Primetime: Jamar Nesbit Shares His Thoughts on The Hornets

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Friday, January 19th

Kroeger continues to talk Hornets possible trades with Jamar Nesbit.


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Our extreme. Real estate studio. Sorry six can't tell you this he asks. WSJ NBC presents an awful all night. Wednesday January 24 from 6 PM new week PM at the palms steak house in South Park with a big game legends Mousa Mohammed and Dray Bly. Do you know yeah. Our very own big team legend frank Garcia. And Kyle Bailey hopes. Football match. You listening to WFAN CR. In two women up close and personal seat tonight special evening talking football and sports over food and drinks you can also register for a chance to this you don't mind at WNBA and C dot com. Follow football night. I must be 21 Earl. Powered by Ford. I rain yesterday morning in produced 45 albums and yet you said you went running. It was like 25 out here and he didn't do with the oh you do was it your core temperature back from employee. After this kind of heard any candidate. Hillary my body was expending always energy trying to stay alive outside of Israel and how looking ahead. Those who are you couch if you war. If I did about it I actually did live from the marks being real T studio program. Look look you're lost you're in the right spot we're doing a radio show you okay here and now we just got a whole bunch of new. And is there a husband Dumars made you like you're gonna. You can sell your home he's my guy I'll take Gary Marshall space. And now I'm outside our little phase window here pianists we've all window that's certainly a win no holds panel wall this is missing don't like David Jack Charles green. Our big screen TV guy wires they get outside government. Materials won't know we're like the hornets we're we're doing a little renovating we're Donald housekeeping today I got to do little housekeeping so Kim came onto the TVs I have I'm going to take losing easily now Mellencamp is still many stood tall for about ten minutes today and this is come unprecedented territory you walked into a bit above the pun intended hornet's nest today we're gonna talk a lot of football I still want to talk a lot of football Panthers. Little NFC AFC conference championship games this weekend I'll talk hoops only well why don't I sure realize tool and this is tough to clubs and tiger 330 gay or talk to ray were McLeod. Are trying to do things that I don't have attracted as broken Arabs there's nothing else he can help. Wow OK and it's only going to -- there at 3:30 I am I aiming and try to hide their bravery McLeod by the way Clemson wide receiver NFL draft prospect at 330. We will get this report from close and it's fun because it text eroded and building -- text line you can interact with this there for a leads the list Twitter feed as well have primetime WS Quincy brown only recently named one of the top fifty. Retail jewelry chains in the country by national jeweler magazine building trust for three generations it's probably Jewelers and roundly Jewelers dot com. As a new slash supported suck so why would the entire roster will be up for trade what they have to lose not like digging get worse world. Okay agree as a secondary team it's 45 guess that I read all this is innocent and good neighbors yesterday criticized his wrist is thinking I just drink the stuff truckloads into meat I'm not Billy's one of the best insiders report is out there I think everything you said in years probably true bush sneaky it's its soldiers sneaky I don't know where he gets all this but this is also the most no dust story I've seen in a long time no duck. O'Donnell hornets are trying to get rid of bad contracts and no doubt about that a lot of teams are more interest hitting Kemba Walker than they are NIC Batum. And JG Marvin Williams and Dwight Howard no Duff all get in the double hornets are not good right now. And dared exploring options of if this thing doesn't get turned around you what would you do it if the next four games in this homestand starting tomorrow night against Miami if you nosedive again. What would you do all we this is what you do know Alec all of this is the most know does stop this isn't shocking to me this isn't surprising to me and that's a different conversation of whether the likelihood of this actually transpired or not it's gonna go down and then go back on that goal so let's say this this four game homestand they come out for no. What do we do army you know we went by I think you could you go and I think that's right the next twenty you're trying to point five yep. So were right bag and and then I think you start thinking about what could we add on our bench swap some rare to some spare parts. That could make you better the Courtney Lee type deal to me a few years ago. I Gary Neal type of deal few years ago could you upgrade backup point guard it with with Michael Carter wins are actually what I honestly. People I know. I'm I'm sort of be on the uptick when Michael Korda when she's relentless defense is certainly valuable this team there's no way you think you could argue otherwise try to do watch him. Even without him playing defense that second unit until he goes into the into the dumpster muzzle kick off into the ocean off into the abyss true. But how do you manage a do you minimize that right daddy go get another guard who could maybe spell him or another guard who could play alongside Kemba Walker to add some more scoring punch and versatility. I think they went out this hosting and you talk about that you're not talking about blown it up all of the sudden. Bobby put the genie back in the Bob. Our eagle how do you go to. Limiting hours skid. But I don't know if you know how I get so tired. His player troll you tell you I don't take business there are I know what they're going to safe businessman I know they're going to say it's a business man known and no no I give it. But as the player and now and I even just a playwright so he's been described even by sources outside of our little bull. He is the heart and soul he is Lloyd you