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Thursday, December 7th

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger and co-host Darin Gantt talk with former NFL WR Herman Moore. 


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I didn't go and do it. Whose is really good Dan not to compare anybody anybody else's but he. Good stuff is a good stuff we went to this person's house they just put on a tell all I'll say that he had before bullying it was pretty good actually practice. Is this. Artist he needed another storyline another angle for Panthers and vikings. On Sunday. Other than like the Chico son John saying it's a must win besides the obvious storyline that's the thing that everybody will be talking until we tee signs the papers to become the owner of the MM QB John to Chico obesity must win says John to Chico Charlotte, North Carolina sun micro Chico Carol Costello and I know the irony called Ireland is calling Charlotte and John -- as a US. He is asking to become an inquisitive though that's a good reminder right there OK so my pitching goes live this during your pro football talk dot com her Maurer is gonna join us in thirty minutes to talk to the former lion. Form her watch four time all pro any sort of our four time pro war three time all pro great lions wide receiver and one of the great receivers during his stay in the NFL's shall talk about. Some of the stuff that's being discussed around the NFL or another safety of the game winning get into that with Peter King. Art Peter and met some pretty strong remarks on social media about that the other night my career we discussed this yesterday Mike Pereira saying he thinks the targeting rule needs to be instituted in the NFL the way it is in college and they could do a better because it's the NFL. And so we'll get a dissimilar I'd like to listen to us NFL officiating straight to itself in glory so off I'd just like usually listen join us next week okay Mike Pereira World Cup we'll talk to him a fox sports so that we get into some of this whitworth are immoral to stock theater -- attempt an NFL with him in general do that coming up in thirty minutes but I here's the angle okay you ready for this brown did you lose Twitter feed at primetime WS and see every one of brown only wishes you a happy holiday for three generations Carolina families and may brownie part of their holiday gift giving with fifty to 70% off the trees to retail value. On diamond rings earrings pennants and more building trust for three generations that is roundly Jewelers and rallied Jewelers. Dot com bodily Stephen Silas in an hour I get the coaches should tonight at 8:6 o'clock go to full hour trying to figure out what's up with the shortest team. The public take all that in a little bit more but dub Max and sin. At Panthers Max on Twitter appears there's dot com. Says Matt toll on being healthy and facing his former team Panthers left tackle Matt collegial. Who led to face mask penalties called against him on Sunday against the saints don't get me started on that quotes I'm definitely going to get after it. All probably be different guys and they were used to seeing the past few years we have this SoundBite. Always is there is they're told in the voice of medically on this sir is this just. Very matter of fact Mac to Leo because I feel like this is. Eddie is speaking of calling your shot this feels like magical we'll calling it a shot of hey ever seen Griffin and if you're on me. You can get by you not get my quarterback he got to be I mean to me I get Mecca we are like the confidence but. He -- you're going up against what I think might be the best defense in the NFL from front to back at every level and ever seeing Gershon is as good as the pass rushers there is in the NFL right now that some of that some strong stuff from what's Betty quiet reserved mentally ill to this point. And a guy I mean if he would have been a different guy than the one they saw the last two years maybe they would have kept him now. Maybe they would've been interested being given in my contract instead to go on and didn't Riley Reid and turn right tackle into a layoff and I you know. They wouldn't be an IB has been star caught a trash I was Mac Arnold thanks talking trash talking. No way I don't have again heard the tone yeah I mean it just we doesn't sound are real it's sounds a little out of character for a Coley a brother to go that far. You know because Ryan's always very circumspect with what he says he's always been very quiet like he stayed out of the phrase for good or for bad when he's a good game series at baggage Mac wheels many god it's been do we try to get on the show always been hard to get on the show and that's why he's been but he's kind of lead lol and I would venture to guess a Ryans played a pardon that of and little bro what he just says that he's done dude do you keep your head down do your job do that thing in bodily sounds like Orion is dude at the ball is gonna play on Sunday and it's if he does seems like he's gonna start so that's something at least encouraging from the offense. And beyond anything. I'll set it I said it on Monday after the game on Sunday I'll say it again this team meal we can talk about Cam Newton. Which can needs to you get distinct turnaround. Kim's got to play more consistent agree illegally we could all on agree on that and if he plays more consistent gives this team a great chance. To get hot in make a run but. This offensive line's got to be better big big big just got to be in I don't I don't think they've been. I train wreck again. But I would I watched an offensive line put on a clinic on Sunday at the