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Friday, December 8th

Kroeger and Kyle Bailey talk Falcons/Saints and what it means for Carolina. We also have our weekly flip or flop picks against the spread segment.


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Powered by what. Live by our number three is prime time where powered by ortho Carolina. Jackie writes it's a related story though right it is kind of anti climactic I was hoping there are some like real old. Tangible explanation or more what did you think it's like you're gonna void like always Super Bowl titles because he had a fake name or whatever yeah I was gonna go to full Arthur movement on Bill Belichick that it's really the couple Bill Belichick and the fact that he and I take care of slowdown look and act edit that is the name might not be enough announced properly that he changed the go to the static dispelling that it was somehow now phonetic. That that somehow avoided all of those five Super Bowl championships. What that deal weighed all like to undermine the career Bilbao checks resume or build. Politics resume instead of all the rampant cheating and in conspiracy around it it was it was the fact it is is his person tipping it was who did not match up to what America's been calling him to these last twenty years that be a heck -- -- way to undermine the resume right the -- Little League World Series that was my game he'd -- at this late date none of that stuff -- -- -- -- not familiar actually -- -- chicken affect humans quote always -- the question is are you -- refer to -- -- that -- for the rest of your media I think -- -- I think from now wanted to go full -- next time you go to Foxboro next on the patriots come to a Bank of America does go to -- the visiting press conference and but it might pick to honor his full Croatian here it says we've learned who would've guessed it was Croatia Croatian heritage. He would have never known that a belt bill collection and I delegates that far -- think it's Western European or eastern their possessions and while I probably should moderate I could still you know it's extortionist a bit all over the map we microbes little disheveled because a profit of fifty year old word that mayor got a little older that's -- library and John Wayne movie its own bill adopted so I think we're clear ability to dump it. Now can I wouldn't do that thank you yeah he did I think actually regardless of the earth have you heard if you've heard it on. On the app that because so we get the FCC they let us do whatever we want of the that I. A little reckless to have for a little while longer do apparently a little reckless on the Internet so we got Kyle daily with a singing up for a couple more hours point double duty we're here army navy 10818 meeting of America's game presented by USA and we get special announcement. I guess in an hour a little bit more than an hour we just had told. Desmond Howard the Heisman winners and joyously speak divot 515 and that's great to talk little Heisman with a look talk about baker mayfield and Lamar Jackson all those guys and if it is going to be thicker pilots like you would think tomorrow night out with dies which ceremony we'll talk about this game we'll talk. College football playoffs and all that with him and he was just a Charlotte last week at the ACC championship and game day which by the way. Highest rated game day of the season from Charlotte, North Carolina last week most analysts fire Judy rose sized house that did it that was all the attention that they are drawing people nationally were looking to UNC Charlotte athletics is a recent tune in ought to college game day so less than we only sell really the last cut corner so a half of the game second half of the game last night Thurston a full Foster we got it here to Philly. Off but these things were weird like he had the first half got weird last night into the second half got weird. He didn't Quinn choosing not to would force a five yard penalty to concede just assumed. The shot eight would kick a field goal on fourth and one likely won't. Do what he took what alternate reality if you reliving it for a long time now he got bailed out because DR Jones makes a crazy interception in the end zone. I UH Sean Payton place I mean we all saw he did a choking signal with this and throughout his throat I Dovonte Freeman Billy we can play despite this shot beat after the game head coach the saints. Are being asked about that he claims he doesn't remember any of actually. Much OK okay you're welcome that okay show pitcher coach are you sure he's like I'm just like ten million Americans watched that last night. I think they sought your coach your bet the and you did it twice gonna help us that there wasn't wants the that you could brush it off the does the government back that you did it twice. And then your mouth the words joke of it somehow tell if it's somehow got hit the first time was gonna get broke. Pushed under the rug like you must be a lip reader to know what he said that when he was nobody was looking at bed and other forensic chokes. You're choked like that it's it's pretty easy to figure out what I came was so we're for so many reasons last night and it feels like like I agree Gregg Rosenthal took Lucent in the opening hour what it's like the saints. Court event at the division last night in its stead now all three teams in the falcons Panthers and saints all have are all back and all of a sudden they're everybody's in the next. Falcons get another crack the saints. It does get a crack the falcons the funnel we keeping your