Primetime: Former Carolina Panther Tre Boston And Auburn RB Kerryon Johnson

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Friday, April 13th
Kroeger and Jamar Nesbit talk with Auburn Running Back and Draft hopeful Kerryon Johnson about where he would like to go in the NFL. Plus an interview with former Panther Tre Boston.

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It's crime. Well yeah so how. Lot of our players who fights break out those do get pushed aside like hey. You gotta futures don't don't don't don't so money right don't mess this up bright and owners I know there's because they happen to be when I was a young people really an hour hey I was so the some people I shouldn't have been. Oh my dad missile Martin. There's almost scares them affairs or listen up. Fight broke out I hang out what these dudes there unify our. A better kid in this fight girls are old you're feeling so I'm a big jump pin and I feel like this grandfather hanging in my country but the cartoons coming. Push mile away. There in this country and some daylight hey you don't need this. Kind of stood there. Live from the marks being real. All right this guy's kind of a big deal because he was mr. Alabama in the state of in the state of Alabama mr. football in the state of Alabama and he lettuce. High school TV three states. Championships and then he goes on all over has great career he's beaten. Alabama left and ride in done now is coming down the NFL draft and sort of detect become guess on Jamar Nesbit Chris Kroger we're gonna while command Auburn running back we'll duel with a war eagle carry on Johnson what this Kara good to talk demand you've been. Under our. I'm dole well I love reading these drafts we don't like scouting reports of people put on the Internet and in a money NFL's website right now OK and so it's got like overview strengths weaknesses. And it's got all these bullet points in some of the ways that people describe the the skills and he attributes. For players is really funny to me is it funny for US players the way to people talk about the things you do wanna football fielder's it is it just wanted us outsiders. Yeah I think it's funded our look whatever they principal weakness. But there are enough people they'll one. To let them at both very clear so we know. And there are but it that it surely there are pathetic yet he well what they well I think a player but a lot of they're gonna probably always are part of their people into the week and where you are going to stop and I would bottom met the auto warrant may be Tutan not critical area. Like their read you one weakness okay carry on Johnson's well this by the way this island and what this means cal we understand what this means it won't put his weakness are now don't get to the strikes because the strikes are funny to me about this what does this even mean carry on this this is from it says. Yardage doesn't come easily. Well what does that mean. Or. I guess I don't know what. That would mean there. Aren't that all right I don't know that's kind of football right yardages is supposed to come easy. Tom can only work three yards nudges it even tee you're glider that two strikes and you're young you know I didn't see how we flipped it. You work for New York. So they're that the way to put you know that there is. A. That's a new one of the yardage doesn't come easily really that's our minds maybe the last time I didn't see if you could actually carry on Johnson's what is running back coming out offered by AD's with this right now on the technique come just like I'd love this woman runs with juice. The symbolism Mitterrand would Jews carry on CU when when somebody says you run we Jews would say Jews sure runner with. I hope we gonna yeah I'm open it is on. Afterwards you gonna do you prepare our current passion or some aren't quite sure and power brokers were super into craven and explanation noses. We gotta be careful nowadays than you know would Jews could mean. We have inherited that start their rule. We're we're here now we until we we missile that right now all right we got Kerry and Johnson who is coming out opera on the NF in any NFL draft at Auburn and dust you talk about the idea raining. SEC offensive player of the year and you know I'm I'm reading. I'm reading here from Dana Jeremiah and dear and I trust and you Kazaa a would have black to state did you put quarterback there's such as make some Smart guy Daniel says or receiver or what. Or then that's the only answer Dana if Dana says about you carry on he says your first round talent do you feel that way like hey man I don't know where I go but I know one of the best backs in distress class. Oh yeah they're they're it farmers who ordered aren't prepared for I'm back there and grab. Well tell me about it. That up but let's let's say not how they say we need to play and play out. Damon's game now for what's best is pardons or this political what does that they look. Where do they fear that we're not they're restore I knew for sure. When you had it obviously such an incredible game in the Iron Bowl you you had such incredible