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Friday, December 8th

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger talks with Gregg Rosenthal & Robert Caslen. 


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Powered by what. Happy Friday it is prime time or power by ortho Carolina coming to you lie you from Philadelphia in the convention hall on this Friday afternoon in downtown Philadelphia we're here for the 10818. Edition of America's game army navy and this is one of my most favorite weekends of the year it's my third army navy game my second time near Philadelphia and we have a Floyd show lined up. Coming up over the next four hours street guys we got some great college football guess drop them by the office of public affairs. Foreigner be lieutenant general of West Point. Dot lieutenant general Robert L cast lead junior just came on by it so I'm I'm already nervous this I told you guys that very bad man he's a very stern man he's a very serious man I am I'm going to be minding my matters when he joins us at 45 minutes. And there's they're sitting there they're doing their due diligence already as we curator distinctive and in the coming hour. And they're laughing behind us get there like your your bigger building this up on not building this up is a very strong it started powerful men I've I've heard the interviews with him previous. So on some other stations and when that we got the list of out of gas or whatever that was little one of the first names that jump off the and ironically this is got to click jumped out of airplanes at all that's Gaza that man is a bad bad man good man but he's very bad man it's so we will be minding our manners what he joins us the the superintendent. A lot of West Point I can't wait we afford show lined up he's gonna drop by Gregg Rosenthal right out of the gates about fifteen minutes we'll talk to him I Trent Steele went former army quarterback. To me. What I remember of what was now notice the streak the streaks over army Pete may be last year district of fourteenth straight losses came to an end. And Trent steelman probably suffered. Not just him. But he wore a tee to the war that beetle that the loss in 2012. Which I think was probably the most narrowing in fact it was it was the most narrow defeat. Four army. I in that stretch of fourteen and roll into our rights the end of the game and you know and I remember standing in the tunnel as as Ari was coming back into the tunnel interiors even since he not just tears she was sobbing like console or sold I killer to talk to him because you know it is kind of the good the bad right like Ortiz off the hook on that and now they try to make it to a heroic Saturday afternoon. Off but if if your Trent Steele would you never get over that but that's what makes this rivalry soul. Important it's so awesome and so just so big and powerful always. Moments like that hang in the balance where army. Dominated Indian act in an effort to want that the matter what was the final score and it's so I Cilic to talk to Trent Steele when he's gonna join us and in the 3 o'clock hour David Pollack of ESPN. Georgia Bulldog David Pollack is gonna join us at 430. Gary Daniels and we're actually gonna stay on a little late up past 6 o'clock tonight given little extra time. And guy Gary Daniels and his CBS's get a Jonas coming up at 6 o'clock SEC on CBS and he'll be on call tomorrow. Alongside Brad nestled around CBS 3 o'clock kickoff tomorrow for army and navy 10818 edition. A first for America's game and aren't these the better team I think going into this game by record at least they are. And by some of the numbers they are laws like it what to talk about support this game what it means and I think it's been cool to watch this game regains it's stature in the college football world. Our over the last really I think it's been about five plus years now you could say the other thing is that there's going to be bigger stakes this year because the rich the commander in chief trophy can be won this game both these teams beat air force and there's there's a replica of it you have about. Ten feet away from us. But on its gonna be that's we ruin me tomorrow that things have huge stakes its audacious a lot of bragging rights a lie there's lot of pride in and all that on the line as well so while we're we're gonna fund still lined up here from radio row in the convention center in downtown Philadelphia also feel like for cada. Behind enemy lines a little bit because our our engineered GO which doesn't it to sound like a Philadelphia name bodily GO of course there's a guy from Philly named Jill. And JavaScript people I think I'm still size and about the Joseph escapee to those good people. You don't know that we've only been around for a little bit I've been with the for four hours you've you've been with him for five minutes I'd sell espionage works like you gotta be careful about this mean eighties he's laying the ground work to make you think he's he's trusting you know he can be trusted in everything's fine but I'm not sure that's actually true so anyway I feel like Jerry York Philadelphia I see all the way to church solvents in jerseys on the on the sidewalk I spent like two hours on a food binge. At the reading terminal market about a couple of hours ago which will get into later and any on say it is as appears there's manic or Charlotte team and I just feel like. I don't try to try to get a lay of the land but I feel like were behind enemy lines and maybe I need to do a little scouting report. For the Panthers because if this team is going to be a playoff team. Beyond the division self which we are we're gonna get into. Product to come on the road to a place