line of scrimmage in New Orleans and that offensive line up put up against any in the NFL this year they're offensive line and you you could argue they've got better talent than they probably do but New Orleans debt to a great offensive line play looks like not all of the painters can achieve that but there offensive line he's got to start producing what consistently one of the drums have been banging on all year is you can really see the difference between replacement level center. And Ryan collegial in rankles my best only hear what he does. When he's not on the field it's understandable that there's a drop off to any other player yet and this honest I don't Tyler Larson who's been an acceptable backup lol got. Tyler Larson reminds me of the death hang gardeners in my you can step in and short term. Phyllis spot for you that you don't want him to be yearlong term anchor and and getting rhyme back in there hey I hope Bryant is well enough to play not only Sunday but to finish the season MB RI. I'm putting us off. He held. Hello all of those tracks is to go owes a hundred some thousand or so you know there will be a little different from my point Vietnam things I can do so. And honestly afternoon. Far be different guys in the. You soothe us years and brave very matter of fact not that they would you called I don't call that trash talk yeah that was just him being yeah. Actually sounded like Brian at first you know felt that was a triangle awards some very monotone even keel not trash talking Mac colonials saying again they didn't seem either way that I can play on Sunday. Ugly yes awful. He held. Hello all of those tracks is 200 is a 100% I was under so you know you knew little different from my point of view mom thinks I can do so. And honestly afternoon. Far be different guys in the. You see the past few years be it but it would intercept is so he was injured for five years. Well but it was a fallen so they don't actually sort of true gay music is he actually was always something monster stuff he was always something with him. Does Susan's little but it. Tony the next question that it was David you and asked them all there still we've got a tone held we've got to and I don't I don't make it more than it is but it. The body was more about the question then. The answer is as he has a thing. At the question the response was. Well how different are you in Isa Wallace. Hurt. You kind of settled a debt alone but what are better Sarah. I was I was stand right next to their sort of assaulting us with his response and I don't think there's truth to that immediately we amassing that absolves him of always pour laid his career but he has been a guy that's also why you always. I don't know the 65 million dollars at honestly that's the going rate if you need left tackle we have Michael Manama cynic you'd like to think he gives you. Really good luck tackled wait that's the going rate for it Al left tack. On the market and if you look at the other guys who were in that market. I mean Andrew Whitworth see out liar he's been one of the best free agent signings of the last five years for the Ramsey help stabilize and turn the rams and what they are today. It's you can look at the other guys in the Russell Conte made more money. And is playing well for the chargers. At a lot of those other guys who were available in free agency are retired now. For a reason it's not always of their own choosing. So I mean their money is big but the money's big for everybody anymore. What is that thing that he stood amid it's not just one each and toilets until one book what are the things that need to get. Buttoned up and tightened up for this team to take take that that's because I don't have to look I don't think this team's. Bad by any stretch he can't beat a four I also don't think this team is great they've yet to be a coach like even you signaling an end what you got to give credit for beating knowing when they are doing one at a time when you shouldn't be on the road and on the road that's words you don't you given more stock for that would then doing the defense has been different. I since that loss to the Panthers they've gotten things fixed but in general this team is not beaten a great team well and I would sit painters right now in my opinion. All our. What the fifth best team and best in the NFC. At best of the fifth best team in the NFC I mean they're wild card team right now and they are going to have to go on the road and play a monster road games remain to worsening forum that I I think more than anything else. I am having a hard time working up a good lather on this one simply because this is trying to import achieved should have probably Exxon's asserted. I mean we've talked all year long that our offense was going to be a work in progress. But cause evolution because new parts because camp shoulder surgery because Greg Olsen answer we know the running game which struggled this I don't think we knew that we didn't expect that frankly doesn't wish I don't think we knew what the running game was gonna look like. I mean they're trying to turn it into something completely different than it's ever been on the fly. With new Wyman an old by the way your opera center's gonna miss most of the year. And makes a difference so I mean that fox on offense is the big picture issue with disdain. Eventually. Whether it's with a different coordinator or a different group of personnel were adding to this personnel. They've got to have an idea that they've got to figure out the big picture stuff of what they wanna be when they grow up. And then they've got a lot of little stuff that they've got to polish up one of the