Primetime: Jorge Sedano Joins In On The Hornets

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Tuesday, February 13th

Kroeger and D-Lew close out the show talking Hornets with ESPN's Jorge Sedano. 


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Powered by poor old Carolina. I think there's a large part of Kemba Walker and wants to be a Charlotte hornets for life. Yes Dennis Dixon would be proud of and so on needs not it's not valued enough and today's in today's forcefully. The strange. Wanna be your life you gotta bring your championship and he's just as responsible as anybody else on the team formal court you know a permit. Or maybe he's just as responsible and forward you know doing what it takes to bring this team championship the blushing like she's not a disease in the Mormon. Because mr. you know this that's area Horry wasn't boring you now live from the marks being real T studio Kroger. But this is what I do. OK it's going to be mostly the sometimes they go to the best term this is just sit there and it's like. Coral through Twitter that. They're caught up on my reading we've talked about this you do that Damian though. That's quiet time you've got kids don't have kids and it's quiet times and made you do that there are your children do you judge Ramirez now number. They're wrong who else does says don't you ever did you go about their me just sit there next thing you know what meant why someone why my legs was. It's a bit earlier there were magazines and bathroom and stuff like don't do that okay and everything's on the phone so I want to magazines on. I like magazines and a coffee table because it makes me look well ready to no I don't actually touch that's another yearbook. Going to the bathroom right I just say all right you have a coffee table book about coffee can't do not I'm not I'm not afraid. Out of but I do go to the bathroom and sometimes it's like. May twenty minutes went by why I like Sicily try to sit there you see her really has not good for your dad is probably not Jim be your and so this is one of these things that I I. It's usually isn't on my. Prone position you know we can only you know we're only thing you know they removed general allows you to donate to connect. I you know anyway I assume sit there denied it and I know I marked as like a week and a half the dog's a wanna talk about this is I just think it's just sunny funny side stowed our side story to talk about you know Rob Gronkowski right after the civil somebody S and pay your retiring. And he was like. 00 really you go to Europe there I don't know that. I think I certainly I don't know yet man's eyes and in this story came out this is a this is weird to seen this looks like. They can do is it does it's Eagles Tribune but apparently this is like some low cool. New England. New Hampshire. Herb heel prints. Listing and they've got their web site. Eagle Tribune dot com and torture and they had this story that I don't know how they got this I mean there's there's on it and somebody in the byline here and there is so I'd. Tickets are what is worth this is very flimsy news I feel like here. But Rob Gronkowski supposedly. And they used all world in quotes like that so I like an official dating designation. They they capitalized all the world and putting quotes I think they met like all pro like it's there's assessing his all world players an official title is all pro or Pro Bowl anyway they said wrong Rob Gronkowski apparently. Had had heard from Dwayne the rock Johnson in Sylvester Stallone that. If you wanted to walk away from football he can become like the next big action star and in film in cinema. I got some say I don't know it's a take its eagle Tribune dot com don't miss an Orioles this show Nickelodeon. Does he really though did he take over for the show should the Camden but that didn't go so well is that what happened there ever came at a show like two years ago. You would this one is different this is like arm. Did you like Corky things like kids you know follow the trampoline they laugh about it I don't know business is a bicycle joked okay that's. Argus on his own home video that's very ground then yes it's very grown and as good as a young girl okay yeah so we could I have noticed what would you be shocked if this is a thing like I could kind of see go wrong I don't you mean refused Asia. Really don't think you could be an action star. That's tough man that's hard business he's just looks the part don't like he's he's jacked enough to where I could see him just jumping out of buildings it is up to speak what do what do I mean staying he doesn't actually speaking to remake brag to your future he's only bill may look at this look at the state of the film industry today I mean we're doing anything we don't know us stuff anyway. You recently broke what my memory on demand that we regime where you'll be the mute superhero. Action dude who never speaks is he can actually act but he's just DD looks the part. I could kind of see it. Graham light we're isn't a job or golf yes that's. That is exactly right that's going to be a good deal like the white in my opinion that's going to be well we're reducing grunt at the white dole might know. We'll go to my amount got a allows. Us early enough and now you talk. And steady steady work and all of a sudden I just love it like I I again like admittedly eagle Tribune dot com what is that I don't know what that is is that