Primetime: Jarius Wright

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Tuesday, March 20th

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So it's easy lewis' approach. What it means to be a pro this guy does too he's now gone into a seventh year in the NFL. And it'll be a bit of a change of scenery official today agreeing to a two year contract with the Carolina Panthers we welcome in. Former Arkansas Razorbacks the fourth round pick in now a seventy man in the NFL. Newest member your Carolina Panthers Jerri is right with us on the technique con guess Nigeria's are you doing man welcome to Charlotte. Norbert. While we're doing well I we will get to you wanna talk about your career why your company Carolina when you think you can do here but can you speak to that you heard that cut in the open. From damion can you speak to when that moment happened for you where you realized. All Manilow football but this this is a job all of a sudden I can't like I can be playing and I gotta I gotta get my mind right getting my body right. I could get my game right for for what's going on on every Sunday when that moment happened for you where you realized it was not just to game it was a job every week. You know it happened pretty quick from where. Improper here are you know it's just been allowed people to start with there. UN fears that there that was you'd. You know cup whether you're due out things sort. Got you if it appeared. Kind of a cover. So neatly with what he can be now you know. I was I have one batter. Oh well. So they can't go. But we're talking to Jerious right he's on Twitter about a way joined him a follow its at. WR IG HT four. He's with this on the technical gas line in Charlotte today agreed to a two year contract. To come to Carolina C spender for six years and in Minnesota. Which is a great fan base a great organization the team that drafted you. I had how does that still feel when people say Jerry is right Carolina panther has that sink in in in the first few hours here. You know like users if they can. Otto oh welcome used to yeah well you know among act he used to Cooley is. Out of the ability early that there. A great organization that a great thing about the volume on rhetoric historic back. Well first of all welcome. We appreciate you coming in you know what helped to make it this season to become a Caroline apparently. Well you know number one. Doctor. I have a lot this year turner and evolved and it's always be and what it would you'd be all come Libby Connally that. Oh here it is the ball. Probably or they are great great currently. Organ or organization. And offload. We had a couple where there's a picnic but now there with a record in Atlantic great they've been out there. Jurors what could you tell us about norv that you have such a great respect form from playing with him and also. Why you think you had so much success what was it about your marriage together just you individually where were you guys you guys had such success for those couple years in Minnesota. Or you know from one vote Turner's these are you big name and in its and now it. You know ease coast a lot of different the this country great players that I can this thing about. So you know to get attempt to play with or or you quote or is. No you can't remember that there. Justice system. You know in the authority to bar quickly. Go to town Treo just does different things. Beacon kept her for an odd that the thing. You know just me in the back together on the things that they wanna get. Would be a good combination. They're getting in and I know pretty soon you're gonna get a quite it was camp. In all as far as stuff what are you feel like you bring to this team that it's been lacking. Well you know memories. Speed but. You know I'll remember for control your speed also be an advocate the corrupt which is stopping you in that are. Vote I can also burn. The it and were there to run in a speedier route to run deeper. You are not black market. I can do it all as well. And you know their video be part of the game it is in. It pretty good expert. Well and is correct me if I'm wrong Stephon digs calls you mr. third down is that true is that you're was that your nickname in Minnesota. Mr. they're mr. reliable. It. But all all good though. All the guys are there is not any bad there were no negative nicknamed the U could another on the year there were all good nicknames or Jerry. You're. Like that are Jerry's right to it as newspapers wide receivers reuniting with his former OC and Norv Turner. Signing a two year agreement and in Carolina get acquainted today signing a deal. And making everything official is on Twitter bodily at GA underscore right and the number for you give a follow with this right now. On the tactic I'm just like in some of these numbers Tearrius I was giving this out earlier. Eyes and in it to be to be give full credit your George Rodrigue who covers the team for the observer. At the stats and you 41% of your career catches have come on third down. 46% of your career yards and you've averaged nearly fifteen yards per reception on third down. I as Damian Miller said if you guessed his average yards per reception on third down what would be and he said maybe six or seven. And it's twice that like that's a crazy number for average yards on third down reception what does that