Primetime: Hornets Blown Out By Rockets

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Thursday, December 14th

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger discusses what went wrong in the Hornets blowout loss to the Rockets. 


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Powered by North Carolina. That's what worries me about Aaron Rodgers is he's not a guy that's easily brought down like forgets and just forget the arm talent stuff first second deck guide the way she moves around he is the mixture of Tom Brady Cam Newton his ability to run. Around V Phillies escaped ability to wanna use that term on top of being able to throw from any platform is unreal and that's what we're. Thursday's primetime powered by ortho Carolina gets Jamar Nesbit who will stop by in an hour mom and John Hancock. Like competition Mike analysts John Hancock whose 1110993. WBT's gonna join me to thirty in studio is doing great work he's been doing great work. Very quite a long time which kids first and Carolina sheer street know he's a kid it's and a Promos. Try to do I try to rally up the cause and tell where it talked and got you to thirty he's he's gonna drop by in the studio and I'll let you know what you guys can do over the next few weeks minutes nitty gritty time we're not above bag around here we differ are our WS Lindsay street Turkey's. Our fifteenth annual and you guys made it the biggest one yet or we raised 151000. Dollars. That's right 151000 dollars in cash 141000 pounds of food. And we had over 700 turkeys and so we're gonna try to return the favor. George WDT famine mommy and JF John Hancock's gonna join us coming up at 230 we will have David Scott dropped by at 331 major brain join us at 430 Stephen Silas in five. Eight and I've been told. That's Kyle lost Panthers defensive tackle who stole a sack Kyle Love I can't believe the nerve of that guy to steal a sack from the hall of Famer Julius Peppers on Sunday he waits for this at 530 it's not the stolen sacked it's the victim it's true he still has it that's what makes disorder that is costing him on the all time sacks total list so we'll talk to Kyle Love painters defensive tackle the Panthers are leading up. As they get ready for the Packers today on Sunday and are coming up a little bit like the Chico is gonna join us in studio as well Carolina Panthers radio network he's over in the locker he's gonna let us know what's going on over there and double gets up to speed after what was kind of a weird day yesterday were shot Thompson again now on not out on the field. You had captain Motorola leaving practice early and claiming that people are making something out of nothing. And then you also had beaten the news the trade turner is in concussion protocol and I don't know where things stand when that so we'll get some answers from likely Chico he's gonna join us. In the studio being a little bit and those guys we what is the rest of the show 7045709610. You can Texas there on the building setter text line. You can not call us there as well 7045709610. Tweet us some of brown lead Jewelers Twitter feed at primetime WS Lindsay everyone at Braun leading. Wishes you a happy holiday for three generations Browne leak and their families and they ground up think Carolina there was a Negro League part of their holiday gift giving. Fifty to 70% off a priest retail value on diamond rings earrings penned its in more building trust for three generations that's friendly Jewelers. And brown lead Jewelers dot com monetary. Crisis and on the building senator text line he says that I can we please not talk about the hornets for too long my heart hurts gross. My heart hurts com. Yeah oh we will look we're not gonna it's gonna tell us time beating a dead horse today. I actually had somebody tweet me last night after the game and so they go down to the rockets last night wanna wait 96. Don't forget I got our WS Lindsay hornets coach showed tonight that's gonna be out from six to seven instructed by corona light crowd Carter the Charlotte hornets came on line in and out we'll do that Stephen Silas Juli your image five will be with me on the coach is so pat Delaney hornets assistant on the coach's show entry young Graham on this coach's show as well tonight we'll do that it's six dis from six to seven right here. A WS AZ. But here's here's the thing with the sort of squad. Frustrating. It's not fun to watch a team give open 25 to nothing wrong when they go to the bench. Mean they broke the starting lineup last night and they literally gave the game away. To the Houston Rockets and wanna wait 96. Probably doesn't indicate just how lopsided begging lawyers for for a few moments there mostly in the first and second quarter as they bridged between those two quarters. Last night. But somebody Sweetney Billy licensing probes. We gotta we gotta put we can put an embargo on the hornets he can't talk about the hornets they don't deserve we can't talk about Obama can do that. Because the same way that's going on is we're gonna get into today mister chief you're just joining us. Mark price is been let go of the of these Charlotte 49ers their head basketball coach mark price is been like go. D.s Charlotte 49ers used the term release from his contract that's a new one. Genuinely isn't one and in a world where coaches are hired a fire all the times. Are released from your contract what nine games into the season so bidding weird term to use for head basketball coach for that for a today. There's a lot of angry Charlotte 49ers fans and their tweeting in their texting in their calling in and I would encourage that today we'll talk to David Scott. Who covers the 49ers has for a long time he's gonna join us from the observer coming up at 330. But the problem is when you stop talking about