Primetime: Gregg Rosenthal Adresses Marty Hurney's GM Ranking

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Thursday, April 19th

Kroeger and Darin Gantt talk with writer Gregg Rosenthal about Matry Hurney's GM ranking from last season.


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These ladies pro. We're talking to Greg Olsen pitchers tied Andy's with the strain on the technical and guess line a lot of it is. You know all you know how to help yeah you're likable personality. Why why do you need to be ten years now five years out global account but changed everybody's you know opinion does that. You know he felt like a gun to pick up the bar have a feel real comfortable with this effort for no little recording you do spray like that's what it's like what you look for the robo. I think after the beauty of and plus you get to spy on all your opponents when you get to do it is clearly is an action I can hurt. All that exercise had exactly zero catch as sort of go to V. I have been technically you're affected could take years. And all of a sudden all my eight bit static data that big of an advantage that I went 01 live from the marks I mean we'll see studio. Kroger. Yeah let this ride live hold on. See this right here is why we can't have nice days a week ago did you hear the joint everybody's voice we brought along the camaraderie. The brotherhood was practically family dairy again Chris Kroger Greg Olsen a week you go on these airway asked. Breaking bread talk a ball out of ambient voice good news. This is why we can't have nice things around here Gary guess why you seem like you're blaming me for this some well. All I did was what I do. Kick the beehive tale true. You wanna play games today and what's that game has stacked five allied ally hash tag finalized that's going to be my new thing for 2008 Zain. For the draft season proved. Rest of the year I think Yemen turn this into a thing hash tag found alive all right so here's the thing if you miss Greg last week you actually hear it again tonight at the 5 o'clock hour we'll get to that conversation it was a great conversation right. A full alone foregone time buff of a there's football in his radio and there's the thing we can do it again I think as long as we don't talk about his contract in my eighth. Critique of the way he's handled his business because he and I seem to have a fundamental disagreement about that Greg Burris of all thirty minutes we're gonna talk NFL draft he's got GM power rankings he's got Marty birdie at 24 actually think. It's probably got right up but I think parties get to exceed expectations which we will talk about a ball that's easy because there are no expectations for Marty hydrant as everybody thinks he's bumbling idiot I agree so we'll get some of that over the course of the next little bits he bet she's gonna join us in an hour we are here at the deal worth neighborhood grill. Pro football draft roundtable tonight tickets for the next two hours okay you're an hour down. You can't rap Dixon thirty dollars owed it she went tonight at 5 o'clock you could still show up. At the door and you can pay. But it's gonna go up to forty dollars of hazel City Hall with the draft guide a great night of football talk. And it's gonna be a great time political fate go and here we get some Kuroda port as well. To coming out with Steve mix will be the moderator of Greg Olsen wants to swing but I've got his ticket covered I feel like we should do if your summit tonight should we added that can we haven't opened can't be well shoot Rangel accident there an end to end. Here's the thing I'd be happy to talk to Greg about this I've always been you know what accent critical things now ballplayers and they've not like him before they Greg's not the first indie rock is not going to be the last but yeah. I just think now at one of the things that cracks me obvious how this gets there didn't. Why do you hate Greg Olsen finally Greg Olsen Greg Olsen the fantastic football player he's been a valuable and saying good citizen of the community outlive men and I always value that so. It's not that I think Greg has done anything wrong I I just think that messaging. Is inconsistent what Craig stranded due. Is get everybody on his side and make everybody out in the community realize how valuable these to the Carolina Panthers what they already know that. And last year it was a veiled threat to holdout from training camp which everybody including Greg and including the Carolina Panthers knew when gonna happen. And they showed up that training camp and say yeah wanted to come in so I didn't create a distraction. All right. That big boy. The mini Tenet did it again the other day about talking about one another contract before the start of the regular season. Then you know mean listen TV is it all is allowed cities and V think he's well within his right I just think. I am send this conversation is my the other day who's kind of known some of the personalities over the years now said. I never had this problem with Steve Smith because he wasn't passive aggressive he was just aggressive. And it's and it's you know he wants to be the nice guys don't wanna make anybody mad any sort of insinuate that this is all beyond his control. And you know he's out there doing business like everybody else guys who stand up raise their hand and say it's time to pay me. Those guys are seldom have problems with. And Greg and listen Greg outplayed his old contract let me be clear I think you could argue that by him playing seven games humidity gets stronger argument of why you do well the fields yeah and his absence made his value to team known. By here's