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Thursday, October 12th

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger and co-hosts Darin Gantt & Jamar Nesbit talked with Panthers Defensive Tackle Kawann Short & broadcaster Ian Eagle. 


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Powered by doing. Kroger I told you I decided to come up with something you call it the flaming fuel because once more red hot. In the Carolina Panthers offense or. So we're gonna take this inning you'll find. One car or hassled far. He cast cola. And topped it off with a little skim milk. I'm because it's the flaming shall we got a flu just enough 151 on top of it saying don't fire just bring this thing all together. So you're wondering to yourself. After their 151 burns off you blow it out and you drink this drink down. This drink sounds kind of familiar. And in honor of Mike Shula knew it's. Almost exactly the recipe. Rural life Russian. Except the littlest girl. Yes lines welcoming this link you want short Panthers defensive tackle Kalin how you doing man. There are eager or I'm still allow quick weekend would you like he's quick weeks or hours since this your last match I. Silva is Thursday night games. Paris has sort of turnaround. You know yeah. Hello Rick gains that are very very excited for and so you know it's got to win and militant. Well here's the most important question about tomorrow night I can say you know we eat we talked to are a lot of guys on the show a lot of my cohost of former players Jim Schwartz are coming here and he see he sent a lot about you know he loves. He he he loves whites yeah you know we say you know like he's all white uniform. This guy's just yeah. Do you still look all blue uniforms how did they make you want short field when he's learning all blue uniform. Clearly they're not on the replay and I'm very very nice you know there is. Audio only good so good you. Our net is it didn't do you feel like man this is not the most slate of wearing Albright Carolina blue this is not the most flattering beautiful in my content on its. Well well when you when you are quite you know turns dark grooves so it does not earlier. A big issue for you Hillary and I go ahead and Hillary care about it well. What's changed over the last two weeks and for you guys defensively. You guys have been. A relatively pretty consistent along the way but you know and we on the outside we overreact sometimes we go back two weeks ago elusive on the New Orleans everybody's wondered is this team and getting going and then you know we do you cut block guys didn't and you go on the road and you get two really good road when journalists Reno wrote he Indiana so right now so what's changed over the last two weeks. I think that also are so essential. They don't do really well I'm. And totally immediate. You know. What we go yeah I can manage. On the on the back half of the deal on the defense and we didn't have communication with addition they reviewed your standards. We showed that we do we take another step of making it happening here and then. There because there are media if I can position these corporations and other do you guys on the. When you guys are doing that. On Sunday against against Stafford six sacks eight TS so you're in on that six quarterback hits fourteen pressures and you guys works I mean Steve looks as they were really aggressive would this defense I think the number I saw you guys blitzed on. What 21 out of the forty Castro Baxter Matt Stafford you guys were not afraid to dissent multiple rushers his way on Sunday. We had to get a different look. You know look we'll try to American terrorist and I would our. Arm or she vowed to go to today your Evans a go to guy continue to heat I know what's coming and so all Steelers defense to just. We get to consistently you know there's technically if you put it sort of you know restrict him on it yeah. And then there's your character rusher here you. Irish from can't get a return a few more modest and actually didn't you know do you and so it begins communication will. The big issue to read it. In advance. It's I tell you before the season came along that Juli stepped first through five we says five and half sacks you tell me what are producer. Hourly pay your turn to your girl so you're little distance cause I'm okay you're literally just how do you see Jim Mora knows what happens right. We only a couple out there you know usually don't ceremonies and they were in their rooms and moreover. Again here we go to give guys do you know I received and therefore reduced and so I. To respect everybody here hood you know this is cherished first and you know make it happen so he's always good to listeners I've just seen him force. Do you know anything kansans utopia K. Yeah I do not no doubt you know those guys are going to be set top of their. Erica I forget who we're talking about through this Swiss. 21 I think it actually might have been west of the cup we were talking west or about their stories like OK it's. I'd be lying if I told you censor realized they're like I understand we're playing with Swiss and greatness and for anything. And I mean I just she knows we may be on the observing and I want to bleed just like when I watch you guys icy blue Q can you saw in my Mario and CJ and happen. Finish the way you guys are pulling for one another supportive one. Another in taking joy and when you guys succeeding tap keys is about to become the only player in NFL history the only player with a 160 sacks in ten interceptions. In his career like your. Their plane and a little less managers feel like there and he'll just certain. And waited yeah humbling experience so how come he's not comfortable on the net. Heroes they do they just greedy hands. You know there are guys who are not there helping each other that we operate out of the ball at anybody wanna see don't do it owns you readers and we beat or the