Primetime: Hornets and NBA Draft Talk With Mark Zinno

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Thursday, May 18th

Mark Zinno fills in for Kroeger on Primetime, and spends hour 2 discussing the Hornets and the NBA Draft.


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I really. Career playoff game. At least 35 and fly the moments in the NBA history. There's only 51 time. Sitting in for Kroger today here's marks you know. Welcome their prime time whereas Grover bar by ortho Carolina I am marginal filling in for Chris who's out a little vacation appreciate you guessed it some time to meet this afternoon until 6 o'clock and also wish these guys again tomorrow. Or Monday coming up thirty minutes from now Jonathan wasserman from which report will go over some NBA draft will also get into. Some talk about with the hornets need to do there is one. Need they absolutely need to address coming up in the draft or through a trade in the draft we'll discuss that coming up at 320. But. Any time you get an individual. Who loves to talk who loves to hear from Mike from and who love this. You say he things that just get a rise out of people well. Is only a matter of time before they're going to stick their foot right in their mouth. And that's exactly what the ball ball did yesterday. When he was on current coward shown FS one. Way and addressing Christine ready now. I for one have kind of stay away from the ball ball stopped just because. It was too much for me to Scott over the top like it. And you there's no guarantee would this kid's going to be at the next level whose son is for that matter you know until ball what what he's going to be an end well I can appreciate the business sense instead has. Because there is some value in that and he's dead so you you know want to. Try to market his son in the way that won't get him as much banker's box or if he's not all that a bag of chips is a player. You still can make some corn often that's that's the American way it right I guess we do. If you have some cool yet so hot you try to capitalize it for as long as quick again. And it would've flames out you got nothing left Lloyd got left is a money that you maiden and they'd welcome to America. But what happened yesterday Orman fox force one on Colin Cowherd show. Was more ball. Tried to be to brash tough guy which he was told time and tell the world how it is well you've picked the wrong way and the wrong person to tell. How it is they go us. Have you sold in the shoes yet. So a good amount to me. But I considers different amounts how many. Stinging only. When he went on to a candidate to. We were about or would it every time she isn't the kind of answers to says she stood moms who novels did to me Cisco had got spot and looked ugly. I don't look over the Gusinsky a new commercial all right now I'm just leave me alone ops could you for 500 care. So yeah she's a reporter for job is to share your report to whoever she won't behind what I saw you comment on what your what is your problem would be very much problem here is you are a picture. Why I would never Wear a big polish. Don't even talked to Bob heard your serial number what I but I fed that I wouldn't Wear something goes callers the same thing all due respect your great report just not report it. I have a right to say when Harry wedeman in my whole welcome to big smaller zone. So ago I had that's that's the ball ball being a horrible on his finest and you know part of the reason why I stayed away from Britain to a horrible thing is speakers swell. There's generally a rule in life and it and everybody understands this rule and it's ready to have kids or not. You don't tell people how to pair. It is literally the most offensive thing you can do to a parent. Is to even suggest that they're doing it wrong. Ask a husband who suggested a wife. And and do some good for the kids it. They've been deeply inside a marriage get offended imagined when somebody outside of the family trying to tell you had a pair. And that's one of the main reasons that I just stay away because anything you say about him is indirectly telling him how to parent is suck. And that's just a line you don't cross the teachers were you don't do and that's kind of where Christine Lee went initially saying well. In Alonso ball looks scared of his father looks scared well. You're insinuating that his father's is. Fearing him or short or scaring him into doing XYZ. And so. We're all this goes down and Lamar ball sustain your lane and basically disrespect woman on national television while now you have a different problem. Now you have the problem of you you have taken this brand you've tried to build up and you started to tear down on your own. It was a dumb it was a dumb move was a dumb thing to say. He could have handled it so much better but probably is that a guy like a more ball is that well he believes his own hype so much me clearly believes his son height. But he believes his own hype enough that he. And it's just not gonna