Primetime: Hornets Kings Preview with Jerry Reynolds; NFC/AFC Champ. Recap with Omar Gaither

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Monday, January 22nd

Kroeger and Omar Gaither recap Championship Sunday and Jerry Reynolds stops by to preview Hornets Kings. 


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I found out something they. Believe. They're really shows the kind of person I am this morning hours when Tatum when I do not get into right now maybe later in the show never gonna first of all pause. I'm Marcella whose real. Lou we sat. Live from the mark's green realty studio. On the oh stuff do you listen. A reason a little congested. I still am losing you feel all right. They are Omar Gaither from sun make it's always mr. Myers park. Kids from Charlotte you full boy former legal former panther. Yeah of course Tennessee ball yeah he's rocket has volunteered out of the I'm a member of former Obama you're always fall ball for like the F Delray Beach you have to commit yourself if you are what are you would know that's a thing as Becky I don't know if this thing I have a service as a basketball. Even though you're not on Twitter that's neither here or there you tweet us rally Jewish Twitter feed our primetime WS then Steve Brown the Jewelers. Recently named one of the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country by national jeweler magazine building trust for three generations. Proudly Jewelers and rallied to her stock count Texas and the building setter text like 704. 570. Nights extent orbit army Chad Texan he says I hate the patriots soft but the way Bill Belichick tossed that Lamar Hunt trophy to the curve last night. Was pretty severed that he's one of my favorite takeaways from what was a great weekend yet again a football my favorite day one of my favorite days of all sports. Conference championship Sunday in the NFL is my favorite day of the NFL calendar. And afterwards Bill Belichick after committing. Just what is the umpteenth double digit comeback win in a playoff game with a big game on the on the line. No question jazz sure we win we do it that's what we do. Hey you want this trophy and I don't know who wants this what is this thing however you want this idea hey Brady Brady or patrol. What do you do you what are you doing go to one of this and do you want it I I got like I get a pony that he did this. Eight man agony do these things what I do with this trophy paper weight anybody need a paper weight. You know what that is in this is this the skulls full circle here oh here with the hornets in nick the tombs comments about we're a good team. Were you bar right. That's what this is all about literally means nothing to them where is your bar. NIC Batum not a good deal there you've got a wealth divide I mean unless you've but is gonna tell what bar is thank you get what you say your. Over 500 and that might be elope or your critique your eighteen to 26 you certainly can't be a good team at 1826. Sadly so man. It just made it just brings that all full circle to meet. When there early you're like me he says he said it before obviously but that that shows you that this difference between the championship mentality. And a well. I'm just didn't hear it get to the chicken. The couple buckets and things and have me get more nice paycheck and I what do you make it right now that Omar Gaither is whether six primetime or power by ortho Carolina we're here at the high of hornets play the kinks tonight. And I'm still sick over what happened on Saturday long sip over that million by the way former NBA. I think coach Jerry Reynolds is the TV made for Sacramento he's also their director of player personnel he's get rejoice at 330. We'll talk about some of the stuff in the kemba rumours in what would he do when they went beyond you see what they're doing they get they got critical because it's meant. Yet we know of anybody like we'll be cousins and Garrett I still we're gonna talk to Jerry coming up at 330 but. Or texted me. On the personal Kroger building center text on a much given up that number that I had not yet and I got the VIP CU if you throw the bat signal right. And you text him and he said not a pats fan. I have a few works for the haters seriously some people are ridiculous. We ridiculous I bet you I'll gore on all a bit Duma pinnacle workouts you go to gym wherever it may be. So is that a little brag bodily well understood you know social to a Dallas fans are that pent this fans to get the heck even Miami fans right. Oh the the pats again I hate to see the pages they're always in the does that the third. Anger is directed at the wrong people folks you feel like in Alabama to play out in the playoffs and win a championship every you know but I am. Alabama medical you know Matta. The University of Tennessee folks. It's our job to beat Alabama Alabama's job took to come off the mound because they've been there for so long to read and you hate seeing him win. But are they supposed to lower standards. Oh this is the greatest thing government people who say I'm tired of seeing the patriots year any year I hate the patriot don't hate the patriots. Hate the hate without pay the the dolphins' front office that. Hate hate the falcons play calling maxis mobile. I think you can hate idyllic deploy confident Jackson that game on Sunday either the jags play call it donate the pages that you do what they came to do what they've always come to do and they set the bar high and you can't be mad about Iraq to be because some. I'm would you like. I appreciate the greatness I'm just a fan of recognizing. As I as they get older and wiser now to find age of 31 Michael fine. For a 25 dollar bottle of red wine okay I'm that's format if it were my out of my life of like a thirty dollar bottle of wine at the teeter OK I give you that melanoma thirty dollar bottle cap can get the job done. And go broke it. Nobody wants boards a little bit with a will I state dinner date at home that's what you do right okay special anniversary. And we don't know who want us in Washington