Primetime: Hornets Trade Talk with Bill Reiter

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Friday, January 19th

Kroeger kicks off the show talking Hornets with CBS Sports' Bill Reiter.


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UNC NC presents golf ball all night. Wednesday January 24 through 6 PM new week PM at the palms steak house in South Park. With a big game legends Mousa Mohammed and Dre' Bly from you know we have our very own big team legend frank Garcia. Kyle Bailey hopes. Football night. Listening to WFAN CR. Into women up close and personal seat tonight a special evening talking football and sports over food and drinks you can also register for a chance to this you don't mind at WNBA and C dot com. Follow football night. Must be 21 Earl. Powered by Gordon. Carolina. Fifteen to 24 for the Carolina Panthers could be wide receivers could be a second tight end but revealed running back again in the first round pretty decent today. Could be a corner could be a safety could be a linebacker known it would. Or would make it could be any okay good big kicker. Kicker really the only kid the kicker I noticed one thing you can't take. Could be cornerback Phillip Finley got either call pork wrecking kicker the two things that are off the board but anything else. Literally anything else is on the board at 644 color feel honored OK colonel corn. And hit a drafting a long snapper you know doing that for example punter kicker and I like Jaycee jets. I'll introduce two minutes even if JJ what any goodies to address the long snapper 24 isn't about JJ this just principle here live from the march streamed real T student. Thought we came in did today we are playing where it's our last football aids conference championship Saturday. We're Sunday. Tougher championship weekend in the NFL this is actually my favorite weekend in the NFL. I know some people Beaufort divisional weekend in the NFL last week was pretty good for us is that the conference championships are better than the Super Bowl. I think they are I think also when you think about it from the standpoint the Super Bowl is because such a spectacle. It's really hard to just enjoy the rhythm the flow of the game but to me the last time you're gonna see an actual. Regular NFL football game is Sunday night around what 63640. Whatever kicks off for the NFC championship game. In Philadelphia the link what you're gonna see two weeks from Sunday is gonna be some sort of butchered mess of a football game where there's where there's ten minute stoppages in between the along commercial break she got what a thirty minute halftime show. Hey it's it's said just an abomination of the game of football but it's a spectacle and it's our staying in America we love it. And yet it's not quite what we see a weekly basis all the marbles on the line note to get there in Minneapolis. On Sunday got until he got up in a new England and in. In Foxborough when Gillette you're gonna have new England and Jacksonville the ultimate underdog story. In the AFC championship game and Tom Brady's right hand being healthy enough to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars and their defense Kenny duet. We got that story line going into Sunday. We've got. Case Keno mixed holes which. Understudy cornerback. Can be the one to lift his team to an NFC champion Jeff Fisher ball it is the Jeff Fisher boy it's great it's a great story line if Philadelphia another thirteen and three say nobody gave us a chance sell your I don't go that far. Think people gave you guys pretty good chance all yearlong is easy summaries precedent by the oil like we normally like everyone's kind of in the back to the front of the press room are ones all the cameras Alou lined up on the right side of the detritus. And try to see the end of the silly entertainment and the good side of the of of Tom Brady's a week we came with Graham plans on this on this Friday Jordan has been by the way Super Bowl champion knows what it's like to point a copper championship game he's gonna do what is coming up at 3 o'clock but we came into today with which great player and so. Discussing all this great football or to have this week it would it's a painters to get into today to. And you don't what was it I guess it was around 10 o'clock 1030 there won't drop the won't bomb on us and it. So I. We've changed directions a little bit also get it to some of the stuff as it relates to AFC and NFC championship Sunday blitz. Did the report. And doable make sure that we. We've got this properly here this is via ESPN Ager was sure ASCII formerly of the vertical. He is flatly TBS ESPN. Reporter I think outside of what Adam shifter Chris mortenson. Mean that's the list right voice yeah it's show after awards mean mortenson wrote in breaking inning anymore. Why I don't know if I go back on her hand breakups partly because he's got cancer. I'm not I'm not all eagle when he came before he had to health props like everything was going through. There shall get you started the tool Romo like those they're still write a volume of stories. Chapters got him beat but he still he's still there. Tell us consolidate in terms of insiders the three I think of the guys just break everything quotient Chester and Ken Rosenthal. That's good in all sports yet those are the good news or three insiders but when you think oh of reporting and hey when this guy speaks some listening because I believe we now telling me what she's on that list chapters on that list mortenson is still on that list because that's what he does that he's a context got he's a guy doesn't deal in the sheer volume was stories anymore because he's the guy that mean when he says some you know what's plugged in you know it's accurate you