sit well in the room where do you agree the way it was. Would you agree went down wade did or not the way it's been billed. And every single as Richard judge just told us about every single tweet every single social media. Interaction you've seen about it was something to be effective McGraw ball dis respects woman blew more ball dis respects female reporter. That's the way it was written up it. He doesn't have a choice now. You can't spin it another way it's already been spotted you can't unspent. So. He's now taken this brand that he's what asking for three billion dollars for whatever it is. And he's he's gonna damage to. Ask any theme what female is gonna look at that objective lingo he was right. There there was a caters. Mercker that is not. And to Christine Leahy spilling which he said. If you're going to have a successful athletic apparel company or athletic shoe company. You have to market the women they're 50% of the population. That's a fact. You're not going to escape that. Mean it just. You you have damage your brand and he put his foot in his mouth and I don't know. I don't know how it shakes out what the reaction isn't and how much people. Get involved in whether they want to believe that so we went down or not. But if you're businessperson right now and in the somebody else owned. Big bowler brands. You better believe all those people who in the corporate offs is a big ball brands. There were no more ball would be sitting down and we're very how we gonna stop the bleeding how to get to prevent it knows how we gonna try to fixes. If you had your biggest spokesperson come out and just say somebody asked not. And I've seen a bunch your reaction on social media are she should have said anything about his paired does that mean other. To an extent that's right. But there isn't literally at an adult on the planet who goes well. Since she made economist parenting he gets it every once back now that that it this isn't like fourth grade. The old two wrongs don't make right kind of holds true. If you really wanted you to win and wanted to go over the top of hour. You do by keeping Russia not not addressing where. Because what Lavar ball did there is something that. He failed to realize that we've all done with him. Is we may didn't the issue. Like the media has made Lamar ball issue right we'd we stop talking about Alonso balls play we stopped talking about what this kid hits and what he could be. All we do was talk about his dad and shoots. Well now all we do was talk about his interaction Christine right. He gave her that platform. By making that mistake he he'd essentially. Allowed something else to be distort. At a minimum you eat Smart people can choose to disagree on what it is a word is it at a minimum was a bad business decision. At a minimum for guys asking to drop five dimes. All they. On a pair of sneakers. Off by dimes by C notes I'm 2000. Yet the point as guns aren't up front arousal pair shoes. You can have to do that friendly manner. You know Jack could get people's money by insulting them. There's no you guys think 70457 and on six and that is our phone number social abilities are attacks on 704570. Ninth ceased and you guys can also tweet your responses at marginal America a ZI and an order remind you journal the wasserman. NBA draft right for breach report coming up. Here in about twenty minutes and he will join us talks NBA draft also. In ten minutes we'll get into Charlotte hornets and the one need to need to address coming up in the NBA draft. And I wonder how much. What Lamar ball is done is going to affect now wonder how much is lasts. This could go in a couple of days and I'm not seeing it it'll stick around. I don't know that for sure. But as we know it has taken. A life of its own here in the past Tony for hours. There's if you Goowy one of their name's Christine lay your normal ball it's a person that comes up. And Lavar ball maybe and I don't think he will. Probably should learn. To carry quelled a talking till after the draft he won't but. That's what I would do. For his kids sake I I would. But the focus go on him for a little bit keeps on shoot talk about shoes only walked. Which European anything else. These sudden I have to be out there telling teams. You know who to draft or or how to do it and that's just you. You're going to look foolish. But that's something probably look more ball hasn't been afraid of since they want. At all. After a pretty confident that the last thing these were about as one of the people think. And why he had a reaction did I even went so far as to. You know take shots at Jason whitlock wait. And which it was another ten FO caucus night you just being mean. And during we have the interaction between him whitlock. Our guards and you don't know. Ability to see on the east dubious about all of the ball player he is who use. And legacy and go back to where I don't think you can come in or anything but snacks now wow that's a little harsh is going to be horse could see one of your. This