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Monday, March 12th

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Yahoo! Sports college shoots NBA analyst he's on Twitter we'll talk when emits Matt Schultz underscore report Jordan how you doing man it's good to talk Tia. I. All right so I surely you don't have any gripes about the selection process yesterday right nothing there's not a single thing you would change about the 68 teams in the field. Think about that elections in the perfect right Dennis and he was better than we ever imagined. It was then that the great. In. That matter is. You know. You're at a rate there I'd be active. I don't. Think there. You know we will be. Well and I was feel bad feeling this team has been talked about enough but I I was feel bad too I'd Jordan for. For Middle Tennessee State got a team that really and obviously you lose at your conference and conference USA it's that's not the big conference he used to be a decade ago Boyd. Man that's one of the premier mid major teams in college Basilan those two teams when they get left on the outside. The decks to stacked against him because it's hard for them to schedule in the first place anyway and they lose their conference tournament I mean. Clearly there on the outside looking in but like MTA issues another team I feel like could could really be wringing their hands on a knack in into the tournament today. Yet they went to it's Hewitt they're regular season. I think bowed out certain that they actually get cool and worked very had to be a very good he ought to be a better built to be up to be. They'll be all available via the I want off the Miami like that you are reporting gains so it they were right there and they got people what do we went. If that they probably get it but you know we European paper even want it Robert Hewitt they would do battle obeyed their. And used earlier are sort of that this is it to general app and obviously. Dog. But they'd think it that we had a couple bubble we're glad to. Well let me ask you this is we're talking about this earlier I'm with you I mean you can. You can gripe and and bemoan teams that Gator did not get in Altima lead to tournaments is gonna trade this will determine the outcome of of this of this term and over the course of the next few weeks but. To meet north things that we could improve about this process are the way to selections are Donner the way they communicated it if you could. Title are you one thing to it to to have some. Some sweeping overhaul in changes of all this around this around the NCAA tournament what would you would what would you do would it be the way these teams are chosen inner. Would it be how they actually I communicate the way these teams are germs. I think the former I'd like. There is no way do. The big a deal in beta it that the committee it's open you'd think up what they're looking they like to try to win maybe. Well BP guys watch war RBI. Get. Like a 00 well. Oh that's right you'd think you'd YouTube values he happened in that while it. Despite in we went there. But you know like there is the same way you know it may maybe it is maybe early in and they are really bad so. Like. We were told third thing is what program developer thing. While I was bringing up this idea earlier and I know we do this with a college football playoff system big it's overkill for me when they do once a week. But I would love to see I know they did beat the last two years they've done the top sixteen. About a month out from selection Sunday. I would love to see Jordan maybe we do it. 34 times a year. A bracket at a glance if determine where to start today here's one through 68. Here's how we see things and kind of flesh that thing out and that way we could kind of see some progress. Throughout the course of the year we do you think that would be helpful would that be harmful when it's all said and done. It. Went it provide a bill average. But they've or but it is so the related that is that we don't go but I think it helped out every year and it. It before these are our urban B yet he'd be with them it's been building and it. Paid out wide level elbow there. Are we're talking to Jordan shoals from Yahoo! college hoops NBA analyst he's with this right now. On the technique on a slide so we we do this analysis so often in sports especially basket lower resale all you can do something. Insular team actually does it and it was can Zach last year on mechanical funnel for. Until they made a final four are still we're here again. With Virginia and Arizona maybe fittingly so there during the same region with one another. In in your mind what what's more likely to add to finally have that directory air zone and Sean Miller Tony Bennett in Virginia. Today it's game yet it bearable in it and he. We see and feel like you're about rarity that there was an indelible at fault that we did it. I don't like Arizona at that country and operate in they need to be it will stick it right about he's in incredible form. But with the ability you. Not only that it but let me walk you down not in Carolina. In its final edit their ability war I think it's forgotten that they have. Really think that is all that and what they've done all year. Really it's only been able very important well and the day you it's clear they're worried debt. But in that it is not what were you there as well. And this summer from rebounding and we didn't get outrebounded Eric. They would. Well and I feel like the difference this time around Jordan is is the shot makers especially Kyle guy but if but I Jerome too they finally got guys that. You people mistake I think peace report offensive play there just methodical about their offense but now. Not earlier there methodical. But when it comes down to those those tight one possession games they've got guys that actually can create and make those shots and in tile guy anti general. Eat the the elevation they get that up with a way to where is it a lot green grow the stable orbit that usable. Are really good player. And I and I think you know like Tony Bennett. If you look around the on. How to vote. You know you gotta be better in the we have five guys you know it's yet it's been a little while for not that. He even did it beat it and the fact that people bought. It like it is about fraud it's been able not only. But but it's better. He is remarkable so that it is even that you know that the most important thing. We're talking to Jordan Schultz from Yahoo! college hoops NBA is with this right now on the technique on guess on you can follow him on Twitter at Jordan underscored a Hershey's me it's at Schultz underscore report. And we're talk little NCAA eternal sneak in some NBA before he gets off the year winners as well I was singing in this. With as it pertains to Tony Bennett earlier in the show I feel like I've been recognizing these qualities about him for awhile. He's got a little Brad Stevens understated. Like NBA stuff in them and are wrong or that I could see Tony I don't know if you would ever want to. But Tony Bennett puts off NBA coach to me in my crazy on that. Like you know no no world that he yelled yeah. Yeah now. Well it's not the league wild though. Brett. Butler oh vote in yet Rick I think cutting I think what. Guys like but I like it'd it'd be been. There are you know better awaiting with not bored by it there are players that are when that that level. That this bill what about that was coaches that you know would be. It's really it that would. Either currently in the NBA you've went that you give you