things makes me not watching them. Is DeVon fund just run a six yard brown on third and seven. I mean their bin agree you're four instances of that over the last month. When there was DeVon fonts has says lead receiver punch is running you know he's front and routes a yard short of the sticks. And that ain't what you're exposed to do it I don't know if that's coaching and I don't know if Ricky Proehl automated difference and that I mean. We could sit there and carve that one up all day long. I kept Thanksgiving Turkey and were well I can't sit at times armed. But the reality is they are not. We're they need to be offensively. To be you know leaked Super Bowl contending team I mean it could they get on hot stretch. Eight yes that thing we know back Camden in the Carolina Panthers is they are capable of here and high and being. Otherworldly. Good in her. And they can be ordinary in as much of artery sometimes with in the same game. And if they get only one of those sort cam hot streaks in the playoffs gonna see him win three games and ended up to Minnesota and may be. You I expected. Media and the trouble to me for this defense is and it's not healthy again like it seems like Thomas Davis is going to be on a similar snap count to last week wits David Mayo spell is a relief from those were Shaq Thompson if he's gonna place it a foot thing. Mom you know it's a -- the Marlins gonna play more this week so but set a good thing. This is a new Jewish peppers on why don't they kept him I don't hate captain might be don't it is that a good what's your beef with captain Ireland peace with cap because Florida so we don't come finding and I don't need a little man iron into modem delinquent senator somehow I think my thing is this like use I think you see you would Julius like less is more dec gotta think the same is true captain likes his defense. You know and that's also through also feel like that's part of prob with this defense to his guys are very specific with with packages in sub packages or when they're on the field and so all it takes is one or two guys going down or having to play a you know an additional ten to 15% of extra snaps in his defense looks different because of that and so. Amidst that's that's that's case. The sunset and I Gooden but okay. They've been okay at times they played they played date don't you wanna call it. Spent hours they've had a stent ranked defense in the OK look I. That last I got the numbers we'll look at these like gold look at what they've done against the elite teams in the NFL offensively in the league quarterbacks vs the teams that aren't any good. Look what they did it I mean those numbers are skewed a lot by games against the bills in the 49ers and in the box so I mean you go back and look at what this team is done against the great teams haven't been lit up but they happened in the lead defense that they claim to be. And it's. I mean I must say in a bad defense but it's not also make it I think Minnesota he's an elite defense starts from them whenever sinker and he goes to the lime backing court there can tricks. And then it goes all the way is it erodes in the second or the pickers don't have. The playmakers especially young playmakers front to back in every position players and lets guys pretty good to ever since that's really good I mean it's. It's dimming Minnesota Timmy is that's what in elite defense I mean for them to do what they did to a plane on the road yeah Julio two catches Atlanta doesn't score touchdowns. Go to meet that's what elite defense is deal. And I'm not saying the pit again the paper not a bad defense that's. That's Italy defense that's a that's a defense that's forcing turn that's another thing what the drivers you don't look we did this a month and a half ago right all the turnovers come a much as they haven't come. They haven't been given bunches they just haven't come and a lot of punches you know I mean and that's a problem for this defense I think if you wanna be a team that's gonna how many here in a bunch. Depends on your four usually it's is like three fumbles for dollars and and we are had a stubbornness of the and the hornets win streak in the dead are Murray definitely any everything starts and stops it and as three veterans going to be three more but those concerns are singing this team is. You don't. Bad because that but in that's worry oh can you talk about going on the road only playoff games you got to start doing some of that stuff you guys are forcing turnovers. He got to start playing more consistently on defense and injuries factoring there is only one game assure they don't know more than 300 yards though. Agree dead amid a lit up but I'm saying they have not stifled teams the way do you which if you're calling their only defense the lineup and I sort of thing is the one game and give a three and ours was an Atlanta games. But the distilled upper tier defense out in imagine what kind of gritty here here we are but I'm I'm just saying like take you have to you have to if you get a good class team you have to. Do those things so the to the dolphins so the jets so the you know or his team down bad things you don't agree that hold on we're back in a moment we continue this conversation Herman Moore degree Herman Moore fifteen minutes. And Stephen Silas we get some answers on the hornets in 45 it's primetime powered by ortho Carolina. I ortho Carolina. Well Leon juju Smith Shuster uncalled for the sports column fox unsportsmanlike conduct penalty very disgusting disturbing a thought the hip. By Georgia logo was uncalled for. It's bad for footballers going to be some fines there's going to be some stringent