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Wednesday, December 6th

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger and co-host Omar Gaither discuss Charlotte Hornets basketball with Charlotte Observer's Rick Bonnell.


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There is 3 o'clock he's what is the rest of the show OG. Happy holidays Monday. They Turkey. In the event down. I think it happened that's all right there's smoke that Turkey you know this behemoth that that that word Wasilla for air smoke that's fair I text or riding in building setter text line. We're getting some good questions here Omar you with me on this that we that we can combine we can compile a list of basic human questions dated day. Life's questions to the terms are determined to get a good read on people only put people competed in other words to determine if you weird enough. I might be good way to put it on our mind that that frankly not a personality trait are you weird or not are you cool with going to a restaurant radiating buyer yes I do often I do very like it. It's it's good quality alone time right well here's the thing. People who are in the profession you're in. That I men you know I do I do morose state being in so I'm around people alive all or or. Not right off the UV Europe around it to the people we Myers so they let you go into the office every day up and got a group of people who go eat with so you know. A step in you know maybe have made that one early dinner. Posted on at a restaurant in it is it is relaxing is comfortable and I don't always hit the ball. Mean you don't idol which is in which is do you know agreed agreed which is why it's really interesting text deriding it on the buildings that are tech slide actually know this is a tweet on the rally Jewelers Twitter feed. This is up my guy chuck who tweets that rallied Jewelers by the way everyone at Braun league wishing you happy holiday for three generations Carolina families. Have Mae brown leave part of their holiday gift giving with fifty to 70% off appraised retail value on diamond rings earrings tended to more building trust for three generations rallied Jewelers. Tim Brown lead Jewelers. Dot com. It's it's. Chuck saying boot their table anyone given given the choice of picks a table campy trust trust and I think that's a good question tilt how could you go out to link it to eat I always go to. Now see if they only have art a table surely it is via like if it's a busy night there ought to wait you're like yeah sure I'll take a table near post it is more comfortable. But that's a good question like that's what that's the type of question of talking about. Guilt Kelly's tweeting in this another good one which you go to watch a movie by yourself but I feel like yeah. The restaurant for me oh I like him out on self arrest or yeah I like it. That's that's crossed notes that we're territory so I've got vacation coming up men for Christmas and a few weeks and you go to watch how about that. What should be working personal actually looking for two a couple of weeks from now we're like on a random Tuesday at like noon I can go to our own we can't waste the Mets can't police the movie and not make it a date to get brownie points what do you do we think it would all do that you'd like I like bode well Leila go to movies of all I don't NA wherever I don't have all the spare time he stopped in his spare time or go to random movies whenever they want it though. I stop it had to say it. You know Kansas waste a a movie you got to take somebody what do you what do brownie point pace but he took its attacks directs it and here's another one this one came to me here's another important question I feel like you can get a read don't read on somebody. Our mountains or beach. It's a great. Well you keep your quote I like about the mute your life so we only get to you know where if you had to pick if he had a vacation only once bought the amounts EUK mountains get a little beat Alfred you'll put there are people better routes people. That like people when it's warm in the summer that ready go to the mountains where 75 and they're cool they're weird. Commitments are there no we're we're down to the list were trying to compile a text are also writes in I hear. Chris businessmen who travel is a component of their job eagle on very often get a clue buddy usually at a borrowed they don't posted at a at a blue wolf first all texture. Youth I'm not I'm not all okay yet that's the first I've ever heard of that I was aware that. How are they have but boy there's there are a lot of people who think it's awkward or socially weird including you and there are a lot of people were were you flat out don't like that feeling not being alone because they think people are looking at them or they're being judged my point is not whether it happens of course it happened but there are people. More uncomfortable by it it won't do it and there are other people judge others who do what I want to say it is. Aren't always that I cut alike get my wife is one of these people will go out and shall say. And that's kinda sad that peppers and to go allies judgment until a she says she just felt like I said still I don't think he's you don't think he likes anyone thought. And I told you before I she's she's asked me before which you give them what I would do that I got a problem I've done it before. And oftentimes it's naval baggage you bring America. I don't like that they what I -- on up on the road before travelling and stuff I've gone out and I've you know you're you know it especially if you're at a town you don't know anybody like half an Al gold we gonna do you gonna go get take out meet your hotel where I like guys doing all the time but that's sad to me I don't that is sad to me really and watch a movie. That's more okay. If you're to me if you're gonna do on a one off that's fine but it's more set to meet the idea that you would instead of wanting to go. Out it eat it be amongst other people by yourself you'd rather see your hotel room alone because your your you don't wanna be judged. That's our wives that because I don't