Primetime: Hornets Trade Talk with Former Cavs GM David Griffin

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Friday, January 19th

Kroeger and Big Nez continue to chop up the Hornets, David Griffin weighs in. 


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BC's primetime powered by ortho Carolina. It's 5 o'clock and that means being happy hour brought to you by Jack Daniel's Tennessee ride come. Combining the distinct flavor rove rice and Jack Daniels distillery timeout or charcoal mellowing process the result is a bullets. Spicy rye whiskey dads have been smooth check out Jack Daniel's Tennessee ride today and drink response. Simply bomb not issue of politics I'm really am not but what clients. Has no control over running back run into the hole and get him on tap. It may and they ran him a lot between the tackles and it just seemed like it was over as the mayor there was that he couldn't OK but and I guess Devin Harris he's all right man am I still missing announcing something else to. None of that no we can't start running outside zone so assertion running some some sweet short run it's a toss is you can run their stuff for him not and I think I did my time. I put. Again Steve everyone knows that's all you can do with him and that's wonderful place and in your uncle Leo do with us live from the mark screen real T studio. The Charlotte kind of collect. Duly freaked out this morning around 10 o'clock Ager was aroused your forty Kemba Walker on the trade block guiding debts. Kind of a weird thing is he on the trade block or they open if the right deal presented itself to making a trade for Kemba Walker David Griffin answers some of that with thirty and thirty minutes with a former cast GM NB ATV series sex immaterial but at that. I think has correctly if I'm wrong pails in comparison. To what's going on up in the Boston area right now work Tom Brady listed as questionable for Sunday's game there's a more probable lot of ways so it's questionable doubtful. So questionable basically is probable they'll probably he's in wars gloves to the podium today the red ones are bred gloves he he did not practice at all yesterday Brian Hoyer tickle the reps at practice yesterday he's never worn gloves before suffers very early years in the NFL is going away from throwing with gloves in in recent years. And what do you think's going on a New England today are they freaking out saying holy crap this could cost us another chance at a Super Bowl or they say and trust the process trust belly check trust Brian Hoyer or LOL it's the jags we don't need them anyway he lowered to forty think they're freaking out how do you think patriot center in Italy it is this today is five time Super Bowl champs a first hour and I was what happened or did he just hit them back semis helmet. Did it. I was telling the stories and tried to something on Wednesday using apparently the story you can't lie about the stuff I mean if this is sound at the U manipulated we don't we are talking with the patriots here like okay our guys like Tom Brady was on the injury report for for twelve years with a knee injury arises as a shoulder injury although it was a knee injury says there was there really tool you have -- daylight and then this hesitated to the reason why there's no probable last on the danger report. Yeah he just listening to everybody has listed team is probable. Like twelve years they would throw bunch of people so what do you think they're doing up there they frankly how early did they called hitter on the helmet did he slip and fall and it's a wrist right fingers are one thing races some completely their gas pacing hand his kind of loosely. Getting around the issue yes. And the hand area. Do you think to forget out of there are there saying man we don't need him to be under percent anyways the jags they gonna do just what they did to Pittsburg do you think the same Brian Hoyer can win this game against them know they're saying we need to make sure we had we give Brian chorus reps because if he goes out there and eat and grip the ball he can't throw it. Come Sunday. We need to at least know that our backup quarterback has taken some first team reps here's Doug Moreau he's the head coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars are Doug Moreau he's a Bologna eat you son of a gun Doug morrow and on gun Brady in the hand and what is quick to tell you how hard he grew up to. I'm I'm sure enterprise for less candidacy had a problem or right hand you know. It's religious as well. There's a jerk he's early this lest any be the jags you know when personnel Agassi Agassi dunks it in his chair. When could lead us. Size to be obviously he's very from TV and yes it is an axiom in the Middle East he kind of forced his way out of buffalo is like a better than you guys think I am. And I anybody coming collectively laughed at him piece. And now look at me augment maybe try to contribute to speak quietly Doug merlot is actually one of the better coaches in the NFL maybe I don't know quietly say it is always team. They're going to be prepared. And that's that's the wantonly they're going to be good now they may be overly prepared and they might or might be arouses by announces because of shall prepare before. He is going he always had us prepared for game we're or you with him. The same excuse Malta is a line coach or six and also OK so. Speaking from knowledge we he's going to have that team so Super Bowl 44 years he was on