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Friday, December 15th

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger and co-host Jamar Nesbit discuss the Hornets game against Miami with Steve Martin. 


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Peace peace prize. Powered by North Carolina. Does the same things which is dealing with Ellison is not shooting elbow but it's a thing this commitment to meet that doesn't excuse this may mean you're not healthy and you're telling me you're not healthy. Get it fixed if you're not a 100% but yet you've got colonel. Field indoor court. You can't you can no longer use it as an excuse anymore right right you can. And it. Stay around your back for Friday we had hornets and they take on the heat tonight blazers tomorrow another home and home back to back on a Friday Saturday. Both games at seven or on the air again at 630 for warns pregame tonight here on FNC and then we just this last week Steve ward said they had hornets really got to start packets of wind sun the win column it at home with a with a favorable schedule and we thought they were gonna do last weekend against the bulls and lakers obviously that didn't happen but seriously this time the hornet's got to start stacking some winds as they come back home for the next few and the composition of face will be old little bit tougher than him but they've faced last week and that's for sure. So it's good that this is a critical game because it's a division game. So that's why. You've got to win this in the games against Miami Atlanta. Washington Orlando those of the one you can't lick of well and it's interesting too because I was thinking about this last night as those look at this game you both teams doves in my these records a little better at thirteen of fourteen middle order to ten at seventeen but. These are two teams that. I think has kind of you don't want to put them with the heat did last year to go thirty and eleven after 1130 start best midseason turnaround in NBA history make just missed out on the playoffs put. These are two teams that are trying to rekindle that magic from two years ago the playoffs and they just they haven't been able to do it yet. Well and in and help this initial both sides I mean they wanna justice wins on a few other people tonight and will be missing Cody Zeller but will have the rest of the guys back and we'll have one extra weapon that we didn't have. On December 1 that's Kemba Walker. So that'll be a big penalty viewpoint and what its favorite he had a hornet's you know it I mean that that loss of and I think you can count these may be on. Almost too hands now and that's why they're Tenet seventeen right now that was one of those losses were you you you. Look at the box score after the game and say out of they cannot win this game and what was it to sixteen when stark message into one start but this is a Miami team. But there's not that Charlotte is a well coached. But Miami is the Taipei team that they have a certain way that they're gonna play the three has become more prominent. Did you know you if you go through history to a two years ago the hornets of Miami met in the playoffs the three was nothing to them. We have Dwayne wade didn't shoot them yet I mean they just they wanna look there one lowest three point shooting teams not because. They couldn't hit them if they just wouldn't take it right what part of their office now they've turned everything completely eradicated 322. That's not Houston that's not you know. Anybody else feel though that's not Houston that's not the warriors but that's in your top five plus 322 three's the hornets by comparison it took to the south. I I I was talking about this yesterday we Stephen Silas and we were talking about the history of the show and as. Steve Martin was by the way voice of the hornets 7 o'clock tipoff tonight we got the call on offense the F got pre game against the heat. At 630 same thing tomorrow night against the blazers a big back to back for the road home six of the next seven. Can you were you've been around this league for so long Steve can you remember a time where you would say. Over a two year period became his change so drastically is quickly because it has happened they're passed so quickly the way the three point shooting it's just it's everywhere in the NBA right now and it is an industry. We've had an interesting viewpoint from it because Steve Clifford as the type of coach who takes OK who's in my roster. By the samba code chip and then he made a radical departure. Two years ago. I really encouraging. You know when Al Jefferson was gonna get used less before you left and went to Indiana. They started to go yeah he he really changed a whole hog into a four out one end. Tied the team instead of eight. A post presence and and Powell Ford. Have to order basically three out of her hero. So. Each agent to a four out and one in an eight and they Wear them over the fourth or best gift three point shooting team in the league right there already 88 to 873. Every point spread and off force I just don't think. Right now I think that way the team is built is built to compete. Two years ago. Very. We have people that can shoot the three but unfortunately adds I guess is not implement it were has become a focus on -- how we want to score. We don't want to do that before I wonder why you got it you've got a new. Piece of real estate in there that you wanted to do you wanna live in there and that is where they significant post player and now you've had it before. But not to this extent where Dwight Howard is a guy who can dominate everything that happens inside. Now you should be able to do with the game as it is now do a classic. Four out warned him if he can find the outside shooters but what we haven't seen an awful lot of we didn't see it. In Houston the other night and this is no indication that this is where the league is