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Friday, August 11th

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger and co-host Richard Walker bring on Golf Channels Matt Adams regarding the playing conditons at Quail Hollow. 


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Show were half way to take if you would do weekend primetime powered by ortho Carolina we've got a chance of 1000 dollars coming up in an hour. We also have a chance frequencies tickets high school football kickoff guy that's gonna be week from Saturday that comes in this hour's well Richard walker hanging out with us. For the gas to gazette and we're here at the 99 PGA championship quail hollow club where Kevin kissing her holds the lead by four strokes. As he opens up would back to back rounds of 67. Four strokes ahead of the second place man right now and Louie who stays and who is a former major winner. And he posted a a score of seventy. I yesterday still one under any sitting there three under today through sixteen and I he sitting four strokes back of leader Aiken south Carolina's. Kevin kiss there and we go to the tech become guess want to welcome in that Adams from the Golf Channel because. We knew that right now Kevin commissioner for strokes ahead of everybody else. As we try to wind on this Friday quail hollow club that was to be expected correct. Chris Richard you know what it is not to be unexpected from Kevin kisser each one of these guys yep today was. Flying under the radar not by his own a house but simply because it. There was so much attention paid and rightfully so to. That means that you would expect Jordan speed at least it accomplished the career Grand Slam that would glory about or continue this success. Then he sat at quail hollow would Dawson Johnson returned to his world number one form which. Jason Day once again channel the player that. He has been through that perhaps we're Brooks trap gotta find this after the US open victory all these big story lines from big personalities. That dominate the game would be recused time. And yet you're having Kevin Kissinger who it's funny because you Georgia Bulldog and he plays like all thought he's got quieter. He doesn't give up he grew up on Bermuda grass so. Instead of hearing that instead of complaining about it she graces that she loves it he says he's able to read and as a result. Atop the leaderboard. Talking to Matt Adams from the gulf to Italy's with this right now in the tech become guest on his so we talked 99 PGA championship again it's like having kids there. I'll with the lead as he's in the clubhouse back to back sixty sevens to open up Rickie Fowler today I got to follow Rickie for a little bit and Ricky. He looks comfortable out there any posted a one under seventy today after a 69 yesterday but Rickie Fowler very much in the hunt and here we go into the weekend this would this is not a an unfamiliar story line that Rickie Fowler in the hunt with a chance to win his first major. And he's got to close that it shows some metal down the stretch. Rickie is seeking a longer a thing about Ricky got a lot of people don't realize boast OP side. He's Serb party stroke which is very impressive indeed there's no doubt. About that but one thing is I was talking about Kevin cheers Stewart apple Slater to Rickie Fowler's advantage was that such. Kevin doesn't have great land can Kevin has said look if he gets wet here. If it rains command has just started she's now on the golf course gets soft. Then there's going to be a problem for Kevin Kuester did that make it of course it's already a monster play. Even more so where's Rickie Fowler who has the gift of distance off to teach. If he had that art and stroke that's reliable you could type not quite a bit. If the weather here ships as it looks like he's mad. What's been the most surprising thing do you through through today's dish we knew some of the stuff was gonna. I'll play out that this course was going to be pretty darling and maybe even more difficult in some fashion than the way the US open played out this year. But would something that you really didn't see coming so far through two days. Well I can trust him he has the question that that way Crist because. It actually happened here is that. In some way the PGA championship in the US open has switched positions. 