wanna be judged because I like being comfortable. OK like I I you notice you know that's Leo I'm a homebody like so when I go to a hotel room and that turned into my homework. Way to go home. Omar he's comfortable. Don't know I I. Very little since and go get a load do you get a fire going out. This since I turned and home where mullah Omar's got through suitcases one for the close one overall receipts and toiletries adrenaline available at. Execs talk up. I don't play. I think this is an Omar saying it is a light fixtures on the wall that 01 I had doing regular hotel rooms are caught on next are Mexico gosh this is great so we're hearing edit here's what we do all right you guys can you can texted you guys are doing this. You don't have already of the buildings that are text like 70457. A night six dead. What are some basic questions like daily life questions that cut. Cut to the chase about who somebody is or is Omar said you find out of somebody's weird or not okay so richer believe Jesus what are we going to say that's like that's how. Has to be on the prime time personnel at the guys flagship question for the show against the final one right it's the last and final touch yeah I think that's yeah yep that's it was like an essay question you get to the end what they're for like yes or no and then the last one that question is like an essay question jacares the most weight expand on your answer please. Preferably Jesus and why and why I would say to those contests I hope like so we've got that oil and I'm cool with argue cool eating guilt which really by yourself at a restaurant in a Booth. Passed gas to get a table or media cannot let alone aren't good or desolate who would you sit at a table or Booth at a restaurant ready by because of your single male in your at a boots at a restaurant. You not trying to pick up anymore. Right back. So you black kind of you can push that all the way up stable could the pick of anybody in a boot that a restaurant by yourself sure at a bar possibly. But I know you guys have food units are strong game if you can do it for the boot if you note it. When you if you get a real live from the Booth yup you do it anyway here's a couple apple Cheney's from that single gentleman sitting in the it's not exactly had. Well all right 704570961040. You gotta to apple TV that was really see it and little did he got really really hits a hard. Really get it you think about the current landscape where they're insecure forgot that stuff 70457096. Dead but how you can text is there you can call in there out of bullets we've got Mick mix it is 430 Rick Bedell scooter Joyce a twenty minutes we're here for hornets and warriors former panther former eagle. Mr. Myers park Omar Gaither had your balls found head coach yet where we owe their coach. So I I have a decent sources sub program away now. Still not through your breaking news and John I'm wincing that because I don't want it to go you know what I. They'll be you don't you have a stuff about before defer to consist this microphone has power and at a given time there are thirtieth to 4050000. People listening is right now soul. So we got say our donors with them. So tread carefully here do you wanna let it out so so little birdie told me sources say straw sources say okay. Their position drone possibility that the less miles. Will be into a coach at UT I am now less miles and I'll give you a whole. I'm immutable lineup here less miles thick coat Philly are you getting called ESPN right now want to some escrow yeah call them all Monty department's office coordinator on which. In my opinion is blue book disputed coach in the way in and wait and Rex are nineteen to Mars have been a coach so beat. Up to satisfy a lot of different people but by you get to splash name and you got two young Yoo young up and coming guy okay. And John Toews put recorded anybody anybody if you don't know the name anybody in Knoxville or was UT fan knows the name John Chambers. If you're the only was it takes Mahan for awhile he he he was it. Louisiana State University. Myth that's my house yellow makes sense okay so I like that that's a strong. That's a strong staffer I've got a TV directly threaten me with ESPN on within the hour ride him Billy I wanna see Omar Gaither of WFAN chief ever. He followed through according to vet who was miles soon to be announced as the new head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers Timor is offensive coordinator. Yeah is that a new stinger was that that they're breaking news is I'm already on the butterfly effect could tell us on the fly. I just you know I would say don't put my name wanted to say sources say nobody gets delayed I think you're both trying to begun to own a gun owner and Omar got no limit our final. Out didn't happen that way hey you interview it is written. Source not a good that's a matter that I that was not a bargain. If you're all right so we gotta we gotta hornets a warriors tonight no steps Currie and does sounds like notre among green other but no Steve Clifford again if you're just joining a shipment paying attention today. Are the Charlotte hornets announcing earlier today this is the exact release the Charlotte hornets at tech coach Steve Clifford. Will be away from the team for the immediate future to addresses health. Currently there's no timetable for his return hornet's associate head coach Stephen Silas will serve as acting head coach. Out of respect for Clifford privacy don't awarded to look no further comment. At this time so what we're gonna talk about this with Rick Bedell. In about twenty minutes he's gonna drop by and guy he's he's gonna try to give us a little bit. Of some answers on this and somebody wrote in earlier in the building center text laden and this is true Steve Clifford has had some. Some party issues in the past and I I don't I don't know I'm gonna try to get some interest myself I don't know if this is linked to that. Were separate but the fact that he would feel the need to step away for a little while and that they don't want speaks specifically to it. I just Q I do think usual but it caught up pause or concern