the thing with Greg Olsen in near and here's where. If this works out this way I will give. I will go home PF TN write about it I would tweet about it I'll sit here on the radio talk about it using every platform at my disposal. If Greg Olsen. Timed at this when he did. For maximum advantage during the three weeks he's got a lift to play the Jerry Richardson scholarship guards. I mean he Jerry Richardson's relationship. With Greg Olsen is a large part of the reason they get Ahmanson GM of the giants right now. Jerry loves Greg Olsen. Jerry Lewis Thomas Davis and those two guys again it's not their fault they've got fired but that was a contributing factor to it. They've got three weeks left to capitalize on that before somebody else's the owner of the Deion Sanders and I'll be honest with you if I'm David temperate I'm just him on this fine. Then Navarro and I walk in the door in my new GM says hey we got this 33 year old who played seven games last year because of broken foot. And he wants a new deal at about eight or nine million bucks a year what do you think. What is a new owner who has no background with Greg Olsen gonna say. I don't know gonna say that will be insane why would you do that might nude short term general manager but the third with a foot I'll say this it the guys healthy honey what are he has bins one of the most durable players in the league prior to break it afoot so we please like you're always gonna do it again goes. Do you give him 34 years worth contract sight unseen without knowing how that things can react and I think Greg last night last year couldn't play on on terror. Khamenei whose candidate they when he should never come back way when he was coming back it was based on in my own grass is weaker turf so I think it's reasonable for them to wait. I know Greg wants contract now he's open has rights to want it now and they're well we're battling this is how I feel I'm I understand both sides of the that's not convenient to do anymore on our right hot. I understand the pain after seeing what little we can sit with a hold on now I'm not sure maybe may teacher Richardson feels differently but as a team as a organization. Marty hurting. Ron Rivera and the like you're sitting there saying while well I don't know we just wanna hit out of like Jack can say here's three of four ranil. They've got reasons to think should we incentivized this press who did what should be the base contract year so I understated. From both sides but no what you know what this is a business that went on my team decides that Greg Olsen is the above no longer of use to them. They're so quick and a budgets using Greg this is any player you're so quick to get into the urban say thanks for the service we'll see you later so royalty fees 82 way street. And the Panthers have that little gray Greg's been loyal to the Panthers as well. I would view in terms of if if Greg and I don't know I already don't feel my leg and tell me it's raining camp if you're gonna still be up not using this its leverage Greg you are that spike is guess what the team uses up his library lately stories about. Well you know this player. We've got questions about his durability if you want it if you wanna put pressure on on on a player his agent forward narrower early get straight and then goes gets arrested while we always knew we like them time wise. He corrects that stuff finds a way to come out after the fact it's gonna get what you're telling me that when he was at but he was under teen bride when he was that funny how that work yes so I understand the game that gets played and that's pricey both sides are not bad accredit that but you're right if you're gonna say you're not using this as leverage you are Greg I would be doing the same. I would I would be above average for that I think it's the right place you're Greg Olsen. Because there are only so many more years left in football in this idea. Okay this is a fans think this is an immediate thing you're not saying this that this idea that Greg Olsen can't somehow be committed to football. And this future at the same time like get to Baghdad and here grants effect and I don't hear very few kids Thomas. Nobody's ever questioned his commitment the football office and held by mark nobody's ever question the fact that this guy puts in all the effort to get himself ready to play. They did last year in and put himself I mean he put himself in a position last year where I didn't really do. Him nearly as much good as did Carolina Panthers aren't so attacks directs it there again on the buildings that are Jack's line 704 by seven and ice extent. How about this I never thought we do this to open the show a daring get a pro football talk dot com to quote too short. The leak was all good just two weeks ago half half half half a I let go about Condit well last night off Scott AUS tweeting truth is my goal. Controversy is my gym all 200 Ressa controversy first six packet truth and I thought poll who want great did daring game get a hold the Kanye West Twitter account last night around 830 listen I gotta tell you go striking gigs are a lot more lucrative than you'd think they are. And can't mannered didn't pay for itself yell. Who would do. Voodoo opening on writing for pro football talk dot com they do seeks an army sports stakes here on FS CM. Gary get tweeting for Kanye West when you worked up when you were paying attention so yeah I mean now I'll be honest day's end it if I gave. Answered so much mail. And seen so many comments on Twitter feud. Blue room later reduced to blow you. Greg goes into this no good news do you. I don't care. I didn't ballplayers being mad at me is