actual news or is that day's news there's no byline they're using the words all pro in caps and quoted. Like that's leopard like that some sort of designated title that you give a football player this be the gospel. All over our heroes all world settled for five cents no not at 610 text or reading it he says yeah I got three Bakley bad kids. I need a break I'm sure he's upset I know they said I tear the other day you'll throw why she responded with toilet paper's under the cap and its us and bring you much confidence. Yeah. And it's. The the oh the mayor about bringing your phone oh. Good news Chris is all right 70457. No 916 and textures are ready this is grunts and away worsen an actor did Stevenson goal I can't buy into that right. Like DR Reeves can't deal arson some of those dudes can't be very easy does it. He has won. His one good release them patriots. Yeah we all yeah. Need your original since he beat a good movie at first when it's it's it's it's thinking it's one of those can't be action movies now but if your into the action John writes speeds as good as he gets the C Stevens. He was acting senatorial. That's just him being himself is flat out. Yes people are mad at me for using dole might as an example for Cronkite. I asked my penance on that on hold on let's go to Rick really quick Q what's it talks appear there's what is Rick puts a male what you wanna say. I get or stay out there like gate and I 808. Iron up a lot of great either. Opt out are we get that run all. Cedar alike. Out of court. Or people block. And well. They don't get a trade date not rhetorical. Art all the report but there are not. 88 we have. Get it cheaper created. Perhaps. Art. I bet your money a lot deeper up better are eager out courage are they get any do you like beavers they acted in bell. BR at our ability again. But he got it right here. Yeah I are you know are they eat our deep debt. Chalk barter that are well they'll. And opt out there are yet. Yeah well I mean I think the thing is if you're if you're letting going to Norway I don't think you're gonna go find that guy in free agency Eddie you're you're gonna draft memories already under team somewhere and how the guys you could finally get a stop gap like serviceable guy but like you're not getting though the all ball caliber player that entered oral nobody even then I think you're still gonna have to spend a little bit of money leaving get that caliber of guys so like to meet again if you're saying you gotta be your guide high pick guys up and online anyway. Give it to a young guy you don't oral played as a rookie so I don't know I don't know that Taylor Moore is pretty played. Essentially and we knew we will open fire and out. I don't see that extra level C a tailor your mom in overdraft dolphins and Marlins for me later in the draft but you know mown hay. You who are your fifth best softens alarm. I think that's so impressive and oral as what does numbers you mention is that given the fact that. Maclin struggled mightily next to him and you had started the roster shuffle between. How Larsen and Ryan clue next on and just talks broke talk on a consistent city and that that excellence that he brought that disaster is visually I was given the guys around him. Under is visualizing every snap all those 11140 snaps we just talked about with the engine Orwell always did allow a sack or hit it fifteen pressures allowed all year long well I'm just imagining every snap. He gets a bad of that and that that stance. And he just looks over at America Leone snobbery just let me just like you good. You can use and help you got going on your right and ever done just got puppet of us are jarrah was gone. If you did you recorded value to our coach are you telling your courage they need to to the right side of the DC it's always just go open under. Own oil so we can make sure we won't don't want with the mentally I'm Bob Dole won't nowhere nowhere I don't dislike does that clearly. Getting what is like this pressures things like it says in under the guiding to have a pressure had all year they said the same thing about turn our. And their and given the that you give the five guys on the line it does numbers are kind of like misleading a little bit I have a hard time believing it not that those two guys with all the it's the Cam Newton took this year but those guys didn't get open hit all season included Aussie by also says an analyst sinister what about that America's Darryl is a second team all pro like who was the guy giving up all that all the hits the Camden. I. And our area. And I mean that's got a little bigger ago in my heart I believe it was just those two those two guys are giving a ball it's okay. That's the day today. That's true I don't know mental a big you can argue that in this the other tough fared too I'd get this I understand he just the natural old you think she had to do with here. If you commit all this money not only Jolson to. To your two guards you're two interior lineman what made you would have one of the top paid offensive lines in the NFL and I think they're good I think dig even. Third I think you know let's say insulate how do you justify that honestly that's hard to justify. And trying to figure or am nineteen million dollars. Into space. Well did he debuted and it's always the tallest money and old veteran that's Brian Coley your kids. Why would say all the money's an old veterans for US this is the problem