something that's when bad things happen so we sit here and say oh we can you know the hornets don't deserve the breath now they deal. No we're not gonna sit here for for four hours everyday impeded dead horse and say what you do you blow it up did tanked. Who do you trade who you get rid else but at the moment you stop talking about a team just because your your frustrated about a month. Or you're you're really you're cutting down the dom sir it's not it's not fun to you anymore that's slowing. Quite honestly you get that the debt that care tractor starts to dip and you start to get that indifference and indifference is the worst thing that's possible and I'll say this until I'm blue in the face I love the city too much. All of the teams in this city too much to just say oh they're bad they don't deserve to be talked about on a regular basis so we will talk hornets today. We're gonna do a little bit here in the opening hour but what was spent a little bit a time when big. This comes in here but I'd I don't wanna do the thing because it happened with Charlotte 49ers for a little while pricing their fans got so beaten down they just said. Forget about it could go root for another team or my voice is not being heard it's falling on deaf ears and so why even bother. But I would say if you're in this is true all your sports teams right we did destroy why would the theaters especially go back to 2010 with a printer for two with fourteen. I especially few years ago the painters were were mired in a stretcher they won one game in ten games intent in a ten game stretch. And then they went on to make the playoffs which is crazy they went seven and one of the make the playoffs a few years ago those are the good old days right the moment you stop stealing. It any sort of passion about your team dory just drop your hand it's a non good I don't care as bad things I care too much about the CD in these teams in the fan base is to just say hey they don't deserve it public yes I don't wanna beat a dead horse today woman died very clear I think things have to be perennially bad to do need to stick to stop talking about a team especially the local sports talk radio. Things have to be bad. Yeah after years to get to that point Angela Billie look up things aren't in Cleveland right like it looks down at Miami your Marlins and Billy the marlin you're no longer Billy the marlin your now Billy the marlin on the show as we learned yesterday. I look at where things are at Miami house frustrated those stands are again the words mean we've been through this before we've been through with Cabrera. We've been thrown with Beckett. We've been through it with lol in these guys going to win championships and other places you've traded away an MVP in his prime I don't care how much money he made you just won the MVP you just traded him away to the New York Yankees of all teams. To join with the other slugger he was going toe to toe against with it in a home run derby just as much earlier. In your town in your stadium how are you supposed to feel we should feel angry. And you should always feeling Rihanna I don't know Fey and should ever have to get to the point where they feel like no matter how frustrating it is. Now I'd rather just say screw it and I'm gonna move on I don't would be a way as a sports fan and I don't want things in this town to get that way but last night was tough because this. Honestly the starters played with the rockets last night and by the numbers how crazy is this the hornets starters last night when they are on the floor together. We hear coaches say all the time we broke the lineup meaning even if they sub in one guy that's breaking the line up right that's that means I need your coaches talk about debt the hornets were plus nine which they're starting five on the floor last night. Against the rockets orders were plus nine the best team in the NBA so far plus nine they broke the line up and when they broke the line up collectively the rest of the guys were minus eleven. So there was a twenty point swing when they broke the line up last night against the best team in the NBA and there's a 25 nothing wrong that happened. In May and do you blinked and all of a sudden how does the rockets have 38 points going to the second quarter. I mean don't you can do is laugh about it but overall they split OKC in Houston and I don't think anybody thought that was possible after the weekend. And now here we are against second week in a row were you go into a weekend Friday Saturday home back to back. Two winnable games against the heat and the blazers two teams have played each other last night he'd lost last night your home. To Portland he's got four games in a row and home and I'm not saying they're gonna sweep these four games but. This is what they've got to do they've put themselves in this position or if they wanna be in a meaningful factor. After the all star break you don't get a win a bunch of these games over the next two weeks at home six in the next seven or at home including fort row here. After the last couple games on the road and they've they've got to start stacking wins. And I think the most frustrating thing we gotta talk about disorders squad and we're gonna get into all this other stuff coming up over the next few hours are gonna talk cantor still are but it's lost the math problem last night. We talked about this yesterday leading into you called it the lost a math problem last night and it was really frustrating. And it actually wasn't about the quality of players on the floor. It wasn't about the overall talent level. On the floor. It was about the style of play that was not about the hornets not being good enough to win it's that it's the fact of the hornets to meet did not have the you need to play in today's NBA did