career and Auburn. You what you were recruited by both correct app Alabama and Auburn both came out he became after why not you were mr. football in the state of Alabama to both schools came hot and heavy free UN in high school correct. So what led to look like Auburn had it had to get it done out of the Gus bus. Lane to lane and you enough on the planes what happened there as opposed to going to Tuscaloosa which check cleared first what we're trying to stop it. Yeah I definitely she's. A little too on alternate and all that. A team and all credit and more our market is still out there until the very well. In other movement because all of our oil from Walter cook there from the well and they're the union. And opinion right there and I it is great America come around more more of it here. In it is great and I knew right away or not right away from what I do what I wanna go out and he left the gun or a it worked out and territory about it. Wet when did you which is a growing up where you were you and Robert Fenner and Alabama six got to pick outside the state. Not a hundred forests and and I. You know well Erick Erick Ericsson and our service center are there guard Goran good. Armed more note my players don't wanna go to historic definitely. Now mole removed food. So are saying kimbo Fisher. You same gym both Fisher didn't recruit you get what happened there what are you gonna Sergio. I mean I would say I was talking to. You know part of my my commitment they've. And then I. Mean it came from my seated in. Never did soon who is. It. How bad would you love to play them here is your college career how badly did you reopen a sum was gonna wind up in a bowl game or can you play them. Well I would love to aren't really written Paramount. A little the president arson attack and bring it out there. I'm losing a game. An indication any personal circle and looked. Just. What what I carry on Johnson's win this again by the way Auburn running back coming out the NFL draft is with this right now. On the technique I'm guess it was a bad man on the football field reigning SEC offensive player of the year what what drives carry on Johnson what motivates you. Are under sort of armed Obama play this well the plumber go out there player or ten minutes and they're so well. Kick is going to be a bit for the fellowship and then they're global it there. Money you know how I want to go to our daughter. Campus or steered can't play it have got to go I think that you know give it a 110% to close it out. That's come over Garten and so the Gartner players are much and it. Beat the best that I can be rented jets. All of frame are pro bowler you know so that there are no longer than it that there won't be clear about what happens. Oh cool so now let me ask you this question what is the worst thing that you do on the field but if you had to say at the noise. This in what I got to fix in order to make myself dawn of a true professional or so one thing that you know right now that you need to fix. I didn't evaporate more blog. I think they'll be about that you want them out either. So I order it doesn't fit your runner up BitTorrent there. And they're trying to carry on Johnson's -- Auburn running back coming out the NFL draftees would does right now on the technique I'm guess on the reigning SEC offensive players here can you I guess your Twitter handle there's no way I could do it other than spelling it out which are Twitter handle carry on does it's kind of crazy what should Twitter handle me. It is a DOT doe so there are there. Was how to keep your panel can I moved out here is exactly there are currently there don't orders. 80 and there are in this so so return back in the Ku band that Motorola crew to make their. You know and just. And accept whatever senate haven't so the meat and it's. Have you I don't know if Auburn obviously guys have so many great running backs have come through over the years and you guys have. It's at and that's one of those programs in one of those schools at that position every college programs kind of got that think Penn State Miami people think and as linebacker U. US seeking got to be quarterback you I think of Auburn and I think of all the great lineage of running backs have gone through there over the years you're you're the latest defense you guys if you get guidance from some of those former running accident throw we got one here in Charlotte and Cameron artist paint would you guys. Interact with each other you gotten any words of wisdom from those guys. Oh yeah I'm not out of stalker. Song. So recorder grant Graham Barbara. The more reaping. You know a lot of true Brian Crowell. Probably among you. Could even more Cabrera to work through outlook are not even. Are you certainly are about or certain month armed car the cattle are couples aren't leading but where are they did make sure that our. If Richard come back here acknowledgment there. I know I doubt the busiest they're busy and around the late senator currently is that there. Outlook for the sort of factored connect our our backs it but they're charger on Carolinians and other than an