this is the only the. Heavy Rossi got star players you Cam Newton you got to want short. You've got trade turner you've got boutique leak. I'm Greg Olson's money right now is that big a deal when you've got this is in we knew it is also the weakness of this team you got stars. The death does it really there is much but you've committed a lot of money is toppled like. Five BL what do what they say like you know the top 1% controls 99% of the wealth in this country or whatever it's. It's kind of that would see a team in a telephone talk. Real tough team and cam knew they weren't sure okay equally great goals scenario at a Sam Ryan Coolio Thomas Davis Gerry turner your best players Julio Kurt Karl is your best players so we going to the only thing is you don't hear too may issued the patriots thing which is we'd rather see you go away. Then it didn't deal with the consequences of of may be overpaying right or or sticking around and look at the list goes regards you cannot part ways with Cam Newton Kerry warns short okay equally. Mario Addison. Terry Turner. And I I ask you that who could you live without I mean I think grind Khalil is one that's either the real hard to say is is don't go between your you Norma could Greg Olsen Mario at this mean our work Leo. Charles Davis are met when Kate got back legal. Or Kirk homes are let's take a break. We keep we keep control and George Adonal like twenty minutes of talk a little more it's NBA with him and we keep talking Damione Lewis Chris Kroger which we keep. Figuring out what the painters could duel and this is consistency thought all of a sudden now as far and then also Mike Shula looks like he's gonna have a job in 2018 after all it's primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Listening to prime time which Chris Kroger powered by ortho Carolina dot com. One of them the biggest issues I think it's probably roster makeup as far as the night John it's a way to make up in the in the money that you put into a certain position. You know we're facing that went with the offensive line right now as far as singer nor will be non restricted free agent I think that roster make up is it as far as talent and skill sets in a mixing skill sets within positions. Nanette economically is very important I think it. I'll probably have more. Focus and attention on that and I didn't pass. Deals aren't dog Marty Ernie. Before going shakes. Toledo's before I went on paid leave still being under investigation for the NFL we don't win on an update on where that stands. Couple quick things here so Mike Shula by the way that audio very soccer is you can't there's dot com those when those interviews he. GM candidates lake Dawson the only other guy to get a second interview among the outside candidates for GM's. And he's one of the minority candidates as well Damione Lewis Chris Kroger George Saadat only about ten minutes he talks a hornet's an MBA with a but as a junior Ernie there. Mike Shula is on now now honesty. It was funny because I did take an old car tried to take an old couple weeks go like this I I'd been more load Shula truth or if you will I think he's been fine. Are great not awfully things refined he did things here that I think a lot of other offensive coordinator might not have been willing to do build an offense around a unique skill set as Cam Newton. And I took no Kazaa Allan Davison initially got fired you never get a job again. I thought well you know a few weeks passing as people right and then you find out today. Pat short burst hiring him to be Izzo is seen up catcher was calling plays former vikings OC. Former browns head coach for a year now is going to be the giants head coach under Dave gentlemen but Mike Shula. Got a job today. I just got Stewart a model about that. Dorsey was getting interviewed a few weeks go by the or months ago now by the I learn about Atlanta Falcons there and I we've heard much of him since then but. Don't look. Mike sure it was thought I'd at least piling up one spot to get get another gay got a little bit calling plays but he still so severe that bears the title OC. Without a doubt without a doubt and hey hopefully. You know we use things turn around there I mean he has a good quarterback they have a new quarterback in place you know and in turn got a Manning in a building you got a shot so. The Sunni doesn't Iran also doesn't seem to enter. Also this and I don't mean to make this a footnote for the Panthers but you know I'm not a word about this becoming an issue just like Julius Peppers getting surgery the other Al last week. To me you don't get surgery joint thing about coming back I noticed first when you say I mean at that age write your shoulder surgery this time a year. Goes equality allies to resist Jack W got a good okay may be wise right near me was it Thomas Davis making a very high. I am curious as to the hospital again I would get it done this early okay sedan you know extremely early primary for the Super Bowl Rea we read the tea leaves on that and then Lucci collegial person had a story ester day from the observer. I had surgery again for the second time in three offseason news. On a shoulder he had he had a torn leave Rome. Super ball fifty season to a two years ago and 88 he's he's had his surgery now when he should be ready to go before the year starts and so I I don't worry about definite timetable or that serious or not that's just that's just to do to. You don't