not neither new nor novel nor hurtful and readers doing all those things. Doesn't bother me all that much so when you say oh nerd are you okay person with fifty Twitter followers I'm wounded. Well you do you talks about people think you've already heard he's still bumbling idiot and a text eroded and other buildings that are techs like this is so perfect. There's it's this spill yeah. Tex like 70457. Nights extent it's as high eighth tee haunt you are bubbling bumbling idiot and then then they then. Said they afterwards that is that autumn and extra tax debt that's great so I think they're that my favorite response which I showed you before they show and I'll clean this up but it was in all Catholic and you said. Darin gantt. Blanks. His pain it. PA ENTT elected TDs in my last name I was like you know figure out what is said Panetta was regrets not as funny book by going double T. And all caps it was funny. I somebody saying that ice cube said that it wasn't too short I don't know I'm just reading the text about who actually wrap that line. Leak was all good just a week ago I think Albert Einstein said that in the hole like great philosopher we come back on the other side daring gets its width to seize the sickness it's for tap rove still worth neighborhood grill you guys coming out with a select for a pro football draft roundtable tickets still available for thirty dollars until five. I get my perks dot com after that you viva the door they go up by ten but Greg Olsen you get in free yes we'd like to appear summit Steve mentioned 45 minutes you'll be than the man of the hour tonight and our moderator from ESPN's scouts think we will go over everything Panthers on offense theaters on defense. Any NFL draft as a whole with him at a 4 o'clock hour Omar Gaither is gonna Jonas if five. Gregg Rosenthal from Since Marty party the 24 ranked GM. In the NFL we discuss that next in history says. What he's gonna make a pretty good pick next week on Thursday night we talk about it with gay at its growth its primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Listening sub prime time which Chris Kroger. Powered by ortho Carolina. Sixers try to get buildings that are taxed like your questions texture will you'll be broadcasting the draft round table from somewhere what platform will look beyond. When your own eyes. Nowhere else OK we'll get picked we'll get a cut up later on if you wanna see it live before everybody else you gotta be here a person still worth neighborhood grill tonight. And nothing gets the party started like a giant spill off black coffee all over yet see. Because it's radio and weird stuff. Entertaining these people in the theater of the mind and didn't have to tell everybody that sector had just been a little bonus for the you know. But the local audience here but I guess so little oil Earth's neighborhood grill and keep daddy while you talk BA you look good I mean you're very stylish suits as stylish pair of trousers the chief now soiled. You know. You know wait I think I got to this before it really dried so water I've taken red wine out of an entire but it giant. Big red wine right off of don't cream colored blazer to come right out of the get a before you tell us ice cream colored blazer or does that shock you it does why you don't what was that like a rental suitors something low had dinner jacket one night when you're out of the water actually it's it's my summer blazer pizza it's it's actually get a plaid and you know but pattern on it very personally I. Q where it would black Kansas like totally jacket is literally William clay here Connie and that I. Accident that Avaya it a little young for that or he's an F five are pretty not I don't know one of cross the thirty border border now so you need your a seersucker is switching names I see I can pull that off as you can't Gary get a pro football talk dot com Gregg Rosenthal. In ten minutes NFL. Dot com and a film. Media we'll talk about his power rankings for GM she's got Marty attorney at 24 bit if you wanna be here tonight you gotta sign up you got until 5 o'clock you get my perks dot org. And it'll be thirty dollars you can pay at the door. That it goes to forty but we're gonna be here it's going to be a great night we'll City Hall with ESPN draft guide and Steve Mitchell will moderate the discussion. Good to join us coming up. At 4 o'clock everywhere this for an hour don't forget a lesser Greg Olsen I've got jury entry to seek cover and a cold beer we'll go beer summit with Greg Olsen a daring get Charlotte gophers football dot org. They got their home opener a week from Saturday okay ten dollars for tickets children twelve and under free these are first responders they comprise a semi pro football team. Go support these guys please this is an awesome thing they do in our community and they could use some support to go do that. At Charlotte cobras football. I dot org so we're to talk to Gregg Rosenthal about these power rankings he's got 403824. I think it's really interesting wind. They're the only really ranks 26. Yes no. Kind of a low bar right kind of a low bar I. I think it's so fascinating when you go back and you look at Marty birdies draft history. And more than anything go look at the first round picks. It's so funny because I think what Dave government's got credit for over the years has been what can we can come onboard those mid to late round picks maybe did. You don't the first it is at least two of the first rounder some backups git and those first and second round picks especially first round picks I don't care where you're drafted you should be finding. Starters. Did it and it may be debating if you