Primetime: Hornets Trade Talk; Hornets VS Heat Recap with Rick Kamla

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Monday, January 22nd

Kroeger kicks off the show talking Hornets vs Heat; Kemba trade talk. 


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Powered by doing. Players who fights break out those do get close to the style hey. You gotta future don't don't don't don't so money right don't mess this up. Frank and owners I know there's because they happen to be when I was a young you don't really an hour hey I was so the people that shouldn't have been filled my dad missile market. There's almost pairs or my affairs a listener I apologize right now but a fight broke out I hang out with these dudes there are a site are better here in this fight or. Like so I want the jumpin and I felt like this grandfather hanging in my conflict of cartoons the current push meal oh wait yeah. They're a different country and be like hey you don't need this and I just kind of still. Live from the marks being real T studio Kroger and. Sorry everybody's got to be honest person X and we all we gotta open the week with a moment of honesty guys race. You know put on the right foot everybody huddle around coming close. Speak up raise your hands here how many of you were hate watching the patriots last night or yesterday afternoon rather. Be honest. Frazier and you know you weren't you later and over the you know you are you watch the patriots yesterday. Wait for that to go to these areas it is indeed goes. Everybody you all for all of you should be ashamed of yourself really you all should the entire world just chimed in every last what are you where hate like you were due to last night too right did you make that team here you're AFC directorate guessing. If every last what are you or hate watching the patriots yesterday but we see you put your hands up speak up polio I don't you work. I actually was it yesterday. Do you believe me and when I say better now I cannot I really. I wasn't he watching the patriots I wasn't I actually kind of been. I don't know if I'd a dog fight nite I I didn't pick Jacksonville to beat on beat the patriots on Friday there was kind of like a half portage pit. I don't photos vitriol like. I could see it happening. 90% of America's picking the patriots solely be the one guy says they'll pick the Jackson see what happens right that was my pick on Friday. But I did have a dog in a fight yesterday and I think I was just enjoying. What was by the way an incredible game yesterday. What was a fun game yes we're doing better than Kaymer the NFC champ took him. Well it's not a real question is that this really UH you enjoy the NFC championship a good. See I feel like the opposite there's an I didn't think there is a single thing enjoyable. About that NFC championship game month on last night not a single thing I could and couldn't final one thing that I felt like even remotely enjoyable. Other than I always enjoy for my neighbor John it was a diehard Eagles fan so for him I felt joy of watching. His team blow out an opposing team and it in the NFC championship but. Other than that that's where the list off my neighbor John that's what I felt the joy of it and it affect my neighbor John was probably happy watching the game last night put. They and I I feel like. Word in my in my way there's got to be somebody who aligned with me on this I feel like we're wasting. Wasting might not be the right right word I feel like we're we're we're certainly. Not appreciating. And soaking up and enjoying and I know they make it hard. God do they make it art we're not enjoying it and truly respecting and soaking in the greatness that is this patriots dynasty. All the way since 2001 and it's gonna be gone one day and I don't know what it'll be and will look back on that sick man knows a pretty good. It was really impressive and yet we're too busy I guess is we do with great teams know what we're just to everybody's too busy hate watching this patriots team. I think to truly take a step back and think. They had it's incredible deal with the greatest testament as to the patriots yesterday I think you think about this 12. Is anybody surprised. No I don't know I'm I've seen that I've seen that story a hundred times over it's one of the worst arm movies you can never sit so wrap your head around their rights to the patriots. Who come all the way back yesterday either they're trailing fourteen to three by the way. I think the company people at this feeling to patriots first couple plays big gains pixel plays. Optical Ford want fourteen to write I think it was he their own forty years something like our early Jack's forty yard line on the opening drive. And they can hurt right now to get big unity sit downs and drive stalls Jack's force it force a field goal. It to me immediately. I got the sense of all the patriots are at it look like they're they're in trouble today for you don't worry you at all worried when grunt got her. No Connecticut again like this is a testament to the patriots it's so crazy it's distilled nuts about this team where both of these things are true at the same time. I felt so confident going into that game that the jags we're gonna be able to do. The things that make the patriots and Tom Brady uncomfortable in big games right rushed for. Drops evidence that get after the quarterback without sending extra men get pressure up the middle. All that stuff that makes Tom Brady uncomfortable forced him to go down because he doesn't wanna take a hit. All that's self. As mobile office mark. Everything's about