hear him talk about injuries once a year Sunderland myriad and so while that that all happened that all went down but your Marty hurting speaking about it there when you hear that audio asking. You know being talked about roster management specifically with the offensive line and a guy like ginger Orwell. Tomorrow Andy do you is that we what was the body got an idea. It got a little more you kitten it does not originally it no more you can afford it. No doubt movement a lot of pieces argue they are your Brothers your report weighs a lot. Quality guys the great to keep him here in I don't even think restructuring as indeed are an option for that right guys got to go but he. Here's what I would do chewed do you look at some sort of think of like what we talk about what's the to do list for the Panthers team. So the draft is got a new drafts easiest way because is guess what that's the cheapest way so when you start talking about. Caps caps tight. We need to upgrade some positions and that's try start asking you word where the positions to me that are easiest to stepping in the NFL as a rookie employer running back as we've seen as one of them right. It's gonna plug and play position. I actually would say offensive bunch probably left or right to no moon no not even on the interior no no no. That is not so if you found a you feel like you've got to guard. In the first sector are you don't go strong will for sure. And he really dependent on where you get that gore fraud he comes from Alabama. A somewhere where they teach football you don't Clemson may be. That's a different story but if it comes from you know just in the around or your Wisconsin. Peg TN. And I picked him up. Did she in school did you look at all for Obama to have some sort of development. But outside that you better be sure. For about wide receiver. I feel like I could get it the right guy to writes I can get some instant impact you can use and I think you can't somewhat. No not from I'm not as easily be number one wide out but if I can just say if you look at the first round picks in terms a wide receivers last three years it's been pretty bad don't that's and that's what I would agree when we thought that we thought last year's draft when John Rossi Corey Davis and and all those guys they didn't they didn't perform at all where. But I think that is a spot where maybe you could go find that guy who could be your third or fourth option a wide receiver building depth there I'm not sure toward the other holes in his team defensive ends another one. It's quarters and other unusual position I think you can go Schumer in Europe okay wedding corners and other one took correct. Yeah maybe not a room. I thought Jason did complex. OK so now being what happened because it just happened we knew all his angles they can't happen but more times than not this 12 years of development. Well two years usually get during years when they are used to turn. Here's all I know what the first round pick should be or is regardless of position. I know they're not taken high again but still I feel like you can get a plug and play players is starter works that's what you're expecting your president. Doesn't happen recently around here it hasn't you'll kill the mentoring kind of got thrown to the walls and you know in the long run there are some mixed results about that Jackson in a situation a player Burton Boller was a luxury pick. You know starting KK were little different those guys obviously earn their stripes but in general you know and this took them three years a really come or via. But if I tell you what if you get and I don't know who the edge rushers are but he got an edge rusher it. I with the Panthers take a 24 Carol Landers a guy is actually from North Carolina isn't from Boston college and dingy compared to men and I mean I mean this team needs an edge and dressers they need some bucks and that's the thing I would say from that standpoint of a position guy an impact guy. You're not asking you some legal beat. The the big guy on the outside opposite Julius Peppers she got that guy Mario Addison and asking to be Derek Barnett which can you be one of my top foreign structures. Because what we here's where you're at or no this cantor seemed to a defense event you've got Julius Peppers she got Mario Addison then from there on whatever you're doing with Wes Horton. Charles as you said I agree with you probably go on a day so Paul is a young guy didn't play this year should draft pick. Brian Cox junior even trying to develop so just give me I feel like if with the bodies I got with halt. With Wes Horton which Cox and if you drafted a rookie. I need to you do it's somewhere along the way to step up maybe my rotational edge rushers central region to do we're out of out and it's doable. Videos but we don't know would this look like in practice we don't know you know or what is gonna look like in this morning. And by the time do you 2.2 where you really and truly evaluating their talent to see if that if they're Macon elites in browns they need to make to get almost feel. I mean you've already had the drug yeah. You know also OS this is to Australia and new noticed were more than makes his money. Well a sinking a ceiling nickel quarter. Cornell to your buddy ICU literature here record held your era. What are your voice from the EU and I think he's naive you know it seems like all the scouting on him a lot of folks have said the