one women and people for their annoying at best which uses innocent and about mentally just about Timmy and I got told I'm in word but right now keeping an and you look. We have not I don't want to not scare me to death. Like I said a couple of days Leo gets just they wouldn't wanna work with you anyway because he'd respect women and now. She's she's lefty I don't I don't know what I wonder is married and I'm a good to wish you could say it was who want to secede from Brit I'm never disrespect women. But I can you look at your gridlock I don't wanna do you not scare me to death. Like I said Compagnie usually gets just they wouldn't wanna work with you anyway because he'd respect women and found. And he let me use after you today I don't I don't know what I wonder is married and I'm a good to wish you could say it was who want to secede from Brooke I've never disrespect women. But I tell you look good and bad that you act like I guess what some scum until. Obama's okay do you do you think you re threatening policy that's instructor and worst of remember threaten you know something's coming to mean I don't know what it is not a psychic. It's amazing is being childish right angered the whole exchange is sound childish. Summer high school. Because it's like it's around your mama jokes it. That's the way I perceive it. How much it'll affect the hormone is business and everything he's got going on yeah you know we won't know we'll figure that out in time but. At a minimum to me was a terrible business decision. Whether it affects him financially I wouldn't even bother going down the road. It is that is a mistake. All right coming up next. Charlotte north said the eleventh pick in the draft there is absolutely one neat that they can not afford to ignore. Not say what that is coming up its primetime were Kroger. Powered by ortho Carolina Marciano in for Chris. You're on W a frenzy what. What about the fronts are the core overpowered by ortho Carolina marginally in for Chris is on vacation duty today and tomorrow's appreciate you guys hanging out me spend some time. It up on Twitter at marginal MA RK ZI in and of course the four number 704579610. It's also our building senate tax on gas and contact the show that way we're doctor Jonathan wasserman here coming up in about ten minutes I NBA draft writer for Bleacher Report. Also again due out later this hour more current Kapanen news apparently he's getting some advice from an old sage in the NFL we will discuss. But. The NBA draft lottery the other night and oh by the way it's not really exciting TV but. I heard it was more Billick the ratings of the draft lottery up now than this year than they were in previous years which I found rather interstate. Beyond that and beat the Celtics gonna number one pick in you know all that stuff with that the lakers are too and so on and so forth. It over the hornets they sit at number eleven. And you Kennedy in that zone of the lottery that is very. Wishy washy and very hit or miss right IQ don't you have no idea. What you gonna get. And a lot of it depends on who falls to you and what's available what your needs are and they're drafting the NBA's like drafting or any other sport it's just it's it it's a totally different world like the NBA draft that is nuts. It is the NFL draft but round one is not a although it did do trades and everything else not in close. Compared and who can keep proper draft Saturday the day. Would stay at all. We have the hornets had a challenge in front of them and when you look at this roster and you look at what they're made up. And you also look at the state of the game in the NBA and reloaded is a bit earlier when you watch. The NBA pro season or even you know during the regular season as a matter of fact as well. But the dish changed as a week. And you have to keep up with the joneses I did there's there's no if ands or buts about office. We MBA is 100%. It three point shooting we. And if you can't shoot the three well. You or not going. To be a playoff team goal look at all the teams that are the top ten top twelve. Of three point shooting in a week. Most from role playoff teams. Look no further than the hornets themselves. Eighteenth in the league in shooting threes this year. Missed the postseason. Last year. They were eight made the pro season. The year before that they were dead last in the league in three point shooting missed the post season. And this trend really has only come about the last three or four years and if you look at the NBA champions. Going back to when the spurs beat the heat. Couple years ago. Spurs are the best are pushing doodling can do it receives in a release of top three or five team. To what does that tell you. That a drill mourners from office were to be focusing on its really simple form a funny guy to shoot three because you need it. Is outside a camera there's there's not really eight. Fantastic three point shooter and his team yet some good ones. The two's not bad. But it. You know you need a guy. Who