that staff he was not a we left that was so left he left. And went and now became head coaches Syracuse which I had a story about that whole situation and what he told us away actually act out. And then there's a little prayer now is not banning same thing all coaches do but I don't everywhere all a mistake. Is even worse because I mean who he is except that he accepted the game or the the head coaching thing. And we all knew he was kind of going to accept it because it was as Almonte. Sure so we like our rules are coaching you like I'm mystique how would you guys Ramon go through. And do was colossal tasks like her left on Tuesday we came in on Wednesday we are Newell also blocker in the middle of the season. I hate gays you know normally the coaches of all I did you know better than me getting under. I mean it was last what four weeks of the season still still. And then the buffalo situation in December 11 two dozen and apparently Sony took the job since the I. I feel like in all seriousness I know. We came in here what was it done Tuesday and Damione Lewis came in here. I see it man I think this Jacksonville team is built. Just first stays like this tend to beat a team like that anybody's like that in weather like that with an injury perhaps like decide I mean trust a certain extent. Brady is hurt now how bad is it we don't know that can be a game of cat and mouse but you can't fly up make yourself. This KP because if they if you find that they looked they did the digging on the on the flaky with these guys. If they're making this up like simply pour alleging. You're a big big trouble. AFC championship game you're just gonna make up a hand injury your quarterback in the middle of the week. UB UB and some routes and he proved true with the with the NFL they find that this is this is made completely manufactured lies. Now whether either exaggerating his dad might be a whole other issue where he probably likely are exaggerating quite how bad this is. But I think Jacksonville's I mean how how much do you think Tom Coughlin isn't is involved in these meetings this week leading up to this game. I don't. It's a road I want him involved. I'm I'm gonna he's an yeah I don't for the information to meet their suite of on Dahmer on his staff I I think the game plan for the patriots were may need last week or maybe you Coughlin actually put together its sophisticated editing takes its first a year megrahi darting here and artillery RDF four here. Right and I know our guys here are my Nokia bright and go from there are so. I think he's all stay out of what's going on the preparation that went on this week chair by the coaches do a little but I definitely think. Before they sat down on Monday or Sunday evening after their after their win. Coughlin and slid in the book or play your mind notes. My notes I'm the best we are notes Obey your mind notes with a little weight that we talk to. We talked only about Alley you know micromanaging probably isn't the best way to go here in terms of you know be running out running a team but the same time this has beaten Bill Belichick twice in the suitable I don't consider that Michael made a mile auto -- almost all intents and purposes we found out this year if your dog don't conflict just -- he's just an upstairs doing is saying get your dog mirnyi be dumb did not watch sisters have roles and and you could pick his brain in terms of how to breakdowns he -- what has happened with radio yeah he's he's lost in games like this what he's a dead dead especially those giants teams have been able to do to him did you stick -- don't look at me it's not just the giants the jets tended to under under Rex -- a couple of times and Arroyo were able to be. The refs allowed the TVs to be physical with a wide receivers. And didn't listen to the crying. Give the mall did the defense so much pass interference and holding penalties those those things if you mess up the timing for Brady then you'll be able to get Tom because they're offensive line is not stellar. So you can disrupt the timing on their routes you have an opportunity get to Brady he's not gonna run all over the place I mean he's one of the throwback old stand in the pocket quarterbacks. Where you know where he's going to be. And if you're able to push the pocket which are inside defensive tackles it makes him very uncomfortable and he will do the the the top not to operate. Off the Peyton Manning and you'll you'll give it up he will go ask goes down is not goes up their tickets correct so if you could push to pocket and it sounds cliche and is is easy but it. They've got to keep us tackled Beckham pushed a pocket from the inside out. He's not going to escape. So you can send whatever type of blitz you want you can run all the different types of twists and games. Because you don't have to worry about Brady escape on the outside and having to worry about keeping containing. Welding. I would think it's it this is always the game plan and I think with any in any situation when you're talking about interior defense of slime but to me almost more so it's an amber it's gonna deployment desist. And upright yes what do you is that we're not ends up can't here's how like you try and you're trying to really tight those passing windows and make sure maybe he can't follow through all the way because he is worried about that hander Heath if he tries to follow threes gonna bang into a helmet there is gonna bang into you or whatever this is god that's