know he is hornets basketball is homeowners bask. So now you come I'll say look and we may not see UN our plans very much longer. Granite professionally. He's blood there and do his job is as well as he's been doing it thus far yeah. A tickets you worry about that getting in the way there were about a because speaking as a as a format like you do what you responsibility is. And you know they've kind of got to bend over a barrel because. You can't. Less in your output because now your market back he's going to decrease is closely kinda had you have to go out there and play well that if you want to hopefully get to a spot that you wanna get too. At the same time all those extra stuff yeah I'll go out into the community or yeah I'll go out and do this thing for the team above vote. Now I need to. Now I mean star award Obama's social bulls game Norwood played through. Now come from the start looking out number when. It was interesting because is obviously there's the elephant in the room Steve Clifford addressing here Steve Clifford Billy play this against the cliff reported said coach after practice today I was over there earlier this afternoon which Steve Clifford say in all the stuff we Jumbo woes triggered the rumors and that's exactly what they are. Maybe this week eighteen years I can tell you. From. A place to place five different cities there's rumors everywhere and I'll tell you same thing is tell the players just nobody has said anything about it here and it's a room. Very and then here's here's Kim loved Kemba Walker sand. What did you know speak to your talk about Jamar has its say in. Yeah it's not funds this is an ideal we're trying to make a loyal bush but he says I'm trying to keep my mind off the stuff right now and just focus on basketball. I don't know. Okay I'll see you. Over the yeah. No looking ahead. Dumb I'm still here and after less than. Control over those are very. There are. Her mom. As soon as we its financial crisis setter that I mean that that's a guy did I mean he's a winning basketball player period and he wasn't because he was a seven greens. Some seven win team and they went to win forty games two years ago and he was a god people sit literally could she two point shots he knows what the best three point shooters it is position in the NBA over the last three seasons so he is the epitome of what you want your captain to dean. Your point guard being your leader DR somebody representing your city to be he's all class sees all world. And he's just define human being. Now whether that means you can't be trader not a whole other conversation but what you're talking about the just the implications of it how do you do you deal with this up on a human level Heidi key point when all the stuff circulating. And it and I I walked into practice the end of practice is nobody was wrapping up instilled some guys maybe shoot and so you so you relate. Which is an early lead assimilate after practice is over we'll get to see the fun stuff out there so you guys are still wrapping up the shooting routines or whatever some aren't just gonna go you don't go downstairs go to the locker room all that stuff and Intel luck. Was put in some extra workers with Steve that's a as he always does what there is your team. And he's going around around the world she is mysteries try to put off talking as long did it dawned in Sears another I don't blame them on this in the east until when he spoke eloquently and from a heart today was pretty impressive as a prequel thing to seek aren't that's why he's the captain and he just dances the W lose my forties in the locker every game he's never got the ducks out this is not enough for me tonight never. Never ever ever. Now he might not give you the greatest answer sometimes because he's disappointed to where he's always there and that's we want from your captain but I swear I looked at him today and I was thinking a silhouette of like. This is a guy that stick it out on the basketball hoop today I saw him I mean he was at a Bret I've never seen a Mike that he was at a craft when he stood up to the media scrum in right put Mike's in his face and it took him a few moments to got to gather himself. And I don't know if that was him take it out of frustration on the loop but it seemed as if like. MM on though is I love this that all of this team a wanna be here on the basketball. And I'm just gonna keep dorm I think the men and he worked up a lather after practice today just think he'll wait ended and we gross dinner at a British latent in focus cultural true. Need to roll through we always for coming it's obviously address the elephant in the room when he finally came through May and I he was out of breath after after working his child I would love to. B head coach and be able to say hey now has been said to me right I mean I sag that kind of just. He knows what his players don't he does is in the first time that. The coast has been through this right he's had other high. High caliber players go through situations like army assault. As a coach in I would I would expect to try it I would expect him. To try to take a little more pressure awful Campbell. For this whole situation I think yes the car or protect them or even like them as foreign tribes that were trying to say is. You know you you see in NFL and also stuff coaches will take it on their shoulders and trying to. Put themselves in front there rose before the player has to go through that'll sit too well no wonder and maybe this is just the reality of Enos Steve say. He was unaware of this hadn't it hadn't seen any Niedermayer and very well maybe not every game is on. Yeah there's no laws that plausible reliability thing. Israel bill I know I don't think yeah I actually I don't remember I was echoed are probably tell the illicit built on this I don't give me an elephant isn't don't know let me go to has done here mosque right now waiting. I can look him in the eye and now lives. Well it and the other thing on that too is you know he said in no uncertain terms he was asked today hey if you know if this were to come up with and because this is a huge deal this is