know is probably checked it across multiple sources. And that's what they still haven't on Sunday countdown right bodies to get him a Monday Night Football as well so Ager was around ski on Port it's putting Kemba Walker. Are on the trade market and this this story last updated about an hour ago a little bit more than an hour ago. Adrienne writes overload would bad contracts and untreatable assets the Charlotte hornets have made all star point guard Kemba Walker available in trade discussions. League sources told ESPN. Charlotte has been encouraging teams to make offers and it appears eager to discuss attach a walker. To a larger trade which another team would take on one part of the port of sorts of excuse me several far less desirable contract sources said. Walker 27. Who makes twelve million per odd this season all the way through next year has developed into something rare among Charlotte's cornerstone players a talent whose production out performs is faced up. Walker the hornets is the hornet's best most popular and culture driving player. Charlotte is hopeful that the inclusion of walker a potential trade could help bring back a good young player or a first round picks that hatred watcher ASCII. Who waddle reported that it didn't actually the last few hours he's been reporting that that's his latest story that he's flesh out. And and everybody dropping a load bombs. Odds aren't on Charlotte sports fans and hornets fans on this Friday that was overlord its practice about two hours ago the last two hours in. I feel over there was 'cause this is this is Neil. I mean we've seen a hornet's speed linked to trade discussions they always are bad they're actually you go back and look at the sheer volume of deals they've done it. Since rich Cho came in they've been eighteen more than any else in the NBA that's willing to make moves so Omar really small I say most of the moral is small but neglected an old bomb late trade. Were they trait no upon layer after a year for NIC Batum. And Gerald Henderson was an ideal as well turn out to be pretty good trade. Now whether you gave mixed the right contractor not we'll have that discussion I was illustrate that different story that was a great trade don't know bond late. Just a guy in Portland you turned lottery pick into a proven. He'll is there a starter for you wait eight what are your guys that can be a top four top five guy under team orders though the probably NIC Batum is at times they might be asking him to be a top two top three guy and that's been. Obviously harder to come by she was just weird to practice today because. Personal everybody knew. What you're going there to talk about it was not gonna really be about Miami tomorrow night it was going to be that some of these trade rumors. And then first up an apron to submit comes up in the mix just got this way about it's being it's being French artist. And I I don't say that a negative way you're laugh and I mean that a negative way it's just been released on that look on your nose just a cult series from where he he you know he starts taking some questions about you know what's it like to deal with trade rumors have you heard the trade rumors and he's saying. You know home yeah I heard some of the rumors I saw on this morning. You know I've been in this position a bit in this league from a ten years you just stole. It is what it is you just learned to put up with at a certain point you don't and I I think he's probably right about that. You guys even guys like shut out on the social media stuff as well. It's a good question I don't know he's he's on its agreement Twitter occasionally on heavily but he's on there occasionally so I don't know if he checks his mentions are not make you I think nick was telling the truth on that. And he was talking regularly guys' locker you just don't you don't think about that cliff. Always asked about it we actually have some of those audio Billy honesty Clifford asked about it head coach of the Charlotte hornets again. Discussions that. Reports from ESPN Ager was sure ASCII that the hornets would be entrusted and are interested in the right situation of making a deal. Offer Kemba Walker revered here Steve cook for it at practice earlier today and he says flatly. These are just rumors. Man this week eighteen years I could tell you. From. Place to place five different cities there's rumors everywhere and I'll tell you sense things tell the players just nobody has said anything about it here and it's a room. As so I'm bodily cook said the ball Salazar but apparently somebody their senate. Will you say somebody their rebate what does that mean somebody told loads. Which Bloomberg who let me see you're you're seeing some we were Dolores phone that does that and have to be true. Where else can become truly get a from another team. Who's to who's talked to the hornets don't have to come from the hornets to OK fair enough but have but it. Stephen and that's that's the only other billion the other side of the story though like somebody's somebody's inside that that building. Involved in that story has taught as we don't know I don't know I do think we got be careful about that we don't know that we can't say that I mean I what I've read what does that reported hearing from imported sources he's in because if I. He's hearing from somebody. Our realm hornets are around the NBA he's hearing either from agents. Of these players that are on the trade block. Maurice hearing from other teams who have talked to Warner's entry discussions and this is what they're this is what's coming off the other into the phone and as you sit by the way that's a one sided conversation. Right that's the other team's side of the story of what you're saying you zapping I