called on the anniversary on on a budget is what we're doing OK okay. I look at this picture Steve and I just wanna respect that and appreciate what we're not gonna see this again. At least probably suffered other forty years is that Selig close to it with what we sold the Steelers. In the seventies maybe the raiders you know the raiders. The one knock you say about the raiders is. Did you win a Super Bowls but how many years there were what's the playoff streak for the raiders I think it was something crazy like eighteen years in a row or something like that they did a lot of women right. But see even that I don't think compares to this obviously doesn't let the world different levels and help greatness hate for them. No my I think the pats must like the Yankees. Or just hated them. Do you think people hate the naturally their fans because I asked that question the opening our don't have I don't think they have turned cents a real you know it's I've blesses you know as the biggest president that a bit the raiders have turned things that even Eagles have Dirk when they are winning and doing other festivities and -- music I play there I love affair is that I love that pass and I love the attitude every day that they bring. He jerks I don't know man I know I know you're right about the Eagles beat you don't think that. I'm never run into a patriots fan who just shoved it down my throat I just never knew that these patriots into existed until the last anyone else this isn't some bandwagon includes a that's that's that's a no brainer there's that will still edited can't beat them join them there's a lot of people join him in Olympic team can beat him. So bill out of bandwagon is but I've never rent to a pats fan who just annoys me coming to. If if the Panthers. Had done with the patriots a door right now and I had been up and I was a fan the entire time do you know how much be reminiscent people's faces every chance I got that's probably true. Do you realize like. First of all I don't think they're overly aggressive but they're winning second ball they have every right to be if they wire. No this is unbelievable to me that people hate the way it on the pages peddling your organization for not being able to beat him. This is that aside we pause for second we just press pause on the show as we do it in real time ESPN on the jump my love that show actually think it's what the best shows. All in all sports TV sport conversation what conversation. I'm Rachel Nichols. That is Yahoo! up Byron Scott have there's and it. When bagged up bridal enforced in the carrying the water for LeBron James of the Cleveland catch it again but they're on TV. And they just erupted trade machine. Of the cats and a hornet's and I just got sick to my stomach to get Bogota the multiple we paused and we are impressed all eyes and we're back to this conversation Hu and I I I think beat the biggest thing you could say about. What what's the once like if you could encapsulate. What is the patriots greatness like you're trying to say it once they do get like you're closing argument right. And you're you're the you're the prosecution easy or you're the defense and you're saying you wanna know what the patriots dynasty wrapped up into an election always eats this and I say this. The fact that they just came back. In the AFC championship game. Down ten points against the number one defense in the NFL without their top two playmakers on offense on the field didn't have Julian had a little your grunt to play in the second half. And yet they came back in one. And by the way nobody's got more double digit comebacks are thinner than the patriots Brees got four wins when trailing by ten points or more the fourth quarter playoff game. No QB in NFL history has more than one he's got four. And yet we're not surprised. And it doesn't even rank in a that history didn't move the needle for me in now because that it will appreciate it because it just doesn't even move any validity in order to make him any more gray matter yesterday at lake nickel and know Mike. 1520. You come back from 25 down in African Super Bowl. It doesn't matter which you come back from an AFC championship game you know the one word that defines this whole entire dynasty this whole. The tire last fifteen years it is not a sixty were right is that that only they work harder than that I that he's the one word that defines it is sixty. 6060. Freaking minutes if you go all you think you're going to be the pain is by playing 59 and a half minutes. 57 and a quarter minutes because let's face it debt quartet that put. Nobody eternal yesterday put the money in this is the thing you look I think you and I had this conversation hallmark actually hold on to someone they wanna have this conversation parents. I don't think that Jack's full clip I don't think that I think they turtle yesterday when it mattered. And there are somethings that you sue the overall you're right in there so to turn that so we discuss it next Omar Gaither Chris Kroger. It's primetime power by ortho Carolina. Only Don Murray darling sporting. Crying time when Chris grow. Powered by Mort don't care. I'm just proud of our team truly accomplished pretty amazing. And part of this team. You know great leadership and just a great year for you really great to take care of business a couple of weeks of yeah he's. He's. And America know he's a great event great enough yet for Tom Brady of the patriots. Omar Gaither Chris Kroger is prime time and play this is my favorite sound bite on this Monday bill bella Jack. Gritty performance for his quarterback Tom Brady is they go to their eighth Super Bowl. Between the two opens its 2000 want. Tom Brady yesterday 26 of 38290. Yards passing. Two TDs awesome when it mattered had to make plays when it mattered against the number one defense in the NFL know Rob Gronkowski has an entitlement all year. Just a bunch of rain a tie anyway to draw in and around ladies make plays against the best secondary in the NFL. Bill Belichick what do you think that would about take gaudy