Primetime: Gantt Weighs In On New Panthers Ownership & Free Agency

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Tuesday, March 13th

Kroeger & Darrin Gantt continue to talk NFL Free Agency. 


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These peace prize. Extra thinking the white buffalo to a very lucrative deal and now the highest paid guard in NFL history c.s go home 66 and a half million dollars thundering away as the white buffalo thirty million dollars guaranteed. Percent of Buffalo's sounds. I'll go with it. Get this Paul Richardson. That's the accurate close NASA hello. Going to be working on that all day. And it was a Maldives and agility or something and if we're gonna fallen on live from the marks mean we'll see studio. Dexter writes in building center sex lies and a man in news he sits just talk to a co workers this clowns filling out twelve bracket. Wide. So man has no integrity there's a special place in hell for person like that OK I just boy you know there's a special it's it's like cordoned off there might emea velvet rope. But there's a special place for a guy like that and huge one bracket has some bracket integrity. Even if you always for it's going to be absolute trash another text deriding and he also like a bunch of guys that need to get laid. I'm doing quite fine sir. Old Lauren actually Bragg died. But my wife Dexter right Zemin is really wants you put your business up the street like that find not easy to creditors I don't know. The life I text her rights and also this is always crows when I deal bowl. I always take my life that's the dual K with pregame that's I think that's obviously why he debts of staying in in in terms of gambling. We you can get in game bets Rican got a second half liner you can bet a second half overall under second half point total for a player because guess what. You in your tricking people to think it always on back in control when in reality. Your your everywhere you back it ain't dead at the starting point all over again I really don't know what to have a little experiment will seek to brackets one that's by itself. And then and and he said he didn't forget it. And another when you could change until the last few minutes and that's what we do with a five hour energy opera can challenge your WS since he was gonna mark really quick who wants to jump there was a mark. I. Sure thanks. You're are all the other national they're all. You'd better. Bet you like art beat air three point shooting turn. Oh are all old. It all really. Yeah. Who what was the final four that it churned out. Yeah. Or. Off. I don't remember that bomb out there go to our or. Ford isn't like I could even understand Auburn because they've been so good all year even as thin as they are good. Florida even towards Goddard oddity is the term I know would still like coming in of the term yet it's just seems like a bit of a crazy I eat it that's not going to be obviously very trendy pick for people make for the final four and it's interstate. Are. Very stop all of that. Teachers in our logo our parent or yellow. Brick. They symbol and page and mark called back in a few weeks appreciate going collection a few weeks we'll see. We'll see how that would fare shall see have a date affairs so as your second bracket gonna have volume BC winning at all. No what I'm telling was the second bracket know you can change if you want. Yeah I guess of the games late in they're up against Virginia IDF and how we change it but I'm not that's a majestic. You have to get to that point in the first place. I'm Billy I text doors writing in this is pastor cliff on the building senator text line 70457096. Danny says you're dropping the ball grow. I've heard that buffalo sound effect again and a little while can play our buffalo sound effect. I think actually this needs to be the official sound effect. In honor of injured Orwell leaving in free agency the white buffalo. This should be our free agent news sounder as things update throughout the course of the next few days here. We have news you ready on how this once cancers early. This one's tea there's related Kirilenko playing Panthers are expected to sign cornerback corner back. We're shoddy relay and on the Redskins some important defensive backfield help so that's a guy that is a true outside corner up. And out goes hero or late in goes the shot three limbs from the Washington Redskins and you have just upgraded. Many Josh Norman but. This is a legitimate NFL sized quarterback a guy who's got to cover skills dead deer immediately better because of his senate takes one thing off that keeps him from shop and hungry for corners again. Conducted I'd like it better I liked it better than our hard news sounder and sometimes. I like that texture reading in Mike Mitchell is out there is he a possibility to return how about the other corner in Washington Bree land oh wait we just got a tax cut out those. There you go lease is Tyler Wright for his well Brent Celek just got released from Philadelphia I don't know if that's a guy you wanna kick the tires on but as a back of tight end. But there's a report today Dixon was drawn interest from numerous teams in free agency okay. Unlike get into a bidding war for Ed Dickson on that lets you wanna go and. Glad I'm happy for him a man but yeah we did you have to tombstone gifts of the gadgets and they're going. I via a man I mean yeah it's good guy heads filled a valuable role but there are a dozen they had Dixon's out there and available. Yeah Tyler all right for two really good really talented he's just always hurt. I