Primetime: Hornets Get a Big Road Win; Panthers talk with Geoff Schwartz

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Tuesday, December 12th

Kroeger opens up the show discussing the inconsistent Hornets and checks in with Geoff Schwartz on the NFL Playoff picture. 


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Powered by North Carolina. There's mountain school. Whether Spitzer right back with us on the technical and just like a truly afterschool youth foundation is it true you found one of the fox TV cameras and said hey I thought you guys thought I was told is that true. Yes well you go and you hear a lot of things look ahead. So soon. The only conclusion. It's part of the game. Residents without closer illustrated just have to take effect includes. We'll take you out. It's looking good visibility issues first players love play. So it's I'm reading this right. 116103. That is correct that is the score last night that's what happens yes we've we verify. We say we I mean I think we need multiple verification on that our crack research team. Okay well I'd heist I'm still not just our eyes are lower case jays again I'm not sure I still believe what I saw last night hornet's gets the win over the thunder 1161 O three and many and so the question is you're wearing your torture yesterday yeah I I did take up Bynum took it off. Well nobody is always don't Wear it until they lose and are known all put back on tomorrow so here's what happened it is primetime more power by ortho Carolina happy Tuesday Damione Lewis. Unmanned Damione Lewis who join us in an hour we'll talk him at 3 o'clock he's going to be what is the rest of the way we'll talk to one of the men of the night last night trading on Graham at 4 o'clock am on a big trade young grandson imam actually a big trade younger and I'm Graham fan. Turn to say. Trade beyond Graham fanned on a tree beyond Graham fan and I'm also a big fan a mommy and JOB Johnny O'Bryant who really didn't get any run last night. I knew his he was out there for about. Four minutes at the end of the game when the benches were cleared and that's fine but I think those two guys to Mimi Kim you don't talent wins in the NBA right you play 82 games. Ultimately think order finds its level right it's always army here. You can't winning consistently I don't think with Johnny O'Bryant intrigue and Graham playing meaningful minutes for your basketball team. But those two guys do the things this team is lacking right now until last night may have helped you there as he man they compete so hard and trades on who was perfect from the three point line last night was just out there battling on defense and guy he was he was he was huge last night and I don't think you could point to a single guy -- hornets team. And say they weren't a factor in the wind you don't even. Mentally and once shot a mentally and they can got you got two points but I you know look you look at the guys simply meaningful minutes. In the rotations got tiger last night Michael court Williams got to bounce back last night. It can at least in terms of his his defense and his rebounding and getting getting in passing lanes about the hornets defense was unreal last night. To hold that thunder squad to 41% shooting. And in general Russell Westbrook Carmelo Anthony are two guys that ten struggled from the field and actually. Our Carmelo averaging a career low eighteen going into the gaming it'll be eleven last night Carmelo looked like he was about 47 years old last night on the court. He looked you look like you're watching the the league and the the old like YMCA league's version of Carmelo Anthony. Back in the day yes we look like you're watching last night he literally had one foot out dorks like you didn't he does leave I drag you show for post game press conference or media bill billion locker last night so you don't look we've we've set urine and we've been wringing our hands about this hornets team rightfully so after what happened last weekend but I think you saw last night a team like that's that's trouble. Like you think there's pressure on this team. Go think about if you've got three all star caliber players in Carmelo Anthony Paul George and Russell Westbrook which anything in this town I would think. Even met Mel owes an interest in one now given what the last few years of look like but any state in this town would give up everything and Arty to have either Russell Westbrook or Paul George on this sort of Steve shore and those guys were fine last night. Russell don't had a couple highlight dunks. I thought George had a couple nice shots. But the hornets did an incredible job defensively hold them to 103 on the road and so they get the win it lost eight in a row on the road during one in ten on the road going into last night. And the thunder are are a bit of a tailspin right now because there's a bit over 500 all the way back since the middle of November. And the hornets dealt them a major major major blow last night. But in all seriousness. I was watching the game my side and kind of beside myself scene where you don't watching that and after the game a Mike you know what. They take credit for this I did Wear my hornet's. Sweatshirt yesterday and I thought about that get up BC you know gesture of Mike Gillis victory Monday Panthers won everybody's riding high and it can't there's in this town. I should rip my Pinter CNBC don't what. I love my hornet's through thick and thin and I'm not I'm not proud of where they're at right now but I love my corners and I'm not gonna give up on him and I wore that sweatshirt yesterday and on the ominous say I'm we don't know what kemba did not blow it tonight it was a which treaty on data was would you like did was what Marvin Williams did none of those guys it was me yesterday wearing my reported swisher that was the reason why the hornets got off the Schneider