Primetime: Hornets Fall To Warriors

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Thursday, December 7th

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger discusses the Hornets loss to the Warriors last night. 


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Powered by North Carolina. On her and Ron Rivera like legitimately I know you could split some hairs could have some real peace with him as a head coach like where does he stack up because I'm telling you you look around the NFL. I'm not sure that fans understand what they've got swift water there's a head coach of the center. Last night court. It's go down 10187. Continually frustrated by their game last night we we have to discuss that I don't know if you can be frustrated that they lost maybe the way they lost last night. I think people it's it's interesting because I heard me and I heard frank and Kyle just. Foam wind earlier today for like 202 and a half hours about disorders squad. And nine and fourteen is frustrating in every way shape or form after that loss last night but they can dig at the lakers to get the bulls and the lakers on Friday Saturday and a big home church continues. Where the plane ten out of thirteen at home right now you had a ten under inflated home the only two over the next ten that are on the road are actually two games that are. Probably going to be pretty tough on the road next week we get OKC and Houston next week on Monday Wednesday but. These last night the game we get to do the indictment on the on the hornets franchise game like I feel like that's a bit of an overreaction like eight nothing's changed by the way like everything that they were talking about and arguing is absolutely still true today as it was a week ago when two weeks ago but I do feel like it's a little. Mean jerky overreaction to do the the hornets needed overhaul. Show that we were doomed the team we're trying to do today awful lost to them to the defending champions I don't care staffs. Injuring and or play and Kevin during it just went for 35 points with a triple double and you did a really good job defense now is for the most part did a brilliant job defensively on him at times last night like I. What what did you expect was gonna happen honestly without Stefan drama what did you expect was gonna happen last night for the hornets. Read a thing to hit the nail on the head you can't indict the team over the loss may be to dissect the game a little bit on some points in the fourth quarter of the second half of the game that you know you're not not as are in the third quarter was good it kind of got back within it was okay well you know better a little bit what's crazy so like they get down payment down 26 last night. That second quarter wise I mean that's fun and have a sweeping indictment on this team. A lot that's why go to and that's violate some of the stuff is really interesting to me what's going on with this team because I see other issues that bother me would this team I seek other things that are holding this team back from getting where they wanna go home plate it's not. Just port shoot up very sure and poorly it's not that the fact that they shot 35% last night it's not a fact they shot 30% from three and I know it sounds crazy that stuff doesn't bother me last night you went up against one of the most egregiously athletic teams in the NBA even if they don't have stepped in dream on on the floor. But this this this thing with this hornets team. That's true today is it was true before they played that game last night. So again and I begged the question is last night the game were you get to be mad and angry and frustrated about where this team this because this team is in the same spot today it was yesterday the way to a game played out last night didn't show is anything more or less about the hornets are. I just don't think it's the right place because it was against the warriors let's get past the lakers who happens Friday Saturday night. You know the job goes to yeah and there's some that are really really get upset about. Again because the text right so I and I tend to agree on this building sinner techs like Billy writes in 70457. Ninths extent it is prime time were powered by ortho Carolina you can join us on the phones or on the building senator tech slide you can tweet us. On the Bradley Jewelers Twitter feed as well that's at primetime WS NC email us. In the garage door guru email inbox. That is primetime mid WS Antioch Thompson delegates could join us in an hour Kilby was just arrest the show at 3 o'clock Mike Chico for the Panthers radio networks can slide in here and join us as well and dollar or gonna talk a lot of painters today were spent some time on board it's a good coach showed indicted six. At which point we'll get into some of the stuff on that's been lingering around this team and that's the issue intimidate. Like the stuff that's been lingering around this team for about a year now. That's the stuff so like last night you can't do the microcosm one game simple what happened against the defending champion warriors because. The defending champion warriors and Kevin Durant showed you last night what he was before he ever went to Golden State. Like that we saw last thing to Kevin during used to do that tree has ever nag guard at Oklahoma City -- smaller market where it was washed all right but it's greatly people forget this like it's not to say that wasn't winnable game it was a winnable game it's disappointing that's the word I would use it's disappointing they didn't win that game last night is it was right there in front of him they did some bone headed stuffed in key spots. You can't too that's disappointing. Especially going up for awhile man and that's the that's think like that's the jumping off point to me it's not what happened against the warriors it's what's been going on for a little while I like teary right sin. On the building set or text line and I would I would agree on misty says this team I should've been indicted. Didn't and he says inducted may be may be inducted into the basketball what not to do all same but he says his team should be indicted since the loss to Chicago