rhythm and timing for that and you saw that honestly you saw that for the patriots in the early going and they got their fourteen to three. And Anderson they're down there they're down what twenty to ten and that they go to the fourth quarter down ten points again. And there was never a doubt that they were gonna come back and whether they were gonna win it or not there was never a doubt there were gonna come back and give themselves a chance with a funnel what two or three minutes of the game. And they did. And they take the lead. And Blake mortal could make a play when he needed to make a play and they won the game but that's the biggest. How much how how we see it that a team and this is the testament to the patriots dynasty. Fit in that moment. It until they were at home but still don't tend. Going into the fourth quarter where they had nothing clicking for more rhythm standpoint on offense without their number one playmaker like you're talking about Ryan it Rob Gronkowski out of the game. And if you're not even surprised in the slightest that they came back and not even that. Not even that. It's not even the best comeback they've had. For the moment like it is not a close like what is that even register yesterday against the number one defense in the NFL when they couldn't get anything clicking without Dirk really if you think about it from this standpoint they're tough to weapons on offense is they haven't actually had handled it all year now so they were out without Edelman. There without growth. They really had no running game yesterday and it did it matter if you're not surprised all but that is the craziest thing you could say any at all that's absolutely true and it's a testament to the patriots I'd stick. It's fun blowing PM you mentioned the hand. Well in hand although we've played this cut Billy because this is also like all the eat all the trouble that's been going on around the patriots. And always there are some infighting going on in in New England do they like each other. Who supported who's more responsible for all the waiting they've gone Tom Brady with the with the with a wrap on his hand and after the game go belly check. I asked about what was 88 greedy. Bloody performance. Are from Tom Brady and his sleeveless shirt by the way definitely it would look that was an. That puts us a quick check after the game so we get Jessica Brady right Brady was incredible yesterday because that's what Brady does 2638. To 92 TDs no picks. Big what he needed to beat the Novella tech asked about the lady Brady play with that hand injury really gaudy performance for Tom Brady here's Bill Belichick. But it looks on their great job he's a tough guy we all of us. All right though. I'm talking about open heart surgery here I thought pop pop pop up. He did he would patriot of the week today are now what I feel and that's Bill Belichick yelling by the way. Is that but he goes crazy it's just him raising his Boise yelling your reporter. What more time paper. Bill you've beat your guy your cornerback the guy that's been put you through all this now. They'll eat Super Bowl appearances for the to have you dating all the way back to 2001 this is incredible how about your cornerback yesterday got the messed up kid and everything which they go home. But it looks on their great job he's a tough guy we all of us ferret both. I'm talking about open heart surgery here hello how great is that response. You think he genuinely means letters he just beer belly Jack and uses the you know so little though live they got that infighting they go about did you hear craft on and on NFL network yesterday not with the game now for. Oh man I think Robert Kraft guy I don't know if he was he started drinking early yesterday Robert Kraft. I'm paraphrasing here but was asked about everything that's going on the waiting and all that stuff and he was like you know we just got. We had to put the egos aside. So we got a lot of strong minded individuals and people we get we just got to put the egos aside. So I don't debate do you think they gave credence yesterday to to the fact that some of the stuff that's been reported of live over the last month or so it's probably mostly true. Music with a patriotism you know for all these people like you know 1 morning to go over again Simon yeah they continues give them more fuel for the fire that death. I'm done pissing off the news the New England Patriots have from a football fans. Yet socket and well although I mean this is the other thing that's crazy with them. And I think you kit on you can't unmarried peace to you can't you can't divorce the two trouble for one another they're great there's a reason why they're great. But think about this for second. They had a second team from our division in the playoffs this year buffalo. Who didn't score a touchdown in the playoffs. Hadn't been to the playoffs since 1999. And by the way the two teams they needed to play to get back to a Super Bowl eighth between Brady and Belichick since 2001. They beat the two teams from what I think is then. The worst division in football consistently for the last ten to fifteen years and the quarterback for Marcus Mario nimbly portals. At home sold. I mean that doesn't take away from the greatness but is it like that part of the equation right. People have to look quick meet you have to account for that with why the patriots are so good so often you only play who's gonna play though I agree I agree what. I mean if Brady were in this Timor and another division where would they be I don't have the answer to that. Like if you do a duet