can drain threes or. LeBron does it now partners always done it. Why can do it. Russell whispered does all these guys. News. Issue Katrina issued well. And it tells you everything you need to know about the status league in the direction ago. Why would you going the other way no big men is nice it's a luxury not a necessity. If to catch it had Tristan Thompson. Would they be less effective may be. Where they still win the east every year yes. Go out and finding guys can shoot threes that's the direction I'm going. To me it's readily apparent. I wouldn't I wouldn't even break a sweat. They can about this thing. And maybe you can find a guy there at eleven I can do it. And there are some guys you know in the mid round mid first round that you confine. That's certainly. To be impact players it's not out of the room possibility. Now praise church imagination. There's one other thing at the hornets can do. On draft. If they really wanted to. And it's going this direction. And direction is essentially the 20162017. All NBA first second third teams are released today. Our rundown number equate to see at the names in the first team Harden LeBron Russell west recorded Leonard Anthony Davis. On the second team regal bear staff Currie artistic control. The rant Isaiah Thomas from Boston third team drama on John Wall Jimmy Butler to Marta rose and under George. Average age of those guys of those fifteen players. 27. Years old. So man's league. Little boys don't win this game men do. And that's the only direction you ago. Try to move the pick for eight solidified NBA player and a man. I don't know if you could sit here and talk to me up and down all day long. About. How good these kids are where there is Alonso ball or were killed faults where there may be. They're not change in the course of a franchise. And doing things has indicted two on beat hasn't done it. And so while I was indicted in. All these guys taken number one number two north rear raw I'd change in the course of their did the team and they're going to. Especially not in the first two or three years. Maybe 45 years down the road yeah. But in nineteen year old kid is not. The answer. And if you're a team like Charlotte they're kind of floats are on the line. Every year in the Eastern Conference. House in ninety okay good LP. Not. It does nothing for. It doesn't make you better team or does is keep your eye on the line. It do you isn't in draft picks aren't. You know what they used to be and that's why from the Celtics if you're the Celtic turned are you looking back on it should trade the picture you're about. I'm tipping point point. Jimmy Butler might have been a but I have an effect on LeBron. Anybody on our roster now who can and this year where their draft them. The brawny ticket for breakfast. So why I don't I don't know what direction the whistle blowing but to me is pretty clear. Now if he can't find a three point shoot you want to draft trade for one. Get rid of the pick. There's only two Ramsey NBA draft me. And it's not the way roster rosters have built what rosters of -- not a free agency there'll super teams. I've you can find it kinda drag the good turn into one of those teach America find that after two to three years. And from what I understand I would never pretend to be an NBA draft they'd be you know analyst or dilute. There was an announced after the first tomb as a drop off. At least this year. We wasting your time for. Gary good that all the big board number eleven. Or Giles there. Is that is that guys change in the course of this franchise change in the course of this prosper. Only nobody Elmo. So we need to pick for now somebody might not be heard of trading yet funny dance partner Sony might not want to pick. My being that unfortunate situation so you have to make one obviously. I don't. It really is a simple formula for winning in the NBA. When teams are built and everything else and the draft just isn't what it is for the NBA like it is for other sports. You need football he's in baseball. Peck but I hockey fans out there and many here with you need there as well. You just donated in the NBA. David Gordon NBA teams don't don't value it the way other or other sports do. And again especially because there's only two rounds. During shuttle program jot them wasserman NBA draft slider for Bleacher Report Jonathan marginally here for Chris Carlin primetime welcome manga to talk to your. All right so brake is down for me isn't as clear cut as to say that faults is one Alonso balls to. What is pretty clear cut default is one. It all signs point to lob a ball going number two. I don't necessarily think number two and everybody's draft board but I think the lakers are gonna have too much pressure. I'm tempted to take ball number two. So I do think that they are the heavy favorite sit at their projected jets are some. I can't imagine mark up also not going number one I think he's far and away the best prospecting and from the outside talked to that's that's the consensus