performance for your homework and behave and demand they Hindi right telecheck what do you think. But it looks on their great job he's a tough guy we all know ferret. But it was me a talking about open heart surgery okay sorry our. I retired art are also sorry my bad I. He's in his day either but the only thing Iraq OK excuse me a bill has sonics about all I heard was I don't know ten stitches that seems like a lot there they're relentless it can Camby and a good place after that I asked Brian he says he thinks he's just real Belichick I think he's I think that's a little much that's a bit much I think their shoulder hit a little bit a little says we're not talking about open heart surgery years after after winning just after what you quarterback just did. Close is that I don't know when that's a funny cell viability and ability Vegas he might be one regrets go to about saudis wanted to big Turks vote uh oh lord that is a great self bite we by the way we got judge jury Reynolds and like ten minutes. Moore a former king's head coach. Dallas or TV work deported by the kings tonight we're here to high for that put he's also their director of player personnel also talks and trade stuff looked. They blew it up and able because it's on their team a year ago so we're gonna talk him about with the hornets Seattle that put. You are talking about sixty minutes right yes it's the same thing I preach about the heat. I'd be. The heat it's on it's unbelievable a team with random dudes on and they got a terrain to do towards a more talent to Miami they do and it's probably not even close actually for that matter because you look at what Miami's record is now 27 and 1980 Dion Waiters don't for the year no Goran driving so Tyler Johnson a play truly without any point guard on Saturday third game and for tonight's second I'd go back to back. And it would take a play off. You watched him for four quarters they don't take plays off we gonna like it. Beat they might make a mistake they don't take plays off they compete they compete and that's how they scored five points or three seconds wanna game on Saturday and you talk about that with New England. And I'm telling you I think you're right I'm fact I know you're right Omar. But the jags turtle. And I don't think they folded but I think they turtle and I think it's because of what you're talking about I swear we had this conversation. I think last week after what Pittsburgh did. Against Jacksonville where it's a one score game. Plenty of time to go and Mike Tom and I understated logic I think he was right in the logic company. Decided to you don't like an onside kick is I don't think my defense can get a stop citizen the only way I feel like I can get the ball back to try to tie the game again. Bill Belichick what do don't of that situation would stay the course. He would've said you know what. We need to we have got to stop what they only need one. No and I like we haven't gotten stopped all day we can get one of his death. We're due and all we don't warplane Jacksonville who's never been here before. How about we wait for them to be the one that overreaction. Is too aggressive and makes a mistake and guess what we've been here before will be wants to capitalize on it so Pittsburgh. Out thought themselves last week anyone knowing what did yesterday stay the course Triplett sixty minutes we're not gonna take a play off. It's Jacksonville were playing in Jacksonville. Hurdle yesterday and I swear they turtle yesterday because they knew who they were doing it against. New England that's the great and again how do you encapsulate the greatness of New England they force other teams in the mistakes just by being themselves yet. What is in the noon at the point now where they don't even really have to force you into the mistake you. You force yourself into the mistake right so that we we we talk about is gonna break when you win a second mining Eudora fate bought on the left left sideline. When you've been running the ball to street thousand and in and in to have an amenable 35 or less all today yup you you're eight of ten on third sure why do you throw Fave ball. Our second in ninety did you spend a third short totally different Najaf he'll do well for four yards and how donate all day how often do you hear that Omar of what you lose you lose you you know when you lose third down on third and you lose on third and a first or second down one end that's what the right and that's what they did animated third and not an end and what sticking up like photos that if you don't have Aaron Rodgers you don't have Peyton Manning. You have Blake quota so as good as he's been played as good as he played that day he was still Blake borders there's a reason mark you considering that bringing him back. Well I think that sure that the simply proper something like that right there's a reason why you if you consider not paying them money because you don't. Truly believe that he's fed up what you've done this book book tour. Ed village take no I do that's why take them boss Larry you don't whatever. But that the patriots at this point they wait for beautiful building nap before she could do what you just do because you think that the picture's gonna do some crazy they're gonna pull some out of that tell where if I don't do this right now. Then I don't know him we may not have a good chance for me and I have an opportunity because you know they're not gonna screw it a coach is just so freaky good man that it. It is tough but Tom Brady's really good bill but it takes really good but exit point I think is more it's more their aura that's that's starting to do but that's also when you play it's the accumulation of everything would you play that many games in those situations he he. I mean it's the muscle memory thing you can limit. Illinois could revisit this and all the same ploy is to. They slot guys out as like there's no tomorrow I think. It does so you you could say the that what they've been there before you Belichick you know for Brady's been up for maybe problem you. You know the most