going to cause a not a great defensive team that but they just single covered. Yes with Clint Kafelnikov and anybody else who came in and when they went small they did and never double covered and in good health. Crazies that Reich is this what I was saying yesterday or the culture show I mean you go back and again like you go back eighteen months ago in the NBA if they player. Forget a hall of Famer which flights going to be if a player had eighteen points and ten rebounds that they have had these domain deeply the paint getting peeled off the wall in the locker room and I think he's commanding a double team every time down the floor. And to your point Houston and I think a lot of teams in today's NBA are saying you know what. Will play a mass battle with if you were willing to to maybe concede that as opposed to really going out guard the perimeter right now and if you win in a locker room at halftime and used the other night you'd look at the stat sheet you'd say okay well flights haven't watched tonight and they're one of thirteen from behind the arc. Were okay the F keep doing what you do it's I mean it is math though it at its most basic principle is really going on right now it's math but it's really kind of basic if you don't. If you don't need to double if double teaming Dwight opens up three point shooters why bother. Why ball well it in and then also I think Steve brings up the point to a bout you must on this to tomorrow earlier off the air. I mean we've talked about this two years ago the hornets were one of the best teams at the end be in the NBA and this is where Houston is so good right now. At the reason freeze that sufficiency in today's NBA and the hornets were great at that two years ago. And misses the point sectoral looked like the shooting a lot better how to free throw line but that that factor too of then how many times you go to the free throw on but if you're not converting them as well I mean that that whole disparities can indicated a little bit. That's serious still in play but there's been one important distinction this year that's affected the whole league that's a leaked it to rule change Jeff continuation as we noted the NBA is dead it's gone. Because this is called the James Harden rule. And we have a Zaza Pachulia rule you know all about that noticed on the nose out smoke close out beyond the three point line or in another accountant. But if will be James Harden rule continuation is gone and that's what nick nick tool used to live I agree that this is statistic. Last year he had an he had continuation on 27 situations where he was filed. He may 26 foul shots. He's won 41 issue now true he's missed a lot of game how many of those do you how many of those were four point place. Other good conscience no I I but I would venture a lot and we feel we used to talk about this a lot of last year last year yeah a lot of the more four point play which makes it even more valued me a hard number of Fidel it is at this yelled it. Here it is but so 27. To place whether our astronauts soon. Last year he converted 26 he converted 26 and he's only had one of those similar situations even always played. You know you would think you have more than one after birth to a game. Is it possible Steve is we've talked about this with naked he. You know I mean this is kind of the dynamic unfortunately where he said I wanna come back a wanna come back wanna come back of fuel grade of feeling great and he finally got cleared he came back and now. He says well I'm not myself I can't be myself offensively in terms of shooting in the numbers bear that out 22% from three is is. He just can't win consistently that way. Or is there a point we get to mid over the next few weeks if this doesn't improve you don't turn a corner we have to think about. Maybe shutting him down and getting that surgery done with this elbow or is this well. Since he he says he's been saying the last couple of games that he's getting better that's why he decided to play Monday night in or other winds ignited Houston. That's why he's gonna play tonight. So we'll see how that noble works out of this. Continued pain that takes him out of ballgame that's going to be a problem but but the other thing he's gonna make it a that would regards to the James Harden rule. When you look at what James Harden has done more. He takes the ball directly to the best there is no more I I understand. I can't get cheap he's on the on the on the perimeter team right now I gotta go to the basket and earn it wouldn't. And and nick. Understands that but he's got to get the office. Yeah and that's it that's the other dangerous and thank you so I think used to really good by the way these will be fun to see what if this translates the into the playoffs what they're doing. It's why the hornets is such a tough cover too because they are five out more often than not at times depending on their lineups. And he can what are you gonna do if you try to help on that I'm that. On that drive to the basket for hard and they've got the lethal three point shooters to spread out all around the perimeter so pick your poison you need your help on a pardon to the basket. Or you give off an open three which they're likely gonna hit. Well you'd see very little double teaming as far as and the hornets he has defense of phenomenon. Probably more so than other teams teams are more likely to switch that. And if they don't they don't fear mismatch is out of a switch in other words big on small gifts so on and so forth. They say they see you as well as soon as we switch we're gonna switch back you know because of the ball moves that put a great new responsibilities change that quickly. And so a lot of teams so we'll just sit there and switch a lot earlier on middle hornets and Houston is a team. There unconventional just about every I think that aspect which they can go to the game and if luck would have it they'd