mean like Dan Morgan early in his career always hurt it and it's always something with that guy in five years he's played 39 games. So yeah I wouldn't put too many eggs in that basket by. An hour ago this by the way Elena get this nugget in here this is up from our Redskins beat our writer for for the Washington Post mark Bolick. Who love who says are all three ladies say is looks like Braylon is gone skin stands or particularly high on him in general. Our but he was he was good this year sec comes from mark Bullock who covers the Redskins what's funny is I'm put some on Twitter announcing that they that they signed the minutes ago we and we use USA today images. Her firm are our player photos and most of the pictures on your. Probably most cornerbacks pitchers in general women in nets there's not early a lot of pictures and hear of him making plays on the ball. Well he had NASA scientific method of the lancet that's as good as the affair upgrades at and so I mean that's that's a move in any getting you started to frame this Panthers offseason thus far. You traded Darryl Worley for Torrey Smith by the way debt that contrast controlled ascent by the way he had that looks a lot better seventy to 96 hours later and then you big guy you replace him with in free agencies the shot real into it by whatever what do we think of them. He's better than there were like he's proven over the course of four years he's better than there were like how much better I don't know but obviously we'll wait and see see what happens when you're orally and in Philly this year. But you just you just turned. During early into the shot three lend. And Torrey Smith well in a middle Pollock and if we cannot forget about that camp but that I mean to me you got better how much better we won't won't find out. But that's that's an interesting that's an interesting move so strong the Panthers fans saying get off your rear end Marty wake up quick taken a nap. There you go for shock Braylon coming in we haven't seen the money on that yet now. South Carolina guys always really does that. It's Allendale which is down on the way in Canada down toward a gust that direction so now your your your saying. Defensive end it. And really it starts from Julius Peppers have to get an answer from fry from pepper sooners are sooner rather than later they're still waiting to find out it's not enough this is a negotiating process sura they're talking about money there and kind of figure out of Joey is once stood. C'mon place more trouble you got safety as well you know somebody brought a Mike Mitchell I mean I don't know thanks realistic to come back again but they need safety help. It is in this economy so many there's going to be hey you know safeties are one of those things and I hesitate going back to the old Marty knew Marty thing. But the guy had always done a pretty good job of finding. Guys to be that fungible safety of the year I mean he went down traded for Chris heiress and got third fourth Goodyear's not a great years SATA Chris he went out and found. You know Marlon McCree went down found guys over and over again that's a spot where you can do your work later there's no need to go out and spend a bunch of money I mean I I understand it. Somebody will probably say we're good trade pearl Thomas we be awesome that's gonna be really expensive. He's old so it. At a certain point if you're going around free agency and it's gonna be a pretty significant amount of money. Him. To get brio and didn't hear by you're going to have to balances books with some cheap Gaza one year deals at the minimum and and that's where you find safeties. He texts are. You let him go once Ron still the coach or somebody else let him yeah yeah but it is Marty seed. Differently then. Bend gentlemen on that I don't know maybe dark straight talk to they got the gas station again since it. Come on man that was a good story Israeli story. And telling your little smarmy about an idea maybe use it a gas station in LA and ran into a guy named Charlotte. Are girl I mean Arlen maybe that would be the way to go. Happens I'm writing a book about it OK so here's this again Murray hit a break we'll come back any other cyber shot Braylon corner from Washington. The other corner from Washington the theaters just signed him in free agency. We'll try to get a numbered figure on this before daddy here but nothing yet I as this is the first real deal they've done. In this legal tampering window up on the on the afternoon so we'll keep you updated on that. And when we come back we gotta talk up painters but we get into this ownership group as we found out yesterday Michael Rubin. A fanatics whose got legitimate business ties and relationships to the NFL. He's adding some other people into the mix and who those people marked. Little interestingly it to a next its primetime powered by ortho Carolina. That's not somebody built singing studio knows that is. That's a buffalo folks according to Google that Israel aside our sources on this it's our officials sound effect of NFL free agency. As the legal tapering window is open in teams can't officially signed players. And until about 23 and a half hours from where we are now but that doesn't stop teams from agreeing to contracts and injuring Orwell the white buffalo. He's gone to Jacksonville we're trying to keep you updated on all these moves the Panthers for those who have been waiting. Finally get a deal done the shot Greenland yes corner and a true outside corner actual cornerback. If this guy will be opposite James Bradbury you wanna call one on one and the