27 G quail hollow was playing like eight US open golf course right now we're right in fact screams. That are hard as a rock of golf course that is along a golf course it's defined by hitting fairways into you don't you know settled down until. Thick rough it may or may not have a lie in that you could it gets all towards decree vs just. Playing out safely in the very once again tree lined a community that's coming out your operation of the way that they are the tickets that are record sales and body to Roche. Everything about this event speaks to a US open. Purses which normally PGA championship scenario of formula which is set the golf course up tough but sped it up barrel or in whatever they shoot out there. They shoot out if that's not what's happening this year so. I am surprised by that I have to say I'm delighted by that because I loved quail hollow like it's great golf course and I think it's it's it speaks to. Just a good golf course that it is that the players throughout if the challenge such as they are. But other than that I would have to point to Rory McIlroy I think with the success that each attic well I'll I'll. The fact that he's struggled. Through his first two rounds as yet EEU will make the cut it will be around. For the weekend but he used to he's gonna have to do some of his Rory McIlroy we can actually achieve two very good round to try to get into your. A top ten or better at this point. And when I look at Rory is one of the things and I'm looking at that I hadn't heard a lot of people talk about that was mentioned it the other Eid Al central because. If ever we think it's about Rory is part of it is I'm not the nine. However if you look at Rory in scrambling some twenty or thirty yards let's say compared to 4014 wouldn't want. It is his last two major championships if you compare that year to this year he's offered apartments that won't deny that but. 2030 yards scrambling he's way off greens in regulation he was eight that you additionally the harder something cute barely schedule each. Proximity to hole he was eighth this year heat somewhere door of 150 so he's he's skiing that he missed channel accuracy in. What I see and all that is not detected everybody else sees however has a flat we saw a drop off in. Ball striking for efficiencies from Rory McIlroy it was in 2013. What happened in 2013 wholesale change equipment. This year not only did he get married not only used it with these injuries. But he had a wholesale change in equipment so I actually think that what it's all said and done we're gonna look back on. Point seventies story about Korean look upon it as a transitional year. And I I do think he's going to be fine I just don't think he's going to be by the. So well it man out of wood just on the Golf Channel again you can follow up Matt on Twitter it's met at Matt Adams FOL. I'm still a lot's been made other guy in Tiger Woods for good reason of is this guy ever gonna come back again bully for winning any tournament let alone a major blood. Eight what doesn't seem to be talked about may be enough that. Is Phil Mickelson and now this is too straight majors he's gonna miss the cut and it's the first time since 95 he's missed the cut at the PGA championship. Our meanwhile. Should not be under sold fifty year old Steve Stricker making its 26 consecutive major championship Ron green junior tweet that out earlier. Bomb didn't Phillies he he was I mean I watched him earlier infill arm was saying I think I'm paraphrasing here. It's not that he's hitting that shot she's just missing but he's missing. That met at media he he looked really rough out there on in terms of flaws some of his his approach shots in what used to wood off the tee so. Com what what what can we ever expect from Phil Mickelson moving forward because this is this is a well. Wc games you mentioned Phil Mickelson he mentioned Steve Stricker I want to start the latter first because. That you are not tethered just because of their age in terms of all how they approach it. Steve Stricker hit stairways ready stricker hit screens in your happy at fairway you have to eat greens this week we realized that what's. The way to setup is at quail hollow so. In my surprising anyway that Steve Stricker and it is going to make the cut now absolutely I am not he's been playing very well he's kept himself. BJP is to reduce schedule he has for a few years that he keeps himself crash. On top of that so the burdens of being the president or the captain of the United States presidents cup he'd certainly has not. He can relate to his ability to perform the fact I spoke to him. Earlier this week and say how much brought wind this thing you've been you've really got a question I was gonna affect your cap space on the edge off by. For your team and he said that the attack that he lap that was the end of the conversation. Now we're talking about Phil Mickelson. I think it's different do you are talking about. Steve Stricker was a guy is actually couple years older than bill. At 47 years old I think that father time might be catching up with Phil Mickelson would know that there was dealt with some. Our three key issues up over the last few years and that type of game that he had is unlike Steve Stricker is in that became a Phil Mickelson is apology. In the power Gaby you're not hitting it. Yet on the target that that you're aiming at which were seen this week he's not. That's what he was talking monsters eating the wrong place you're gonna get yourself in trouble gonna get in that Robin you're gonna have those TV lies that may or may not be although they have all. Towards the hole and if you are. You might get a clump of grass behind it the club they switched and gave what happens is is that. Of course if the ball and collapsed and collapsed in there and eat the water