nickel spot really suits him well Europe unmanned. And and that that that's a that's a hole you plug right there. He got James Gregory hope we keep continues to develop Rory did its second quarter such is still worries he really does I don't know what they have off opposite James Gregory I think purely is okay. I think you know. And this is going to tell officials Augusta what is your drink from both Leo yeah you know are you really look different and make big strides you hope they got better I feel like at the end of the year they got a lot better. So now let's see if they start. From sport the end it you know this second year and continue to progression. Wanted to make sure McComb really don't Dominic quote core lamenting. The problem is like they've got a lot of spots she need to upgrade but not enough memory to do good about it midnight you'll need like Italy star level players a man there's a lot of I receive weenie some we saw deep junior why I agree that's what position I'd say in freeway you can. It is up and running back position if you're going just abortions are restored you gotta get a bank that simply altered. We don't have that is our. I would say now we have thirty minutes to go get voted back in some pain after thoughts coming up in a second we're gonna talk some hornet's and we'll talk some NBA as we go to the technique come get slime here. And the hornets make a sad sort we're gonna bring in George Sadat for me espionage yourself give us something George make us happy why should we be happy is as hornets fans right now give us something here. You. I don't know. Oh. Don't much they give beyond that rut sorry I know I I don't. I understood the logic are a lot and I was on with Hewitt you weren't quite. What brought you up and and I senate did its speed Clifford didn't get the at bat out of an attempt because of relationship whatever it is that the other. Just try to come to an error in the NBA where a player like white. You are not as valuable as to what you've been just I don't know. Three or four years ago yes I think. Company issuing new you have a team in Charlotte that a big gluttony are saboteurs and big men in an era of basketball. Where perimeter guys are reigning supreme it's just a weird situation. George stink about dislikes legitimately you can you know can you were down in Miami but it likes legitimately 67 years ago. We were talking about. Who's the guy would you rather have his foundational starter for your team is a Dwight Howard or LeBron James that there was a legitimate conversation that well like not that more than happy not much more than a half decade ago that is wild but that was a legitimate conversation that was had. Our odds bomb and and yet that is clearly not the case anymore so. Com am curious to see how they plan to rebuild. I am curious to see what they do with kemba this offseason and what they can get for them. But you know I just think that the construction of the team is an ideal. And did Al Gore are wrong I don't were talking averaged objected that it happened. Now that well rich Cho is still under contract that is seems like like build a Dead Man Walking his final year resume of his contract. I is coming up here they picked up his option last year and have that trust it Mick mimics. Mean six is kind of lobbed out there that the Mitch Kupchak thing has got some some real legs and I think it makes sense I guess from. Jordan stamped what I love the way you make an X it just seems like not fit to be from a market standpoint what do you think about that. Well I mean there's a relationship there or else I think they start there are and that looks at. I do we can all you don't even have to talk about sport in any walk of life relationships matter are. I don't at the end of the lakers ten year wasn't great for rich. All of mixed helped found the jams are particularly in the draft. And I think unfortunately images case with the lakers he would dealing with a situation where. At the end of the day yet to answer to it I was working with closely would also. Pardo ordered the game so that kind of torpedoed it a little bit I think is still in dispute up personnel guy in the end yeah I think he'd be a welcome addition. I just think that it did it take minute to untangle. Everything that's going on there Charlotte. And I were talking to George tadano for ESPN ESPN radio. Sports nation today to write your busy what are you doing today you're all over the place. What is it doing sports station today and tomorrow I was actually in Miami for 241 interview Dwyane Wade. Com for sports that are odds that that granite being last night and this morning. Are yeah I've been all over the place data on highly questionable next week that's basically a bounce around to a lot of stuff you're locked in front. I was saying earlier like that interview by the way when Dwyane was incredible and to be you know it's Wayne's been one of the guys is always honest and candid. And some stuff that he was saying would you George like waking especially when he came to the chemistry stuff than what really wasn't coming together and you know he was talking about how that's not what a championship caliber team supposed to look like can feel like like you even after a trade Oregon leads a team you don't hear that kind of honesty very often but you're getting that from Dwyane yesterday. I mean why I like and I can't guys get older I think they care lie about public