beat a team like that so we discussed at next John Hancock in twenty minutes it's primetime were powered by ortho Carolina. By ortho Carolina. Good job moving the ball. Turnovers. Closing out their three point shooters getting back in transition getting our defense said. And they lose this privilege to salute. Amin is so fast and so I don't know what to what the actual run was. I mean they were. It was a tough run to go through because you know we had those guys in the game and then we depend on them and we will continue to depend on those guys. This is one of those runs that. His disappointing. But we ought to learn. Tech game got out of hand in the span of a couple of minutes. I'm not kidding kidding you can use the NBA's stats site primetime powered by ortho Carolina by the way that's in our head coach Stephen Silas. We'll talk to him coming up at five we've got our WS Lindsay orders coaches show coming up at six tonight and we'll do that from six to seven points assistant pat Delaney hornets for trading on Graeme you'll hear that coming up after the show tonight. You can isolate on the NBA stats site till five male lineup so you can tell. You know again talking about when you say breaks the line up civil order starting five and they broke the line up an eight even as he summoned one guy two guys whatever it is. You can isolate what those five million rotations look like Casey sub and this guy with that group what does it what happens there what's the plus minus what's the shooting numbers. What are your opponent's doing in that stretch. The hornets had a a stretch and I don't remember the exact five man lineup off the top of my head. But there's a five million lineups for the rockets last night deadline two minutes together two minutes on the floor together that five so two minutes that's it. And they were mind they were plus eleven. In two minutes on the floor. Against the hornets they were a two a five guys in two minutes were plus eleven on the floor last night against the hornets wrap your head around that like junior could so I was kind of like stammering mayor of he can hear it in his voice worries like I. I just. I don't know highly I don't know what happened I kind of saw the same thing you guys so I don't I did doesn't make sense to make it absolutely does not make sense to me. And that that was something last night and there's a lot of basketball left to be played by the way. But the rockets I think are good enough to give Golden State a lot of fits if they were to match up in a playoff series. Because the way they spread you out find out mental or soccer about his yesterday the Eagles five out on the perimeter and everybody can shoot in their spacing is on real how many open drives to the basket did James Harden get last night. Yes so that was bad defense but some of it is your not stopping James Harden one on one. Does your double teaming him who were you leaving open out on the perimeter so you don't Houston is a freak of the team and it. During the closest thing I think right now to Golden State in terms of how they play on both ends of the floor and make no mistake about it either Houston's actually playing some decent defense now to. Because they switch everything the same way Golden State does the Dow was on real last night. The way that they just reported on a 25 to nothing run in a decade meant nothing to do with the starters last night nothing to do with a that was all on the bench players coming in last night and just wanting everything up. To get to allow a 25 to nothing run in the NBA I don't care are you going up against such criminal that I mean like that can happen. You can log on get my perks dot com right now have a greater golf express 100 dollar gift card you can get it for just fifty bucks great Christmas gift idea would be great stocking stuffer is also that avid golfer in your life. And also don't forget speaking of the holidays holiday on ice for a one on right now thirty into the weekend all the way through Sunday. At the NASCAR hall of fame classic you can join us the only down I outdoor ice skating rink in Charlotte through the rest of the holidays join us this Saturday night special date night in you can get more details a WS NC dot com. Stewart who are opening topic of the day I'll. God textures dreading anonymous data can mix up a terrible it's the 220 nine's first introducing got to be a little bit careful on that mean honestly look lead they had 13 point shot last night for the hornets early on most of those came late from a leak marching in garbage time. But. But truly like to meet again like I'm not saying he was great wasn't Ahmad absolving him of blame but the starters were good enough last night to win that game. There were plus nine on the night when that starting five was out on the floor anytime they broke the line up that bank group was minus eleven. So that's a twenty point swing so Batum has been frustrating. Clearly he he's not right I mean he was missing wide open threes and that elbow continues to be an issue and I believe he's shooting 22% from behind the three point line. 22%. From on three point much forgot it's not a great three point shooter and his career anyway and when your wide open and he's got some wide open looks he's just not hitting them. I'll put the starters. I don't know how you can say anything about the starters last night disorders did their job. This is funny Jewish text directs and the tomb is twenty Johnny moves like an older guy but it does look like he's older than 29 would you agree. I think he's got a bit of an old man's game two on the way he plays. He's always come up he's got to slow to his game is always kind of weeks it's gonna knock -- the way he runs the floor to he's not a smooth and he's kind of smooth what he's not eight superb