Primetime: Jamar Nesbit Weighs In on Super Bowl LII

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Monday, February 5th

Jamar Nesbit joins Kroeger in hour 2 to share his thoughts on the Big Game, Tom Brady's legacy, and the future for Nick Foles. 


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Powered by Portugal Carolina dot com and listens to his school. And on Larry amazing grace I did these recent. Men are correct but his treats are. Can you see there's literally a war zone I don't we're not song into each season thirty eights and maybe some raw allows for a simple rundown short talk. He's right on your talk tomorrow mortars and Landmine live from the marks being real T studio Kroger. Texture rice in building setter Tex line 7045709. To extend our Super Bowl champ busier pay Jamar below there. Does it feel to be a Super Bowl champ on Monday. When you wake up the next day you're like holy crap formal world champion you're speaking like you actually went to sleep. That's Sunday how much did you sleep at all none not even like a thirty minutes not even a chick slumping ticket Jalen mills on XM's this morning said that he had forty Simon's asleep it's close to seems like a lot. Right but it was there's relative to how much you prior to get it right especially way back then you know when I was in that situation because. We had to get up and get like 8 or 9 o'clock plane and leave from Miami to get back in the world how does that work does everybody signed early backer like you gotta get on that team play. Well I mean. There's only so much at a right I mean the season's over. And look what happens if you miss that plane who was there anybody of note who did not make the the saints Super Bowl 44 plane back to New Orleans I couldn't I couldn't was do you. No moment of triumph and economic news and no I wasn't Israeli kidney surgery wasn't he Reggie Bush but it wasn't it wasn't you know I mean it was one of those situations that. You could tell people did not sleep in that plane that hailed. Because there were people still coming in. You know I had check out the rooms agrees is the people still coming in at a time on the bus. I. So it's a great feeling all right isn't surreal like when reality set in there were you finally was it these was and our first real I mean I was Super Bowl champ we did this thing you know you get it right right game when confetti fall in in your kissing the trophy is his walking down the aisle and you know. All the big core local big time players are up on the stand and even speeds and you know getting it in the trophy you know wrestle stuff. You did then you get on the bus ride back to hotel you give it while you're party in an all that's what stuff. When it really sinks in as an airplane lands like all the fans. Are there to greet the plane that's what did you did you grab anything like from the lockers when the ravens won in 2012 like we went where she went back a locker room after it kind of cleared out and Vonta Leach it was obvious on the team. But he was grab him like banners in light you know Gillick a week that fifth spot and clearly he did you commit Grand Larceny after one is available seat. Her it's semantic resources was collecting. Memorabilia. Yeah it was not a that was. It was lost I won iron just this whole will be on the record is and shopping and whoever supports that was a great job of making sure we acts all much stuff. I mean we didn't have a one for anything like every game we amien. More stuff from the they had suitable spoke on it was on our bed when we came back from practice so. We don't have to worry about that type stuff now Portugal grab like your name plate off your locker in little stuff like that bush. There's actually took the entire locker Laura I have actually took the entire locker back on the team play tribe even though the plane was surely check in area. Limitations of the week's plans a lot heavier the more I thought it was an and I am I'm actually checking an entire locker deal mine that's mine I'm gonna bring that with meekly now but it was good I mean and it just our situation that yes you're excited. And almost are relieved that the seasons and this season still all. I wizard and and and and I was shocked by that exactly last night because I think if you go back can you watch this. I'm a bit this celebration theory anti climactic yesterday for an Eagles team that was the underdog in all three playoff games including when they were one seat. And Coleman both of those. They were the ultimate underdog they play got up there were in the dog mask and in it falls a backup quarterback by the way people forget they were doubt. Jason Peters there franchise left tackle Stewart after starting middle linebackers well and the rim VP quarterback I mean do you forget a pretty talks about when she forget what else they had lost and they never flinched never complain never skipped a beat and yet when the clock went to zero yesterday publicly publicly okay. But when the clock went to zero yesterday and they are complaining that there is a decent Peter goes to site. How how much did you see I didn't see a lot of pure joy in relation to your toy you wanna talk about a relief and maybe that's because your plane that the patriots can you just clinched until it's over you're just always expecting the bottom to fall out on it but I was so elect mixed full he walks to the middle of the field I don't think it mixed. Do you know what you just did Matt Light pours the excitement in your face right now. Switching switching. Which you don't see those all the work that goes into it behind the scenes right so one of the things that. One of the players said. After the game was over he talked about how hard they practiced or week I'm told because the story. I Wednesdays and Thursdays like separate games. And that was the way it was all season and you go today and you at the end of it you just want all that work and all that effort to before reasons. And so the winning. Is is more of an exhale yup and and the losing is was gaullist who was sticks which you'll longer and harder. In the actual and as I mean it's crazy that this is crazy to phrase it that way but if if they hadn't worn. I guarantee you they would be more hurt. In they are excited for the win. Well a couple of attacks coming in building Sydor checks like 