got to be a point of emphasis. If Jacksonville wins Marcel Darius had a great game. Mean if you want to boil down to one player on defense yup by ES Ramsey is going to be being. He's gonna have to disrupt he's going to be physical he's won at. He might even be matched up on wrongful Tom I mean I don't think so just from a size standpoint but he very well much like listened to some some steps on though. Correct but Marceau Doris is gonna have a great game in Jacksonville if if Jacksonville once again will be because Marceau dollars had a very good. Yen and if the I would say it just works the other way around it's noticeably to receive letters for net. As of good data Jack you're gonna win I saved the jags wind. Blender for that had a good day and networks and converse but he he's the letters for next if the jags one under for had a good day because. They were able to get stops on defense they were able to control the clock they were never a situation where they need to throw the ball the defense is don't give Dirk is gonna dictate their ability whether or not they're going to be able run the football on Sunday so saying governor Eddie is a lot blunders Fernandez he used data Jack you're gonna wind wealth the jags had a great day dilemma for that would enable have a good. It's one of the disk it's kind of chicken or the egg scenario I sold. The runner is it's one of the things I think that is Manning about Ron I love brought sometimes you got to pass to win. And he always trots up the stat about running in what you do with what you wanna bowl X amount of times you won while you were able to win that many gain that. Team and that percentage gains because. To be able to run that means you're never down and out that often times injuries or tiger had the lead so that studies of Timmy is a misleading when you say well. What will we get to you know a hundred yards or we get to axed thirty carries we went 80% of the time. In that worsened with the matter is we're you don't Fuzzy math on that one. Open here's another hot take a look at our beautiful. Is Jacksonville's offensive line can identify the Patriots defense. The letter for men and their offense we'll have a good game. But because of all the variables that. That the patriots throughout there on the as a defense of front right they were they rule 33 down linemen and a whole bunch of linebackers. If Jacksonville goes through the game and they were able to identify the correct person knows the correct scheme. They will have a successful game because those guys on that office line there's no names they're no egos they just go out there and do their job. If they can identify them correctly and not to let people run free their offense level okay well we saw first last. The NFC championship which way is the number one seed in any conference any NFL playoffs making their debut. At home as an underdog. And your reward. Being a home dog again to the two seed in the Minnesota Vikings always talk at a C championship would you Datsyuk and now we got to get back to this hornets discussion age in Ager was dressed devious and reporting the hornets have had some interest in trading Kemba Walker Alex wants to wait we get him in here David Griffin former cavs GM explains all this at 530 its primetime powered by ortho Carolina. This c.'s primetime audience happy hour right. My Jack Daniel's Tennessee ride combining the distinct flavor rove ride in jacket. Daniels distillery time honored charcoal mellowing process the result is a bold spicy rye whiskey dead center in smooth and check out Jack Daniel's Tennessee ride today. Drink responsibly. Situation. Those life. Harder citizens first and unnamed us this situation. I'm Karen now. July. My god he's well he's from a border as he greeted this out. Have to check the champ time stamp on this hackable walker after practice earlier today about ways names circulating in trade rumors this is gonna unprecedented. Jimmy flattering to him honestly how high you probably don't look at it that way Venus. And this is an enemy it's it is it is complementary defect he brought up because you Wear something you brought up because people want you broke through good there's a broken journal star. That's fine but your feet. On the other hand of the kind of look like or you gonna take it says. Am I not good enough. To stay around and help turn around on the 2.2 oh. I mandates any hour I'm done for you yes I think as both of those things you know pro Bono and that's that's kind of the reality ailing Kim was building a home here. You know we really is. When I was. Might have put the brakes announcer. Or via its underway I think and then on top of that. You know he's a guy that's been through the worst things had seven wins all the way to where we're missing got a forty wins two years ago trying to get back to that that type of level. Are right now if I get most liberals army reality this is a big they don't play but. After tomorrow one more team with a winning record in this homestand flew none of these teams are mourn seven games of a file hundreds so this it and I could these teams combined in this post to a 10310 wait so going to the other night so. It's a very notable homestand and it's a crazy assisting could sweep they know whether they do that are not completely up to them but if you do that. Video Roloson thing about being a buyer more to trade deadline that is seller. And the entry deadline you would hope rom but it's unchartered territory