other two it doesn't really matter I don't think they're both. Right now going to be your starting corners going into the year. And that that's a move for a guy that quite honestly get my first reacts edit I told you that we went to break on this. Cheap like what I just went and didn't get Purcell a brittle and that cost a little bit of money. Dead in. And OK they know they were wish they knew this was a priority I mean they didn't do it sterile or early without some kind of plan in place on the backside of that transaction they knew they were gonna go hard it is safe enough and I imagine there was. Com bureau list of guys that they were kind of targeting in you saw someone come off the board today again. Now that we're 23 hours and change away from the start of free agency and I Erin Coleman ended up and in Houston. I guy who'd played saw in the past and probably an outside money to go play in Houston I mean. Maybe he's on the list maybe as some other guys but they definitely knew when name at the time they made the trade. Last week for Torrey Smith that that was some they wanna do a trap mean it was independent of the Torrey Smith trade they knew they needed to get better corner well I suppose you could have an argument if your cancer center of would you address and we don't know with the money is yet we got to be clear about deputy. This would this is not a little two year ten million dollar deal. Occasionally he gets a shot breeze and probably get I mean I think eight million a year Paulus OK so that he might gas so that's just again. Here's where I I would bring in this and are going to get to this ownership story. We know that Paul Richardson has agreed to a five year forty million dollar contract time and we Redskins got away so the money that takes Dave Bing could've spent on the shot real and perhaps. They gave DePaul Richardson and you can make to fight the funny story line is here you and I kind of identified Richardson is it that it would have made set I hear. Because he's downfield guy he's a young wrestler can attack and and that's what that offense needed so they spent the money that Richardson got. I dig that took away money from the shock reeling very clearly in the papers to dispense similar money perhaps we're guessing here on Paul Richardson instead soak your pit stand. Who you know that's a deal would you rather see them spend money on a true good legitimate corner. Opposite James Bradbury or would you prefer them again to upgrade wide receiver to where you know you have bunches Torrey Smith Paul Richardson courtesy mule. Time will tell on that one but I think that's the way to look at it right you could've made eagle and got Paul Richardson. Instead they prioritized. That other quarter spot right and instead they want with a shot Braylon who is a guy that. What people are saying you would know gay and he seemed to take a step forward last year and kind of emerged as one of the better younger clues and. We did he's a talented young player but I just think that both real and is a better starting cornerback. Yeah. It is right I would rather have. Torrey Smith embryo and band Paul Richardson and morally I think your better across the board having you know if you look at it that way. That's that's kind of the way you got to hear these transactions up and I mean if state. You know I'd gone unspent Paul Richardson money I mean he's still. He's a guy who's dealt with injuries again I liked him and I thought he was a fit because. He was downfield he was a straight line speed guide each you can get something now about bud when you see those numbers coming in it's like I. They knew. That's the sound card attorney made as easy as he as he made he agreed to the deal this sounds taken on multiple meanings out initially it was just the great white buffalo leaving down. And I don't know which into the buffalo we're hearing right there will be on as it is it is it a grown up awe of the likes success and deceit or is he calling at the ground to majestically. And triumphantly. Billboards. I'm so sorry official free agency tracker and the Jimmy Graham just signed with the Packers Eagles dealer about him coming back home. That's a groan of relief I think from cancer sands is looked at sound and I did say it I mean this saints did their business today and they got Drew Brees taking care of which they had to do. I don't know what else they're going to do I mean they were going hard for Jimmy Graham they wanted that reunion they wanted to put that together and for him to go to the Packers immediately. I mean that's now what are you gonna do now do you have to spend more money then you ought to frost and superior Jenkins. I mean Seattle wants to bring him home he's a local kid out there he wants to stay out there. You would probably have to overspent for a guy who really had one good year on the neck he had substance abuse issues. Dealt with some of that kind of stuff and is admitted his struggle came back and had a great year for the jets. But he's can be really expensive and he wants to stay in Pacific northwest defeat and so if the saints are gonna fill that spot after reign in big for Jimmy grammar union they're gonna have to oversee. And to get decked out a couple of things one this is Tia Matt Harmon of With the next gen stats. For whatever whatever you whatever stock you put in some just putting it out here. He said the shot Braylon last year with a minimum of 350 covered snaps his passer rating against was eighteenth among all corners. Up eighteen to any NFL is 76 point was as you read more of them started