how high your picking. You know difference makers for you for a long time and your people so Marty always take time we looked repossessed exactly the way can't overdrive today and did a decent. By the way he traded doubtful now is gonna say that was a trade down he traded down from fourteen when the jets wanna Darrelle Revis. So they had to have Darrelle Revis right ahead. He turned it into two picks are first and a second and came back with Jon Beason and running Khalil and so that was good business week it's decent it's when he five to get DeAngelo Williams a point seven are you kidding me eight. On Nvidia Chris Gamble it's when he still it's funny the things that people say about Marty hernia that was notable Marty dirty truth there big guy is not so both forward. DK did really poorly and by the way. What he did and this is why I think he's not gonna make this mistake again. He kind of chased a little bit. And you know you talk about that just Botox trade. And Diddy you talk about those wrought a draft for political ninths and equities circuit did it in a situation where. Two or three years in a row you're going without a first round pick your feel like you've got to go get a guy he got a deal this pick. Clearly did work out what that he came back with Kalin Lucas that was it put. Mean you go back and look at what he's picked even in the twenties those are guys I would keep your toll you walk away with players of that caliber next Thursday night 24. Aren't thrown a break down this street in a couple of weeks. Yeah AA and he has always been willing to freely with the exception. And they considered AJ green in 2011. But not really com. They were in own quarterback at that point because they knew they had a six and it was a rare opportunity came was a rare player but he's always still line. A pretty decent job. Not getting panicky about need and not really considering what's already on the roster when he you know when he drafted. When he drafted Khalili just signed Justin Hartwig. Like a year or two earlier too big creating contract you know we get from Green Day. We're remark we come from our affiliate there was a former titan it yeah maybe this Tennessee previously but all sit awhile which is still out of tonight. You know he had. You've got to be willing to draft to a position he already had a mean like you said earlier John Leeson was still here we locate physically walked in the door so it dumb. You can't get into that trap bud say and hallway got a draft a wider zero we got a draft to tidy you know we had a draft a corner because if the first two or three. Wide receivers are off to board you don't wanna draft somebody you thought was a second rounder with the 24 big decision in a wide receiver. Today you gotta have the discipline to say one vote this guy's a lot better and I was kind of I was almost half joking with Marty the other day we talked him out of the golf course. When I sit there with Kyle. You Giambi the other dad menos it was a home game for me dinner rain tree but armed. Yeah I asked him I say what did you gets 24 the best player on the boards Lamar Jackson. Wow I got I can't put cornerbacks in a different you know so I tray down. Well I had I don't know that we mark Jackson's going to be there all I agree with that slide gaffe did OAA that's forty Hussein and they quarterbacks have to go and their own category which you just gotta be disciplined and see what happens in front of view and listen the best news for any album would be for a bunch of core our quarterbacks again. If five quarterbacks get taken in front of a that's one more player that gets bogged down in their lab then. Pain and I think it 24. You know I've mentioned corner in the past as the place where it feels like the most logical place. Based on what city mayor in the twenty's and what you need it's a logical fit but they can go any number of ways and means 24. If it could be the right interior offensive linemen get it could be the right tight end who can be the right receiver they could be the right safety. Maybe a little less so but. You know if a guy like Derwin change Seve false and not a yeah with my shaky Wu I would like you would either but if there are questions about OK if the rights you sick run a quarterback something happens. And our questions of what is pure win position only and is a team willing to build packages around him all that stuff. If you're the Panthers enter when James on the board of 24 I mean you are. Iran Iran that that now that that cart all the way up to the podium well and in the same is true if the right passer ushers there it's eight. And I mean people are gonna think this is a punchline but it's the right defensive tackle is clear. And I don't know that you ignore it because a dairy pros still an older guy. You know he's still I don't know man not ignore the I think that's I think that's right draw the line and lesser theft I don't know I think got ignore it like this further diverted Butler one likelier Tavis earlier you can redo any pitch. And it's easy to do this in hindsight that these guys have the benefit of hindsight when they're making their team right they all think they're pick is the right place at the time it makes it does happen and hurried but may have diverted Butler pick in lieu of a guy like notre Hendry because you trusted the board. I mean that one LL CJ's yeah they I mean we'll see begin in this year or next year it'd if it was good picker not and that's I think this is an important year or for those gentlemen drastic because. Jack Thompson's got to be a player cheer for the first month of the season for further butler's got to be a player he's got