motorists. Talk if you want short Panthers defensive tackle to get ready for Thursday night football it's gonna be back at Bank of America Stadium big game for wants answers for when Eagles a lot of lakes we got the call on her sister station news elevenths and 993. WDT your favorite thing about here on your position coach or Washington beyond the defense of life coaches want which is everything about. Saying he heard it from here you have a guy I actually you know a teacher I can't. Accused sky and that's why everybody in general manager Ian that nobody here is actually what would you expect each and every guy and oh man huge he would take you take everything in its informants do. Q1 Q go up against that also adds each and everyday in practice she's done a search training Canada candidate to throw as much they're training camp the pre season but. You go up against him what were you expecting this break out we've seen over the last couple weeks. Of course trying to. You know they have some New Delhi where Madonna throw the ball on the Internet if they don't get credit payments. Or a matter and it it is okay concordia college match deal it valued at one crazy just to motivate him. And he'll make you can you want you to do good things are demanding BCA and you see what I'm sorry marriage. And I think that's what holds us the most important thing you can loosen some of our returning it seems disinterested. When I was Leno political asylum to see what the other line. And I will that play when you line them tomorrow and figuratively when you're on the sideline and you Washington's political talks are there are taken and I wanna go. Wanna prove to them. Competing with him not only did the. He keeps. Are you sitting militaries they're here you are going to be a particular part on it and and then actually going to be you know it's a perfect conditions. Just wanna be just pressure tonight to. You know another seat at your arrival I don't know what you guys. You know did so we sit down won't know we're not. On the fear nobody goes communities can and see what aren't or actually go to the same time it. We we still show got to focus on what we need to do what we can definitely gave birth accorsi who you are so pretty tackle they can you know he would you don't. I don't know the only other guys that have much more sacks intensive position courier and Don. Arnold didn't Fletcher Cox and you three are right now statistically since you came in Italy you guys search your across these three are as good as he gets the position. I just I guess I'll just try to get better and better so he's yeah. Socialism with Fletcher Cox uses a second hopefully doesn't. Go next possession you all gonna happen next possession new. Understanding yourself I have to get one tool because I had the needed to tackle. I would guess I have to split on this camera holes. Overall world oh nice I could be that if they're here I have a particular order here and not go wherever he cannot turn ordered these. He owns more than what she's on this this secret actually do just. And China and the first I don't know in the begat figures facts don't play my games and you can turn of events. Well we're talking the Panthers defensive tackle K want shortened by the way you can follow if you want us clear she'd already is at KK underscore. Mr. 93 lasting about your game that we an instance wants us here but I'd like save your game. I remember talking to you der training camp and a signal a lot of people feel like you didn't play the as good as she did. A year before in 2016 when he notched eleven sacks Suh like. I actually think had the best season in my career I played better this year and the numbers didn't bare that out so it's early but how do you how do you grade it yourself and how do great after the first front and so far. Thought their most important to do better come. By human plan. Couldn't pass the ball do what they actually you do she's been in the military to direct comments at again we going to get so that also managed those well. Like right now mourners on the right track. You know be ordered there because the Packers now we can't endure much out of him and countries. What's good candidates need. All right so we know you is his KK out what what are you know rely. Locker what's Kansas and four. Her dark she. Corporate why short. I don't know I don't know worries that you can accomplish. That's very easily makes everybody pretty much. Question is do you answer to a best question. A hundred air quarterback. Motorists narrow street Bernard Margaret so. It's different vibe in their locker rightly so funny people always talk about this hootie and he's just it's easy district caddie and you guys got a different vibe in there may be the normal old quarterback relationships and people are used to write as if he makes people uncomfortable sometimes it's. Yeah man and he should have. Mean from the guy who got their due date terror you know it's important here we go I'm the only he's ready to anybody's over the and then here including can't. Do you like do you trust his taste in music or when he tries to grab you off escorted practice to take issue right. Unsealed others. You guys you got education you can just pretty much we're off to listen to announce they've thrown he'd ever actually go to our score in this regard. What. OK because we know Greg likes and it's like can easily on and it's the things start to get weird right. I. Yeah great great great Obama keenly on. So I argue are you on the Kings of Leon are you in on the bandwagon now you just got to put up with a. Well I used to be present when afterwards you know create and a weight room and hear dis Obama's Syracuse area and actually you know. And that's usually how much. Oh OK you know. Hey there corporate. Pretty good I got a couple songs. Here the infusions of. Aren't you we're talking to a yesterday and it's like yeah I so what's the secret what