athlete. He moves like an old man plays at the YMCA he moves like a crafty veteran around before even those 29 he's in these kind of young. Right is his style is more that of somebody that's well experienced not a natural yes and except he is he's he's not that well experience as he is 29 it is crazy access that is the frustration but I guess my point is this what the rockets last night in this is why it's so frustrating. Because it was right in front of you. Like if you don't. Speaking of age it's it's as if you're you know I assumed you get that experience in your life for you you see somebody younger than you no matter how old jewel are. You went there in your in your thirties or forties or fifties. And maybe it's a work environment. We're somebody comes up to you'll and all of a sudden you recognized. Wow they're every bit as good as I am. Except like fifteen years younger than me. And they know all the stuff that I never knew when they knew it'd younger age than I knew it and they know it's every bit as much as I know now except why are you so young right like in that presents itself steal your keep keep all of us and go like man that's a wakeup call this really sobering. And what the rockets did last night to me more than anything else forget the talent aspect of it. The way either playing NBA basketball right now that's NBA basketball that's for the league's going. Golden State dated a few years ago now everybody else is playing catch up to a and it's under real to watch that team to what they're doing and you're looking at your team and your I'd I'm dead serious about this less ideally I'm watching that game and I thought to myself. I'm watching two teams play two different sports. Like your port notre absolutely portage your go to what you're doing executing well what you're doing. You're not playing the same dangerous displaying right now. Yeah and they've yet you're watching Eastern Conference basketball owners adverse western I just think you're watching basketball from five years are going MBA yeah that's what's crazy to me to like a killing to talk to Stephen Silas about this at 5 o'clock. I don't know Ole. If I've ever seen. In the NBA. I think you could say any sport when was the last time you saw a sport transform this quickly in front of your eyes to where. Three or four years ago what the hornets did last night wins a lot of games and then you see what the rockets did last night near like what. What brain of the sport are you playing that's a different sport you're playing and us on the floor right now bread but I think a lot of that comes from from. From from Currie it's only you know it's the warriors have tickets are all yeah orders here I I've I should say but I mean you're you know where it really came down so you know I came fully guys don't really change the game yup. It and and quite honestly everybody's playing catch up but some teams are equipped to do it. And Houston one of them. Cleveland is kinda sort of one of them there were more one of them last year but they're playing really good basketball now too there are a lot of teams that are equipped to play the way they are and to watch that last night it is so apparent in front of your eyes real like. What are you doing you're playing a different sport that we're playing right now and that's criminal may and that's not fair let's go to John before you get a break and double keep control later on John what's so may we wanna say. The man belt the port all. But it should now that spirit bear more I don't want that column order you coral. Dude don't you know all our community outlook read a book market in a negative 38. Negative. I think she was minus 31 of the pacifier remember correctly geez why. All end up with negative talk. I don't hold out what was going on bank bit. Horne isn't gonna do me a bit art about what it wanted to commit you don't doubled gluten got a bit of buying players. They caught up credit bank today. Come there's always one step strain and pop opera opera paroled but who. Take a moment aren't welcome to create wanna spend out standout are packed and an end to deduct child like that WW it didn't feel like why. It peaked Joseph Walcott prep and being built deep ball you know ever made it clear clear prep. He wants your is it. Yeah if you're gonna do that to Johnny got your shots and is just as simple as Alex. And couldn't help protect our dear god we'll explore the group here that they're going. Pop out like policy which I don't know what are you don't on that song should do well we're sorry sisters. It'd be a very personally and indeed Ted horn spam code. The demeanor of the group wearing black art and paid immediate and it looked okay do you like to play a critical update in due. Play ball into court. Are called that you maybe don't play our or not go what are the group that they're under an unacceptable at a all backed. You know John I appreciate Colin and I were only get back into this and a little bit hold on we do this we have a quick break John Hancock from WBT would talk vacated Santa wager help we discuss a next his bike drive tomorrow night it's primetime more powered by ortho Carolina. Chris Kroger. Powered by Ford Joseph Carolina. Don't forget Garcia's is a new still sits chills sevenths and nine tonight in going out and watch the game and I think it's Broncos colts tonight. Kohler youngsters that I shall fall. And I going elegance can be a lot of fun the whole SNC crews could be over their exit ninety that's the care when sexist run also by 77. And you can go join him tonight each and every Thursday's at the very new tilted kilt down there. In the in the Fort Mill area and Doug tomorrow's a big big night. Big big day it always is and were in the stretch we've been very unabashedly been pumping this up for it