pitchers with three straight games are at home starting this week against Minnesota on Sunday. And it looked at this thing that gets really interesting to me. These may be New Orleans what's up without a Camaro obviously he went down Marshall Lattimore went back out of the game he's been battling injuries for the last few weeks. And Drew Brees out of your decides that your Drew Brees after the game and he says all the injuries that mounting up it was because we've played on a Thursday we didn't play on Sunday this week. It. Heart defect colts we'll get you do your journal Russian well no he was sick go to severe he's there he's very agitated about this and I get it like it's tough to creature in the heat of the battle you fresher you just also divisional game you made a mistake. But he was I'm past I'm tired of these teens make in the sixties so it seems like every losing team every week disclaims there's a football for the law so it's an easy scapegoat I don't refused money for the loss but he was asked about the injuries and how that affected the game and it well and bodies like well a Yelp. Because that's why don't Thursday you know these injuries happen because who played out on a Thursday opt likely be guilty here here's what's really interest in a big football outsiders re adding Eric shots at football outsiders tweet re tweeted this last night. They've done over a study on this. This year. Saying that Thursday night games actually don't cause more injury. It's. Ice also think about that commissioned study not look I don't know I had to me it's not even about the injuries are not even sure that's the right metric to judge I I thought that's I think appointed as an etiquette says that SpinRite that is the point so it's it's never been the right metric to judge it by I think what you're just saying is know your putting guys at at risk for. You know injuries that might not occur during the game in my ever occur later as a result of having played another game. It is and yet there's a right to follow up on that study was that more more guys for giving her the following sunrise at exactly the authors I came as a because you're just getting your you're getting out of your routine is where your is what's happened yet Ade Jimoh I guess that distinct to be news when guys say I don't feel well. So cap might not be injured but I don't like Mike and I this is not how I feel on a Sunday. After playing a game it's even worse it's compounded so yes it might not be physically injured but my body doesn't feel closer to healthy. Select that the that the that's the pain and it just the Wear and tear my body at. After the fact on a Thursday I compared it was Sunday or of one day. It's actually different old girl apparently medical ailments and playing on Thursday football every week for his six year Minnesota underdog why you harping on that with Mac Khalili. Stress that this industry if it's not that I don't care about the injuries but to me it's not even about the injuries croak it's about the fact that it's very clearly plays day. But the quality of football's not as I think that's a better pressure that's always been the issue right image yet they injuries sticky don't wanna see anybody getting hurt if you can find out. You know concretely that you know these things you elites to beat up then yes that's obviously valuable information but more importantly. You want us to watch these games what you're getting a schemes that are very. Entertaining for the most part are that the quality of play dropped because these guys are being doled health from a from a valley went through forties or earlier and they really don't wanna be. Out there at Delhi who put this cut their sister Priscilla converting to tone of voice episode this is Dubai again like right after a tough loss on the road game may be for should've felt like you should've won could wind you're the reason why may be lost to the shooter the costly pick your Drew Brees he's sick all these injuries are are really coming because of a Thursday night. A 100% rather than others and I. Can assure guys' bodies go through. Forties later. Look at the injuries that is. Charts graphs and charts. So this this is a Smart as it pertains to guys compensation. Pick a guy he's got to be careful with a 100% think if you looked at all because again like what there's a study in a listen this is absolute truth but again like to look at that football outsiders study. And for them. To say actually the numbers don't back up again be careful with like DB absolutes of via 100% manager I don't know about that like is it album clear got a concussion 100% last night to be split on Thursday night get a concussion as he put on Thursday night last night that concussions only don't only happened on Thursday and got a concussion could see pink helmets with a player that I mean it could happen on Wednesday commitment on a Friday for all and all intents and purposes so. I understand the sentiment but you've got to be careful any it does Sam owned it. Like excuse making I don't that's public always try to do it play out itself does sound a little solstice sounds like sour grapes especially. For what what what Richard Sherman said a couple weeks go after his injury. I mean Drew Brees didn't get her partner Richard Sherman did the same time you're just you're just seems like every week there's the star player from the team that loses on Thursday night. Suddenly griping and complaining about the reserves so well the captain Dave tweets and other Texan rather of the buildings that are excellent and I think a lot of people said