that's in the grass especially now answers some all of this guy as well. A lot of groups of the club and as a result you get what's called a liar. It's very hard to control to go with it this is going to be able flyer eighty get a wicked Pete what you're actually be going to get one because the flight attendant. So those variables that add to the difficulty getting out of that particular crop so the fact it still has wayward on a shot it's not likely ever didn't. Particularly accurate with the driver each just this is a golf course that he had not been wayward on he just. And so it's not it's not the most golf courses the waiters set up on the PGA tour as it's called bomb and gouge which means he hit it where everybody while police. And busy wedges onto the greens take it from there a look at last week it's it is the a World Golf Championship Bridgestone invitational coming into the final round Thomas Peters tie for the lead keywords. Second how lack in this field in fairways hit or that show you that the way to force sets up deeper courses is that. The rough. It's geared toward Iraq. Depth is short enough. That the players hit it that it could erupt they could still get away Johnny get it on the green and obviously make a lot of birdies but not the case this week is this just sat up. Just a major championship and degree I think it's. Awesome I think it's on everybody's seen this kind of golf. A couple of times a year and I do you think that's the recipe book this weeks old to still. Demise that will let you go with this it's been the question do juror ferocity Charlotte he had this week is everybody comes in. I'll what's the future for quail hollow club as a relates to other golf circuit both the PGA tour and then now. Also as a relates to majors and things like presidents cups and and Ryder Cups movement for what's the future this well yeah. Have to understand at quail hollow was already a tremendously respected and you're always has been so there's no question about that the change is that it may debate the golf course. I didn't get it into it now constant inconsistent conversation. As the host venue for major championships. I think happening here is that. I think quail hollow is graduated to a new level it has always been a great PGA tour golf course there's great merit to that in and of itself but now I think it's at a different level I think now. Whether you're talking about US GA. Well what you're talking about the PGA. There's merit in having conversation maybe even a Ryder Cup this marriage propositions don't. You know what what about quail hollow which is it about that and believe me each and not jobs that golf course when you're gonna bring a major championship into the city. There have to be specific headcount there have to be restaurants perhaps the hospitality there have to be. Pop you mentioned the corporate support. If you look at the tickets this week for for this event. 50% of the tickets sales came from North Carolina the other 50% keep them all over the country. 49 of fifty states in fact that supported. This PGA championship so. If if there are it merits or a pat the back in the certainly is it's not just the golf course to golf courses at a different level it was before. But the city of Charlotte deserves a great deal of credit for putting not a fantastic tour. Now we love it and it's been it's been fun grown up here it's cool to see major golf come to Charlotte I never thought I'd see today and yet to. Here we are mad it's a pleasure to document this is fun enjoy the rest your weaken it takes the time. Thank you so much alike they go mad Adams from the young Golf Channel follow him on Twitter at Matt Adams FOL we get a break come back on the other side. You get a chance to win two tickets to see ortho Carolina high school kick off night as a week from Saturday 45 minutes away. From a crack a 1000 dollars we gotta get into these NFL stories from today Ezekiel Elliott hit with a six game suspension Sammy Watkins traded to the rams Jordan Matthews traded to the bull our bills. And also gonna get the MBA story as they wanna try to penalize teams. Through rest healthy players that's all ahead Richard walker witness its prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Itself. Right now have a quail hollow club and it's just did not give it all over from pine needles to find deals. He's now on is a fourth shot after his third shot from the other side of the fairway. I in the pine needles underneath the trees. Hit a tree and bounced just what I mean I could have been more. Twenty or thirty yards forward right now so he's in a messy get a tree directly in his line of sight he's gonna have to try to hook this thing. Are around a tree right now so Jordan speed. Who found a way to rally yesterday late. And get to plus wind to put himself coming in the mix today armies he's in a funk right now in that batch of that approach shot falls short of the green. Nearly into the bunker so Jordan's speech right now beef gonna pine needles yesterday we did yeah you are may have beefed Johnston. Who hit