we like to say around here were not afraid to beg we did it for street turkeys and you guys came up big. Which 151000 dollars in cash donations we've never done. Anything like dead and fifteen years history turkeys and quite honestly it's because we got help from our new sister station. A WDT and so we're gonna return the favor we've been returning the favor for John Hancock's. He can it's Santa program and over and keep pounding the table for that over the next few days and few weeks. And does tomorrow's a big day John and six to nine south Mecklenburg high school by tries. And that's for the number 1000 is that true you guys are trying to get to a thousand bicycles tomorrow night Aaron. If that's the number now we got to a 700 and or can remember the number we got 700 in some mud bikes in three hours last year minutes a guy who's the most amazing. On this thing is just kind of grown over the years and came out of nowhere and it's just the most we got food trucks out there are now I'm atmosphere in the mustang club and shows up and it's just an it'll be so cold we won't know what to do and that's fine too because it's see it's just an event this kind of taken on a life of its own and he's we're doing it for homeless Nero homeless and near homeless kids we have about 800 to a thousand cues we need to take care of this year enough round I'm slowly but surely willow we'll get that done raising funds and were right on target for that and our during an auction this afternoon on the air line will make some money out of that and then tomorrow night is kind of the culmination of that in his Saturday as south neck high school from 1 o'clock on. But is a volunteer days so those who can't help us monitor earlier something combined give us some time and and now what include your audience as well and if you wanna show your kids what Christmas is all about combined no rap some of our thousands of presence or help the setup for this kid's party that will throw on Sunday. Today to the bikes together to set a new now that there are no cuts there was some a man I don't wanna open but together the guy that's every parent's nightmare on Christmas Eve bikes are already put together good that's my my worst Christmas ever was haven't put together a basketball hoop for my kids. That never sounds fun you know I might just thankfully I don't that was always an average to see a sausage was made with that when I was grow up we were so basketball hoop in the backyard. And and get that did that doesn't see much on ours always leaned heavily you don't you're just sort of helps you work on your jump shot a little bit so this this is really important work and I want to talk about the origin story on this because some it's really important with what you guys do would be to -- not just you guys and being on the radio stations or not part of our ownership group other radio stations and Schroeder part of this do so this is a really unique Charlotte thing it's it's a huge operation. And dumb it starts with kids first of the Carolinas. And use you've told me this story before I'm sure some people heard this story but this is some. I it's a pretty and pactel story of how this all came along in the first place well they and are there some I heard stations that are involved for the because. I have got mad here in 1999 and went to work for I'm of the yen down there and and so they got involved but bless their hearts because for eighteen years now they stayed involved with that so that's kind of how we got to a multiple radio stations. Sharon Sanders is a lady who is just more curing a than anybody ever remember my life. And she works for hospital one point and they were collecting toys for for needy kids. And they were to deliver him to a department of social services DBS. And she did that one year had a at a mall raft had candy canes on all of them because she demands that cause that's what it was when she was little girl and she had a mall coated so they go to the right kid. You and somebody called her on the phone about a half an hour after she dropped all the president's often said. Summers ran second all your stuff in if you don't believe me go check the dumpster and she went down rejected dumpster and there were all over all wrapping paper all over tags and animator so mad that she ultimately quit her job. At dale hospital and she and her husband started taking care. Like of a three families that first year the sort of been 27 years ago. And then that grew to attend trim listen and I grew fifteen fairways and then I met her one day in the lobby of the radio station and all keep that sure restorers short but. I got involved with her 24 years ago and we've gone from health and a hundred homeless to near homeless kids still about a thousand homeless to near homeless kids in the last 24 years it's the most rewarding thing I've ever done in my life. And it requires a lot of money I mean you just thome walks in here you sit I just I eat at you you said you your head's kind of spending. And you totally what's the number you've collected just in the last 24 hours in the lobby here just a distinction that people bring in Jackson one guy in particular is -- -- say early huge donation by the way I've walked out of the blogger with about 45000 bucks in the last 24 hours do you have protection you you have like or Murti of like Brinks security which you would descend this is this is I mean this is these huge operation you're talking about here I went back to sales here areas that I just collected 45000 dollars an hour and a half treasure department doing. Oh it's fantastic and it's it's it's you know it's not me. It's beyond trainers it's people who have been with us for years and years and years it's. I generally start getting emails at the end of September and