they're not improving even with Campbell on the floral know the numbers bear this out I think John Schuman tweeted this out Billy. On Twitter I don't know if you can be contract is down John Schuman who works for her I wanna say. NBA I wanna say John human does like NBA stat stuff for the league the best on and off numbers. Four players in the entire NBA. Individual guys is what they mean to thirteen when there on the floor this is what happens with their team that when they're off the floor on this is what's not in fact and actually. Do this Billy. Go to. Goetschl hornet's PR 'cause the hornet's PR Twitter page I tweeted that out this morning. Arm but the big Dayton. Or the Celtic Kemba Walker is the second most important player relative to his team mini MBA right now. Terms of what happens when he's on the floor what happens when he does not afford to have you seen the stat right now and on which I am extra looking out of the first time I've got a pulled appeared as so it's got this chart is up there and it's it's it's jarring appoints do you do it this team is nothing without come out like this team is offensively is nothing without kimbo and make eighty you don't debts were rat with this team where it's been a year now where you're wondering what are we as an office what are we as a team what happens when kemba goes to the benching kemba played pretty much every minute last night. Stephen Silas had to force him to the bench for just a few moments. Our last night Dave that was the only way but he had to get arrested a certain point and Camelot like thirty. 37 minutes something like that last night money minute a little bit more than that. And that's where this team is and that's the indictment on this team so this young jumble on the Cingular is perfect team perfect. Are but this he's the one dude you wait you wait making him part of the problem. Are saying that I that even with if he's not part of the answer no one man can only do so much. At that size with what he dies right now and and so I agree this team has been frustrating for a while like Justin tweet cities is until the same about the hornets a loss. To Golden State as I did in a window or liberal hypocrite why would you feel good about a win over Orlando to win over Orlando. You're supposed to beat Orlando at home so yeah that's and that's a fair point to rule. This team. Merely be one or two months into the year now right like this team two months into the year. They should have a marquee victory they've won one road game that's the issue by the way forget what happened last night this team is one Intel on the road. Or five games under 500 that's not that big of a deal quite honestly it's not it's early enough if they dig up what do you have do the math on a 69 more games to go don't think they're they're fine from that standpoint. They're well within striking distance to sneak into the playoffs but this team was supposed to be something more than just sneaking into the playoffs Anderson that there's been stuff around this team that's been lingering for a while that I think showed itself last night but it's for their country game. This team is offensively it's it's tough to watch and it wants to look at the shooting numbers but everybody wants to point to three point shooting percentage. And today in this open threes at times last night in the daddy gotta make some of those shots. The hornets are still losing that game if they make some other open shots that doesn't change the outcome of the game last night the problem with the sort of steam is this. Does anybody watched this team I think they get quality looks on a regular basis on offense. Did you watch this hornets team if they may and we look good on offense like our offense looks competent. It looks like they're creating quality looks at it looks like they're generating good offense. And may and it's amazing to me how we're just missing those shots more now it's in fact I'd say what happens is this team is riding in that struggle boss in a major way in fact not even writing the struggle bust a struggle bus is going down the highway and are hanging on to the bumper as they're getting dragged behind the road. By this team when they miss the open shots why it looks so bad is because it's compounded by the fact. That they don't get quality looks on a regular basis but you can't live that way in the NBA you can't live that we were once you get the open three you have to hit it and it's you don't that's the game. But that's the way the Jonas to play a little while now and dad that's frustrating but last night camped aids committee the last I can be a one game the indictment on referendum on where where this team is right now where they're going the rest of the year. It just campy but something's something's gotta give there's got to be a sense of urgency. And I tell you what's frustrating to meet Billy. This is my meet major concern this team doesn't fight enough and I'm not talking literally fighting this fighting is stupid like the idea that Cody should fought. Most states the other night get out of here right Kevin Durant said the other night after the game himself will be fights in the NBA a much ratified and ready we condemn the dilemma trying to lose. Thousands of dollars and can now on the fight and anybody a Mega Millions of bucks turning to today to get to the next game this team do you I think this team competes very well. And I wonder if you said that about a hornets team in recent years and that's that's a concern to make right one that's part of the promise that there are expectations have been changed I don't wanna just make the playoffs we wanna compete for three seater better yet and to see them last night. Really in that second quarter gives into the warriors I mean that's given to the worst when you're given incidents. You know your dividend is sauce topped a truly you're given into Quinn cook like cool do given to last night. You don't even inserted a dead person the warriors that they were given into last night that's. Best that's troublesome to me because. It's one thing to talk about missing shots are not executing. But if you're guys are gonna go out there embattled