would do Larry okay yeah. How can and not right. He even ran for Cogent and this that monkeys and in this this profession is something that is you know yours would about it. Out 1000 Philly would Jim Johnson he was gonna lol obviously and he started having a few issues. That he dealt with for about a year or two and as soon as they say they Jim. We appreciate your your your work go you know take some time will be. You don't which apparently is. That's when he passed so it's. This game is a funny thing where it takes it from you but he gives it to you at the same time you know I mean it's so weird thing about coaching in the even with players. You know which accuses France for the best coast cliff over everything is all right and yes there are more important things than being on a sideline coaching a basketball team. And you know this just said it's a lot of time these things. Are what makes that focus and more. Well we're gonna talk to Rick Bedell battery in about forty minutes he joins is at 330 we got to Mick mix and voice of the Panthers are 430 Bill Polian gonna join us to talk dirty story from big mix oh do you really asks us if you remember OK so we will get to that Omar Gaither former panther former eagle mr. Myers park and you tee ball reporting that let's miles tee Martin Jon shave as the trio. All going to Tennessee newly renamed the new trial brief as the Tennessee balls try to find their new head coach. And a new staff when we come back. If it's not time to worry about the Panthers. Yet at least it's primetime power by ortho Carolina. I don't care aren't. Nevertheless you know we still have to be better you know whether I mean you run and throwing kitchen. You know stopping them. You know just through that through phases of football just did it come again today and you know hold this is my last time speaking on this you know being that it's stressful for we just tested. Kiss foreign in the inning Kuwait and and I believe that we will. Yeah. And and. I was jam after a loss on Sunday 3120 winds to the New Orleans Saints don't forget hornets coach or show every Thursday 6 o'clock. I could just sit there it's brought to by corona light came on line in a Finnish official partner of the Charlotte hornets and us here at WS density and I've got pregame tonight starting at 730. As the hornets get ready to take on the warriors and by the way there will be. Unfortunately no Steve Clifford on the bench she's going to be gone indefinitely to the ideals with some medical issues Fortis not really speaking on why that is or what's up for that -- gonna join us. In the next ten minutes we'll discuss that with him coming up in a little bit and also don't forget great stocking stuffer idea here go to get my perks dot com. Hitting 100 dollar gift card. To date greater golf express for fifty bucks. Half off a 100 dollar gift card to greater golf express right now get my perks dot com. Make sure you log in and grab that right now so Omar Gaither witness we've got to mr. Myers park former UT ball former panther former eagle and you know you look at this painter's team OG. And this game as you get ready for Sunday Mick mix it will join us and our word talked about this game. At this point in these games are huge there's I mean you can overstated these games are massive event for team where there Eaton floor and could very well finish. You don't 1997. Is not crazy like if if you weren't careful. Nine and seven is not crazy vikings Packers vikings to meet the best defense in the NFL. Front to back with I mean they've got play makers at every level right. I'll probably never seen Griffin in the middle with air Kendrick is as good as it comes at linebacker and then in the back with a guy like Xavier wrote like they are as good as they get. Defensively they've got to run game that is dominating right now they get a passing game that is dominating right now. With two legit playmakers and Adam feline. It's defunct Dick's case seen him play with a ton of confidence taking care of the football makes more plays and executing congresses who completed his completing work on third down to completing in the red zone or do we dirt they're stopping their opponents from doing that and are on the other side of the ball. And so this game you look at the Packers. If they win against the browns they should Erin Ryder comes back here and they're right back in the mix for the playoff pictures well no he's confident that bit you Tampa Bay I mean that it's. Visually the vigor and oh yeah right and then you get in Atlanta which got beat Atlanta gas and Zomorodi so I got a guy over there who can beat these stretches are huge right and it starts three straight games at home. And the Panthers team that quite honestly has been good enough at home this year amid there's no other way to save three into all the way to won their home has not been pretty evil when they've won. And that's got to change and this game against Minnesota in particular he's the last game I think you could point to were you today. Hey guys give me some thin. That feels like proof that you're capable of beating the best teams in the NFL. Because you've failed twice against the saints he failed against the Eagles however close you may have thought those games might have been you fail. Ultimately lost and now the vikings are another one of these teams and so what's your last chance to to really look at it at yourself and say. How do we stack up against the best of the best because you don't want it's all well and good to say well we get into the playoffs we could do this or we could do that. Eventually got to beat somebody write any got to prove you're capable beating somebody. And you better doing at home because lord knows you're not goal you're not gonna be home during the playoffs are I mean would that I think that ship has sailed this team has not played a home playoff game. So role. This game against Sunday in this stretch in general but it starts on Sunday against the vikings this feels like a huge picnic four point for this team for good or for bad you gotta get this one on Sunday can it not. I do think then the question