rather work without a center anyway. Through because it just you know it's just someplace to hide which is why I think that may works for them because you wanna play as saying he doesn't either so. He doesn't he face the basket it often enough food wary when their name is better than capella. Is that we'll actually guard somebody troop out on the front left no doubt and art voice and he's he get some. He's an inside organized yes and as much as a point guard does. You know they don't organize from the outside in they organized from the inside out before supported Steve horn 7 o'clock tonight left funnel. Not on this so we've got pregame at 630 by the way right here in FNC. I mean ten and 1727. Games in or about a third of the way through the season. He I mean it is close to panic time if this thing doesn't climb out of this hole over the next few weeks correct committed it's going to be hard to climb out I feel like it. We'll be donated you don't do it that's why this homestead is very important no matter who you plant use open court puff up that record a little bit. They're really not bad shape as far as the Southeast Division is concerned and an east Jeff is they're they're right there even with the Orlando date and and really they've beaten Orlando twice some of those teams have come back to the pack right Detroit is is it to last night was all about losing streak eight yep and yours is come back to the pack a little bit up. Orlando did as well Indiana still kinda pain and I'll be interested to see how if they can keep it out in Hollywood and I was surprised it took that loss to Oklahoma City yeah I was really impressive moments city at all you think this team would be a seller the deadline it's this thing doesn't it doesn't turn around you think they would be who would be major wasn't pressing question I had. No I don't think so. I don't think it's a root for variety of reasons. I really don't think so aren't I think they'll be. I mean they're they're a team that could be purchaser. It if they're close CF but I am getting to that point right right tennis seventeen you could I don't think you could justify it. Seven games under 500 but I think if you get torched 500 you could justify that at the deal and if you look at what rich Joe's done in the past of this team he's tried a major acquisition or some sort of back position near the trade deadline. Caught Courtney Lee. Two years ago I do feel like this team is missing that three Indy winning would you agree or feel like that's kind of a thing misses that and and they've got to have some improvement and what happens after Kim believes the game you know you know. Michael Carter Williams hasn't been met yet and he may still be. Quote you the jury's still out. But just get ready to vote there in the bid at a so I'll be evidence has been presented the evidence hatred resentment on the receiving evidence do well and closing arguments I don't grab a cup I cannot. I thought Rick but no brought up an interesting point in his piece having posted today at Charlotte Observer dot com was. Maybe you get kemba out a little bit earlier and then the you were able to bring him back with the with the second unit to organize them like you've done in the past with nick may be kemba is that guy that has to do that while that's it'd it'd Houston you know. What happened in Houston is that the first guy came in off the bench was Jeremy lamb. And and then at that first unit was playing awfully well to go there are real do very last night on the plus nine on the night when that when that line up was a woman and they'd only get I think once we wanted to when and and and unfortunately that would be the case all the way through the third quarter. But. In Tampa stayed on and started the fourth quarter of it's a little bit longer the second they did. There was not a wholesale change in personnel. As there was. That was seven minutes tip that was the seventh longest minutes of anybody any warning fans lights yep right there seven and. You had a five man lineup on the floor look at this on Thursday could not believe my eyes that he Houston had a five man lineup that played for two minutes together there were plus eleven yeah from the so I just don't real if they're able to do their their their spurt ability with a guy rocket right now. All right Steve OC if you hours or that you go we supported Steve Martin on the call back Carol with him tonight at seven have kept pregame. At 630 here on FN zero what we were alone what Jamar Nesbit its primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Find more you'll Carolina. Sully killers Twitter feed app prime time WS SC everyone is roundly wishes you a happy holiday for three generations here a lot of families that may grow leaps. Part of their holiday gift giving fifty to 70% off for praised retail value. 'cause diamond rings earrings attendance and more building trust for three generations. That's probably Jewelers and broadly Jewelers dot com thanks again facilitate pizza company. In Matthews and in uptown now on fourth ward couple blocks away from BankAmerica stadium BBT ballpark. And that they've got an awesome tailgate special fifty wings one topic she pizza sixty bucks that two spot on game day. They're bill's backers of you wanna go there they get all the pro games on it get the ticket package on on Sundays in uptown so good support those guys literally voted best pizza and wings in Charlotte. And billion sacker eating like kings today back in the studio we're very jealous of them. As we're here expect. Screw you you have no idea what just happened during the break there analytical and afterward word got out. The door was opened the smell the Sante hit the hallways and it's over so feeding frenzy accidents the stampede hates it's all over town. While he was a good run boy's death. Good run while lasted so it's just short lived with delicious it was good may have