elite. Well par for some how you played on in Gaza miles on a comparing his system to what you might face here in the league. What do you think they're learning curves don't look like for you do you think you gonna have a leg up because a load the complexity that Gus is known to run or you think it's something that you won't have to. Star steady real hard Connick at. Did on the same page as everybody else. And walking up that he is innocent it's only. People are not garner a little you know Bernard are not going to. You have not agree more or a place also a candidate there's no more than that. I have been Opsound bit comic certain Google Pollard. Either put come along quite cause you look cynical more key turn in a market there opener got to power our current current world. He's gonna become a great work harder play caller who was gonna for the future that restraint and duplicate. Hello I think topic it is not afraid to throw crowd a bit prepared that are well I don't look our topic is that it is. All right I carry a couple more things or more country Lucy or the second have you public what's been your interaction with the Panthers throughout this whole process. Public co star that it com aren't. You know boost. Little cool meeting that we have here. Out of there haven't heard quite a program on. But I non us. Beauty there is due to disarm and senator left a week it is just out our. Did you everybody's so the yacht supplement our monetary interest. Have you allowed yourself to put your mind in a spot where you could think of carry on Johnson. And Cameron are stained and some guy named Kim general Newton one of the greatest football players and Auburn history are you allowed yourself to think about that being a possibility here you don't wanna talk about that. Odom and me if there was a possibility that that aren't so we did our speeches you know my would he. Bomb you know George and those two guys are you guys were earned in the system now. Cost 400 exceeded expectations on how you either you know to go there are. Amman nets and Rafa are I think that's an evenly there's just listen a couple of cheap piece you know. Hello Curtis poppy really excited you know there's been a lot of our players that are appear on a better ball. And I could look forward to connect gonna have. All right Kara we're gonna wanna let you go with this week I got a good drive from you Karen I've enjoyed talking do you believe we use this question a candy brutal honesty 100% honesty here okay no lying. Our our air there are kept on carry on Johnson's was his Auburn running back SEC offensive player to your commandN FL draft this question is something we use around our radio show as just a real barometer. Engage on who somebody is at their core they good human being are they a bad human being what they all about what they stand for OK are you god fearing you opinion okay. Us so are you would you like buffalo wings carry on. What purpose okay do you traditional or boneless said he feel about that. We're rod might give you're off to a great start. There are flat sir or or drums what do you like. Oh. I'm gonna have to go around. Okay I'm man I like an extra crispy like kind of out of double fry you like it that way. Arianna. OK and maybe you are in the same players like yourself we'll see where this is the ultimate question carry on Johnson. Do you prefer if you're dipping your hot buffalo wings do you prefer ranger blue cheese. Brandt who. Told you know that no pagan here I Erik Erik are you where are you. What's what's what's going on their consumption on team blew cheese I think that's the problem all right what's happened in the army ordered where where groups. Sassy and is molds is in penicillin. Ali spirit. There you or what it's like regular you'll wind person Karen you were drinking wine is like obese is I'm hearing you know if you go like with the sharks are bored with the great why are you gonna have a pairing there there's a there's just there's a a Pallet thing going on with your with your taste buds sound spelling Nazis. Feel like it or not. The round of applause from jury on Johnson for cheesy ranch take carry on seriously man it's a pleasure to talk do you always good fun watching you terra the SEC the last years and best of luck in the NFL knows relatable thanks for making time for so connect. I'd be good they go carry on Johnson he's on Twitter CEO. He Joseph AYEYOKDJOK. Just like it sounds. He'll keep Joshi wanna follow him. We take care oh we take a quick break we come back on the other side are we got tree Boston have a friend of the program he joins us at 430 former panther and I wanna talk running back on the heels what we just talked about we carry on what should the Panthers do at. At running back in this draft and what should it look like we do we nest it's gross and it's primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Listening to sub prime time which Chris Kroger powered by sports okay. Carolina. That we all sorts of hot NBA takes is it wouldn't talk playoffs oil soared to a what's hot right now the hot takes him tomorrow or tomorrow and that