for Kemba Walker and I think he was. Is pretty team did in an honest as he always was and they stood there for ten minutes just answered all the questions and CNN's. They couldn't do my job that's not a credit they played a 75% the Johnson's capacity did against the wiz they'll be fine. You know we go yes no doubt I mean your first ten shots here and I shoot 90% deep into the first quarter and and this is just a weird spot to be because. He has been the best of what this team is Daniel you are talking go go back and relive all these just. The things have been slightly off about this team and not all this is under George watched by the way David Griffin in a couple moments are gonna talk to him about or reported seeing all these rumors all that stuff. Kemba. Obviously is the best of think's the worst of things O'Toole 02 Archie may 0304. Your first season you get the number two pick the MBA doesn't give you the number one pick is an expansion team what you don't. Well you miss out on Roy Howard and instead you get him on a Mac Okafor who bottle it was a double double machine in his own right extent you'll be just wasn't the immense physical freak. The Dwight Howard was an eighteen coming into the NBA. In lifting the magic to an MBA finals back in what 2009 I think at that point. To take it. It did take dialogue about five years us a bad deal for an hour right now it feels like forever ago though are. And so you talk about that your minutes are ticking Raymond Felton Sean May. And Bristol still in this league rate Felton is a quality player English. We yeah well that's what's for thirteen years or GMT and a you can do the reports were decoding traded those two picks to get Chris Paul and look Chris Paul's one of the best point guards in NBA history. They did that they just they never pulled the trigger an ideal liberate that treatment never made that deal I believe they found money in Gerald Wallace and expansion draft. Can get Roy Mac too with all these bad deals and it gives it away to blow up the first place yes. And then when they started to come back Jumbo actually Greg Campbell is what seventh overall I believe they found Jumbo. Kimmel was you don't a lot of questions about killing his size can he shoot all that stuff can he play defense will be a liability they unearthed Campbell. They miss out with seven wins the following year a little more overall pick because the lottery balls. Some literally bouncing but that's we say daughter Boston bounced their way weren't kind to won't they get number two instead of number one they miss out on a generational big man and Anthony Davis I saw this dead the other day I think today if any Davis is just the third player in NBA history have. In fact macro gives forty points and fifteen rebounds while I mean she's gonna be guys he generational talent. Instead he got the number two pick and also there's a revisionist history on that everybody likes technically she got Bradley deal lonely you probably shouldn't draster Bradley deal but. You go back and read all the draft experts at the time he was a day exploit a guy say it is a seven win team you need to culture setter the guy who's an immediate contributor there are questions about deals three point shooting consistency which he would be at the next level. Could he stay healthy all that stuff. And a lot of people thought in KG was a god it was kind of a quick six to god they could just get out hustle and make the winning plays speed Gerald Wallace 2.0 for you write some items able to step on the court and contribute. Right right so a lot of people are saying that the time the hornets a doe number two and KG still lot to prove its 43 he is still 23 but obviously that hasn't turned out to be great. A Cody Zeller top five Dick. It's bad draft they actually got one of the best draft picks in that draft class Cody Zeller fourth overall that was of attack me to be fair bet that actually was one of the fines and draft class but still what does that tell you yes we my daddy track and what does it tell you about when you netted about a top five ticked. You know same thing last year it was in a more month month month. And there are close to take it Mitchell they take Monty says I still think mark's got a great ceiling is there mobile missiles there yeah Mitchell because he's 21 on a team that's allowing him to play heavy minutes are run everything through him he's a rookie of the year candidate so every step along the way with this team it's just been con. One witness after another evil when they drafted high and yet know of on clay so bad dressed in the trade for nick to Obama is enough good in the NBA trooped into the trade him to get it but to really means it was just. Every turn with this team has just been close near miss close your medicine sole killer was the one thing that's been worth anything during this mean you're talking fourteen years. Other expansion thereabouts going to sound Kemp was the one thing you found. The one thing he burned and is the one thing you've discovered what's the one thing you've grown. Pregnancy on top the top the roots are for the one thing has been a success hot guys at ground 01 homegrown product. To start director under our man and that's what's so cut it it's just we think about it from that sample is a little depressing talking about it that way but I understand his team feels like maybe they need to do something and to lift themselves out of mire there stuck let's go to Alex is