backing compete and you know what good enough on them that they did it. Before it was over with last night it could've been a five point game Michael Korda Williams missed a lay up. If you like that's what's that what Steve what's the thing that goes down on the hornet's tombstone in the season by the way. They think it's that could've been a five point game Michael Carter Williams missed a lay up. All right T Charlotte hornets 20172018. Might could've been a five point game. Michael Carter Williams missed a lay up the problem is like we said there's plenty season B play left L but I think that was gonna present itself and I don't know I get a feeling that when Mike the Mike Mike Grier said hold on Mike can met wanna join us when we return I'll get to more your texted suites. It's primetime were powered by ortho Carolina during get in about an hour he joins us a three the rest of the show we're gonna talk Pasteur for gonna talk NFL and we'll get as possible hornets to go other set odd pat telling you by the way reported assistants when he minutes we get answers from him to. Primetime powered by ortho Carolina. By ortho Carolina. Warner is a system passed a lady's gonna join us in about ten minutes we'll try to get some answers from him on though what what went wrong last night there's a lot of that but in general what needs to get fixed. For the scene that there's a lot of that to describe Tom powered by ortho Carolina dare against you to join me. Coming up in about forty minutes like the Chico joyous and show later on to PCs over the pitcher's locker room he's such talk and those guys right now is they get ready for huge game coming up on Sunday. Are against the vikings are hornets coach or show tonight brought to buy coral like coming up at 6 o'clock so will be on from six to seven I knew Steve Clifford tonight because he's on indefinite medical leave and so we'll talk to Stephen Silas. And you'll you'll get set for what's what's to come this week and what needs to be changed with this team we'll try to get some answers that'll come up sixers sit 6 to 7 o'clock tonight and at 7 o'clock money money go join frank he's going to be at the brand new tilted kilt near Carol Owens hang out watch the game enjoy some specials with the WS Angie crew is well and then tomorrow night. Scott tells that's the spot Mack hit man a lot of folks are gonna be over there's going to be a lot of fun ski tells in the Carolina plays parking lot five to seven you can enjoy an additional 20% off anything in the store up to five years interest. Well interest free financing. And die it's going to be a great guys night out they've got Scott's available. That's gonna get weird hit men and Scotch. New jewelry store. 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Carolinas to it was a made brown leaves part of their holiday gift giving with fifty to 70% off a priest retail value. On diamond rings earrings attendance and more building trust for three generations that has roundly Jewelers. Jim Brown lead Jewelers. Dot com all right let's go to phone 7045709. Its extent. Stewart drew opening topic of the day I'll. Hard Mike and matter hang you know we are Mike first Mike what's up man when he was sick. They got well all well two oil men are you good men one away and on ordered broke quick at all. If you're gonna draft a guy like the league mark a personally I think that much about Kentucky and I know that the completely different pocket and NBA. But that the guy at the Katie at about him and he's just been knocked down our shooter and if you're gonna play. Trading on dram. Eric he admitted there would every lap I only get bogey on five minute indicated that you know it's probably you're not gonna win anyway. I don't understand app from a coach's perspective. And all go out out. Michael Carter William Smith and a couple body layup but they can't it's. What about tech on that you week that it back in the. Yet bullied and have a truly contracts he can't actually would say in so look here's that they might brings up an interesting point as we talked about this one about two weeks ago and assorted steam UC Colfer was very matter of fact at that time about hey I'm. I'm playing my guys this is my irritation. And this is wide and I don't no matter if I didn't say this. Word for word but he was very much. I don't care what you think I'm coaching my way and so we talked to pat Delaney ten minutes Stephen Silas you'll hear part of that conversation a slob a full hour with him coming up in the 6 o'clock hour. But you better win man like if that's your mindset of hey these are the guys I think what is in the best position to win when they better performer and a better winning guess what frank Kaminsky. Odd guys like Cody Zeller. Odds Michael Carter Williams Michael Carter Williams is good for her for a few games I thought. And now all of a sudden that dude can't speak and hit the broadside of a barn and to be missing bodies at the rim. That that was 64 point swing Mickey was at seven. Could've gone to five and it should have been five that's a layup a wide open layup off defeat from Jumbo that kemba created which again. That's what kemba is kemba does everything for this team. He won he's the only one scoring consistently he's the only one creating decent looks for his teammates and they can't finish at the rim. Any guess what the warriors good on the other end of the four turns deny next thing you know you're down fifteen to get like that was the game last night. And I don't look I don't I don't think we can monk is this guy is gonna come out and start lighting up 1520 point games every night. But you got nothing to lose at a certain point when the guys you're saying give me the best chance to win are playing that way can you or actually winning. My problem with the move leak monk argument is. I understand the frustration when you look at this guy you look at his you know his upside is potential all that stuff but always always shooting thirty is to be fair for going to share for second. He. But on the Jiri shooting 32% from three by any metric in today's NBA that's awful so it's like I know he's got potential. And I do think he should get some