this it's crazy that this hasn't happened yet but he says split the Thursday games of both teams coming off to Sunday by no excuse for the players an insult us after scrapped completely are only loses 68. I know it's money but it's a compromise keep the buy Wii games on CBS. And and everybody wins I mean I think there's that or. Added extra bye week you don't like OK well wolf if you're always going to have a bye week. Op after the Thursday games. So you always get that extra time built in to Wear out or before the Thursday game at any of the long week after work you see joining you got that pat on either side. But you could do that. And it hasn't happened yet and probably three's injury have to add. Another game or two for the field but that's the compromise it's got to happen like if the play players agree to disagree to the extra influx of cash on Thursday nights they probably didn't know the bodies were gonna feel this way right now they do so when you go back to the to the negotiating table for the new CBA to B it's. Guys this thing going awake as we all like the money but our bodies can't keep doing this so what do we do all cable maybe we got a game or 20 we also uttered there by we built in. Comfortable called it called a day public you don't have to be that hard I'm finally adding an extra game I mean it's it's it's did in the point now where I think the players will be finally grow with adding another gamer to. If they just aquae pre season games aren't. The poor last caller I joy you will which news is that okay always continue that we'll do it we'll get a break always come back we gonna talk college football while we're here for army navy 18018 meeting David Republican fifteen minutes. And we got to get into the new normal college full model it's good or bad but I think it's here to stay its prime time were powered by ortho Carolina. Carolina. David Pollack joins us in five minutes we're here at army navy 100 it. 118 minutes in the army navy game America's game presented by USAA Desmond Howard. At 515 Gary Daniels at six us a big guess coming up over the next hour and a half and in about thirty minutes right at 5 o'clock we got a chance not only for one but two pairs of tickets to hornets and lakers tomorrow night 7 o'clock tip off. First 7500 fans in attendance will winning frank gill we'll get a frank Kaminsky bottle it storm trooper followed it. Offer a star or snipers and about Nissan Titan and one lucky since gonna get a chance to win a Nissan Titan at halftime. On Saturday so we got two pairs of tickets to giveaway we'll do that at five and takes one more time to facilitate pizza company in Matthews and uptown. Awesome pizza they hope Billy op Ed does sack up back in the studio appreciate those guys for their hard work and they're eating like kings today about themselves. Sharing that awesome three cheese steak pizza. And I'd facilitate you can take advantage of their tailgate special on game days really any time but. Especially for a day like Sunday there and up John Elway street street few blocks away from the stadium one topic cheap pizza fifty wing's sixty bucks checked about a lot the solitary pizza coal. Dot com that's the sun take pizza CEO. Dot com and you can also tweet us don't forget that great way to interact with us proudly Jewish Twitter feed. Everyone at Braun Lee wishes you a happy holiday for three generations pure a lot of fairways a big brown only part of their holiday gift giving. With fifty to 70% off the trees retail value on diamond rings earrings and it's a more building trust for three generations proudly Jewelers and brown the jeweler stock come and we get that we get a key part of our sponsors happy met quite a lesson and I was gonna say I feel like one of the promotions as we can for the hornets might be you actually get to play for the team not you might mangled acting I think I called up so he's coming down from Bob from Greensboro for the game tonight since Kyle and higher here James Taylor got pregame at 630 so we're gonna go I was born and up I don't know what I saw that both of you were coming I'm like who's doing pregame ceremonies in IDC is wanting longstanding members of the hornets radio network he's in he's acting experience we got beat we were great chance tonight so 630 for a pregame tip off at seven. And out of big back to backcourt it's got to take these next two like all the stuff. It's frustrating last night or two nights ago. Structuring where this team that is frustrated Cody Zeller is out indefinitely with a torn meniscus in his lefty stuff I'd frustrated at frank admits he's got a sprained ankle and he's out. Tomorrow he's dated Eric tonight he's out dated dated may right now could be up tomorrow night tool but you don't you go 31 in the stretch he should go three wanted to stretched. He's with the back to back Chicago and LA. Which looks a little tougher now without those two guys that certainly doable and if this team even without those two can't beat Chicago in in LA on our home floor. They did then it is dark time to really start to panic. I think they can weather this storm honestly I really do it ain't gonna be the worst thing in the world to get some guys that are gonna get out there compete. And you're gonna get some you know you get their best shot and trivial Graham and Johnny O'Bryant and those guys have put it ought to work so. I mean look what do we really sick or missile fragment Q what no offense but that guys not play consistent Torre be like and we wrote what do you miss from him you mean you can't sing able fifteen points a game for the