to be a route a stud rotational. Disrupt her inside to justify we're used fit so they've got. They did enough work in free agency to kind of cover a lot of the you know is boxes on the checklist or whatever by. The fact that they went so hard trying to son Michelle Braylon early free agency and any ended up striking out when. You know he turned up with this mysterious gulf correlated staph infection give back Cochran signing actually let me talk girls fine but it really was a different grade of play here yeah and the fact that he made the aggressive move for that cornerback. Tells me that that's something he fits pretty high value on. And that's just another one of those differences between David Maarty they value the shut down corners differently. You know Dave was well let Josh Norman walk away out of spite. You know if Marty attorney had to do over Freeney gave Gelman move it would be a drastic. They would be Josh Norman comes on literally shaking my head around estimate I'm literally shaking my head at that no I still I think. Still defies my law any logic that I don't think well I mean then they'd again on the fifteen of one season the we say trust Joseph. All well but what Dave was doing fiscally was the equivalent of trust your board and he didn't think Josh was worth fix. The play corner I certainly was found in hindsight clearly was Arnold a quick break we'll come back on the other side Gregg Rosenthal from NFL icon he joins us next. Steve mentioned thirty minutes where you're a deal worth neighborhood girl hope to see tonight for a pro football draft round table still get your tickets. I get my perks dot com Rebecca Quick moment here on offensive. Powered by Ford go here. Well obviously a tough skin effect how many quarterbacks go and how that affects it increases position players down I think that this is a different drafts because. It's not it didn't normally in past drafts like you local last year and I think there were six offensive tackles on the first round and in six corners go Wolf Blitzer at the positions of strength of Topper little bit different I think delay as far as depth wise that is a little different than he usually is so it's harder to predict I think what's gonna happen. That clues Panthers GM Marty Ernie was. Derek get what he was cheating on me up one day was Kyle. I thought we had an open relationship. Maybe he's got to tell me. I. Really hope that she's disguises that selling commercial have been in real life it's getting a little uncomfortable right here Gerri give pro football talk dot com we will get Steve Metz joining us coming up in about 45 minutes ESPN's scouts think he's going to be the man of the night tonight. Corporal football draft roundtable we are here at Dora neighborhood grill don't forget. Wells Fargo championship a week from Saturday okay we'll get things fired up weeks basically a week away as were at so what go get your tickets at Wells Fargo championship dot com. And we have lefty commit just a few days ago we're still waiting word on whether tiger's gonna be here now but if you don't go online could do this any one of the eleven Dick's Sporting Goods locations in Charlotte. The official ticket retail outlet. Of the Wells Fargo championship. You guys get sweetest early Jewelers Twitter feed app primetime WFANC. Proudly Jewelers. It's diamond month and to celebrate their give a boy a weekend get away for free with any purchase of 1999. Dollars for the best selections values and deals on diamonds there's only one choice that is proudly Jewelers. And brown lead Jewelers. Dot com fiesta Texas to other buildings that are text line 704. I'm 7096 in the wood winds down on the path and know where I'm merely complied. Strippers and a white snake video with the fans on our hair around the way down that way hotter actually all right so we're gonna get Gregg Rosenthal volleyed a few minutes. Greg is ready we got Greg they're so let's go let's go to the tech become guess line. We love talking this guy Gregg Rosenthal NFL media Had guys kind of have to make some time away a month on a busy day the NFL where we just say when the games are gonna happen but it's a big day its scheduled day the NFL yeah. Build bigger day the NFL that scheduled here we are Greg you do is ask the doctor yeah. I'm than Barack and I don't quite meg video that they're there the art in America. Maybe it paints quite a trick or deadening Greg paddy had Rosenthal also look PF steel legend that is true. A lot of pirate bailout not a Latin. I don't know after prop like any any any even though he works for the man now we'll have beef we've you know weeks. Broken bread these hair like a ring of honor for pro football talk dot com. If if not happy at how does one get inducted is that Greg like your first you let your first ballot nominee here. Yeah how bothered about reading but they're they're the Barbara Michael this is an island and who I think that it and over again is that yeah I don't know parrot is comic turn out that maybe it after fifteen years but when they're the other hand. I think Michael Gayle can who spent three weeks with his last summer and beyond that little bit of slither into parts of at any rate Greg what is we know Greg is three degrees were now he's graduated and die you've got your your power rankings up Greg. How which are which are Daryn Madison I thought I. Of power Ricky stuff and NFL's economical reasons like our ranking towards my team stack up all season power rankings but. You've got your GM power rankings in heal its first glance a cell Marty area twenty forethought. Seems kinda lower than I thought about it and it didn't and well the last few years