that bit those are facts. They play in one of the worst divisions in football and have consistently for ten to fifteen years. And a team got into their into the playoffs with a for the first time in awhile they had been since 99 when they got there they didn't score touchdowns. And then they beat the jags and the titans of the jags at home to get to another Super Bowl. So oh. Let I mean that's part of the best part of the equation with the patriots team. But it's bettered it you know it's better to be lucky than good it's also better to be lucky and good in there all those states and if the cliff writing and he's got a moment of honesty right now the buildings that are techs like 70457096. Steady says groves albeit one person. That's enjoying watching the greatness of Brady now that the net get their drought on the opposite of most people I would rather Brady get another ring that a team get no ring first. Is specially the Eagles I personally don't like the patriots are their fans. But a lot Tom Brady and I actually think. That's the heart of the matter. How it is this patriots team really unlikable or their fans of likable. Is I'd argue it's the latter I don't think this patriot how could you not like this patriots team given all the things we just talked about. No I get the reputation at cedars and all that stuff but if there without their top two play makers. Well one above all year long and gentlemen lose drunk for the rest of the game. And they're down ten points eight in the fourth quarter. At home to the number one defense in the NFL. In Brady just did Brady like things improved why he probably is the greatest quarterback to ever play the game if not it's one a and one B with David Joseph Montana. What's it like a. Pulled out that yeah honestly that's that's likable that's true I'm I'm assuming they used to hate their fans are reverent and it's fun because Kyle Kyle Bailey is up in the hallway is probably listening this entire conversation but I think you hate their fans but I think as a team I think you're just jealous of the success that they've done a they've had problems with excessive hatred is probably. I'm much like I just think greatness comes along the so a little too and it's so far fewer and far between when it comes I you know maybe it's. That gosh amount or that I'm getting older I've done may have about 31 immaturity like a fine line I feel like the older I get the more the less petty I get. In the more I do have a satisfaction and appreciation for. Mean it's hard to do what they're doing. Even give the explanations for why it's happening and so I'm just gonna kick back and recognize all probably never seen anything like this again in my lifetime and so. I just wanna we kicked a what do I like watching Tom Brady play football he's good at it. Any makes it look easy and I like it when guys do things that are really hard and they make it look easy to be that's the definition greatness. If the patriots make everything. Look so easy editing. Everything they do year after year is not easy hold on we get our first break we come back all RT third 45 minutes he joins me at three were gonna get into. Everything from comfort championship weekend. At it here's the other thing I think to my piece of petty Panthers fans because the Eagles. Get to do get their sense of wanting to do for nearly fifteen years now which is go back to a Super Bowl and get another crack at that patriots team. And so we're gonna talk about that too OT at three Rick Taylor bought from NB ATV actually joins us next its primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Only god we're in Charlotte sporting. Crying time winning numbers grow. Powered by 40 yeah. Jamie an event at 1015 point win learn different defend we're Spoelstra. Made I see in the fourth quarter alone. 067. Mistakes on stuff that was covered yesterday worked on live. And we did again this morning. The. Aborted take coach Steve cook per 106105. On Saturday. Five points three seconds loss that happened sort of blew a game they led by five points. Our wood about thirty seconds to go and they go down outscored fifteen to four in the final 343 on Saturday. Primetime powered by ortho Carolina to forget get but Berkshire place for the best deals sticks and stones acupuncture in north lake get a free consultation. And 50% off three copping herbal consultations or acupuncture sessions. Perfect for decreasing the appearance of wrinkles weight loss stress reduction. Or help curb cravings and I think coach cliff preview some stress reduction so go to that right now get my perks dot com. Stewart who roof opening topic of the day I'll. You tell me John Kessler we welcome Eric Campbell NB ATV our friend out in 929 to game our sister station down and Atlanta as well and I was about fifteen feet away from all that on Saturday Rick I've I mean I never seen that very often five points or three seconds and that's a heck of a way to blow the game for the hornets and come other season in a nutshell right there. Yeah it looked up at the Johns Charlotte there I actually. Don't I I don't public are freaked about better actually watched all or every play at that you hold out there and I just. How Miami without bought it about I was authentic. Okay it'll beat beat beat the purely through I don't believe while you're particularly want or we're completely deplete the bit you got a lot of pop want to pop up. Well I don't think that there's a lot of albums off and it looked. In terms don't fit it fit to break out. And if I sit there were a couple say look at that hopefully all you don't