important people who have been reporter OC and DC so yeah there is something peace effort but at the end of the day the players still on the field after me. Plea deal and it got to be here's another here's another thing some ears my knee. My encapsulation to get to the so far what makes the patriots the patriots how do you speak to there. In a nutshell how do you speak to their dynasty had. In terms of it now they've been dominating for essentially fifteen years a fifteen year run in the NFL. At that at the sport that supposedly designed for parity. It's been anything but that with the NFL but it and the patriots so first the fact that they came back yet again. From a double digit deficit in the fourth quarter with the game on the line against the public defense of the NFL without their top two play makers and it doesn't surprise you in the least so that's. That's one definition greatness from me who are another what is what we just talked about how hot they can force other teams in the mistakes just by being themselves are. Because you're worried about. How do we UPU REIT UP press the panic but you would you start. Don't stress and all that stuff to adrenaline does crazy things to get a badly sometimes too that's another definition of that. And here's another one because they're gonna lose both of their coordinators. Matt Patricia defensive coordinator he's gonna go to Detroit to be their head coach. Josh McDaniels is getting another crack at an offensive coordinator he'll go to the B as an office quarter's going to be head coach again this time at Indianapolis to go fixing Andrew Luck. And one. You don't even think that it's gonna mean anything for the patriots after next year in two. I've got zero conviction that those guys are gonna do anything of Meredith said coaches in the NFL right doesn't that speak to what they're Brady and Belichick have done. Defective who has actual convict like. Honestly no one not fair to those teams may be you're excited if your fan of those teams. What is is casual NFL fail looking at the draw at the lions and the colts innocent man. Great hire replied I don't know this one here in fact they feel the opposite of look out like really. We jointly the retread. Higher and retread Belichick coaching to remove like. One of those worked taught Tom O'Brien O'Brien is usually the only guy that has been anywhere near remotely a success coming from the Brady for the Belichick coaching jury. There AM Patricia is not as if he hadn't had a great ball game going yesterday anyway. Franklin early on there were lit up by the day so this is that is if he's he's in his eyes defense of his own people to some BS Tom Brady and Tom Brady always come back and we assesses. It is what it is so I mean you're you're exactly right though that's just a great so those two men and and but if you do you like those hires like I don't mean that might be fine I don't know what do you have to. What what what else who who knows the U if it's the two guys that are coordinated on on for the patriots or available. How can you look past those guys. Pro hires this from the cardinals she's tired Panthers defensive coordinator Steve wilders is that they didn't have a run it did an average futures show public Danny and Kris you don't like Ron Rivera like. And might have a better coaching tree to Bill Belichick right now. I'm not joking on that likes your bike I don't resent it but it's that's what that's who it Belichick is he's just such a gave the break you can't. You tried unmarried in the two home how do you do what I mean it's hard it's oil and in vinegar or I mean lives about timing lives about. You know being in the right place at the right time the right situation and everything. That happened for the speeches organization when they got to Tom Brady. Have a strong defense and Tom Brady initially took over Bill Belichick. Being hired a hired and fired a couple times before he eventually landed in New England I mean he wasn't Cleveland Communist he he had some fails you know. It was all timing and you can't line is that that Tom Brady's doing the one thing that the good men put him on earth to do and that's play quarterback. When you have it in particular the one thing that the government put them on our business coach football I think he's you hill so he told is under to break. Or would you say about about belly check and he I think Billiton can be he can run apple he can run FedEx so he's not a coach he's a leader he's the leader he's a leader Mitt. Because I don't think he I don't I don't decision Emma an X in those guys that he's not down in the wesun at. He's the CEO he could run into pretty if you left football right now. I almost guarantee you could he give Carter at a fortune 500 company. Maybe that is the CEO but as someone who's a go and eventually work themselves of that letter of interest that it you know he's. It and then we have Texas right now and is this a slugfest as senator let let you gotta have some respect. This this this. What we're witnessing and I know we heard it uterine day in and day out so she says they've been they want again yesterday. Is this you're never gonna see this again appreciate it when Mike Tyson was born to the ring. When when Tiger Woods is doing this thing who went MJ was was was was killing Cleveland at the last second. You gotta appreciate this thing because you don't ever know when you'll suited you never know. I'm not this actually less than two years trying to. But who's going to be butter being who's going to be the guy there who's going to be the guys if there's an MB I think he's really got its steps into the ring with with the with this team eventually and because it will come to lead eventually and that's the other that's the other interesting dynamic of all this reporting from sets quicker Xiamen all the stuff. Where. I mean until each I think you're right on this I only were read into what I think Belichick genuinely. Was downplayed what Brady did yesterday and who would you say is more. It akin to all. A part of it but who's more responsible