OK and so he's in the top third of the NFL on that area. And he was eighth in completion percentage against it 47 point eight. So old top eight in the in the top 18 of the NFL and that serious soul. It was I mean again take staffs whatever they they're worth that's Matt Harmon. I'm pointing out what bush out drilling did last year statistically it I techsters writing in on the building center text like to saying. Should've gotten Paul Richardson instead Torrey Smith's five million on a quarterly you couldn't do that so I understand you could say one of Paul Richardson. You're gonna go get Paul Richardson of free agency cult Morley and get Worley replacement and upgrade five million a year that did that's not mathematically possible have the player doesn't exist. So I can understand you want that to happen. That's news that's not the that's not the fiscal situation going on in today's NFL. You want to know the news and crush of Charlotte who is that guess who just got released O iso on security needs are almost and Boris and now else. I'm talking grown people wanting that type of players. Boy oh my what do you what do you mean by that type of player what do you mean you people. No not bad number on that on target melt with you. You that's mess does cover all right so Adams after reporting that right now Packers are releasing. I Jordy Nelson per source Synnex. I I mean who knows what daddy is is that. Jimmy Graham's money's going to or join NASA must go to jail pretty much in the Packers was not sternum people yesterday the Packers were. Seriously talking to people about to Sammy Watkins is in town robinsons of the world they wanted to upgrade deposition in. You know honestly after the entries Jordy Nelson didn't look like he can run anymore. And a Jordy Nelson who can't Rolen is not as valuable was used to be. Nice value still good receiver but I mean you're probably also gonna see mom. Look. Like Klesse verse Seaver when he's not catching balls from Aaron Rodgers. I mean playing with the best quarterback in the NFL tends to make guys look better. Look at the contracts guys like James Jones got elsewhere and got cut pretty quickly because they realized wow this got and what is good when he's quarterback in the air Roger everybody's writing in on the text on you and it's the patriots. Yet and I'd say they lost dam and Dolan now you just think they got a little tight for. Lasting okay now we're type casting a little bit you people got a lot of pride all right dairy into this pro football talk dot com where duct. Minutes away from Brady Quinn dropping by to talk to him about everything going on. In the NFL around free agency so a couple of things we get caught up because it's been a little while since we've really talked about this this ownership situation where the durst. So there you journal reported this about a week ago saying that the bids were coming in over the next couple of weeks. That day this is where it was thought the process has not formally started it was gonna start in earnest over the next couple weeks. That Felix a body is we still try to put together. Some local group and although that they've really not been taken down. Then you add that obviously Daniel Morel. The did the man who is boost the relatively from the Syrian Charleston Charleston. He he runs say adept you know collection company essentially her take they take on bad debt. In selling off. You have David tepper who we've become familiar with are and here's a billionaire hedge fund manager who is a minority owner with the Steelers we get to for Tito Brothers. Who were former. Plan. Yet but they're loosely tied Greg we heard them loosely however serious it is we've heard these names some just get everybody caught up on the name strike. There you know now there in the casino business but it's. They made some of their money without which USC they've since sold out of that however serious they may be early on we heard. You know could be. Former 49ers. Owner who's up and I don't Panetta that group first few years now and it about a Bartley junior and we've heard any update on human months okay which may or may not be a good that's okay right so that's kind of where rat. But march is the action month okay by all by all reports on this when things are picking up and we get reports from Darren rebel over the weekend saying here's another name and a serious one at that. Michael Rubin right now Michael Rubin is the CEO of fanatics. And we talked about this yesterday fanatics is the company that. Really does all the back work. When you go to a website Hornets stay in shops dot com your cut your favorite college site is probably run by fanatics so it has all the logos in the look gulf that's my team that's my school. They do all the framework behind it they do the infrastructure behind all these all these apparel sites old. They have a business relationship directly with the NFL he's a minority owner of the sixers. All that sort of stuff. And this one is one where you look at him and say his worth which I think is eyed about like three billion dollars. It's a lot of money. It's not David tepper money. But this guy supposedly is very tight with Robert Kraft he's got a direct business relationship with already with the NFL the NFL owns a stake of his company. As well and fanatics so okay now get pros and cons right David tepper. I've got to leave you money. And Marty in the business club a little bit on the boy's club they need a Michael Rubin which is. All that money but you don't want good for it and you guys know me you know I know you when we're