run. But let's also not act like disguising 40% three point shot it's not who we insiders are gonna be careful about that but go ahead on our side I just don't think you know whether obviously the coaches are getting paid and whose decisions and then the fans aren't worse word verb we're sitting around complaining about those decisions you know. And so you know some degree maybe I'd give them the benefit of the doubt too much. It is Silas is coming in and doing you know similar things with monk. This clearly it's it's exactly what I I this again back to my point like that stretch in the second quarter where I thought those guys did not compete I thought you the body language is awful and like all full. Gosh is giving up essentially on let's say they were given a calm place but you could tell the fight was not there they went up pushing back. And when you saw trading on going to game you're trading under the trading on fought triggered a thought Kevin Durant. And he actually trigger finished with apostle eleven on the box score last night trading on was part of the reason the hornet's got that down to single digits because he got them some consistent stops and I'm I'm at that point in getting close to that point I would say like Friday Saturday are going to be key if this group and who knows what happened with frank in Cody now because of the injuries last night. But if this group can't beat those two teams at home on the back to back out. It's time to experiment it's on to start figuring out these leaks part of the answer I'm cortex in fact I'd prefer. I don't understand why trade young Graham doesn't get treated more like PJ Hairston got treated a few years ago remember PJ yeah. May impede it was a knucklehead but they would start TJ and you would play defense and they wouldn't be in a hole when they went when that when they started the first cell. And trading on the scene needs at least starting the Tribune Graham I think to play that role where he's guarding primary scores embodying the company's hitting open shots like. The guys that perform need to play. And obviously trading on grams not gonna take NIC Batum was minutes but I'd like to see more trivia on I'd like to see more Johnny O'Bryant Johnny O'Bryant does that say self Johnnie Bryant comes in any fights any knocks down open shots when he's in you can get somebody these guys minutes. But if this keeps going this way you add to meet you gotta start thinking about some some of that stuff mood for its good to move Max who is up next Matt what submit what you wanna say. They Chris thanks for taking my call with I'm not the biggest porch step up our our best as the worst. I'm a huge pitchers span and it sort. Our wonderful ball with this team but is it time to blow it up there earlier as you can slowly up so what you're talking about tanking. Brittany missile sputnik did opposites were they did OK you eat eat eat eat Campbell book the Michael Kidd Gilchrist. Only came gonna hold on to say if you're gonna all all all all follow your lead here on what your plan is but if you're gonna blow it up you can load up without getting ready kemba he's the only real assets this team has there's this contract. But you know here's the deal you have to interpret beat Gilchrist Arafat to come to a charity each eclipse is what's got you horrible you'd have been there and you want you know deterrent. More that or you. In other our players can get that anywhere you know little more you're tanking. But absolutely upping it and hit a Leavitt picked twelfth pick and they haven't gotten any better and now an album of pictures art today. And look what order part to that you're gonna upper upper three years but you are. And clip where are your apartment that's more of a pop plea in all gain in how well. Al Gore and Oprah where are they could've been okay. William F it's it's going on two years now did you have to go and could in fact operating out purse out there are out our our our. 10 they only got slapped in the first round infected 62 years ago they should've won that first round series they're up three institute game six. On their opening game at home against against the heat and they blew the blew that game they should've won that series they should have been on the first round a year. And Michael you know like with the extra bit yet we paid a lot of ought to correct 2223. Billion. You know what he's eager to order that need Michael got to open up the checkbook and. Well here he is but here's the problem Mike and Matt I appreciate Conan I do think it's interesting like has any hits on something and I think there's another team to me that actually is a better food colonel what he's talking about public. If you talk about opening up the checkbook amid the hornets are literally within a few. I think thousands of dollars are going into the luxury tax that's a frustration. That one time this team misspent its your your spending on a team we like. Really wire all these guys making this kind of money but did to the opposite point. Look at Miami Miami has been a team over the years when they don't have the elite level play on the level players they don't pay them. So you saw last year where that when they loaded up with a bunch of guys who were looking for a second chance looking for an opportunity. And knew that if they played well. They were gonna get paid the following year it was necessarily all gonna be Miami so Dion Waiters at a rehab stint basically their last year and they actually pay Dion Waiters but. That Timmy is what you gotta be like if you're not gonna have a LeBron Dwyane Wade Chris Bosh or Dwyane Wade and Shaq. Odd that's what you do dual Miami does which is all you're all the wounded. All the back to bonds all those needing some some rehab on your careers come here for a year tool we're gonna get your game where it needs to go and then go make your money elsewhere and for a little while by the league back a couple years ago isn't that what people nationally were saying about Steve Clifford. He would take your your guys who needed maybe a career rehab. And he would give a tool and then they go get paid elsewhere the problem is when you're the one when you Max out in the hornets are maxed out salary wise right now. If you're not winning your kind of stock and and that's where things are at showtime and hang on we're comedy you'll pat Delaney hornets assistant he gives us answers next prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Chris Kroger. Powered by Ford go to Carolina. Come get slime in W talks hornets basketball falls off a tough frustrating loss last night to the warriors. 