going to recently or commit your Alex what's up man. I looked up the canary yellow right here. Dominic it situated in one. Hornets will win the championship and about six years and two wild won't happen. I like to win a championship is one is in the dictatorship that being led by MJ because we really don't Padilla. It shows that the figure go back and look at the the operative moved down from what not a big team yep now recommend it grapple corporate router into second rounder. It turned out I mean you take that trade that the whole different team we're talking about a commitment actively traded. Well yes yes in Iraq and Iran and apparently. The masochistic we will mediocrity note that we trade kemba. Does not only do we get at the ordinary do we get the Brooklyn tech from Cleveland but he's the one holding up front and we're not gonna get I picked him on the roster so we trade and not only do we get they have Brooklyn epidemic and get our own top five pick and that in the rest with. Well you'll be done and you'll get tough you look at top five this year that that ship sailed. But heck yeah. Are there. When no I mean you look there that's that should the sale would have put more decision acting bug ya gonna fall the way the bottom slider teams have been commit to doing this all clear record are there only at what the senate yeah the Orlando Sacramento Atlanta Dallas LA Memphis they're all trying to be that intentionally right now that's my point you're not to out raise those teams in the bottom is what I'm saying you're not gonna do that we can't. That and the situation and a is that if we do keep him. It contract is up next year and get what we have no money to pay an entire cat is locked up next. No no that's not true that's that's actually nurture can slice contract would come off the books they have the money but they be right up against the luxury tax again. Yeah and then at all yeah what they could do kind of to change the hope cloture which will never happen to them judges won't cede control. If not higher exactly them but eight and Hickey or someone like them Mickey who does the second factor of sticking with it and of losing game. But managing the cap quietly becoming a salary dump take it all back on in the future take to really do and it thankful model that we had that even before the bobcat. I never made that move they never became a salary dump or dead mouse in the Mac in avid speed graphics have been terrible. But it in his bat the bat well and in order that really speed up rebuilding and get out of that and actually at some sort of open the future. You have betrayed Tampa where and Shawshank. You know you can the people wonder. People comparable living in the Britain's yet to do with me let's crawl out. Chef Alex I appreciate colony men and murder and get some insight on some of this right now as we go to detecting conga slide in doubt this is tough spot to be an oldest blew this thing up. Seven years ago not wanting to be in this situation and yet here they are capped out and does feel like the Macs out in terms of what they could be maybe seven or eight seed in the in the playoffs and of one and done appearance if they get they're sort of talk about some of this with former cavs GM and longtime NBA front office many seem an NB ATV series six MM via radio you hear a daily Gerson what does David you don't thanks for making time. This is a crummy conversation I as you can imagine and you've been in these situations before and you know I showed up tortoise practice today and this is one of those days you've been in those situations for the media shows up you know it's gonna be out on the agenda the questions that are gonna come up and it ST Clifford said today had heard about the reports from motion around ski and could envision a scenario where it happens chem answered all the questions the right way to end it. What do you what do you make this report from loads that the hornets are at least listening to offers on Kemba Walker right now. Well knowing very much what these conversations satellite. I can't I can tell you that they're not shopping Kemba Walker certainly. Away the way it's story is there. What loads in and he's the best there is that it's doing this by the way yep when he says they you know there's been conversations are sure. But what happens it. They will have been having trade conversation. So you're sitting Richard tester it's Joseph you talked to a scene in you'll have a conversation. And build that penal that you well yeah that's fine but what about him yep. And if you're rich you'd say well I don't happened a couple. I have. That that maybe shopping kemba agreed so I think what happens is people here that campus available in trade and they think. Charlie actively putting together deals to move him. And it I don't think that at all what happened I think they were probably having conversations. Around other names. Someone brought in not. And rich probably did well I acted quite frankly which was saying I don't believe in the current that the untouchable so tell me what you thinking well. And that's what's interesting David Griffin's of those former cavs GM longtime NBA front office an NB ATV series sex and India radio with us on the technique come guess I was making exact point over the show today because I think it's maybe it seems like splitting hairs or semantics but how we view that is an important designation to make here and to that end. I mean you managed one of