he wasn't actually your plans for him to become miss it just kinda happened in so because of that you can't get all that been out of shape if you lose them because you were expecting that the for. I mean and to have gotten four years of service out of a guy at that level for the money played him and that's great news out and in the new. You parlay that Miami in I think realistically you we're gonna have to pick between him and turner anyway and turner got. To the windows sooner and was better sooner so he got the money. Yes and and I think when you look right now it's. At Kai Bird in insane interior linemen you're seeing and again pro football focus a country guy was Billy price did the center guard out of Ohio State her I think it's gonna freak out about it but when you think about it this way okay Susie single was gone and I think starlet to relays gone to US might be a fair assumption I don't know but boy leg has life changed in a minute. Last August when they've got fired just. I mean really as he went from probably going to get franchised. To Edmonton. And he set himself from capacity on the exit interview you know I was disappointed to get a long term deal I'll probably should probably gonna see with the market is so you think those two guys are gone. And now you've got so a little bit of money tied up in what do we know about Marty ball more he's already told us in no uncertain terms on me to go get another wide receivers so obviously if they need another running back. Now did some of the stuff happen in the address some of the free agency in it to be a little bit of everything it probably will be put in I think when you look at it from the standpoint if you knew Marty was gonna go get. It was say a top tier running a wide receiver to pair with Evans when she's in free agency. With the money that you're saving a nor oil and in star and then. Because what we see them address the last few years maybe you go get that running back in the third or fourth around all the senate starts to make sense you're getting that replaced an office. And and well Chris obviously you're gonna draft the best player available and and saying you know that's when you make mistakes is when you start drafted eight. Els out earning a Sosa pretty ideal that's a pretty us are pretty well. Are bush sees between that decision could had Orwell's heeded that speed bump McGee well that's what Kim Jordan call left tackle Michael. Angle camera Jordan calls everybody that. Yeah I I thought there was a Mac Khalil specific thing but talk we do need to end it now he's been doing that over the years target a New Orleans people that's won his standard lines. He'll call somebody speedboat indeed but listen I mean the reality is if you lingo and sign magically old you're gonna go out and spend that money on somebody could is dame gentleman was in going in to do. Last year's draft without signing. A left tackle in free agency in a few things back it was a pretty deep group of veteran left tackle Jew had armed. Whitworth who went to the rain and you had Russell who Kuhn who ended up puts chargers. You had Coley you'll you had clay edu and Eugene Munro now accordion Munro end up retiring. We have and not playing anymore all again Palestinian view and no Kong played well. For the chargers and whitworth it was just in a price range you were gonna go to new clues they didn't they also didn't wanna go is notice him so. And I mean people freak out about the money but eleven million bucks a year. Issel odd. But it's not. Oh my god we've blown the budget we can't afford curse trees this month because he signed Magli you're taller Saber game when we return to you know. You know we're Saturday it is what it is but I gain our favorite game Cam Newton makes people stupid sure this is one of our favorite guy that gave it and then that game so we play with the originators staring at pro football talk dot com it's Kroger its primetime were powered by ortho Carolina. I scored. Powered by Mort don't care. Carolina. Oh. Tickets UFC fight night vector setter. And on January 27 and dust because inspector general or it's at five straight home started off with a huge win. This guy he to a city got the Clifford kills me intimacy big winner big loss and he joins us at five. He's back and hornets got the winless I won 33109. And judge Dwight Howard. One of the greatest moments aboard its history last night goes to the free throw line after not playing in the fourth because of double techs and rejection fur. Tim Frazier for the wizards Michael Carter Williams for the hornets and somebody had to shoot some free throws and the wizards got a she's doing just what you get to sub in for MCW Dwight Howard you're up. Rounding up ovation a ski staining ovation. For Dwight Howard goes to the free throw line knocks them both and seals it with a kiss back to the wizards' bench last night great moment in hornet's history it was several hours it was good that good why. That was and why we need there's been a lot of good what I think actually over the last last few weeks earning their star I really