like this what'd dump before 2003. Joseph remember 2003 Joliet I had to pay at third Jim Mousa Mohammed Steve Schmidt yeah those guys they keep they rolled into town. It shocked the Eagles and the NFC championship game two shot Foster with one of the most. Deborah bull runs for re impaired there's history shake it off like eight tacklers to get into the end zone off the right side so. They were dole scouting I feel like while we here too at Philadelphia it's not only for army navy F feel like for for painter stance of the panther organization worried here like. Trying to get a feel for what's going on in Philadelphia. And what's really interesting is we open up today 70457. Overnight six Ted jumped on the phone to the building setter text line. We're talking what college football we're talk the talk about a felt taught at camp there's today Gregg Rosenthal again and about ten minutes from Do you Wheatley did last night. Pacts. Gosh why 10 o'clock or so how about that and that we get to the hotel and watching the game carmike we're trying to keep up with the game and it's okay always fought to get the flyers off the tee off the TV before we got. Given at a ball game but it was like ten tennis to have here are located so we did you see this like flurry happened right before halftime all sorts of crazy stuff happens event. Ted Olson at 1710. Saints in the third quarter and it also its hide that all of sudden. Ot the falcons kick a field goal to go ahead and also the saints driving and that did coin doesn't accept the penalties for some odd reason thinking that hey if I was. Sean Pate not just kick of Google you're not Sean Peyton Dardenne quick shot patent that you saw it go for a fourth and goal on the opening drive against the Panthers on Sunday like did you watch the tape dated Glen. Do you not know we your opponent is so that whole game plays out last night it all sorts of crazy weird ways. Beyond what happened with Sean Payton. With all his theatrics were to get into later on but you were remarking here a Mike am content field and now we talked to Peter King yesterday and I sit Peter. Who do you root for bill would you do here because. You don't you can look at this other way hey you're only technically came back to your it it's as if you're two down in the standings because the tiebreaker to the saint but it's only one game. And there's four games to deal. And essentially the falcons twice and got those those teams match up better with one another and I think the Panthers and the saints do is we saw last night. And if you're the pacers get three straight home games in the month of December. You play the falcons yourself so what you do here are you rooting for a wild card team to kind of be pushed down the ladder or you routing to say you know what. The division is still within our grasp and I'd kinda come to grips with rooting for the falcons last night. What's that game got going I saw the saints lose them like yeah let's do this and I do feel like son day. He's going to be a huge opportunity. To just completely and it's not just for Carolina it's true for Atlanta to Atlanta's back in the mix all the sudden so. And Atlanta has all this tiebreaker is all of our over all those teams in the NFC. We talked about this and Peter King yesterday I mean this can't whose team has four losses in the conference but that's not gonna help their cause. If you didn't bat if you didn't down this tiebreaker situation for awhile Corbett it's fine when it comes to visit to the divisional race that's what's so interesting how she come on look at the landscape the NFC especially the NFC south. And this thing is free why don't put all the sudden against the saints kind of similar to what we've talked about the Panthers were week three. You could Derry New Orleans and you have many games in new life. The world except their opportunity to finish off the to visualize not really big Orleans were put that put themselves firmly in the driver's seat. In the division last night and it's dead not only did they give Carolina new life during this week stretch coming up for them. You led Atlanta back in the door to guess what all Atlanta has to do now is looked at them and essentially Italy it has got to go to the window against the Panthers and do the same instincts and their date date would be I think essentially they would be NFC south champs so dissing his wide open all of a sudden. You mix in the injuries last night which we'll get into his well alma Comerica is down on the opening drive you can tell. I mean it yet that's the argument for why neck beyond the numbers that's the argument for why that guys off its rookie of the year he's been healthy he's been healthy the entire year and he goes down there are also it's got stuck in the mud they quit running marking writing about what to carries the second half staff at no more than three. Immediate two carries in the second half and if it's a started turning into what deceit used to bwic Jews. A little bit more on balanced. A little bit more predictable easy to force turnovers against when. Drew Brees is chapter chuck the ball too much and that was all your outlook two mirrors the one doing that completely changes the landscape of their offense they've so got great players. But that one dude EX a different element it would out of on the field. North let's look completely beat. The last night yeah we talked about all week with the various people that you know what the game last week whatever that it makes it made Sean and Sean Pate is a great play caller but it makes your job that much usually you have an album tomorrow where if you if you if Drew Brees is not get the right read down the field. Being dumped off