really stuck in a week wondered out hey how great is this team are they just good or they just okay that's all clear they're not a bad team are not a bad team was lucky to be eight for dirt very good team they're very solid team above average definitely. But if you start to look at this team they'd lose again to the vikings have another great team. And then you start to wonder about the Packers and the falcons coming up. Then the conversation really starts to talk about they were what oh what is this Panthers to put his feet I can't overstate enough how big this game is on Sunday at 1 o'clock. Yen and this is one of those things where it goes to show you that it is a long season and you know. You have to play consistently well all four quarters right so he's just an an aid for now. And you have four games left that. They're not take walks no not the forty games because want yes tempering the greatest team but there you division and they can be too they've shown up before the past so I think the biggest thing about this Minnesota game is there is confidence. If you go out and be a good Minnesota team. That gives you confidence that you can you can go in and if you play well and you do what you need to do you can beat a team you can be a good team a good playoff team. If you go ought to loosen as a Minnesota team will cause of what you do for the rest of the season. Then it just it's it's it's gonna sit in the back to being hit that we didn't beat any teams that were. Quote unquote really good what you mean there were. Top tier let us be fair in this is where I think if you could split hairs on this they did beat the patriots. And okay Dodi and everybody Peta if that was a patriots team that was not right defensively Mike what they were playing awful football we you know early YouTube you forced into that stuff like UT Ahmad and take that away from home. But you don't the papers for the patriots tomorrow how does that game look. It looks completely different and but because nothing they could win but he I yeah I think it I think became probably takes a disgruntled readers that I don't campus but. If it. This is just in the end and another thing about it is is but. Victory despite the QB the pages that there was little outlook that was well for eight hours ago he was right it was. Is it goes so you know I confidence doesn't he did and you don't win you'll be good team the community unit in his last throughput for Iran names you tell me four games to go. That's also a much of that seat that's a marathon to go always well yes it's closer to order to feel so it feels close and deduct any LP you can look at some Indian beat the finish once got a good site. But that is also a huge group that is a huge length of time to get right. If you can get right that I think that is the that is a good chunk of time. To get things fixed to get cleaned up to improve your football team there's still plenty of time to do it but see that's tough to say going down the stretch of the season you don't wanna be. At the you don't you'll still lose the things you're saying everything they just came out you mouth when. You should be saying. For the first half of the season is over to right hiker and a three week four we have time to get it right depth like this that this time you're good teams are saying. We're we're we're gay we are we're we're we're trying to go where we're getting better let's just keep rolling with the momentum that we do we already have it it so if you're saying. There's still enough time in the season to get things right. You're in a bad play suffer elect is it as a team as a as an organization and it would begin playoffs or not which I think is gonna take him wins what do you I don't think that they're seeing that I locker room read I would think the messages. You made any situation but I would think to messages hallmark. Often those guys know that time is now right. Like if the urgency is now we've had we do have time when we do know is now he has to start now that hey we make maybe fix it or weaker to receive a lot of time to work of the kicks off the fixing starts now when it starts against the vikings and so he has one of those things where are. We lost last week but hey guys you know if you're a coach or whatever you guys look neat. We can't give up any more these right we we need to pretty much when this thing going out so. In this before we need to win this thing going out. That we do we can't afford another loss it don't matter who we're playing where we're playing now we're going we can afford the loss so. If you've as the Barbeque mildew right now you don't wanna say abuse of the game you know those guys. Games this season is over who have suffered young guys so and so forth nobody if you wanna really be. Competed well you gotta win now you got to win on this and rolled into. Well I text directs and building sent a text like 70457. And ninety extent scare the cat is what you guys sell like fourth quarter let's eat and go for an all we needed W like Davis went to. But seeded W that produce sound good it's imperative that it's you know what. Yeah let's see that I could see I mean it's so crazy to say this team could go forward knowing the stretch it's not all I really don't have a short haul here bakeries to say he goes to a doing that or one and three I grant you that's gonna say don't you gotta I'm. Mean I'm dumb I'll give in Tampa I can eat even notice if I get those guys yeah guys fight for their job. You would think of gimme but I give you Tampa the other thirty you don't have gone take it because you exam runs coming back the vikings are rolling right now rolling. And and and in this showdown and Julio Jones who plays Orlando so it you know I'd give you temple but after that eagle on Goran. All right we're gonna go to the tech become Minnesota big game furthermore it's bring it back to some Panthers conversation and at bottling and our voice of the Panthers Mick mix in his gonna join us. Excellent we'll talk game coming up it at 430 bill points on the call for ESPN. On Sunday for Panthers or vikings he joins us at 530 but we welcome and Rick