10187. And double what it's now nine and fourteen although. Beaten four home all for those losses have been against really really good team so far this year. I mean what Cleveland Houston San Antonio and Allen now warriors and they get a shake it off big back to back Friday and Saturday against the bulls and lakers. And we welcome in hornet's assistant coach pat Delaney coach thinks rake in time for us. And fluid retention government. So calypso it's dissect the game I mean that's it just feels frustrating from disregard like KED get to 35 and we had a triple double we would you basically ran appoint them less so I put it. He has 35 but on 28 shots ending clay had. Are relatively good clay night I mean it was 4722. I mean that there could those numbers defensively you guy he's. Overall gave your chance to be in that came in you you were in that game I mean that that bullets in the second quarter just amid UQ I mean this seems so obvious she take it down 26 against the team like debt. Yeah policy you know everybody want to say we don't step out under my now. You know armed but Stiller there attributed team Sacramento the last couple years. All went there adapt with the versatility. They don't cut. It was two all stars on the core with KV enclaves. You do you write your old little wondered one point which an eminently well below their average now. And what they're capable of doing you know I agree we do being didn't help. Until all movement against that these serbians are switching is their money. And you know what went up trees and yet you got to make them pay and we didn't. And they'll regroup today and you said Q QB go home game as we can. Where pat Delany with this is joining us right on the technique I'm just let hornets now. Ott nine in fourteen eat is it almost. I mean it's it's kind of six of 11 half dozen of the other I suppose though when you know derail its gonna get the type usage he got less that emits. That creates a whole other animal right compared to. Defending all those guys are mean knowing that everything is gonna run through him and it is isolation and all that stuff I mean that that's a whole other animal away that they played last night. Okay get a different ball so you like they have more than enough they have a color depth you saw there he never really got to uprooted over the years to limit that number went up. Morals. Video last Iguodala. Living in Gaza know how to play the game at a very high level. Bomb you know when related to temple but again so excuse we yeah we had our communities and when you. If you didn't seem like got to leave it they raided the headquarters and you get away from you quickly we have been trying to run him back there in the second half. It is a double digits you know we just didn't make enough plays you're gonna get the momentum go I'll. Do you think you've found something and not this is is a surprise to you guys see this guy every day and you can you guys were quick Newman obviously the minutes are what they are with the rotations but do you think you might have found something here with with trading on Graham last night what he's able to do defensively especially in and knocking down some open shots. Are you so don't we we outnumber. From a player. Personal monetary none of these is ready. You about the team he competes. You know night in night out every day in practice on him and that number's called you know you're gonna performance. David great energy really try to make it hard on the defense dependent or bold clay can he be. You know made where are being an open three medical pulled back to some energy play that replaced or I'll that's. Bomb you know obviously would be you know the injuries to both Korean credit he got an opportunity. On Leno last night in what you'll see without these two don't ordered by. Train got to retract that from day one we know it is ready Vietnam you know good numbered called again we know what are you provide. We are talking about Delaney hornets assistant off the loss to the lawyers sort of 187. And though hornets try to shake it off and a big back to back bulls lakers Friday Saturday coming up we got both of the games seer. On WS NC starting at seven both of those nights premiums gonna fire up. And at 630 so when you when your talk about the ball movement out I was a assume hollow a couple of times last night and have such a point of emphasis of guys were all just kind of sit in and around the ball's not moving its stake in and what it when he was working. It opened things up a well what do which had that look like coach wade how could you explain that when things are working properly. In the half court on offense what what should that look like for you guys. You know there are sort through our overall force an up and surrendered your car for our screening mean Paul on the ball all premiere ball and pick and roll into adults. You know and putting pressure on the defense obviously there are you very unique team. But Serb villages which normally a calm 125. Are they got to cut late across the board. And they could really argue everything contested. And we really did that her I have full possession last night. And you're gonna stand and try to play wanna launch or not ruled that defense at all. Arm they've been a top five a deep under team. Up the last couple years everybody they get a lot of credit for their offense the nurse Gilman shooting. Well but they've done humble and spend. You know that they relied on Lou last night and we didn't put enough pressure in the all want either British possession over the suddenly. Which we got a all of a little bit and also to win so we become. Are you know making the next play and moving them in note I guess we do you don't looks you go you can