to a guy like Alvin Camara who can do you know he's averaging like 89 yards a touch these after it was seven yard for carries averaging over ten yards per reception yet that's insane and as a running back wrestler running back as a rookie running back who's taken an attacker were found a vehicle traffic is not the their starting running back its marketing group so last night it was fascinating for so many reasons the way that game played out. Shot patent doing all sorts of knuckle itself on the sidelines. During the game. After the game like stupid like you know what he was doing in those situations the injuries Drew Brees making excuses. That that was the end of the game happen and it played out that way because of thirst tonight's football and I mean there might be some global truth to that but that sounds like sour grapes on the night were you should you know Q had you had banking one. Essentially last night you were up seventeen tent you threw the interception Drew Brees can do for these great play by DR Jones tablet that you force that ball in of that tight window. And that that was the game it's so it's it is real I mean if this is the stakes were big enough for the painters on Sunday. Now you had this into the next to you win on Sunday. You walked back in control of how to hate seeing her own destiny you know controller Augusta but your back in the driver's seat what used that analogy you're back at the driver's seat. Offerings for what could happen in the NFC south and you go three and one you still might win the division depending on how the wind play out you go for no. This this painter Steve will be NFC south chance and that changes your playoff picture of me completely that was that they they got hurt we will talk about what Peter King yesterday like -- at at this point with as one of the pedestal have a chance to win and went to a chance at winning the division duplicity you play for that and I think the players on a play for that too if you're if you're trying to go for a wild card for your sentiment that you're not a good a football team and that you didn't play well down the stretch to two toward being in the play aren't were to get a -- this Gregg Rosenthal we talk about the NFC playoff picture we talk about what happened on Thursday night football last night where this cantor Steve stands according to their huge game against the vikings on Sunday. And how this game's gonna play out because it's much is it pains me to say this. Could you make the argument that the Panthers are the worst team in the vikings on offense defense and special teams that that's hard for me to say but I think it's true. But it is you're lugging these teams and went up you walk by a wide margin if you're lining these two teams up you say. Minnesota is better than the cantor and all three phases. In some way shape or form so we talk about all that would Gregg Rosenthal next its Primetime Live from Philadelphia for army navy and more power by ortho Carolina. I warn you know Carolina. And I. I was not a risk pressure to take him. You could pick your goals we have points are. This important result there. Should not take that chance. Yuriko it. Golf is so funny with Mike to Rico because he -- like when he was NBC air when he was before before these BM like he did everything needed golf we did football to basketball. And then to hear like I love Mike to Rico and I think one of the problems were what at what committee is being was it was a stretched too thin now I can concert on this and you get a great call like that. I eight's funny though could you be all that you surgeries he had that was. Just think that the juxtaposition. Is still no date I probably should debate that mistakes so. Seats that go down last night just the just the duke the fourth time all year that they go down in that in that game today it to be up to the falcons on Thursday night football not at Ford now pay a thirst. I just sit back you know a game with a loss in the win column that could change. On Sunday against the vikings and got Drew Brees costly interceptions only one of the game in the end zone also by the way can't understate what a fantastic interception that was from DR Jones incredible athletic ability there and we are with you live from Philadelphia or we gave beekeepers and by USA Haywood gets great gas coming up over the next few hours don't forget poured its coach's show every Thursday. Right here on a 26 to seven brought to by corona light came on line bit of fish reporter of the hornets and you can log on right now to get my perks dot com grab a greater golf expressed. 100 dollar gift card for half price fifty bucks it's the perfect gift. For Christmas that avid golfer hundred dollar gift card to greater golf express for fifty dollars right now to get my Merck's stock cup. Stewart who roof opening topic of the day I'll. Rosenthal And on Twitter at Gregg Rosenthal NFL media and he's with this right now the tech become guess I love that too Rico kind of expressing what just football fans were expressing last night that Drew Brees all. Yeah and I probably should have thrown that interception last night that that was that I mean he hasn't made currently throws like daddy is neat debate very very throws like that on the here Greg but yet that that that hurt that was about deflation for Drew Brees ago as of that sale last month. Yes you can now reprieve after the team there's not paid yet don't create the campus that might very big game that is rampant. I mean he hit it very that would hurt because. You don't count the rivalry and it is about our fanatic about it think that the right that they're probably at the death of an. And the equipment they had an unbelievable