exhibit in direction for your entire organization or slowed and he said. You have to sort of come up by I would have been put. But it has come up. Now again well how far down the line this is we can all we've we're we're talking about that right now it has come up in your underwear so is that state coffers way to say and a draw and I think he's done a good job this I respect Clifford is adding clippers and a good job in May be in in very no uncertain terms. Drawn battle lines in that organization. I know what I stand for. I know what I do and I'm gonna go down fighting. And for him to say. Oh we I should have I would have been put if this were to happen and jump on aware does that either say. Well it is happening in baby keep you in the loop so what does that say or is that you say and we know this is my team that's my guy we doing this. He said I have input which means they'll hear now. Now whether in the decision and very ideal I mean like if he single we generally speaking and that's what you say like any situation I didn't put the economy and they talk about it but clearly this is this person that is not happening or. Always happening in all OK and I want to know where I stay indoors and don't cut out I don't know I'm just put that out there. Is the best come at a worse time for for coach to come back. One he's he's been awful also and away from the word games straight weeks away from the organization. All this could have been obviously in the works while he was gone. Right you're sick mark on. Bloomberg yeah I don't I mean that elaborate but still when somebody dirty arts yes it is a yes it is but here's a portion Erickson eye on the back. He's got a new lease on life like you do are not going to kill me with the stress. Right so he could tell them exactly what you all that good with the almost killed in the first our uncle killed just tomahawk only two guys get to me so bad that I had to take your views extended leaves of accent so he could tell him what he thinks so. You know is is the best comedy worst off have to become back. Now we had to break we come back we we keep talking about this a little bit we got to guard as there are Super Bowl champion out with this we got to Clemson tiger a national champion ray were McLeod gonna join us at 330 was talking Camp David Griffin former cavs GM and now NB ATV. And then that you as a roaring into Cincinnati great break joins us at 330. David grip and at 530 talk about some of this as well and we we keep trying to unpack what this means and and and actually be idea that this team needs to pivot long term we discussed that Tutu mart has been Chris Grover it's crunch time powered by ortho Carolina so. So. So. Us. Our Achilles heel are fighting in the NBA in recent days is gonna fighting in the studio and noble we call. Drone hands whatever they're doing their dance and pop actually it was pretty funny yesterday he was asked about some of the fighting any NBA since some of the most Manzi DMZ on Geist. There's that's a great great term Basel but you know what though Ramsey Tanzi is not their fault. There really isn't they just don't know when you don't they'll they'll put let's get a lesson hard but also it is. Basketball players don't really fight I don't think football players might garner and Obama talk in my comical on Mike and solemn like in life like just normal. Why because they've always been big and and everybody pressure of being coddled and told why do the best lives and listen. We're not going to have any insult any of that athlete desist that you had not seen all I really don't see any NBA dude awesome that's true well yes so a lot of our players would fights break out. Those do get pushed to the sciele hey you got a future don't don't don't go to the money right don't mess is up. In owners I know there's because they happen to be when I was a young kid Oreo and I'll pay I'll also some people are shouldn't have been. If you don't mind and it's so much as they'll have been upstairs or my pairs a listener I apologize right now. But I fight broke out guys you got a future that right kid doesn't let them let them. I'm telling you Jim teams on the double on the shoulder no we just had hey. I hang out would these dudes. There are a site. I better get in this fight or so you're like so I want to jump in and I felt like this grandfather hand like how like the cartoons current push meal the way yeah. There can be accessed at him like hey you don't need this and I just kind of stood there owes Larry for real and I. And an honor this let's this this great story telling from taught our boys are marked as it every there are not on the money deletes a sound form and we will we will play what are you familiar with pneumonia deletes you know. The money deletes about a way played all last night and against the rockets if you watched liberals rocket awful awful. That's my guy now. I'm really is how he plays good just because of this sound right here from the money delete so we'll get to that the second there's got to tighten this studio are about a real one but many of take one over facility when it coming Gaza bringing a sale which is. And they normally bring a variety of subs we love the bomber which is their their take on a Philly cheese steak. And a bomber shot say put on it with the peppers in the onions and on the gooey cheese and the state commit fresh bread and now. There's only one so who's Gannett. All of that's wipes down news refight that battle lines are being drawn to this until we see this on Friday so appreciative of that but just the ownership man's gonna make an appearance too well for all I know he might he might circumvent in cut straight to the chase and subs get here he might go right to the direct route in cut the sub off before we get here and the receipt and notice it's Friday it's it's 3 o'clock in the boss is still here. He's waiting he goes here's the money believes he's a very bad man he's from Serbia you would mess with this suit our. I was based on this peninsula. Especially those who play a little camera finder in the game. I'm reaching here. But I just tried to protect myself and