for that comeback yesterday to its Brady Brady other law would build the Bill Belichick personally I have an office according. Certainly that those single path. He instilled the mindset into this football team. The work the work ethic that this put the bing to satisfy you want talk about a word that that that this this last fifteen years a dissents. Okay last thing before we got the vikings. They celebrated last week is that they have won a super ball already won a lot of got blown well. I don't I don't know I would get a big day marathon the great individual plays in NFL history or emotionally spent. What that might be true well. I don't celebrated that win as if it was a Super Bowl and they already had the luck George Michael what is supposed to do take a breath on our guys are we stop now we can't celebrate yeah there's two more going daddy here I don't think you can do that mean we're Jabbar. It's that was just a good lord we thank you all in aggregate we need to get T shirts around here is similar to the party entire. Charlotte sports landscape where's your bar. You know the bar right now is just trying to get to 500 for the hornets eighteen it's what he's six. I still cannot wrap my head around how they lost to the heat on Saturday. And they turn it around get ready for the kings are gonna try to sweep the season series. But tonight we got tip off at seven I've got pregame at 630 here on FNC and we welcome Jerry Reynolds Stevie meant for the kings. Former kings coach long time personnel man in the NBA and WNBA as well and hi Gerri for CNET five point three seconds and that's a loss for the hornets on Saturday night that was one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen and that that was I was kicked to the to the gut for the warn us to lose to the heat the way they did. Well not take your secret. I've been not a participant. Party to a lot of guts kicking off so the you know I I'd just like to be a part of kind of one of those. Little wind like a viking that a week ago you know I think if the hornets continue to get that situation I think we'll jump around pretty good do. Yes no no doubt and and I it's just so Richardson where this one it's teams that would what do you make of them could you saw that the best the hornets have played all year long. On that road trip out in California a few weeks ago they go 31 they were torn twelve on the road going into that road trip there with three out of four. Since then you know they have turned a corner great and six of the last fourteen there's 64 the last ten they're playing better basketball. But ST conference set on Saturday they got to be more than a team that wins two would lose his one so what what did you see the hornets a few weeks to go in and what do we think of where this team is right now and east. Well of course they looked like cap. Potential NBA champion. That third game of the and you know we we have the ability to do that goes I don't know how much through through Charlotte. Or particularly the little certainly but I really it was a breath you know what they. What the hornets often. I thought awfully they've really made their and they hadn't been at a good three point shooting team coming into that game that it well baker made a decade man. And really kimbo wasn't even a real factor which I would have never thought possible for. For them to score like that with us Kemba Walker Vienna. But you know major factor because he's always basically but that's just absolutely killed us. Down stretch of games. The person playing what is the gut feeling about chemicals they got to dismiss the rumors as far as him possibly being on the trade market is big guy in most cities. That that people realize you know how good he is as a point guard now like oh weakened. It Wii wheel we're willing to do whatever we need to do to go after a guy like kimbo is that a thing where they've people also us and that's great if not then then we really did miss out. You not a great great question I think it was probably one of the more underrated. Top players in this league guess I have thought. For awhile you know I mean I think he's he's obviously I think they're an elite player but. Its cage where he doesn't. Editors don't think you get that kind of recognition you know and I think there's a lot of teams that think they have somebody. As good this really doesn't or they think they can draft somebody as good and they probably can't. I couldn't go period you know that that that the reality of you know everybody fall below so they don't have for the most part but. Yeah I think kemba. Don't in the middle start last year and certainly they could've made it more than once or twice and not. You know he's all those guys that I think it's like a lot of things if you didn't happen you might Richard good ears. And I would say Jerry Reynolds with a sub by the waist kings' TV man kings and hornets tonight seven out every game it's 630 here on FNC. Longtime NBA coach personnel man he's with us on the tech become guess life. This is the other part I hear that fans I think often just disregard but it's an important part. When it comes to evaluating talent. What he's worth to you we certainly not what he's worth necessarily to another team in so that affects even if you were open to trade what you're gonna get back to return in Seoul. That makes it even more difficult to part with a team I don't know if there's. From what he does on the court off the court. We made means for the culture I don't know if any team any effect of certain there's another TV MBA who values Kemba Walker the way toward its value and. But ya I'd agree with that there and I think for the partners to get what they would need to get ethnic if they're gonna be very difficult if not impossible. You know I've I just think it's one of those. It's one of those situations that comes up that probably can't work itself out you know I mean I think. Third if the trade is we made you might not might not that we get in thinking. He's more because other things probably don't value of him as much