happens idea sawgrass once every five weeks he credits the Zach brown concert last week that was is not a nice Austria. Do you I out of they're very worried and inviting me current market. And it's yeah. And many feel would deduce from Indiana like country music too he's from constant people and guess that his country music fans everywhere you gotta be careful about death. There. There are quick by the way it's a story that's an aerial video over the summer the testers put together with you go back home. How much social port you can shoot such a great job of going back home and trying to make a difference in the communities but what sets us weighs so heavy on your car K okay. There where I have a target of just over at home are here are theorists. Well it. Sure it is there's some of the kid I get home there have been in the position or actually calling ordered he'll see some different now. I understand you Chicago so I. Normal mission to go back and Syracuse there. You know maybe yeah. Out of administrative positions they're not come back to help about sanctions to force field. Does succeed and it was just you're just Kamal. Our Chris that's I think it has a powerful long steal we know and I don't think the same but you don't just get resumption of some of the through the use. And and so he. There's series cheers and some of those morning in Chicago are just trying to. It's actually been there and determined to make sure this is China's achievements and Gomes both. All right so we're reason these hats on but we can get really serious last things we don't tend. Right. How much sooner sorry don't want to start to make sure the centers DT silks. Do you like you like you're going to like buffalo wings. Yeah look at if you order Haslett hotel like much really hockey Kelly don't really true hot the slow weeks it's so hot emailing you discipline take heat off a little bit what you different and rancher blue cheese. Record. Oh cool cool oh your hot streak depending on how people feel so young though I'm team blew cheese can still Donny and blue cheese it's. I think this is where everything does a turnaround yeah reds is the young young. I'm not sure I used to do everything to rent to announce its trial. You can see it yeah sure she's still on I used to hate you know I love itself it. Around mowers and I don't read error on okay good that no that's a good man right there that's I think that's who doesn't these. Matt yeah that'll that'll RKK good luck tomorrow night man and take Jason make in time and dust we'll talk to you soon okay thanks for dropped from eyewitness. Presidio a mile that you. Listening to primetime which risk program powered by ortho Carolina dot com. And be honest and 2015. Is. 2015. You know and just so focused on trying to find a way to be won a nobody in the Thursday night. There you know I understand you guys the other parts out to do and trying to make compare contrast this with this society is all about four this is what she doesn't. Carl Bob lounges. China found ways of doing it being toward his team a wonderful book game run and pass in blocking. Catching. Cheers and you don't matter you know my job on this team is too big guys to dream to be a leader of men to bring a lot of guys together. Don't football games that's all we all four. WS fencing Coca-Cola doghouse scripture Brothers studios prime time powered by ortho Carolina that came through fairly this week's topic you crazy people. It's 27 team it's not 2015. Can slash. Everybody's always going to hold any Panthers team moving forward until they what is Super Bowl. To the standard that was 2015. Rightfully so. You went fifteen to one it's the high watermark your quarterback was an MVP or they point differently now of course they are they're playing the game fundamentally differently now. And they were two years ago from an offensive standpoint from a team standpoint from Kim Newton stand point but would you go fifteen of one guess what people are always gonna go back and measure. Your season as a team we knew Cam Newton individually to your MVP season it's just gonna happen now way. It's not to say to your point that it is the same the results are the same the records the same or similar. There are 50 at that point their 41 right now get ready for Eagles tonight 830 kick off Thursday night football right eagle on the call will join him at less than ten minutes. We are about an hour and a half away from another crack a 1000 dollar art WS then secret slip giveaway 7-Eleven. Two and five each and every day and that you can get more details at W a NT dot com. And come up by the WS veggie dog house will be here are all the way leading up to kick off after they gave as well even during fueled ticket cup watch over here here the crowd. Right across the street and you can register to win. That brand new Genesis 2017 G eighty and after every home game kept for Genesis gonna pick a lucky winner to receive a pair of tickets to the next day at the original game all right here's the stats of this for camp. 4015 he hatred join us of doing it anyway twice this earth 55% completion percentage of the first five games he's at 68% right now. He's top forty unifil completion percentage right now defunct. Yet I'm not very many people and that's a big difference from first three the last two. 