epic. I know this will be a tough question Mitt. Mike what's his compare balls to say a no other number one pick that went as far as the kind of impact he could have. I mean I'm not gonna give you exact name but I do think he has the chance to be one of our guards in the league and I think he's decorate. Eighteen years old and yes I'd like to drop that you don't count our twenty years or five years averaged twenty arm side actually 40% three. He doesn't get that hole is opposite game these six Barbara long arms trip to Japanese. Bright kid no ego. This is not much a question I know Washington kind of lousy record this year by. Anybody watch that team there's just no way you can put any blame on folks who would not only incredibly productive but you're pretty efficiency running that team. He's drawn the wasserman of Bleacher Report NBA draft writer joining us I. How much our teams in front offices scared away by Lamar ball. I don't think any team is gonna allow themselves to be scared off by what Harbaugh I don't think he's gonna impact. Anyone's decision. I'm like do you think that before taking part so they'd have to sit down and chat with mr. of Karbala and you know. Later ground rules for him that he can't go on these talk shows every day and runners now. And assuming that he. You know doesn't push back on that. I would imagine that until ball is still going to be diapers basketball ability. And and again I don't think you don't pick apart an impact. Anyone's decision. And said the other day you know Fonda went up on eighteen it's not the lakers. Dental plate for him want to just wants to play that I don't begin you don't have themselves found to be scared off by a lot below pilot Bob ball. Do you think that if Lamar mall refuses to sit down for a team Arafat like let's say filled up the seven sixes coma sons Combs they would like to talk. Yet before the Dracula there I mean that's that's a fact is gonna no question he's not gonna work out for any into the lakers and he's not gonna take any calls. Out about this topic to pick up first pick number one. Call him up and say we're gonna take your kid number one. I don't think that moms of Bollywood. You know porn Eli Manning and you know force a trade somewhere else I think Alonso will play in Boston succumb statuary. And that ended there I think the VAR. Once what is it walks and until it is a good kid you not it's not like his father they're they're fairly opposite. I'm term for people were closed down for people talking and recovered from high school. And so I don't think that they're gonna just forsaking crazy is the boss doesn't Celtics do decided they want to number one. Again journal the Washington joining us here on prime time Chris Kroger or zoom in for Chris NBA draft coming up next month in. I mean after you get through the first two of faults and ball how big is the drop off. To the next level next group of players. Well it's personally I see it as. Mark up called and then everybody else. I'm not bond about not even number two unmarked or is number three about or sort court judge Jackson's firm Candice in that discussion of that next year. I'm like Jonathan Isaac report stated in that here as well and Jason Taylor from duke I think two through nine or maybe 25 I'd say six or so. There's one here in the seventh through nine or ten is another here. I hit it says a top ten there's ten guys I really liked it mr. are true right now I'd be willing to bet. Our top ten picks and then after ten that kind of falls off I'm a little bit and even more it to twenty to thirty range I don't think. Steps is the best thing about distract but I do think the star power that top ten is pretty strong. When you are the Charlotte hornets sitting at eleven are you at the mercy of what other teams do in front of you are doing what's available tee at that point in time. Yet and yet again that these ten guys and down around off right now folks ball just Jackson Jason KM Keyaron Fox. Bleak month John Isaak and Smith junior Larry mark and I get to a key that. I think if you're at or that you gotta hope that one person to try and you mixed and out of the box playing six of the unexpected and somebody cost in your lack. And in the draft as number eleven overall they're not really looking to still specific needs because these guys are improving but still needs the free agency. In the draft pick the best player available rookie Jacoby it's so I think of the ten players I mentioned you of one of applause otherwise. Guys stand up to me is Zach arms as an expense guy for most people I talk to be recognized group of late lottery picks that can't sum up or. And Gonzaga freshman big man seven footer. I'm plays inside and out blocked a lot of shots this year that's seventeen minutes he had a lot of upside. And I think if you are looking at about need to Charlotte Charlie face with the worst contested 39% originally. And Jack Collins is one of the top rebound isn't stressed. Throughout the wasserman here on prime time accrue