American a good thing cause this kind of from the Clinton you know he was trying to calm him down because. Panel to a group and. Yeah thank god raised on Larry messing raise I didn't disgrace and remember. Correct. Or his streets are called police who is literally a war zone or we're not target twenty twos and thirty eights and maybe some Robert wiles a couple of symbols right and I'm sure talk. I guess he's right on your talk tomorrow and mortars and land mine yes as we're talking about he's raised on the mean streets the war zone a tattered war zone. A Serbian you don't mess when I usually sit in sit in the locker room. Comparing. You know how you were brought yeah. And are had a harder now that you're on the south man dirt roads dirt floors that's where we slipped up Jason chickens are nestled stuff. I had a harder. Not his dues like oh man I saw I was amazed it's it's right now on you believe so right like if well why you don't condemn mortar hit like 200 yards away is there's only does or or are you doing type situation that you can't. Can't even. Can't even mess wouldn't what you say Billy I think we gotta get some I was raised in the streets T shirts gallon site in August as I mean we just got to be among traditional gotta have that we're not actually raised on the street and we've got to have his face and yet we live by Carol thank you wanted to behind what you're gonna learn the wrong spot all right man things that we had some artists that are super. A shared game Kok we got to Clemson tiger joining us in five minutes ray ray McLeod wider you know early on top. Wow he's gonna join us at 330 rhetorical NFL draft would challenge except that eager here's the thing you and I were talking. About some of these trade ideas for for Kemba Walker and afford it's an eight I think more than anything whether this will happen and then people I talked to today. Slim to none older guys is happened Swinton on the idea that the hornets would trade Kemba Walker but of course there listening it's they're due diligence to me counsel to listen when you're eighteen and 25 you'd be upset as a stand and they did right so we Kevin Pelton a B just you know I think does a great job covering the NBA. Really Smart dude it's behind the pay want insider Sinatra give out all these deals but he has a list of teams and potential deals that actually could work. I if you plug into the trade machine and at some level work for both teams further for the for the hornets and the for the team that make a deal with. And eat he's he is weighing two or somebody steals and it. It the big take away is you don't unload all these contracts of one deal so maybe you want to sell richest kemba. In other she'd still be saddled with Batum and KG. Dwight Howard. In others it see get real one with kemba unlike a Marvin Williams is a deal with Utah where Israel Marvin Williams in Kelly gets himself back in return. But that's when he start playing the scenario went OK so Dwight and expiring contract next year twenty million dollars per year I think Dexter you probably could move toyed with the deadline. Because it's and it's expiring beyond any team would take that on. OK so now Kim was going to say you see every kemba and Marvin this year is the deadline. Then twice gone next year. You still got three more years of or 24 years rather. Of NIC Batum at the money and actually no I think it's three more 'cause he's got a fifth year player option if memory serves me correct. So you've got three more years always kickers yes on nick the tomb at his contract and over 25 million dollars per greater contractor nick. Mixed and yeah I mean we got him into it absolutely does he got in KG make an attack the money he's making which I think is over twelve minutes warriors asked this in the playoffs and for twenty years it's point one want not turning that down he's gonna keep taken a contract I'm not going nowhere CNN KG. Odd for a couple more years when he had to unload that Dylan so realistically I think best case scenario it takes. From today I think it would take at least two years to unload all those bad contractor singer back contracts right now. So yeah we are you do that. Maybe you're getting some asset backed her true whether it's draft picks or young player you think you can develop and then at that point you gotta keep stacking guys as well all. In your draft picks that you're hoping you're landing on your draft picks that you're gonna develop so you're saying is the results gonna tackle takes three years if you wanna do it rebuilds its source is a great year still don't know the rebuild starts in three years we're actually back to square one. A no go anywhere to swing I thought that the mummy trade away nick are the the mommy twin who do you trade away Kemba Walker that's on the rebuild a starting but it doesn't really. Isn't completed till you're gonna need to know the completed says sure they are and that's not true let's start to rebuild notable when you're sick of sleeplessness who arrived to me. That you're not arriving or you wanna be in three years. At 32 medium three years you're you're Denny your point your you're breakeven point I mean real back to square one your caps situation is good meaning you got some good young players they're certainly not all stars yet and that's what I'm saying so from what point from mayor are you actually back to being a competitive basketball type and high ceiling today eight act or or did and then you have right now these same because you'll still be in quote unquote. Cap purgatory. With these what these trade order to get more years right because you have to trade out there exactly the numbers have to match estimating an expiring contract to maybe expiring Contra doesn't come until next year. What are you getting from a developmental standpoint from picks or players back or return and then at what point you actually become a good company basketball team again and that's the million dollar question to love whoever you draft. Why would you do have confidence that five years from now those players as a team level higher trajectory than this team has right now. And