'cause it's like 78%. At last two week yeah he's on a terror right now he's got like six total past TDs one interception the last two games seven total TDs. Our overall which is one turn over. He's actually got 12137. Passing yards so far this year yet a 1078. Through five games two years ago eight TDs four picks then. Eight TDs five picks and like appearance at the last two weeks is what he caught fire but here's the thing that people forget about Kim Newton. If that 2015 season. It looked pretty similar to this they struggle to get things going against Jacksonville on the world came back to be used to be the highlight reel flip over the goal line to get into the end zone that was their first marquee moment of okay this dude like oh yeah I forgot how good this guy yeah real. Go to go to stay back and hold BP hang on to beat New Orleans this like Josh McCown led New Orleans team and any goal the rookie Hank 37 on tip up knows the Ed Dickson. Caught a fumble into his hands raised fifty yards for a touchdown gave remember that yes although as the good old days the memories and then of course you go back to lock. A week five against Seattle it was the turns. Can't even in that game people forget this the team had a breakout game. Cuba's not that great really rated big drive it was because the fourth quarter and give it one TD two interceptions in that game you played well he's gonna play poorly. But he is certainly can't put their foot did what he did against Detroit this past week already tickets to England he succeeded and now losing game for the team and that's from theirs when things started to take off dole. After that he he struggled again against Philadelphia actually want to 83 interceptions. I met Sunday Night Football game. And then he started the settlement to pick two TDs and a pick against India Indianapolis he at three TDs in a pick against Green Bay. Think sort of the zero from they're still can't miss a guy you Richard earlier DG practice practice practice it's not a coincidence this you to take it all the first team reps and guess what. Magically he looks like it MVP caliber. Lawyer again tonight and does midweek games it's early on it was just. Is he healthy enough that his arm is going to remain attached through the course of the game and that was kind of the thinking the first couple weeks of the season because. When a guy doesn't practice in the pre season your conditioned to think. Oh god let's just survive this and now it's not just survive but Kenny drive and it takes. Takes given network on Wednesday and Thursday and it seems. You know for a guy's been in the league this is seven years now. You would think you know guys talk about Dan you don't need as many reps and I'm minimized it your pre season I say and I don't care how much you blazer and a precision. But once the season rolls around he absolutely needs that Wednesday Thursday. Especially given that changes and what you're trying to do offensively I mean. Two run that stuff on a Sunday in a net regular season game and it's a regular season opponent you've got to have. The rap sheet just. And news and whether it's it's cam or night. The rest of the team needs to have those reps with with him yeah and that's and that's the thing that I don't think it's been emphasize enough. You know cam may be you know coming background reform or feeling more comfortable on all but those other ten guys that are out there those wide receivers need to know. Hey his arm is completely different than Barack men there and it's and it's different for Tyler Larson knows lawyers are trying to though there's a difference. In those other ten guys in the field for being out there. Here's the coolest part though when he became this is working at is right it's different point fifteen here 245 rushing yards and three TDs on the ground. In the first five games of his MVP season he's got ninety rushing yards for two TDs through five games. They're writing him but they have a look you gotta give this team credit they're doing everything I I majored out there and I don't you do too. I major doubts this team could retool the also it's the same staff we pretty similar players. And with the same quarterback what he's never been asked to do the things he's done. And they've done it they say you know what we're gonna run camp we're gonna run of judiciously they have they've done it for two we don't I screwed up let's say Syria put. I'm actually impressed that it's even materialize because I would've thought it was possible two weeks ago look I'm not the running Kim judiciously right there different. This he was not throw the deep ball that people always taken out of the playbook right now they threw that 31 yard TD pass it to kill the management. Don't think it's Saturday intermediate past two years ago and like they were just shocked at the deep ball that led the league and explosive plays I believe two years ago. They're changing fundamentally the way they're playing and you're right it's two games you gotta keep the gold but I am really surprised that they've actually pull that off because I didn't think it was awesome I mean I I am. I am condition to raise my hand and said yes but in let's wait and let's tackle. Global moment to appreciate what's happened. I don't know that it's going to always be like this over the course of the season that being said. The all way here they did that this is also pretty impressive component of it because to be on the road the last two weeks. In new England and even though new England's defense is bad you still got to go to the place with five trophies. You've got to go to Detroit which is an oddly difficult building to play. So well you know door being able to do it on the road. Adds an element to compress it's been. Well when I was on piggyback off areas glisan. They played against you know the better for five teams. Or to better parking conglomerate then the Eagles at right so the word is or the word is still out. The Eagles and I think should combined record for the teams that they've played is like four and fourteen or sub like vessel they haven't played. Game 444 camping is that is the number so they haven't played anybody with a winning record as of yet. So you know the verdict still out on them but here you know they have an opportunity to continue to I'll always heard you do things for two weeks to become to have an. All right so so you label to recertify after buying it this a good group Darren as John Fox told you that did me. I think definitely with whom we had more more than 