as. Carla does sick and and really have. Much as they should. Jerry Reynolds witness former king said coached kings' TV nannies with this on the technique come gas line. So we we were mentioning this you know Sacramento's that a team that you know I think. Probably is maybe a bit of a sister team to the hornets are to speak in terms of history and can't support and small arm cannot missile is small but smaller market team outside of some of the bigger markets in the NBA put. The kings we all remember when that he was rocketed note in the late nineties early two thousands and haven't been able to rekindle some of that magic and Seaman aboard it's obvious I grew appeared Charl are we all know what it's basketball used to be. And either they're trying to get back to that point in you guys press the reset button last year around this time trading Lloyd bookie cousins. They have loved to save bacterial or does it blow it up tank restart. You guys are living through the reality of that right now how how viable is this whole. I DN I think Philly maybe set the table for this a few years ago but this idea of tanking and blowing it up in the NBA. I acted to try to compete for for championship down the road how viable is this idea in today's NBA. I'm not sure it is I mean obviously it it can work in certain cases if you get lucky and I know that's helping people wanted to talk about depth but. You know people forget that you know they were 4445. Win team with Doug Collins and those guys to know Williams Iguodala. Went when they basically good up you know and it spiked as far as I know they have even got back that level yet after about five years. Well let me indirect now there they're they are not extreme this year nurture my got a couple potential stars there are so. I guess my point is that every year pants fall in love with the lottery. Thank him or get LeBron James. RR Michael Jordan and the reality is. Sometimes had not been off is the best players in the draft are taken not lower in the draft been partly this year is another great example of the thumb of the Mitchell. In this particular graph looks like contribute the best player you know cop who literally picked up far better than a lot of the lottery so. You know coming in you know the bit. Our leaders all of that chinoy I mean is it there but quiet Leonard than about Isiah Thomas was sixty and Jimmy Butler at thirty becoming. So I act like if I have gotten a little much spared jaded in my thoughts about the lottery act I think it's a crapshoot I think there are special player. But pat. It's not where you pick that's who you pick. And so and the kings have been there the last few years and been very poor job but drafting not. Hopefully this year will be different looks like what I you know Darren fox are still a lot of potential there but. Still. A lot of things need to be proved. So so what do you think the path for four for the king's army and we know his Charlotte we don't. We don't wanna hear that we don't like it retained in this then there we don't want to trade away our key piece kind of like what you guys do it. Would bogey but I mean. What do you think the path this for a few guys is it is trying to sign him find another freeagent who's willing to come there. And and I feel posse BP guy and build around him whoa what's that was the approaching four. But it could. Why I think honestly. For any team wants to rebuild that they. They better do with all three things obviously draft and draft well and get fortunate. What are you better get a free agent and you better be electric good traitor to your I always remember the year. Basically 9899. When McCain 200 drama they really had. Two rookies come in the same time page and Djokovic stayed over in Europe for an extra year and Jason Williams talk but yet to quality repeat made a great trade. Mitch Richmond four Chris Webber but yet Webber coming in a free agent signing. Body gave out the venue also find a couple of guys come out that were out there for anybody Scot Pollard got Berry who we're a very good player. In and settled all those things came together and and they all hit. Which is more important. You're not oh I mean your suit straight. Was it was a really good you're free agent signing wouldn't really do it and you're graphics are very spirited so. So suddenly things went from being bad they're pretty darn good right away at them. You know improved from where but yeah I think any team just step by step back and wait for the draft picks. Never gonna make it because. By the time some other draft picks it good especially network to scrap the nineteen year old. From normal wanna leave and and Matt. And everybody that after the big all. And I think you can cope. So flat out in I think you'd I think not to have an approach to where you're gonna really actively try to do all three things. It's is pretty cool action and not in on our he'd give. Gets really credit their practical handbook when an iron. You know get a JJ Redick Amir Johnson yet so some you'd sometimes. They're very respected come in there and actually play. That are approved proven pretty good plight that so I think that's made you know what you're gonna have young's argue better if somebody back. Like but. Yet no doubt in and I think you're right on that jury that that's an underrated story line of the people talk with amateur and immature or could they brought adults in that locker over the last two years that's not a coincidence on that jury Reynolds what just. King Steve emit porting kings at seven I got pre give it 630 our last thought on this everybody's always waiting for. Is this the year were LeBron misses the NBA finals and I I and I mean I'm looking at this Jerry don't look good turf. Sit in the stretch right now we're there for ten of the last fourteen dead last in the Indian defense the same way when they started five and seven they won eighteen of nineteen after that. I'll be you look at them right now what instead I think it's the top three in either conference. They they got issues other input they've got talent