discipline. Let's result a lot of these men are able to get up tomorrow morning and move on with life but some of the stuff got out of hand tonight is very disgusting and disturbing. This. It's Joshua Lev is that this 205. That's kind of funny off the other I'd like he's very sanctimonious. Junger tonight IE in I fully admit. I am I'm aware enough to remember being very odd disgusted myself on Tuesday when I took the air around 2 o'clock but I don't seem to figure does the line and I hope these guys can just move on like they've gone through the dug the ravages of war. On Monday Night Football Jon Gruden very sanctimonious and apoplectic about what happened on Monday Night Football are between the Steelers in the dangles. It was ugly to watch I was finally I mean act and wanting a Tennessee north slope all right I mean that's what bothered me is juicy rank Shays here. Carted off and you don't know when he's being hauled out there if he can feel his legs or not. And they are continuing to do I mean Jews Jews drilling people in the end. You know it was just overboard and inform began after the game is days you know full blown. Now all dude that was something altogether different I mean. It is if it was bordering on roller ball it was bordering on you know moon tides is guys' brains BM by the Japanese. And they are probably three people listening Israeli air show no what I'm referring to directing it what is that roller ball the old James con movie from the seventies not the bastard I still L cool. But it was bad and it's the kind of thing that you know when we think fifty years from now about what the ball used to be and why it was. It's gonna be the canning game people point to and say that's where it all went wrong that's not what. Can be sustainable as a sport. Are daring jail might be Chico Kroger is prime timer powered by ortho Carolina by the way don't forget you can now go somebody could ever Genesis booths and this week the WS NC Coca-Cola doghouse register for your chance to win a brand new Genesis 2017 G eighty after every home game. Guess for Earl took a lucky winner to receive a pair of tickets to the next gets home games to go do that and also join us for the holiday on ice open through the rest of the weekend all the way through Sunday a special date now did venture this Saturday night for you in the misses so go enjoy that and always get more details. And WS then Z dot com I wanna play this gruden audio again because it is. It is it is so funny of a just how like sanctimonious. And he is very like he's very disgusting clearly he can't believe what you just witness list. For three hours and Ab broadcast Booth and there're there are a lot of people I saw saying. Odds that that Madonna. Angering or were playing it up that they were adding into the narrative of how violent it was but I'd like this audio and I would like us to do radio of the mind your theater of the mind is John Gordon just finished watching. Gruesome Monday Night Football game it was very violence maybe a little over the top. I guys going. Amid a little too far rivalry gamers John Green just stumbled onto the battlefield where there are just hundreds of dead soldiers laying and they've they've laid their lies down on and on and on that battlefield for us for some principled battle that they just wage what did what did Jon Gruden just witnessed. The penalty. Juju Smith Shuster uncalled for the sports column fox unsportsmanlike conduct penalty very disgusting disturbing a thought the hit. By Georgia logo was uncalled for. Bad first footballers got to be some fines. There's going to be some stringent discipline. Let's just hope a lot of these men are able to get up tomorrow morning and move on with life but some of the da got a handsome eyes very disgusting and disturbing the hot. I don't know why do you avoid the Sam why I'd say end. This isn't Don Kirk and this is Cincinnati and we isolate they'll allow. Pardon Billy the length of the Torre says old guys can pick up a move on with their lives this is very disgusting to we isolate that park is I feel like this is maybe it's him walk like an old western Fillmore and walks into some school like some sort of shoot out just went down at the OK corral and he's like what did I just stumble upon. Let's just hope a lot of these Metairie club had a warning a move my whole life but some of the not tonight's very disgusting in the oh my gosh that is so funny to me does anybody else finding humor in that that is really funny to me how this got villas like battle now is done right actually hit a there's battle Baghdad's actual event is even bigger you see that's gonna say Europe or here yes it up to announce. Think about Ryan Shay should zero BN in a hospital needs well I yeah this is the point where away wag my finger at you and scold you for being. Among many all I know I mean listen it was bad. And I don't think we're going overboard to say that was have to use the old George Seifert phrase that was a particularly brutal game. It did they oversell it was Jon Gruden just his description of an over the top yeah it blows I mean but. Dairy is a very real concern about the quality of life of at least one of the people who just played in that game. Yeah. Now and then here's I've ever since you're one hole look at medium point his finger and say you're a terrible person sharing again I will admit all all this bunker I was doing what you're doing on Tuesday I just find that likely exactly. Like syntax and and and no word usage she use there is just so funny to me like not yet to put in context so mean exactly you just they just watch his team that they want to release any news any