it off a half eaten hot dog bun and potato chips Asia at the rules official so the rules official is just talk we're Jordan speed. And people are were wondering why I think moving all those pine needles were there loose impediments the rules that you can do things like that gap two with the rules official was. We speak would be Johnston yesterday Richard walker. And the beast. What's that the rules officials that I think it's a potato chip at peace response to us. Would you want a taste it to find out a goodness gracious so its allies George street not laughing right now like that guy is in it. And he sit there plus two but now it's about devastate its shot at the par four I believe worries that right now the par five par five OK so we did he's got a chip in. But to make par and he went. What out in out of 36 he's he was plus one of the on the front nine so why he he's in a mess right now and you look at it Kevin prisoner sit there at eight under and he's now three shots ahead of second place Hideki moxie on our. I'm going four under today through thirteen to a deck he's moving up the leaderboard. On this Friday afternoon of course we will have play by play coverage starting tomorrow at two and we'll have that on Sunday as well and all leaderboard updates are brought to you by. Keel while island golf resort proud host of the 20/20 one. PGA championship all right so get your not a golf update coming up about thirty minutes shared dorsal and just went back out onto the course and social can get us updates. Throughout the show. We gotta give away a pair tickets right now for high school football kickoff night presented by ortho Carolina it's gonna be a week from Saturday. Six of the best teams battle head to head and it's all thanks to mister Sparky the no Malarkey electrician. Vance vs west next Olympic vs Providence day Charlotte country day vs Myers park so right now if you're the fifth caller. You'll win these pair of tickets 704570. Nights extent. Fifth caller right now you when a pair tickets to see high school football kick off night presented by ortho Carolina a week from Saturday. That'll be at memorial stadium fifth caller 704570. 9610 we gotta give way chance of 1000 dollars coming up. In just a little bit as well Richard first really get to the NFL news dump on a Friday afternoon which is so typical NFL. Ezekiel Elliott hit with a six game suspension for your cowboys and then you get Simi Watson traded to the rams Jordan Matthews traded from the Eagles. Ought to be built to replace David Watkins so lot of movement in the NFL kind of a big news to Ronald Darby got traded Ronald Darby yet got traded. As part of that tree to the Eagles he was returned. Offer for George Matthews Ronald Darby former Florida State seminal cell. I'll we'll talk about that coming up in just a second but first. What did you think of Jeff's piglets report yesterday from USA today. I talking about the NBA will absolutely 100%. By a approve play arresting rules to penalize teams who arresting healthy players starting this year. Aides seem like it's a long time coming in mid you know I still question how you can truly policed that because. As you well know from governing today as long as you have. How many players player president has so how are you gonna get involved and saw his ankles really aren't that math. May know just change the that the wording though stop announcing lower gonna arrest him and I'm really fascinated to see how. Gregg Popovich responds to the media day question about that because he is kind of started that way back when the and he is convinced that it helps. Project has veteran players should stay fresh come playoff time because if you're a team on the San Antonio Spurs job. The 82 regular season games get you slotted to be in the playoffs but ultimately your plan for. Then the real prize of the championship and that doesn't that means it. You know back in the old days and Tim Duncan was planned form any point 42 minutes in and overtime win on Friday night he's probably Arnold play on Saturday. And I think that's. Sound strategy back coaches or at least Greg Popovich thought it was sound strategy this commission to see how they MBA gets involved in tellem people Taylor browns got to play on Saturday night it's on national TV I don't kid that he played 52 minutes last night in Orlando and an overtime game. Well here's the interesting quotes this is from Jessica for the USA today. I he posted this yesterday I do use some of the lines from out of silver when he spoke in April about this and then again in the NBA finals in June. And this is from Adam silver the NBA finals he said quote. There's a recognition from teams that on one hand a certain amount of resting it's just inevitable and appropriate to keep the players healthy. But they shouldn't be resting multiple starters on the same night. And incidentally wherever possible. They should rest their home because there. While I fuel for the home fans just as much as the way fans the way it VOA fans may only get a chance to see that he wanted of course the home