25 carries and gained I think uses we can't have. What does it that's the interesting thing we are I'm with Darren that I don't think camp nobody could expect it okay about a wave but no no quarterbacks ever had. Three straight 300 yard three TD passing game to pick they're history came could do that tonight. I don't expect that it's like crazy that there's a reason why hasn't happened yet he's gonna have some games where yea he's gonna he's gonna turn the ball over. Or he's just you know he he's he is missing again but. I have all the police that I think this offense is here to stick around for the most part but I think this version camps here to stick around for the most part. I don't think it's this that I don't think what he's doing now is that difficult but he can't maintain it so I agree with. Right he's not doing anything magical or zebra humid. He's not rushing the ball. Or not gaining 567. Carries a game that he's turning into almost a hundred yards rushing on his own. So you know what he's doing now I'm managing in this Burton and and and get the ball to different different weapons I think is something that is sustainable wolf. Seven different targets out this week and there was eight different targets the week before so yeah race distributed the ball out there right now and Devin clutches has been a big part of that too let's go to the technical guess lover while committed man. On the call for Westwood One tonight. I need eagle for Thursday night football Panthers and Eagles late thirty kick off on national TV tonight the only show in town I good to talk demand you don't. And there were some guys it's great to argue. Not much showed great this surprises were just talking about it me two weeks ago we thought came it was Lester did a left for dead we thought this there's there's two contests are dead and now. This so where does this rank about surprises and the NFL's pretty crazy the turnaround that they've the last few weeks. You I would agree and I think it's funny when he's matchup come up forty year I know that I'm calling these games you start to circle some problem. You put a check mark next to others I can't say that silly Carolina stood out. As necessarily one of the better match ups on paper just considering what to achieve coming off last year by. One thing that stood out in the NFL you guys know this every single years seemingly. There's a worst to first scenario thirteen the last fourteen years there's been a last place team in the division it's won the division the next year and these two teams. Would call find that category so there's a big reason why the NFL has this parity going forward every single year. And I think these two teams are great examples not just from two weeks ago court. From a season ago considering. That they are now all the talk of the NFC along with Green Day and the winner here China the best record in the NFC it shows you how much it's changed a short period of time. We're talking I vehicle on the call tonight Westwood One and go you'll hear Panthers and Eagles. On Thursday night football also see it on nationally televised. Broadcasts on CBS NFL network. And also on Amazon boy you really wanna do note no disrespect and answer roll all you you turn on the TV and you critical what's the what you'll hear I have to not all right we look those guys a lot Tony Tony's thought but we'll talk to talk about that moment. Our first in general we were we were discussing this is well why it. Which when when I heard the Panthers wanna to retool the fall that became the buzzword around here this authentication game. I get serious doubts if only for I've never seen an offense change fundamentally the one out there way to wanna play without actually making any changes on the offensive coaching staff. I'll what was your reaction pre season what did you think of the ideals what they were trying to do before they actually played any games. You know I didn't know that was based on certain the physical status of cam trying to deal with the shoulder issues and gestational what they need particular case. If there was a year or seven they felt that this was a point where maybe they need to reassess how they were running offense. Look to me I just watching the film and then going back on. On some of the things that have watched this past week from this year I don't even think they played their best yet I think we've seen flashes of them. Ostensibly. That you mention it spreading it around. But it's running game hasn't gotten going yet they haven't turned McCaffrey lose she's been. Impressive in the passing game but he hasn't been a huge factor necessarily on the ground Jonathan Stewart right now at 3.3 yards for carry that's the worst he's ever averaged in his career I don't think it'll keep up that way I believe they'll be an object. But. Without Greg Olsen and with that Dixon stepping forward with strong interest taking on a bigger role than we saw a year ago. I to meet this business development this is an evolution. And I think there's gonna come a time for Cam Newton will need to run the football more just based on the way the future playing him. And based on his instinct kicking in at certain points when they have to go lot of make a play. I ain't eagle at this Westwood One if you could explain to people maybe have just kind of its Xeon highlight shows on Sunday that all the Eagles won again. I Howard they afford one and leading the NFC east for people have been watching how could you explain that tool. I would start where of course and lancet the real deal he has looked incredibly comfortable. And we've had this debate through the years in the NFL when you get a high traffic at the quarterback position. Could Jewish stunt his development by playing him right away Carolina with Cam Newton there was really no debate he was gonna play right away to get to talent. And the transition law. I'm may not have been as smooth theirs as