perception but we saw from Coby a lot at the end of you here. Kobe you as a guy who was cursing all the time it's. I'll what are you would meet with the media a drop and a spot and at Bob all the time. Com I think there's also a bit of a comfort factor with its open blade I spent a lot of time in Miami. I covered most of his career around there so I think that plays a role it it just the level of comfort between two people all when they're talking. I think it's it's all of those things combine I'm not gonna think the credit for a bigger displayed at this stage like just to get a yard field. Well help me would this George Saddam knows what this again ESPN you can follow him on Twitter is that tadano ESPN he's with us on the tech become guess line. You like these are I'd I'd admittedly I'm saying this on the front end I understand twain's and a different class would Kemba Walker is on the verge when this year's over. Upcoming all time leading scorer hornet's history he's passed Dell curry already for one of those records in three point field goals may just do shooting 30% from three. Three years ago and he's now one of the better players it is position in the entire NBA's remade his game went seven games all the way to forty a couple of years ago obviously last year and a half as a man what they want. But Khaled Timmy has put himself in that category as if not already the greatest order never one of the top two or three hornets ever. And there's something to be said for that right liking you there's a unique. Bonded experience the city has with its with its best player we kind of had that here during a lovable Bob caddies were Gerald Wallace could this come I'm feeling like recently this bond with come in the city Charlotte something you sought in Miami Dwyane Wade like you can put a value on that stuff sometimes. I would agree with that top eight it'll also show you go arms that. Abort its history it adds some great players because comes around long enough you know that's part and that and not gotten kemba. I don't look at kemba at all they are right now like that would Alonzo Mourning who started his career. In Charlotte arm or even much of the impact the molecular targets that are as Smart then BA. Careers concern. But yeah he's been a phenomenal player he's deserving of all the actually peaked yet you carry that franchise. At a time you know as we mentioned a couple of years ago what you mentioned they want 48 games in. And were in the mixed pot they were as good as any team in the Eastern Conference really outside of maybe the top team. And they had. Not that block right they draw a big drop by adding our Dwyane Wade had a phenomenal series in purple shirt guy went home cry. But I didn't take away from is great at I think that sometimes. The business of basketball is as important. As the actual basketball being played on the floor and I think that's. Across wrote Michael Jordan finds himself back right now we Kemba Walker. And the raptors do this humble I'm buying Georgian people lullaby but I'm buying the numbers the math on this and the star power and early adapter I'm buying the fact and I'm not good bet against LeBron and on saying this is the ultimate head judges would be surprised if they actually made it all the way to the NBA finals what do you think directors right now. I wouldn't be surprised people are I think going to be the 1 seed in the Eastern Conference like I do believe that indicate I think in the play are different story. How broad. Still aren't the team bait just a low. I would have given the raptors a much better shot but I'd like this team LeBron has around him number it's more vibrant. Optic played much better deep currents. I think that all the things help him. And I think they still come out of east so I haven't wavered on that but I do think the raptors will be the one seed. And I do a big raptors will base put an Eastern Conference final I think that bought the indignant about in the clinic at and there are going to be able to survive that. Who got the last laugh when all these cats moves Colby Altman and dance. I Dan Gilbert or or LeBron and and in his crew at the last laugh with these straits. It's always LeBron and his crew. Article we Altman and those guys did pretty good job because bing. So render the Brooklyn tech they develop their own pick which is going to be you know in the twenties mid twenties or whatever going to be right now. But yeah I mean look the big bank like they could trait that Brooklyn tech no people say wow it's only the seventh great pick right now. Yes in theory. It's only the seventh very thick but it 125%. Chance because it's a lottery to be in the top worry and so I wouldn't give up a point 5% chance. Knowing full well there are they really good chance. My guess is much higher than point 5% but abroad leading after the. Well and for all the conspiracy theories out there when it comes city NBA draft how many times of the cats wound up with a number one pick when they had no business getting the number one pick. Looks pretty tired yeah yeah yeah we've we've seen that perhaps it's not consortium ought to make that you don't work for that equally clearly Cleveland bid. Opt out I got really lucky right you look at it curry would have been completely out of product and there's good. All they were what brought him back they were also fortunate that. You know the greatest player on the planet I happened to grow up