guy every night you're not missing the consistency missing the though the one game worries good and then that in the second half of that or is going to come -- willing to bet different Kaminsky couldn't pick a day trading on Graham or Johnny O'Brien could give you some of that stuff. Because I've seen a door there's no clay and matter of fact I've actually been a little bit miffed that they're trading on grams whoever was getting no run whatsoever. They know I'm sure there are reasons for that you know I DX is close likes to keep his rotation and nine I guess one knows your guys your guys and it's hard to cut into right right right public god I agree like at a certain point if you're lacking competitors you're lacking toughness. Look I am a role with the guys that are given it to before you got to try something write him at some point you gotta shakes up to go but are you and I've had this conversation I realize this is the a long season. In 82 games is a long regular season and I'd rely nick nick the to import this out do that I went when I had amendment and post game he said look couple years do we finish 4834 we were 01 point several games under 500. And then all of a sudden bam we got hot and you know we were in third place in the Eastern Conference so can it happen like that yeah absolutely can't. But when you're watching misty right on the five games under five for the can't knock down shots. And and and the defense team the supposed to pride itself on defense is routinely getting lit up by good teams you know it's you guys you can't just chalk it up to older not playing great basketball are now something's wrong. No I knew I agree and I I think to think about this team is in its soup to vehicle always. For now is to get to about the all star break right at a 500 could be due that it does teach people will make a run it's essentially what they did two years ago quite. You know to it that's not an easy task right now without those two guys so like jet that tort that's what that's the concern level comes it is like five games under five ordered not that big a deal but no you might have to make up some ground. Later on OK you can't dig yourself any further of a hole like he's got to start. Start get schemer with Dana gamers all 500 over the next few weeks if not above and I think schedule allows short but OK again it's. It's go time plate and has happened here. My question to your that I knew you could you direct me and we got you know I just some adjustment of David Pollack a poly approximate Jamal also saw but I saw the merger but. My question is let's assume they get back to five part of the all star break which would make me feel better about this season and their ability to compete in a later on double wrote. What's the larger picture right what's the larger goal here is it is to win an NBA championship right that's the goal otherwise why would you even bother showing it to work every day yes. Yeah I you don't I think the larger goal is spent at an odd I would agree I actually think this affair goal bomb. News Toronto you wanna be Toronto Toronto is a team that you know could I wanted to be a championship I mean honestly if things if they would need a lot of help yes things broke their way like if there's an injury in the east or he goes LeBron less the east who went to the west. Toronto's got enough talent and they got a lot of talent toward they could do it. The thing with Toronto's you know every year though make when they started season they're gonna go win fifty games so it's to meet that's the goal for the sort of Steve they've been very matter of fact about saying that the goals to get that the opening round of the playoffs circles to have home court advantage and that means being a consistent top fourteen of these. And that's abuse where you gotta like obviously got to crawl. Before you went from. Before you walk you gotta walk before you run like the idea to go from nothing to championship obviously is very tough to do Jeanne BA outside of a transcendent player. But I think if this team can get support which are stacking enough talent around kimbo. We're there consistently winning 454850. Games a year. And then you get to the point where. Yeah a guy would think about coming there like a guy would think about signing the arc I would think about oh if I got traded there because without ever wanna play with those guys Toronto stacked enough talent and they didn't like what they gonna have to Marta rose and Kyle Lowry few years ago right they had to drafted DeRozan they trait for Lowry for bunker laid out to select a stacked enough complex. Decent NBA tell where guys like yeah I'd political play with those guys were to win a bunch we're gonna play meaningful games are gonna be on national TV financial out. Date we sell out he really loved basketball is quite honestly man that's what that's what old hornets basketball used to be like you knew what any given night. That it was going to be. Odd guys like Jamal Mashburn to PJ brown and Gary Davis she knew was gonna beat guys like a lot AT docking went right she knew it was going to be l.s face up moxie so Intel. This team. As had like hoods and Il Kim is that guy you gotta find the other two guys who were going to be dealt with him you know what I mean and also like to listen to and that consistently. Obviously they thought like cook bedecked guy. That's not a long term plan but I you know that's the like can he got to be strategic what Minnesota did to me that's a blueprint state drafted Kevin Love. Didn't win a lot with Kevin Love but they were competitive catalogs