October. Listeners reminding me. The kids first is coming out to them being excited about what's coming so law. It's a giving heart of Charlotte it's is to justice. Well and you know you guys and I'm dead serious on this John Hancock's with a sin again you can follow him on Twitter had to add hate Hancock you can see some of the stuff WBT dot com great way to donate is lowered to talk about the auction nets live 20. Which is for die or sports fans especially in this area there's some really cool stuff that's up there. Arm but you don't when when. You talk about when you guys do with us at street Turkey's frustrates 151000 dollars was street turkeys is unheard off now and it wasn't just us of course it was our listeners for you guys kind of bang the table and helped us with that endowed. I think it's right we return the favor because Saddam admitted it is amazing what this does for our community. And ma I'm what do you mean that Dave Ross is kind of our day where we walk away. And our hearts are kind of fall with the impact we have in this community in this this is another one those events well straight Turkey's his. It's hitting the same way we are as though there every year that goes by people become more aware of viewing what you're doing and so if I would say gets easier. But you don't have to sell out quite as hard people understand what street turkeys in now and they can't wait to get involved within and I know it's a pretty simple deal that they don't have to do a whole lot everybody does a little bit and it turns into a lot. So the law do you guys do it the better it gets an a suit that's the story kids first just. So here's a tweet out this link by the way at Kroger if you want to follow that on Twitter you can hit the link is really simple and our kids first to the Carolinas is who does is benefiting with take you to Sana news 1110993. WBT you guys and all sorts of auction items Celtics and I've got my guy on this Kemba Walker hornets Jersey I'm thinking about putting in a bid. Are right now it's at 165 might up that a little bit over the next few hours we can do better than managers there the net and that's an autograph Kemba Walker Jersey that is framed by the way it looks awesome and just anything you can think they'll let me you gotta checkers game packs for offer for tickets and you've got signed can't durst football's. By by multiple members of the team to get awesome prince of Cam Newton and signed Luke sickly jerseys I mean you David as your sports fan. This stuff is up here and it's all going to agree cost haven't. Autograph Tom Petty in the heart breaker Qatar does your exhibit forty Chanel four or 500 bucks know mine did just my did was so I I bought it from another auction for 2200 bucks but now and we put it up on the website and it still went to 44 almost immediately and last bit I saw was 45 and I talk to a guy this afternoon and he's landed wage he says he's gonna on the guitar. By the time the into the evening and so we'll see where that ends a. I mean all sorts of great stuff cantina 1511 I don't want my favorite spots in Charlotte I know they've been a big failures and sponsor of yours for a long time. Package from them and it's not just guy stuff I mean there's. There's stuff for women up there as well that that mean if you're looking to do some Christmas shopping you wanna do what with where the real cause behind enemy is a great way to do it on this auction go to WBT dot com and you'll find the auction vision just wander around Americas are there certificates and all sorts of things these LOL toys that kids want to relate it to investors alike that I have no idea what they are I just know nobody can find him I have to all the same so you can probably pick him up for 1520 bucks -- -- think -- in all sorts of great stuff home package to toward its games and in Charlotte nice stuff up there as well so. This is a great I tweeted out the link like you said you can go do what WBT dot com answers Saturday gained about the hour Saturday for volunteer help south Mecklenburg high school 1 o'clock Intel will be there until probably the wee hours of Sunday morning but I most definitely related to Saturday night and six to nine tomorrow night to be food out there for the for the bike drive itself Mecklenburg high school. And it took somebody's looking to go by a bike or. Or five tomorrow what what do what it what should they do what any advice there what's the standard twenty inches as standard do real damage to when he is just or Keller for Molina will take trachsel take anything out new bikes. I get don't people call me all the time sickened did you take used by X know and and and and I know that kind of sounds. Snooty. But these kids everything these kids have ever gotten it is hand me down or used and we have the or resources to give a new rule and so we give a new about new bikes. And you set I was listening a couple weeks ago on the show when US share and on and you said one night. Cox what was it this is years ago you said UN did you have a shipment of bikes that were there was trapped in a snowstorm. That's how the hole by dressing started we had 55 bikes. There were an eighteen Wheeler in the middle Kansas stuck in a snowstorm and and the further Friday night broadcast and are really gotten into anything big but. We said does that night lesson I'm 55 bucks a short of what I need on a Sunday if you feel so inclined. And down we started here in about go arguments and fights breaking out in target and Wal-Mart stores. And we had a 125 bikes that night and I'll never forget the one guy and an old beat up pickup truck must atoms stacked fifteen hi look like the Beverly Hillbillies coming into the parking lot but that's how the whole bike drive started we now have some guys that work out together wanna