on the road last night you're very selfish. The team players what I am on I I put myself. I don't know in N dot I I took myself out of the equation it's a you know what I need us and them don't. My pride aside for second camera my hornets on a Monday when everybody else's wreck imitators and guess what hornet's got a big win against the thunder Lai sun and so grateful for that so I don't know what to make this team Tom never sure is gonna join us at 330 soaring to get some answers from him. I think have a assures one of the smartest guys around the NBA and I don't agree with everything ever Schorr says. But he'll always presents information. And data. Now the former head coach for the grizzlies Davis is still take that for data he presents information in and indeed in a way that makes you think about what you're watching you're like wow I didn't realize that if you remember have a stroke he mullah DOS before the year and said he thought Cody Zeller should've been starting in front Dwight Howard. Now that was a hard argument to make. But I think you could understand maybe when you look at this offense now why he was saying that right sure he wanted to see this offense not skip a beat you pushed like to the second unit and I had a dominant policy big man coming off the bench. Obviously. The or egos have played it was never gonna happen and it hasn't happened but this also NC contradicted it this offense has been stuck in the market up and I don't I don't think it's because the likes playing poorly. It's because the MBAs changed underneath Dwight Howard. And it's changed around him while he's been in the league and that's you know what could happen to Carmelo Anthony look at Carmelo doesn't fit in today's NBA he's bald dominated. Mean stood needs to get did today to his spots in the midrange she's an okay three point shooters O'Grady's OK he's good spots. And indeed he doesn't care more often than not on defense and when you don't do those things here. Just the guy out there Ming Carmelo if these become. He really talented player who is no different than a handful of other guys who play going position in the NBA and that's changed over what the last three or four years. There isn't crazy he was guy everybody was chasing five years ago pale wanna build a championship contender around in last night he was stumbling around on the floor. For eleven points on five of twelve shooting was one of three from three and two assists he had two rebounds who's a modest when he won when he is on the floor. Why that was Carmelo Anthony last night. As a third wheel for the Oklahoma City Thunder and now they're saying they're twelve and fourteen self lot of MBA Iraq reaction today a lot of corners reaction Tom ever stroke is gonna join us coming up at 330. Trading on Graham's can join us at four. And Jeff Schwartz is gonna Jonas in his opening hour we're gonna talk to him coming up at 230 don't get into what he thought about the Panthers went on Sunday we got to get it to his Twitter be so I guess with Brian Coley a magical we'll Hoch oil family able we'll get his thoughts on what he saw from Cam Newton because. I was grown through Schwartz is Twitter timeline earlier today he seemed to be very complimentary of one Cam Newton there the people thinking hits came. And yet he was complementing Kim Newton today when you can when he was gone back to watch the take from the Panthers win so I loved his breakdown of Jonathan Stewart sixty and it was kind of what Jonathan told us yesterday right there we asked Jonathan hey how did you have all led daylight in front you and Jonathan broken down Schwartz saw the same thing on tape. And so we're gonna talk to him he's gonna join us at 237045709610. Look. I gotta get into this when we come back don't talk cornered you guys jumping in last night was also it was fun it was kind of what we've been hoping to see from this hornets team but it doesn't wipe wipe the slate from what's been over the last few weeks so we don't we have to figure out what we make a distorted steam and where they're heading and why this month. It's so crucial to figuring all that out his primetime were powered by ortho Carolina. Mean that's who we are you know when that day a team like like them. A bunch of stars and then you know you have guys can just go point games for you we have to do it as a group and local food most of live for us is on the defense then we did that tonight. Got to carry on hopefully that'll be something that. Please use in future games and and we play together on both ends of the floor. Stephen Silas also went on 16103. No we saw that coming hornets last night over the thunder techsters riding in building center text line 704. 570. 9610 this is a good question saying Yahoo! looked older last night Tom Brady against the dolphins are Carmelo Anthony against the hornets it's a very good question what do you went they went over on third down that's that's a that's a stat. That really happened last night that's a fact Tom Brady the patriots went all spur on third down last night he want what all for four runs in the first quarter. Didn't complete a first down. Tom Brady is is forty. And I would say last night you know it's funny how well some people creep out of the woodwork and say hi this is what it looks like once you get old just happens and it sneaks up on yeah. Or maybe just you know Brady can't be perfect every game Idenix usually play Blase it would really bad and Mitt and Mike did a great job last night but who solve those two outcomes coming. The hornets meeting this under. The dolphins beating the crap out of the patriots escort is an indicate how why how lopsided that game was thanking probably kept Jay Cutler in the league for a particular liberal and a plea Tom Brady last night and then Mitt. You mix in the bulls who got a third straight when they got right against the hornets