70457096. Teddy could we just to brown leads the list what does he Jamar Nesbit we got during camp got to wait an hour and a half decent Pro Football Hall of Fame select to work. He was in the meeting room on Saturday were Terrell Owens is now hall of Famer he should be he should be I think I agree but I talked Terrell Owens. Our long. A guy of who's clearly very polarizing in the last year's show which really turned into on purpose though on purpose it is and it is an act it's turned into adult I don't need you guys you don't Amy out of any Jew and then on Saturday night. At the NFL honors Germany is the one guy is not there and then yesterday at Super Bowl 52 again the one guy who's not there and soul while he was everywhere on meteor on her hero last week agreed so I how that happens very. I mean it is evidently showed he mourned may be soaring to talk to Darren about that all the other guys they got in Jerry Kramer Tony to celery. I'm much to the chagrin of a lot of in the in the any anger a lot of folks not Ian. Our what does Jerry Kramer finally got in that leads me to believe one day going to be soon one day Tony Bocelli will get in because it's kind of the same sort of argument of hey while he played. He was the best at what he did. I don't think that's a hard one to one or want talk about they didn't in those George cope. Okay. He didn't make and now I think his time is up actually get in and that that's moral situations that. You know for as an office linemen that played. Right everything gets pointed back to the hawks and what they did in how they did it and how dare you rain. And how they were the glue that held their franchise together. No matter all the turnover quarterback all the turn over at running backs on that. That five or seven however you want to really characterize it that opens a line. Was that one factor that stayed consistent through all that turnover. And he was he was a part of that so now is one of those situations like. Have people forgot in his heart as office doesn't he has all the all the credentials and all he has a troll bulls and all pros and he has got all generation teams and muscles also. It's almost been a rubber stamp type situation but. Again. He's learned a bit uglier your eyes and surprises actually talked a couple people that were voting Tom also we can and Steve Hutchison's name came up more than George Coakley yeah well see that's just because it's it's that he's a new warning bush looked you can take issue at all this would daring to and he will help us figure out what goes on behind the curtain we don't look we're not allowed to know I parity you know he's a he he he's a big demo of the some of the moment okay so we'll talk to during get a hall of fame selected of course are pro football talk dot com and his history he's gonna join us at 430 we'll talk with the class that's in Randy Moss Terrell Owens obviously are the two guys and highlight the list alongside ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher should too great wide receivers to great generally racially great linebackers as well middle linebackers we'll talk to DGA for thirty Dell Curry's gonna join us at 530 its arms of Hitler. Imus. You don't they got in gated two Americas to our receivers will Jerry Kramer got in any moss Randy Moss two receivers. Terrelle and Randy and I don't it's got innocent I don't know mixing up Bobbie that's courtesy GM got in as well isn't one city Clemson player of who Brian Dawkins. South Carolina you got and it got there is a hall of Famer Davies at Hillary Clinton does not tell us. And what are these guys are just totally there might be that we're even on the roster to rosters and eclipse a guy I'm sure there was one look it up to make it and we ought to greater than a little too little there there were these daily. I didn't I first Jefferies and bring it back check that only got to the gamecocks all of Famer Jamar Nesbit with a prayer that this go on this Monday. Right so here's the thing detect the right cinema building setter techs like Dell curry get 530 he's no longer there he is now no longer the all time leading three point field goals leader. In Puerto sister that goes to Kemba Walker and and a couple people writing on the tech slide. 704570916. And saying would see here couple people say is there a point to this diatribe of what is this and I could Titus any thing which act not diatribe until what does that really diatribe on distraught to speak to what disguised Don because it's mind blowing. I'm telling you it's mind blowing Clifford has talked about this over the course of his of his career he says. The only other guy he can he's ever seen in his twenty plus years in the MBA around the NBA to what killed is done for self improvement is my com. Mike Connelly the only other player he can point to sink people thought you were battered not scooter never be this right and now and you'll write sort of talks about you don't. What what what a player isn't. And yet very rarely we get when we don't love to give credit to what a player hat makes themselves into and it's just a great story so that's that's the other reported this is this. We'll and a microwave society anymore like appointed as were many things from Carson once goes down we'll get the Eagles a chance we don't. It's over with they're done with their cooked that's it for game back up through 27% to two interceptions fewer fewer years earlier on the same team. I am OK and different coaching staff seem teams so. OK we were such we gotta have everything now now now when not if we don't like it sucks instantly. I pageant if if we have something else the greatest thing ever like attacks are dreading and what about mom when she can get his work in nineteen men he's nineteen and so breeds wait a second should not even be drunken beer right things are going to be fine OK and another guy writing in your so wishy washy on this team you think they're the greatest roster and only when did I ever say that. This team is incredibly flawed. But I guess I did so just ridiculously angry. At the people who they pick and choose when they won an argument to be self you pick and choose when the coaching staff is good when it's not good enough people talk about how Clifford sucks. And he doesn't develop players yet I just gave you 1234. Guys that under his tenure have developed