over. When you look at this this state of the league and I mentioned this earlier that it needs is quickly become a three point shooting league all the teams to make a pro seasonal team to make deep post season runs shoot the three well. Is there a player in this draft who could be billed as the best three point shooter. Larry marketer from Arizona I think is the most accurate three point shooter out. Whether it becomes a big score is another story. But I think he's a guy who's gonna should I percent from day one. And maybe never become a fifteen to twenty point guard but it is a guy incumbent stretchy book or anybody. I'm good at seven foot size. This great Q percent or are normally one. Is going to make outside shots over the next fifteen years you know the question what in this consistency and efficiency and 632 guard. Is to get the elderly get off shut it is it is he'd get a Kentucky against much bigger two guards in the league. Those guys stand out and I really do like Justin Jackson from North Carolina is really I have my board relative to other boards I've seen them. I really buy into his his stroke hit tar heel record under and five street this year. He's got six it's SARS 611 months and should really get shot up pretty easily burst really low dropped the ball I think it's been up themselves. Jobs just Jackson's number twelve Mumbai big board right now and I think you guys sticks out so long time because of his ability to get that through. And John and every year after the draft lottery there are two questions and always persist one. Is the lottery and worthwhile process into. What do we do with the one and done rule because nobody seems to want to change its own address those one at a time it is the draft lottery still useful tool for the immunity. I mean it has its ups and downs. I don't I haven't heard a better idea board and the market have you know. You have any groundbreaking ideas myself statistics sit. It's all of which are touched. Way to do it but but it's been more confer you know how many years now and I've seen every couple years comes our debt it's a flawed system but. Personally. I can't violate six haven't heard any idea. That it makes sensibility of the questions are. As far as a one and done rule I mean every every year why are you why it's good or as bad as she did she get rid of that she keep it where you. You know that I like the idea of letting him come out of high school and go pro and if they do go to school I mean I'm. Two years in college makes a little more sense to me they commit a little more and be ready teams have more film I'm a lot stand bush I know that's not gonna happen. So you know we're stuck with one and done. I don't hate it is not everybody else arm but yeah eight and again and I think that it's got its ups and downs Sam. No no system is perfect and and I you know I enjoy these guys fight for one year scouts who starts to get to see them in high school I'm at a big event so. I think sample size of firms guy perspective there's still enough material. And guys are just coming into league pitchers meeting maybe not as start straightaway but we received a lot of rookies even in these clips make impacts. I'm you know nineteen your results so I don't think it's a completely flawed idea. Brian Johnson wasserman a Bleacher Report. And that's kind of register I alluded to before you came on and if you look at the all NBA teams all all three of them in the average age of those guys is 27 years old they're not nineteen year old kids and he misses the street coming man's game and there are very few. Draft picks. For a variety of reasons to get to come in and make an impact right away and and and if they have a huge impact in two or three years that they're ahead of the curve on most of the kids who get drafted no. Yet yet now there are no question about it down. I think there are some guys who can come and it and the league is getting better and let the positions a member of in the ninety's you know made it came had maybe one once star Iraqi. That these teams have multiple stars and and the competition play. Stopper but Derek you know that every so often you see subject command and cart it around so we or Turkey here I mean Joseph indeed place his first postseason this year and yet as what's 1 AM. So you know there's there's a few sort players every year that are ready but not possible mark yeah open a couple of years. You know they get there after he may develop them and Carolina by 25 or so that's what we expect that the. That's why I've always been battle of the NBA hasn't wanted. Then to wait just so they're better more seasoned as you said those were season athletes because. It differs from a nine year old body and it's one year old body and a 2520 sexual body is just it's immense and end. I just think did that physically that a disadvantage of that age so. Would be in the NBA is gonna change at any time soon join the wasserman NBA draft right or for breach report thanks and Tommy it's I don't appreciate