and also they've won three in a row after losing ten straight sort of full moon last night I know Kai read it in play but they beat the Celtics last night like what on earth is going on right now in sports like things are weird in the hornets got a good win last night over the thunder and you know look Wednesday night I'm not saying they could do it again. But honestly would it shock you genuinely shocked Q if they beat the rockets. I feel like that's kinda what this team is there so Jacqueline hide it it's so frustrating because. Every time you think you've got them figured out and every time he thinks they're moving in the right direction the bottom falls out again and for them to kind of save face after what's is disasters of a back to next week as you can have at home against the bulls and the lakers. I mean it's surprising last night but I'm telling you I told and I meet member Lee who does sports WD TV until they get stripper karma and I was reprimand hornet's us lecture yesterday and they say Croshere. You're better man in the media so we talk to me is how you learned that today it's on I love a man we'll see what happens I think they got a chance tonight I ill Casey is kind of weird themselves like synonymous. Now and then happen and so as soon as he came into the office today deduct descent into the into the office he says grossed. I gotta say your right I wasn't right but it's given that's kind in this league right now the hornets are so weird and so hard to figure out. And they're ten and sixteen are still too intent on the road. And they've played really bad basketball first stretch of about two and a half weeks and so it's hard to make sense of what happened yesterday but but that is a good when you can tweet us on the Bradley Jewelers Twitter feed at primetime WS and see where we've got. David tweeting again. Andy says crow looks. What time is one of the salty is loser radios ever slotted for today I do not want to miss it what's the time four point four point. Is it that because you you hyped it up Brian how is loser radio today it's about six minutes long and there's some there's some good moments from Ringo Paul Allan and yesterday and OK -- -- that we will hear loser radio we normally do this on Monday Ryan pushed back in a Tuesday and he needed a rare exception and it it was almost as if like a golfer could not qualify get a sponsor exemption on tour we gave that to Ryan and so we will run this today loser radio fan favorite off the characters went over the vikings on Sunday 3124 would do that coming up at 420 you can tweet just rally Jewish Twitter feed everyone brown Lee wishes you a happy holiday for three generations Carolina families and deeper early part of their holiday gift giving. With fifty to 70% off retail appraisal on diamond rings earrings attendance and more building trust for three generations that is roundly Jewelers. And brown lead Jewelers. Dot com and don't forget join frank brave new tilted till it's going to be Thursday seven and 9 PM Thursday night football go hang out with him enjoy him and I'll watch the game with a whole offense he crew. Extort its opening topic of the day I'll. All right buddy let's do let's do this crow so funny story editor cliff writes and I originally had to look back are scheduled remind myself that we actually did play the dolphins a few weeks ago and now is that the game that was not the same team the Panthers played on Monday Night Football no no it was not you know it's funny. Are we actually did this last night. We head we're getting ready for the pregame show last night and we were in in these in the network's studios and I look to James Hamlet. And Jesse James Wheaton this hornets team has lost four off that thirteen out of the last seventeenth they're four to thirteen in the last seventeen games. I see this team was once five in three. It's another war. This again they were they this team was at one point they were so I don't think it means nothing it's a game best enjoyed like at one point this team was five and three. He's an IE you know I know there weren't a Mike Hillman let's look at the schedules we go to you know we go to you look at the board of schedule and don't mean the loss. When in loss and you see. Allow. They were five and three how did that happen. And it feels like ages ago and so alas not aid the Florida's kind of found something known NIC Batum. I know no Cody Zeller Cody Zeller was having us was scheduled to have surgery today per Ager what Sharansky and a torn lateral meniscus he's going to be up for six weeks. You know sometimes I think we saw this last year right wing when Cody went down afraid to misuse points center for a little while I'm sure it is when Francona got right offensively last year for stress about three weeks. When the hornets were forced to go small last year frank commits he kind of found his game. And I wonder if if the hornets climb out of slow unless it is gonna happen overnight don't expect this team to go on an eight game winning streak but if they use the rest of this month in this a look at their scheduled orders scheduled for the rest of December got. If they use the rest of this month there's a way to slowly climb out of this purgatory there stuck in right now. I think you might look back on this and say the injuries were part of it because it forced the hornets and doing things. They wore comfortable doing or they were willing to do without the injuries occurring so sultry young group play heavy minutes last night. Victory on their joys of four you'll trading on does trading on competes and he defends well first position if you leave him alone he's gonna knock down an open three. You see guys out there like Jeremy lamb who played better in the starting lineup nick two home made a frustrating when nick I got a real beef with NIC Batum. Not defended this guy for a while since I'm