do start to feel like this teams figuring out how to play with him he's figuring out how to play with them and when Dwight happy everybody's happy he's been happy the last couple weeks we'll talk to cliff coming up at five and Al were expected to hear from wide receiver from Texas Tech Kiki critique. Coming up good stuff for thirty sort talked to him so deep into what are your favorite pastimes actually it. You were saying I admitted that team. That's my game man Newton makes people stupid well I I was kind of on awareness and then yesterday we got into this where offering Kaminsky. Was was saying actually play this audio Billy can pull this audio from yesterday I kind of sprung this on you were afraid to miss yesterday before shoot around. You know Rick Bedell was asking him about you know criticism ES nick put about that. The other day as frank about it yesterday Margaret about yet sure just how we deal with that right in 2018. Your players' social media all the stuff people are gonna criticize your you guys make a lot of money and and frank was asked about daddy say don't really think about and he said actually in fact. Knows especially recently I deleted my Twitter up more phone registers. It's annoying. No it had nothing really to do with like and I think of them just sick of seeing everything that happens across every little thing people get mad about her respond. By which it's too there's going to be one of the most annoying things in my last legislative. I actually grew frank I don't look out and once we Tobin dish out on Twitter since 2009 it was when those a study literally doctor who's been around I think it's like almost five rose six. It used to be is a cool thing though this is new and it lasted for New York Amherst and made it's become a crazy angry Clayson so anyway. We talk about this yesterday Garcia told us he strikes because of what we talked about frank he's trying to still boy from Twitter for ten days. I applaud frank Garcia for saying it wanted to take a break for little bit but it's funny because we talked about this isn't he thinks that he can only get away wood nine I think nine is where it doesn't stop so I thought but somebody emailed me yesterday that it's a habit apparel like yourself somebody emailed him primetime WFANZ dot com of the garage door guru email inbox. And said it a gross have you seen would have with Kaman is ocean and is instead Graham account and a full board. And I heard simply pull. Talking are like on Twitter I seem people yelled saying stuff about camera what does it mean I I did you wanna think about looking at a and silly I didn't know about this and some people brought my attention to yesterday as sure off a one on. I went on to cams into Rampage yesterday and guess what. All the posts are gone. And apparently people or do you think wonders is it me or even younger when there's some like a large Internet conspiracy of what GM's. Now deleted in Syria post mean I'll I don't know how about there's a tell you what it means. The guys stepping away from social media and unplugging from the Internet maybe first few months audio or are he's got a new marketing campaign coming up and his friends that I am GM unplug it for an. And he really doesn't have all that much to do this social media page and yeah out it'd be. I maybe that's until I don't know if maybe it's not pay he wants to be traded which are exempt clearly difficult thing he wants to be treated these unhappy with the wrong for firing Shula endorse see this. Is the modern version. Famous football player X is selling his house when people get rich buying houses is something they do and they'll flip on the locker still go to a place nailed it and I whip drew about three iterations of this when I was at the paper Steve Smith split his house for sale we have a Christie is fickle. And I didn't know where he wanted to live and he would go live someplace and aides said he didn't like it many put their house for sale there was every time Omar does Steve wants to get out of Charlotte. But this is a modern day again and again I like Twitter. But I'm here for the jokes I'm here for the funny I'm here for the second screen while I'm watching a ball game it's like I have always adopted the idea of I treat Twitter like with the guy next to me in a bar while I was watching game we make wisecracks we go to Ali cal that was a great thing that just happened there. Instead a high five and somebody here having somebody sit next to you to tell a joke to put it there. But it is. All fall in a lot of ways in any rip presents one of the things that I think some problem with society and that no we led stupid people talk too much. And not every I mean everyone is entitled to an opinion not everyone is entitled to having that opinion heard by other people. Just because you got it don't mean it needs to be shared. And I think too many people had taken it to foreign and become really abusive in Twitter is becoming easy avenue for that abuse. That being sick don't put that I do. There's also an opportunity firm really glorious side of Twitter