is the large car comes to laugh about pleasure leisure car okay what's happening he always does well it's fate. Yeah we'll see if it's okay literal and Citibank account Stewart and a few hours earlier. After visits mechanic you guys could tweeters rally Jewelers Twitter feed at prime totally wet and seek. Bradley Jewelers recently named one of the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country by National Journal magazine building trust for three generations. It's rally Jewelers and Bradley jeweler stock Tommy could techsters to building center text line 70457. Nights extent my guys of the Charlotte similar clusters what in the bleep it we're just here on offense they grow heard loud Jimoh wow yeah. No call back come on Mandel. I have got a text reading interior saying. Let's see your not. We heard that from Ronnie here's we've had to draft guys on this elite NFL talents come on NTELOS. Yeah I wanted to play Florida State put yeah inning called dating call me back curled the aid they weren't adjusted at all and so I went out of state and I'm Ron pierce who played at Alabama. And murdered folks and yet carry on Johnson also it's a player of the year any SEC stay in Alabama nobody wanted to leave the state to go to Tallahassee and correct. And head he had. Foundation there he had Fam you know he was born and Allen and ship went off and became mr. Alabama. You. Did you not think you have an opportunity to actually I don't I don't know man do we not do our research and figure out that his family's from Tallahassee. What sees. How he got to the got to he got out of it go by getting a seventy million dollar contract to Texas and am so let's go to Jim both Fisher severance package where we get CNN national title plaque that's black guest like that you better fill by the way let's get to John by the way Tre Boston like five minutes are gonna talk to the former cantor and wanna talk about running backs what this team needs to do shouldn't you could do would do when it comes time to replace Jonathan Stewart never happen in this draft it'll happen I mean as much you can say that definitively. The pick a running back in his draft where it is we don't know who will be we don't know what's go to John really quick that was at the last were before you trip Boston on John what's up buddy. What. A much men on all widget. I'm not matter how we're going quite well look on Porter now I have it may have been a home. Ball pretty bad alone AM and working what you are going to be good to have him here. I on the new Mike Norman equivocal or fifty that I know and beverage that I do. Because I mean I don't look at it. You know we've we've got a lot of need out. And you know we need boots edit personal because. We've actually. And there are blue period and talk about it not in his opinion about it in Europe and what they wish he'd do. There are pretty. There are and what should operate bishop I didn't install working on defense. The complete opposite good debate that got them all well and they've barrier and member of. Did you hire Alexander. Aren't yes he is he played its side at Roger right school we enjoy here on a couple weeks ago. There are men and no I didn't expect that many women that are crowded acted that it can't not well. Opera like this you take a look at Baghdad bowl there are a seven Mozilla or are you certain buildup and it didn't because of that bank. That if you don't want component we're. The road improvement Carol Burnett that you'll closest codec care and all are we better hope. You know you got to go have you ever have what are you would remember I didn't know Caribbean and invoke their budget most of equity boom we're back now. Are they better be part of boot. Go to conclude. Yeah John except. It would only worry we get into some discuss trade as a free agent he's hanging around out there and he's gonna call this next so we'll talk to him to Martin as a Chris Kroger Tre Boston. On top powered by ortho Carolina. Chris Kroger. Powered by Ford no Carolina. Think he has might need a stiff drink after today's had a rough day at the office try to get to the office says common troubles. He's here now though it's okay assume our Super Bowl champ tomorrow and as the former panther former seat. Speaking of former Panthers are gonna go to the tech they come guests on we lost talk in this guy and that we always have thought it's been awhile since we've got a real welcoming former panther. Former charger is well north Carolina tar heel for a third straight Boston make in time force on the technical I'm guessing entree you demand it's good to talk do you. Not much that we don't like right now exactly right now what do straight Boston don't at this very moment. Man I'll watch TV listen to sample all quiet. If law and the Greek beer can advocate but he beat yet. OK so what you got plans for the and Logitech about the dinner you gonna fight it's a nice weekend unifier the grill at home what is what is true Boston have playing with sodium loss this weekend. Yeah yeah we're gonna fire the grill just by. Buy it through the local with the family. You know