a god it was worth watching any MBA there when he realized he's getting older wasn't a work. They traded him for young piece in major wickets they picked number one overall pick can correlate to the towns got a transcendent player. And they drafted well enough with Jack Levine to trade him to get a Jimmy Butler who was on his way out and other location like. That when you're mid market team you got a draft really well. Kinda gotta get lucky and you gotta make Smart trades and the hornets used to do that may have yet be original days of Bob bass. They used to do that stuff to not do look like that's the blueprint to me at the and that's where right. Now I do believe organizationally there it's such a crossroads right now the position look to a second ago destroyed Howard's not a long term solution Newt's not a long term fix he's getting older is not going to be around it's over it's like a break and let the games got passed him by a little bit in terms of how he's played but he's also still very good player. And do what it comes to surrounding Teva with the right guys. Look nicotine is not lived up to the amount of money that he's making and always been injured before back kind of money you need simply more from the. It got flood I would say this you could paint -- that kind of money and that's fine but you better have a true number two you need a Brad appealed to Bradley deal type player if they put too sick guy you're saying hey we're gonna arrive with the tomb in kimbo you gotta have the guy is the tombs of facilitator he's a little bit of everything you've got to have the guy that he's create shots for long cycle but this team got to have that guy knows they don't they hope they don't have a shooter there amid like him a pure shooter look at this I don't fight but let the guys you don't that size it's hard to create those shots. They do it's it's hard to create them but to me is as much better to have a strategy got shooting the basketball since he entered the sleek. You know he is not. A pure shooter. And and this team right now and I and I've been harping on the slim because I want to steam to succeed as much as anybody else without a blast being their coverage team it's it's a lot of fun elect the organization but truth be told they're just order shooters on this team in the modern NBA you have to be able to shoot the basketball consistently and they're not doing it. Yeah I agree it's and it's it's frustrating from a regard go of it it does feel like where where's the out but. You know at the end of the day they're good players drafted all the time at any and every selection in the NBA so we you know we we again we try to we over complicate some of the stuff. This team's gonna do better job of scouting they got to do a better job of drafting the going to be do a better job of organizationally everybody being on the same page and philosophically. Believing in a way to build an organization this organization like the ones don't do that they don't it's a lot of people who all I think this. Al if you win this battle I think this all cal win this battle it's a Michael Jordan's thundering and I like this guy I make the call right. You're never gonna get anywhere when he could win it whether some sort of triumvirate. Of guys who were constantly you know. You know edging their way into it to an argument of Ocala you have this one yeah where's the identity of the sort beyond the identity of the team what's the identity of the organization that's exactly right in the I'd dated. He and the issues in the good they called it always starts at the top in this particular case it starts with Michael Jordan did it added that it goes down to rich Cho in order and it keeps on going down from that point and so I hear you sank and I agree with it you know you that that's why I hate does this tanking argument right I get it. You Louie and taking his Ortega can't point to a single example tech is really what you can't do that that's my frustration replicate it's also because I'm very nicely like a lot of us are very competitive person. I don't sit through 34 years of losing if I don't have to so why can't the solution be. Hire better smarter people. That draft better and make better personnel decisions that are coaches all of it that's the answer. It's not deliberately be really really bad rip off your consumers for a couple of years either charge them tickets that are needed anywhere worse there what you're asking for a show from watch that basket hacker because the process. Might there a couple of high draft picks. Yeah I and I agree like a text directs and Kyle I'm building senator texas' mark was supposed to be a home run. No we wasn't actually like Marcus I navigate these guys nineteen years old at my that it remark was supposed to be a steep accord puts stupid Kelsay be a sit this the other day. There are people that I talk to sit this idea in this notion that Markel wasn't supposed to beat narrowly drafted eleventh that we locked in to him. Is kind of a false narrative that there was some surprise that he fell right but they did they were fully expecting that he did he could be there and -- at eleven so this idea that I wish we don't we would have looked into Donovan Mitch well and that's kind of tough like I agree I to me I like Donovan Mitchell is all of this overall athleticism I think he amongst at a higher upside from a score potential there's no doubt about that Oakmont does that because he's nineteen he doesn't have the India frank house talk about he doesn't defend well first position. Which is to stick to justify the minutes