to be consistent contributor for them. So it was so what you're gonna pick and choose one that one that matters when it doesn't matter that's my point everybody needs to just breed guess what the borders and disappointing. Dean saying he's actually buying them to be a playoff team. They're both Ellis and. The break you hit me with three games back thirty games left would you buy right now three games back with thirty to go road heavy schedule and in twenty of their final hole. I think is a twentieth and twenty of their final thirty games when he wanted to thirty or twenty at a thirty year on the road the rest of the way. So through the season two thirds of their games remaining are on the road if you wanna see them home better compete to dig usually don't want Saturday's home game left the rest of the year and a crazy play Sunday 1 o'clock this coming Sunday against the raptors so inspections and willing booked out like how did this or I have to see item away NCAA tournaments coming in March is Wellemeyer in only a lot of programs aren't sure how to schedule happened. It's the Bible don't blame CI double lane that's been around I don't play you literally just. Anything coming my my point is this so I'm tying this back to Tony's uncle go out there has probable pitcher and tying all this back into. What happened in the Super Bowl always disliked. Take a breath we all of pizza seeing everybody said was not gonna happen. Guess what it actually happened on Sunday. Which is Nicole's beat the patriots that was just in the knicks bulls beat the patriots Nickels and Eagles did what they wanted to do whenever they wanted to do it which is the thing we always say at a patriots don't let that happen. I mean I don't know except they did they just 41 hung on him yesterday by Nicole's man Nichols did that yesterday to Tom Brady. And you could argue and as half a stack or the office he might outplay Brady yesterday at minimum they were even. He might about a late in situationally yesterday when he needed to disagree someone who has who has questioned it sold do we think the better team won last. I do but I thought they were the better team last week I remember saying at all I think he I think Eagles defense is a lot better than the on the page receiving their offensive personnel is way better across the board your. Connect anywhere better date they were embittered team. But we put onus and the fact that they had been there before they had done it multiple times right so. Enough heard people talk about it and they said they didn't really think the game was over that ball fell. To the ground. And the clock it doubles here right because that's how much how much faith we had put in Tom Brady and Bill Belichick to pull it out yet. Over and over if I came and gone on for another quarter is a good one big Eagles I still think the Eagles. I wonder how they can. I don't I don't think so I don't things I think I think. If they had tied the game up somehow and gone and over time I think it would have been such an emotional letdown really I think you have been now listen now look. Some I said there's only seven guys that have played consumable on the Eagles squad before it. So they very well could have been sold young and dumb that they should they didn't know that they should the dinner right so you have to take that into consideration as well. But at the same time they're still human rights. It gets to it just over time and is tied up all of sudden you by the get the ball Brady. That feeling a whole week like we had our chains we had well and again it might reconsider it that's going to creep in. Yeah and that might speak to again while on the field afterwards it seemed the majority guy's kind of just had this like their shoulders just come on yeah. Slumped it's now because they weren't excited they were more with the the relief outweighed the excitement. Amid Philly got whenever they wanted all game all in all game long Hogan and he didn't do it all off and really. Well off a lot of bad defense yes Bob you got to credit I think the offensive lines for dominating the line of scrimmage from both teams were yet there's a lot. There's a lot of suspect defense being played on the field yesterday which. You know I think there was a listen I'm I'm very picky because I'm almost islam's I watched that. There was a lot of bad stuff goal and an offense line but they got away with it you know the ball came out or. There was though a lot of razzle dazzle a little over here we're doing something over here tense situation so. A home. I think Philly came out and they really wanted it I think the patriots came out and they played well. But if they just expected. It to happen. Our Jim Martin has been our Super Bowl champs Super Bowl 44 champion is with us the rest of the show during dinner 430 we'll talk called fame we'll talk about the game we will talk Pitt does with him Dell Curry's gonna join us talk about kemba breaking his record will also talk about the nuggets game tonight at 9 o'clock he'll join us at 530. When we come back. More reaction from theirs but I really wanna do this it would take a panthers' single to what happened yesterday and several 52 and Marty dirty I hope you're taking notes yesterday its prime time power by ortho Carolina. Listening to primetime which risk program powered by ortho Carolina don't come. It's. Done. He knows deep down feel good he's very quick goal line bullets cleared. He's making news and news. Okay. Sixty weren't able to. So performance or doesn't. Honestly didn't do enough job coaching. Missed opportunities offensively in the first. Can play good enough defense. And played enough for kicking game just. Just wasn't. Just wasn't quite enough to get to do seem like we're Philadelphia. Give them credit. Was Peterson is did an outstanding job. It's very highly competitive game. And in the end we just couldn't. Just couldn't quite make out players. Come on top tonight. Don't go check post game photo talk over pledges for the Iraq. An affiliate there. Christmas is thought to have those. I saw it hits the spot is Philadelphia still standing bodily looks at why did she live shots of the city of Philadelphia out how does it look today isn't what did you see that the like go to the roof above the door of the Ritz Carlton like her people are jumping on top of that delay