team. Our fans could see that team. Many many touched what and no doubt I mean. You don't see LeBron James and stepped Currie and you name home resting. At home because they wouldn't dare disrespect their fan base that way yet they have no problem doing that. Odd during a way game because that same level of reverence and respect doesn't exist for fan base that's not your own yet that's the norm that happens all the time in the India. Yeah Obama but I also think that that the coaches don't care where the games playing I mean it's like F. If you have veteran players. That played more than you want him to play the night before and you happen to have the Saturday night marquis AB CTV game. If your strategy is to keep them fresh far would you force the issue westbound. Yeah I understand the logic behind it and I get it then it's ultimately a business and we need. You know as an MBA and I longtime NBA fan and you won't have the best prodigy can wanted David. I just don't know how they're gonna. In force telling Gregg Popovich the manager notably played more minutes anyone into an overtime game last night that you got to play him on Saturday I don't care road games. No I know I think there and that's the thing that's tough fear is. There's got to be there's like there's a tonic gray area and Angela based off of out of silver's comments and again one of the other comments you made is. I when we do a marquee network games we've illegal office could do a better job at looking obviously the prior night in terms of back to backs. But also several days leading up to that game so players repeat performance. Off for those games so Siegel it was ways he'll basically and I don't think he's guessing here because based office reporting it sounds like he knows what's about to become a double pike. But his reporting basically is insinuating what the rules will be is. Okay severe penalty one made a severe but penalties for teams that rest multiple players on a given night. And teams that rest players on a national TV game as well. As opposed to OK LeBron need tonight just to get its feet underneath them on a random Wednesday night. Sure do that I don't think people are gonna be mad about that and but it's one arresting Kevin Love Kyra you're being a LeBron James. On a Saturday night marquis ESPN game on ABC that people are saying hold up now now Helm explained to me how this is for the good of the sport. I don't disagree a bit and just think it's going to be mean horn or do you draw Milan on that because I think. Pro for instance lets you share rose an exact forming obviously. Our hornets didn't get only national TV that much but based don't want happen in the off season with Kim walker having another knee surgery. There was to my knowledge not listed on the reports they need his knee was diminished or why wouldn't they sentiment. If they thought. Think that him playing wouldn't benefit them and they don't all people don't know that he's got to hurt me correct. Mean there's some strategy to this is kind of like. How this foul trusts. Found people that don't turn in a full injury report war. It's kind of like if if for instance do you really think there's going to be any follow up towards New England Patriots. When Tom Brady's right says he tried that a concussion last year he never showed up on the injury report with concussion type since symptoms at all. Mean there's going to be no follow up from the active now. Now put it hey here's Miami and then again I agree within days logic I understand why they're trying to do it I just don't know how you enforce that I really don't. Well maybe it's of it it's no two point maybe it's a monetary penalty what are you gonna do you like to forfeit a game you can move teams back a half game in the standings and if it becomes a monetary think your point. Who's gonna spit in the face of this the most if Gregg Popovich you think he can't get the spurs to write whatever check they need to write if that's why pay 50000 dollar fine if you break one of these rules you think the spurs won't do that each and every night if that's what it calls for. And ultimately how I'll look at bush content it's concerned enough to sour breath it's act I don't care right but if I'm saying that if you're out of silver. OK you can only push this so far as your. What in it truly what are you gonna do cost teams games are you gonna force them to forfeit games I can't ever see it getting tipped to be that that level of severity. Offer the penalties arm but there are eerie look the the real crux of this argument Richard comes down to this. The NBA ratings were as good as they have been since 1998 this past year for the NBA finals new. It was the third straight year we've seen the same NB a finals matchup that it never happened and NBA finals history. The game is as good as it's ever been before terms of popularity. In the last twenty years. And so the argument is this okay is this issue of resting. I'm not seeing marquee players in big national game seemed multiple players on the same team resting on the same night. Is