it. Appreciate it. So. I mean heaping saving get more Markkanen and then at eleven or you know wherever else is there. That's a problem again it as you said that there is it this is a eight top heavy draft from the standpoint of you have guys one through ten and then to drop off comes in. Joseph journal I've been you have to wonder what may fall to them if something falls of that. Shall sit in the same camp and funnier three point shooter friendly guys can make impact from the outside and yeah you can find rebounding a lot of places I don't think he'd get the best rebounder in the draft. To go do it Tristan Thompson does one thing well rebounds. Are great shooter sort of migrate our free throw shooter any of that stuff. He picks the ball the Iraq and arsenal. Those guys are that not that hard to find great three point shooters little bit tougher sale least. All right coming up next and all NFL sage wants to know one thing. From card to ever make is exactly what I wanna know. That's coming up next here on prime time Chris Grover marginal in for Chris primetime powered by ortho Carolina here and a via a frenzy. And I and I. It's. I'm. What about the prime time with her stronger emotional in 4% to empower by ortho Carolina seminal forefront so you know. 96 in the form of also building senate tax line. Just give your money Twitter. At marginal American EZ IN you know. Get back into the Panthers coming up next hour rule NFL talk as well. Just came across this total inching and somewhat on related to sports but I found this letter understand. Odd shark put out there. Odds for the 220 presidential. Election. As far as who would win. During this betting sort of thing. To give you an idea and if you like if we see occasionally do this may be somewhat worthwhile doing. But Donald Trump is a favorite at plus 300 through those early on the morning line works its. Fairly simple 31 odds. Mike Pence at seven aren't it was meant. Warren at 900 Michelle Obama Fortuna pretty sooners at 2000. Hillary Clinton Tony 500 Joseph Biden put a governor and has a bunch of politicians but scrawl orderly end. You ready goodness. Dwayne the rock Johnson. Plus 101000. There you go. Earlier in Apple's. George Clooney plus 30000. Tom Brady was 30000. You know a bad idea throw money down on Iraq. If you worthwhile investment never know. And after four years. And Iraq by June at which you guys OK. Let's get back some more serious business. So. We've spent the better support of almost a year now. Talking about current cap predict in his stance and everything else and. Now he's at every job. And I want to. And for guy. Who spent months and months and months talking. For him to go quiet at this point in time demeaned is certainly odd. Who's I would love for somebody to answer the question that nobody's been able to answer at this point in time. And that's simply what does Colin warts. Tony Dungy gave an interview. And with Dan Patrick. And you're basically saying well. You know if teams saw current cap critic as a starter they'd sign him well. This column wanna be a starter where we heard it. They won her an opportunity start. But there are too many Smart football reporters out there added there's the at a machine after arrested the Pete press goes the Mike Freeman's that the world all these guys. Who know too many people. You tell me nobody knows a coward capita want why is he Societe. What is he willing to take nobody has that answer. A big ones Chad I answered a lot easier to figure out. You're amazed words you're about camping it's really simply it's not about football tournament about football. OK get it. The problem is that he can't say it's not about football. There's a few Dudack. As an organization. And you openly. Voice your displeasure with his political stance. Hurt your own product. And we need your fan base can do. You can't sit here and tell me it's about Opel. You're you're not going to convince. In reasonable. Football mind. That Colin capita is not one of the best 64 quarterbacks. On the planet right now. Just since it's a fact the matter he has. Is one of the 64 best quarterbacks have started to starters and 32 backups. If you'd like to extend some teams keep three not all teams do. Whatever. But it's pretty clear is one of the 64 best. When you look at the dudes who have been signed on. Just be objective about it eat your heart to be political about it just be objective. The duties better than a lot of those news. Got a geno Smith and the giants signed him. Better then whatever McAllen is starting for the jets. Some are to figure out. It's just not about football and you can't say open. And I can give you stone cold proof. There it is not about football. And it's really simple and really easy to figure. And doing tomorrow and I need your help here. I'm gonna read you. Two sets of stats quarterback game quarterback beat. But got one of these stats is going to happen. Karen and I can guarantee you I can give you five guesses and you won't get video when quarterback in his stats are you ready. Yeah 285285. Completions on four and 81 attempts that's 15%. 