the Sante always look at us up on Fridays to support those guys pick supporters of us. I'll we left we have to do this we gonna throw up the bat signal so we ivory Friday. We do our flip or flop I remember we make our picks against the spread college in the NFL it's cold season starting tomorrow so we got some ball games to pick. NFL we got the Carolina game to pick tomorrow or on Sunday as well and all. And he was a good caller last week used dishing out all sorts of info on these games Richard Richard did not beat the point. Although the point did not have a winning record just the third time all year to point posted a losing record the coin with two and three last week. Richard went two and three. And Kyle Bailey went three and two so Kyle is gonna come back as our as our celebrity picker. At 450 but we need a listener who is willing to go toe to toe with the coin. And if you're new around here we flip a coin heads or tails home is today it's tales is a way. And we pick the game against the spread by flipping a coin in and McCoy overall in the year. Do we have the numbers on this Billy do we have the overall numbers for the quarter or with Ryan gone as are bookkeeping all that stuff where we out with a I do not have been here in the studio yet so messed up don't worry about it but the court he's like well over. I think ten or twelve games over 500 on the year. By slipping heads or tails yes I believe that was only the second week that it had a losing record third attempt earlier that we had a losing record with the court so. What we need is this we need you to call the force fifty if you're ready and you're willing and you wanna talk a lot of smack. You think you can beat a coin flipping heads and tails by making your football picks against the spread. Text is on the building center text line 70457096. Dead. And will working when a 450 KB got a text is now Zach will be in touch will get your info it will get Java Davey if you wanna join in flip or flop we need to contested. Do it at 704570916. And weigh in they are the buildings that are text level that would try to get everything squared away it'll be you vs Kyle Bailey. Versa coin flipping heads or tails of Baker College picks coming up. At 450. Two mart as a witness our Super Bowl champ pickers and Packers on Sunday. At 1 o'clock we'll get into that coming up in in a little bit again. I'm so Zach glow of ESPN who I think covers the NBA's. Good as any anybody's really plugged in and he's really Smart he looks at a lot of the numbers of what's going on in the NBA best that you like. Yeah he's come in after my own car right the and the thing is he he he always brings you info honestly Nez. An army McCoy Calkins on TV right now at a wrestling ring what's happening right now seat Bob so it is he always says if a column every week entitled. Ten things I like ten things I don't like it number one a spoof the hornets in this is a laundry list having your look. I'm scroll through this thing and it's still going I'm scrolling down at the top of the page it's still going and it. He writes and just a real little but this is not a one. I don't want to go through all this we sizzled once attended seventeen there capped into oblivion probably. It till deals for Marvin and KG expire in 20/20 only kemba and their first year players of any trade value. Acquiring Dwight turned Cody Zeller into a fifteen million dollar back up. Kidd Gilchrist leap isn't happening. Williams is fine for what he is which I've been saying for quite some time now but what's the pickle Marvin Williams but anyway pieces Batum has been overmatched and as passive as the second option. Kaminsky is a third big coup complaint crunch time of those once a week nights when his jumper false. He says you could put lipstick on all this of course with a few close games the order to ride in the playoff race those first round picks from Boston fourth home carried hope. Not guarantee talent in no vale has done nothing to make Charlotte regret flipping me the two that's a fair analysis and thumb pieces put. Picks represented a blueprint. The Celtics handed Charlotte a planned a blueprint for greatness don't always gets finished but they at least contain particularly outlined possibilities of the future the hornets don't have that now. They know what on some level they made initial inquiries we Chicago about Jimmy Butler last spring but the threat but found the bulls had no interest in anything they had. According to several league sources. I can see that. Idea and that pantsuit. I'd just get sad I read this and I just get assassinated says and I he says and a mega read all these numbers but he says that's Charlotte is down to 22 in points in it it actually second points for possession. A predictable offense that hasn't evolved much in part because the personnel a state the same but it's regressed really. Only 29% in Charlotte shots have come from deep fifth lowest percentage in the league they had the fourth highest such share two seasons ago. They're dead last or close to it. In every speech every season in corner threes which is the most efficient three point shot you can take any MBA. It's an inevitable result when your best three point shooter straighter ball handlers who worked way up high kill mud nick more guys who set picks for them. That's Barbara Williams by the way Marvin 48%. On quarter threes on the year only three Fords in the entire NBA. Have taken as many quarter threes is he has. And shot at a better rate that he has deep and how do you I don't off the top my head I was looking the other day right. But that's the math problem that exists it's his room pics cube with this team of they've got guys that can shoot well. From range but the way they create in what's needed to create takes them out of the areas they need to get to. To make that stuff possible and it's it's just maddening because. You're trying to find an answer. You're