maybe little up in the back. There are a hole a putt putt placing your backyard to have a tone to hold on now EC had to have a bad acute. All there was to know what happened their bowl or who you're not heroes does okay sweet. Eight. Little coat yeah I got back appetite sides could agree about back. Really does Lee called bluegrass Wednesday. You have one with that like volcano more than giant windmill or is this just like history for pudding pudding Greek. I Cutler agreement that we have a little obstacle import to put up very little cooler but well yeah. Well seven poll put it. Seven holes. That's like hit it and you got Augusta National college courses in your backyard or I Clark hello are you also will fit right now there are. All right Lloyd let me guess you got and deletion you have to read to green all sources to you what's the stint meter on that what would I would remind. I agree but I believe are prepared to welcome the band he's a Booker. And you're gonna get that's fine white sand that they have over it over to gusted to that they got to get to that one quarry here in North Carolina that's when you got that place and you do don't lie. I do know why oh and there's this guy right here is still out there and paid to come this weekend to we come over with you first and foremost even if you do have overworked or accrue until even if you do have a lot of you must also tell everybody. Oh a year ago said the mood. Got a hundred without a record ha tradition is unlike any other veteran Boston's backyard. And the immaculate seven hole putting green nothing quite like all right trays what is would put this right don't exactly come back just like pretty good here of Alvin LA trade up that was I think that was the best football I've ever seen you play your career had dead you feel things went last year. Yeah I first felt great you know to finally go out there and say you know go do an opportunity to compete for a starting job. When that aren't probably all acting game and so what I can do to fool even playing. On notre debate be notified to get up there are also aware of a ball out. And to go up there would have been number that I did you know. You are solid except myself well in the street defeat we talk about ago. So what's I mean we did you hear from teams what happened there I'm I'm sure you're still hearing from teams are so he's I'm sure there's there's something that could come across to look at what's happened so far through the first few weeks. I'll know who pretty bad market you know you know you guys. You know appeal to start going through you know they do want to do with what they're given fourth receiver but. See you. And that's such. A good yeah that you are very noted they've quit. Poor partner of the interior put. If we got prepared because it would have got our planet you know it is better understand you are gonna be part of it. When you wanna start right you feel like debts that I mean based doctor played last year and how long even in the league that's. That's what you wanna do right. Five interceptions. Certainly tackle what you believe you could yes I don't I don't ordered wherever you're back go. I greeted trim Boston's with a stride now on the technical and guess what have you heard from the tip there's an alternative. All of you know I did at beginning but you know I think you know they want good people where. Open up go to organizations you know the big on the gulf port shipments. And you know that there are and how they are nervous in each of you know what what they like it out of practical about the business there where they care a martyr on the seems so. You know I don't know poppy back there. But you know I looked everybody got a little ball on treated that are still there are no organization. And you know oh my craft to look good look better. Can you talk about that for second trick is that actually been mentioned that on the air reseller like I get a little frustrated does that look I've grown up here Washington after football it's always been. Defense run the ball I get it. On and I like that I like that there's a style play here blitz. You don't see me eat a great pass trust sure it helps a great it can help the secondary but. That works hand in hand right like a great secondary can help a pat trust even better and I feel like for whatever reason here. This team's never really invested more in in the secondary and term like a guy like you would string Tre Boston back they always wanna well we would've put anybody back there for got a great pass trust that works hand in hand together on porting. They're putting up a bit but more important. I'm I'm just say I'm wrong and like I just it's a little frustrating sometimes. It is and I believe this is to it you know I think if you look at fiscal. But Lipitor is you know react to it both so we are both Ingram put it in the back and we also net you Lumet dies KG they were you know myself. A young guy like Trevor Williams you know what we operate Dickson operator who didn't play you know poet it it is compliments are bought they talked to anybody who's been to be a tell