want to be that Steele got Richardson Gilbert they're worried that that changed got a but Dwight Howard. What in the hell are you doing OK Kelly oh verdict came Barack or you chortling all the left started if you keep a shooter. So often though it was going to happen right there are totally filled out a little knock it out all the stupid armed for battle and it it so. We'll look at it before and our thought that the exports about twelve or Alex wolf port or block it won't really good year. Or if they don't like it abruptly quitting plate. It took Albert repair order. I was just so hard to wrap your header on this case I mean that's a big you accuse city government Rick Campbell would disagree about a way NB ATV 92 not a game. Down at Atlanta you have Miami Tina was injured their top two point guards were playing they really didn't they essentially did have a point guard. At any point either with their starting lineup with their bench on Saturday three games have four night second out of a back to back. Didn't get to their hotel we're still. At earliest 3 in the morning on Saturday. And lost him Brooklyn. The night before and and I you know I was looking at this on Friday night. Bit lost back to back games Rick since early December when they lost to the warriors and spurs it's been 23 games now in a row. That Miami hasn't lost back to back games and I mean. There aren't very many teams you could say this about it in in the NBA they literally don't take possessions off and it doesn't matter who's on the forefront of its crazy like they preach culture. Miami's got a legit culture down there and they put on a clinic against the hornets on Saturday. Very short period and I knew what jobs stricter than what like 48 and not just don't fall for all of its army ordinary unit that big. You don't borrow the warm or at what point but he thought that well I'll be political or that a solid recruits who worked and what went. What about the all of her book but to me you know here we walked out so elect who like their well a lot of people thought that spoke to got that got there. All I thought it won't. Know who you're part of that we are the port for whom they are in pool that yup he. Well that is about all I got it well bitterly perfectly well. What what are the issue I hit it off at all. And you know all of them are to be a lot of people have to like it Big Apple but how great. Oh and it will bet that after all your idol. Up in our book that he thought that the picture or you'll hold court at the post or out of what about all this. What we're about quote oh what effect itself why you're aware of all the important odd man. And who do you think Cole who alive and well and hopefully he sequence that we don't know what he or. All of that we generally keep the guy took off well before slapping it not so good dog won't own it ought to know what Paul. It via. How do you get directly is I feel like I've you can always we sit here in Charlotte Rick Campbell with this again NB ATV on Twitter at NB ATV Rick he's with the summit technique on guess line. You know as we secure distorted steam though we'll talk about Davenport where the direction is and what it is it where it needs to go. You know I've pointed out other teams say hey look here's a blueprint here's what they've done here's what they've done Toronto is a good blueprint to make Miami's a good blueprint is well put. How do you get there how do you build the culture think his you know Clifford came here and he wanted to build and every coach does you say you're going to. It early on it looked like they were moving in that direction in the last two years have been obviously pretty frustrating output. How do you build that type of culture that Miami has because. I mean you can talk about the victory all you want it it was long before that and now it's one after that to that they still have that I pulled. Expectation in production you're after years or how do you get to that one is a franchise. Greg clutch hit it it would be better at this graph of the floor that he. Well if they're important all it's the optical pulled the sport right now. Aren't you know don't get into the went with the three indicating yet hopefully it will all book and it toppled or what the that was booking report popped the Oakley or polka with that. Oh it just leaving it just a bit of what they do that it shouldn't elect and not know who bolted to that book. That page book it's what up. A database called Pat Riley its that I hit it. Off. Aren't there or who it is a world. That aren't. Good god look what it would apply to. Yet that's what it's like oh. But I have got to act like what the book I don't know that patriarch. Had been up all over a but he followed that. Look at what the Charlotte it will crack open the weaker code but not that he put your ball back well all Paul. So if I fault it's that it felt better in jeans and the whole who coached in my. That it it will look like who spoke like her are you. If you look at the well look what the guys. Both fought her all opted to buckle. Bet that at no it's got it up with me it took to pick until the players that happened but that that it got. What. Why haven't we seen success with under Michael Jordan as as an executive Rick it has a million dollar question and I know from my understanding. I he can be one who can still be very hands on and I mean he writes the checks like I'd that is is the height that he has the the the frame of mind in it to be able to do depth look what you when you see him as the greatest of all time in. Never consistently able to put together