trying to figure out what's the solution here how does this work and the answer might just be this it doesn't work. And then you get back to what exactly those initial point was in the first place. Where do you go. What do you do it for Steve Martin to say he doesn't think this team of would be a seller if the bottom fell out and I think the next two weeks are gonna determine dishonestly. You know ten and 176. Of the next seven or at home for heroic home a back to back tonight with Miami Portland that's a winnable back to back but it's not it's not going to be easy. Well I think what you I mean would you do what he also calls out. So so here's a thing so you have to put what the writer. And woods Steve. You can put those together he's sitting at the bottom falls out he doesn't think he'll be a seller. But if you listen to what what you just read. They can't be a seller. Because they tried to to package things earlier. To go out and get a player and no one was buying what they had to sell to you can't be a seller no one wants what you have. You you Sunni. So yes you've weakened you know say that we're not gonna be a seller but that could be because we were told no one wants what we have. So you know they could be just stuck in they have to stand pat. Or conversely they can be a buyer but we are at the point to where we are up against the cap. Or we have you know players that are are strangling our cap situation. So we would have to go over captain player luxury tax and I'm not necessarily. Confident fact that. We as an organ. They she wants to do that. Yeah and like I guess the thing is is to win when you think down the next few few years were kemba has got this year and next year there's twelve million dollar per year deal and you have to pay him. Sooner or later. But how do you pay him knowing where you rat cap wise that all these other guys and then you go again it only compounds the shoe shoe sole. I I get that other teams look at the assets and say it's knocking him. He'll be getting got to be careful about this because he I think team like a team like Chicago would look at the assets and say what we don't want any of that to give you Jimmy Butler. But there are teams that we trade for frank Kaminsky especially well look it in this thing with frank. There's always going to be a team that's going to take a chance that a guy that is shown flashes Jeremy lamb was that way for the hornets and get a few years ago yes when they brought him. There's always that coach just says he'll do better under the right in which with a guy like frank Kaminsky in today's NBA because of what we're talking about who can at times shoot former Welsh and he is guilt for his position did he is a seven footer this and he plays a position. That he plays multiple positions in today's NBA. It it brings up this. This argument of well teams I think if you would take take take a risk gun permits people what are you getting back in return from are you getting a late first round pick. Are you getting aid. Are you just flipping for another guy who's kinda like frank on somebody else's team where they just they're they've kind of soured on him right. If you don't like franks and a lot of news the illness the rookie deal which is valuable what's sad is valuable but it's not gonna get you. I Jimmy Butler back to return with a bunch of other spare parts that's not a no less unless you find a team that is going through their own quote local fire so yes and they're going to go the route below. See the seven sixers where they're just going to throw in the towel. And bank on giving the first two picks. One of the first two picks of the of the draft. Right but you know like for example have a at this event in this is again this is kind of the maddening aspect to this as like a Orlando is a good example they've soured on Mario is Sonia. Samardo is only was supposed to be the sharp shooter this wings score for them and his confidence is shot much always seems right Kaminsky says shot. And it's it stands to reason. Hey give this guy noose the change of scenery new coaching staff you instill some confidence in him again. Who knows what Mario is on you could be its it's it's a low risk higher reward type of play. At a much saying this even makes sense I don't know but does but like would you trade a guy like Kaminsky to get a guy like this on he would just say. He would take your damaged goods for our damaged goods then. But what does what does that make you again like what is your you're moving. Problem you're saying hey shuffling yeah that's all you're doing you're playing a shell game they just and you know the thing with this hornets team to me is that this will shine here. Did I mean your look I think you look around and each day. Is there is there a type a play here in the NBA again that you think flight could Jimmy Butler where if you if you really. I mortgaged all your future hey how many first future first do you want. Could we go get him a pair him with kemba and it re kind of tool this thing on the fly but it even I think those scenarios are very. Few and far between you gotta get a guy like Jimmy Butler who is disenfranchised worry is we want to change of scenery. And you feel like you could you could go get him you feel like if the it team that is saying. We don't wanna commit to long term in the future you know and I don't I don't know what I could mean those guys off the top of my head but it could because. If they possess the skill sets that. We don't have and we covet and or want. Not to attend the teen is not when you give that up. Right it's very rare that you find the guy with the skill sets you desire this in a situation he wants to get out of and it the team wants to move. Right an intentional hit but this like chat and a lot of people said this recently and I think this is something you have to consider although I think it's unlikely they go to with