physical game because of that that bribery but. It was a little bit over the top and I think they would just kind of reacting to what they just saw. Like this not a sweetie and this is what I'm saying are trying to come trying to find them the humor in the ugly can you do that year or can you not do does and nobody's a bigger fan of dark humor than me but this is where you draw the lines airing it's hard I mean it like has said is somebody in that business. The big shaker thing is troubling. I mean it's just he's troubling that's separate to me dole 'cause I feel like that was of that was a football play that happened where it closed. If it's you teach me to shouldn't happen but that was a somebody else to inflicting damage I understand what you're saying that thing I'm worried about is. That at some point the NFL as we know that one exist in the same way and you're gonna get this alternate universe. Excess fail all tied into the where plays like that. Our normal Wear commentary like that is normal where everything's over the top the violence is celebrated and I do think you know. Have to go all doom and gloom but I do think there's a certain point in our society where a lot of people wanna watch that. Billy played a full audio for this makers he played the game he knows a thing or two is a very violent game when he was playing is much different game back then again John gruden Monday Night Football bears just beside himself with the violence he just witness is telling the bank I gotta stop laughing the dangles on the Steelers the violence he just on a football field. The penalty not Zhu Zhu Smith Shuster uncalled for the sports column fox unsportsmanlike conduct penalty very disgusting disturbing a thought the hit. By Georgia logo was uncalled for. It's bad for football there's going to be some fines there's going to be some stringent discipline. Let's just hope a lot of these men are able to get up tomorrow morning and move on with life but some of the stuff got out of hand tonight is very disgusting and disturbing. All right we welcome any of the multiple time pro bowler of the multiple time all pro one of the greatest receivers of his day Herman Moore former lion with this on the technical on guess on Herman your thoughts on John gruden beside himself at what he witnessed on Monday Night Football on on Monday night what are you thinking that. Oh it was one is when you're in a moment of the game we look at GG Smith he's gone back and he's got to block. It's it's a it's kind of an instinct you're looking political bloc that you cite the guy out you've you've. Wonder whether or not he's paying attention. Economic block you know I I don't I think it could have been. Even harder than it was you know depending on the guy. But tell you try to not have blind side to try and just do enough to get a guy off what. In those terms and protect it from not making a tackle by that same time. It can be no bid and no coach gruden. Understands yet we don't want to see guys getting hurt so I agreed that cheat you. You do wanna protect the players. But even when I played crack back block and kind of pressure he's partly around that time goes commonplace. We saw a lot they beat highlight every night you can get guys on kickoff return so popular. Go down and be the wedge buster in the and not Christ through you know better than to the ground but. Do you hope that given what we've blurred developing that we know players are trying to hurt players I truly believe that I think they'd be instinctively emotion of the game takes over. There and guys make mistakes take education at its peak as a back he's not looking to injure anybody. Harman do you think the game is more or less safe and more or less violent than when you entered the league in 1992 questions. I think at last and this cause is edited and then I would say no and away but no it was. It you're a lot to do a lot more if you go underneath the I don't know drag route you're spot Bjork she didn't keep -- get enough depth the linebacker PP off on you could be looking back at the quarterback there was a perfectly legal apply. When you quote open metal but it wasn't a seat don't like it is today regarded committed a hit targeting. That wasn't a part of our game and separating you from the football so it was deftly more collision bigger context I think back then. I need improperly before my time. I'd there's probably a key state to be made big guys play didn't even. Deal harder and there was more pilots. So we're thinking maybe it's actually so excited about it to a certain degree are the collisions and debate it properly are. Because of the equipment and because of the technology vehicles and their big guys have a probably have stolen them being invincible. But I don't think there's some cases you can make that done it's it's it's in some regards the collisions of bicker but I don't think it's more frequent. Art or talk ended the great Herman Moore the NFL grade and Herman with this by the way I've courtesy quickly tire and auto centers huge supporter military veterans. I threw their trading one uniform for another program on this Pearl Harbor day and other former lions great with us on behalf of the damage you can visit QL's trading one dot com nominate a veteran by December 11 quickly more unveiled a five scholarship recipients. At the quick claim bowl on December when he sees the force field which is going to feature the Duke Blue Devils and the northern Illinois Huskies still object he will be on ESPN 5:15 eastern on December 29 are Herman Moore was as the great lions wide receiver on the technique come guess like. I do feel like at a certain point on