firm really magnanimous. Coming together of people. When the Buffalo Bills fans flooded Andy Dalton social media us and starting giving donations to Andy Dalton's charity that. That is something that was enabled by social media and being able to put people into different cities together as a villains aren't as more stick right in half owner with Thomas More stead again I mean dates it's going on time and again and that is a really neat outgrowth. Of what's happening here one of the people I feel the worst in the world for lately. Is Marcus Williams. Mark is when he's made a terrible play I mean we AA on a day when they were itchy trigger finger on pass interference he was trying not to get a TI. And he ducked under a tackle and Minnesota's corners Super Bowl because it and ice the year for Marcus Williams mentions the cause. There are so many horrible people out there who will say I hope you die because you made nineteen lose a game at the same time they're an awful lot of people. Rising up in support. Of Marcus Williams in her being really caring and nice to him so hey you know in our constant struggle between light and our come cheese and aside with the lights today. And our city is a good place even though Amazon doesn't want us what is it deleting his history those who doesn't love you but I do what they are relentless since there impose what does it mean it probably doesn't mean anything it probably means he's got a new marketing campaign coming out it probably means I aimed he's got a different plan presents to grant so he's not he's a crazy round games run doesn't. Mean a single thing I finally figured out how to read then how to typed in that so I'm really doesn't change as my quarterback but that's fought successfully you know that madness like QBs are climbing will now guarantee always been as far as you know armed. I have yeah well. It's always interest staying when a guy says I don't care what people think of me. And then they go to such a great link to be unusual in some blank armed and that font was always that for me it was just a little too much so if KM pulls it back in wants to do some different that's fine but it does it mean he wants to leave town. And I'll let no salesman tweeting and thanks to Twitter I've learned more about your Arenas from during get and all my years now to feel like I've done my part for societal today a man. It was using to embrace the good. Don't get mad at me for that are were or go to the tactic come guests lined this guy's throwing walk he's wondering is he's listening now what honor I don't I was just walk into wider CR AI Texas Tech is going to be any NFL draft Kiki crude seeks to make in time for some detect become just like Kiki are you doing man. I'm very good cartel has. I so random conversational talk football amenable or talk a social media. What would you are you how do you feel about social media as an athlete and the good of it and the bad of an idea how do you do you feel about all that. I made a social reader and other kind of go hand in hand you know up so it's very well. Talk about this last subtle social media is from there. We haven't built those occur in the I hit with my trumpet. You know are complex social media without a couple of a couple of our book is 06. Have you ever. Have you ever did do that Kiki could see where this from off from Texas Tech he's going to be any NFL draft wide receiver it's awesome for bulletin to put. Have you ever had that were paid you know you made a bad play error you know you didn't feel like you had a good game and U2 fans are gonna be angry or you just we were just sick deal with it at all new either stepped away here. Duly did deleted the app for me throwing ever gone that far weathered well. Not burn you're not there were people there about you know there were so. So those good folks are only control what controls subtle that the social predicted through. Our suicide free advice. Before this pre draft Qaeda their process gets any deeper have somebody go three year old tweets is there's not anything bad in there is there Kiki. Our our. And after her or. At. And you get our beep people got to keep that cleaned up cousy NFL is watching let's that's great we got we go wide receiver from Texas Tech Kiki Tutsis with a shred now on the technique come guess Cynosure. For those who haven't watched may be a lot of big twelve football or you don't or maybe they know James Washington is a big playmaker at Oklahoma State they added this air raid offense at Texas Tech. Who is Kiki Gucci what's your game what do you bring to the NFL. You know my very Euro moved start what we're off off off what guns. We sort of get out current go look at both these vehicles quoted. Go to public a partner. How fast we. How fast is the GT forty going to be. Soup before spirit yeah a couple of so. THE 43 guys move in Manhattan and now we talked fourth fourth fourth fourth is disappointment is for threes gotta be good that's going to be a floor for that now man you gonna set the bar I. This area right there are a little coat them live a great