that's that's a million dollar question if you do inside out like das has the control in this whole experience. Really truly is because you're giving you given thought there whatever your draft picks are are coming in that you going to hit home. And unfortunately. We have not we could soon you could leverage SharePoint short she just couldn't to make in principle. Meant to pick I would say to make a trade like this and now it's even if he did in the all seize on Motley enrichment to steal period point blank what does he done to deserve that type of the type of ability to to make it to make a move of that magnitude and to shift the future of your franchise what. All I don't think you can be. That's a no what are you and it is hard for me to have the kids are doing their job some trucks a Travis then this is a way out later backtracked Coulter does do his job. Certain and I think he's managed. To get done what he was allowed to get done. Let's put that I think he's done everything he's been able to do. With his constraints. Goal for because we don't know Michael still has his his his imprint his thumb on of course he does have to bring in so Greg Kaminsky his guy right that's a Michael Jordan and Kyra you're exactly right Rick Broward we Knoll. Kind of what might not go Kwame don't mean it's it's. I hate to say if they don't happen OK we averaged an very you do. But the but the situation is so we can't just put it on shuttle. When not all the time everybody. Is right so no one Roger. We did this and brown leads the list where she by the way app prime time WS DNC brown only recently named one of the top fifty retail jewelry chains and a country by national jeweler magazine building trust for three generations. Brownie Jewelers Bradley jeweler stock is an idyllic after the dust is settled can we as stands near a state of the franchise from NJ all this uncertainty can be tolerated and narrow no we want MJ back in front of a crowd but we want answers so I mean we're talking about yes we do button and that's where we gas healing is a roof. He was comfortable where he was speaking to saying okay that's fine but it was but I we don't want ceiling is a rule in any case said he blew it up all the back in 2010 because you do wanna be here again you wanna be in the in a situation where he's a 78 seed you feel like your kept out you feel like you don't have viability long term and yet. Here we are seven years later and that's not sing so you do this whole process ideally. Best case scenario man if it takes. Three or four years to even be slightly competitive and it looked what are you actually eighteen competing for second or Eastern Conference sector router Eastern Conference finals appearance. I mean at a minimum to me that's five years from now. All we talked about this the last couple conned we've been here. The style of offense that the that the that the hornets play is two years old but its personnel driven it its personnel driven yes but best that was the plan. Do you really think you really think that Steve efforts offense. Darnell he can run that type offense at best suited his days are over two years ago I think they were tough every immediately. And a second group came in and they later that I knows acting which are designed first and second units are free they're there facsimile of one another you can run it personally when your second year and it looked largely the same at that point. And I think that helped because of that play I think added that allowed them to have a style of play that was once winning inconsistent. It's sustainable when he went from the bench cheer from the starters to your bench. I mean if you like to get two different platoons of teams right now and could the bench it is the bench just got to play a really specific way. Based upon their personnel based off the personnel I mean to me I do feel like some this is personnel driven I do. But that's the question to meet you so sure that he's doing exactly what Jordan said though yeah go back to what he says sorry blew up once but this is what you guys followed bad bad. The blow with. These are the guys that you paid a did you actually have a plan in the system in place I wanted to question I would love to know is okay where I met a man I'm looking junior I am asking you for actual answer Arabs and the Russians rhetorical template. You know. So why would we trust you and I'm with you and this leadership group to blow up again and actually have a plan to. OK let's play at a subsequent asking you this ulcers inside audience are amassing this question again rhetorically if what's what's the better odds of listing this team to another plane of saying you can be as a second round team or Eastern Conference finals team. A few for a few years from now. Remembering that Michael Gilchrist is ultimately what 23 yes or young player to. Has improved maybe not where we want to be yet but has improved. What what's the long or longer. Term plan. That you keep waiting for him to improve you take Kimball walker the 150 million dollar sees duke is he's earned every penny that super Max contract he's due in in two years. You do everything you might to try to unload and they put two and and it. And Dwight Howard is his contract expires. And you keep developing the league mark who is nineteen years old ultimately. Easing young kid. He's a kid yes played a man's game and that's I think he can I know we can improve I know we can't correct. Or did you keep writing that hamster wheel hey if you make the playoffs great if not were picked an eight to twelve let's make sure we nail this draft pick right now. What's the longer term viability that. Are hoping that what you just said well what we just discussed about blowing it up in waiting for this all play out five years later. Which team does a better trajectory five your show not the answer to that. But I I actually don't think it's crazy to say if you order make a little move here. Or ride this out in just hopes of player development you can just doing your job is better like everybody doing your job better. Which one's more sustainable I I don't know genuinely I