here because I think there's some on her James Herbert from CBS know frank and Kyle earlier he's spot on on this. People have this expectation. That because NIC Batum signed a 145. Million dollar contract he should be 25 point per game scored that's so deported Tatum for. So you can get mad is that. You can get mad that they paid a guy Max contract who's not a Max score can get out of debt that's not what they wanted from him. What they want for nick to missing nick can you give us like 155 and five a night can you do that. Those guys you're literally like seven of seven array of them in the entire NBA is a guys they can do a little bit of everything can you give us 155 and five a night. And over the last two and a half years more often than not make the tombstone that. But nick has in my opinion and obviously were not in the medical room we don't know what's going on in the training room nick Batum is not fit to be playing right now and not only physically fit I mean. With the health of that elbow. And for him three or four weeks ago a BC BM ready to go close to coming back and feeling good my conditioning is great I'm doing the practice stuff on just wait for the medical clearance. And he gets the medical clearance he's played like crap offensively since. And he said on Saturday night off that loss to the lakers. He told Rick and L this is a joke and he told Rick but now it's tough because I just can't play my game. I just kingdom my elbows not right I'm not shooting the ball well I just can't be myself when nick I hate to tell you to tell you money and if you if you're not feeling well. If you're not feeling well enough to shoot can contribute. EU should be on the floor. You're hurting this team if you're not close to 100% your hurting this team and I thought you saw that from Jeremy lamb last night getting accompanied school or out on the floor who is 100%. Compared to nick to make a world of difference so I think and maybe we look back over the next month. These injuries could be a blessing in disguise for this hornets team but they're still really behind the eight ball. But think about this even if they split with the rockets in the thunder which is a very realistic possibility. They split with the rockets in thunder everybody would said there would have gone cold for two in this two game series. Then you come back home what's the schedule over the next four games it's a forty wants him to get the heat right the heat's on Friday. And then who Saturday night. Portland okay winnable game those two winnable games and it Monday they host the next okay winnable game. Then Toronto now okay winnable game and ultimately the rabbits well Friday they go to walk into home and home and so they match up well with and that's a winnable game and then two days after Christmas Boston okay I love that's a loss but you're a mean and look for Friday December 29 is Jordan's state Woolsey staff Kurds OK and that's a loss took as a going out to go on state. But you're looking at a stretch you're the hornets it's not crazy to say the hornets could get within a team of 500 or so serious look at six of their next nine or at home yet and various winnable teams most of those teams or teams that are very beatable that they either match up well with or they've beaten auto over the past two bodily don't look now but that's the the hornets after losing eleven and eroded the thunder when Kevin Durant was there. Now that he's less they've won the last three games against him against the current Kevin Durant less thunder all of a sudden sell. I don't know man this team is really hard to figure out and I think what Silas was talking about after the game got away that's how they have to play they gotta compete gonna fight for loose balls they got to defend that's absolutely true. In isn't it also the same reason why we're frustrated with his team they've got zero margin for air. If they don't play the way they played last night date that you point out. If they don't do exactly how the guy even kemba they don't have a guy that when when the team does not played out way that they could overcome that stuff. And that's also kind of the indictment where this team is right now because. Yes they haven't played the style they need to play put the style they need to play is that really a style that that lends itself. To being a playoff team over 82 games. And only three and a half back commit at least as wide open and the mix in the mix the magic some of these teams have started to come back to the pack a little bit the do we buy that the pacers led by sectoral deep organ to keep this up on obviously I know he has but I mean sort of Crist that's forcing mr. the first moss and and he gets injured sort of the magic through the first month. It's this it's a long schedule man it's a and so I'm not saying I have confidence the hornets are to get back into the mix. But last night was that that sliver meg just a little sliver of hope you look for aides say. And maybe this team is as bad as we thought they work. But they on Tony they do not have a very fine mark I mean given the margin for air is very fine it is eerie scene at what this team needs to do to be competitive basketball team night in a night out hold on Jeff Schwartz is going to be Twitter be physical we'll family and he's gonna talk about the painters did on Sunday we get to that your board it's calls to match stick around Jeff Schwartz next its primetime were powered by ortho Carolina. Chris Kroger classic great. A brand campaign. Think offensively the waivers we responded if we came out we ought to take away you put points on the board right away. Father got another opportunity after they score we put points on the board again we read we responded to their making plays. Size defensively. Really like the the attitude going out onto the field especially in the red zone. I again it did