Bedell beat writer for the Charlotte Observer. For the hornets is they get ready for hornets and warriors and I know Rick but no a stiff curry tonight. And it sounds like no dream on green either but there's not going to be Steve Crawford on the bench for the hornets he sidelined indefinitely deal with some help stuff and I reckon that the that I think suddenly a Monday night correct me if I'm wrong for me at least on Monday it was a little worry some in terms of something seems off here and so to see this news today it was surprising. Are but maybe not totally out of left field knowing that big cliff was in on the bench on Monday night. Well. Probe but one thing I can tell you that that I find relief. Is deny the story telling me that this is not artfully. Good into the green and eap. And I'm all over same thing from from some comfort thing so. That's important because we don't know I think anybody could go cliff. Immediately if flat back to. The first season when he had kept paying it and when it was hospitalized. He did not have a heart attack at the time but he had to dance place. Tenth place and it's a person who had a heart attack. That they are fine and I'm really really. Happy to hear that that is not apparently because of what was going on. So it rip and elsewhere this again for the beat writer for the hornets from the Charlotte Observer on Twitter it's that Rick underscore. But they also wouldn't it it's not heart related do you know. That the severity of this at all or how serious this is is this just paid needs maybe could be a weaker Sony's back he just needs some time away or is it more serious than that are you aware. I broke I'm not aware of anything quite frankly. The people who. I know would know. Are not returning my calls. No blitzes you know and and lifted you know they're not personal stuff you know and you know admit it there it felt. It could get a cult thing when you're in this kind of a situation. As far and if you know how much do you want to. You know doubt went to. Reporting become pried it becomes a little cult. Yeah and and you know we I was discussing it in the opening segment Rick about just. You know I think it falls on deaf fearsome Thompson's fans when you eat you talk about guys are making millions of dollars in Utica Leno saying it's five star hotels and your you know your theory that great restaurants and all you know you fly first class on private dumb private jets all that a charter planes all that stuff but. I think if people just genuinely don't understand the crime aimed not just to the NBA coaches a mean of coaches in general what. These guys put themselves through inconclusive cliffs in one of those guys that lives for the grind put that that. That's up the next big U I mean you can just see it weighed literally you could see it wearing on coaches. Off from night tonight in the NBA it is I mean it's it's it's heavy stuff sometimes. Yeah and croak but only that but I think you and I know that. Am I mean everybody who grew up enough of a coach to get to that level you have to be a little tight day adding that that. I think what they're typing one prominent think that he is. You know he's he's single. I think it during the yet to give a lot of I think you get there he kind of get that hat off that a little bit the off season but I think during the feed him I think that he is. You know just just. Yeah I think every waking moment he's thinking about some way to make fifteen better and the slow start happ who weighed on him. I mean you know we don't know I mean pro we know he's in a minute are we don't know what went on April we know we got to their feet but we'll work something but. I think it's not it is understandable that both you and I would wonder if that somehow stress related to them. Our report elsewhere does he ran for the hornets get ready for court its orders we've got the call at eight I've got pre game at 730. Right here on WFANC and so on those steps curry he has Kilborn it's historically what he's played here he's what five into the seven meeting series averaged over thirty points. He's got for forty plus into those games one of those was a loss though so that that was a gruesome ankle injury it stinks for him he's not going to be able to play in his hometown. But for the hornets it's a bit of a break and it itself Plano Dray mind either. And Debbie knows you if you're born pitcher probably never gonna get a better shot did to try and knock off that the defending champs and you get tonight. With which they are still loaded team talent wise but but a little banged up tonight. Well all that's true. But then again I thought NIC Batum and off we get more computerized today when somebody said well you know what he how different do you think the words will be without doubt. And nick miles that last I checked they have another BP to. Act yet that team is that so ridiculously. You know loaded with with Tampa I really like it yet today when even I have been about that the I you know coup used to coach with the warriors I said. What would be the watch word that would both come to mind that you think of the war. And he used the word position. And that reassembling it you know if these guys they're so interchangeable defensively. You know I I think Omar I think it's fair but that's somebody who. You know really under stand. You're stick strategic knew what the different fork but the idea of being able to which players to the big Green Bay and I've eaten in a sport that it's become so dependent on the pick and roll the bat is an advantage. But it is extremely rare I mean the only other team and indeed even come close there would do that if the Celtics and you know to immediately if it it's like having it that's what way did you shut off the opt in football it just keep them that they could get disrupted dramatically. Yeah I mean you're you're exactly right it's it's it's. Beside you you can ticket be can have been making a tackle or snap as a linebacker or or any you know it confuses the offense so I mean today and that I think that's understated about the war is the fact that. They can guard multiple positions