right now but at some point you gotta grow the guy. He had developed the guy our budget I mean that's that's been tough because I Donovan Mitchell is looked incredible and ankle school for wanna got to the Mitchell Steve cook for one dollar to Mitchell. The reason that he felt to that point is because he wasn't a sure thing right that that's it's a very simple cons are not the only yeah like I mean there's a reason to add other teams that that's exactly the stuff because he's a bad player that you of people and believe that if it wasn't a sure thing it's difficult for people thinking he was gonna step in as a rookie and be a sure thing that's a little bit crazy to me. I I like Don the Mitchell to right he's early on showed ability he's shown fire he showed aggression and doesn't back down from veteran and I love that about it. The step back three at last night I did there was pretty wasn't. It was pretty. You come off so I gotta get the frustration with. If it had I do I do the same people every single day texting and calling so we got to tech we got to tech we got to blow it all up or to me blowing it up attacking are actually little the two different things where. If you're gonna kind of a case start over. With different people no different GM did. It's so Elaine is a good example that Reich is a giant is not blowing it up but they've gone anything literature the single we're gonna go young. And so they've they've handed the keys to the car to get a shorter they think they're assured a computer point towards the future. And they can win with him down a row but a dog so they're basically admitting we're gonna lose a lot of games this year but we're not intentionally try to be bad for a long period it's not so it'll get a high draft pick this year who knows what exactly it'll be. And maybe they'll get another high draft pick next year but they're not toward Dick they're shedding salary they're trying to get some draft picks but this isn't some long term goal of hey let's find a way to go get four to five number one threw three picks over the next five years Brian Billick that there's still with Julie did it with a missing them to miss. And as you know the false narrative about near Philly she didn't have to be this bad for this long but even sixers fans will tell you that like jokes Philly Joseph or engineers laughing like you didn't have to keep with they just gave the weight Chile local four for a can of beans shirt and managers who get affected and obviously it does do or what but Russian doll until like the idea collect chased tweeting and hello the sixers prove taken works well. They had ever throw Denny works he's gonna win something to prove that first so like I think they're better than a lot of talent I love watching that since it's been ever tell Mike I see empty can on a flight hold my breath that the guy's gonna stay health because he's so special but you worry about the injury aspect of it. Which it Philly that you can't say they didn't look Philly looks to be a better spot today and a war without a doubt a year ago three years ago four years ago 56 years ago he didn't have detained take Texas to sustain all form with this to get to this point you can be that's for just a few years while still having some decent talent on your roster in developing those guys. And still doing your scouting reports and getting a guy who's third overall. And being of being a really good player to what you don't always have to Bogut the number one pick in the draft. Defeat you know to to go pre built a franchise to also let you don't have to do it and and I just the idea of a prolonged period of tanking you know where you are deliberately losing basketball games you know for the hopefully you win the lottery get to pick and it's that we did it there's no guarantee Georgia got a Coke habit to even to that point like it if you did that at this is frustrating to me but even if you did it. But who would you do you trust rich to go to be to god no absolutely not seat after clean house at this point Tom why would not say to stick it to get into new GM and at which point to new GM would probably want a new coach. And so look we you hiring we sat trust this guy to beat the guy that if we were to do this terror down to the studs trade Campbell for an asset to see is an asset. Trade him who who would we trust him to hand the keys to this organization to the worst we know we did this who come back into the we got a better product audio. A shot organized its interest in replicas make up Mitch Kupchak was on the market last year you know that was got a tidbit deterrence of people's heads and you know I that we talked about this you have and the utmost respect for Steve Clifford in a short time that I've been around Steve Clifford I have the utmost respect for Steve Clifford. But Steve Clifford said and he's very self awareness in this way he said I'm going to be fired eventually because it happens almost every coach in the NBA. And at some point when you're not winning game dispute the fault of the players' injuries the personal part or whatever it is sometimes changes just needed whatever that looks like so when it comes time for it. Sorry it's just the business that sits. ME Toby finally last mile dot com get it don't get fired could be tomorrow degrees this underworld of we don't look we're all gonna get fired Joseph you like it fired before the show is also here. I hope not because that probably means we did something wrong hold onto her back Kyle Bailey Chris Kroger its primetime what's the status on David Pollack. The holiest being Gregg