some would have expected to look back in his rookie year. The guy got it done got to prove you belong to the league and he was the leader of the offense. Carson went last year I dealt with the ups and downs of being a rookie quarterback I think it's benefited him greatly in year two. That he now has that experience under his belt. And he just has certain presence about him the team is feeding off of them. The chemistry with Jack Kirch is off to charge Kurtz is putting up the best numbers very tight end. In the NFL this year there have necessarily beget mean running backs but they're doing it by committee they've got guys that bring a little something different to the field. Would born so small with a different kind of player hasn't been healthy recently Corey Clementi was surprising training camp they brought back. Kenyan born or former Carolina Panthers so they can mix and match there and they've upgraded they're wide receiving court they're better a deposition. Then they were a year ago. I'd defensively. I think it's still a little bit of work in progress by. You're seeing some signs that Jim Schwartz is willing to blitz a bit more. And I think there's just a confidence. About this thing they look at their division with Dallas Washington the giants and they've looked at one another inch and why not us and so far they're proving that that they've been the best doing in the NFC. I in a year ago the Eagles got off to a hot start laying Johnson gets suspended for a second PD violation and they promptly go to an eight over their next in. Is that confidence that Quincy showing enough to overcome that or is it team better equipped. You know since plains not here tonight because the concussion to withstand something like them. Yeah that's great question they're not into adjusted in the lineup over the last two seasons there to donate without him. But you don't like to just point to the one position on the option to monitor all of jet which can't win a game. I'm sure they talked about that they'll scheme that. They'd believe that that try Ty can step in and do a serviceable enough job at that spot clearly he's been the difference maker them. And it's a question that they're they're gonna have to deal with until the numbers are approved and along with people are gonna continue to stick whether this is a challenge tonight going on the road. Prime time game Carolina also playing with a swagger right now battle of division leaders. And the quarterback look I don't put it all on the QB I'm not a huge fan of looking at records and assigning them to quarterback. It's it's just not fair I'm starting pitcher he's quarterback he's part of the 22 players that are out there play in the play out by. With that said the you still have to look at numbers to some degree and he's three days as a starting quarterback on the road in his young NFL career so that's still a melt in the fiesta climb. Dealing we will be adversity being on the road dealing with the crowd. I dealing with circumstances. And he'll trichet to didactic this crowd is going to be really into I fell on two years ago I came here that. The home crowd was raucous was. Highly engaged. And then the sad part coming back a year ago on a Thursday night game. It is not seeing the same intensity based on record the record often times in this town will will dictate. The crowd reaction and the record shows you that the crowd is it's gonna be fully immersed. I'm speaking of adversity and I wouldn't ask you this if you work one of the absolute best broadcasters in the game per announced the first name up by title you'd let us down. I wasn't subtle bottle I noticed what you did Conan just fight tie you so you completely. Stepped out of the way of his first name there's show I noticed that by the way they'll don't think that it go unnoticed. Hopefully poppy that's where you're saying you're saying I wouldn't put these on today. And it's only luck evil that's. It's like Chris will not do not follow you to doctors say it with and it just shouldn't. Would you rather say a name like that during a broadcaster say Jim Bob cooter is many times as policy crack up that's. Really any any premiums. Is always fought for quite a plague our client. Where and when you going to mono soleil bridge that's where you use separate yourself to support it split up. I take one who is with this is a fun track we can go on your like my favorite name in college football right now I like people who all around me from UCLA UCLA who so you got a favorite name out there in the sports world right now what's your favorite name. Move I don't want. I have always been a big fan of 121 just mocked the combo. Pack that's always been a go to sleep Dutch are familiar with they're not done Orlando now. But I I always enjoy sing it because you could change in collection. I'm the last name based on the result of block by B combo you could stressed the BR. And then slow you know flying with the ball at the end of it it it's whatever you can use in your favor when when your call on these games due to get you motivated. That's what he's the best night he always on the call tonight Panthers and Eagles violate via the fight social media folks are Westwood are are suggesting. Maybe we paction DOS but Oracle's just for some thoughts for good measure interview would not built on reserve very good points and our goal. So great REI and wolf will will let you go I think I think this is gonna be a great game right I'd be shocked if this game doesn't turn out to be decided in the final few minutes tonight I think. He had it the only problem in doing Thursday night football for her about nine years I accept that before and I but also learnt. Not to say that yet. My god problem. The stock in the south and yet mark that that don't shape final few minutes Thursday night football. We're real hole and got Charlotte of this is this a great city love coming here everywhere where you would