what it forty mile away yup from Cleveland like it got played a bigger role that it. But yet they got to block and and it you know it's worked to their paper. So I look at this both ways that I needed not either or and I look at this both ways with what Golden State did last night having a player's coach during timeouts. Awesome also equally the most disrespectful thing I've ever seen during an NBA game and I loved every moment of both of those things what you may connect is that is that was something yesterday from Steve Kerr blown out the suns the way they did. I loved to and I do think that. When you have a team like that that's going on this crazy ride that's been at this for four straight years playing deep into June. Com look I covered bill Miami team that did that and by the end that lack either of those guys are fed up with each other. There were put up with each other their coaching all of it they all just wanted to go their separate ways it was pretty obvious. I think what the curse struck reduced aborted due to a team that has already what 1213 losses this year which is a lot. Jeep right idea about that that team medical order ago what do they are gay or whatever so. I think it's. I have to do things doing re in major players. Add it. That's what it took JaVale McGee all watched the videotape. Add help would be game plan and Andre Iguodala shoot around and graybar a draw play so beat it and I don't think it was meant to. Anyway. Users to be disrespectful towards disarmed at least Christie curse perspective I think it was more. I gotta get my key to figure there's been out. And it did what I got to do they got to about somebody do it up but I get why they would feel just respected because. You're sure they'll not doing that against the spurs the rockets. Quote. I get it but Jerry as you know why it might be disrespectful but at the end of the day European drubbing at like forty points so that's what else. Are that they would treat it that. Dad says Loretta Phoenix's says rebel state to be honest George Saddam ESPN he's on Twitter at Saddam no ESP we're gonna let him go. I hear in a moment and duck wheat wheat we end with this Georgia is as you look around right now in the NBA do the best team in the NBA. Odd to win a championship not named. Cleveland or Golden State is it Houston they have a legitimate shot what do what do you make of rockets right now. There are no question it's the rockets did one no I did sidelined one other games earlier this season and can't they Mike and Tony was the first one to really change the app. In the NBA you know shooting of the greeted a second to latch or whatever percent second collapse or whatever what. Back in the next day. And now he's got a right roster to do that it yet but he's basically doing it on steroids. 2% up there shot attempts art report I think that's insane number league average I think 36 or 37%. So that's all you need to know what they're doing deterrent about. Audits and a little bit on opposite. Also not did you watch them defensively. They're big Mac switch. Are on to regard for the opponent and the reason they do that it. They want they're big into play up tight on those Bart did they get on the switched because let their guards tried I don't like give up the group. They'll say you know we'll let the guard drive are big and score too because we're gonna go shoot three or the other at. And the math workshop for them that don't yet they they've gotten mad scientist in there were Daryl Morey that general manager Mike Antonia and made it big worked so yeah. I think just based on. The analytic. They have a good shot at anybody to dethrone the war. You think that's necessarily sustainable and a seven game series though. I can't theory or want to eat and you know what I mean I know things habit I you know there's no predicting what can happen and it's deadly dangers plus. You got to carry for injury or whatnot. How did it. Wait patient greens and the type but I haven't. Strategy pretty well right handers in the report charter reported the report sure. James harder the report featured a ball at three point sure. Dave got so already got extra read or indeed type guy bigot so already died because graduate Wade's way. But it's wild that I dimension. He did not die on the bench but it Gerald Green who can get hot boat you super street beat. Our input appellate Google they should be open to stamp what it is basically just get blobs all day setting screens on the bigger brawl. Pump so I think it says they don't all get sustainable I just think or abort top tier talent I think. What ends up winning more than not. George you're free go get some sleep man thanks for making time force. Our bodies are very good George tadano ESPN a dudes on a grind man and he didn't it didn't get by the way he's his MBA -- debt up podcast is well on on ESPN's also do so I mean big big fan of George Sadat I'll appreciate making time Mike king our seek UN in our final segment we hit a break we come back Damione Lewis Chris crow arena put a bow on the show and died the absolute worst taped and this is saying something the absolute worst take. In the entire Internet we get to that its prime time powered by ortho Carolina. PF five minutes ago I do feel like he recurring theme on this edition of project we've got a good show today. Do we could screw up the next spot minutes I think we've done a quality show all want to go on record that