you. You know when you have a couple of at a ball between the back into the form that you went Balkan that are championship teams do develop. You know folks. You know what you would like and so you know change big where they keep up their ways people you don't recipes. How they wanna waited. And you did how they hope to win you know also you know I can't you know. Questioned how the threat now is that the pain but it it's very good very short. I think you know like this so people do understand what their peers like him you know they wish for change where just I don't know if. You think. Not discount loaded question there go I don't get you Richard Sears I don't get train trolley hearted parody talk. The good it figured out menaces tong has answered trailer no I feel like trailer I take similar stuff. You know there's ownership transition happening here right like we don't know that and you talk about a way in organization wants to be run like I know for you wait when the when the protest for going on two seasons ago now going into that Minnesota game like it was important for you to do something. Odd to just to show. You were aware of what was going on in the city and and I'm not I don't know of that fact I don't if you could speak to that if you thought hey because of who owns the team in the way he believes and the way he wants his team rawness that ultimately led to maybe you know being on the team anymore and if that means take into ownership transition could also mean. Are you asking him if he I don't know what I'm asking trailed just like nothing. They are they receive trying to get to do you think you're being cap predict here at the Carolina campus. Hardly. Refuted. Who five interceptions. Coming off the fees or at two under certain respects and you know should be truck which tackles. It's hard to get rid of player who's but they want point eight in the starting safety. Put in the same being. You know. You just never know you know why why would why would you get rid of the straight become you know a variety of state before you in. Is making pretty what's pretty you know I I don't know. I don't know why why and I haven't but I have you know five interceptions. 79 attack was coming off this season yeah. I don't know. That's a thing though right come on trying to that's a semi try to get your trouble I'm not trying to put you at a bad stop but that's. That's a thing that happens alike you made a decision that was right for you and I've I've got just the utmost respect but. I mean I mean that guy owns a team and he wants he wants his team run a certain way correct. Yeah you epic debate in the debate. You know let's player you know the sort of looks numbers and I think it always have been about that. And I think the later we go on industry to see the tiller material there's you know exactly where it you know got a speaking about. But you know but for us you know it would we we don't know that it. Now we can prove sure yes they report what talk about that could help grow RO. Do you respect our. I would wonder trade do you trim Boston's losing about a way do you respect is almost a weird way do you respect Seattle. Yesterday when you find out hey we're now working now Colin Capra can they signed another backup quarterback instead today but for them to at least be the first team I've seen come out say you know what. If you're gonna keep dealing weed we don't wanna sign new do you suspect got away at least they're honest about it. I mean at least honest about it but I think. You know in the same sense figured supplement its jails. And and you know I don't know how people wanna pick but I can't because you know audit myself look at you know I don't order you don't get in trouble well. I think it diplomat is that you know the people need to hear. In that reality the reality of what their business that I think that's what we lose track of this prayer and players and owners that. You know that they've Saturday at the business and how that put the pop Warner running. And you know as players we have you know choose whether you know we have you know. Police that we want to go we're all we want to you know do the ball they'll put the duke. All right Uggla yeah good as yourself are now is phosphorus is subject so far from Sergio might keep you from in the job to trying to help your butt and get on I'll economic team somewhere. What system do you work best. When you go out there and you're looking at all 32 all 32 teams. And you're trying to figure out what defense system you wanna play and what's the one that you feel that you slide in ready to go today. I think either sit and I've been in a quarter system on what the purpose and I've been in the third system with you know charges I think. Or do you find it or compete and start all over again it it you know. Articulate the campus without always you know our strategy for oh. Music habits we keep it that was well look at my numbers you know I pick a market like. Sixty day credit optics overall you know. I have five pick for the target or target another exchange gains and also. The telephone number as well I'd