don't think we'll just telling a lie but the idea that this absolutely came from inside the hornets organization I don't I don't know that to be true I don't think we can and that's one of the same today we got to be really careful about this. Because it's easy to say almost reported isowich it's flatly troop I think the details of what he said are true. But then he got to be careful about making that you know what's the from burglary to make all sorts office space references today FBI did to jump to conclusion yet. We're gonna. Be careful about breaking up the jump to conclusion that in say in this came from inside the hornets organization and that this came either from Steve Clifford or rich Cho or something Buzz Peterson assistant GM you gotta be careful about that because I don't think that has to be true at all. And I think when you start to unpack what's happening here and where might have come from. Then I think you start to figure out you wait there okay how what's how how seriously do we take this what do we need to take with a grain of salt what does that actually mean. And hold on we gotta get a break we discussed this you guys jumping in 704. By 709610. Built right here. From CBS sports to talk about this stuff and by the way it's not just Ken Buck in his Batum it's MKG it's Marvin Williams I think that's the biggest take away the hornets try to do something at the trade deadline and why would you. Which your record right now. What do hornets committed tomorrow night eighteen and 25 to seven games under 542. Games 3043 games through the year it's kinda just the reality the NBA we discuss it next prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Only got a pretty darlings going. Crying time when Chris grow. Powered by Mort don't care. Okay I'll see you. In his personal. Dumb I'm still here and after less than. To become the number one. All time three point field goals made leader is well passing I don't know that guy Dell curry he was pretty good he's also number one earlier on the points list l.s joke this is just a matter of time and he's he's old mom loosely. To those records are about to be Campbell is we think. I closure askew with the report earlier today. I Charlotte hornets putting Kemba Walker on trade market and I just thinking to be careful when this is there you this is some semantics things. We start to say RD actively shopping him. Or is he available at the right price is somebody asked him if it's the latter duck. Don't off. How it honestly let's make a list right now what's the latest how deep do we go in the NBA right now I'm guys that you absolutely do not even answer a phone call you hang up the phone if your GM. When somebody asked about that player because I'm telling you it's a pretty short list in the NBA. How much how does LeBron its staff its Kevin Durant. Atlantis'. World where else do you go. All the fighting is sort worm enjoyment David Griffin later on the show I don't exciting goddess is an analyst who I think David Griffin at one point when he was still the GM of the cavs said that like they would still take a phone call for LeBron course you would mean to a certain X days I guess the question is okay it's anybody's available and what then of course pat. Aggies is testing and you know I equate to what you're what you're trading away and I'm dead serious what's the how many guys right now if your GM where you'd say well if you ask you about this guy flatly no when I mean. There's no scenario where you can envision it I think he's impede you can probably count on hand problem a source LeBron its staff. It's I think it's an honest dishonest is so young he's proving to be such a price franchise building players that he's writing and Westbrook rushed for no Westbrook tradable. You know why whisper tradable because they went all in with this core. For one year old trial balloon to Paul George and Carmelo Anthony and of what we think it's true that Paula George really wants to get to LA or elsewhere. Carmelo is just doing this because. He had to was the lesser of evils when he got traded. You son Russell Westbrook to a long term extension but what does the future. Where your best players are Russell Westbrook and Stephen Adams and you've got no Paul George and don't know Carmelo Anthony look like. So you're put under you take a call was procured death now you have to get there as you said a ridiculous returned back. But dude it's your call on Westbrook on Tony I think its staff. I think it's the honest setting its LeBron I think its direct and I think that's where the list stands. I don't know where else where else would you go Harden Harden is on that list too. I somebody says Anthony Davis tell you elicit about about Anthony Davis should do because you'll live to New Orleans you're not convinced that he can personally never won anything with him. Second of all. You're not convinced that he would you do if it comes time to re up again. Why would you wanna stick their around again somebody sing Chris stepped same thing more re sure Chris staff once did he likes to New York he seems to its international city he's Latvian all that stuff it seems to make cents. But they don't want any thing right and if you're the knicks if you got some sort of ridiculous haul of picks for Chris steps for Cindy Sheehan you do it you make that call in a heartbeat. So you can name names and there are marquee names like it happened last week basketball insiders dot com we ST collar on the other day from. From basketball insiders Cutler had to head his site had it a story that. Now it's I think it's what this is right here my understanding was what this is right here very exploratory. Introductory level. Talks. All of Blake Griffin for Carlin any