opportunity. On a night where they have I predicted it series. You really think that they can basically buried. Their ticket rivaled it if they didn't want to back it that they edit. I think Baylor although want Deanna he's now I think that would put the answer. Basically away for the year two without Alex you're wide open three you bring. I completely program that Greg growers of balls with a set of felt like comment a so media he's with this right now on a technique come gas line and you know it's funny Greg Kazaa I would say the same thing go to the show we'd like I go back two weeks three getting ready for week three out I was saying only that we put the saint froehlich who can't are virtually no. You know this is an opportunity for the Panthers to bury the saints he didn't you know the numbers team so come back from an 03 start to make the playoffs and not only that I I think Q what is this you would've started a discussion about. You're the future of the sinks with Sean Payton with through breeze as they're presently constructed and instead. You don't give credit to the saints they won that game they got on a hot streak but it kind of feels like the roles to your point or flipped last night where. Carolina gets ready for Sunday with a with a renewed spirit and now Atlanta. Is firmly back in the mix is welcome as they New Orleans again of what sixteen days they're gonna play the skies again. Yet that stopped it could be you know have been added you know what this appointee he. Throughout that he is it yet they beat by the box that we in it they can we didn't can't in I think they they can certainly use that. They go until week sixteen being in New Orleans. With the division lead on the line. You're not troll. You know their favorite tree probably brought. Run through the city areas and all that you know it that pocket it somehow you know rocket people here that beat the saints and Panthers and and I haven't. They act out that they can go to do or what can we Becky back. But that depth they have the opportunity we XP that go back. Hate that this is simply. Has happened docket. Feeling great and they're they're pretty healthy right now whereas the faith that the paper. Gay in it it's really interesting dynamic. When you when you look at what happened with New Orleans last night you mentioned the injuries and commit errors the big one right because they're on the opening possession. Concussion doesn't go back in the game each week it's up to last night sounds like he thinks. I he'll be back outfield soon that's not quite how it works so well Bellamy we'll see what happened at a home. Let's you know to meet you saw last night amid a if you had seen it enough already saw last night why he has such an integral part of this offense and Orleans why he's kind of the difference maker for them. And you know I I go back and look it. You go 36 pass attempts for Drew Brees or 35 pass attempts for Drew Brees and remarking about what to carries I think in the second half type that. What to be what you saw in the second half we saints football for the last 234 years and it's good enough to kind of hang around that a game. But that's not what's yeah that game so far this year. Now I hit it it really hammered home that he is the opposite of rookie of the year I think if they're they have not last week and it actually had you know. The 28 games in a row in the rampant in that he entered it the it act. Her hat on opposing beat and it is just. Hard to overstate. You know including great play just like with equally Abbott David I think it's a life or that where they have. Barack it boasted before the plane yet that the incredible. Tax against them and cheaply what with Barack basically fit for what what that they. It instead that they sit at thick path up the heat the where he quake could beat the booklet there is people athletes they're not the favorite quotes that. Stop being happy to attack. It here bat the fake that they have a much better defense than an incredible running it it different formula for that I think you eat really over the last that three or four weeks there's. They're not you know we thinking of throwing the ball all around but I don't like that if there's been very much much better keep what they get there early league didn't run the ball reliant Ethan. Yeah and and I was looking up these numbers in this kind of an arbitrary market just Kennedy get a good feel for what what six football looks like when they do that Ed over the last five years they're picked I just was looking this up thirty to 42 when they went to breeze attempts 35 passes are more pictures that's not when it's football that's it never has been in that I mean it I don't care how good Drew Brees is that that's not gonna keep you around him and what it ought to games. Yet it is buried in the defense in the secondary especially mark felt flat or has it that. So much better this year. Can't I do you think that was that they back their lap eight lap of war you know without the side like a little bit leery to keep what their superstars that was. In it kitty to Cairo if any decline in a couple of that the that the wanted but it added up or work I'd I'd think at forty to fifty snaps each game. We're on the sidelines of the state I've been I think. Are you started different their defense last night at the ball apartment that they're do we put forward that they really played well if Carolina. Clark Gregg Rosenthal slows again at a felt like comment national media is so cool kind of spin towards Sunday now. Is it fair to say the vikings even if only marginally sort better than the Panthers let it all three phases offense defense special teams is that a fair statement. He had