3259. Yards 23 touchdowns in six interceptions now both Obama are both of these quarterbacks or sixteen games samples cents. Become so fit in our present which a percentage 3200 yards 23 touchdowns six interceptions quarterback beat. 311 of 459 at 67%. 3667. Yards 23 touchdowns or interceptions. One of those quarterbacks is capped. Going quarterback Jay Wright quarterback days cap over a sixteen game sample. So essentially what I did was cause Kapanen didn't play all sixteen games. I took his numbers and pushed him out over sixteen games sample I think he played twelve last year. Quarterback be. 67% three to six is set 336 yards passing 23 touchdowns for a second take a stab at who that quarterback. Wasn't Brees was it now. Not even close to breeze. Are giving him though he was on a playoff team. And everybody's in their Carlos are now thinking who has it who has it who has. Not Brady right now I can you run rule was. Yeah dec Prescott's ha okay yeah when he got out put your put your head around that fact. That Colin Kapanen put up eerily similar numbers to debt Prescott's. And yet deck press got his look like that's future expect. He's unbeatable. Now duck press Scott was a rookie on a team. Ran the ball well played good defense had the benefit of eight okay division and it made a lot of mistakes. Again be objective about this folks. Mean Colin Kapanen there's not a great quarterback begun his best day he's very average. But and you can't win games of them because you know he does if you give a running game and a half way decent defense you'll make a lot of mistakes. If I told new car Capra can do wood deck press guy didn't Dallas that sounds crazy. The numbers tell me otherwise. The numbers clearly tell me otherwise. And oh by the way coming Kapanen put up those numbers. On the 49ers. With a terrible defense no wide receivers. Mean look at our Prescott was working with Ezekiel Elliott Dez Bryant Jason Witten Colby easily. And their defense. It's not comparable. I believe cabernet to be on a team. I don't think you should be a starter. Where he's got to learn how a lot of backups and missed out. Or any NFL. You know these veteran Derek Anderson. An argument for me. Pretend that that's just why it's not about football and it's OK to say that it. Is ludicrous. An NFL in the NFL you get to do what you want I mean if owners get to do what they want. Because did you do who they want when they want how they want at their discretion. And the slumping it's not collusion in all get together and decide to do this they'll just know. Are all in the same business. They know how does roles that they know the effects of his sore. There need to entertain it. Now some more progressive owners in ownership groups and others. May say hey yeah you know we wouldn't just this their work. All rounds pretty progressive a tech guy. It's it's not hard to figure out why does Seattle Seahawks have their name out there. But of current cap it wants to start Seattle's not the place. If you want a chance to start Seattle not the place. So goes back to the original question because it's something for guy who's gone eerily quiet which I can understand if I'm cap. On the front of the microphone I'm on social media. But I want. There's Robert football just one of your team enough. Should have an agent tell people list. And yet nobody knows he wants is an a single reporter in the world. Who has been able to say with any. Certainty that ball up cap is willing to accept the one year deal X cap is willing to accept. And back our role. Miss on and win a mashup that nine million dollars. Sit on the bench your war. It back in the NFL's pretty good money. And they start when it. Not a lot of athletes who make NFL ceremony. We're just not about football and that's OK there's nothing wrong with that it is ordered it. And attacks on the Melissa it's excellent color capital we'd be overrated. Yeah I can but it won't. Because as certain segment of population. Who is willing to. Continue to address the fact that this is an about football its say it's a silent black ball to artists. Our security VOA chargers and do what supine traverse. That's an option as well to. He did a sample teams you could start for. Ali when a lot of games because of teams are really bad data drawn to Cleveland but he's essentially the same scenario as you know wasn't several Disco. I get any better. He needs help. Like 90% of the quarterbacks in this league who need help. I told there's like two or three of them that don't need help. Even the above average ones need help Matt Stafford needs help. Ryan needs help. They're really good quarterbacks in this week that need help. Finally we come back how a woman thinks. We'll tell you all you need to know. About this professional athletes behavior. That's coming up next it's primetime escrow remarks you know in for Chris primetime powered by ortho Carolina here and a your frenzy.