doubts. And you're thinking their all like you wouldn't trade boy Griffin you wouldn't trade Carl Anthony towns well I don't think either team was seriously considering it put. I think we'd be astonished. To know what goes on in NBA circles on a daily basis especially in this little month and a half. Two month stretch leading up to the trade a lot of February 8 I think we'd be astonished. The names that come up where they laugh it off like you do you mother bleep are you kidding me are get the heck out of here the college golf the congress I. On the commerce is is a take ten seconds between rival GM so let's about his first second by the way don't forget at 5 o'clock. We got your chance to win USC tickets fight night apparel them January 27. At spectrum sinner that's thanks to Mondello speciality official dear partner of the USC. Stewart who opening topic chilly day at all. Bradley knows where she great way to interact today at prime time WS then zebra only Jewelers recently named one of the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country by national jeweler magazine building trust for three generations it's brown Lee Jewelers. And rally Jewelers dot com so he's ready and hoarding yeah I think that's the list to. James Harden I'd say it's horde end. I would say it's LeBron staff during it yachts I think it's five deep. And I think in in the most extreme of circumstances there were other players is because they might be in the NBA we need you to listen to those conversations you Lloyd. You have to rewrite conversation I think that's what's happening with kemba by the way. Just think about this if you're more tonight imagine this is what's going on your making calls are taking calls this time a year eighteen and 25. 43 games into the year. You don't know whether you should be a buyer or seller right now you don't it coming up over the next two weeks you have no idea what you need to be doing should we had or should we sell. This seems normally get a buyer now they do a lot of smaller deals at the trade deadline bringing any Gary Neal bringing in a Courtney Lee and those deals that actually. Generally been pretty beneficial and I think in a large picture the NBA or Marc spears talking about this earlier. You look at the deals they get made in the NBA at the trade deadline in the big ones that actually work. The big ones and actually go down. And then came the big ones that work. It's normal with a smaller ones here's your slot and a bench player for a guy that you want that your rotation and you think you can have a bigger role on your team. Your swapping your backup point guard for their backup point guard you're upgrading your backup small forward. Your adding another shooting winging it. That you think you he isn't getting Iran where he is now if you added an arm patted him on your team is get another fifteen minutes a night and that equals another five points for you for your team that's what happens at the trade deadline largely in India. You don't see a lot of blockbuster deals in the MBA at the trade deadline it's just generally. It's hard to do. So think about that from a logistical standpoint if this were true. That the hornets are listening to trade offers and Kemba Walker but I think it is true again I think this is true there listening. It's got to be the right deal so the hornets over the luxury over the salary cap too soft cap in the NBA we talk about this. Over the salary cap their under the luxury tax sort of make a deal work. They have to match within a certain percent dollar for dollar salary going out. Salary coming back to return. You don't get to just trade out all this money and take less money back if you did everybody would exploit the system that's why it's a soft cap that's the penalty UK did you go over the cap. Now listen what you have to do if you wanna have flexibility moving for. Your flexibility comes from managing your cap. Starts to make sense right now pretty simple idea here. You go over the luxury tax you can pay a dollar for dollar whatever amount you are over that luxury tax back to the MBA. Guess what you do it two years in a row there's a repeater tax into a three years in a row there's a three times or Peter tax and so on and so forth. It's why guys. Like. The cavs owner. DN Gilbert being Gilbert slide Micky Harrison a Miami they make any money when they won the championship and that's what they claim on a show that's actually true but that's what they claim it's why they're so reticent. Two to keep paying the repeater taxpayers at a certain point. You go over the luxury tax by 1015 million dollars per year you get into with three or four times repeater tech. Who's paying that. On top of the salary you're gonna write a check to the NBA for fifty or a hundred million dollars nobody's doing that I don't care how rich you are somebody on the Tex lines and retiree was one of those guys out he was just traded. You history. Just golf courses and I went straight ahead and doesn't talk about but anyway I think I missed him point so knowing that the hornets have to send out money and take a whole lot of money back and returned. We don't deal with so now you're limiting your trade partners it's got to be a team that's also over the salary cap. Then I sort of think you don't wanna Kemba Walker what's going to be eighteen it's a contender right at eighteen to use him as a way to bolster their championship brought. How you those teams throughout their return meeting that type of point guard play. Or even if they don't need a point guard I can get my like kemba aside is he playing kemba to to guard. See you later have you forty have a point guard you could slide to the two guard and you push somebody else to the bench or now you're making