on the in the pick and roll and I mean that's them that you think are the trigger rolling you notice obviously. This wanted to make that. Is the biggest offensive. You know this scheme the most seem to run an MBA and they have the best the transport and I built there and so they make some tough mix and tough to beat. I mean take your eat with our screen. Quake Thompson. You know they can switch so interchangeably in a way that it's just. You know it it's Bob Meyer is a great job of constructing. He crock you don't speak curtains are a lot of credit comic Bob Meyer nearly enough credit for division he added putting assembling the team. And no doubt Rick but elsewhere this he's joining us now on the technique on guess slide. Out one of the guys they think Rick dead his has been you'll want to obviously very nice surprise for the sort its team. Up but I think with what you're talking about where we kind of gets slotted up a little bit for the warriors tonight this go back incredible players like you're talking about put. Our you don't when he equity go from up your your your starting point guard staff Currie to your starting point guard being Shaun Livingston you're living right if you're the warriors but I think a guy like Jeremy lamb tonight. Maybe more than ever. It is a guy that's that's got to have a banner night tonight obviously nick. Dwight in Campbell all got to play fantastic is is your three best players but I think tonight more than ever I feel like we keep saying this with this hornets team but did this benches frank Kaminsky Jeremy lamb this bench she's got a materialize in and bring it tonight if they wanna have a chance. Well Chris I'm sure you'll agree with me but what about the day I thought it. The second half Monday night with encouraging and I mean you know every time that that that the second unit comes then you kind of hold your breath. And I thought that getting in the fourth quarter they get a much better off. Upholding dome before that they have in the past maybe that's an encouraging sign the other thing that comes to mind. Is you know they're they don't cute they have managed to three this year they just don't attempt nearly as many as the coach is ideally would like it too I think they only have a 83. Against the magic now. You know in some way that the good thing because the points in the paint work rated it at any time you generate 4040. Free throw attempt to an NBA game you're doing something right. But there have to see if they'll. And right now for whatever reason. They seem kind of keep this to put up three. Yet 23 23 any it be an attempt they're 25 point five and that is skewed by a you know they don't like you said the last few games that number has not been high at all. And I I get a that the white thinks the early interesting Steve because Dwight put up. Feel better numbers than anybody probably could be could envision best case scenario but. You know it seems like there were ebbs and flows when things are working well which white in and it it's been moving a positive direction I'd say for about two to three weeks now but still in general. Do you feel like that that first team offense is found its rhythm and identity could something still feel it doesn't feel bad it just feels awful little bit with that first team and how they want that offense to run. I still think that nick is trying to figure out where it and all that it would you know at the morning the Cleveland game you know that game that that. Nick got me a tip and picking up that they'll both end. He walked over to me and asked me do you think it scared me why am I able candidate for most improved player and I said yeah I do. He had he got the thick mound they beneath that he is going to be our secret weapon and I that the neck okay I think that you brought the upper level. And he said. Nick said that he thought it that there were things that Jeremy filly that didn't play. It's going to allow them to do the way nick put it be that he thinks he's been able for a lot of hockey. These the the fact that there are more different people walk the perimeter who you can really count on that step up and take good shots. I think you're gonna see nick. Be that much more of me you know like like a organized here than ever before and and to be honest. You know hip shooting percentage just beat them in every sense except for recruitment awful. Yeah fight you know it's it's it's just small sample so hopefully it will be improved. By accident really need to be a better cuter that he spent so far. Rick not at not at thirteen and obviously it's it's kind of picked up where they left off last year were B win six out of seven lose seven out of eight went borrowed dropped five straight and so you you know you'd be Lou six year old and you went three straight years you'd drop a tough back to back in any lose another two so for heroin now they've they've got to turn the tide it feels like maybe. With the winner gets the magic and eight of these ten or at home right now. Odd this this hornets team through the first quarter given everything you're talking about injury wise we're we're do you think. They stand overall they're standing amongst their their Eastern Conference foes right now do you feel like during an okay place to make a run or is it. Time to be worried a little bit. I'm glad you left the bat because I really think that the rest this month to some degree make a break. You know I mean he's you know ten of thirteen at home it's huge panic at seemed that a team that's called wanted and on the road. You know if you don't make hay in factored thinner. You're going to be you know you know I felt markedly in the white always think of that seem content but really well yesterday after make it when you guys gonna play like it that the team. That you portray yourself to be. And he had a well there's still time. What he said not that much time in the way he put it to me was. If you get to February. And you're wondering what the you're either going to be in the playoffs draw you have a big problem. Good point and the hornets you know they around this time of two years ago they want 48 