a fair like Freddie you're back on a great idea that the special agent but I think you're I think you're right like it if the thought I'd be eight but what they are especially at the bet. Is fundamentally sound and and it appeared there's there are picked up it they bury it eat at duke but he vehemently that might keep that'd really make you work for it they'd be cute. They tackle well that it. A group that fits together now for three years you rarely speak at the beauty like that the entire starting lineup that back the clap your almost all got that. Up player Eric picnic the kind of young. There is little of their career players and they've really played well at the group the U. Kept up to earn points. Odds are not date you have to keep keyed up I think it is the recipe for the Panthers the witness if he would avoided the big mistake. But I think he has yet have thrown that he'd get the pressure on a Hillsborough couple off the raft and into the net and it appears there's Iraq victory of the. What's what needs to change to this pain after tee to be a team that is capable of if it came to playing three straight games on the road in the playoffs that's a very realistic possibilities. It's still for this team but what what would needs to change his efforts some people say. Jim's got a BM DP camp again and I don't know I mean. We've seen the either extremely him this year I obviously want him to be more consistent vote. Is is it that's for yours is something else or multiple things that need to change so this team to be one that could. The comma Super Bowl contender by going on the road winning a bunch of games of the playoffs. They acted if if you didn't want I think is that it's a proud to have a bit upbeat but being. Truly a week he truly baffled I think electorate that it really it is so deeply. The affidavit if that's been played as a group and it's been able to take over the game. That combined with the running even out be by temple wat they happy I thought they were getting the money it going to. Institute gave against the planet I can't be and I thought okay this is our ninety feet. A little more back they do out there he went went Piaf if they're. That got that you're right out wanted to is at fault at fort art but look like that he thought it would happen like that big a little bit around him craft as a brother. As a collapse that we really just not it can fit it Ronnie the popularly negative brought to many. To be times where it unique you want it to be infected by expect that board that it back in an outlet that because you're not to block the Europe for the. What was your reaction to rule. Initially the browns removing saw she brown after her what a year army which is crazy but so browns but then. Hiring a guy that's pretty well respected. In John Dorsey Ralston of flips the other way to where people reacting yesterday. Why is John Dorsey taking the browns job so I mean clearly it seems to be an upgrade of personnel but the time thinks we're so what are the what do what do we make of what the browns did in the last 48 hours. Yeah the brown. They have to be the only team actually it through the fire at the end of the iron out of the habit is to think things out at a particular they replicate that or do you think there we've reported that the network is not what the Puerto I've weak profit that they were Abbott Hewitt they're guy but Ronald thirty. So you got that that that the coach you to action what they're complete. In favor a bit. I don't endorse the and a lot of respect those around weeks for his ability to pick players. Certainly been kicked out and keep the city into the parity what I think the delicate situation I think they have or Alan I'll bet you are ready and 5678. Teams out there hitting it really entered achieve that here in our fourthly they have an outflow load it into positive cap groups don't eat you can parity. I'm pretty get situated to pick up a lot of players that are freer or Ralph I think if they have a great pick the or principal amount aren't. What's what's the game mile you'll want to watch this week in Vienna so we get we gotta we've got about three or four there really good implications what's the want him on blocking you out your blocked. I you to use your getting. You're getting blocked small the other games you could only pick this on what's going Greg teach you what's the motorcycle with up. Ticket if you like to meet the program because if you could be argued that doesn't that's defeated the Indiana ballot. I wanted to let coaching doubt they've ever seen that shot that they have certainly what about the Clady player only if cart went back out on the at just the way that he would be granted there really are regular they're playing over there had been at the great opportunity for that show us. Yet it Russell Wilson against the jags have been at defense and always wounded but I I get audits it for a few weeks of religious wrote the Seahawks off forty there zombie tee I don't die they're just Gillick Russell Wilson rule when will people like gutting the ball. It's it was arm falls off so I I think they find a way into the playoffs slick. Like I mean this guy's a legit MVP candidate right like it if he doesn't it's this Jack's defense of eroding gets another win. Ducked a legal threats to Carson blitzer. Golf writing these other guys that like Russell Wilson a Selig isn't getting enough attention for what he's doing right now. Our criteria and I think if he can win this game Betty and I are happy that the author art event I think Tom Brady is clearly. Weirdly bit left but I think that is one of that the if you block lacked a week after week you it'd hit a lot. I think it's funny as well or better