Kemba Walker your backup point guard. For now I mean some noticing you've got to think about some of the stuff even if they were logistically and in theoretically open to the idea of making a trade. Who we trade him for who we get back and returned and you're not gonna and to me he. The idea that you're gonna make yourself better in the long term I do when that Howell. You'd have to take some bad contracts beckoned back in return which is also why don't think this is actually going to happen here tree garbage in garbage out. You treat garbage you're getting garbage backer John Letzing cameras garbage but your your attacking him on to some other garbage contracts guess what you're gonna have to take some bad deals back. You're gonna have to add some bad deals bad bad country expecting your team how you actually any better off. So if you were actually doing that you what you would need to get some expiring deals back to return but how many teams have expiring contracts bloated expiring contracts. And also need that type of player and is also over the salary cap that you could do we deal wit. You start thinking it's from that standpoint. Again you wanna count on one hand how many teams actually fit that bill for trade pre trade partner for the hornets and all those possibilities just that kind of adding up to the excuse that there's not going to be a deal exactly hold on we don't break bill writer talks about this next its prime time powered by ortho Carolina. The hornets continue a five game home stand on Saturday night against the mighty. Did call begins at 7 o'clock pregame at 6310. 5610. The US Jewish. Those guys. Are a citizen my first name as it's horrible situation. I'm here and now. As well. Hey Kemba Walker hornets point guard for now I still think for a while I do is slim to none of these chances I give this thing. He's actually going down with Kemba Walker and we just talk about the logistical reasons of that that was image hornet's practice and I stood with him for about ten minutes. I don't matter this team wins by thirty loses by forty seasonal locker every game that guy is the captain of the hornets and true stand up guy oratorical and be able talk but some of these rumors he's on a year after we get off the year bill writer writer Daniel on CBS Sports Radio CBS sports dot com. And he's got one of the great Twitter handles up there in the Twitter sphere at sports writer RP IT ER for his last they don't you don't make good to talk to you. I'm good I'm good thank take happening. Yes so what do we make this is we're we're talking earlier and it's this way these things where you're the media gale like when woes attacks is his name to something it's like oh we better stop and listen these she's got that type both. He's got that type of clout to limit and so when a hornet's fancied today Campbell walker being shopped. I think a resource to freak out and say man they're blowing this team now how serious is this. And so we're trying to Parse through what's going on here below what was your reaction when you saw the story this morning. Yeah I regret your right equipment when load attachment is name and that won't bomb monstrous. You have to take it Beers in the guy. I know load up front for the diet I can't remember him mapping ever gotten story wrong in his career. And I understand why watering bill Charlotte this make sense I certainly understand the critic out. What and nick. For ample other games you're elevating the reader an event that the media on the tactic and walker is the spartans pulled it means. The GM bridge shown the door of the you know not very well kept secret. Is under an internal restaurant in light or in the or that they. To try to get this ship in the right direction. And we're eating away remote important piece. And hoping Michael Jordan and let you see you're rebuild it's just not a very good or viable move move that you have. Is again is well I'd buy it well man that are in charge an organization it's probably not move that are. There were talking to bill writer CBS sports CBS Sports Radio CBS sports I come Cano I was saying this to bill from Mike did just the most. Basic. But the same point a we make we're Thomas certainly what's the list of guys in the NBA that are truly. Untreatable Kazaa deal honestly I think. I go five deep in October on I go to rant I go curried. I think the honest because of his age or what he's proven to be. And hoarded in that it in Houston but other than that I mean I could make an argument for every other player look we saw the bush the random got a report last week about very introductory things for Blake Griffin and Carly Tinny town so like to me this isn't surprising other Wi eighteen and 25 if eighteen were calling say. Hey what I really intercity Marvin Williams are nicked a tumor Dwight Howard but that till the walker guys pretty good what do you think. Like it's your job to listen right like the most basic level it's your job to think about there's this decisions if you're rich Joseph. It added that the adding that they can't point to read write so well beyond those aren't the old died at that in. Both are bad contracts and other contract. That are going to be very hard to move and so if you're under pressure from your daughter if you're under pressure from Michael you're pretty at all but if you are. Only Whitney due to editing boot camp but we do better I think. Anybody out they have look guys you mentioned can be moved in the week we saw Paul George we've seen it before you normally those guys. Four in their way out. Very unusual organization. Particularly at a market is not New York LA Chicago to have a guy and they cultured guy and a mobile player that you can build around. And through despite aren't