Steve on this like especially this guy. Up pieces you gotta you gotta think about trading kemba. This template is the asset and I agree on that but here's the thing. Who who's here. Yeah so if you get rid of him who sit GM. Who's the coach what's the plan now so you could see you get assets back in her term but you're still saddled with too light for another another year. After this year yes you're still saddled with a guy like Cody Zeller. At a fifteen million dollar rate for a back golf which all of a sudden he now looks by comparison because of his role it looks like what do you like what are you doing with Cody Zeller. I don't think that contract was bad inherently but as a backup it looks like about contract now and so have put to you still have the tube so if you do those things. What are you doing to get rid of the other stuff because I think if you do that what you're saying is we're tearing it down to the studs were going into a new direction in this is our path now we. That's not an immediate path out it's not. No Sydney get rid of that stuff and it's back to re volt brief rebuilt most of rebuilt gonna have to come over a longer period of time and that's that's a tough ask Anita. Honestly does it add up at a basic. The most basic point. Is it that we've seen some of the this year and self improvement might feel way out and I know that doesn't sound fun or sexy concept is not a glamorous it's good ol' fashioned hard work and guys that shoot better what this is that it really wanted to write this is got a turning to MKG and he's the luckiest developed into a more consistent with Rachel for this year. But I think what you're seeing from team whose teams are conceding. And Gigi have that may have taken you we don't care what do two for three all day we view we really wanna close out because it's not worth it opening up something out of perimeter for put ten KG could develop a three point shot and those of you could. But could develop a three point shot. Then that opens things up you know if you get a guy like. For example more leak monks to develop into an NBA body heat to where you can justify more minutes for him. To be out there for longer stretches of time what happens with that you like to pass out is to go Cody Zeller for example. Cody so shown flashes of midrange jumper and a could Cody develop. A consistent eighteen foot jump shot that pulls guys away from the rim that opens up driving lanes for guys so then but then that and that gives you. Another question. When do with the white. I think what you're doing with Dwight is honestly. I think you can't play those two at the same don't get a secure what you riding it out these this year you riding it out with YE. Through this year and next year he's fuel becomes expiring and then when the Cuba comes expiring. I think you could pass it along to a team that's looking due to too you know shed some salary themselves. So that but then again you're you're mixing parts it's like it's back to with the hornets they would miles formally. For Dwight but could you find it teammates say hey this guy does have a lot of use for us anymore so we'll take two whites expiring for you to take on this guy that's gonna come next year yes and it which point what are you getting back in return. But again and I want this to be said like this isn't an indictment on the White House like he's done what he's supposed to do. Like he has the but he has delivered on what what his talents are and so it is not his fault if why he's grown up and been taught and home and and and and been successful with. If the league has moved on it's nice just passed him by like I think you're seeing only pass Carmelo bar right now. Chris Carmelo looked Carmelo actually has the skill set. Carmelo is a stretch Ford in today's NBA he's a for yes except he doesn't wanna be of Ford and he's not big enough to be a four point he doesn't want to defend the force correct he can't defend before so you gotta do that right you gotta be able to do on both ends of the floor with Greg Kaminsky running. You think you would think but you know seeing it you know Indiana is try to convince Paul George and that same poll. The the step forward for your game to be even better ensure strict forty B did it this time we put America on your ideas read you like Nam to. No you you're you're three. But it still not sure what the ball in my right it said it sometime juror four games to be legal small sorry Roger for men and the legal mistake her for no. No but this is my probably do it again it's. It's it's just the issue we try to find a solution to this stuff Marvin Williams again he's a guy that's an answer to open things up offensively but how can he beat the answer. When he's one of the screen setters and how can he be one of the answers when he's expending so much energy on defense because he is the guiding your kind of sort of hoping and keep she would be. And I like Michael Kidd Gilchrist but his defense is not shut down defense. Let's not only what's on what's called spade a spade he's really good defensively but he can't guard everybody because his body and his frame is not big enough. To consistently guard the on a day in day get this he gets the best players on there now. He's not there. Mark Williams has been tasked with that with that he Judy Clark the bigger reason the smaller force in the NBA. So we asked to stay out on the perimeter at times is supposed to feel body enough those dudes in that puts Mormon into that role. And that's I it's just. It's just so taxing like everything about this team is. It feels like it's being stretched and pulled in such a way we're so stressed nobody Gillick torment of football right everybody do your job if the moment you start trying to fill somebody else's GAAP. Or chase down somebody else's dude. It opens things up for everybody pretty tough for the other team and we just exploiting me now to feel that's