look at it and we just didn't dispute my last night. Is it fair to say coach that way you know where things are right now what needs to change especially on the offensive end for the steam this might seem like an oversimplification does this team's got to finish shots at the rim right that's a major issue right now. Yeah I think you're like I don't really talk about it she may contribute data to all but yeah we have good we have good enough decision makers and finisher to do all but it'll start with a -- our pick and roll game in order borrow our screening team. Those types of collections brokers is how we play how we had access here as the week on and it opened up all finishing at the rim at all our reporting team. We tend to be staggered not screenings and Iran not cutting off the ball up playing with any horse. When we struggle and a team like Golden State you know can can really suffered that you. Give attributed team of that caliber. And though we need to get back to back every game we need to do to speed it her quarters not hurt. I have journey like W news team that forty minutes a bolt as women we do that we more moderate felt chance to win and that we're looking for moral. Artist assistant pat telling you is it is that more. You know again you begin to use the term maybe symptomatic were people look at shooting an eight think about shooting percentages and shooting numbers being down he has struggled from. From the field and from three last night you've struggled from three the last last little stretch here but that that's been up and down I've remained. I chart that every game you guys were in the top have to build in the league in three point shooting not all that long ago so he's. Is this is the shooting something less worrisome compared to the quality of a shot creation and and look you guys are getting. They a lot of competitive types of you know shots or getting whether there at the rim. In between north and per hour they are being generated cook. How did you work retreated and are you are best onto him and the numbers show a part email you know warplane inside out every game. But not necessarily always just hosting the smaller. You know going inside but it really starts with our transition attack. It is Campbell on early early attack you don't need to pay drawing help. Are secret so much pressure on the defense but bowl you don't like cutting mean the intractable facilitator and school work. And obviously RB you know you probably heard or promote throughout the user that there are you need to create the action in our. And and that old football way being on the war and what we do that the numbers show our article shows. You know about the type of success we haven't obviously you know finishing possessions in those shots. It is all part of it bumping into the cup and the type two shot you're gonna last night. Everything was acceptable that the remand from the perimeter I get to Mike Talbott that late that versatility. I'm looking good though all unclear appropriately here so just went. The screen setting different even from just a slight nuance standpoint of of Dwight in Cody is that is that something that still being worked out with that first team offense is that something that that's making potential difference right now to. Are indiscernible group together the bulldogs who really good screeners. Bomb. Delightful little different as in terms of his. It rolled David posed compete presence you know as well off from code you look the dynamic is there trouble goes got received stretch of a little all crumble global and a report team. Issues that we needed to be sustained. Pol from everybody across the board com. You know and won't play LA and we had at all as energy whether it's are a missed shot or mistake on the U president. We have to give to continue to play the same way it went through registration plate who speaks and finally got to grind out game look when you have a game like LS play enough. The ball's not going in order overnight due to shut won't be doing to good to change it they were more horse. You know find a way to get a better shot give activity get that break at some points. Relief some of that pressure on our half court offense. And again we've done that I this year oh we just need a much more consistent and. On the amount meant well. 82 games and so to be 23 games then you eat eat you can't overreact to come but at the same time even with the injuries and a schedule. Five games under five under and a huge stretch at home were worse the urgency level with this team right now. There contributor and cheaper Shirley deserted or two along Q what about it. We we lost a real hard time to wait for whether doom and injuries or framing up for that matter we we know we do love to get our game going like these that we guys truly very important only gave the first Smart I would bold Europe and we know who you know I've been up before you play treated art. And nothing we can to a lower rating given what you need. And there is centered achieved with our guys and you know what our staff in terms of you know getting back on track and well indeed is much more consistent with our overall energy on open to the or an open tests are smarter Chicago. If you're in the locker room every every game so is the dead the attitude leveled the approach she is is how how is that with the with the guys right now where where were they had mentally. The guys and older who obviously. There's frustration leaders that are based there and they wanna win. Bomb and Errol and I think individually to a man they don't like to you'd do more and played better and you know we're all the two together that column and our mentality is. This organization without you plot from our coaching staff there's. On you know more worried together and that type of approach without the right type of personality right here is you've got great big one about the right things. If you give your yourself a chance to play well individually or part group play well. Our animal animal or won't do that you know we were renewed sustain our play and a bachelorette in the group right now is regrouping today heading into a back to back Oregon to