spoke. Overcome their current you know forceful as I look forward you know there will be a lot. Talking to teach you could tee wide receiver coming at a Texas Tech he's going to be in the NFL draft in death. I I would wonder for you would you know I see some drafts scouts that that'll say Weis is slot ride receiver. What what are you do you feel like Q you've got a limitation of what you could be in an NFL offense. You know sir but it is Eric uploaded inside and out of a boat you know those for Opel plant folks. I'm hopeful that Afro pop art would've looked like a good. You know without it ought to be looked to play both. Well when you watch you do you watch some of the guys in the NFL right now you can you mentioned team on Austin. Who lower court guys tears that are just man that guy is I love everything he does about his game maybe he's not the best wide receiver in terms of fan support my W biggest star but you know man as a guy who just plays that plays that position knows the craft that guy's pretty could what he does who were those guys for your. You know very for most of quote Antonio Brown you know who knows how to get open in 07. You know you know because to open although there are actual charge under the terms of the group everything where it would probably go quietly into. It. We think the most challenging things going to be for you over the next few months as you go through this draft process. Are also learning how to sort out who worked and we sure hope global growth but are there is good how people Kirk Ford Coppola disc. You know there's been military can't all the little things that part of our own businesses. You know right now throughout the process of. Kiki true or false your head coach close king's very deep coolest. And the most swagger used to coach and all console bought your full story. Cool kids who looks at what what do you remember about about guys signing a Texas Tech in India lose your head coach you're like man this guy. OK this guy is this ain't a joke this guy's for real what are your what your -- the early days when he went to eight ITT you. You know I quote cocaine and not have a tremendous written code oh well. He's played production. Quote what will be done at the bank that would did not do all doubt is a menace so therefore you know. And they're believed to like Narnia stories their penetrated the tremendous coach. Two is easier to place for a guy like dad who's young and got a little bit of swagger about him cattle personality. And mean I'm sure during a recruiting process you had chances to go places with coaches who were older more conservative that connecting does that play into your decision making. An up and away that there are out while the in my because the book out of the car itself so don't dispel cultural oh do that they don't that's why you know has it origin known there a couple of thought they were the car was hurt. You know get into their corners they're. Houses houses playlist houses houses music selection Kiki beyond this would make. He carrier although we have very well it was voted Buttafuoco. 2007 and it took made an arrest united talent all the school bell micro war now. Well you know. Oh see he was not always do explaining you're like. Early Conn EA and some like Nellie would see client what's on his play list. Right yeah it's potent they have like thirty it's sort of got you a lot that's okay and so those who. Is he played well what comes on some time Joseph liked. Really really close really coached this is like not Brett he's a real like me and really this and you think this is good music. Our at this very are without our the most loot. Bring you all what junior golf all I ever are we where here they are prolific and if so could postpone the debate within. Part of normal when you were. Have you ever seen him not have his hair perfectly coiffed and appear sunglasses on dizzy ever looked like he just woke up pretty easy always look like death. Most surge in our it was sort are all very short. Equality for all England. Kiki curtsy wide receiver from Texas Tech is get ready for the NFL draft day so this right now are on the tech become just I think I saw if I remember correctly I don't know if there was this Cesar last season at one point you guys broke practice. And you set up like a makeshift wrestling ring on the middle of the field and you guys did like a WWE style wrestling match and there was a built given out at all is that by remembering correctly I feel like I saw that have recently and so Cherie Currie. That's crazy man like that's fun that's a great way to bring dumb practice. There you know you've been at no extra special discovered anything you know I have to go. While well. Just our you know vote out Koji boat coast we owe it to go wrestler met in real great because vote. Like grass. Ultra kind of food are slumping. Who's your favorite wrestler embarked on a wrestler would you be good guy bad guy they deal. Until our roads are outlawed you don't realize you know my service Carter are not content. How does solid but involves Koppel a couple of photon want