in the awning immediately collapsed in. We're figuring trust falls yeah they were doing trust falls to us and our. So center crowd surfing argue would think though trust falls in the city of brotherly love you would think that would work except that this is Philly it they hate you no matter. How much they probably gonna. He's here's the view hate you visited the city was gonna burn them regardless of a win. Or lose we all knew that well you say this seems like a good idea it. Except alcohol. Like why why except alcohol that's why because alcohol that's all you need to know about Philadelphia so Bill Belichick last night after the game that's the patriots radio network I 95 the sports job up in Boston MA we got some of the lack audio of him just lose all they don't take too losing well I'll open New England. I'm injury I would and a loser able telling a mini version of looser radio if you will they did not take well losing. Up a New England on us on the pictures radio network a Bill Belichick taking a place he he's reading from page one I think of Ron Rivera coaching handbook last night. Talking about missed opportunities against a great team you can be yourself he can't let that happen in. And honestly all that's all well and troop leaders Beatles really good and that's not good it's not by happenstance when they got where they were the one thing actually stolen on easy about public was pounding Philadelphia. All week long on that line and I think I finished it for maybe I think it was either for Ford have to relying closed yesterday and he just seemed like. And you never wanna be with a betting public correct you never want to be generally speaking you never wanna be on the side of the betting public because the betting public so often is wrong they were betting on earlier today did you ask is they liked Philly is that right underdogs out either to cover order you don't win out right puts us you know there were some money I think Vegas ultimately won because there are some sharp money that came in on New England probably thinking that. It's Brady is going checks. Everybody's going patent Philadelphia had no way that happens except it did. Arm and so there's a lot to unpacked from the game yesterday we get a couple of stats bodily don't forget hornets coach show on Thursday we pick back up after a week away it's brought you by corona light Demont climate and I've got pregame tonight at 830 with the nuggets at nine tough back to back orders got kind of screwed on his schedule news or go to Phoenix yesterday at 3 o'clock games o'clock eastern time. Go to Denver all the way to altitude on the second night of back to back and they played them tonight at 9 o'clock eastern then they go all the way to Portland. And then back to Utah for another for Salt Lake City for back to back. On that will be Thursday Friday so terrible we're road trip and is the same thing to have when they went out west where they played so politically first they played Golden State. Down a political person. Back to northern California to put the kings master of the Southern California to play the lakers of their road trips have been really odd ebony stayed all thing and a spot fires FedEx charter flight all that stuff so by the way pre game at 830 Dell curry is gonna join his commitment to talk accordance with him kemba broke through three point scoring record that he held will join him it's 530 dear against gonna join us. At at 430 Batik a couple of things unpacked from the game you ready for some of these numbers. Yet but before you get the numbers okay if you you hit also on the real quick when you talk about debating in the in the point spread muscles. How much was the patriots kicker point chain. Stephen Gostkowski evolve he rare I mean hit. Would miss all year on the map. I mean he's one of the most consistent kickers get up and is dead lift book did yes. All man well the first one on the back snapped you understand you understand Amy he still aren't but that. The second one out I don't know what happened and gotten. It you got the call totally logical another thing you say it was apparently some scuttlebutt about like that but the sight lines and that stadium about how we you know even though it's in a dome like apparently the sight lines were very good guys in those two big yellow pole. Yeah. He's a little stadium both those players. And it just doesn't there. I'll make sure I had a right AC reading it on the building center text like 70457. Point 96 study says eyes are red biggest got a crush lots of debts on Philly. Are on the Moneyline what you write but I thought I saw somebody say in Vegas ultimately turned out OK because there were some sharp money coming at least some of the sports books you have to look set up to see our biggest turnout yesterday but here's some of the numbers that are pretty ridiculous from the game. So that ten of the last 41 Super Bowls including last night had been decided with the go ahead scored the final three minutes of regulation or overtime. That happened twice in the previous thirty once your troubles. So basically every other Super Bowl watching right now it's turned into great finish. Or at least it's been a competitive game and a game where you had some drama on accusing to not wait for the for the Panthers didn't end in Denver. Two years ago were you forget. He was a six point game with Ford have to go printers were driving and the nets' second strip sack happy and so there been a lot of gains over the years that have been tight games and recently. There and ought to go ahead score subtext the other patrons still last year coming back from 28 to three down to win by six in overtime. Over the falcons nick foale's organic or manufacture and tell me a lot of people say my 2002 also ruled them turn the lights out to make at a somebody I don't look I didn't I didn't hazy and had somebody. I didn't see any power I don't I gaining anything happened in terms of nefarious. Penalties in the first half but there weren't any penalties. But I think at some point and if I forget what the penalty disparity was but it one point I think either early in the second half in ways. It was in favor of New England where there I think eve Philly maybe had. Are doing only had one penalty called against him but I'd I don't I never thought officiating was was cited yesterday now