to our. I just can't believe it until I see a book what do what do you think the odds that the cavs don't actually make it out at least until abroad gave thought to that the other night put. I just still can't believe the what do you make we're Cleveland's. Right now. The way around like you I mean particularly their awful yeah these are often wrong about. Benefit. Batters he changed but I thought okay yes I have. I've never bet against LeBron out of this out of bad and number one votes go to you know it right now they're they're not good enough compete with the better teams in the east. But if it is dead or. And I just you know for eagle bet against one of the pier three greatest players ever put off parachute. You wanna be careful. So you know I think that some of their maybe straighten and country bank could really have maybe rejuvenate their team but my mind if they don't do something like that. That they can't make it. Jerry Reynolds Steven for the king's former king sick coach personnel man in the NBA WNBA. Jerry it's a pleasure to talk DA and good good data to broadcast tonight picture make it's not force. What a great topic you guys been just hope we have a have a nice ballgame and not. You know right now the kings we just need to play well I am so happy and not just federally. We might be able to reconcile those things hornets need when they need to play better hope they you'll meet in the middle of that would Jerry Reynolds we we appreciate him stop the vikings TV man. And up by the way JP tweeting in on the proudly Jewish what are feet app prime time WFAN Jeep rallied Jewelers recently named one of the top fifty retail jewelry chains. In the country but National Journal magazine building trust for three generations. Bradley Jewelers a rally Jewelers duck congress'. You know we're dumping all assets to go after curry always have what it is I didn't understand as a with the hornets Billick. Carnac Capra that they can only offer it's discouraging very pink Torre and one of you championship by myself I have maybe he would have to Lotto because that's the way you look at hold on. We come back Omar Gaither Chris grow older we get back to reacting to conference championship Sunday we'll get to the hornets stealth. And his kemba stuff that a little bit again as well. And by the way if you miss David Griffin with over cavs GM on Friday. Wow I mean it's just amazing insight into like what's going line. If you're the hornets right now what's really happening at some of these rumors how'd they get leaked and all that stuff you're here that a 5 o'clock. All but. Tony Romo. He's fun. And I like fun so we talk about that next its prime time power by ortho Carolina. By awards okay. Carolina. Bryant Miller back in his studio marketers with me where here. You boy at the high hornets in kings tonight and can we start a trust this team again and it broke our hearts on Saturday. And yet there for a half games back of the final spot in the playoffs it's like it's just not. Take two out of there or no they could have some say like an analyst and you're sitting there thinking OK they could be three games back three and a half games back with a lot of basketball left so it's lead just. A this team and arbitrary Mike we'd be earlier the rally to a Twitter feed. Brown leave recently named one of the top fifty retail jewelry chains but national jeweler magazine building trust for three generations. Proudly Jewelers are Bradley Juli stack obviously just accepted this team's not good would she do it makes it a lot easier. But I you know I said oh I put USA Thursday riled like I'm just gonna lose expectations for this team. I've made like the 72 hours I can't do it and I think this team. Pat and I was I was wondering what the commitment levels going to be two not only a man quote my not a majors or sixty minutes or for you heard this before okay from from you Croat. What that would use those expectations for what the ice and I was going to and I can't I can't do it because I think this team I would Jerry just seems like too talented to be what they are right now and for Kayla said it's well in the opening hours so I can't come to grips of that talent of the relative term though right I mean always sit there with a mortality in my any time America to. Who. Of them only Miami's good metric Miami is now 27 in nineteen. Play the same division and evil would help legal hornets Eric or immortality to who were every bit as talented to be asked them when they're not healthy they were the other night the more talented than them. And may boy I mean they got to score fifteen before in the final three minutes the other night 3343. Could go to and have been able to record one entire back there Tyler Johnson know Goran Dragic and our problem was that we. You know Jim with a distinctive we had no number two there's no number two to come to a mistress to get that but what Batum Diego all day and anybody gives us we have to begin a game away. Mean literally down the stretch in the last three minutes what was it. He hit a couple picture I mean the proper meal was the defense of miss cues like Dick just it defensively. Doorway to gain much on on Saturday night because of the just the complete loan piglet Kelly Olympic. Trouble Kelly drop the he had fourteen of his sixteen in the fourth quarter we killing today three threes in the fourth quarter had plainly what Maine he's turning into elitism and by the way put. Since the player at that time though his team is frustrating to try to. It you know lessening I'm not a million. A lot of people said about what the white if I'm upset about that about the foul. It's kind of opponent plant toxins have been if he called to tell us if he would have found a that I would have been more surprised. If the white wouldn't have about Olympic. I would've been more surprised why because that's what he does he plows he's got to know that the the court where does it the wise gonna guard anybody at time that the diplomats fair and whatnot file it's a fair point. Now that's a fair point. Two