as minus Kirk herb street was running late okay so we'll check on David Pollack which also means. We'll check on Desmond Howard as well he sketch of the doors at five to start fifteenth in lieu of that. What do we make our picks against the spread college football and NFL by flipping a coin heads or tails were you sick I'll like it are we to a next to prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Currency from Philadelphia convention center were actually getting a little history lesson from. Philly gel the flower show. He says is that there's a little controversy over this convention center may be was too large facility clown noses he says ten years is that it clicks on older solo work for we're that is what used to be Agassi train depot and now babysit debit or rooms and here they haven't even though it. OK so we get a little history a little political lesson from Philly Joseph are great engineer here at army gave you 100 an eighteenth meeting we're gonna attract a big apology Desmond Howard before get out of here Gary Daniels sixty to join us at six were on a little later poured its pre game is gonna fire up at 630 James handled it which is set for portables tonight we've got the call era the fans. Starting at 7 o'clock pregame at 630 right here on SNC so Kyle Bailey put a little bit up. Double title I've got to let it flower show is march 3 through eleventh 2010 that's I guess you know event like ours I guess we know when we're coming back. I asked Joseph elicited a sort of use as building Fortis and you know. All these different events these of the auto show and these are the flower show and I just we want to like what is a flower show and apparently the people built like these ornate flower displays congressman is that competition like either they've judged and you know. I don't Russia's you just love of flowers meant he rebuilt a big flower displays new appreciation for which that committee Port Authority no I take defector people who dress up this comic book characters go I go hang out sort of as people a flower. So we're alerted law today Philly chartered engineer Ryan's with us here on site Zack and Billy doing great work we appreciate them so much back in the studio taking care of us in about ten minutes were gonna give away a pair tickets to the hornets give don't want but to actually for tomorrow night Saturday against the lakers first 7500 fans in attendance look at frank Kaminsky storm trooper Bobble head. For Star Wars night powered by Nissan types are not one but two pairs of tickets to giveaway coming up at 5 o'clock Kyle Bailey with me and as we do. Each and every final show the week we make our text we take our picks very serious at around here so serious and we did this last week on Thursday because you weren't your effort but last Thursday it was my Friday because I took golf last week so that's what we did that so it is actually Friday we ticker picks so serious. That we pick against the spread. Versa coin just flipping had details on the point what do flips heads it's called what it looks tales it's away and does so we will do this now we call it flip or flop we got a fire par fancy highly produced. Game show imaging here Billy hit the music. You don't even realize the royalty we pay give to family feud that we to have this song available to us who have no idea how much is costing us. No idea I took a pay cut so we can play the song. Once a week what was segments such sacrifice sides what we do far listeners and so like David did not win last week as he did meet the going to get a winning record and B to point. Goddard it Darren can't so those guys are out here they're gone. But but instead we brought it Richard. Richards with us now Richard good good talked event happy Friday how are you. Hey man I'm great thank you hey on this week yes Wentworth spoke to him don't want only army navy football game let me get out my army dollar. Safety and Afghanistan that is also very. That is also could have both gone and spoke to people I think I'll bet you could combat. Though there but there are four women that good stuff. Gingrich. Yeah that is awesome which I appreciate that and that's a little let's look at total go army beat navy. And I nor should be biased on this so we are such a great stores from Richard so. I'll we will worry we will wish Richard the best of luck we'll pick these games against the spread not straight up against the spread Rich Little first that Kyle could he prides itself on his picks. And you'll look the point Richard how you feel what your confidence level right now. Man I'm good I'm ready to go OK I like it so here's a way to do normally go three college. Two NFL. The one NFL games the Panthers while the only college game in town is army navy so we're going heavy on the NFL picks this week we've we've got marquee games to do it so start the army navy. RBC three and 86 and five may be actually open is a three and a half point favorite. The lines now Teresa Richard what do you think we've ticket here. Well my heart good arm and but I. I connect OK he's taken navy delicate he's he's trying to be Smart about this Kyle were you taken out. Richard Richard is a Smart man navy is the navy's the better football team that the record's not as good they played a really good AAC. And they've lost to some very good teams and other should've beat Notre Dame. If not for a couple bad breaks are alive I think they're mad they lost that game last year at the Libyan army I think it's out about a ten point game actually I would Gillick Kirk herb street level analysis here from Kyle I like your I'm