on the same page and then this came out yesterday eight. I can't I mean is this a reputable source by the way page six. Nice site this is a reputable source the New York Post it's got so bomb. Adding Q kind of going into it taking it for what it's worth but a lot of times things in the air true if not savory OK so page six this is the Emily Smith of the New York Post page six saying Rubin. A close friend of patriots owner Bob Kraft many pro athletes to oil indeed is very tight with Michael were being ripped through the sixers. I sing that one of the other guys that is being thrown into the mix and his ownership group. He's the founder of Chinese web giant Alibaba. Joseph sot who owns 49 and a half percent of the Brooklyn nets right now this guy is worth crazy money. Crazy crazy money Joseph size in this next on top of staff Currie. Sean Diddy Combs and he's also trying to get some local people from Charlotte into this mix as well. I see oh what do you make it is big now Kazaa I looked at Roubini assured the other day DG and I was like. Okay this makes sense on some levels I don't know of his merits outweigh a guy like David tepper and ultimately it's about money and how much can you offer me. When you start putting together a group like this with okay local ties. Can be front facing. A public facing type of person in staff curry perhaps you've got ties to the NFL through business center friends and Robert Kraft. And now you got somebody which ridiculous pockets in Joseph side I'm Michael wins an interesting name all of a sudden come into the table. And here's the thing that's important to remember as you know people who live in the city of that this person nor people are going to come into you don't get a vote yes. Yeah I mean it's absolutely. Whether fans like it or don't like it they don't really have a say in this deal I still believe the Jerry Richardson pulled the plug and offered it for sale when he did. Because he wanted one last thing I have a measure of control over. I believe he junior only wants to do the kind of thing that's right by his adopted hometown. He's got two very different groups here. You've got David tepper enemy in all this stuff we are dealing with his anecdotal and you get David tepper with the brass ball story and mean we giggle about it but you know. This is a big personality this is someone who's not afraid to steam roll people this is someone who speaks and behaves blunt toll. How sad for me being. Diplomatic. On the other hand you've got this Michael Rubin group which brings in Chinese money. Which brings in a certain. Hip hop. Flavor. That I don't know that a lot of people are warm too I mean the initial reaction to Sean Combs saying yeah I'd like to diet mean and if not Carolina Panthers and I wanted to AM main Sean Combs didn't have that kind of money and and a lot of people. Made fun of him at that point not because he didn't have enough money but because of the element. They were concerned about I mean yea you weird all the time in and let's call it what it is there's a lot of this city that would be uncomfortable. With that kind of yeah I mean you hear all the time in the Cody criticism of the NBA people say it's too much hip hop culture and to let you know what they mean is black. And if Michael Rubin walked in the door he brings a very NBA has been NEC young guy relatively speaking it is always I did it absolutely a younger vibe. It's more of an NBA tied five. And you can use all the code word you want but what that means is it's a little. And now it's a black her type ownership group. And David tempers old white money and being afraid to tell yeah its money's got mean afraid to rub the brass balls on his desk. Because he you know and it's the man so. Am curious. What people would be more welcoming to you I mean I had said throughout I don't. The worries about the team leaving town any of that kind of stuff that's just. There is a league. Starting from scratch it would wanna be in Charlotte anybody that buys a Panthers wants to keep them here 'cause it's a good place have a football team. And be profitable but I'm actually curious which one of these groups at your choices are. Big loud brash man who we think it also gave us we think that rye yeah verses. Michael Rubin and any NBA type atmosphere. Which. Is Charlotte gonna warm to more why don't know. Either of them I mean look there's been. People are comfortable right wrong or different with. Relatively speaking who Jerry Richardson represented as an owner old south yes but also in southern state Li Jun a main. You know whether he was that or is it was an image she projected it seems like maybe was more the latter now in hindsight. Odd that the people made comfortable by that app and now. Either way whatever direction this new ownership group goes whether it is David tepper whether it is Michael Ruben quite honestly whether it very realistically could be somebody who we haven't even heard of yet and it's going to be a pretty big departure from what has been the norm over the last 23 year and I'll be honest witted bit and again we've kind of turn these guys because we don't know all that much about him yet we've turned them into caricatures of themselves. And the brass ball story is part of David tempers mythology at this point. But honestly. If Europe last beloved older. Was run out on a rail because of the genes day's comments in some of the stuff that a lot of people were uncomfortable with and rightly so. Is that the attitude you want in the next guy. Is he creating. Friendly workplace for at. I think it's a reasonable