successes in executive what why is that because we've seen Jerry rest west do we see the logo do we seen Pat Riley do as you said. But we've never seen it with Michael Jordan from a from an executive standpoint. Yeah digital that the group was that the look you see I would start there it like footwork on display here. Great it's not if it cost you know I would just not reliable expo. I actually Charlotte got a part but let's keep it a couple of well. We're an audible book to agents and it got its that a surprise to Rick Perry who is who we. Golf ball out of the audible dot obviously you'll Michael Jordan photo book with it all with other guys that they're. All applaud all of its stake but I thought it would be a step in point seven re all we don't type got a big. We re out there won't eat eat solid rebounder you know what wolf they are quite. About it achieved that apple and apple think it will click here to note that it would cheat at. All bitch then if you have yet but it forty point five. The big. Debate is proper well if you're. You electors spot but what if you guys are back there it got Eric Berry it it you people won't put her. Up well it won't be shot while. It's gonna be brought it to it or totally ill wrap there. Oh is that it's been sort of at this. You know even the people that it's a torrid early but it'll autograph. Why would you do that though wreck Havoc that's my the million dollar question it Rick cam Logan NB ATV on Twitter it's that NB ATV Rick. With us on the technique come just like it it is I understand the idea of this is stocky glad flexibility moving forward he's the one major asset you have put. He is the one major asset you have in the last time you did the seven years ago he was the only thing that came from it. And now you're gonna use him as a fulcrum for for the same exit strategy to get what and expect different results with everything you just said so watch. Timmy if that's the that's the starting point on this it it just doesn't. Makes sense it's a major reason why couldn't see it happening but what would would you make of these rumors and and why would you do something like that if you're the hornets. Well I mean I thought applied a ball both days or weeks but it's where it will be I think who moved the nickname maybe it's that the infant. I'll get it won't if you want but I don't walk. Up inside stuff up there so we'll see you. That they're all week it what we'll be OU haul so that's what all worked out. I'll pick up my job you've got that ball that's what although it it'll smoke people let me. It yet it was supposed to eat it all it's free now off. All been so terrible article that came forward and report are or you're free you're uplift quota park before. Don't think it won't collapse or at all. Then broke it publicly that the door lock but what their point in America but it that the other that we felt that the book is because the well what they call those settings horde you're okay. Including you people keep hitting it ought to be. Explored what did you do to help 000. And if they had trouble with simple wall of the although it all that often that we don't be a little Orange Bowl he'll walk in the British Dutch post it in there and what we walked. We're eager. While you are what a lot in the. Well and can I guess this is there's this is the other question to Rick Campbell would Israel and go on this one NB ATV Rick on Twitter 9290 game down in Atlanta as well. I I know it feels dire but you know when I take a larger step back a breach were second to. Dwight like you said is playing good basketball he'll be an expiring contract next year. I Kemp was still got one more year's current deal all all indications from everything I've ever heard is that he wants decided extension here. And it's it is financial best interest to do so as well obviously so it's whites money can come off the books of wind. You pay kill them off for you could trade Dwight as an expiring next year. I think the resell market for Amy put two more and KG a Mormon might not be what you want but there's something either now or a year from now. And maybe you'll hopefully develop season nineteen year old player if you miss the playoffs you get a top Peter ten pick get anyway again next year's show. Eight it. It really is it that dire I mean you could ride this thing out another year or so and see where it gets you and I think maybe by just doing some of those things you might you might put yourself out of this a little bit about Iran now that. Know like you're you're on our air ever put your salt there or right now or what they've all the swearing would jumble shrewd ever like the weather and a half when your actual championship. Yeah want to hear what you're quicker quarterback it Turk a watcher at a ball. Ought to be defensive player also unthinkable he got the power of what it and it could wrap. They need it this week if you are opposed to promote can feed the we use your bid to bigger and brighter and elect boards Campbell Fisher you have to worry so it would look a little. Okay we'll put them at all what happened at that your if you don't think eight game for the fall apart who put up with this. All of what looked like well I'll call or who they eat that back who put it didn't work out who I was or people would just leave the court. They're so. There's the 08. Out of deep in thought vacation got our outlook for ought to get it filled the bulk that Eddie yet. It's like double off the Charlotte hornets open it up to think that doubled the bet it's. Now I can a man he had a huge base here Saturday night and it