Primetime: Geoff Schwartz Previews Carolina New England

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Friday, September 29th
Primetime regular Geoff Schwartz stopped by the show Friday afternoon as a guest. Schwartz previewed the Panthers Patriots game, but shared some reservations on the offense by saying "Panthers are getting away from their true offense...two tight ends-one back. They're not getting any yards on 1st down."

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Just Schwartzel this why on earth did Billy call you mr. Schwartz Weiner did that happen. You'll open it sort of credited bill caller yeah he sounds very good. You know after a report prepared to warn him here yeah now he's built a short aids daily you ready to go honestly should assess exactly what he should select. I mean not good you don't know our robot repair program mr. Schwarzenegger all right we'll have first I should say there was meteor Tommy Islam. Doing this properly you re go tomorrow Fatima Toma. There sure I never I don't know our partner group. We got I don't even know Doug I think her name be written in the book licensing debts with the younger quicker it's certain period and the service when your frustrate you at the formalities are. A final agreement there tomorrow night like this 720 fire when you're 27 hours or. In some way or disregard so I want to hear about are running. I'm running it but they all walks during the presidential formality I screwed up my Yiddish is for younger or are you pushing women and children to decide to get there. Bomb nor the person more weeks to sort out our Coke put out really early. Is this is not and this is a former and it's offensive linemen we're talking about just shorts would this. And what would you writer this B nation today shorty just posted this morning would you write. While oracle about what happens often I get a good idea military eagle chance to exercise minutes. What suppressed and if you can't there clearly. Are doing and more about what they should be doing. Mother looked at. Put information out as far as what stats are out there if their formations and what they're doing compared to last series we just cheered. But the problem dollars and 1215 mustard and immune by. I thought we make what sort of make some sense of come on what direction they're in which usually they don't have a church. Well eat and this is interesting Schwartz because you're not in Texan on this we've been talking about this for weeks it in my right in saying I feel like I've seen three different offenses through three weeks. Are you have a that's part of not really knowing what you wanna do on offense and I were about right so weak warned. We're Caprio was trying to use the watered these actual number one back indeed true that there weren't an Agile. Which we didn't do it report. And we drill actually that look we're getting the ball must also ordered virtually I was asking. Earnings are either those hostages charters but. But I don't know what they wanna do you would make sense I do not think it is true that these include but. The issue is that there are getting away from their staples which is to Taiwan as a running back. Based personal life just fullback and tight end and won their eleventh personal to one blood receiver and one person to do our receivers one tight and no one running back our first out. They're not getting in New York since putting them behind a second down and on the part of I don't third and then that he didn't issue. Protection and blitzes and end users are giving cam good options on third down. Well when when you look it at this running game right now he is the only answer to get camps legs involved doors this is there another way out moving forward. What are you run the ball between the tackle look at this that you have to last big run the ball and tackle very well how could enter your peace. All big target as too much I think. And that and I and I told the crowd to deal with some McCaffery the Christian Republican I can look all of the fuel everywhere you want to Arafat out. Which is what he did and called a to Z broke a tackle in college humor and inside the box spotter. Kubel opened realize I mean it's different but all they do they want a couple outside like a lot is on the between the tackles. And that we do on the presumed to also get the situation where the best putting you do mister. Obama Chaplin edgy and they're really having similar wonders now that you cook and clean and authorities deal McCaffery. Smart ass is that we are maybe just as fast but defense is a faster and they Dorsey and appreciate. Would you say shorts that the best game or the best use of curse McCaffery thus far was actually the opener. Are you as far as you know what you're humidity court he was in the slot he was wide out. It would that the game would have more to prepare for electric gonna have an idea of what we're gonna do about not gay and what you see gut. Move toward you elite units of the papers this week or man coverage at times they should find a way to get him. Opened the product as well he's not really getting much after the catch on the short chat sooner in the car or not. Explosives type after which eventually have to find a way you know what it's used to work. Work harder finding a way to get them. Explosive situations we can give doesn't wanna once covered don't yell at. I'll just and noble field all to himself with a linebacker that I have been accused yeah. Talking to Jeff Schwartz former Panthers authors of one of the courses saudis articles poster we tweeted out the link. At WS Lindsay but his his latest on now this panthers' offense what they need to do whether rat what's not going well. If they fix some of the stuff on first down what's the trickle down effect like how big how big of an impact in an avid they get this stuff thought fixed fixed without. What you're writing about with how much they're struggling on first down right now. Well first don't make it didn't so the goal of gore on the first downs for the arts four yards. Birthday marital second on the gold suck it goes always to get out of it lecture circuit York's second two or three yourself political traps if you don't. If you're now second and eight bright anyone's guess four yards in store for books you can get to second or sixty get happier about third two or three. You run the ball that situation. YouTube you're out in open up because a lot of short routes. After the cover now so would be the safety Checchi back over to you on this so we can open up dirt short. Are you starting third and five cents and let's say six to ten teams are important are common. Burned through three they might look a little bit by. There are a lot more manned coverage that's the most popular sport I mean there's a lot of things that they help you when you started short person starts or so. Schwartz wind what you just don't look at it this offense right now in the offensive line how is meg Khalil as bad as people claim he is so I mean he's got five sacks or four sacs accredited to home which depending on who you wanna look at here but just feel he see he's got numbers that are up there with Erik flowers we don't know I'll air spell bad air flowers has been buddies he is as bad as the numbers say he's been or not. Just had been really bad place worked very obviously going. It's not getting. It only you'll forward just how bad place the whole game and that is the mean that's just getting beat. I play a game which is not what you walk through what apple you'll last week or that issue where. And it also communications always thought so we'll hear what you know maybe bought Kim Jordan in a block of but you know you can't have little left tackle any opera torment you can't have one GE a one play game we're not good. You get that story and a lot of that's not real not just now that's not acceptable. He offered a lot of them and deal let alone a franchise quarterback and look. One other comment sort of today or yesterday about him kind of telling me you're on the door to replace her very much pretty basic there liked you better pick it up. York county on new. Weed seeds from what turned him in Augusta. That that play when you go back to lie and you move the ball Schwartz CME he wrote about a fifteen play 61 yards eight minutes off the clock they were balanced. Those good opening drive when they're on script last week with that one play on 34 the saints eight. Conner really changed the game you hate to put on one play but it really was that big of a blow in. If Matt owned it he said yeah I blew dubbed the protection there it was starter last I think is what frank was saying and so everybody slides left on the protection. How rudimentary is that debt protection call like how how old you don't like basic is that principle there. I starter let somebody Iran actually. I mean I think that there were if I were called they were and how the fire bell looks yet and I think Matt thought they had the inside their DOW reject each maybe thought they were slightly right Utley walk the street are huge. Com to bite yeah I mean that's a very simple protection if you knew he was doing Lester B block champ jordin did you know all our blog mental errors. But you know didn't. There is a little bit more power on someone that you a lot of money. You know about this error means that the pressure put on someone who has obviously that's our video you're up draft a huge flowers. Well there are expected to play better then they're right tackle whose body part to sub contractor that's just the way it is right Troy turner. Are expected to play better than normal old undrafted turner is corrupt reduction. Whether or not that's the latest you can got a lot of money you expect him to not do not screw up a simple flood protection. Our grimace more real quickly here and we're gonna move on to some fun stuff are really quickly within this Greg also her right ankle we'll who they miss more. Ryan group there aren't and grinds out again will be a third straight game he's out courtesy Daniels out here Worrell he's out for Sunday I as well we know that officially team ruling them out this afternoon.