to do right Jim great ability and they're actually kind of look I come to symbolize. Our Kiki well best of luck command it was fun to see you were you where you windup than the enjoy the whole process and they may do a talk too soon okay. Yemen be good they're goatee Kikuchi clutch receiver Texas Tech so cliff. I mean cliff Kingsley you know what I'm talking about right he always has the most perfectly coiffed did it. Are set up here you've ever seen in your life to sound like he's always got the aviator sunglasses perfectly on the face got the chiseled beard like that guy ease and actually I think there's a story about this we have to look this up. Somebody did some Reese did it actually like reporting a story on this about how Texas tackle do those on gas sometimes real journalism have been somebody did a story about how when Texas Tech. Made the transition which came to a head coach. They wanted essentially what was like. Do you most perfectly crafted image of what a young head coach could look like. But keep fit the bill is amid all former quarterback. Well she is old you know wearing you don't she medium T shirts or their hair high and tight haircut where the aviator sunglasses. They were branding their football programmer I'm close can drew and hired him as a coach in that same thing UNC did when they hired Larry Fedora. And to a lesser extent but Yassin and to a lesser extent perhaps. I mean years you're going for the haircut you're gone for the look I put what do you think there is some I mean I think there's something to it because. Analysts say this hockey team is on the line because I don't know I mean if Alabama had been recruiting him he'd probably ended up and Alabama so I don't mean that sound like an insult but so people wanna be around Kliff Kingsbury type of people. And some people wanna be around the knicks havens of the world. And yeah. Well I again mcsame go get whoever he wants a big image part of the recruiting in that big a deal foreign. But I always said you know if my sign was say it the kind of athlete to counter recruit I don't want him playing for somebody it's gonna beat all the jolt way out of the college years of his life. Now I can I would be happy to let my kid play for some might look like less miles. There's a lot of big goofy and I'm a bit out there and and haven't some honors like Jim Harbaugh who's gonna nutty in his own way but it's been the Nick Saban type of coaches. It is why would you sign up to that. Billy we need our breaking news sounder here we have breaking news com now on the browns' lead drillers footer seem prepared here proudly Jewelers recently named one of the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country by National Journal magazine building trust for three generations roundly Jewelers. And brown lead Jewelers dot com breaking news. Am breaking news sham sure Rania. From Yahoo! the vertical NBA reporter reporting right now Orlando's gear and a follow suspended two games by the NBA for his altercation with Minnesota's no money above leads up league sources tell Yahoo! show on us. With the report there and an honor that we play our man no money beliefs to say and I ate about that life. I am not all the bass he caught basketball court but not now not now aired a follow. I was an Islam is that it's cool but I only professionals who play on whoever finds or in the game. Don't feel like I'm reaching here. But I just tried to protect myself and how many countries. Can cause this kind of a move to it you know trying to calm him down because. Panel to a group and. By ortho Carolina. Cook for joins us at ten minutes ago the coach is showing a little bit more than an hour for now daring yet. If you still like we're stuck with him pro football talk dot com it's primetime however -- Carolina take offense got to be honest we tell my whole life my projecting what about your in the door positive I'm feeling pretty good about life in general and you keep dragging me down into the day studios not gonna allow that all right glad I shall overcome hard close at five and also is five your chance to win two tickets do you FC fight night we'll do that giveaway on the phones coming up in the next little bit 7045709610. And so we this is going to be we've joked about this it's going to be a long few months with. Every every week there's going to be new ownership. Rumours and Dale Junior is another one that was. Haig he's is what's happening by the way your had a sausage is made local media people. And look at gonna get it it's their job of like anybody you would think might be able to throw their hat in gathering people to influence people and money to start calling people upright and he's hey what do you think would you be understood Amin had some things sometimes when your reporters like me in a salesman sometimes you make cold calls and you call somebody and say when he heard. And sometimes that person says something and sometimes it seems interest and sometimes that person. Inflates their own role in San trends out what we joked about this last week when their Stamberg of