say about your game. Are under is. My career. When it. In the short break right. And dirt in it and a quarter picture. You know he equally as the quarterback and not the right term or third video you know keep you know. You know they're there or corporate or. That's one big thing that. And I. Can home you know kind of almost an Opel while. It also probably speaks in effect the you can mash the gas pedal does run away from duke tried to run a 4440. You can catch and run not not a lot of guys in the slot can do that sometimes. And net from the apartment game oh. Are you to corporate beer brewer dragged it you know we're here in record in Norfolk there are some of the market oh were. And you talked to Kenya Jerious. Haven't answered prayer network. You know group coaches are. All different related may. We do you saw me here image wearing Carolina and obviously you guys went further in the playoffs and there's got the regular season when your Bank of America Stadium but what's your. You've been around him the last few years what would your scouting report on Cam Newton as quarterback what you drink what brings to an office. You know you can't hit a good thing that indeed. That he and that this thing the he been doing. No Natalee on the ground military run the ball well but also on the ball. Evo with Hamburg and you double or compare numbers you know they like it or care. Also take you to our level. You're gonna have to block Jere is and just let you know that you're blocking skills you know they one parent. Good picked up where there are picked up about. This you know they want power for the quarterback around your how many teams in the NFL when a power run for their quarterback off tackle. I don't know in two. Can't catch different right as a dad to different vector behind senator. Rick you know oh yeah go like. Actual. In autocratic take it out. Just Mexico that much ways these teams theatrics and you're on offense so it's a little different you have to you want to defend him. He strikes is one of those dudes let the ante if you're going against him he's just getting on your nurse but if that's your dudes you're you're all about that right like if he's in your locker room and on your team. You love the first down point you'd of the Superman. Dive in for third downs to grab it grab the first and you love all that stuff that he's under team. You know I can't. Gently to join you know couple. You don't get to grow and just kind of from the Tokyo. Nigeria's writes that Israel to go in a moment newest member of the Carolina Panthers he's on Twitter you ligament follow Panthers fans is at JJY. Underscore right WR IG HT it's the number four. He's with this right now on the technique can't guess like what what is juries like to do outside of triple what are the things that you find interesting to kind of even if fully for an hour two here or there to clear your mind and taken I swear off football one of those things. You know America it's playing video. Art direction Peru can only eligible the Eagles they should listen among the so yeah home. You know. We're in Minnesota. Are true. Or is it true. But you know we expect our. Are to be so I am coach Erik Rick Perry take it supplemental. You know it and I would imagine god the weather change strategy guys bait we've been able to play and don't on the last few years but you know. It's not uncommon have a seventy degree game in December around here Bank of America Stadium so all about toward a degree yet extra to prepare yourself of this let you know right now. You know if okay. Out there with the words were for many years the British through where they wouldn't be very well foremost on referred to. All right we're gonna let you go with this OK guy you you were sociology major at an Arkansas correct. Are you you find that stuff interesting do you read about social behaviors outside of football do you find stuff like that interest and still. Are you don't come on come. You people. College you know Leo you were here. Enact around the wreckage of a report social. Social. Places. OK see you you you like Q you and me here man after my own heart right here so this question is kind of a social experiment for us around you reduce this is a way. I don't laugh this is serious serious this is a way for us to get a gauge who you are intrinsically as a person okay you're all on Saturday Allred OK I do you like buffalo links. Like oh man if you read some hot buffalo wings item hot ones over the leaking of the kind of like. I start to water those evidently keeps if you add some real hot buffalo wings if you were detected in something which dipped and rancher blue cheese. Grower Dario. Thursday. Yeah. You know what is it about ranged here is why why ranged. Who are. You remotely she think yeah. It's fastball it's an acquired taste him until it is wired to soccer Euro. Okay not apply to explain your not bad as has been a genuine and display. Jerious seriously welcome to welcome to Carolina I was just saying. Literally about an hour ago like I think this is a low key signing for some fans I think it's gonna work out really well for both sides oh. We're excited to have you and well welcome to Charlotte and don't be strange we'll catch up soon okay great program are preacher to preacher who gets ranch economist Terry is right newest member of the Carolina Panthers.