and I get that in. I think there's still unknown about what he's gonna do the second time around 644 I guess. Feels kind of right for me but I also have expectations of more divide out kicks of those over the next little bit here. And be happy if this little. Ranking which they did not make the overly popular on site where I felt got a phone call before you guys are from someone who could not sleep I was expecting. You guys can pick it up bring it back Marty who flew you know upon further reflect that. I might have been a little hard. And that and their madness here we're proud of the other bullet goes but he does this they're credit play for for building up that what people thought it. Greg do you look back and we are talking about this and now we always we always have the benefit of hindsight in so that's why this stuff is it's tough these guys make the decision in the moment they think they're making the right call. You know I think we look back now over the four drafts from Dave gentleman and I think immediately so I look back and think. You couldn't go look better he's got a a real reputation as a scouts scout as a football guy. And eight I know it's not easy when you're picking towards the latter portion of the first round but. Marty Ernie did that at times it takes a pretty good player still has so what do you think now we look back in hindsight of data elements draft pattern. It draft picks with with the Panthers over about four years. I think you acknowledge that that fit that early spelled out for me that's like everything in eight it is doubly unhappy with there you know and GM are there personnel the rest growers have. You know including Bill Belichick not get a big artists who aren't like you'd think an effort graph. With with art or you know it started out not not unbelievable but that's still a great way to start. And you think OK that's the big settlement and thought out. After that I would hold up or it. I I think he did a pretty good job overall. You know knowing which guys to keep going with guys to get rid of us don't think well. Obviously controversial but I'm not I'm still cloudy and very ignorant it will just. What. I was curious about it look at pitcher rankings Greg and it's not. This is not necessarily a criticism oh don't forget let go but really hate how much are you better gonna come harder I just thought Ozzie Newsome being for us isn't that a little bit of lifetime achievement award as opposed to what aussies done in the last 45 years. Yeah. And yet assignment for what it's worth for them that they do that. They say they want it to be kind of body of work that the whole time they've kept up by the way that's that's one thing I like. Valet ticket line at Howard wrote in three hole Kevin Colbert at the dealer knew that. I replied looking back about a third party Turkey and all the time and EM. Basically over the entire tenure and you know wanting at that but I think if the senate. It's like a late night talk about when people laugh and feel like if they're doing. Weller an elegant they're out here they're doing well and it looked at and were seen unfortunately. 1996. Is a pretty incredible he'd been definitely been. Worse over the off work that wouldn't be careful but it definitely worth it for the work by your bubble for the wrath of it's time the ball more that's that's that's what I. Given birth. We're talking to Gregg Rosenthal give me the craziest rumor you've heard. It does it have to be based in reality just a rumor the crazies were referred about the NFL draft at some point over the last few weeks Boone. No 13 strike fear degrade if that it hurt that are back there are are the people. Stop making a big push to move goodnight this. I just don't sit so it's different there than anything that would mean present and it is I mean it's day I think they can quarterback an effort make. D'antoni if they if they like one of the guys that have all of them but it just so different. And their history and that's. All of the move for lack of a better word out on the off property. Is it but hey can we cross it off because these are strange days for the patriots because we don't know. I mean and it again make what you will of the quote unquote reports about Tom Brady having committed or not committed to playing in 2018 I think commit about right to appear on good motivated. But any reference regardless we're coming toward the end of the Tom Brady days they've already traded off two maker offload nobody knows about the future Rob Gronkowski nobody knows about future Bill Belichick they just brought just think Daniel's back. I mean this is not a normal scenario for New England. Knowledge and that's why I don't think it. They took you know Lamar definitely heard off with the one. They're at that totally and then they hit it really more of a hundred restart the flip may have had so you it. Think if one top 56 in the last three years and they've got three of them appeared in other second round pick. Well they eat a lot of health and they'll give it up like multiple picks to trade up cut you looked after a better whoever you know would be. That seems so out of character for a team that always great in fact not they should step sort of bet on one player that I just kinda can't buy but I feel side that aching. A guy in the first round and I think it makes sense that it is it a bit ahead of me you know in many ways but. In terms of drafting the backup quarterback I think you'd be so big that drop below it. And Ryan mallet bogeys for that they have and I'll work that night that makes sense that you that you should always be. It's fascinating what's going on with that right now