question well and in the thing that this interest in about the Rubin bid to end it this is the once and he really stands out. The way she's aligns himself with Joseph subside ranked. That's a guy again that's got such deep pockets has been in the sports business game now for a few years being with the dances of 49 and a half percent owner. That somebody of it that's Ruben singing oh what. I might not have all the money myself but I gotta I get a guy doesn't he's a little I saw this guy. This guy could could could. Could really bankroll some of these things insult you we've talked about this the NFL reportedly if they had their druthers all things equal. Rather one major principal donor they can deal with as opposed to. And whom I deal with today which flies in Newark but Michael Rubin snide mean he's we're not talking Felix about us money. He's got a net money he's probably on the fringes of it but he's got to have later write the check they want written by himself. They want somebody well on the put up 30%. And I think based on everything I've read that Michael Rubin to make that happen and you bring in partners just like any business. Acquisition you bring in investors should bring in partners so you've got more capital and I think it's fascinating deciding the NFL's got a real obviously. They're never real decision on their hands also it's going to be a bidding war if one guy says you know or one big group decision elect. We'll see what you want two point eight your 3.2 won't work on an addict but what's but if Michael Rubin walked in with. Which side and we as Sean Combs with staff Currie. And created a different atmosphere I mean you've got 90% of that stadium so Olympia sales and and it and we've all joked about over the last 25 years the wine and cheese crowd. And it's a very you know I always during color rush games when people come out and why don't why I say look they came dressed as Bank of America Stadium the night armed. That's real factor. And I think if you bring in somebody who wants to change that atmosphere I wonder if people welcome text or right sit on the building senator techs eyed scrutiny owners can appear there's get Jordy. You guys are like a bunch of junkies we give you your fix next they're free agency we get back to it but I'm Howard you're working in here to a Brady Quinn. In about twenty minutes it's DG it's crows and its prime time powered by ortho Carolina. She. Hear this song anymore it's primetime were powered by ortho Carolina. Darren can't swear this disagreements forks liberal some you ever is not a taking issue with what Darren just said that's fine that's his opinion you can have years we can all disagree other people praising daring yet. You could do either of the building senator tech slide 7045709610. You can also tweet us on the brown lead Jewelers Twitter feed at prime time WS then see if you're driving her crazy but all the basketball. Score some make points during early jeweler spring mania sale savings of fifty to 70%. On all diamond jewelry plus specially eighteen month no interest financing eight locations brown lead Jewelers. And Bradley Jewelers dot com the latest free agency update. Jordy Nelson released but the Packers everybody wants Jordy Nelson Donte' month grief also is found a new home. Jaguars okay he's at Jacksonville Jack Markey saw it up along with Markey sleek he's been resigned replaces Alan Robbins OK and then you get this we've got an update on the shot Braylon too is now Carolina panther. Unofficially he will be officially around this time tomorrow once he can officially signed. The sounded like Buffalo's gone on to Jacksonville injured nor well highest regard in NFL history now but shot freelance contract three years 24 million dollars reportedly. And eleven million dollars in guarantees that's good money. Also not crazy money that I mean I I like to deal. On its face and and he sees some of these terms seems reasonable. That's that's the cost of doing business but that the interstate breaks the bank to get a guy that again. By the by the numbers over the last few years had been one of the. You don't. Better corners any goodies solid starting during their candidate a year and I mean that's that's the market rate I think they're better. A bomb yeah he's certainly an upgrade over early at all. And they still you know they still like keep on Seymour but there's people you like. As third and fourth corners. And there's people you like his starter blood there's people you date and then there's people you Mary right and that's part of that's the process I think with guys like Seymour and your work early and I would actually say this to get I didn't I feel like. I don't know why don't listen Abby came up a Russell Shepard true around here. But I think again today that's a Rush Limbaugh music he played a sin with sketchy that is exactly what's going on. I feel like heaven saying this for a little while you need to throw the baby out with the bath water with Russell Shepard. He drops OK that was an issue we had to get some serious drops it sucked me more than anything else he's Russell Shepard yes but he at at best he's your fourth fifth wide receiver. He's going to play teams for you was very good at playing teams he's got a speed element to a went on. You can get them involved occasionally and gadget play and an end around her bubble screen or whatever. Like if you've cuts cut Russell Shepard for what you just talked about your fourth or fifth wide receiver and got its got to play special teams. Are you are you replacing him with a similar player and for the same amount of money right now in free agency could the answer to that right now I don't know. I don't know so you can't I mean I understood people wanted to cut Russell Shepard to save some money cap space but if you do cut Russell Shepard. I don't know there's a guarantee you'll get a comp honestly for him for what he's gonna provide for your roster. At the same price and create I mean some guys got to be your fourth receive your complaint teams and do stuff like that I mean and and that's fine in the united. Until you upgrade. You don't get rid of him and mean I don't think in. You know we'll see what the next couple days spring inning again we're still. 