I didn't think if you don't. Credit to gene steered towards much as we make fun of the dude I didn't think you I didn't think he officiating crew departed again if he gets the message. Blasted an index card thing I think you better got the message yet that that's so eat when you look at its full season Pittsburgh got about what 77 of his 100 in six passes in the least he didn't have a horse and hopes. Pixels and is 106 passes in the post season 77 of them 77 of them. I came up play action and I were completed excuse me 77010673%. Completion for pixels in the playoffs brigades yes. The only quarterbacks and higher completion percentage than that in one in in a minimum of one postseason. I with a minimum of fifty passes Montana was 78% in 89 Kurt Warner was 78% in 2009. In Troy Aikman was 74% in 1993 all hall of famers. Him. No I'm not calling calls all favorable what do you make of that. So our defense on entry I think that's part of it. Are you beyond great great system for the Eagles like him who we saw Carson's last six we saw Carson when Cyril kind of clamped an MVP type level he would've finished the season maybe he would have been the MVP incidental radian. I mean you that's a reason why you Doug Peterson was tires there's this causes his core his systems you have definitely helps a quarterback well I think it's all those things right I think he got I mean it looked into England's defense I think got far more credit than it it it is it was always a defense that was bend but don't break enables them mend the broken and growing and yesterday dental. Minnesota though was one of the best defense is sent over in the NFL there are little things up in the NFC championship game the best dual really talented defense. That he did that against and when you mix in odd guy should it claims divisional round the falcons the falcons work. Appeal from a talent stand point they were pretty good defense and they're playing better football lately year. Again in this same situation are going through now. Flacco pass rush to quarterback yet and a small ish defense I mean they are eight. You called BB or dodge ball defense will be on trying to beat you with speed and disruption in penetration. But when you get past that they don't have the substance the kind of back that up so Brady became the first quarterback ever in a playoff game to throw for 500 yards. And he lost. Then also patriots didn't want the entire game one point in the entire game combine the fewest and in a Super Bowl and the patriots about this that this is crazy. First team ever. Ever ever ever in any game. To amassed 600 yards of total offense in loose. Teams previously were 380 and one in those games in NFL history they lost the game that they racked up 600 yards of total offense first time current I don't know are always going to be first time there's always going to be an anomaly. But so the numbers in that game yesterday were bunkers roll over and over a thousand yards of total offense combined. I you're talking about what 74. October oh points combined between the two teams. And the two quarterbacks combined for six passing TDs. And I think about this this is the craziest thing misses and hyperbole this is actually a fact perhaps the difference in the patriots being six into a Super Bowls and now not five and three. In nick faltering a Super Bowl MVP. Vs being just to back up what a great Ron and that's probably it for one want for about a month. Is the fact it. He caught a touchdown he caught a pass that was thrown his way. Three didn't they were both drawn to throw passes both should've caught because there are wide open and heard wealth from passes from Brady dropped his Nichols caught his. Nichols is now Super Bowl MVP and will be remembered forever. It what do you think he's tried to refer what do you think he's Brad Johnson what every thinking is he's a Super Bowl winning quarterback is a Super Bowl MVP. You could argue if you wanna boil it down to one play it's because he caught a pass thrown his way and Tom Brady did organ is Rambus wanna see that Tom vs time documentary in the offseason were to see Tom Brady passes join animals for for the next five years. But that's why we play these games this because we can talk and all the analysis we want nobody not a single person because why would you. Ever going to last week saying hey guys watch for this can Brady really catch is going to be wide open. This was his hands big fingers fingers outstretched right on his hands Kenny catch a pass is because they win if not Day-Lewis noticed true. Mean it's not true this and he would have they were to converted. Bad that for you but who knows how to drive goes apparently that was so I'm just joking but I also I'm joking in the game but I'm joking I'm not sure you agree I know that you play the game was the was the the strip sacks that was that I know I'd I'd argue the play the game because it led to a school want to play on the drive previous to that otherwise that strip sack is completely irrelevant it's fourth and two. Nichols completing a MB a pastor yeah now under duress and Jesse Jackson hurts you just extends it over the pylon because. He he was a few yards back when he finally got hit but. But he got double over the line of scrimmage to get that first doubles fourth and two. I'm just tell you this as an offensive lineman it was fourth and whatever. I'm thinking I'm jog and the silent about park. I'm not thinking about how many coaches go for that situation there is clear is that there's a couple and I understand why he did it right because of the other guy that was and it on this on the other sideline we last year it was like we like we talked about right so much is put on. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and on and you don't wanna give them the ball. So I understand why he did. And wants to play call came in as office line and a guy award be the guy to mess this up type situation. But I am thinking in that situation where about the hunt this ball. For the first time today and try to pin them as far deep as we can. Well technically that fourth and one but a fourth and one. At your own forty it you're only yeah only 45 yard line yes. With under way at that point we've been under five minutes to go 626 to go lost the third down it was 539. As my lined up for fourth and one at. And at that point in the game you're sitting there you're down. You're down 3332. But plenty of time left all other timeouts remaining if my memory serves me correct for the Eagles yes for the Eagles so you can you're most coaches in that situation or sand you play the average is does the math would say points. You get beat you spend your time outs you get the ball back and go do it again and Doug Peterson said and not see this movie before idea that. Like you got a killer villainous fire whatever you guys are trying to do with his gun or whatever and are you gonna kill with fire gasoline and a lot of fire at notre Doug Peterson did yesterday and he did just did a time and time again but here's the other part of this because the the answer is always in the critics' favorite always is never fails. Doug Peterson was so aggressive yesterday always in the guys don't play all well just in general is so we do what we're always gets the last word is the critics the permit until it's always say I told yourself right or wrong in different it's always I told you so. And if Doug Peterson calls that seem game yesterday and Zach hurts doesn't catch that pass. Or pixels has his Tom Brady moment and doesn't catch that pass in the end zone were crucial find him today for being such immediate. Such numb skull how could you be that aggressive. The game was right for you why are you outsmarting your cells and so we loved the aggressive coach when it works and everybody loves it today announced that he was a young coach Jeff got to be in the moment you don't seem Belichick doing that stuff except he didn't need to work for them out of work. But it's funny how that works right because he was super aggressive I loved it it's been their their style and their namesake all year long he was met in 2070 does what else. Yeah download client I'm yeah at a pay them a lot of mistakes you're goal off forty. And then there'll yeah army so he was out there playing the game and he had the utmost confidence and his guys who make it but he was all. If you were to ask him and get him in a poignant moment he would tell he was scared to death to give them the ball. That's really well and I played the London school or I don't blame game was open asked what his thoughts. Get away so your offense playing in in the way so your defense claim he argued deathly would be and then every cool every every team's been position would have been afraid of the law elect Tom Brady so. And I don't blame among. That's 704570916. And Brian Mathews writes in buildings that are tech places those stats tell you two things the NFL's geared toward all sensible defense is horrible defense wins championships. I mean it's philly's defense made plays when they needed to go I mean eight or. They made immediately play enemy they collect a place Brian Graham made a play right as in your grandma passed immigrant action Tom check I don't think the pages on. They did not. Make OK okay well I think he's still a little I agree they made eight and that's all the matters are exactly at the end they may eighth and you know short Omar Gaither was here right now he's too there are a plate -- noted that we set to with a Omar about what happened. Although I'm sure he's excited for Philadelphia. For that to be Super Bowl champs for the first time I'd text erasing doesn't entering a Doug Peterson could still in the game he did not coach. Not to lose the game there's a big difference in the two when I'm not disagreeing you my point is. I've that's reasoning that's logic that nuance that's common sense would that person is saying it's what we're seeing right now right you don't hear that stuff after a loss when he coaches being aggressive. And playing to win the game you very rarely hear general public Joseph public Joseph fans' sake I it's OK we do hear that my coach has become president it. Clay you can win the game all right let's we do here let's go to the phone 70457096. Tenths Philly need to I'm sure is in a rare form today filling they congrats buddy how you do want. Crew. Go I go people well there are but we are bought by a scribe used a boat game but I watch over here. Watching it watching your campers come up and yet. Like actually pole lap my locker neighbors have bought sawed off very well in order of the minimum. It makes it all worked there ought to not pay barber and the veteran being here with that 66. Dominic at aria off that brought up the importance or. There ought to cry out for poppy you've got a pair of oh well never prop deal but we're that I. All right that's enough an employee had we're going to be that got its funny can enjoy a nice not considered say. You painters and seriously can a jab at at cantor sends us until and he got you moment yeah I want my own person goes to a Molina let's go to Matt who's up next that was somebody what do you say. Hey guys. And let them bomb a little bit as people believe they got one but not a net. They're brand like the talk a lot stretch for a team that just bought it on the ball. You know what though I mean I guy I and to be honest I don't know how I feel my neighbor John is a die hard Eagles fans on excited for him. I'm excited for our intern Thomas over the summer who. Who is a die hard you'll similar format hairstyle I know my hope that still alive to hear from one of seven on a link is that the game he's a die hard Eagles fan so like I am excited for those people and to be honest. It is cool like that's why this is why we always talk about not being a fair weather fan they should go. All the way back to 1960 before you won an NFL championship you won a super woman so I was if yoga for the fan base it's tough. Purdue a lot of our great. I think canceled their which would provoke what beer but I bet there. Going to read don't Peter but not the bad coaching job to do all these so great quarterback goes down. You had to coach Eddie edit it but leave it all on the field mentality. And I will be the army yet quite don't work you're looking at it differently. They work and well it beard and it was just incredible and they both. Happier today. Well what do they do they do with them and try to straighten him out full will be taken over content nor are they don't get me. He's so you know wanna like the pride we showed up. Well I would say Il met up version called the there's a couple of things at play here right