around right you're in the basement what mood that you usually goes the other way the very. Unusual situation you got to deal with the Charles. I'm bill writer for this at sportswriter on Twitter sports RE I TE Arbil writer from CBS sports stock on CBS Sports Radio is on here after we get off your 7 o'clock tonight. Right here on WFAN see it and so this is the other thing like say let's let's play out the other scenario that this is realistically could happen. I've been got a certain about the logistics of of the weighty MBA trade rules work where you either over the salary caps soul. I knew how to get it they gonna get within a certain percentage of dollars in in dollars out and they're trying to trade out bloated contracts with kemba attached to it so. You're taking back bad contracts so for its review to blow it up and have to be some sort of expiring bloated contracts in minute team would actually have to have to use for those guys. First some Soros you know playoff push a bit like to me now we start trying to figure makes it all the requirements on the list of things that we need to happen have to be a playoff contender with stuff also over the salary cap. Also would bloated contracts who actually have used for those players and I'm trying to wreck might bring what's the list on that bill what's the listed teams that would actually have views were for those types of guys. I mean what yeah which is what makes it even harder do you all more Berkeley eat up three way trade situation yeah I've ever seen. Who is taking on. There are contractor extended period of Matt is their play out and then the primary being here I mean off the top I had. But it didn't make that the dirt like you built watchable I should strike and talk a lot of waited at the tape was Charlotte and the L. Just because they have tried and tried so hard. Replace ready to act in the last few years I mean the knicks certainly about to go home Cleveland make that aren't bad but you really want great. That unprotected I would again grated Cabot I'm not given that that's unprotected there a way I think it was ready to people are waiting. And on the RR Bartlett but about double walker I'm that was made the idea that pact but you have to have ever seen was a part of that deal. Both of the re seeing that for me make the most sense in terms of wanting double walker reader like battle. We have one ball eight or eight and three way trade are very hard. Going up hurting you you mentioned the knicks I think there's what there's a story out there last week a couple weeks ago maybe I. A hypothetical both offering nearly keen and uptick for kemba and I understand that because I mean kemba the guardian. A New York City kid I mean he always plays his best ball at the garden and then maybe pairing with Chris stats like I get beat the one to one that but if you're the hornets. I mean are you really gonna hitch your wagon did that frank guillotine is gonna develop into something. Like kemba and then you're certain that that whatever their draft picks going to be like to meet that doesn't make sense if you're the hornet's others that trade were realistic one. But what about it that you know and I think you know really that question mark would be developed into a great player or not. I know what I I wouldn't be your gym or about it and now they want the epic yet. Now they're not mellow. And yet I'm not fighting ever go what they did they get it done business. And Q you wouldn't trust. That guy who mine act contracts that were wired you know who the one great piece you have to basically make data that that it. The really big question where that organization and for Michael Jordan and on top of that that the edits are well why. You know let it go well respected that the coach Jim had a patent that that that that he deserves at the coach. And his bodily that he responded when he came back right like it all aren't law. You know we want to make critical move but don't want certainly from quit now that you're obviously in depth and you don't know a down year or Charlotte because. You all that the trigger on the trade. You're marketing long. There are couple Reid is that there are being built now are they at Milwaukee for yours did not wanna do that in the year they were that for ideas sure. See spot and people that market aided they are. Made up that they got like you know they want whenever it got it. In other variants in ebitda apple long term brought that that they and fortitude from a fan base in an organization. Well it and and then this is the the other question if if you don't do a trade I think fans are wondering what what is your long term viability but I actually I mean. I don't know maybe I'm crazy on this bill. I think sometimes the best moves are the ones you don't make in a guilt if you play out this season maybe make the playoffs I think there's this home stands going to be big to try to do that. If you don't. You know you've taken eight to twelve again you know he got a league mark eleven last year's kids still nineteen I think he's got capability. And Danny's seat and maybe another year of and KG trying to grow his offensive game he had an expiring deal next year would Dwight which would be more tradable I think at this time next year. And you try to hoped to meet the tombs healthy bounce is back you know Cody Zeller can be a starting center near in your. In your roster and then whatever your pick is this year may be landed and I don't think it's meals and it's not that bad again right like obviously is grace is it sounds you ride it out another your I don't. I don't think it's his darkest as people think it's if you if you just kind of ride the treadmill for another year at this point. I mean it's. Charlotte