ebitda of a man about town the last 24 hours or where you bet we have been don't. Yeah he had under sold openly in the epicenter it's not a great sign when the hotel you're staying in gives you your clothes when you check in not. Not ideals in the in the traveling circus that is broadcast it. All right I'd go to talked event have a great call and we will end up thanks for vacant top force or connect. God anytime retarded yeah right because that site eagle and it's on the call tonight Westwood One and I'm discuss how she saw a guy. If he's so good though Syracuse broadcasters they're also perky and good. And I Eagles and other so that's and it still votes. That's a DL he believed to be different path okay he does Chris. Mach two months off. I actually I sadly pre season game where Chris for LaMont to mop follow was tackled by Dili army ma'am now. That makes listeners that makes guys like mock gay keep watch to see why and that's like that's elementary. We get the guys like. I'm trying to think who else is is a great Ellicott Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila like those things are elementary compared to a market is Tuiasosopo gets you mean it's like learning your ABC's when you talk about stuff like that aren't we come back. Yeah and a big important game tonight for the hornets not only are extremely for the Panthers not only. What they're doing on the field blow this a basketball town now in my Petri gave Iran were to talk about why hearing it's gonna get serious. With us for a moment but also has been like the mood economic solid just will be in session it's after the sub prime time pal or buy it though Carolina. This week's top primetime which screw powered by ortho Carolina. This understand history more so than that I think anything else or where they were or were no longer relatively new franchise we've got history. And Sam mills was such initial part of this history the development of this football team development of this culture here. You know rob the reasoning behind keep pounding. And for alarm for us to introduce it to our players especially our new players are young players. But for them to get the OK I understand why that keep pounding distaste and everybody's college that every time they put their Jersey on they see if it means something has relevance now. To those new guys to the veteran guys com. It's an opportune to learn a little bit about the history this is this organization why it is the way it is what cultures such. And then for other guys like pat who was around. It was there was it was gonna need you you could see him. From these big word melancholy look at. They'll fantasize about about having general sale I mean it was there was very neat to watch. Had limited impact I really I think till they they they they get home from what this woman. The most service something worth watching. It's brought her earlier this week guys talking about the the late great Sam mills and if it's. Really cool to see so then that was such a sad part of Panthers history becomes such a great part I would say the focal point of Panthers history that keep not it was eighth times. Odd in sports you try to find a motto you try to find a theme we try to find a thing that them. You can you don't build the brand around in this is no knock on orders you guys all love the hornets but this bus city thing it's it. It's contrived to it it's created your name is the hornet's. This is Charlotte so sure but city school which worked at growing but it's not organic now it's not there's go deeper too high to the city or the team. And for the Panthers to have something that it was such a meeting full. Odd time there history. All seeing somebody. Fight for their license Sam mills died his battle with cancer in 2003. And turn that into a way to remember him. And turn it to bill. I you don't just some you know some deeper ties to this to the city and community the fan base its its cool it tomorrow night actually tonight if you wanna watch it. What really stay up late after the game on NFL network the first look at a football life Sam mills. Will air tonight on the NFL network after post game show if not it's going to be tomorrow night I believe at 8 o'clock. On the NFL network and this is this is important is an important part of paper's history I would say it is Pete king of cancer sister well it's good thing people want to know our our ought to know in touch and on your point I mean so many of these things are just hash tags and they are just marketing slogans and they're going to be a lot of kids in the stands tonight. Who work. Born when Sam mills was with us so it's I think this football life I've seen an advance copy of it its excellently done. You will be moved when you watch it you should absolutely watch it it it was extremely well done. But it's a kind of thing you want the kids to see you learn from add a couple of different levels you know the first and foremost being. Sam mills was one of the outstanding people. Moved who has ever lived in the city Charlotte. There's not a word I can think up to describe them and any better than solid day everybody talked about him as a player and he was short and it buddy was solid. And that extended to his personality I mean he gave. Those first couple years teams bearish structure I mean bid team was built around the personality of Sam mills. And you can't you couldn't put that kind of project. On somebody who didn't have gravity about one who wasn't able to carry that kind of burdening carrier well. And he absolutely did that mean he was the rock of those first couple teams. And to see the transition he made as Canada's spiritual leader for them. During the Super Bowl run in 03 win you know he talked about keep pounding. In the context of his own fight against cancer mean it was just he was perfectly cast in the role he was placed in. But the other thing that came through to me and watching that