now as because you talk about an ACL injury for Carson was that happened leading the way in a year late seniors are you almost need him going into training campus as a security blanket. You have and you don't mean game and then on top of that I think for nick full cease sounds so content so happy. I why would you be now with what you've done and going to franchise. Who who has got one more year it is pricing can write one of the highest higher paid adequate summer to a two year deal and was two years in a million dollars after we get a lot of money is a backup quarterback. But now if your foals right like you know Ole. You offended anybody wants a say anything about your Virginia does she'll scoreboard right right to your Super Bowl MVP assuming it was I didn't think he's got a hold and it was a I mean your risk is gonna dangle you want me waited a bad thing but does. I mean you talk to me a we're here McGregor yes yeah so I you know you wonder if your him. She is a little older he's still young enough to start for a few more years you would think he's going on anti yes so but do you know your pixels do you wanna go into his prime meet our. Players now into their forties we do you wanna go to a bad team do you wanna go to Cleveland and be dealing with that immediately fur suit me doesn't matter now. He's got his ring it does not give the he was talking about literally had five days ago he was he was almost 100% retired easy just like he wasn't happy with where he wants the coaching all that stuff didn't get a chance he you know he played before like he. He had success before his Montoya seemed like be completely. Happy now go back to be a bench of a backup quarterback. And if he ever needs to spots already can do it he might be Derek Anderson for Philly can beat these guys run out he had a great couple years when he had them. And what do scissors and making good money a place like Warren illustrated if anything goes wrong. Obviously I've proven I can step up and played selector or wheel one click somebody else somewhere else is wrong but this might this might just be good enough for him I don't know like there's a market for him if they wanna trade him they could do that. I'm but if your filly. You also who knows what is course we hope course there was never deals of this ever again. But as we see what Thomas Davis that isn't always the case either when you talk about an ACL injury I think obviously. Not wishing anything. I think he's in town like. One ACL people are pretty good at least you insular thinking why would you do with your silly you're are you tree here's a hot commodity you're gonna trade pixels collect you have to. When you can do until the season started again like you going to training camp. Without him as your checkup that's kind of Ricky risky from the other views of the quarterbacks such a weird position because easily -- be a leader in the field like you don't wanna divided block formula you don't want you don't want icon on your offensive meeting arms. No I yeah I mean I think one's up none on patching. Sunday. Yeah. Hold on a second you stay back it's like oh yeah we got Derek get 45 minutes are gonna talk about the whole thing class what went in what went on in that meeting room on Saturday afternoon Dell curry at 530 to talk about Kemba Walker pass him on the three point field goals list and hornets history and we got to get to the hornets are excuse me the Panthers angle from Super Bowl 62 because I think Marty Ernie can learn a lot from how we Grossman from the Philadelphia Eagles we talk about that next Jamar Nesbit Chris Kroger is primetime. Powered by ortho Carolina. To listening. Sub prime time with Chris Krueger. Powered by ortho Carolina. I trust my players I trust the coaches and you know I trust my instincts I trust everything that I'm doing and beauty you know I want to maintain. That aggressiveness. Out with the guys. And you know indie games like this against a great opponent. He got to make those tough decisions that way and then now. Thank you yourself aggressive. The Eagles head coach Doug Peterson. The key is now these boys head coach who. Here is Super Bowl as a player win a Super Bowl as a player and elegant as head coach. Has gone Green Bay and back up the at a press for a desperate for speech on Saturday morning went well I guess to really connect with those players that was a thing. You ready for hot take on a building sitter checks on him when it so it's hot man. This went scorching. This a loss hurts Brady's legacy not to go he's the reason they lost the game. I don't know. But it is well I'll see that in they get NN and C then I don't know I don't know there was never one of my takeaways and I was so I know let's don't mess that level since it is a whale is worth 55 for eight. So he's lost his eyes Rick yes. I mean that's parliamentary. So old LeBron James is what in finals. Well LeBron is now been two up. Three he went to four straight with a TD went to a two. With the with the cavs he's gone wanting to win those he's of these two point six yet he lost for the carry experienced six appearances so to what to inform. There was a more Pierce's and that he's been and he was in four with the heat worry 120 he's been in three already with a cast so that's seven or spend eight. And he has won two of the karate three of those she's three and five. In those eight finals appearance so easy and vs Brady. So you know. People on a detracts from what LeBron has done. Are they going to try now to detract from what Brad I just don't see great I mean I don't know you didn't you're getting yeah or go with this is. They've been to finals like they've gotten their team to finally like they're part of the last two teams stand. So no matter if they went it's it's a teams or teams or does. There's not one of those situations where it you know because they didn't win let's let's just momentum for our New York's now quarterback ever to do edited out of it now the never pretended to be a wide receiver. Never made any claims to be such. Right so we really can't hold etiquette well it is Atlantis is on we can hold again. And that's a fumble drivers who gosh yeah it looks forty until then then that's exactly Tom Brady was the last time you actually look jury today and that exact play right then when he's running for his life trying to extend the door when they drive potential game winning drive there were didn't help more here here's the thing no. Because I agree with you on that it also points to lead the fine line between the pitchers very easily be eight knowing he's in the Super Bowl appearances. 