somebody that's that's been. You don't jarred by the violence of the sport because I think we've got more information that was ever have before so that changes of the interview on an obviously Herman but our two week we got a point words it's kind of this is the sport I mean for better or for worse we could you what more can you change to make it much more safe Friday without regard changing the sport itself because it feels like we're at that point where we're kind of towing up to the line of this is going to be a violent sport we can make it certainly safer but I don't know what more you can do without changing the sport inherently. There's some argument that you can also make errors in reports that you great if you look at Xavier. No that's warned that the topic a lot people talking about because of what it look like on TV and it was tough to watch as a former player. He would any try to make a tackle a player he's coming in. Two to make that play any come that a weird ankle he gets injured. Did I don't know there's much you can change a bit of technique on that or maybe come in a slightly different angle it is no big deal is a collision and make everybody gets up. When you look at. I did that they would Judy Smith. Those collisions are gonna take place a lot of parents are in the NFL but some we see some don't what about kickoff and then all of those things that we see when guys go down and running through gushed. I would say that's when you start messing with it too much you get guys to positions are being. And decisive we see a guy right now and you ask people to equity company to make a tackle. They're more concerned about their people are too high on the cartoon bought a priority be hitting him a certain way and they're not maybe they're moving it forgetting about their own personal safety. And some regards and then. I think there's a false sense of security. That guy's guitar content Tamil over the middle of not going to be word because the NFL or protect me Kodak company takes a bat and gore shot worse. It when I came here and I always was aware. Protecting myself from making sure that I would kill myself from the big collision. Because I knew that was part of it that was potentially record purse so I think there's at. Again another argument XP made maybe start messing with it too much you almost are having guys to go re learn. How to play the sport can you ask him do it at full speed we're at the margin of error has now become just you just don't alerted. Armand while we're talking about violence and destructiveness. As a former lion was his surprise to you did it took two tries to blow up the silverdome the other day. But what I really because each showed up we don't know when you start bill that they people cut corners. When they're trying to you know they increased profit margins in today's standards so proud of creating any durable. But back then I mean if it was still it was still the concrete is concrete if it's something that's postal lasted he would be or some pretty detailed. Significant structures they can withstand quite a bit mr. Obama obviously was one of those things and watching it we were doing some real time. Stop on social media. And that the look on all of our faith is that it was still standing and what they don't know whether all the silverdome and it's still standing behind this so that little bit of luck. No we we get rustic part of that. When you are in there in the nineties did it feel like the kind of place it was gonna last forever. Did you know start to get old but what we love about it and we've got a nickname given up to the jungle is that it was one of the most difficult places to play in the NFL. That you start talking about 8090000. People. Are they can come in there we had sold out games you have been. We will probably beyond the capacities were supposed to be at times ten. The opposing teams they came in they understood what home field advantage meant when he came Playboy. What was your favorite building to walk Herman Moore where this again by the way the great lines like there's even a multiple time pro bowler and all pro and die by the way he's witnessed courtesy of quickly tire and auto search and done they're they're taking care better and send she supports the military through their trading one uniform for another program this AQ well trading one dot com the word one Q are trading one dot com nominate veteran by December 11 quickly what unveiled a future scholarship recipients at the quick claim bowl featuring duke. And northern Illinois December 26 at four field your favorite building to walk into and silence a crowd in your career was watched. What would have happened often are you score a lot pesto to get them today and Lambeau that. If it was you always want to win here because it is so historic. Air and it was just they agreed build on the play and I think the if you wanna talk about just in between really inside of our conference in the east central at the time before became the north. The next will be Minnesota because of just the entertainment factor there and it's been so close to the field and just passionate about their vikings. Op Delano and that it was it was nice to silence because they had that don't to it and it got really quiet when he did make a quiet. Who's the boost the NF salad years he did you think. You know you would love to go up against him in your heyday in your prime the guy that in his prime the corner right now in the NFL that's doing it you think the best you'll have to go up against the one I want who's that who's that guy. But we're disappears sent him indefinitely. German because you always want to gun