wanna move people around where it epic there's a business of part 20. Do we want to got to accomplish what you can accomplish so we cap the page but they're that they you know what we cracked out where. Article what the contract and there are but you know that they you know they say aha you got started one year or are you. You know we do accountable back Coke guy. Only expression at all about you know the opportunity and I think you know the blessing for what it's hard as good they put it away from that far you know just go. Baca got back up back up not backed up that's starting. All all all sixteen games the traditional way Huckabee wakes fool. Season you know to put the number that I did you know they were. Procter and in you know. All the categories as they beat in Arctic you know top five in interceptions throughout the league you know spoke for me. The call about you know to try to put out on paper what I can do back and play in BP of carpet at all you know it's all about this article out there so the people there. You know. It took it just want years you know look at the stats you know Specter you know amok there with the best of them and not only started. One year. It's a man who doses were three Boston Panthers safety chargers safety north Carolina tar heel with us on the technique can guess I would look turn around your odds were illegal this tray. I you know we love talking you we we it's we struck up a real connection with a 49 cent ice cream cone it a quick trip OK actually yeah remember that. It's backed by the way it's that time a year in. It is yeah okay I have been warned about are your view toward I would I need to ask you this OK do you like this a question we've. We've really kind of brain did our show with because we find it's a really good way to get a gauge on people and who they're who they are what they're about okay. OK if you like buffalo and strength. Yeah okay good man you like come but only boneless or traditional. Okay good answer do you like are you unless you care which got a preference you flats or drums we'd prefer. What are our tech or yeah well yes thank you don't get out of double tried to like I like the extra crispy drums if I could. But if you. Good okay. You feel and I don't know what are you already are. I like what. I'm seeing here I like pops honey too hot honey there's flavors you can sign that. OK okay so we had like OK you got your honey barbecue I got my hot honey and you needed to dip your wing in something would you do if they're rancher Dellucci strength. What are who. He's the only guy gotta coordinate you don't pagan all the track time is going. Blue cheese you preferring it could happen. Yeah well. I gotta go rich didn't never been there a good trade to be. Okay have you tried it recently. Our hair out because it would create a literate by. Yeah. Dry heat for about half an hour to do that's fun. It. It's oh absolutely yeah is that there's no absolute solitaire is well within Tressel had tears with this is what happens good listener hole penicillin thing that was just a ploy to charge people eat more boots he. Rare Argo are either but he would be branch of into an island re a moldy cheese they couldn't. We shouldn't we ask this question probably a hundred times and there's maybe ten of us it's a blue cheese is the right answer but when there's there's very few of us are already against very few. Hey trade partners enjoy the weekend with family man seriously it's always great to talk to you and don't be straight to catch up soon okay. Aren't good they are straight Boston. Former panther former charger we take a quick time out so back on the other side seven hole golf are we get staving Gundy in ten minutes who might flame throw everything with the hornets after Steve Clifford got fired today these are we talked to him with Jamar Nesbit Chris Kroger or campers come into its primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Listening to primetime which Chris Kroger. Powered by Ford still Carol. Online at dot com. Are we get a sneak in this quick little. Update on this reported story Steve cook for like go after five years at the Helm. As head coach for the Charlotte hornets hardly surprised that a I think it's really hard to be angry by neither. I think all these things can exist at one time we recognize Steve Clifford was a pretty good coach yes it did things for Charlotte this franchise desperately needed especially in the early years ago and leaves the thing way better than he found who way better than you found it absolutely. But it also was probably time to rule. Make a change and I noticed. I can say this definitively there are no hard feelings Steve Clifford not upset today in a way where he thinks he was done wrong or done dirty com or is given a fair deal. It's been five years and there're some good or some bad on the whole. He's a guy that was hired here to add credibility respectability list the Specter of Charlotte basketball he did all those things it'll sings in spades and. You know for a lot of our people who wanted Steve Clifford out of here aren't I mean I hope they're