than ever but I think he's the court it this that over the court with isn't it well but but you're right if you could be Philadelphia Jacksonville back that we. And it played a rant next week the heat got to have a chip. However want what you can do that that the other gimmick it will be it that way the vet port 25. We built up that he's that because if you've got the heat beat the clock says that the it is that it would be hot the ramp eagle he's. Eric Gregg Rosenthal and it felt like come around the NFL at a at a filled out comment and the podcast as well Gregg always great to talk to into the football this weekend. Now what are we brought in part because they go Greg gross public atop force of the tech become just like. When we come back out 10818. Edition of army and navy were Philadelphia at the convention center for army navy presented by USA eight. And one that. Bad it may end the superintendent. Of West Point the military academy but look at the button up. You've got to tie and I don't and so I think he's gonna judge me for this lieutenant chuck or Joseph or engineers try to he's gonna put Lucy show and actually some salad down low chest so we're gonna get lieutenant general Robert L cast like junior to drop by in about fifteen minutes that happens. And dull week we get back disappear thirst. Kyle Bailey's point double duty he joins me at three. David Pollack Gary Daniels and all those guys still ahead we continue its primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Chris Kroger. Powered by Ford Joseph Carolina. In addition coming TF from Philadelphia this is the place would play more games than any others Beattie 87 game they've played here in Philly. And it's been army who hasn't won here. In their last. Ten games played so we'll try to win the last eleven times that play here and that they enters that the defending champs they get they get so little bragging rights. In their back right and their tail until went right now and the commander in chief trophy in place for the first time since 2012 Cisco just one game already seen three maybe six and five. Expect to maybe four inches of snow tomorrow here in Philadelphia. And an army wearing white uniforms yes which competed critics now yes they're they're honoring the World War II panda commandos. And I think that could be something that works and their advantage right now as we get ready for tomorrow here's what I dealt. The lieutenant general. Off the West Point and at the military academy at West Point. These. Coming on at a moment eighties early what else would you expect right so we've got he's on the Dan Quinn Claude these novice and around the time is now he what time of it now so we gonna get a break we come back he's very stern made his very serious manner we don't wanna make him angry so he joins us next. From army navy at Philadelphia in the convention center it's primetime or powered by ortho Carolina. Sorry Charlie score this trying time which always grow. Powered by Mort don't care. Weekends of the year 118. Edition of America's game army and navy presented by USA today and and it's going to be football whether it already is football weather here Philadelphia. Lincoln Financial Field safari 3 o'clock we get army at 83 maybe at six and five and us. We've talked to the superintendent of the West Point military academy to lieutenant general self Robert L Kessler junior. I just make sure of sitting up straight Bryant's make sure his tie is tied directly to your engineer but it is. His top button of a shirt a little bit higher as well and lieutenant general it's good to see your sacred site remarks is it to be here I remember a year ago you and I were sitting here is that we actually Baltimore you're across the table and it and you you had this just this way about you. Where you were so matter of fact the streak sending it into this weekend we're gonna win this game. And I think there was a real palpable sense of that last year where. Kind of felt like it this army team is good enough and that this could happen and it did happen. And you now we're just talking before came back at me out a debt that day that game his kids as a sports fan. I'm going to be remember that was for awhile because the streak ended at fourteen. Bit this storming out of the field and you just try to take double goal post that didn't happen but. Odd that Evan T bank stadium was literally shaking. With which fans who were just in in just a pure joy and celebration at this game and this is this is something special for. For all you guys a West Point and for the Naval Academy put for our country to there's nothing like it this weekend. Well there was just a great bomb last year because you know after fourteen years or the team won that bet that they not only one for themselves and one for the core cadets and then you went to the court this a wonderful. All those other generations of football players and other graduates from West Point who had put kept their faith thing that in the in the academy and kept their faith in the football program. And and then. When the when America watched that game that they wanted to Sewell is right with our nation all you do is turn on their football game where it was army with a was navy. There's a group of men after the relaying it on the line for each other North American winner really counselor Rhonda for the graduate the Berlin on the line for country. And and that's the coolest thing about this because Robert L Cassel engineered the superintendent of West Point is with this right now we're here radio role in Philadelphia for army navy. When when you guys were where everybody was celebrating on the field and then when he all the mater place. Silence its