not reluctant opera but it's not all different paradigm. In terms of what you can be an end in and out. Except I would normally don't like off so we get a lot of stars stick side. To develop. Really it really depends on whether or not you believe that this is the scene that next year when they get right. Canby wrote that well. And and can't compete by I mean an op operate at our place yet for that organization. If it is I don't you know but it you can get if you can get. Unprotected. Or topic apple want to Brooklyn but now belongs to Cleveland dip in. If I had to be a huge mistake buckled Altman and cap that they decide how what the law in the strike that brought incredible won't let it did you become but the great in Cleveland. That our problem and by example walker I think that I think part of value that it killer Eric and I think in that. Obviously the state but what they have over the course the rest of the other not help him out for good and if you get it out three or four pick in the draft and drop right right there. You can get is protecting your outside of I don't he would be open and ebitda in the law will want Kemba Walker and while we were. I'm bill writer writer that knew it's gonna be on 7 o'clock all right here on WS I see after we get off the air and I would overtime and does CBS sports CBS sports stock come on Twitter at sports writer RT IT ER. And die he was just dish in sacks last night big sacks on the all star game and GMBH this is a joke by the way they won't make this election for a public like why are they just gonna go like a public draft because it wants him to hurt did what her feelings what's going no this. Our celebrity yeah like. They need NBA all star is and they are incredibly didn't. And rule. Verdict others feel like probably to block it out your LeBron gimme a break that very upbeat outlook outlook site. I mean last. They're married to other well the first the generation they deal but I gained injures do you in India powerbook. A couple of grow up that part of the deal. Doubt they'll have to have fun tonight on the air we listen when I'm driving also thanks to make it sounds good to talk to you. There you go bill writer writer than you on tonight right here CBS Sports Radio after we get off the air on WFAN the old are we get a break Jordan as it's about to join us in fifteen minutes we will talk football conference championship Sunday won't shed a drop loads bomb on us it's primetime sports Howard by ortho Carolina. By ortho Carolina. We got our Super Bowl champ Jamar and has been to join us coming up as three. And at 530 or talk but some of the stuff with. David Gergen former cast Jim Moore for serious sex MMD radio NB ATV now he's gay she's actually really good doing this TV stuff I find really interesting so. Bless him what it's like to be rich Joseph right now and what he would do with assorted situation and if your just gonna tuning in today Yemen on your phone social media Ager looks aroused your reporting around 10 o'clock this morning are awarded today Kemba Walker available on the story he has been dot com port it's putting Kemba Walker. On the trade market but he can again like it. Split hairs all you want what's the difference between he's available in trade verses you're actively shopping Kemba Walker is that I think there's a major difference there mama this suspense on who Kris talked right and so fur for this by the way on one side of the story and it up part of the story says the court it's already may NIC Batum Dwight Howard Marvin Williams Michael K Gil Crist. Odds are league sources said available league sources said the those players are countries largely unattractive. In the marketplace okay I actually don't disagree without a that they are largely just like of doe report. Yeah but again like if we get us thanks so it's Paul is first second everybody breed called down on a Friday the world is not ending this is the most no dust stuff we've been saying we're gonna show for a while now which conversation goes faster the conversation the Kemba Walker is available or that more than NIC Batum Marvin Williams and end the rest are available at all actually Cinemark continue now we're just discuss a Marvin during the break. I don't think it's crazy and Marlins actually got a decent little market but I I think it is. I'd be very specific because sick about all the stuff Marvin does Martin's top five in the NBA in three point percentage. But only somebody we talk this yesterday I take less shots this year is that why we get slash ID doesn't take it that's. That's where you can get an enemy Turbo so does have a slight solvents and there really is we use that term takes less shots keep what you see Marvin passed up shots but does a passive shots. But you'll take this just on the ball comes your way right and sold when the ball's not coming your way you miss a 100% of the shots you don't take Greg shoot your stuck on this Friday can shoot your shot man so Marvin is tough. Top five in the NBA in three point percentages shooting what 44% something like 46 point Sawyer wanna sex yes well. Marvin seven a great career but guess what. It's hard to see it when you don't get the ball coming your way a lot in a lot that is Dwight Howard's have really high usage players the ball's gotta be really in his hands like Kemba Walker is as well and did when he makes in that stuff the looks he was getting two years ago when everybody thought he looked incredible when he got this contract he's playing the same blanket news Fleischman embryo and real close your radio. He's playing every bit as good as he was two years ago maybe even better. Lol. Wrap your head around that. But he doesn't deserve a fifty million dollars he's getting for your according