visited him closely for you know especially the last chance after the turn over the way they handle sudden change course in a field goal. That was huge. And then again the way we ran the football our love the fact we run the football well right now I think it's it's conducive to that this time here. Your sister under yesterday's. So Carolina Damione Lewis in thirty minutes of what is the rest of the show starting at three trade agreements for. Tom had burst early 330 we're just awesome hornet's what to do with this team that's a great win last night good. So kind of feels like that's the problem right yet deployed that way to win on a consistent basis sort of signatures from him were honored to welcome home the troops listen soon a special show on her sister stations WB TW LN Qaeda linked broad team by the NASCAR hall of fame I'm wearing. My awesome navy blue angels lectured. I love this lecture and urban happier Mikey kid on Christmas having his blue angels Richard on from the army navy game it is fantastic that was a great time over the weekend and what all this guy has serious XM NFL radio over the weekend on his radio show so he's gonna return the favor now former pay if there are pal Jeff Schwartz of SB nation longtime NFL that. And I Schwartz good to talk to him and how you doing. I'm just looking good blocker and upload my walk through those who believe there. Yeah and by the way that's one of the fun things he does on Twitter is disrespectful blocks of the week Jewish seat at the SB nation as one of the fun things you put out there every week on SB nation and you know I think Ron nailed it yesterday in his in his Monday press conference about what was so impressive. About about the game on Sunday you know every time. You know it would look the Panthers jumped out early right Schwartzman to get to the big pick on keyed them early move them off the spot human dignity they get to pick from Orly. Offense takes a ride down the field and scores. The Minnesota came right back down and tied the game and in the Panthers won on a huge fourteen play drive again to make it 147. Lead the bulls the lead in the fourth they get right back with a big run from cam and a touchdown in every time Teamsters needed a play on offense or defense or driver stop date they got on Sunday against the vikings. Yeah dictate play a game that they have deployed to really get the very good achievement Minnesota they're all the states but. Apparently took a for the game went well look as you're aware that mistakes were made which isn't fortitude or I'll just give it these situations are not quite the most bet you're the Packers have a the trial would look like he's committed to. If he are they expect they'll pay out penalties in this court process that you should do when you get to thirty points so. Your very your partnership or born thirty yards so. Auto parts of the with a pair despite the physical special aren't. I was a story out of order when you're a bite you back the other. These YouTube might be getting up and I'd love to watch a battle. Are so let's let's talk about this game a little bit and we'll get into some other stuff here but is to you when you when you look back at that game I do is that. Show you something about the Panthers are ordered to you does that kind of confirm yea you knew this day after he was pretty good incapable beat any team all did you learn something new about a word order that just confirms some stuff for you. I don't got to learn terribly much new about the Olympic act opposite would all walk is that is that you do. Opportunity within the effect at all times tour vocal. But at least you have throughout the year yet they went through some doubt it would look and a productive. But the people at any point he carried them to Wear it and I think offensively. You don't usually you do to top up or down play with the quarterbacks from games here are some games back into the game it was just in case of a game. You know the lack mobile. It was there it went 530 billion dollar bet it was you. Well played game. But when you get three turnovers and then you rush for 250 yards in one that would vote is more no general law Robin and Stuart long road. I wouldn't applaud the apparently one of these so. When they put this what all they can beat anyone SP users can reproduce well all we're really gonna blow in the well. Well what was your most the biggest Ted Turner from you though when you when you go back can either when you're watching the game alive would you turn on the table was the biggest thing that come out. May June you don't bring your head back a little bit your eyes open a little lottery really impressed you from the game what was it. Well I think at the respect level that the vikings QQ have news or lack there were opportunities. With a vikings were more short couple but I portal on Twitter today have a Jokester or walk run through it knows it in the mail field. Because receipt he trails can't do it maybe they had extra quarter genocide being we're so they racial agenda to boot up you done that recently. Worry Europe have are shoring brutality get sixty yards. And you know the long run that Kim had a little break without a trial will be over now. And had no gate gate put there perfectly and stopped there and back we'll do an outstanding job of adjusting his walk yet. They're Kim do you. He made insisted they don't get in the field in the hole and he. It so we continue to play like that if it was a very hard to beat it to retrospectively isn't quite in the amount of respect. If you can you do learn. I never seen Gerson last week Schwartz would you shortlist by the way for cancer and if all of that add on on Twitter at Jeff Schwartz as being patient series sex NFL radio he's always with us to write your prime time indeed he's joining us right now. On the tech become gas line and you Iverson bristle