games they were awesome after the all star break when 27 and 73 best record in the NBA that year after the all star break but they they made their push. Going into the all star break and then came out. And it pushed it out even further so your I think you're right on that I think this team's gonna start to find its legs a little bit and big big called tricks right now. To do it in the warriors of the team tonight 8 o'clock we got pregame at 730 right here at a fancy Rickles scene a little bit thanks for calling him a friend. Glad to growth have a good thing they Omar yes but at a better. But they're pretty good I can you reasonably secure mustang should had a better season all year we had a year ago that a year. Don't know at what I've I'm not football there I thought OK I would open for better than they came here. If you're talking you're ready to go and and right there they know they are and coach coaches does a pretty good job overall he did that give them program I'll put up over the last few years triple I would say it's is boy to say it's O'Meara and lucid say it's over now do your deal. There's there's together countries if he's. The market yeah of course are exaggerate how we appreciate Everett will drop by. We introduce Charlotte hornets and now we're gonna talk to the voice of the Panthers make mixing coming up in 45 minutes. We we do have to get to this when we return. Okay we're gonna get back disappeared there's talked with Dan Quinn with the worst excuse you'll ever hurt you regularly talk about there being the worst excuse you've ever heard. What the falcons are either Florida and then Dutch sells like did Gelman might be back on a jobs that we talk about the next its prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Sorry Charlie score this trying time quick course. Our fight more so. I used the analogy of the day yes we've we've built a billion dollar house and we need to throw it a billion dollar party house former U don't like I think some type of deal usenet posters. And we need to be is loud and Inspiron is as all we represent as a city so once I'm disappointed dangerous you don't. Look at new house check it out so let's hope this weekend's the one Jeff this Thursday night that the one that. Turns it for crowd standpoint that that we know. No head coach of the falcons standpoint we'll get to that in a moment sir we would fix we'll address those comments it's primetime powered by windows Carolina that is Omar Gaither former eagle. And also. Former panther mr. Myers park former UT ball by the way Tweeter writing in this is fantastic. As a Tweeter writes in other brownie Jewelers Twitter feed his mommy it's Stinson who tweeted at prime time WFANC. Brown Lee and every one of roundly wishes you a happy holiday for three generations Carolina families and may Browne leak. Part of their holiday gift giving fifty to 70% off a priest retail value. On diamond rings earrings then it's a more. Building trust for three generations that rallied Jewelers. And brown lead Jewelers dot com he tweets that you saw breaking news on the bottom of the ESPN's scroll thinking it was a march report about the tennis and yeah. I don't contract. Being extended here multiple reports that that's official now that a well I just god is go out on realistic to happen and I still got I still can we get this to go viral. Like on social media minute makes a sign in his role in trying to get to boycott the here you can see it feel source direct your reported. This SARS it's it's as a go. We're about to appear that right I have I have some some some it some some sources that are real time or Faisal we saw so many breaking news earlier in the in a full offseason suppan it's only it's only fitting that Omar does that you know you know I don't think it's just everyone else and into this to settle to the station to this program which is everybody today show. You can't get some of the upload a minute inside source information to take this anywhere. We frankly we should be charging you guys for this but we don't casino where where does he like yeah we we would never do that today we could've we could get away with a good news on a pay wall and all you guys and we got. Okay he would be easy. OK we could we see death how about this by the way we got awesome awesome pizza beckoned the studio what do you guys heating up back there because I heard I I don't think you guys knew your microphone for high. First of like mushrooms pepperoni some what was going on back there what's happening right now. Yes I pizza do this and this is like mushroom pizza and then there's like and then they sinister pizza has like all the mark like the peppers and all I had no onions whenever it's really really good when he went very very quickly between me and Billy. Catch you guys already. This irrespective and by the way it is fitting when they sent us wings. There were there for a little containers a sauce guess was what was it meet the needs of those four containers of sauce too rich too which is now law it was all for ranch where I. I guess that that's that's declare a lawyer we're gonna ask though. And the program whether you -- that's clear collateral it will I will overlook that I don't know what happened there will make him and use of fuels and what genre are tepid deal dot com and don't forget bit this awesome specialty pizza there Mary these barbecue pizza 25 bucks for a large but you get a bottle to Mary p.s barbecue sauce with it and four dollars from that is gonna go. To the Salvation Army center for hope and also this Sunday at the plaza mid would location on central avenue Christmas tree lighting at 630. Go support those guys they are seriously awesome people we can't thank them enough. An end in the foods awesome great wings great pizza greats in which is great drinks on tap. All that it's the pizza peel a tap from cops won't pause of it would soon to be in my neck of the woods over the Matthew serious we appreciate that so we've got Dan Quinn claiming. Odd that the falcons aren't better at home because. The stadiums to newly nice. Home what is she did sing with Coastr keys shrine is