Ramones freeware house and some professional guys. And they drove into the fray warehouse a truck last year and unloaded 225. Bikes and they say they'll beat that this year. So I mean just added this is what radio can do or street turkeys is a good example of that were all the sudden you come up with a pretty simple idea and it just grows and grows and grows and takes all life all of its own and that's the beauty. Your radio and we can donate WBT dot com 69 tomorrow night's south Mecklenburg high school John Hancock's by drive with his first of the Carolinas and then as you said 1 o'clock on Saturday as well throw those volunteers that want to help and let's let's do some real good for for this community for Christmas and you don't such a big failure if you wanna say this but why your whole Famer so thanks McIntyre enforcement and a doozy people thank you very much appreciated and I we thank you worded Rogers on Sunday heady feel now were fun. Like that. As some bravado for you know worried all hung can't cams gonna have a good game right. In business. Erratic again this is like F I like it all right John Hancock and again hit the links WBT doc how much we needed out at Kroger he's on Twitter at Hancock could do some radio for a few hours ago it okay what can do that I go and that's John Hancock and his 1110993. WBT we come back and as in fifteen minutes. We had David Scott and 45 mark price has been fired from the Charlotte 49ers why that makes zero sense we talk about that. A whole lot more it's primetime were powered by ortho Carolina. The score. Powered by Mort don't care. Mark this week he joins us in ten minutes I can't I can't urge you guys enough to support John Hancock got that guy's been a palm just a huge supporter of me professionally and he's been a huge supporter of the city in this community and it can it's Santa these guys is it's really needing your help so as you can donate. Financially at WBT dot com which weeded out the link. At Kroger for that live auction and I'm telling you. That Kemba Walker signed Jersey it's framed. One of the new jump man jerseys it's an authentic Kemba Walker Jersey I think it's a 165. Bucks right now. And I'm gonna make sure that that Jersey is not that that's that's gonna be heading in. What I always have to 180 now so I that's what I want to see let's keep those prices growing up all sorts of great. Gray Panthers merchandise memorabilia that's up there's well I'm night's tickets Charlotte checkers tickets hornets tickets are there as well soleil let's do some great things in this community for Christmas and we can do it by. Maybe doing some Christmas shopping in a process like tweeted that out at Kroger join hit the links for that all benefiting kids first of the Carolinas and you heard of me get over 700 bikes. And now they wanna be that total. NO Hancock is insane that 1000 number but. A stalker money abode Thompson does a Charlotte's morning news on WBT he thinks 1000 bikes is certainly within reach so let's if we can do that 69 tomorrow night. At south Mecklenburg high school that I tried so bring some bikes over there and I do some good for kids first of the Carolinas. And indicated say enough with our sister station news 1110993. WBT CO David Scott's gonna join us and the observer in about forty minutes. We're gonna talk Charlotte 49ers William. Are they released head coach mark price after just over two years on the job and it's really surprising it's out of nowhere obviously you know that team is now posted a good record. I given everything else that's gone on with him over the last few years in the last few weeks with a football program this is pretty shocking story to talk to David Scott try to get some answers from him. That's coming up at 330 Stephen Silas. Interim head coach for the Charlotte or it's gonna join us at five and we'll talk to Andrew Brett former Packers president demand that drafted Aaron Rodgers will go around the NFL with him. And double talked in coming up at 430 let's go to Geary goes spinning and a very patiently wanna work remained Geary what some and we wanna say it. Is gonna ask you you talk about it compares the number out of order then. And Houston Rockets. One I thought about is. When Texas a and M Madonna meant they'll curse in here in at peace seat and it played Alabama. Yep and ran a no totaled spree it. And you know Alabama wanted to play football and in a phone blew up and you. MM want to use the whole field. And Alabama committed just two or a couple of years than they don't want to get the rules change because people. You know it took away his commitment to cap. Because of this new system and they apparently he adapted and up and it didn't bother them anymore that they that little one garlic rock. Yet that's the only guy Gurria what's crazy is Gary like I you know to meet again if the hornets played that game. Three years ago in the NBA they probably win like what they did last night it's not that they don't take up the 25 to nothing stretch where the bench was just awful and got blitzed them and that's one thing altogether. But the style of basketball they're playing. He's not a style that's fundamentally bad it's just so different in the MBA that'd be a neutral in order to win the NBA right now point whether point. Yet we US Davis got the when you get him about UMPC. They don't let Judy wrote our note Coke. A court I don't know and I hope not he between you and me I hope not and all the other thousands of I'll say it again I feel really bad for Charlotte 49ers fans. But I'm really thankful that your heroes is this inept because it keeps giving us content so I'm sorry that Charlotte forty niner fans are the ones that have to do the brunt of all that stuff. Are both from our standpoint I'm really really glad to. That it keeps