for people that they stay here and here's some of the top guys. That played in the double would've been the mistake he's been a porn you know he's not scared you know within its reach. And it's almost got to play as a great safety net order mention. I Ronnie Lott right before you know it is clear and I would love to have tested some of these other guys. You know what it would be safe these are poor defense of factual. I'm rapist because one of those big barbecues just for a quick second so my aim was always that was never one at one corner being shot and knows always how to white. Start to really pay attention to the RBI because of coordinators who I would say eagles' side of it that we get as receivers. I don't want that one guy shut down. Who's who's the wide receiver not get enough attention in the NFL because he beat plays great may be just that the best quarterback play doesn't about popping numbers when you watch really meant a guy that does to a sump and who is. There crash course they are probably opt into the big guy OK that is costly there and that people are paying attention. But he EE continues to put up some some good numbers but I want to go it old school veteran. I even though it has yes quarterback but Larry FitzGerald. If this continues to do some things that. You know I have to look back get you know means belt with the team the team and he's good one year nick sure he's gonna understating but he stayed pretty consistent and our respect for. All right you can check out the trading one uniform for another program Herman Moore the great lions wide receiver the multiple time pro bowler and all pro making time for us and done they're gonna honor our veterans through QL trading one the number of them spelling out the word one dot com if you are trading one dot com nominate a veteran by December 11 quick claim were unveiled a five scholarship recipients for duke in northern Illinois in a quick claim ball at Ford Field in Detroit December 26 permits a push to talk to you thanks to make it time force I this year thank you support you go determined more lions great and many are numb. That's that's that's funny to it suited just to think about that the silverdome. Which I was hoping you were gonna do so do we have for a little locks to see those creepy pictures where no quietly deadly urban explorer is no and I were just like. Reads everywhere and open Mike Iceland together barrels to three years ago it was still auctioning some of the stuff off you know the astrodome ease it's a it's a landmark thinking touching used to divide but to dump inside but he needs to be fixed up but since it's a landmark and it's my it's gonna be preserved they haven't done it properly don't have all sorts of plans to fix it for it's a reboot of you know the bad news bears OEM. And gosh yeah that what's funny you know the bad news there's two renewed if you go to Reliant Stadium right next door. The little known fact that used to be the eighth wonder of the world any standout you're like whole believe it was it was mostly underground but we've had him pull up their Booth review some sort of symbol. And home watch. Our -- seems unbelievable like what's a little church let's ask the issue head out to Matt what is that on -- and I got to cut out there I got to what's the coach's show so just make sure people check of the Baird's car cast your car cast you're free winner doing awesome awesome work also wants yes so we looks good on it as good at like Chico anyone you can get to plug it plug it all right -- Chico printers radio network he's gonna reduce some Winthrop worked during can't stick around Stephen Silas is gonna talk corners with a since 515 minutes. Mark wants to jump do we get to him on the other side we'll get sat back to some cantor stalked and I gotta get to this story you've GA fans differ UG EU GA fans really really Smart. And really really stupid looks like next prime time powered by ortho Carolina. The. Powered by Mort don't care. Minutes we'll hear from the heat interim head coach for the hornets no update on Steve Clifford will try to see if he is an update on him Marko you show 67 tonight. Here on WS NC log on to get my first dot com right now grab a greater golf express 100 dollar gift card for just fifteen bucks what a deal that is it's the perfect Christmas gift. For that avid golfer in your life. Like Darren gets when you love the game of golf the way out of death and gets hunt perks dot com right now is just about to grab its to do that fifty bucks for a hundred dollar gift card right out of greater golf express and I'll be sure to listen in 6 o'clock tonight are dolby WS Angie orders coach's show every thirst and I brought you by corona light came on line in. And it's the official partner of the Charlotte hornets and rice though with us right here on WS NC and also don't forget tonight in this is going on the next little bit 530 to seven Kemper Jeep. Under Joseph moss foundation. Are over on east independence boulevard going back towards Crown Point Matthews if you're leaving uptown going towards up to manager leaving amenities that are of leaving the Nazis area and die hornets players going to be asked their Cody Zeller join bacon frank Kaminsky Malik month and if you bring an unopened toy or donation you'll get an autograph from those hornets players they're looking for 5000. Toys the F 3000 last year she would do good with us thanks Frank's gonna be out there hit man all those sorted skies and Nigel Lawson and the company offered cash for Chrysler job to dodge Jeep and ramps to support those guys. That's that's greater than to be doing that. In the community my man not a