documentary. And I think people will forget it over time. Samuels was so. Good at football. He tackled people the way you're supposed to tackle when he hit you use stayed hit. He was just the most solid hitting linebacker. For a guy his size and he was surrounded by physical players so his early defense is has steroids. From Pactiv fraud and he was in the middle of it all and he made so many plays because he had such an awareness of the game. Had prepared himself in the right way. And I think because he was small and because he was so good at all the intangible stuff we forget it. You so damn good just the tangible while he was it BP if the people on Canadian Football League didn't pick your city good and he's 59 you're right away but got cut by the brown yeah I mean there there's no way he was gonna cut it and now as I don't know if you had any interactions with him over the years but he's a guy that is I mean you say his name I say his name so we never met him. Beat him references the work that comes to mind I've just the most referenced fur Wie was what he stood for well. Did you think you hit it right on the Hayward say he was tasked. For the for the perfect position I think this city. What was needed of him in the type of person he was married together extremely well his his mentality. I think was his picture perfect four of the way he. Jerry Rich's and wanted to build the organization and what he wanted it to stand for. And I think his mannerisms and what he was able to accomplish just helped him transition that much easier when he went into coaching. He played the sport for very long time. And while he was here we have very good line backing core that we're very Smart even though at the time they may not have been as physically gifted as they needed to be. In our in our division at the time. He was able to to get the most out of warming guys enjoyed playing for him and anti. It's it's important to that the you know his son is still here with this team as a as an assistant coach which is is is nice but yet again Cahill we walk you and I walked over it to the dock us today. And I'd negotiate that statue today and I'd like you to see you can't look at that statue and not just feel something when you see that statue out there that's that's it means something. Up about a real man who live who fought at a pretty ridiculous fight. The end of his life in a lot of times and again in in talking about turning things in the hash tags remain keep pounding is so much more than a marketing ploy. Around this place I remember when Sam was diagnosed and I remember talking to and a lot of times. People who are going through that allow themselves to be turned into something else I mean when Lance Armstrong. It was fighting cancer he became it became a marketing slogan and that's not to diminish Lance Armstrong's fight in any way. But with Sam. You never knew. That this man was going through chemotherapy and never knew because his approach literally never change from day today he was he was a Workman like player I mean he had jobs before he got to the NFL. And he might it be ended up teaching shop class and teaching photography again. Back in New Jersey very easily if things didn't hit ride with Jim Mora with Philadelphia stars and then Moore takes an in New Orleans. And he becomes part of probably one of the great linebacker of course in the history of the NFL. It turned on patrol that was that he was in the middle of the dawn patrol and it was so funny they showed during this during this documentary there's a clip of the old dome patrol post her way up and O'Neal looks like a public enemy yeah album cover I mean anything you've ever met salmon if you are fortunate enough to be around and you know it was just the opposite of his personality it was it couldn't have been farther away from what Sam mills was all about. But he well long anyways part of it anyways just. He's a fantastic player he was an incredible human being any it never. It never changed I mean I'll never forget the super ball press conference where he comes in straight out of the I mean they literally. He went through a day of treatment they flew in the Houston and and it propped him up put him in front of a press conference to talk to everybody. He was carrying a towel because he was sweating profusely and he just it was all he could do is stand there and he delivered the line you know. You're gonna have good days bad days I'm just happy I'm haven't days and it's just one of those things. I remember standing there it's like holy cow he's just. He's nailed every part of this role he's been putting him. Using credible player he's an incredible human being and it's of the Panthers for those go to the game tonight there at their first time ever they're calling this a keep pounding game where they always have to keep pounding drama that's become a nice tradition. In the in the stadium. But now they're gonna do this they're gonna tie this into crucial catch which again we sinister or this week the NFL's made this a about all types cancer and not just breast cancer. Offer the entire month of October. And obstacles but maybe they're sold all the pink stuff they can probably and they're but they're gonna use this action the cynical mode there's that there is this is a way to tie all the stuff together and they're gonna do some extra stuff to honor and remember Sam mills what he stood forty nights that's a cool. I that's cool little thing. We hit a break come back on the other side real quick John wants to jump pit others joining us on the boats let's get back to the Panthers Eagles we lighten the mood to thirty minutes away from my quick former Eagles locker sable breakdown the game with him. Color analyst other on the Eagles radio network. Derek can't they get old excel it just it is game day after all we mix a drink or two. Or more after this it's primetime backing a quick moment where powered by ortho Carolina.