giving us something to talk about I'm getting back to the odds of the hornets the way they're playing about this that Billy. And the guys locked on a hornet's tweet this out last night in this is just. This is this is something right here brown Lee Jewelers Twitter feed you can tweet us at prime time double. US and see everyone at Braun leak which as you and your family a happy holiday they made early part of their holiday gift giving. First fifty books for a three generations it was fifty to 70% also praised retail value. On diamond rings earrings tended to more building trust for three generations. It's probably Jewelers and brownie Jewelers dot com so they tweeted this out last night about this. Odds though it and this is kind of funny see that they supported uniforms and offense are both stuck in the ninety's so the hornet's according to the NBA stats site. The hornets take the fifth most midrange shots in the NBA fifteen to nineteen foot jump shots this most attempts from that range and CMBX. Almost eleven per game. They shoot the lowest percentage in the MBA from that distance. So not only did they take the most they're a top five most shots in the mid range in the NBA. They shoot the bottom percentage and it is from that distance in the NBA and by the way the team that takes the fewest. The Houston rocket suit who attend less than three mid range shots per game. We had Matt Bullard on former hornets former rocket he does the TV work for the rockets on not on their TV crew. Matt told us yesterday on the show we sit here Houston's eliminated mid range shot from their game it's really inefficient so they quit shooting. And the hornets take more of those shots and all the four teams and they shoot the lowest percentage in the NBA I think the most concerning thing for me for the hornets. In terms of all what they do in terms of drug shooting one there at the rim they don't finish. I mean it's one thing to get to the basket a lot but if you don't finish at the rim. What good is it. How many times do you mean Michael Kidd Gilchrist is it isn't horrible. A center in that regard how many times do you see in KG get to the basket and am cage he's unable to finish strong at the rim. Either leaves it short we can't throw it down or is trying to attempt to tipped in or whatever it is. Michael can gill Chris game right now for a from all four of his career has been garbage baskets it's getting out running in transition. It's hitting the offensive glass it's trying to get put backs it trying to get second chance points and when that your game when you're not consistently finishing at the rim. What does that say about what your team is doing from an efficiency standpoint. It's just hard to win this way in the NBA hornets had zero margin for error when they're playing that way it's why the got to play the way they played against Oklahoma City the other night. Where they're getting stops they're getting out running they're getting in transition there getting open threes because of that. But if you're not doing any of that stuff their offense looks a lawful to Dwight Howard last night. Had eighteen points and ten rebounds at the half. And tour three years ago in the NBA. Probably commands a double team. Every time he touches the ball on the second half how many times did you see Houston's into the ball it's like Howard last night. They didn't what would you do that because guess what Dwight we took 132 threes in two meetings against you was a team. So we do keep shooting twos we're gonna keep shooting threes we're gonna keep making a ton of home and will play a game of match. We'll play game were you wanna go to the free throw line more than any team in the NBA go right ahead in the hornets do that the hornets haven't this stat for the hornets have attempted. More free throws than their opponent by 226. On a year or plus 226. Free throws up attempts more than their opponent. And yet it doesn't matter. It literally does not matter because in today's NBA you can go to the free throw line as many times you want but if you're not consistently taking in making threes. Those free throw attempts are completely negated. And the hornets lost a game last night because they just played they played a style all the doesn't play well in today's NBA and it's changed overnight. It's changed in like the last. Really eighteen months in the India. Because two years ago the shortest 148 games playing a style that was pretty similar to this but it's it's progressed even further in the league. What the hornets did two years ago was come on the early end to things and now everybody else is caught up in this pushed it out even further. And that's just really really frustrating from that regard I texture riding in on the building sinner techs like. We had that perimeter shooting widger millennia Courtney Lee we're one of the best three point shooting teams in the NBA we've progressed though you did oppositional you've had some better three point shooting. A bush also teams are now but again go back and look at the teams that led the league in three point attempts two years ago compared to where those numbers are today. It's what it's even further out that's what I'm saying teams keep pushing that boundary out you've got right now. Any rockets team. That is attempting 433. Point attempts per game. It's nine more than the next best team in the NBA. 43 and the next closest team the second best team in the NBA three point attempts. Since nine fewer than the rockets it's just crazy. We're the game of basketball is right now it just feels like even when the hornets are playing well the style they play. Does not give them a chance more often than not 3 o'clock our starts now Jamar Nesbit. Our Super Bowl champ Georges it's primetime were powered by ortho Carolina.