tweeting in NIA this is funny. I mean lashing trying to separate cheesy hearing Gergen I'll try to do that's a fairly tenuous for me to be doing it from doing it anyway. He says gruden also sounds like a janitor cleaning up vomit. I at the end of that month high risk. We hear that deep could you look at these discussed it where he's very disappointed with what he sing. I also hear it's the dad that you don't or mom her parents that let pay were gone out of town for the weekend odd you better behave. And yet they they decide to you know they had us debt ceiling and or they forgot something and come back early only to find the third durst durst their kids. The were ranger and that there were all sorts of high schoolers pastel on the front lawn in the bushes in the living room sleeping in their bed ruining their house. I hear that when they hear junger and their two. He's also Sam Elliott from tombstone he so disgusted by the carnage she's witnessed that he turns his back on the wishes of his Brothers and takes up the badge again. Let's assault a lot of these batteries don't get up tomorrow morning and move on with life and us. Some of the stuff God's hands and eyes very disgusting and disturbing. The peace is pure Shea who. You hear that rightly you come home like off. Johnny I thought I thought we talked about there's nobody was allowed at the house is that is that christened the bush just your nice so yeah. I don't dugout we're gonna tell us parents explain this what are you doing here if you year old I was younger and a picture and clothe and down in his chair at the end of the day and you know. The wife says how's work Cunningham. Hostile lot of good men out there and you could hear that I can hear that a disease is currently is group were married I don't know if he's married he was at some policy he does it could you would know he doesn't he kids is his skinny joke too right he's cute is that strength coach of the Redskins and went up the story here is his wife her ex wife whatever was at Tennessee cheerleader that's why they keep mints and I'm willing to see every time you know that's the united on another status of their relationship and I've probably been speculated about a new. Recklessly on the air where there may be forty to fifty know their luck in any point all right let's go to mark really quick marksman hey you know more than that mark what's up man what you are sick. Yeah so why are watching the money and make him probably hit and turned it off a little while after that. And he's I'd just make sure and clear out upon absolutely wrong. But I've involvement and I haven't heard any of the term paralyzed anything like that but I don't be spectacular walk and they haven't talked about it. No background no oil saying the one thing we haven't heard Emmy muted just don't anywhere from doctors say is the first 2448 hours in spinal injuries that's the key time we have. Haven't heard this dealers say oh yeah he's fine. We have heard he's got feeling in us all in all seriousness that is in the after a series of good news everybody I think his condition of fear the worse and the fact that he needed surgery to stabilize his spine. Which means they're doing some kind of fusion and I mean their rods in their now there's there's metal. In this man's spine they probably do a bone grafts I mean that's when they say those words that's what they mean any night at eight. It's obvious he's not gonna play in this year we don't know right now its he's ever gonna play football again well I don't know if he's gonna function normally ranked. And even beating you know from like it didn't rates exceed human aspect out of this like from a from a pure business standpoint elegant beauty and a sillier the Steelers the moment you know that he's OK are you putting that out there if you want that known you hate I don't look scary everything's okay with Ryan but that hasn't been put out there and again to mark's point your point. In the absence of that your lust wondering. And what is the news because it doesn't sound good and you know it's early but that man this is where he Prius football like for us this guy were steps on the football field again I would do we all want Ryan should easier to be able stepped again we don't wanna be able to pull one foot in front of another. And walk again and yeah I mean I looked people writing in and other side on the building sent a text like saying you know that they could date a guy one guy writing and who says look I played football. And I've been trying to you know say. This is all kind of overblown but he says even even for me that give me the Willies to watch what what in what that looked like a Monday night and I like guys I would say at 21 Tuesday things works that I came home. To watch the second half after the hornets game and I see that going on it's like. What what barbaric thing is going on on this football field right now and the shape easier thing almost seem more. You know he's just happenstance apart from all the other head toting a wanna Vanessa that's what was crazy to me DG is like how can I know those guys got to compartmentalize. But how could that stuff go on knowing that you saw a guy not having feeling in his lower extremities. He was carted off the field don't mean like I don't how can you reconcile those two things it may be there and maybe that's what makes them who they are in the water able to do what they do what. Apart was uninteresting to me hold on. We're back top the hour 5 o'clock hour Stephen Silas joins us now we get back disappeared there stalk. And dollar we continue with daring did and Kroger its prime time for powered by ortho Carolina.