what is a waste of a coaster she's trying to say. That they were in our house and they thought and they had to grind and and and we don't have it easy in and who was sleeping on the floor so we're tougher. And now your data center out how some audio Ali I'm just I'm just telling you what I think commencing. And now he's saying don't like it Giuliani cozy I think they might have. Lounges in this in the locker rooms they might have ever won as an all individuals on your new slush Soria you know what Dan Quinn maybe maybe your fans aren't as into the game. Because he had the stadium is nice and they'd rather deal with all the amenities. On a Sunday when your team can't score a touchdown or maybe Julio can't have more than two catches against the vikings are. So I mean I get it. I your fans all the time to talk about this building here this factors that are setup man always we got better fanciful well you know the crusade and in the team's gonna get more reason to get out of their seats consistently. And that's true of any environment and so if people complaining about that when the Panthers put the docket here few weeks ago all the fans were into early on what. QB when junk food stored fumbled the ball not once not twice not body heal on their side of the feel like I'm sorry you're not gonna fans screaming their heads off. Fur for regular hours on end when your team's making stupid mistakes and not giving them a reason to its network CNN but. This is one of the only missed excuses I've ever heard it's maybe our stadiums to knew that we don't know how to act inside. Like get out of here that though comes the fans are proactive instead of reactive or blew right before the game in probably right before take off right after that. It's up to the team to give the fans after the game. And it did I get the president of the game they're not going to be into the game out there what team is what's it is it if you get blown out odds are a lot of I think a lot of presently allow it to do then is whether they'll. I mob money NAC is texting and on the buildings that are text but there might be some truth to this season that you think he says it's a wine and cheese crowd well guess what so this is so funny the falcons got all this love and attention this offseason because all we got two dollar hot dogs. We got three or four dollar drinks that was available you look at remember I know we looked concession stand as many times you won't we make it affordable for families. Except for the fact that you could buy single game tickets. If you wanted Ian yet to buy every game so how many. Affordable concession eleven people you hope you are you really. Making it affordable at the pits a concession stand what they gonna spend thousands upon thousands of dollars just to be with the Yankees in game there so like getting here with that stuff he threatened to look. If you're a paid model way entertain him all the way out liking you know it's it's just like taxes you're gay you're getting hit that one way or another case like when people sell what little levity Willie personally personal income tax in the state of -- conducted attacks elsewhere right you're paying the bills thanks tires so the government get their money one way or the other yet. And so for for the falcons to to get like patted on the back the way they were all seasonal look with their duel for the for the average man hit the average minute as the by thousands of dollars a season tickets just to get in the door. So it might be a little bit of a widely cheese crowd but. Did Quinn. When you scored nine points at home Julio has two catches. Very much to scream and cheer about amid I'm sorry about that nothing at all actually so are you. Know. Why do you say that right who looked like no way I know I asked but he'd always say there you know we got to give our fans a reason cheer you up. I mean that's on us yet he's he's been on the coastal enough to know not to take debate. For crying out loud what about this public to real quickly before we go top of the hour is so we got Mick mix of who's gonna do is coming up at 430. And only get to cement a fell stuff what you hear put. By big element according to our Mike Florio pro football talk dot com Ernie accorsi former giants GM Ernie accorsi who was the consultant here. They got Dave Gilman hired. Is not a consultant for the giants new GM searches they've they're good they're looking to replace. I Jerry Reese after after they fired him in that back to do that debacle and that Dave elements a guy that that is entirely likely to be named in the next giants GM I don't know of course he's running the search. That Gelman saves free agents over speaking those calls to work their furlong time. That bet big elements of very realistic possibility to be the next guy I mean I. I would not be surprised how mean. Gentlemen. I don't know he kind of he kind of burns bridges area that his reputation kind of halted it in here but I must vote well wayward well I don't. I don't think that is the issue I don't think is an up north and down south thing is that the fans is it's a way to be treated the players in this release of the guys so. It just how. How I don't know why he if if I'm owner and and knowing what I know from all the rumor mill and everything I've heard how we did installing the way he treated to guys. I I wouldn't dream in my organization. These these guys nowadays are just not an in the go to bed and coming up like I think that's gonna go you know after just heard it about that we know so I. I O'Dell once we highest paid player and yet. Any agreement government sold those I have not heard them as well just. Deuces yet smuggled Paulie you all right elf SSR I just don't think it worked our our. Our Amin I don't know but you know thus far a lot more people could pay a lot more money united to make these decisions but they were my team on windows. Told but we're we're back in a moment 4 o'clock our starts now Roger Goodell just got pizza we discussed that Haiti and Mike prayers got an interest in tiger if he for the NFL hall Margate their programs in prime time you power by ortho Carolina.