what drew what yeah. And if you're trying to help do somebody else is just now you're not doing your job to the busier ability and obviously that person isn't doing there was another two people not doing their positions and nothing's getting done. Now there's a whole lot of effort being expelled on the court then on the football field for the whole lot of effort and a whole lot of want to but there's not a whole lot of get it done. And that segment just may be really set following had to do is three exactly the same. The hornets don't have that now that again this is from Jack phobias the end. Are they made initial inquiries we Chicago about Jimmy Butler last spring but felt the bulls had no interest in anything they had according to several league sources. Sounds like there are. So what is it would have had more inquiries but they were they were cut off the other candidate now really quick who were you again bright eyes. Who's my number now although we actually made another call coveted until mind that we actually got to forget if you have a whole month we come back I I wanna get into this we are we going to a wild NFL week another we get a huge games playoff implications to get back appears there's a Packers. And the stat that says maybe the Eagles are screwed after all we know Carson went to mart as Vickers Kroger and its prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Only god for Charlie scoring. Powered by more jokes here. Like this easy. Plus you. He says he thought that still alive I believe Bob bass is still alive former hornets GM. Original ownership that got the good work and I always go back to that blueprint like that's the blueprint to me like maintaining flexibility. Never signing a toxic deal. Drafting well enough to work guys would. Teams to be willing to take on your guys and you're always kind of just flipping guy since so. You eat what they lost OJ it's going low those being so but it went oh great debt those guys you but it being honest the best hornets team came without those guys they came later not only were always. Flipping other guys the most of the most well performing warning its teams. We're behind guys like David Wesley and Jamal Mashburn and PJ brown and Gary Davidson and Elden Campbell and an older group put guys so. You know I'd that's the thing I always respected about Bob bass is I think he got it from a from a mid market standpoint which is draft well don't do bad deals. And you'll always gonna have to do the deal little bit earlier than you would want to. To go and get something back in return and have that flexibility Toronto is that a good job of that I don't hate that you said that is now just because Larry Johnson my favorite basketball player of all time I would love to if he's right here but you know obviously the back injuries kind of grounded grounded Graham a mob guys in my opinion I can make a strong case Glen Rice is the greatest hornet in team history moon. Terms of what he did to get to three straight All Star Games three point shooting champion yeah I to be an all star game MVP his prolific scoring it was what was going games I love kimbo. Killer didn't have the capability to go for forty to fifty and don't even nightly weekly rice and the game is different it is different here but from what you don't know that if and so that's my point on this and we keep that kind of stood. For it as much as things change it still hopeful for it to me and you know what's fun out of thought that's what's to come back in charge we give up policemen. So by the way Eagles getting ready this week another huge game. Taken on the giants in this feels big to be from this data point and we're gonna do our picks you're gonna do our flip flop segment from palm if something if I think it from the Eagles to a point. And as I think this is that game that's got to take the edge off. Yes I think this is that game artisans. This moment our first game I'll suck right we know Carson wins and went soldier the guy now once again yes it's a winnable game and I think if they plead their rate of four point couldn't really run the score up on this. I think it takes that edge also okay. We'll take time off yet what it takes the green up the same Tebow were fine without corset it's the greater sum of the parts are supposed to be individual parts and I think. It back I think you're not only matters if they would but how they win. And how about this that fog viewers affiliate reporter Jeffs it's the first tee. Who tweeted this out earlier in the week first 24 starts for both of these guys forced fifteen wins went fourteen. 42 TDs were poles 35 for Wentz sixteen interceptions for falls nineteen for went 6200 passing yards for false and 5800 for went so that you fight I think people are sleeping on people's Olympics given the skill talent they have the way they play their defense. I think they're gonna be fine I think they could be to better defined as if nick nick falls is that guy Dick like again you come out Sunday. And he does what points is doing which is just getting that appalled like. Jeffrey at a bar and he's a deserted Syria but let me ask his question what happens if they lose if he loses a message right right if they lose so now. Do you jump on other side that Suton are so now the the Titanic is the single line I know I think this is serious leg to put a one game but I think if they lose. I think they're self confidence is absolutely yes and then telling alive and here for the new weeks until the playoffs is. Figure out the NFC east champions oh you're that team that can no longer be what we thought you could because Carson which is an on the field correct so this week on the you know you need to literal one game. I think this team really important to society pizza. Yeah and I think he leans I think everybody in the NFC's gonna be keeping an Odyssey health filling low sit back without went up there and so that's