that not getting in the way or is it something that's limiting how much more popular the NBA could already because you can look at and say. Men are proof fans don't care. Or you can look at and say no imagine how popular the NBA would be if the stars brought it every single night which is an age old argument here for people that don't like the NBA. World bit the think about and we talked about this on the station I mean. The playoffs are so boring nobody cared won't they were so are born in about us waiting for the last match. And that was always kind of the case. Really starting probably in February or march. Mean did this seem passe did did the Golden State. Was gonna meet Cleveland in the finals yet we can't we just being gone beyond the sister we had just been Gaudio before the playoffs even started and Jeff Faine Gundy sat with us. Yet it's gonna be Golden State and my aunt died in Cleveland. I don't know why were bother playing these games the guy was calling me NBA finals every PC and just say goodies telling us a former coach himself saying. Before the playoffs even start yet these are going to be the two teams. I don't know why we're even bothering. So did he get the memo urges immediate fan for since that's I don't earlier statement I don't know if you got slapped on us for that all I know it's on an MBA junkie and I don't think what what these with all the stuff resting I don't think this is good for the NBA. And you you Kindle you can tell me about player health and safety and rest all you want I get that. I rarely play the old man car get off my lawn. But these MBA players are signing up for this you better help players laying their bodies on the line without fully guaranteed contract. You have fully guaranteed contracts in the NBA every last one -- and stuff curry just got fifty million dollars a year. For his new super Max contract you're signing up to be playing the 82 games I get it if your there's an occasional night you need some rest. I understand that but this is what comes with the territory the NBA pick a lot of other perks that most pro plus pro athletes don't get this country. You got to your signing up. This man this is the silly Chris I care what you sand and I do not disagree one bit but I'm just telling you. If if you're looking at him in the last twenty years would you not argue the most. Successful franchise has been San Antonio and may have. They believe in this sitting there veteran players. I'm just don't see it stopped and I mean there's a strategy to an amount. I'm phenom way yeah I mean if if the problem of paying NBA fan and I may go to two games a year if I wanna go to file than say New Orleans. And I wanna go to seek cover brown I expected to play and I'm. What do you think I know put a hold on now is I think you're right but I correlation doesn't equal causation so her distaste data Tony's been really good there's no arguing that. They've basically been a dynasty even though they've never won back to back titles. But do we believe the Golden State doesn't win the NBA finals this year they did rests if they've played all those guys 82 games a year. Does the outcome of the NBA finals change this year 'cause I think the answer is no. Probably not but don't you think. That there is a sentiment. Within Golden State circles maybe not so much this year but particularly last year as they push to get that record of best regular season record in the history of the game. That that caused. Staff Curry's injured I don't know that you could prove or disprove that but I think you saw Golden State back off. An awful lot down the stretch this year and once they were pretty confident they would be the top seed they didn't push the issue match with blend their guys. Excessive memory. No I I cannot say that stop and because I think that's a strategy. The day's work and here's kind of the point it's perception. Becomes reality were some of these people I don't know how you can prove or disprove. Resting players up some because if you go to and play in Norman will Chamberlain had what one season where he didn't come off the court. I mean did that diminish what Chamberlain's greatness I don't think so but there's a belief within. A lot of current NBA coaching staffs that you know line. You get diminishing returns that the further you get past 35 minutes played in the game for any fire. Well you get into that teams think well look you know. I need to win this game of some well and they let LeBron go 42 minutes but I'll sit in tomorrow night maybe I mean. And and particularly in a bronze case as he gets up and UNAIDS I think you're gonna see more of that with him. And given how LeBron values. Staying in shape and in our work now I would think he would look at a guy like Tim Duncan there. What San Antonio is doing unseen on Akamai and to doing that. Plus awesome. I understand the NBA star on an. I understand my friends are upset about it understand mother TV networks want it to be enforced but I just don't know how you enforce it. With any kind of certainty because. You know if your LeBron James