22 hours away from the market opening. So I think a lot of people wanted to be wrapped up now but this thing's gonna feel linger for a little bit yeah you get to that next few tears of of guys that are gonna go out there and and you'll see what they get you know a guy like when we talked about Taylor gave tailored neighbor reportedly was signing with the bears have so he's getting he's off the board. John Brown media. And listen to it though the board of receivers at this point. You know it and again Jordy Nelson will be the name at the top of that list -- wanna beef by the way I just updated the all time most popular Panthers wide receivers. And friends as history via one through five number one Steve Smith. Number two Brent and person. Number three Jordy Nelson not actually pantry and number four Ricky Proehl. Number five Patrick Jeffers what is wrong with you. What is strongly feel honored drone which you are all right I'll be here here's the other thing as it pertains to. Put the Panthers are are doing right now in free agency. You gotta look at this at this draft coming up and you pick 24. I mean that's a plug and play starters so I think defensive ends off the board there because I just don't know. It doesn't seem like there's going to be one minute maybe this case from UT SA I don't know. But other than that I mean it seems like wide receiver. Corner. Safety the place may be adding a play from a safeties are cheap. That OK so you wouldn't be saved I wouldn't drafts Rodney Harrison is a guy you would go Ronnie Harris I would work I mean I think they're gonna go find a safe dear to from the fungible safety three. Pick a couple off claim for a year to OKC says okay just like they found Mike Adams just like they've found Kurt Coleman the first time the four day stay simple case to say off the board then let's take it that off abort. Now you're looking at. Wide receiver. I would say corners off the board now because it is real and deal running back wide receiver pass rusher. Options Yvonne. That's the list what do you what do you get that guy in in in the interior GE C on your roster in Tyler Larson or Taylor mode and no I don't hey I don't know why I'm asking is I don't know. They're probably gonna look at Taylor mode and but he feels like -- attack on me I mean every minute of I've seen Evan during the pre season from talking to people over there and have buildings I think they would hope. He can turn indoor garden but they're not count on a I think is probably more likely that your going to see a mid range guard signing. And at some point along the white. Yeah I think it did the question now becomes what do you do it with steps to defensive end and when Ross Tucker sane in the opening hour. He doesn't think that guys out there in free agency or at least now we you're gonna be willing to pay accuse me a little that I am a little concerned about deposition I really am. And that's all again can still assuming the Julius Peppers is gonna come back. And returned. For seventeenth freaking season any NFL which is nuts you have to assume that and then went to assume that. You wonder who's going to be the starter opposite Mario Addison does not on the team right now. Your starter opposite a morial Addison's not on the team right now probably not in. Maybe she sees stardom by eight. Formality. Only but yet you want him playing 50% of the snaps again I text reading and building setter Tex lines 704. 570960. And says. You can get a rookie to do what Russell Shepard doesn't it a fraction of the price plus a rookie left some upside maybe you can't my point is this. Why do you need to cut Russell Shepard today you can take Russell Shepard into training camp. If you if it doesn't go the way you wanted to go you cut men. Her on that tape came in the next week camp may not student. Be conned Missouri unless that this thing. I just isn't quite what to cut him right now I just don't that's a weird thing to me to say hey cut him right now and why and again I I do think it's a bigger cultural shift of people want stuff done people want everything to be people wanna have free agency finished now yeah I. I had seen people tweet me should they cut right ankle Leland saved the cap money yet but Tim what do you do for a sinner. Yeah I need one of the damning new cannon got a good wine and you'll like him many it's a year. So why would you do and I think there are a lot of people who in the absence of yeah well it knowing you're gonna be a contender like the New England Patriots just want action you just wanna see stop and he's tiny and saying. People like teaching at their arms in the back of their neck right now trying to get their next free agency had all along let's take a quick ID. Come back on the other side were fifteen minutes away from your chance to win a thousand dollars. And Brady Quinn's gonna join us in about five minutes it's primetime powered by ortho Carolina.