to some people Martin is making what he's worth in the NBA by the way you always make what you worse because of somebody's going to tell you that. You're worth what the market says your worth. He's worked fifteen million dollars per year. That's not crazy money in today's India the problem Marbury is boards what thirty to go around 33 the F marvel came out it and it nineteen was a one and done player. And north Carolina's championship team in 05 sets more the issue is that a little older. Still play differently good basketball his age though I don't think the age is a concern but if you're telling me Margaret he's. Thirty he's 3132 in June 30 still be 33 I think by the time the contracts over. So your telling me a guy who was high character. Locker room guy. Leadership guy does all the little makes a winning plays on the basketball floor defends multiple positions as a big body is physical shoots the three ball well spaces the floor well high basketball IQ type of player. What does one player like that something about this or second who doesn't want a player like down on their team a third championship caliber team. Shall we Cleveland doesn't want a player like Marvin Williams on their team today of course they deal. But how do you get up. That's the problem again. You're over the capitol bureau over the cap the dollars have to match who are they sending out. What are they getting back in return there's a market for morbid it's very specific because of the financial implications. How these deals have to go down because you're over the cap and likely the team you're gonna make a deal with is gonna have to be over the cap. And there over the cap because they got good players it's also probably why they're good and in a playoff push right so we think about it from that standpoint. I don't I don't agree with this notion that there's not a market for these guys it's a very specific market. And speaker speaking to that point. You start talking about why this story came out okay stop and think about that for second why why why do you think this story came networks which trying Trace it was figured out it's how the sausage is made where did this story come from. If you had to guess where this story come pro. That I don't know. Why he's so played out why would reported sleep disorder. Why would why would somebody gives somebody within the hornets organization give disorder major motion aroused he wanted to deny itself. Essentially doing the NBA was the last team that it did so we have did it hasn't denied denied there were trading Tyreke. That's a whole other separate issue why would the court what interest would the hornets seven in putting this out there saying yep we're doing that's somebody with an organization speaking to Roche. What's the benefit there would see opportunity benefit their. The trying to value back to return form. No because you've put him out there I'm smoking maybe maybe item on the street drive on the market by saying he's on the move he's on on the market maybe do not get a new bank UBC's not a they'll look well I wouldn't buy one say that again you're more than anything you're insane and out of being you might he just might not really be all that much available luster given all back and returned. I I don't see the win in this for the hornets might only sense of why the hornets would say that this act would speak to quotes about this. Is bigger focus set foot this up there's a trial balloon let's see what the media does here. Let's see LC injury act. All the crap that kind of backlash Edwards is kidneys not available. He gets us that as we thought maybe we actually do this may be our fans are receptive. To blowing this up and starting back at square one and see where this thing goes. Or is your hornet's. This is possible to I think if you're the hornets. Awake yeah don't we float disaster quotes guys were serious about the future we're not ruining the future where we're trying to compete now and we're we're looking towards a future two we see we're trying to make deals like if you're rich Joseph you heard bill writer. Sony may end here in the final year your contract right now. If you're rich you put this out there say look I'm trying to do my job. I'm making calls and see what I can get back in return. I'm I'm worried about what's coming down the road it's the other guys the other guys are worried about the now more about the future on doing the right thing. They're worried about now a word about later right so maybe that's the reason why. Orchard other NBA team and you've been making calls and you're trying to figure out what you could get and you keep talking to the portage your putting this out there to drive down the trade market for these guys act. I had these as awful deals all the players awful contracts nobody wants to write. If you're another team you want what they have you don't wanna pay the price it's gonna take to get those guys how do you drive down it loads guess what. At a horse or ask him but nobody wants that we want Campbell we don't want the other guys next thing you know the asking price back returned for a Marvin Williams and KG NIC Batum. It's a whole lot lower than what it was before right so you got to think about how the sausage is made sometimes I'm not saying I had the answer to why it is so we start going down all the different reasons. What could he. It's not simply only a hornets won a blow it up it's never that simple. What does it ever that simple. There's got to be some sort of ulterior motive I think coach is reporting a stacked. Absolutely the hornets at the right situation would take a trade offer for Kemba Walker it's got to be right situation Jamar Nesbit joins us now its prime time powered by ortho Carolina.