was a packed house and I think. A lot of that was to it to to get a tested to see him play basketball you know. If that's gonna be won the last time to be able to do it's that we got NB ATV's Rick camera with this and Aussie can hear down their 9290 game in Atlanta our sister station. Follow him on Twitter at NB ATV Rick Oprah always a always appreciate make it's not it's always great to talk Paul would direct thanks for making time towards. But what America of course there are because we're cable NB ATV he we hit a break. We come back Omar Gaither in the house shocker he's not worry Eagles gear today by the way all the are gonna join us at three shocker of the centuries now wearing his Eagles here today. Former Eagles linebacker Panthers linebacker joins us at three we come back. We we get back to the reaction from yesterday patriots Eagles munching their tickets to Super Bowl 520 its prime time power by ortho Carolina. Omar Gaither to pull away. Try to Myers park he's been Doris at twenty fifths Grover at its side we have hornets game kings tonight. I have until I meant that sick awful I would that sick after the Panthers lost honestly in the wild car and I used to Italian cowboys lost on Saturday that's inexcusable. I mean. Can play the story about a way Billy we'll get ready to play that the second first and tell you this go to WFANG dot com. Another way to win tickets to USC fight night. It legitimate Dello prize pack is well January 27 that's this Saturday 7 PM at spectrum center and it's thanks to the Delaware speciality officials are. Thought the USC and doubt you will we'll keep giving away those opportunities to win and we'll keep giving away tickets the route the the rest of the week as well but you can log on right now. Did WFAN the odd duck company I'm sick man we're back here and I I I felt some type away Saturday night in my truck driving home. I I can't I still could wrap my head around affected NIC Batum just had the ball. Ripped from his chance and he just let it happen just like ball just taken from his hands James Johnson wide open. Right above the break for three knocked it down and then Dwight as you heard recant what talk about fouling Kelly Olympic. I mean just all of that Marvin without terrible pass on the baseline when we should have been taken their time just. All of it every last bit and I was so sick to my stomach watching what the hornets did on Saturday night and yet I've onions. It's crazy talk to the tomb this morning after Shura index like you know where to team can say the single we were good team. And I I guess over the last month your good team went on order basketball. But at a certain point beat Ford a half games back in the Eastern Conference she got. Yeah climate a certain point Nocioni I can get a yeah did you improper wrong before you before you can keep calling yourself anything more than that and they're backed at eight games under 500 again and eighteen to 26 is is really frustrating whereas short stint at a coach was alone in the hinged on Saturday. After the game Billy we have this full presser with a full rip. Our point users there's coach cliff. So walk. We played a good you know toward defense and first half so we played a great third corner. Do we have shall lead the fourth quarter just butchered it start with the first two possessions up ten. First play and when that mystique stuff so we went over yesterday and today second player in a Linux mistake or go to tech uniform get the starters that can. Get it back to ten and just give Ellington it's rated right when they do is like five and a half you know she has to put the game away. There's just terrible effort so desperate to get. Don't tell you don't miss some mistakes way you know couple turnovers over the game should have been at 1015 point win right differ defend we're we're supposed to we made. I'd say in the fourth quarter alone 67 mistakes on stuff that was covered yesterday worked on lives. And we did again this morning or check and that's how you become a team that wins to loses one of what we have been. Just total lack of concentration intensity technique and understand food value plan against us it's terrible. Terrible of me. Again you know oh Lenny can really score true mistakes or goes from ten to war. Ellington who crushed us. Game is almost over there just hang on for dear life and we just give almost three out of play they've been runner for five years so it is disappointing has got to change. Turn her. Little lower but if there anymore disrespectful by the way at the end of a press conference at the end of Iran where a guy ruffles papers. We hear that the area were crucial his roughly grabbed he's he's he's he's the steps up ready to ruffles whatever he's got in front of a just steps away is earning more disrespectful of that move right there. Oh lord he was he was taught us that it's. Yeah that's bad man that's bad and text or to not only draw that is like Kyle Wright city says. Thought they put to me is it loser denials what David Charles writes it Kyle says that's not being a good team. And being mediocre at best we have and keeps claiming this is like they were the team. We play good basketball but there are a lot of that like look let's talk about it's like to win three lose to you win two you lose one you would for you lose three. And yet economic and any headway do when that many serious headway. This team just frustrating made you can tweet as proudly Jewish Twitter feed app prime time WS frenzy. Bro Lee Jewelers recently named one of the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country the national to a magazine. Building trust for three generations it proudly Jewelers and brown lead Jewelers dot com you can text us on the buildings that are text like 704570. 