with Sam last week in a locker when this is no surprises is the this is the Scott air force on Tim do you say we gotta hit them we got to him we got to hit don't we got to hit dome and I mean more often than not on Sundays take they couldn't hit what they couldn't catch and and can't get a good enough job the offensive line I thought did a good enough job of avoiding that contact the vikings were always is kinda. Behind the eight ball and never really could get that Castro is going the way they wanted to. Yeah I think that it will coordinated their offense. Or a low oil Peter because of the church should look at it like it is or. Apathy they didn't sit back. And we prevented them how language which is propagated through because of what could be due I was most sought. On the aspect of just giving Coolio giving Derwin the most well off the ball. We're taught you don't do have talked often about. It would how important coming up this situation would anyone. Also bought one but that era Doug. And if you do don't you buy it but that you'll be okay. A good team maybe they're great email and build great he wouldn't you do achieve. In an engaging you have to win don't keep up GOP competitors are obviously what was say if you could stop a lot of earth you know they'd be. It may be why it's apparent there's a button or more. And there are pop up to put our revised so I was about senator. We're what do you think they stack right now in the NFC it is I'm with you I think this thing is is pretty wide open and in the wind's injury I think relief. Throws the door open although I think certainly finally that falls for a little while to I don't see them going and it's ankle were where do you see things shaking out right now and in the NFC playoff picture. You're the opposite experience. I don't like the space. I think if you look at pursuit sports now Payton poor record eagle putt went out. If you want to consistency and attitude to promote their vikings. And that this sick and other important law patent law or our cheapest but it votes corporate speak can mitigate. Since the go to the marketplace doesn't block it what would mistakes that the patent lawsuit. You don't want calculate a terrible or whatever. You know pick up the human spirit and attitude to have a big division opponent and all sorts of weapons it happens. But they're so balanced that made it multiple Falwell you know if you YouTube it's appropriate we are here is don't you got. Defense that we were a lot of work out there are other low income talked about secondary. Thought what the states and have a dual boot banished. I won't be hard to go to US Britain went in won a lot of games. Do you think Eagles are in trouble without Wentz I mean I I I six or not maybe I'm crazy I think they're going to be. OK I don't expect a huge drop off with nick falls and he doesn't use of the F lettuce is and stuff but I think I think they're gonna be okay when it falls for a little while given the personnel they've got. Not be don't be OK I just. I don't know what how aggressive will continue to often. I think it though they were oh. Know they'll be okay as far as people from the boulder though booed off and well that's our be impressive that they out. I know deal about being aggressive at the ball but it. But obviously wanted it how the walkers here so I feel for the aspect I ever spirit wide open there Adobe bat. Without him but. You know he used to it would there be peace security hero or loser repeated video you'll be spot without. The truth all right I just Schwartz with a similar things SB nation series sex NFL radio former. NFL bad and done you can follow him on Twitter at Jeff Schwartz he's with this right now. On the technique come guess like Trish McCaffrey how is he a better football player weeks fifteen and it was a week once Schwartz what you see was him. Well either that or they're they're a little bit and bit on the other big big debate thought they would. You can learn a bit of more traditional old I never understood that indicate that they probably don't get it. More open space here you know they go if it is okay deplore that he might not be a traditional one back at the moment. Which are what they saw there but that's what they can finally use of an Arab. And I know he knew it become more popular vote out. About Shia and other people are I think you design and all that there's the personality out it is hard to do it isn't coached. Feel part of god would he goes to Europe. To preside offered is that might not be their bread and butter. For the betterment of achievement so I think he's done that and despite being you waited you to Akron which you order that I thought would happen over I would. Ticker at Purdue got so your best schedule right now well. You know we might be even more or block the. All right so Charlotte Observer dot com here's this piece George Rodrigue murdered over the weekend Hungary the quote it says so I ask speaking about Mac O Leo and his performance is 65 million dollar contract I just Schwartz quoted as saying quote. Are your former teammate bottle neck polio free year over year year and we were Minnesota court TSE 11 or two plays a game where you just like it's just not good. And we pay premium money. Especially for left tackle you expect them to never have mistakes and it's not like mad as bad at the whole game and it's obviously not every game but there are games reset one or two plays Regis like. That she's not very good and I think those stand out because offensive lineman things are magnified especially if they hit the quarterback. Or there's a sack fumble those are plays that people remember when they evaluate guys and in Chad writes in the buildings that are Tex lines I and he says crow don't let Schwartz he wiggle out from his comments are quotes the observer were pretty critical. I don't. He needs to be pretty critical