Rhode enough you know again just kind of lead on. We do we need to work on YouTube we've dawn I've had success which I know how to reduce that we're you know for forty minutes they're good enough for it or not at all. Coach has less thing here because he talked to cliff in the last couple days does he hold up. Not to affect tourism you know a little bit obviously we will miss world thinking element you don't think most important matter. You know take their results and outlook. You know we didn't know obviously this up and they fear in his organization it'd be Reinemund. All we wish him the best and dom went when he backed community go up. Want to be excited about that the not to win one million wagered about stigma about the child mobile news team and you know getting ourselves right from all and not try to get away. That's the assistant coach or Charlotte hornets pat Delaney get ready for bulls and lakers Friday Saturday big back to back it home. And frank Kaminsky bubble head on Saturday night for 7500 fans in attendance will be at that and that's going to be good times so. A coach think thinks for making time best of luck this weekend okay. Stop and score. Powered by Ford go to your. And you. Didn't gearing. Johnson at the business. Got takes he wants to get the mouse and we will do that in ten minutes in his prime time I'm scared for. Powered by ortho Carolina no I'm actually hoping daring can call me angry seas. Soon the masses today because there hornet's fans who are angry maybe rightfully so there Pinter Santoro we usually do that would get America mythology. You know normally you just courses this mystery house call with those -- I don't I don't know if that's gonna happen today so we will we he won just hoping he can be the voice of reason for us today there's reason for concern I guess about injuries for this game on Sunday sounds like TD each may or may not play now and if he does is going to be limited snaps again the way it was on Sunday against the saints according to Ron Rivera Mike but she goes over it deal facility right now he's gonna come in here a little bit pedal was your frontal. I debt fears growing with epic proportion every week and it's it's getting better exactly he's like I can I actually and I know Mike Furrey very long time. I mean it's I think more highly of him every time I see him now and he's got more gravitas now every time I see him because of the beard I think his IQ level has been raised because of the beard. That there was a low before but he just keeps getting higher and higher because of the beard he's just geared it looks very good looks good on him I think. I knew he might peace soon enough like Scott Calvin in the Santa Claus though where he's just gonna be on a park bench in Kansas sit on his lap but. Which in today's landscape that to be as saying he's got to be careful about that Santa Claus reference anybody. Anybody so my favorite Christmas movies anybody Tim Allen the Santa Claus no no. Nobody. Scott Calvin reference from the center nobody. So far it's farther down the remains nobody all right seven elsewhere Abdul was like what are you talking about managed 704570960. And over to jump telephones and the building senator text line hornets coach showed six of thanks to tackling for dropping by a public talk to Stephen Silas he's gonna be on a bench for a little while and we don't have any any timetable for when that could. I'll be any different so we'll try to get an update on coach Clifford from him to we'll do that coming up at at 5 o'clock you'll your full conversation with him coming up our coaches show tonight at six is good showtime wants to jump in showtime would somebody would you wanna say. What are you are I'm doing I'm doing okay I'm a little. I'm I'm not angry about last night I'm just I'm disappointed with his team in general right now. Yeah I am main deck that debt that's deep that's the feeling not there right now you know I'm very disappointed and an outlook. I don't like to take that aspect but man it's it's almost so close immediate progress so. Every time these guys have an opportunity compete it's seemed Eric Decker and don't consider the beat up to my. They don't do they don't do it I don't get to skirt Iraq to go to state I don't talk to. About some of the top two things I want to get out the team and up to comment you are competing. We don't come cannot bank and you know not gonna play it. Young guys that you have right now or your team and I don't know according to pay a guy like the it could patrol. O'clock or two dollar thing you know kick Gilchrist and their content got there or not they can charge other depicting US might croak. It was a few times article. That. The children had been shot any cap but I can and I'm like if it's not gonna make the shots. The double park will keep what I thought oh god like deal great and I liked. Marked dot like they can because they released today that they might finish up this team right now. We don't we we are what 24 we do it took opposite end quite the opposite torture and credit. We don't have ought to stick to what these guys want to do. Well guess what guess what we're seeing an elite. Paint it got my upbringing what did go go go it'll be pushed all. And we might descend upon half court all dipped it does not exceed its so to get that my. I I would say some of that and I agreed to to a certain extent showtime but I think some of the city's. It's the Dwight factor I mean yeah they're they're trying to I think find a way to make this thing work with him and I mean the game is changed and it's unfortunate for Dwight but like this league is changed. All while while he was and it ended it it just is what is the man he faced this Oz up Pachulia last night and for most big men. Like you were that you considered even Al Jefferson I think Al Jefferson. A couple years ago he hits that shot with regularity we've seen a minute with regularity look at guys like Carl Anthony towns. I don't look at it and other big men like Blake Griffin like debts the shot that forget shooting threes of your Dwight would like first hole you shouldn't be facing up jaws up Jolie but if you march may and you better be hit