respected so that that's what's so cool to his. You know that just a traditions and heritage of the march on tomorrow there's nothing like it and it's good to see this more chummy you'll be snow coming down tomorrow everybody in attention. The cadets. Will be just. Given given everybody in the mideast just all sorts of hell as they march on the field we know what it straighter detention and its attention to detail there's just nothing like every tradition that's a college football's all about. But this game just offers that are related nothing else can match. You mentioned the Almonte as you know. 4000 cadets were in complete mayhem. And as soon as navy started their own homeowner. There is complete silence everybody turned in respect to Annapolis. And then watch the naval academies in their own a lot of and then it came time to sing our own motto. In the world turned over with a band was in the van was on the field celebrating and don't tell the details so they just started seeing an L does that right there is truly phenomenal as those protests. It's just say there's there's just something different about this game but I think you know you can play in this game you played Saturday at army correct and do. And good and back then what was his game played when you're playing college dropout what part of the season was a plated that the. It was playing like the Saturday after Thanksgiving maritime front. So what is so up and I played in. Seventy ones and twos and threes 74 yep and I started senator for the senators and force uses we didn't remove both those are miserable games. So hours I don't talk about dollar cinema freshman a sophomore in the Camilla once. But what you think about where the game is now let me get in USA is that such a great partner with us okay how could we show co showcase this game again because it this used to be. The game a college football and over the years things have changed obviously wins or losses happen both programs have had direct and flows over the decades but. These are good college football programs once again a proud college football programs once again put. More than anything what showcase this game on a weekend where there's no other games going to like give it the attention it deserves and that's something to me that truly lifted this game back to work deserves in the landscape of college football now. I mean these may be an armory and we like to think of cells armies team Kenyan roots army navy football game is America's game yup and million dollars. So America's gonna turn and more on the going to be able seized two great teams two winning programs. That are no respectable that are going after Berlin on line. Know that none of them are going to be profoundly are trying to be professional all of them will graduate in they'll be Suzanne games over shoulder to shoulder stand in the gap. Protecting America from from the U evil that's up there. So when they hear superintendent lieutenant general Robert L Tesla junior your dated day at West Point is what what your day to day duties or west. Well you like because president so you kind of run that that you also are the strategic leader so you do every you know you work on everything at West Point and above so. Yes and lots and pentagon a lot of time on Capitol Hill you know because you're in the public domain so you responsibilities. And oversight by the polo club. So if one of the cadets is in your office is that ever good or bad thing is an effort into the former cadet is it troubling Jessica Seigel lieutenant general. Normally see you lieutenant general snow on the list on the moment it's not a good thing and it's always a bad things. Sometimes greatest comeback in numb bottom in the office and they suck shaken you know. Full panel of a lot of good here. That's great that's fantastic bogeys you've got it it's it's adjusting to could you gotta you have aches you played. At army and you have I think you've got a real passion for sports and what it what it means. Two to the formula cute talking about as as a as a branch of the military overall but also to the military academy in particular of what what it means is. As a way to bond everybody together but as a source of encouragement and and and I think that's pretty special is that that's important I think it matters. Yeah in the army corps and navy drone foursome put in the army. In the crucible of ground combat. Leading soldiers from the stronger building that brotherhood and sisterhood and the third building that cohesion and that bond is it in the trust is encompassing all of that that's what really makes winning teams in that winning team that you have on the football field will carry over exactly to build a winning team. If these football players not lieutenants are going to be leading. America's sons and daughters in the same sort of thing I learn more about leadership. Playing on the football than anything else I think I've ever done. Because of them because of the of the of the discipline that was necessary the sacrifice it was necessary to be. To be successful and to understand what it take to really to win. Pick to win and of course with our values. Not at all cost to learn corn was our dollars. And now learn that with food with them we're playing division one called for opponents were all these other players bumble army navy or learning center. Well and I think there's still people don't understand I mean to serve for anybody that is playing on this team you will think they will serve so I mean that they're outside of a few exemptions here there I mean these are you sign up it's not all critical plays college football and then maybe he'll decide to to serve my country all of these men and and