weeks. Welcome Alex O'Brien and Billy were saying during a break apparently they were making it there what are what are my like a big issue a walking profit now there are taking bets on me over the weekend Jeff what we guys heading on over the weekend. Yeah good don't usually. There's that made it known on hand did you have to wash a whole lot of college basketball yet to their their right to correct yes OK fair enough blend Wednesday yet become now this weekend I watched atomic college basketball over the weekend. I'll watch duke thrash Pittman at its bat. And what has sold a new literally six going into that game Sevilla while the really bad and duke really good Ol and oh yeah here's Diane Williamson apple. How would spare his life for our for everybody else in college hoops that she did they poured even expecting to get Zion Williams they just a typical go there. Again a place looks fun goes Cambridge said one and done thing yes. So yeah I watched a lot of college bass boat we know what's North Carolina Georgia Tech it was a nice little second half for the heels. I want oil so watch don't like Saddam wide open field wait wait quiz is sneaky competitive. Yesterday would you be eight. And more modeling tool is good write up a little boy we're pitino leave to get some guys up the draft they're still good data dale I love that too yes so wash it. You if you smarmy little you don't want to watch and I. Lots of ACC hoops this weekend how dare you out there you guys I want the video evidence back when you look like came film of me on my couch watching. NASA garlic chips on Koerner current analysis of of duke Wake Forest tomorrow. Lovely the analysis is going to be this is due to go by 35. I can tell that he can make us a 35 ops I miss Ndukwe that Dino is medical without that without that it be the creeks Deke out on the floor without who. Deals medical follow that he would've been I think Venus would have been a senior this year Dino so he went to go play for. Gosh olympiakos maybe which I think is the best Greek basketball team he went east from Greece. Hence the Greek peak and knew he left his perch for is finally here to go play Greek basketball. But I do these Filipino Pristina saw in my favor players in the ACC but Belmont big Omar your seventh at all or what do what do Omar have yesterday like 27 points for for NC state. Seem to be nearly got it done you just can't play Miami's game which you can't play at their pace. What was NC state dole yesterday in a game. I don't know you are come coming aboard Einstein and sought to watch my basketball in my ACC TI don't come and I got another hot off talk America aren't those you know I did I let them know the total blood overloading Marvin Bagley the these guy. Good you know it's got the filled vinyl with some good I'm cool with that I like what we are tiff right now there's a good place to be for us produce. Tennessee as a ring that we thought to bottle he yeah I'm a big Rick Barnes and actually Friday hecker picker picker in a brick brick march we gonna save that some ability. Houses to let a morning if I was a Carolina fan I probably wouldn't watch that much basketball this yet this by this point yet either BC ultimately got to take game but that there was no knowing that a notice of when watching the clips again we used to think I get like Al with you until the last week or so I've watched a lot of college basketball select what I saw duke. Last week early last week look look the way to get a Mike all so this is a fitting on anybody is a no bid this Duke Team. Hasn't looked like bad enough the way they looked like against Miami reliably tell us Tuesday. Yeah but they haven't been playing defense they just haven't been dominating the way they shorted out of cycle that's all that's how Duke's supposed to look. I when I watched Carolina on Saturday. So you would have to tell me if this is a thing or not because I don't feel we scored in double digits now. In what three straight games I think for the open sinden. That's feels like that's that's a big thing for North Carolina moving forty field starts to become this guy a that is giving them consistently. Ten to fifteen points eight or plus and IE that feels like that's something that's gonna look it's W Carolina looks good it. Could they be team to compete for a league hate bush yes maybe an outside shot at a final four. I think it's gonna be got a like to meet feel it's got to be that third option and all the sun starts to come to the forefront I don't even know if you say. Third I think he's good weather the third there and a half fourth option nothing. I think we want to feel that we would. Q the hornets want in KG to be here right. Rebound play took the fifth imaging give this to over fourteen game. That is going above and beyond what we could ever act first on the screws over dumber by the way to reach three straight games to double digit points for the only thing you go ahead in the areas that mountain pleasant stay like that feels like a big deal for me on topple Luke may end. And shall berries given a key and Jordan had another yes at a at a good game the other day and by the way up. Teddy Valentine. Raft the Carolina gala Saturday CNET TV Teddy after isn't it what Joseph Barry a couple weeks ago. Apparent to also be apologize to all really which is I mean that's fine put. I mean any absorbed in any okay for what you did he beat city like after you turn your back at a four year college basketball player when he's just trying to talk to you after a time out of what just happened. Like odds are still hot under the car got no dog in the fight got hot under the collar on that esteem for real hot get that you can tell this of these -- reason our base is supposed to be. Bigger than it is seen or heard be bigger than a game and it Jeanne stare torque. That's why you were a zebra striped because of all you guys get together and bush who will go to the who's who. That's the old boy. Quick nightly live for the 4 o'clock our starts now Omar Gaither Kroger is front cyber power by ortho Carolina matters.