that shot because that's big that's the shot big men in the NBA I have to hit now you have to hit that shot. I would say at the white pick it up rockets strict you know rocket and what's what okay I'm afraid to what I did here. Do you check the EU had. He's pretty he's yeah he's been pretty good I I agree yeah. Not at an unfortunate part if he's won all the assets and Campbell but. It might even be a top spot that we did it didn't get big report brought to cut out part keep output will be cricket. When we get to you can put folic I don't care if you can create the double chain it's not create an opening shots. What they won't do are attacked the basket so Q what you. And and a stop go I don't think we have the player to do what we want to do dramatically. When he took up give this speech. I want it to deploy carpet got a ticket to what you were like okay darker. Yeah I can and should tonight I appreciate caught him and I I would say I agree with just the general sentiment of this team needs to compete more I mean that there in the body language on this team to walk and maybe it's they're beaten down by eight. You know defected. And I know last night was a one of these games but they've lost twelve games general by single possession Todd for the second longest streak in NBA history. We were a wrap your head around that now and they're not all this year none of those are lash a bit like you can see this team. When they get beaten down again it's like they succumb to always here we are against you conceded it's it's on the it's it's in their body language eight governors are no load of arise in this team doesn't fight back enough they don't push back enough they don't they don't compete enough. And I would oppose it as evidenced by Cody Zeller last night including the notion of their. I don't know vets and people are gonna make data that's not a thing to me Cody Zeller that's not a fight what does that do fighting what's the deal. Quechua stupid technical but there's no that's that and I'm talking literally fighting until almost this level mental toughness though like it's you know the I'm no good just lasted Oslo is that two years like I don't know that debt Timmy is. You can add the mountains made out of a mole hill to me of that situation I just think in general this team doesn't fight on off in pushed back through adversity and compete. And when things go wrong. Everything goes wrong they just let it become a thing jury Lam last night like he knew what talk was guys and a promise a coach and several players. I mean can coaches make players fight more I don't like I don't when he what are you gonna go and tell guy I mean I don't I don't know I don't answer that to me that's not. I would say the coaching thing needs to change to me that's really interesting is this team you saw last night lost a math problem. They lost the math problems of the warriors now they get to the free throw on the horn mr. better and any team in the NBA there free throw disparity going into last night. Was 188. Destiny MBA fifteen more than the second place team in the MBA at that nature. But you saw last night the warriors who only help the cornerstone one free throw attempt to the first half. Update the hornets finished with seventeen they outshot the warriors seventeen to thirteen at the free throw line and attempts. The warriors don't care Jewish if you're taken to his. They don't care. Fouled Dwight Howard every time we drop the ball down in the paint because they're gonna get such good looks consistently there treating three for two big beach what math they don't care. And more teams are playing that way and soy ice and I love the coach Clifford has this philosophy of get get to the free throw line play inside out I'd get back on defense don't Fallon transition I do I like it that's his his brand of basketball. Were also seen the duck brand of basketball is he's kind of being fees out of the MBA right now likes doing those things thirteenth saying okay bullet to do that. You can do that all day because we're gonna we're gonna take more threes we're gonna make more threes and eventually you're being plus ten plus fifteen at the free throw on him makes him a single game is negated that we're plus eight in three pointers. Look at the three point discrepancy last night they held Golden State to eleven of thirty from the three point line just what. Hornets only attempted nineteen and they made six. It's fifteen points right there so you outshot them at the free throw line who cares we are we scored fifty more points than you with a three point line that's the math problem hornets seven that's a coaching thing to me. Like that's a coaching signals or are you willing to bend it to what's going on in the NBA are just gonna say you know what this is our brand this is how we're gonna play. But from a player simply could have simply been pride let's have some pride in fight back adversity hit tough flocked. When you go to the bench and ask the coaches to save you on that like I just don't know how that's a coaching thing and that's what's frustrating to me Jerry lamb. I'd love this guy it's one game I'm gonna make a mountain out of that. But that last night is the type of game we're Jeremy lamb says I've arrived in the NBA you're down staff there downstream on your rotations are mostly the same but you're playing against some other guys who were logging more minutes meaning you know what I should be able to step up against those guys who performed Jeremy lamb. Dribbling into double teams turn the ball over in the paint trying to force action Jeremy aliens being great this year I don't know what that was last night and that's a game where a guy like Jeremy lamb proves you know what I'm more than just an okay bench player on a bad team. I'm a guy that is worthy of more minutes and being a factor in the NBA. People talk about Jeremy lame as most improved player in the NBA you can see that last night. You're a lame you that's that tied the game Jeremy lamb has to make an impact in and he didn't do it is frustrating there again joins us is gonna calm us down. And soon just make everything better its prime time powered by ortho Carolina.