satisfied now but to. The question on his question is won't which direction they go one. But two they have to understand that this team is far better off where they are today there where they were before. Based upon the talent has been here the last few years. And you can look NCA mark marketed difference in just the fundamentals in which they play with them today. Verses before Steve came in and the disciplining which they play now is not always sexy basketball. But at the very same time. His stop is what gave this current roster and a roster he's had the last couple years an opportunity to be. To be competitive and it being a lot of games that they probably shouldn't have been in. From a talent stand point. And there's this right here. From Chris mimics who was the one who initially reported. Yesterday. That you've Christmas interests of a Yahoo! we had Chris medics on the other day on the show say Nicklaus was meeting with Kupchak today that. Course was gonna demand some sort of resolution one where the other I know this if if if things would have gotten to the point where you and I don't know how the conversation went I'm enabled a tour can confirm that yet. The going into the conversation the conversation would have been a close we want to come back for one more yearly see others things Kosher under contract anyway it's come back for one year. Odds that. It probably. Would have I don't think yes would've would've come from Steve Clifford and he would say you know what I that's Mel. Not that hey I need a five year extension. But on any more than a year so if you can't do that I understand that too again no hard feelings or. But I'm not gonna be a lame duck coach and so Chris managed reporting this on the rally Jewelers where she got primetime WS NC Bradley Jewelers recently named one of the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country by national jeweler magazine building trust for three generations. Rally Jewelers. And rally Jewelers dot com I you've got Chris mechanics who say the hornets clean house today. By the way the the assistant coach is still under contract they're going to be held in place for now all yeah. To keep the operation running. So the player wants to come in a work because what I mean. This is denied this the nature of the business that's what sucks for those guys the pat Delaney is the Steve pencils the Eddie Jordan's of the world. On those guys are. The silent for the sixers the other Stephen Silas is they're the ones and after DA. Can you just let somebody can he keep the lights on let somebody come in and out of the door. But Chris nick saying they're cleaning house. So Michael's most of its training staff analytic department etc. miss cut checks to a complete reset. And that's a that's findings is bringing in people he's more comfortable. He has yet I wonder if that's his style and he bodily he was gonna clean who's gonna bring in new scouting seven we knew that initially when he was hired police car talk always thinks things all the way down to every level of the basketball operations. Now I think you start wondering. Okay are you really. Cleaning everything out is this kemba is gone is this. Okay Dwight we ride gas for a year then your goal on nick. We're gonna do everything in our power at some point over the next year to get you gone is this completely a period down ultimate sale like that. Would not gonna sit in it these next two years we're going to do everything and are sure I mean you never security you're never gonna say it but when you start talking about this not only do you fire coaches coaching staff you fire everybody within the basketball operations this film and now he gets people wondering. What in this is why I get why people want to hear from Michael Jordan cook might do toward this thing down seven years ago and up beat this and here you are again. So what are you doing are you doing that again and expecting differs altogether different process this time around what is going on here where you would let go. A Steve Clifford and to a complete. You don't. Just you join a complete bleaching of what's going on in your organization right now why assured us it stands thinks that things are going to be different. Why will be is it just luck the stumbled liking the draft decrease if we stockpiled bunch of bad picks. On thing I think he's going to say is that they're going they. He has a new leader at the Helm of the ship. And based upon the moves that they remake in so far. Right at least I hope Mitch has a plan right if you're gonna come in and gut. The the structure and the way things are getting done business wise not just on the court but does the business of basketball if you're gonna struck if you aren't. Kill all that and you obviously have to have a plan to put them back simply aren't I wanna talk to this guy he's gotten nobody else is better equipped to talk about all this right now Steve Clifford let's go after five years of their helmets or Charlotte hornets are one of his mentors on his good friend Stan Van Gundy joins us right after this it's primetime powered by ortho Carolina.