right I mean maybe this all just. Winds up where they've played a year and they're still really good football better attitude everybody else and they get to another Super Bowl but it's fun it's the are you entertain but to some kind of entertainment watching the jockeying for like power that's going on within the patriots right now. I'm I yeah I'm not I am entertained in the phase and I still expect them to be one of the better if he seemed like there are every year I mean I remember thinking that they were done. Half a lot this time the second time when you perform Tom Brady didn't have a greater playoff run that here but in all other they're not over that they are right I mean the thing. This thing ending for the accurate and look how pretty ridiculous art that they've and it does keep it going and that they managed to avoid. All the drama for so long like no other in its list enable them in in fill a void that sort of personal struggle for creditor or whatever app you that that month that it. All right give us give us the entire panther schedule because and you've seen it's what's happening tonight it'd. I had I don't know if emperor and you do enough without the come on yeah total loans up. I'd be happy not being serious than that but you know if I did I would pilot feed you know an ex NFL I'm like I was I would be looking. Out there working there that whoever wanted it. Do we always had a good relationship Greg I think we cook. Period we can tell you hey I what are your thoughts and it's really quick speaking at a schedule let you go this idea I was remarking about this the other day and the war guess who find out tonight. When the schedule comes out in full but feel Foxit apparently. Has told the NFL hey we want some of our good games from the Sunday package on Thursday so if you could move some of those. Thanks we'd appreciate that and I can imagine they're gonna put all the marquee games on those Thursday night games but even if it's so do you think that's gonna have a eight actual. Meaningful impact on the quality of the game and more people watching or is it just gonna be something that can experiment we'll see how it goes. But I think that there's in nineteen have been solid from the after going. It's certainly better than funny next February it makes sense to me that they want to move. Stop more quality game that topped the third night in the process the company thank. The company he didn't know the only company here in either first got to get out this. There's been nice if the number utility right back emulating that be that are coming back up off. Well it may well then that they're gonna kick game is there a problem that get you know a lot and they they think. One game at vanity get in and there's no way to flex out of a very big game and happened that. Gregg Rosenthal NFL media pro football soccer legend and alone he's moved on graduated. And you can check about I'll putters and Greg would you geez Rosenthal. And Doug are checking we treated at the Lincoln FNC but his these GM power rankings he's got Marty hernia 24 Greg is gonna talk did mandates make it tough for us. Yeah thank you better but you're going to be way yeah meaner that that report RT good grandma get on the patio right now we're allies may have already drinkable beer a little bit and can relate back to our life's good here are Baghdad's bloody mess I'd be good theatre day progresses the whole love NFL schedule coming out tonight Kenneth say inaudible it's able the other side of the break. But I wanna talk about the schedule. Wish that Thursday night package does that mean it's fascinating I only get your thoughts on again and I also wanna talk about this Monday Night Football gave it. And allied nobody seems to be getting it so that's Nexus Prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Listening to try and times which Chris Kroger yeah. Powered by ortho Carolina dot com. Flooding the building is centered text line 70457. Overnight success with this. Meanwhile the public she'd. It's says this is the really really fluffy sheep of truth. And he says that Darian gets a walking like snake video stuff. A thousand says he says that if five hit their straps Gelman never drafted one home run player. Says he says that her Boller was a bad draft pick before it happened rather than an hindsight. He says daring getting Greg also need to stop toying with a girl wanna go out on a date already. Greg's a very handsome man. He's welcome to come tonight not elaborate fake trees ticket. I don't know about where your dealer next door neighbor growth till 5 o'clock online to get my Burke suck up thirty dollars get to a tonight Steve Mitch is gonna jump ball this year. In a few minutes and meant to be here you he's not looking at your final analyses are always gonna jump ball this. I think Tony was in charge of getting in here and also what could possibly go wrong could possibly go wrong let's go to the phones really quick really getting to this up. Some his NFL schedule stuff for the monetizable bold job let's that's getting into did that in a moment but first we go to Kenneth who's waiting in the Kenneth what's up there would you wanna say. Judge. Phil curt Smith are welcome and you will open up and guarded day and my opinion is Marty Kearney. Is this good destructive offensive line. But we know more and not direct links and all that apartment that didn't even chuck it's fighting off an apartment appreciate it but you know. So. Please help stop shake you know about the greed that you put. I can that I officially called an opt out of the eye for actually thought he sinks so we think Marty attorneys as good as drafting offensive line in his if they get that was drafting defense of one. All I want any draft. You know he did say air for the drafting of writing Khalili was setting date drafted trade turner NN. I don't know that I would yeah I don't think of those suicide following Kenny there I am I'm not prepared to go where he's going like you say you're wrong but I'm not sure I understand either OK settle similar words of the dear departed. Colton tutor you could be right. I have no idea where he's coming from an out okay 704570. 