don't know what the answer is to that. Well I wanted to try to answer their question and I think this the situation where you keep kimbo and you try to get rid of Dwight. Much is I hate to say that because I love how fours and and senators especially guys that actually play tough in the paint. But unfortunately what he's doing he slows the older he slows the movement down because he has to pound the ball slipped on to get to his spot if is not quick. His style of his style of ball is not going to be conducive to the growth that we need to have a that I look on his dog on trade thing and one of the situation that he brought a boost to trade with Indiana Pacers. Which I found interesting because he would be sending out Jeffries back. I'm sorry Al Jefferson back yet so. Wait a second why I mean. Why would we do it. Right that's as good as anybody IMAX. Alan backwards through decision for them not resigned Jeremy Len there's a good decisions. Now that NIC Batum thing that's up in the aerial once the team the plane and I by the war by the way tomorrow night. That's the blueprint to make an asset dignity he ought to teams talk about culture and laws is always got culture and it seems in all sports and did Sears about this could do you think actually have a culture. Is that he says they got it LA teams actually have what you would call pulsar where you walk in there and it doesn't matter who's playing in. What they're doing you know what's expected in you better do X if you don't somebody else's that's culture to make. See Antonio. New England. And I think oddly enough Miami. Big about what Miami is done every early on coach Spoelstra always not that good. Early on I was with coach Spoelstra. I mean he's got star players we can't control the star so until we did by the way hitting gosh got to the watch for straight Eastern Conference files they won two rings. But I think it's easier when we stars always everybody thinks it's easy until he got to do it right then they get rid of the source eagle mine he's done ever since. Rotate the bit players through yes if they're not gonna have to transcend generational superstar players we've given money to anybody you come here you get paid somewhere else and it's a wayward home for boys you just keep coming in here we'll get good it would be a good play out you were gonna rehab your career and you're gonna go somewhere else to get a lot of money. And they sustained that over the last few marlin company the Miami Heat. Farm team for the wrestle. Yeah thirteen to go to playoffs they keep winning games against what's happening there maintaining cap flexibility and when the time comes they pat Riley's gonna try to really the big fish one more time hey come look at these rates. Hey come look at our beaches come look at our read all we wanna give us just how are they'll be orderly in Miami the where they are does help cause you couldn't pull this off in you talk but everybody talks about culture it's hard to actually build it is hard to actually establish it. And cultures different it's a different type of culture there. But it that semi if you're if you're a hornet's. That's your viability its maintaining flexibility it's maintaining your your ability to never go all lean with anyone core may be one guy. Never one core of one group of guys and if you maintain their flexibility you're always in the mix. And guys always like coming because they know they're gonna get money whether it's here or somewhere else. And they're gonna play for some playoff caliber teams. And they're gonna place for great coax that's gonna get the best out of hand. And I wish that the hornets because I think it should be the hornets I think the hornets should be the Miami Heat. They should be a team that's always in the mix in other going to be kinda fun you know they're gonna make the wrong they're gonna play their best basketball late in the year. And if the right position right situation presents itself. Might actually land some big fish. But instead we've now gone twice in the last seven years would always with a core and were you feel like you're maxed out your ceiling is the seventh or pre seed in the Eastern Conference. That's not viable in your motor city wasn't there is. In. Haiti right because we eat here in Charlotte we're basket anywhere in North Carolina we're in a basketball. Lleyton environment. And this is going. Yes the pants is here but basketball is here as so. To not have success here I mean we have quote unquote the greatest player to ever played but not necessarily greatest owner. Now you know who wouldn't want to come play for. A former NBA I was at their debt on how to Arnold and hassle I would start about as a pay dividends I don't know it has it because unfortunately he. Because of what we're talking about the right he he chooses some of the wrong people to beat the throw his allegiances or what he likes in a player enough. And unfortunately if they had that empower her baby blue every caller on I think it public actually points when they don't asserted. There. Pass rusher let's go to phone 7045709. Ceased and David Griffin I think Kenny answer some of these questions as I'm telling you it does at the most at the most basic level that so you look at the idea of if you were blow this up from what is what actually is more viable long term blowing up five years now or you actually better with all those assets you think you acquire. Or writing out some of these bad deals hoping Samir guys you have drafting continue to develop Cody Zeller Michael Kidd Gilchrist. And that you just keep drafting better that we can't turns into be a guy two years from now that you're you're say well I can with we got him eleventh the address somewhere here like eight to twelve this year's draft. And you take me we got to see what that guy to. And he's got more viable than blowing it up and seeing where you are find your shot Eliezer that David Griffin I think you speak to that coming up. And 530 was go to Tom who's been hanging on Tom what's up man. Yes I mean we thank. I Ellis are about done. Come on very calm demeanor to not blow it out I just think