and you've been an indestructible player from these years it's hard to imagine that. On any given day in February you don't have a tweaked ankle a sore hamstring a sore elbow. A sore shoulder from getting found one of the basket mean Mike Dennis Allen Iverson get us out of every game in his career. Sure is again not drown every game and it is take your lumps and keep going to get big file bombing you know and I just don't know how you enforce this rule understand the the way you wanna do it in and in no time gathered as they gather should play all 82 games but that's just not. The reality and again the perception has become reality with these current players think in. Hey if I don't push the envelope probably fresher for the playoffs or just really went on need to be gut. Right Jacob tweeting and a good question we'll get to it on the other side. Kevin wants to jump then we do that fifteen minutes away from another opportunity to win 1000 dollars we got to be a bird coming up in about an hour if you missed him. Yesterday on the show. Big night on Wednesday night for the Panthers in the pre season went he had four receptions 98 yards and two TDs we'll talk to the former game cock. Jim millers gonna talk all things quarterbacks would us. Former bears QB serious sex and NFL radio. He was on the call last night for mature this piece debuted two's we get to that you're reactions more with Richard walker after this on primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Suspended out of the course nor since he walking back towards us right now is he's off the air he's been called the coverage on radio and it's dark out there for what we're CNET TV we can't see where the media center but those look like some dark clouds out there to 99 PGA championship and two guys moving up the leaderboard. Five under today Hideki not see mama he's now in second place just threes well now two strokes back of giving Kitchener. The leader at eight under who's been in the clubhouse for a few hours now. With back to back sixty sevens and Jason Day. Who meet Ryan anywhere we are just yesterday out on the course and we arson may have Jason they've really kind of fell off a cliff for the last twelve months after being the number one golfer in the world and yet. Geary is today posting a four under through ten holes he's at five under three strokes back. In now sole possession of third place right now so yeah I mean you know we've been talking about a week about the stuff that's going on a Kelvin Benjamin like Jason day's going to the same Deng his mom battled cancer he's had probably every injury known to man over the last there of twelve months the calendar. And for him to have success here. It's a it's a pretty good story yes so it's it's getting interesting out there and drug. I as much talent as anybody in this field in the George beats out you're just trying to grind. After he posted a bogey. At what would abandon them. I believe one did he start on one or on ten earlier but he I think it was on one where he went by the external want okay so that would have been a tent where he went you what are you what for voting that was a good look at bogey based off how we slap and all over that hole. And died now believe he's sitting there at plus three up plus two on the afternoon so that leaderboard update brought you back Q island golf resort proud host the 20/20 one. PGA championship. And we are Richard walker witness we're gonna get to you're you're keyword to win a grand coming up in a few moments I talked about this. NBA story where USA today's Jeff Segal at reported. NBA expects to approve play arresting rules and how about this a Tweeter wrote in this is Jacob at prime time WFANC. Proudly Jewish Twitter feed. I he was saying. Should the to be a mission to start their season suitors for games not Richard when that's part of the story that's really the the main thing at this story is. Schedule changes will happen so among the schedule changes the legal start a week earlier this season. Creating more days to point 82 game schedule elimination of four games in five days. Eight to eighteen games in thirty days in a hornet had one of those this year and then reduction of back to back from an average of fourteen. Sixteen point three per game. Opera team per season to fourteen point nine any reduction of single game road trip by 17% so no more four games in five nights. And no team will no longer any team we'll have a eighteen game in thirty days schedule. And don't hole any NBA just recently in the last what two years Richard got away from the occasional. Always at five and seven. I mean that used to be irregular burn once in a blue moon if you're scheduled book wrong when a problem. Is you've got many of these. Teams will most of these teams have either major Minor League Hockey and of course the end of the battle is for those weekend playing dates and so. You're almost an apparently having a Friday Saturday back to backs workers. One team wants Friday one team on Saturday one team wants at least a week in day eight. And it's it's