these guys I mean I'm counting to meet David and you might even say it's fewer than this. I think they're watched five guys in the NBA were you say truly if somebody asked you say thanks so thank you hang up I mean it's what LeBron KG staff. Pardon. I mean what's what's the limits this is John this maybe today is always the list is a Felix is a really short list of truly untouchables in the MBS. Well and I think what untouchable really mean is there's no scenario at all which you trade that player right tactic the only reason attic there. It's if you got a player under contract that is really the whole grew up you're seeing and you know they want to be there but some of the names you mentioned. If they quietly went to their proper and look just so you know in my next deal I don't wanna be here. You you'd be surprised that people. It would give discussed in trade conversations. And it can it not because they're asking me shopping and it's because. It's really are at peace here you spot the ability you know the value of all the that Iraq. What what do you think David right now in your estimation seeing this hornets team we're just discussing before you joined us David Griffin with us again by the way former cavs GM serious sex MMD radio NB ATV bit distorted seem Michael Jordan said on the record about seven years ago I don't wanna be were on stock in that there was a team with a core of Gerald -- in. And in it Steven Jackson and Boris. And capped out and he he blew up to never beat out again and yet it kind of feels. Like third period I think they've actually got more flexibility than apple what do you make or deported stand in today's NBA because we duets so many fans around here that say. Blow it up blow it up blowing up and that's just a thing you say but it's much harder to implement what do you think or the hornets are right now. Well it's a real romantic notion to think that you just blow came up and build back up then and everything's gonna be good eventually if you start from zero you can always get back up. Let's say 83. Well you can't always go from near 83. So I I think what people think is they're gonna blow it up and don't bureau 200 and the reality. They tear down these. People always gave you six for great players. But the buildup the typical. So when people get so caught up in the and your lap callers use the phrase that when we going to steal and they get something you guys used often that the masochistic we all of mediocrity just. It just an unbelievable. Turn of phrase. That mediocrity. Charms from. Starting from zero and getting to a point where you can't go any further quite off it's not like they shot from mediocre. So I think people need to understand. It's not just all or nothing there are other ways the bill later. That ballot won a championship from the middle. They were able to and into the act and Mark Cuban spent considerably more money that yours and other people. But you can do it if that's what you want to do so. It's not. I and Ares is not all one thing or another. You need to have a little bit of all so and I figure looking at its Charlotte. They had these second art yet or are we today. Over the next two weeks they're going to have the second GP its schedule. Ten after that what the trade deadline passes. Bill apt thirties the it will. Build it's you are shortly. You're probably going to take the next couple weeks and see what happens you've won three out of four. And you're starting to look in that are way better and you've actually beaten and seen that one against Washington was not just the flu. So you're starting to be in a situation where you might not being just mediocre. And the bottom and he didn't so that they you shouldn't have expectation that with your schedule you've got help the end started playing really well. I think you should look which are seen as being better than just the eight he'd. Ten I'm sure that you're anything other than eight you feel pretty good about your play net. Yet there have been no debt and and it's you know I've made that point that you're talking about about the dated debt it's not a binary system it's not eat you flip a light switch this is the way you compete for championship in today's NBA in your your cats team who. I it's a good example of that about how you re told that thing on the fly odd team to get back to competing for championships he ought point according to Minnesota are actually David in in in recent weeks about how obviously they had a franchise player in Kevin Love and Al Jefferson earlier before him wasn't working they got some draft picks still or losing. And then we're able slips that fur into Wiggins a first round pick it was a great year to be the number one pick got Carla tiny towns maintain some flexibility because that will add veterans around those guys can do it could deal in the trees for for Jimmy Butler next thing you know they appear to be a young force. It in in the west same thing with the people this Google states so amazingly David because speaking you don't leave it you can convince me they knew exactly what they were getting with Stafford seven clay eleven and dream on a 32 and lest we forget dream on wasn't playing in front of David Lee until David Lee got hurts us some of this stuff any MBA and you guys. As GMs know you're doing some of it's just. Time and place right so this is a little a little luck involved some sometimes in this whole situation. I've always believed that it did it's better