does go right Dana Lewis a feeling what's screwed up. I'm saying always a taker. I just feel like one of the recurring theme is that would Damione Lewis a lot of judgment on your part towards me. It started with I mean I'm telling you that you know I go to go to the John and yell you get a little decompression in the air. And he's just a long time. Ask and get on your phone I don't think I'm going mailed a dozen of them and I don't know that I know that and then there's the videos the other parties you know the Olympics are going on and IUS me earlier I think before the show stories today Croshere watching the Olympics have a hard time getting Eminem watch a little bit of it. Soon to be honest into the ice dancing for a few nights with the wife. And you said you shopping this looks like X come against. I never heard that yes awaits you say that little romantic. Let's march out to us a little sensual. It's it's I went and schools right it's political it's not quite ice skating. Although they are on skates it's almost like it. He synchronize. Swimming or ballroom dance ballroom a lot of technique involved in this slot synchronization involved in this leg is very tiring there's a there's a brother sister duo younger duo from. From here in America that is pretty good and turn and a it's a weird is the brother sister but it's also kind of like your and you're intrigued usually call so your brother sisters are so weird thing Ryan likes game throws he would incurred he'd he'd like something like that. Athletic tell ice and an uncle her dining and Netgear rather exciting game and throws one of them would instantly die on the ice and you never seen from again he'd act like everything's normal audience thought in the wash street I have not I don't care. Your last name is now numb out amendment all right so here that's why is there a Sheikh is he's on the outside looking in are so here's the thing right didn't tell us all somewhere really giving judging me a lot recently and so it would be Olympics are one of those things but. How about this you know the Internet so vast waste land her a lot of bad things that are just circulating on the Internet this guy right here I don't know who this guy is some Justin Peters is his name. Writing a slate dot com you can write about anything on the Internet in 2018. Yeah cool writings was not good. And it is definitely not a quote cult classic according to Justin Peters of slate well that's his. Watch your mouth you sir you you stop it right dared a defamation is now. That is it that is the timing of it there's a lot of bad opinion circulating on the Internet that one. At the top yes I'm putting now when at the top of the list. Arizona in the process of looking for that a net flicks sucked my kids see he's on Netflix. Hope some find it let me know I will I loved that movie. I mean he aegis trashed. Off all memories of uncle running is you can't do that's not fair. And Demi should stick it's a good little three minute what do you say is it's gonna go win and an Oscar or certainly did win an out there good rainy week in movie he is he's promoting all the stereo tie it still audited that tacky humor. You know what Serbs will back. Almost who'd ever thought some jamaicans we doors nicely exactly okay and what bobsledding exactly Robert Byrd Brock Bob Bob bobsleigh. So you just him Parker go right about something else for the clintons proof you can write about anything on the Internet 2018 somebody's. Defaming the. Well Cornel grow much and the topic I think Keller caught on their two have an argument all reported about the orders the look at all that. I'd built up a pair of what I'm looking at I think there are clearly evident that knoller both I hope they can afford to have to not right. What caused it to bet that opened its iMac the looked at it it. Or you're given a clear one of the other details are really thinking you might have to look to you anyway because I'm not played it always been. Delegated that to want pubic area I don't think you draft ones still got to let development in general these have bet the Beverly. It's a nice cut they wanna help you might Wallace somebody you speak about. So I can acquire received very may try to back to Carl what they let wanna go Coleman Adam. It's been a trap of being here have been an update these first two picks if it in your direct in saying. Yeah I mean I liked yeah I think debt more than anything it might have Persian Conan seems got to get faster getting younger faster. Against them in New Orleans to be it's amazing I don't. Sure actually how many great defensive players they have good. They don't own your camp. 0:1 am having to make the worst play ever in the play Ellsbury guesswork. Had a great season young kid cigar QB back unit going to be tough for the future. By the way FYI pedal is riding and running is on Netflix Netflix school running and Netflix. There you go our Damione Lewis we send them back. To Zurich announcement about an hour before we do this when files for a whole month. All right I feel yourself. Build yourself all right we're back tomorrow. Omar's back tomorrow they got that Davey dice are gonna be careful out there who feel good work today rides are doing and overtimes up next though she'll join us tomorrow we'll CNN. WS frenzied Icahn's pick up the podcasts all the interviews and there. This and then Sculley wishing you a very pleasant good afternoon. Un wherever you may be.