that's where overrated optic you have to get really lucky to get. Good draft picks you know I'll be lucky to trade away and all Garnett and pierce get what they cannot. And I just don't think that's what I do think got. That's easy way out they are they're all public stroller get in the NBA you just got to get lucky what are callers to. Keep what you are actually trying to make it work. They quit trying to just throw all our particular are we better beat. Tom and I I think you're on the summit it I said this I appreciate you calling him out like that dead take I said this the other day I do feel like it's coward's way out genuinely. I don't agree when people say don't blow up photo that's coward's way out to tell you whatever you it's an indictment on the work you've done to that point there is adequate. Arm. But here's here's my issue so. I think a lot of this has to deal with what will the fan base over the enemies except. Right so some of these places Detroit those. You know people places to have blown things up before they can wring some. Or so you can get a ring you have you know a certain grace period in which. Or you've built up enough cash shade at your fan base is going trust which are going to do. Unfortunately we haven't done that so. Do we as fans here Charlotte hornets do we have enough patience and that's the business. The big word is gonna hang over has do we have the patience to wait two or three years. While we'd play worse and what were playing right now stalled out in order food prices usually curse word for fans absolutely. Are absolutely won't rebuild well and it and then he asked if you talk about the dynamics of this market where. India went away for two years and ended on such soured terms and it's taken to disappoint you people say attendance is sagging actually tennis is. Over the last years oh it's it's trended up toward the got almost a let me go over 111000 season ticket holders and you ridiculous that is about what I told you that five years ago we get all of our lines light up right now the talk porn just you couldn't pay people to talk about the bobcats. Four years ago five years ago. Remember and now people actually care and meaningful way again so when you're talking about his. Mean could that sustain I don't know what this market would do if it was completely irrelevant it was posting twenty win teams for three or four years and real. And add new Norton those 21 teens or maybe even forty maybe just barely getting into the playoffs right. As a small market team and as a teen who doesn't handle very long rich history. Would our fan base still continued to slip. Or the team while we got a rich history of from is Nez is twenty years period point like it's been twenty years right Aggies spent fifteen excuse me. But even then it's it's that doubt was. Leaving. And not going to games when his team was making it to the same ground. Around as to what else is second round of the playoffs and you and it can DC it's. What a thousands of empty seats at the old Charlotte coliseum record called the day of a playoff games don't get tickets and that's unheard of hold on market will you guys next we keep reacting and hour to talk some football I promise which -- mart as that are Super Bowl champions primetime powered by ortho Carolina. I ortho Carolina. In June. And tune and tune and. Appreciated here tomorrow and as we start a trade deals left to right what's this deal you just throughout their nest house so yeah. Cleveland Cavaliers. Opportunity or possibility betrayed Jesus or Campbell plan so like a business executive but listen I've got an opportunity for. Absolute sold the horns would give Isiah Thomas F Channing Frye okay. And the 2018. First rocket. For the Brooklyn nets with by the way is completely unprotected the problem is the nets are actually just decent enough to where right now the draft were today if you're going just off of where the records are doesn't work this way but the way the way the record is right now they would pick 1234567. In the in the draft for an old topic. Which I understand you know kind of I sound exasperated right now does that mean that like that depresses me what you just said no you don't accept expiring deals and Thomas. And Channing Frye Corretja NB lust to decide whether you wanna build something around. As if Isiah Thomas or if you wanna let them walk in now you're just trying to dump salary and acquire assets over the next few years and and you also have your pick maybe pick anywhere from like eight to twelve. And so you were symbol mean you know you could package those deals but think about this. Boston traded down to get Jason Tatum the sixers traded next year's first in this year's numbers always a number two pick to get all the way up to number one to get mark hill Fultz. And who got hurt and now. It doesn't matter right now. Who seem to think about that simple way even if he had like eight CN eight and seven great the six and it would take issue maybe now you pick in the fourth. And I don't know anything about and I don't know anything about these draft guys this year like is this draft to draft works last year's draft was deep and it actually appear to be deep and it appears like some of these guys are gonna end up being really really good if deny your hitch your wagon still like to sixth pick next year the eighth pick next year future take down the road. And this is that this is the reality of the situation at three B out of you make a move like that true and the other thing with that is again we'll have to go back to the I'll trailers on the way when you do that I'll like there's a right he's going one yeah. Or two I mean maybe Allen what you're going to do that I mean I didn't Bagley tray young if we don't deal so adept pipe dream is. But then again you can then packaged those things right now you've got Isaiah Thomas now you've got. This first round pick and your picks list is essentially 31 round and a Isiah wasn't grant wasn't drafted for a comprehensive arms and yet. So I mean. The ability to move up from seven or 92. Three or even four. Is definitely there and you won't give up