actually fun then to be pretty fair and I'm confused why why why are. It's I don't know it seems nuanced and stared at me I don't know. And it also do potluck that the wife Wendy can you are well under paragraph. It ended then back those were the money would suspect that apparel because it. Well it would be disingenuous there aren't you interview about I don't know that they are we well. But it would be disingenuous of like in an interview about that we know it is spill prevention that there are bad plays and I was despite. You know if I give been interviewed on my brother he just had a terrible game there are these you know he's binder open roll with the well this bill would show otherwise right so. You wonder who that might be it for the last twelve preview what apple. Don't ever expect no plays the game and the way and it's just been there and so I don't forget that and I don't want to the shot of the Twitter Soviet. Arm and he talked to him since he did you talk to are now. But no I've bought them all or called. But. So you don't have to be right on well but it is good to have him back compare this but I don't think that's what would that be I guess I could it. It put that what he's certainly not good but it said. Mark during the proper order not a par no I don't I don't know welcome present that. You can't deny that there have been times where there's been part of that what you awoke Sunday and you look at our epic about every day so. I think we've got out of Colorado they're prepared or more than excited to walk me because they don't like it might be a terrible time but. I mean whenever I think I'm aren't we followed my assessment program. But I literally read a tweet from you earlier this sort of hold our find the sweet as before I let you I read a tweet from your early this morning saying you could not wait. To break down the tape on Cam Newton. And and what he did in the game yesterday's on Sundays like you said you said quote I hope my time today to get to a video of the vikings attempt to stop Cam Newton and how he's just better than a good scheme it's also like you don't I. People think you hate Cam Newton apparently now they think Jimmy Mac loyal to but yeah you're now means that I don't know meant to order. If it is the market that the way to Maryland is. Every time used it to its urban megabyte is that probably I think the world right now a lot of it was social media is that. It's either good or that but there's no you want but you can't say. I'd like if I don't like there's been a lot about pulpit but that was especially true about about realm where you're Fujian. And in biblical point of it but they look I don't like the way. I'm Jim new employees and eight game Avery play well and gave me. That's okay like you can say that I can I don't like the ways of them played a bit wired that way I don't exposures. On every people. What absolute so Tom I'm never I'm not out to cover guys general well watch film I watch some pro life or you are I'd I'd come what was. I'm sorry sir how are you about the public opinion and speeches we do we because guess what player and he is in question do we do well. Aren't there you go Jeff Schwartz he hates Cam Newton now he hates medical Leo and you can read is working SB nation here must Sirius XM NFL radio and with us and on Twitter if you wanna get hungry should set Jeff Schwartz. Torch he's the best buddy talk to you soon thanks to make a timeout a man. Aren't there are bigger Dario Jeff Schwartz appreciate him making time hold on many Greensboro Georgia so we come back I actually speaking of of the good the Eagles without course annoyance there's an interesting stat making the rounds on what Carson once is done vs what mix holes is done in an Eagles uniform and so I wanna get to that we'll get in some papers talk as well Damione Lewis. In less than fifteen minutes he'll join us the rest of the show Tom have destroyed 330 trading on grimace or load we continue its prime time were powered by ortho Carolina. No we've been struggling film obviously and who knows a long season but. You know. Apparently got a played through. As bad as things were going know it can turn around really fast and she knows tonight hopefully tonight. Starts an orchestra chorus. Not just play well you know. No just just find us some identity because that's something that we just saw him do was come upon our identity you know things tonight. There was some sort of revision of it and how we can be send. Knowing that was gonna be consistent no no we you have got to go to Houston and knows David plans. As well as anyone anomaly at this point but you know got to go in there with the same monster to play our car. And to a week and the terminal. Portable it's finally broke through the wrote last night and look at the rockets the longest winning streak in the NBA going on Wednesday night. It's going to be in 930 tipped ball finally incessantly just. For the hornets on Wednesday night and making the most of stay up past my bedtime on Wednesday night to end that eight game losing skid and won a road game since October 30. Before Halloween the last time they want a road game and kemba was really good last night Dwight was really good everybody's really good every single starter like fourteen points or more last night and done they tighten the rotation trade young Graham was really good he's expected to join us in an hour and Buddhist thoughts on this time however stroh's gonna join us coming up at 330 and he's really good with the numbers he he always is one that makes you think about where things are I can go he'll he'll help us sitting understand what does hornets team is dealing with right now and honestly. I'll where they need to go like we what do you do with this team is this a team you could. Realistically slip some stuff on the fly at the trade deadline or over the next year or so and kind