to be lucky than good and if you can people you have a chance to be really good and I I think. What happened certainly indicate Golden State they they hit on six to various places but they also grew that organically over a long period. And it was a perfect storm of the cap going up. And having the kind of team that Kevin wanted to play on. Having guys be willing to take less money which is what's going to happen moving forward for them to keep that together and away and expense. And they're all willing to do. Think in Cleveland what we did what we were able to win a championship. Tearing it down and starting over again. But we were only able to do that as we edit owner that would play well game. He was willing to pare down in the bill organically over a period of time but when it came armed with the way she was willing to spend whatever so do that. And so it's very difficult to be prepared them. And get to the point where they're ready to be good unless you're willing to just pour whatever they didn't do it and fortunately we were flat. The best player this generation certainly was from Akron. It's not for that we would sign three other free agent. And we would've been making an incremental steps forward and hope to organically ball in the single state. And there and they did you know that king lot in the playoffs yet. That scene one thing he came in law and in the second round and and then they added to it over time and I I think. That's what people have to be partners and the core of that group. Didn't just thrown together in one trap and then we were off to the race if it doesn't work like that. David Griffin former cast GM and you can follow a much shorter runway said DG underscore wrists up people love and it's on the text loyalty analysis Zimbabwe tomorrow series XM MBA radio deals and dunks Jo Myers. Who's got the greatest set of lights and all radio by the way Prodi Jo Myers and intelligence I Tamar surely apple are gar Foreman for the bulls there GMs can be on the show they David it is a pleasure to talk to you I love the insight and let's let's try to do this again soon thanks for making time for us. Thanks so much. I go to David Gergen former cavs GM we're late to break it's okay we come back you'll hear stickler for next primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Art we've done this so literally in the months ahead. Glad to be able to do this we go to detecting come Gasol as we do each and every week we talked to the head crucial hornets the last couple months well it's been the associate head coach stepping in the acting head coach Stephen Silas we get ahead man back end up. Could possibly win 133109. Although he to a Cindy winters are all big wins and these happen some times puts a nice one over the wizards last night's do you call for make it tough for Scotia you do and. Stonewall Christians and Rivera could you. And it's good to talk to you and I can be careful 'cause I'm trying to train myself on you wanna save big winner big loss or any of that stuff but it's a win and you guys are strung together a few of these and I mean you guys just came right out of the gates offensively last night energy was awesome and I mean you kept it up sustained with the starters the bench everything remains start to finish that that was that was an impressive offensive outing last night. It was then and now did you get one or two towards users look to net you know the strongest warning and also hope you know some of the numbers as we guide. Really couldn't play out of the starters and then also a little while they play out of the French true which is if you look at our team mapping most seniors success sustained or any. You know you need to have full groups can play well together now shall we collapse Smart. Are talking head coach for the hornets he conferees back missed the last 21 games comes back Indo orders back to back wins another 13 out of 46 out of the last nine silk. Start a trend in our direction but a lot of work left to be done during this five game home stand off the win last night 133. What a night did you spend so much time would talk about some of the stuff that happened last night the coach talk about that second you spent so much time over the years talking about. Playing groupings and rotations in its expectations are roles and it it feels like more than anything just over the last three weeks I don't think this is coincidence the benches play better. These guys have been relatively healthy and we get kodi back soon enough but I think guys seemed to have just settled in their roles and because of that I think the play is improve because of that is that is that fair. We have the second unit as a way to play offensively where. It's playing and we don't primarily through your Armenians during. Editing the primary options. And then not given a couple changes a war on I think she's consistent player corporate group or trivia our fans are. Still a little card that true. Yeah I think the thing with Mike might wrong on this coach Steve Clifford this 133109. The final they beat Washington last night back to back wins big win over the pistons on Monday to on the road and got to be Miami on Saturday at 7 o'clock tip off like a three game at 630. It seems like Mike and I really gentle and he had a thing or you obviously missed some bunnies near the rim and it seemed like his confidence on the offensive side was. We started dipped a little bit I don't know if it's a health thing just seen a couple shots go dry -- in certain seeming that confidence grow a little bit on the offensive side for him as well as opposed which is going on defense. We have got to get a big victory in each already. Committed victory appeared mr. core insurance Oklahoma City. How arm. And you know again and feel you know like a lot of other guys in the lead you to. Do you have any. Procedure late in the summer which. You're recording industry pay for. So when mr. Drew Pargo portrait part of our additional September all of October. The end I think in a lot of worries he's just not certain given your rhythm. We're talking head coach Steve dusty liberties with this right now. On the tech become just like Puerto tele 225 back to 500 home twelve and twelve home now off the win over the wizards won 33. 