women that at all the academy's Arthur they're they're signing up there they're giving a commitment for their country. Yeah when some other crews come to West Point and I have the afternoon talked a while we saw us at first let me just say what you go to navy where they go to air force would go Coast Guard with a come West Point. Thank you for thinking about that thank you firm. Looking at the opportunity to serve your country want things service had his offer that no one else does is an opportunity to serve your country. When these young men these couple recruits. Think about coming to West Point or another servers can really do look and it's doing something different from their peers they have so many other opportunities and selections. But to be able to move sacrifice this time to be you'll get this great education but also to serve the country marks and distinctly different. But he gives them a character and it gives them some attributes there really room won't make them successful line in my opinion on what to do in the Russell. So you've heard so many deployments obviously that goes without saying lieutenant general Robert L Tesla Judy the superintendent of West Point military academies with the Syrian army navy were in Philadelphia radio world. The scheme what what goes on can you can you take this to. What it's like an out on a base somewhere deployment when this game's been played stupid I know life still goes on but both for those that can't watch this game that's got to be. That's got to be pretty special probably pretty unique to to watch this game in Afghanistan or Iraq or wherever wherever somebody's deployed brought escapes being play tomorrow afternoon Croix. Have not watched it then all those places and watching Carter and com well I remember when Gaza division commander in 20082009. Timeframe in Northern Iraq we had some video neither were actually working for us. But we had pranks in spirit missions against us against them and them against us all week long. Number more time I walked in my office an awful awful blue and white balloons you know so that maybe had stuck a whole bunch of balloons and there. Then. You know has just come on the way it has yelling and things in the air forces say when you play earlier forced him you're gonna stand up and stay up to watch. At age 2 o'clock or 4 o'clock in the morning than Madden going to be afternoon in Washington. Any air force guys and on paper I directors of both do you guys up at West Point and and the Naval Academy handled air force are you guys get to battle for the commander in chief's trophy tomorrow for the first time. Since 2012 which just that such another heightened element to this game and if there was already enough to place for that that is they special treatment to mile hoist that trophy you'll get it tomorrow to be after the B version out there but you won't get the whole hosted officially yet but when you get that trophy that's such a special thing for for the service academy. Some 21 years it's been awhile alright these guys know that they not only plan to be near the plant gets through to neutral from. Then I mean last year they played to defeat navy. There are new that are frozen to commend chief trophy but this year they're playing and feed navy and to get community through the first Time Warner when yours well. And I would say is as much as you say that may be it's apropos. The last time that. Army won back to back games 9596 when they want the commander in chief trophy of course they've made it's been ten straight losses here at Philadelphia's lousy streak succumb to what and I think things are chart and Indian army is tied right now. Other not a learning how to win they know how to win. The no huddle laid on the line for each other and they understand what it takes to build a winning teams. They have the confidence that when their backs to the wall that they know what they have to do. There and shape they're tough they're physically and when it comes in the fourth quarter we will persevere. And IE. You know I went apple action state and it. When I was in school at Georgia southern had just market a kind of took that triple option back to Georgia southern did a great job so to see him do what he's doing army that's no surprise you guys got a great head football coach. But he's not only got a great program north proportional output he has gone off the popular proposal leader. He knows how to inspire but he also knows that what it takes to build a team were remorse cohesive and also those. He he teaches the discipline not to make mistakes and he teaches the mental toughness. That's necessary to persevere in the fourth quarter. Well I love the uniforms lets you gotta love the uniform sure where tomorrow always looking uniforms in this game all white which would be great in the snow. A little you don't come back powder coated helmet. In honor of the World War II Pandit commando unit which is which is really cool and I liked it so much interstate in the team hotel. Hi I'm not supposed to root for anybody but I like that that uniform that logo so much a ball went to church today sought at the last one if anybody's angry Philadelphia they can't buy anymore I get the last one. Our recruits want to explode were sold sign that in general it's a pleasure you serve thanks in grown beat me I'd go go warming beat navy for you okay I'll say that and got broke a little bit of a sweat he has a little sleight of eyebrow this a very bad bad man he's very great great native served our country. Are very well the superintendent. At West Point military academy lieutenant general Robert L castle a junior the 3 o'clock our starts now ex prime time for powered by ortho Carolina.