018 they could be anywhere in the spectrum in any of those one in seventh to a 66 and 205 and 335404. Anywhere in the spectrum the largest margin of victory. Eight points yes and that was yesterday before that it was six points and and that was last year and a game they're down 28 to three. In the second half and back and they won in overtime. So there's a fine line between winning and losing Brady actually suite on the Saudi Bob Brady spoke to this after the game last night miss Reese said. The thing about what. What they've done is he's like you can't win it in less sure hear what you just said is what he said yesterday you can't win it in last year here and I would agree on that. It's the one it's the one thing that I think we've. Maybe we misunderstood why the patriots are dynasty. Because the thing that makes them a dynasty to me how many times they won back to back its one time correcting one back to back Super Bowls one time. Isn't that correct. Yes yes it was there it was the first and second time they want it yeah actually no excuse me it was the second in his third us regular beat the Panthers and indeed the Eagles so they've didn't they've won back to back super balls one time against a bad thing about trying to diminish I'm just saying that for the boy god will likely in their sister agreed but that's the point is using Super Eagles every day and eight times and sixteen years it's the same thing I would say about disperse the spurs won five championships in seventeen years the fact that you got there that many times the fact that you did it despite never winning back to back doesn't diminish she was a as a dynasty. In fact it is your dynasty. That over the course of nearly two decades you were always thought to be a team that would be in that team that could get tonight game and if you're there you're expected to win it. That's the legacy of the patriots it's not good they always win because just looked. They don't always win correct the father of three but they're always there and I think that's the thing you people talk about Brady and Jordan we did that last week is Brady. Brady Jordan who's the greatest. You know I think Brady's come might beat. Especially given skill sets as you wanna talk about talent. Verses skill 'cause those are two different things or what what you know what I wanna feel like you're gonna diminish his skill and not jump not diminishing anything in fact I think he'd be happy he'd be more than ecstatic to be mentioned in this. Sick. Tom bradys to Tim Duncan a football me. He's the big fundamental. He's the guy that does not have the elite level talent he's the god it is so fundamentally skilled he's the guy that is ageless because of the way he plays the game he's the guy that you always expect in that moment with a bonus he's gonna make the play is guess what. 90% of the time he did get. Tim Duncan and Tom Brady have a lot more like the Michael Jordan and Tom Brady. The Michael Jordan Tom Brady thing isn't it pretty talked about yesterday we did Patrick forty TVs like everybody in that category or would that kind of that's why this is where you can make. It's ridiculous notion to say Tom Brady Michael Jordan the same guys. But the notion that people so called Brady's unbeatable no we certainly do able just like Tom Tim Duncan was beatable. But you just expect him when they got to that moment that they would win it and that speaks to the greatness that they half correct but they've does that they displayed. Previously. I mean. We wouldn't expect him to do unless they've shown they can do and that's why just funnels and how bait people jump on LeBron now he's not greater now the greatest he's not the best player that ever all of us up because he has it won every single on the he was it'll go fronts not the greatest and that's fun too it's like grow Brady ED hill Brady probably is the greatest quarterback a team in Montana she won argue that may be him and united serve. Maybe Dan Marino Joseph go on pure passing offense would have wherever you wherever cloture don't. Com and there'll yeah they're all opinions on this. But but the thing about LeBron is he he's not Jordan he's never gonna go five and all that ship sailing along time ago he's built a different legacy and so is Tom Brady. The fact that he's forty and he got us after the game yesterday is like. Definitely do this again I mean our expertise and I don't know exactly like I gonna process this was like yeah why would that be your next year. And why would you be used to for 500 yards in the Super Bowl and did you see what he had a net hail Mary pass here. The remaining two years ago was incapable if if dec 182 years ago OK got that play Pete meaning can make that throw the numbers are. Get up early drop on the thirty yeah trust you pretty are surely not apples apples right because premiums not Apple's app is not a mean. Manning had multiple neck surgeries he had you know nerve damage in his own enemy so let's and he was not going to end. Truth be told Manning never had the greatest arm strength. He became. His thing was accuracy. And and get the ball out and being able to men do or move. Defense is yet with his eyes bats well it Peyton Manning did his thing was he was going to outsmart you. And be able to do what he wanted to do or makes you do what he points it was never he was over property with his love everything we only time the summaries of outlook old is when he's had to move around the pocket scrambled yesterday was the first time we looked as H first time. And maybe he looks like that was bad it was that was really I tell you ask the question why would he not do it after all timing Arctic ozone hole. When you fall off a ledge quake happened and we all over night I thought we thought that happened at the beginning of this year than it did happen on truth what you're asking what could apple can happen heat it will happen when this. I'm good form on quick ID we start to 4 o'clock hour daring it's gonna join as a fourth or we will talk cult fame we continue and as a crow sits primetime powered by ortho Carolina.