of retool this Ross dirt. You know a lot of people are saying Terry down to the studs and that's as just hard to stomach man it's hard to stomach or rebuild when this team tried to rebuild. And they should had a number one pick and instead they got number two in the lottery and Anthony Davis goes to New Orleans we got Michael Kidd Gilchrist instead I mean what it. We bend their dominant hand we've been there done that ended just. It hasn't quite worked out he got a bad draft where the fourth overall pick was Cody Zeller. And that was actually one of the better lottery picks in that year's draft so like sometimes the stuff has been lucky and the hornets unfortunately are not been lucky enough. When they've been bad and done a lot of people frustrated even with a winless Neitzel would talk about that whatsoever stroke coming up at 330 meg Greensboro he hang on very occasionally overwork him there was so Matt what you wanna say mom and. Clay. Well it did point out about the two. You know eight he's not to play. That's the case coaches need to step Bennett say not get started and is not a starter not ready or hurting us more help it. This came as for a bank ornate were to mark our courts are probably their best to wait between group where. That he's gonna come out but it seems Amway or what you know chairman lands that that hit game. You know he'd be out pop thank you should be an armada you know 88 altitude is only now we maybe permanently. You know even take it back I think you know expecting maybe you know more than more than you do or don't start out. You know would say that and I think that's a really interesting thing to talk about because to me appreciate Conan Cody Zeller received was scheduled a surgery today and is neat. Timmy if you're NIC Batum. It's it's an either or thing you're either good enough to go or you're not. And so there's no in between a belonging to ease back here and I feel well and so I can't shoot but I'll do the other things. Because spacing ill coach Clifford has has used this this. Freeze a lot over the years of us that your your spacing is your shooting. In the NBA. And so good look at it seemed like Jason would like to Celtics right now. Jason Tatum by the numbers and until the other night I don't know where he is today it's the other night Jason Tatum as a rookie was the number 13 point shooting player in the NBA by percentage. He's Jason Tait and actually the best three point shooter in the NBA as a rookie of course he's not. But when you play with guys like tiger reek like or fur like Jalen brown that did demands to curveball that demand guys a double team when they have the ball there and guess what you're spacing is good and when you're spacing is good just what your your your your looks are good. When your looks are gloating you're that talented guess what your shots are gonna go in and high rate the stuff there's a rocket science. And I think that's the one thing about the supported steamy sea when the teams on the floor that is isn't it tomorrow okay so we're still want to Jason take them we don't know Jason Toews not the best three point shooter in the NBA you could say he is by percentage. But your spacing is your shooting so when you're playing with those guys and they spaced the floor because all the talent they have. You're gonna get good looks and you're gonna knock them down and it's the exact opposite bonus the hornets have. Really good three point shooters individually modeling some really good three point shooter walkers are really good three point shooter Jeremy aliens this year is proven himself to be good three point shooter. Nick tool was not a guided teams respect because of his injury and it's and is shooting acumen in the first place so I think that explains a lot of it and you'll I don't think you're gonna tell that to me nick to recording to play limited minutes or nick your coming off the bench nick if you're not fit to play get surgery and come back and get right. And I think that probably should have been the answer all along. Nick you're not right gets surgery com back because you are not being 100% offensively is hurting this team I think dirt two things hurting this offense. I think the paint touches that have to go through Dwight Howard bog down the offense the ball sticks doesn't whip around that much. And and I think mic bitumen including nick is not 100% if you're not 100% nick don't be on before. But you saw last night what the difference of Dwight Howard was last night post ups did you actually see from Dwight Howard last night. Timmy was a lot of reruns it was ought to beating teams down the floor the turnovers they had I think damn what fifteen turnovers Roque seats that turned it to 24 of their own points. That's gotta be this team. And again it gets back to the point the first voice of if that's got to be the style you play how sustainable is that. McGraw realistically can he reproduce those performances every night but for this offense to look right. I think they got to get out Iran they got to push the tempo it can't be Dwight Howard get posted up and a half court on a on a regular basis on offense it's got to be rim runs. It's got to get the get the ball early done before before the defense is set and they did it again so Kasey last night. Can you run and are you going to be able to run with used to tomorrow night. I mean that's going to be a tall task they want to go on the road again tomorrow night in Houston but I agree with Campbell I think mentally. To get that monkey off your back in beats that. That's under team even though they're now twelve to fourteen to be that's under team on their floor to get off the shine on this road losing streak at Muirfield I cop I think you can it needs to man Tom however strong thirty ministry Deon Grant and an hour. Damien Lewis joins us now it's primetime were powered by ortho Carolina.