a crap load do. But the opportunity is in there. Is there. It's I agree it's just this is is I mean it's just when you start to relate and visited that every lust talker of the stuff that's been and then we start really thinking about the reality of it are and what's at stake in. How likely it is. There's so he poured layers to it in the in the likelihood that all that stuff we get to me it's just not it's not a no brainer ram it's easy is not in so that's the again that's the consequences you're weighing here if you were to make a deal like this and that's why I think I can talk to people today over there the idea was this is a minister slim to none of this is exploratory this is somebody called and asked. She's due diligence to listen. On the idea that cloture rescued reported earlier today and aborted your thinking about trade offers for Kemba Walker right now market's been hanging on he's annex what's a mark. Terrell Oklahoma. That much really didn't. But but it may very that mark right now you know then that's a no. There are about. I'm done it's important well it worked up about this hand and can still have the same people picking up tick in thank you have to ultimately. Yet they have to go. You're trading ever so equipment it's I am without. So I haven't seen the hope and step in in me to make to make up the ladder in Iraq there is no reason it was important that. Other is just I think you're as familiar as to what women wanted has been twenty million dollars why he's getting that plant. Well it would be a big tent Beckel to get out of the patent they trap that morality. And it's okay well it'll it. Pick it up big dark green goes to a better yeah inflated back some of the early yeah I remember him in a lab lab is better at the better. You should just compound the mistake by play in this in an. Everything I mean I'm mark I agree in principle I really do but I mean this is the 8 PMD Alec outlook does that in the end Vietnamese team that makes a move like that. And this itself is not that I'm Dennis. Aren't technical. Topic at all. It anyway make that it went OK I can keep plated got a double play it we've got to pay. Maybe if you don't commit to that second game to worry about what's in it up when they critique it well it can get. Apollo. It is quite more. You have we cannot play I mean you can't bring a hundred yeah. Yeah we can't play a hundred million dollar player off the bench and that's just that's not the why agreement that's why I think you're trying to move on Marc like I agree with you on I'm of 100% on your page. But on this and I appreciate caught on deceased. The six isn't pushing in particular two was minutes away now the sexism putting him to the bench the fix is see if if you're on so unhappy with them. That you just don't feel like you're gonna production you need to try and freedom which is I think what boje was reporting earlier. Yeah just and during those debt doesn't happen in the NBA and also the first got to get a bag contract it'll it'll take it would take. A lot from a hundred million dollar got to accept come off the bench. Mean really I mean listen. I I can I can rapper bow around dog feces. With the best of out of Pakistan and you can that series stop. Out of the magazine and draw the line there are other acts that are out of willow is next will itself what you wanna say. Not much there what do you think. Law I ordered span they're not Bob they. Bought the ticket. Order back on yup. When mark. Up bets but. I think who who really did in the back there but you don't Trout are you agree. Well it ultimately and where is going to be great is it just didn't build. It near Charlotte. Played again to the bill that'll be in our state. You know what don't I I think will and I've said this anomaly can decide not I've not been one saying he needs minutes because I think he actually does need to sit on the bench and musical. I'm pretty you know large yeah I think he's doing that I think the last few times you see him get in the game he's learning how to defend without fouling or he's learn how to play team basketball but I I think the leaks got a good ceiling in this league and I think the league is a Jamal Crawford Lou Williams type of player who's explosive off the bench and that. Those guys are to come by I think he's got a bright future in this league if you works in his game are really do. What I mean how much we kill for that to write like you I appreciate Conan like how much would you kill right now data dude who you knew you can bring off the bench or any given night he's gonna give you probably fifteen points and certainly could give you twenty to thirty points on any given nightly to would kill for that type of player on this team. I think movie can be that I really do. Campbell G. And it's hard right because you know I'd listen Jamal Crawford is a great score. It was one of the greatest six men in any greenery out totally but he it's a hole he accepts his role he plays it to a tee. But she is not to do that yes but he's not asked to play defense. He is it. Right now I mean you look at you look at how he plays how he's always that has probably been the main reason he hasn't been a starter. Because if he's out there. You know you wanna give us on the on the defense and that is not he's not going to sell out the way he does offense on the defense end of the although the court. And unfortunately that's been his knock and the reason why he hasn't been a starter in. I've did you set a bad precedent if you if you come at these young kid only modest they listen I just want those fifteen to seventeen points that you give is off the bench. You get a text message of their urine or Ryan's working hard as it is I noticed it and organizations are brightest thing this and that is just a bad press and you go out there to try to meet his kid is as good as possible on. On defense temple and let his natural has natural Billy's office table in a pullback occurred a little bit we will have that was me texting him all. All along we come back your calls Tim are quick idea we join us in this 4 o'clock hour it's primetime powered by ortho Carolina.