it's. Hard to accommodate that and and you couple that with college basketball term it's different concerts I mean there's all kinds of reasons why year remains to be used. And everyone these teen sends an MBA. The black out dates of the dates they were prefer not to have games and their venue in the games the dates in which they can't have. Then years like presses sickened when he nineteenth on the all star game is here you can Dow lost our game keep the hornets. From their home building Pryor for about. Ten days including the all star game obviously it doubly determined is also here ACC terminal also are an ominous sight if there's an NCAA. First round original hair so there's. They'll be very front loaded in that 1819 season because they did just simply can't use their venue for really about a month. And and you know their double B feared the hornets are not a team that complaints about the way the schedule breaks very often because they are very. They go to the NBA not only with the black out for you but they wanna get as many weekend dates as possible and so by doing that. You're going to give yourself a lot of back to backs during the regular during the week because that's the only way for the NBA to accommodate that self. The hornets don't do a lot of complaining on the air and but they've been one of the teams who leads the league in back to back the last few years just because of the way they want their sketch rack though. That is what it is what it got the phone real quick let's go to Kevin who's been hanging on it was to jump in what's up Kevin what do you think man. Hey guys they don't get me on yeah and thought there would be a good now they know what the basement and instead of between the leakage they're just kinda. Drain the water the basement. And leakage into the continue to cost problem that's what I leak. Is BI the none of games in the season in the NBA does look like that's like that's the problem would you agree. No I agree and I would have. EA junkie but if this legal like a seventy game NBA schedule audio talk about a sweet spot for how important games would be. Yes absolutely and I end up like cod about about either right but because you certainly came in the NBA you need more than the more college basketball. I played bad but I you know I could seven just imagine just eat eat your guts and continued we over the next decade or two. You know this extension of the season bye week. It's been good at continue to add games. And this is gonna it's gonna just what all downhill from there yet no doubt and. And I think that that's the thing the MBA is it too weird to stop and appreciate the call him that's a good point we were just talk this the other day with the PGA championship Richard like them moving to may. I love the idea of the PGA. At the PGA. Four and the PGA. As a unit are two different things have to agree to this so. When they move to may I love the idea that they're saying you know what we're gonna be gonna try to compete with the NFL let's make our schedule as compact and meaningful as possible. And I think the NBA's it team elite Beckett could benefit from that I think baseball could benefit from that. But you gotta be willing to say bye bye to gate revenue and and and other sports sources of revenue for. However many games without that would be and you'd have to be willing to believe that. TV money would would counteract that and other money would counteract that that's a ha you know you gonna step out on faith if you're the MBA. They're reducing game's truly would be more money and more eyeballs are nearly and that's the that's a hard thing to do right now. Well they introduced the pre season to 40006. Games per team so I guess it's. It's possible but I I tend to think that they're not they're not moving off an 82 games. Now. How they come to get dating game does seem that they've started earlier because nothing now. Your for sure in October. And in the past. You infrequently would have an October start up but now an NBA feels like to avoid the excessive back to backs that the the players association negotiated. Then the season is no run longer and start earlier amendment. This can analyze it and then we've not talked about yet. You know one every think of of whatever. This secure LA then that. The difference between players associations in the power that they have between NBA and NFL is Camby anymore. Can you imagine an MBA player being suspended it hasn't been. At least charged for something and we are convicted of something. Now that is true and actually on that note I only get to that so we do this had to top the hour break you get a crack a 1000 dollars. We're about thirty minutes away from Jim Miller former bears quarterback we'll talk to biz people we're gonna talk quarterbacks in general. And we will talk about the Panthers quarterback we have an update on Cam Newton what he's doing the panthers' training camp today so we'll get to that we talk about the big NFL news dump. On this Friday afternoon and more Richard walker after this on prime time power by ortho Carolina.