960 and say number for the phones in the building setter tech slide. And now we're gonna get Steve mentioned here a little bit worried as we're gonna do a deep dive on the NFL draft big picture of the local papers offense we'll painters defense a Margate there's gonna jump all this do. I hear on its own mindset when it's legal order while it's gonna do apologist of this is our golf tournament the other day when you were cheating on the how when cheating. Mike has said it was. That great you permission it was experimenting okay undergo did you feel writer it. It felt kind of nice feel fun I didn't say it was a little weird. No and I was in frank Garcia's spot. Now now this is going down a camera goes somewhere you don't we should really stop this right now all right so when I get into this a little bit I mentioned a store the other day fox throughout big. Got a deep field events. To get out front of the media partners and and of people that are going to be buying erratic I'd look at Steve right on time does anybody else. Hi. If they got they got this event where they had all these big ticket advertisers they're they're tell them hey here's what's going on here's what we're Bruins. Fox dot you know with Rick fox sports and in the NFL package and everything. And one of those things that they throughout there there there had to force program McKenna said. You know we made it pretty clear to the NFL we would like some of our marquee games that we here and in the Sunday window. To appear on our Thursday night's sleep in and out of I'm sure the unifil will accommodate some way shape or form. I don't know what that's gonna look like tonight put. Do you think what do you think of that idea that boxing you know what we want that we want better Ryan if we re doing so we're if we're showing games on Thursday and Sunday we know like a little bit above you know summing column may summing column they. Adding it was actually interesting there's a report. You know obviously everybody's trying to hire Peyton Manning and one of the factors for him was not wanting to call Eli games. And fox you know according to this report fox was willing to go along and say well we'd be well in the pie. Thursday night giants games because we'll show on Sunday anyway so there is a little bit of that. You scratch my back I scratch my arm because it's all the same body. And no way it works out like the idea but Thursday is. I'm fascinated by the idea because it's as if they can put anything on Thursday night people wanted. And that reduces the temptation to put something good on Thursday night do you think I mean it's it's not any one thing. What do you think the main reason why we think the football scrimmage is the actual match ups. How much of an impact will this actually part of it see actual match ups I mean there how many titans colts game can you watch in a lifetime before he gets sick Obama I mean it just. And I know the idea of putting divisional games together bled. Don't you can never predict that schedule stuff that's life. I hate. Pay no attention whatsoever things that interest me zero. Schedule release and strength of schedules so you guys you're not gonna be refreshing your Twitter feed tonight at 8 o'clock no I'm not I gotta take my kid to soccer practice but. Com and won't be scrambling for Wi-Fi necessarily sewing keep caught up but now I just think you get too far down the road on some of that stuff and it's impossible to predict who's gonna be good you wouldn't have known. If you would have scheduled a forty niners game in December. You know that bad to be given his season you have been like crowd where they put in his crappy forty niners game on TV they want the most watchable teams in the league the last month of the year which specific part of it just be. Quite honestly. In a problem with Thursday the ball as good football at that level would those types of players and athletes isn't meant to be played. Forties after days John pastor I have recently dads it's brutal on the players in the league can say whatever they want about. Injury rates in the league's Jerry Dixon stands instead danger rates are actually lower on Thursdays and now that's not true. I mean it's it's bad for players and it's bad for players long term health I think to do this because it just puts an unnecessary strain. On them and puts him in a position of trying to recover in ways that. Might not be best for players told outlets still quick guide he's the man of the night tonight Steve mix ESPN's scouts think is here. And you guys can still get here you get an hour to get it at thirty dollars okay other than. Other than the next hour to go up to forty so that got very big book you've got dear Steve knows what he's doing my friend all right so we will get Hewitt ducked it like Merck stock come. You guys can can sign up to get in the door tonight for thirty dollars a deal worth neighborhood group were real right now at five. You get shall papadore price goes up to forty you could award Steve benched as a deep dive to pay if there's any NFL draft with me and Gary can't right after this its prime time powered by ortho Carolina.