9610 and on that note the text deride sit building setter text what he says. Police talks and ACC basketball right we will Bob Billy play are up to get ready for our our high level highly produced imaging here. A lot happened over the weekend and most depressing and frustrating. Kroger wanted to take a minute to take a look at some brighter side of the sports world. The stuff that's brought a smile to wispy senate here to do is I saw will be discharged. All nodding your free also on prime time mountaineers Kroger negative. So Clemson. Hold on for dear life and can beat Notre Dame over the weekend and me unfortunately. Patty had some at some bad news is don't take Grantham who's their second leading scorer averaging fourteen points per game. Tore his ACL that he would down his knee buckled it went pretty I think you knew pretty much it could've been really bad and now we know today officially. I eat it is really bad. And he would he tweeted up by the ways that they Q 22 ever went further support. He set out really appreciate it more if you guys go all in with our team to support our program but always done this could end his college career that really sucks it's a terrible way to end your college career with seven agree here club since many good story. Our top 25 team this year. And I he says these guys really deserve it on unbelievably blessed to be a part of this team and I think god for putting me at such a situation I'll come back. Better than ever and how about Frank Martin. You know the Frank Martin who seems crazy but he's actually picked Teddy bear even though it looks like he's a mad man. Frank Martin who used to coach high school basketball in Miami he actually coached Udonis Haslem. That was what this is players also is a former math teacher a batch of Frank Martin being your math teacher in high school and oh yeah he also used to moonlight as a bouncer. At the nightclub to Miami called this a volley is coaching high school basketball that Frank Martin. Also used to be about or so is a bad man he's also was soft Teddy bear he tweeted this morning to Donte' said. My heart goes out to you you've worked your tail off it's not supposed to be like this however remember there's always a plane keep the faith. Keep playing our people leading your team hash tag respect and of course Donte' replied thank you appreciate a lot just got to stay tough and like you say continue leading my team. Fist pound him OG. How can you not love frank Martin's. I mean how awesome is that. Sometimes sports are good okay sometimes rivalries are good people do mean things an aircraft the other people because you think it's a rivalry that's what you do. How about that from from Frank Martin head coach for South Carolina reaching out to to Dante grant them. For Clinton who's got a a torn ACL he's gonna be done for the year but that's a have a tougher for the soft Teddy bear Frank Martin. You what what are cross him. But man if you if you're ever you're ever down and out. Trademark the guy what can give you bear a great you'd be scared at first and when she get an aggressor like offices nice all your good man I like you Frank Martin called on. We get a break our last want Omar joints is it three when we come back. We get back to Super Bowl 52 it's now known Eagles patriots. Again and Steve Wilkes. Officially gone now they head coach for the cardinals we talk about that to its prime time powered by ortho Carolina. I warn you know Carolina. Narrow re stomach called for the Eagles. So lack not ruining that patriots golfer wants a class they've both seem much in their tickets. Super Bowl 52 will be they're starting Wednesday next week in Minneapolis Omar Gaither joins us. In five minutes it's primetime or powered by ortho Carolina. And it. How could listen to polls yesterday I mean that guy looked like he looked. When he was running chip Kelly's offense that first season there with woody finish with that your two interceptions I believe the entire year if not then it was it was 27 TDs to picks I think that season. And maybe he founded eve Carson wins system cornerback trio are being you know what's interesting is. Nick pulls the -- what woods is still well we talked to this when they play the Eagles are back in October here. Once they install the pocket this is why they've been so good this year. They got a lot of explosive plays and are off limits and get the guys to do with add a Laura and even Jeffries saw makes a big plays down the field yesterday Torrey Smith. The eighth plus one keeps get it done as well to me is what happens when you don't run your quarterback you have an offensive minded coach and you'd be built now running game literal they get all points of light in a running game I mean. Which by the way how stupid does Miami do we were joking about Miami. Howell Adam days try to act like JH I was a worker a baby was in I don't know. But Phillies are found a way to get something out of home. Really doesn't have an issue. But this lassie with with with the draft them and cut with a with a lot of these guys it's about fit like a some guy sent into another system and use some guys need a change of scenery can get their act together and that's what have we did die. Then that punch that they've got with with him as an export more that explosive type of broader. And then once as just dot hammer how about this definitely gear blunt this is crazy. Would your