retell it you were able ignited the buy is that you're able to run really good bet it does. But I don't want or would that if you to buy it again that. Jordan as we locally looking Carolina into connect those are always the barometers for what you know around here of they can they make it to a final four there in the field can make it to a final four NC state since. And we shouldn't forget about them but duke and North Carolina have a different set of expectations. And Carolina trying to get to the final four for a third straight year Duke's trying to do it. For the first time since winning the championship in 2015. Do we know any more or less or do we feel differently about these two teams after what's happened over the last week. Bought out what the girl on. For they simply don't work well. I mean is not a huge surprise but on all. No word beer what a year ago and it you know he did he not able gated. Beep beep it manipulate. Beat you don't have been shooting and that's really a problem than what it. We're great now and go all out war which you can do but it did you know that the plate make it might be or more well they'll be. That spot. Now. Even though I mean it eight. And it bet better. About ray he yet then there and principle he I think adapting. But I don't know what are you won't want edged. Note to that point did you hear K last night on the TBS shows say that they were asked about the zone and he said he found his guys were communicating. Playing main demand that seems odd to me too when you play the game like that seems. That's a requirement for playing good defense is communication it seems like an odd thing to say that his team communicate better and is on the they do man to man. We you right now fought. Don't. Need it but it. I would agree in the back is there. When you're able to Munich in any kind of evidence you have to wait though. It in certain that well. It helped though like you. I don't I don't what they simply bartered that it together you know it's art when it went on the important I think what Al respective. There is anybody I iPad two DN LD the last week that they're not out there like that the order. That simple move. The air about what. So I mean they have those guys and now. But they'll line I. The all of the heat and down not out of the war. But you know it's been in there. In the I don't. I. So I'm in bulk forward. Our Jordan let's talk a little MBA will rule. Would transition this way as it pertains to the NCAA tournament it would just talks him NBA outright but I obviously nobody knows the country Marvin Bagley window Carter. Even even a a tray young Michael Porter junior. A public some of these other guys maybe some guys that were are going to be. Brings lottery picks mid first round picks who were going to be playing in determine whether other names that people. Like a Mikhail bridges who who should should people be watching if they're looking from an MBA stamp what is it watch the tournament over the next few weeks. Well well now or what are there. I don't like got it but he needed there are cheaper. And he went about where the country in Europe Byron lottery. In a while because it. Six that it that it that we and he shoots it he could drop the ball and we Rian gave its seal the mole or. Or they'll know. There are a lot of tournament I mean I don't know like. He optic but the Bagram it is one of the most improved player three year candidate ever to 78. On order and other relief to our West Virginia. But he eager look at the yacht the app or the public. Yeah you're not like people are talking about a lot that we believe it dagger. Nobody. But let me shoot three Atlantic. Eating European is that really a one seed this year I think he already battered the opponent. Which year it was that was the first topic though it recently it off the map the late report gains maybe the tournament has been gag it away I would think that. And I feel like haven't drawn this name out there anyway doesn't always get all the attention it is Miami she's got some great wing play but. As a freshman I know he's gonna be there may be around them aborted stick whatever that is like 101112. In the strapped. I love Lonnie walker at a Miami what do we think a lot because I think he's got some of that athletic wing played it the teams are craving in today's NBA kind of like Donovan Mitchell. Lot of walker is. Important that people walk you wait wait what he is a law yeah. Really is that the only eat under 35. But. You don't really good player and it imported day. A year act there's no question in my mind you'd pop epic but if you don't doubt that site really athletic. Don't measure how well it's like individual result I'll bite that. He got. Somebody that that stroke with what looks yet you don't really get player. Expected great game you want like an eleven kicked back well a Chicago and Miami that probably that. Went about her work for round gave Google Earth. George Shultz was from Yahoo! Sports side he's on Twitter at Schultz underscore forties with this on the technique I'm guess my final thought. And doubt what will let you go as it pertains to the hornets obviously we know they're gonna be looking for new GM whether they. Look for new coach or not is going to be up for debate this team is a make in the playoffs based they severely disappointed so. I mean we know the names out there Jordan right it's Mitch Kupchak it's it's it's an Adam Simon who's been a Miami Heat guy for a while. You know you're looking at. Gosh who else is out there mark Evers lead was a rockets got now with you with the sixers and then now also occur some gross us from the rockets oh. In your mind kind of the names that are out there. What do you what do you think's the right move for the hornets it is they go for new GM. I think it would market I think I have yet right now. They. What are you in what Charlie was looking for. Considering but a default search ID partner these guys I think he's really. He understands. Young talent you relate the other players. You know he got he really grow under bright political photo via Adobe might be as well. Judge or initials from Yahoo! Sports and Geiger your article is now up with Eric rewrite your sit down with their creeds up a yacht. That but yeah. You know I think that it is that it felt that you know these. But he relies. There might not be things market. Read in light. And dealt with well you're absolutely. And realize that I would have been more than 46 years old and he's in Italy India year but he is that it. Again man picks somebody you really can't rely title in North Carolina and need to eat there. It property they'd be along with an area or B he's certainly a great. Yeah I mean it paid painters test really needs some safety health and I don't really wonder about the fit around here what when it comes to people were outspoken omelet from a football standpoint. Without a doubt he's a fit in Carolina I'd I'd love to see the movie to be intra scene out Jerry Richardson supposedly. Come out of the way this would have been an uncharacteristic move for them under him. They go on a different direction now be interesting to see and you can you can check out the link by the way. It is on his Twitter page at Schultz underscore for George Schultz from Yahoo! Sports Jordan it's great to talk team a man enjoy the tournament. Eight Q you know we are. Applied for sure and you have to back well. Yes we will do that we'll read black like this never happened actually is organ to detect it. This time next week we'll just we'll scrub all this from the tape.