a 1 o'clock kick off it's right there in the same town as his Panthers and Packers on Sunday and it's a Friday it's 450 and that means we make our picks and we call this flip flop if you're new around here. We don't take ourselves too seriously we flip a coin heads or tails. Pages home tales is a way and the corn is well over ten games above 500 type three losing weekends all here. And we put a celebrity picker against them. And go a listener and well let's fire her fancy game show music. We've we've just all the surveillance you might not believe that we just stole this from family feud so our man Richard who was given. Eight plus analysis last week on his picks unable to beat decoy he went two and three the coin actually went to a three. When Kyle Bailey went three and two so we decided to bring back Kyle because he's so good it is pics of Kyle welcome back for second straight week my man. You don't do an absolute honor and is it hot hot hot hot hot go. It's the the low light of your broadcasting careers what this is all right so. I Kyle's what this we've got eight we got to listeners with us as well Tyler is feeling confident as he gets traded gold against Kyle in the point on this Friday Tyler what's up man you don't. What so don't go right up north are which are confidence level one through 1010 being the most confident how you feel it. Can man always right I like it all right so we're gonna do this really teed making we've got bowl games on the board boys and these are some ugly bogey of what we're gonna pick him anyway three bowl games. One NFL games and then of course the Panthers to close it out as always insert Tyler goes first. Then it's Kyle that will flip the coin these are against the spread not straight up these are against the spread here you ready. Those go all right here we go Tyler number 25 Boise State. Ten in three against organ tomorrow seven at five ducks Las Vegas Bowl. And it's or get a seven and a half point favorite to open the line is now set and so ducks a seven point favorite over Boise tomorrow retaken. I'm a little bulletin. Right. It's taken Boise Kyle we like. I. I just so I'll go organ that was sort of brought it back self and that they're when he was hurt coach that there will be deployed to the reporter Chris Booker had a debt project double or triple what they're up at the decrepit it to carry out what they thought Orton don't stuff. Well Kyle did his homework maybe that's why one last week and how can we keep these incidents are relatively easy when you talk about uppity yeah we do. All right the calling because security act got demoted by a number of those they ought to do what does though is the. Absolutely Boise Oro or did so do you what do you have to keep the analysis shortly in front of the clock you don't LX are supporting pregnant and alone account the coin is taking I don't do the football games article asking whose home in with a winning record is taken tails that's the routine so we'll just write that down to come back to that later we'll figure that out when we're not very but no threat here. Next Troy attended two out of the sun belt all the fun belt and great college football conference against north Texas who was knighted for New Orleans ball. It truly was a seven point favorite to open they're still at seven point three taken Tyler. Our Torah but sort okay he likes the trojans. And Kyle we've got. Troy all right elect Troy watch the fight more to stop this fight until quite loyal Edison's that your life the coin is taken the home team I don't know who that is north Texas is the home team okay cynically stick in north Texas which you find out about more Las Vegas Bowl. Origin is the home team okay so they're taking the road team that Boise State then aren't quite these damn good job Billy appreciate your help of the so yeah. All right next one Marshall in Colorado State both teams seven at five in the New Mexico Bowl Marshall was a five point favorite to open the line is still five we take it Tyler. Bookstore bought for martial rhetoric mistaken Marshall. Kyle. But I heard right the blundering Ter is a sap fans like to call them these ticket Marshall and the the coin. Take on the road team I don't know who that is yet Marshal all that Marshall. Rights. Marshal for the coin. Let's go NFL here huge game Graham's ignited four they're five and one on the road at the Seahawks. Who were 854. And two at home accent surely see what Seahawks opened as a one point favored the line is now to would have to be taken Tyler very. Man and I take it off but I Martha go beyond the oh now you're smarter about what I like get a kick out we got. Grams. He's taken over who wrote Graham's. I don't think he's very short here and he's definitely heard feeling sorry they grew. We political with the boys helped the so that we are bad host Casillas the coin has taken the road team to the point likes the rails is well. All right final game it's the most important one we always pick the Panthers Carolina at home first second straight week 9844. And two at home. Against the Packers who were seven and 63 and three away from Lambeau. Panthers opened his one point favorites the line is now three Ky W thorough excuse me Tyler retake it never authored right. Kyle be alike. Peppers okay. She says she'll prepare itself so do his own when it is our dial your cut adrift off OK he's angry at those tankers what it is. He's done the coin is taking the Packers dawn McCoy then. Likes Aaron Rodgers and the Packers on Sunday. I Tyler. Stick is stick around we'll get your info that way if you win we'll bring you back next week Kyle the good work Levin thanks for keeping it short. I've portrait your body thicker after Friday all right we come back. 5 o'clock hour starts right now they have there's attackers if we get into this we break down the match up with Jamar Nesbit its curse Kroger and its prime time powered by ortho Carolina.