blood now. Has ten rushing touchdowns. In his playoff career and he's one of seven guys in NFL history to ever do that. Who would guess that league Europe want top seven all time. In rushing touchdowns and NFL post season history who would even guess that about what you're plot you know doesn't mean I don't truly question for the next ten years Andy I mean he's just he's played everything about that team and it was so funny is. You'll I would say that I. How how long into the season 82 months into the year. I'd sit near saint Pat's the Panthers are two years ago. Everything about it is the same. Because they've they've got the pieces that just work everything complement each other defense honestly what's crazy is the talent on that defense it's fine it's fine. Know what they got in the flood forced pretty cool it. What they haven't in. It Fletcher Cox is out and just one of the individually best defensive players in the NFL I mean he's a game changer Jeff. If you look at their secondary anybody could have the secondary that they have. And they made case keep them look really moral for the first time all year they turned Minnesota but it took Minnesota and turn the ball for much all year long and they turn them over like crazy index formula. You saw a comeback yesterday which crazy about falls is dry. Carson went to ease the guy that stood tall to pocket all year and delivered the deep ball. Polls has been Mordechai we'd say yeah he's working the scene he's working underneath stuff last night he delivered the deep ball and that's a scary proposition. That's a really scary proposition way at two weeks to talk about the match up on them in New England might. You saw the throws he was making in the windows he was throwing against its delicate clean pocket all night how many times did you see him move around shift its feet. Find that quick throwing lanes in traffic delivering into tight windows now Jeffrey was wide open. Put that that's fleece we're curry ran to who is at Torrey Smith now. I'm actually I should just put retain a lump on her website and in the background you are at our website finishers as auto ads neural audio plays a clever I Vinnie I'm literally look at this there right now I mean I Torrey Smith play for the ravens I miss some like like like anything else but that was an that was amazing. Although it was good they're gonna fund bailout like this it's put there another tip unlike you people talk about being jealous of the pictures I'm Connie jealous of the Eagles because honestly watching that scene last night at the link. That was Bank of America Stadium two years ago and like I sit honestly sit in my couch is out like I repeat. Just the thrill of a lifetime to be in that building every year every game that year. On any joy that wrong have been eight go home 151 on the year. And to see them winning NFC championship crown in that building there's nothing like that is Charlotte police put Crisco on the you know going on in the polls and by the way out of network last night and let it snow well when there's a will there's a way via Bombay and I was jealous less than that crowd soaking Betty and I remember now wanting to leave that stadium that night. My goodness river wanting delight sleep there because you wanna leave at that moment forever is fortunate because here's the thing. If you wanna put your mind there yet. The next two weeks yet you're thinking about the what could be could depict the Eagles finally win a Super Bowl they've never won a Super Bowl they've won three NFC NFL championships never Super Bowl. If you lose. You lose and you you don't really get to revel in an NFC championship. You don't mean like it takes the sting off. You don't use it stings to lose the super ball be sure you get to say yeah we had a secret chance it was a great year was a great year might. You don't you wanna hardest that moment forever. It's a watching that trophy celebration watching them pour it on now with Becky was exactly what the Panthers did to Arizona two years ago in the NFC championship. And I said Mike Capps last night they can. And that was fun when everything was going our way and when we got to celebrate. And now we were dreaming of a Super Bowl championship and see you just wanna live that moment forever sports fan because it's all feel good and hurt doesn't get to come in yet right. You you'll have to worry about what the bad of what could be its only the good of what could be a that was my last night. And it is less fun though when it's not your team because as much as everybody enjoyed the battle of a new England and Jacksonville. Who people really enjoying Philadelphia just beat the crap about it. At a minutes are still bash from Minnesota last night is that remember that moment the Minnesota miracles can live forever but. For vikings digital wanna think about their right now that's gonna be hard to think about. Compared to what happened in the NFC championship we got your teeth kicked in 38 decision is old flame to Caesar what is C has its deflate you see that's the findings play like managers mean nothing at this point what doesn't mean nothing until early in the great scheme a full point. This law also sink away it'll be another loss of Maine another hurting painful loss of vikings history make a lot of those. We'll look back it'll be remembered as one of the great play off plays of all time but yeah you're right it's not gonna carry the weight oath. He propelled us to a Super Bowl appearance or Super Bowl win at all for Gaither 3 o'clock hour it starts now were primetime power by ortho Carolina.