you don't speak to the jokes about this is kind of every chip reporter's dream right now because he's just keep close talked everybody's really any school that they have. He gives you good so much Emily joked about his it's a pretty good line I don't agree with the but it's a good climber he was talking about the with the painters like to save. Bank of America Stadium has good bones meaning that interior of the way it was designed tee keeping renovating and has been renovated now for 21 years and it really stands the test of time and Felix said to the Charlotte Observer. This is about a month ago now well graveyards have good bones to. It's a good line for me heads. So you sound like a jerk but that's a good line for Felix about a so anyway junior's name got thrown around and the one that's been neat. The idea do sure if you will for a lot of fans around here has been. Just based hosts. The richest man in the world now just days of support for a hundred billion dollars and Charlotte was on the list shrinks due to until it wasn't today the list on the list of finalists got whittled down to twenty and we still have tremendous value as a city I don't need to we don't need Amazon to have to prove our shelf so forth his his city OK so deep Murray does sting a little bit of rallies on the list and we are not had a good start. That's MPC Brian's new around here he actually probably does he's he's from Baltimore so we just the DC think now it's the similar type a dynamic but less. The bigger brother they're the little brother they are but the problem is where a little bit of the square your brother to Wear the corporate brother where we're in the middle brother who's buttoned up and responsible. Middle brother and no one mile an amount any of that and I'm the beach but and you don't Charlotte's just a little I mean Charlotte's kind of preyed Charlotte's got a good Charlotte's not great in Charlotte doesn't have that. Weird spunky. Culture there's no vibe about this city did exudes cool and dynamic in young. Necessarily even though there are a lot of young and dynamic people come and the city I feel like your type casting your feeling now you object that's. You know. When you're not from Charlotte and you come to Charlotte what do you say you say while this a pretty little city you have fear I actually thought it was funny joke as this holds a whole idea I get it was pie in the sky like eight days I was coming here. And he could not appeared there still be able to say it's a win win and I kept thinking to myself over the last month it's going to win for us take you come here give us all your money each and by our football team on Charlie got -- now looking back in hindsight thinking where was the actual -- for pesos and let's we were just gonna give them the theaters phases as the parent when your kid you just too easy going him for money and ask for five dollars and lectures that where was the win win I don't get the win when you just wanna days of your disease Richie you actually he actually did have a win win here is a win win for the city mean it's not that this is a bad place but again they've had it comes guys all your all your billions Willis -- has put a premium on and they've made a very eerie. Are no real emphasis on a culture of the city and the culture of Charlotte is not. Cool or edgy most would you shut. For yourself and your cool calls are here now we have homes all amount of coal culture this a true story last whatever last Thursday when I was pollen out here. I ended up taken surface streets Kazaa has gone some place else. And I'm going down morehead yeah and I get behind his van with the windows busted out of it may get some plastic over the windows and everything in the areas of there so there's a mural on the back at this ban of the Mona Lisa with a tremendous Afro. Like a big Angela Davis Afro and on the back of his ban it says they handle Lisa like vandalism. Plus more on the leasing easily wherein no exception and it was fantastic and I drove behind the van police are furlough about four miles. You know and I could you pass you were you just want to could've passed but I was just intrigued by the idea of OK here's some cool and funky artists who have. Vandalize his hand broken the windows out strung up plastic inside but this is a kind of weirdness Charlotte meets. And I was so Sicily did the just McCauley van. It was a little bit like damn I mean it was a it was an old died in vain and it was nothing there was nothing mean guy's parents don't always or is it always was old school big dodger uranium conversion they have big fan and I was team did a very tempted to follow it is long it just to see where that cool person wins because I just assumed the person driving the vein Billy sat with an Afro Mona Lisa on the back of the van with no windows. Had to be a cool person you're just wrong country or culture here we have fun and our culture is so great we got to USC flight coming okay so we're giving us tickets away SE Clifford joins us now you've just sit their search prime time powered by ortho Carolina.