109 so that starred coast literally the best shooting starred in in this modern airports basketball dating back to 2002 to 2003 were tense pretend to start. When you guys shoot over 90%. Late into the first quarter last night he scored 38 in any quarter 39 in the second quarter two I mean you're doing something right so. What what what was going on I mean you just have a hot shooting nights at happens Italy but what was clicking and so much offensively for you guys early on. Florida I think it started would we have a really good energy start to dean and all. You know Mike tutorial to sustain it cunard that are part. Career grew a little. Does that people talk about your intensity. This strategic defense and you ought to sustain that intensity readiness. There's also the cued off turn two and I and you can Ted. When you're more energetic cured more walking and bomb you know you're more focused on the fundamentals of your spiritual shout you're machine triple threat or short trip goes to pitch Carter rich we also got some steals. So they're worried we get out and score apart future absorbed so. There was a combination of speed which is sick just church shooting at home and then I take. You know the ability you know new Yorker core whistled the ball. For the uninteresting things you can see this is a priority for you last night read in the future it's early action for kemba but you ready for next to a net I think you could easily missing gotta we gotta be careful sometimes you'll watch a game you read a box resale nick had eleven points. Forces three rebounds may have what an underperformance that was put seven of the stolen and came in the first few minutes of the game last night because you guys rain and some early action and he knocked him down and that seemed to adjust the trigger for him and it flowed into the rest of the offense the rest of again. And they out of the I mean he does so many saying thanks for. Should help his teammates played better do you not coordinating. How just scorer in the hole bomb. But it didn't didn't. You wanted to take from the other years at least this year your receipt of 156 and six now. Torched the original did a few hundred people consider how it is who won't think different I thought our kids this year because. You know quite different so just the ball more so when you have a guy. How would you jurors who gets. Sports shop for harm our skin obviously there's a Q what are attributed from the floor and that's part two during the whole now we're also. Coach what would happen that I'm sure you talk to some of the guys was it just textbook chipping just they were frustrated at last I would have been at the end of the game with the with Michael Carter Williams and Jason Smith and Tim Frazier what would happen at the end last night. Artistry there will. All I think it may be frustration at all home. You know they have a try told he hasn't done as a competitive guy since. Bomb being particularly true but it still looked for each yeah it's good. But we do it and you know hard screen there should think pulpit why didn't. That led to. You know darn good football for him you know what should happen you know. Do you do you think the double tech effect this Mike said after the game he thought it was. Probably a little bit too much it'd just been one you think that is that was then maybe game precautions the crew last night zarb and those guys. Over what's been going on in the last few days in the MBA or or set there it was and not related at all what happened there. I mean it you know why I have such a turf. You don't know somebody else is so eighteen yeah on this great content from their toll. Or the Jewish politics it seem to do you know. Just defuse a situation well. And I would want to what did you think when I mean obviously it's their call to white Detroit got a rousing ovation standing ovation from the crowd last night to come off the bench and played a minute the fourth. And go to the charity stripe less ninth last night issued there's two free throws it was gone through your head when Dwight went back on the floor. Are you see your hard this'll trigger the top fortunately given back now yeah towel off all ash thinned no I really know some schools or business. So full partial or whole. I mean there's really not much you can do this. He knocked down both do pretty impressive sure for Dwight lesson he's free throw shooting I know we had a bad game gosh what was its against the mavericks were you wish to just really was split into an abomination for that one night put his free throw shooting coach really you said it was gonna trend up I think it has trended up here over the last couple months.