not like it I like it I flew to flip the coin. The court takes tails which means away so who's the road team. This week we've got to figure who's the road team in army navy will just mark it down this road. And all go along we'll circle back to that in a moment architects gave all to fill the rest of the way raiders and chiefs huge AFC west ballot bowl teams six and sixth graders on the road or two or three away from home. She's 32 at arrowhead to tease openness four point favorite the lights still a force or Richard four point favorite for the chiefs of all the gets the raiders are you ticket. I guess because there aren't OK I like it. Still say but I had Richard you're you're a Smart Smart guy I'm actually go achieves here as well a kid is sick. I people. I can pick and pick caller got caught by a coin stick on the road to the court likes the raiders all right so we'll see what happens there defending division champions onto the next one we go. Eagle slew. Filly Jill perk it up a little bit Eagles attended to export to other road at the array of short guided 342 and all of a huge NFC battle seating on the line here the line open is a pickle. The rams are now two point favorites at home against the Eagles Richard you take it. I'm gonna take the round and I got up and approved here icon like LA to us here coming out what do you think Kyle no I actually go to the we're gonna depart from Richard on this and I think to fill other I think the other Philadelphia bounces back out on the road and I think they get it done. I you know what I didn't Rosas is the thing got to hear Vince the poly earlier united it's invincible the movie and all that they're going within winsome bluff here now. And I think that's absolutely brilliant and I love it I realize I see you cringing but I love so it's a little public sort of time to develop corners stuffs are both announced. Kinda like the went swagger but he wins a bull. Like I'm wincing through here even had we took the call on on. The coin is taking. Tales of the coin likes the Eagles on the road show yeah that's good do you wanna be riding with the coin here at the all right so here if you go next. Let's just another low. Yes I think trivia right here you know tell them. Carson went plated Bismarck high school and Bismarck, North Dakota in another light thirty years ago I used to work. For a country radio station in north when I lived there and I would go brought Arafat who football game we covered this month course of the year before when it was there. But I I flew out that place. On the radio. How about that so Richard total kindred spirit tied to Carson once I like that a lot of different ways that are out watched north. Like Joseph Richards got richer for it heat today let's go to the Seahawks who were at the Jackson toxic for their 42 away from home. Jacks are 8442. At home Jacksonville open as read a half point favorites like it's come down a little bit they're up two and a half point favorites at home against the Seahawks. I gotta think the big topic of our event yes. Well well. But he has argued that -- can't yep I agree I like it could be taken cop while it is hard to bet against Russell Wilson likes to Georgia so fast so fast that he litigious accounts for too much of their always at 93680. Point eight not if they're thirty touch yes it was that it was 83 of their yards from scrimmage integrators such it's an ice is itself is down to go wrong and in Jacksonville went off an ultimate objective sense are at the point is taken the Seahawks on the road final game embodied our terror and they are there aren't getting a lot of running game thanked those that's it that's right richer and richer for giving you today's final game Panthers as we always do there at home they tickle the vikings sort headed to theory and sight of the one seats of their point for playoff seeding five -- on all the road. Panthers are rate for three and two at home. The lines open is a pickle the vikings now what two and a half point favorite on the road against the Panthers on Sunday what do you think Richard. It certainly not a vote from our nuclear weapon in my head now you know things like X I think I am so what do or think you can somebody you thought. But it probably is he looked every bit in Burgundy to learn a lot in Washington. He's wrong and failed always guilt against Detroit and I just don't feel like. Runs well this week he can't I don't know against the front of the answers to leave an awful lot wrong button and it don't understand why he got through all that money we don't. I'm gonna go path wow. Wow wow now this man a job guys ever get back here are this dramatic job my word OK well first of all that two and a half in favor of the vikings means right now they think the vikings are five and half was better than the papers on neutral field. I think that's probably pretty accurate so well again my heart says I wanna pick the parent is my has liberal Minnesota I think there when the Denard he's taken a vikings ought to flipping the coin Joseph can attest season and he's looking at flipped and other coin it. Taking it. Don't fight geeks the Cohen likes the road teams. On Sunday afternoon did we determine who the road team is for army navy or no now I will circle back to that later Richard. Thank you for calling it great job they would bring the heat at stake you do your to your daughter perk for her service and Doug go army this weekend. But you guys that are thought to only drop out. Video that you out if you thought I don't know does that sound bum off you consider jetty area obviously your natural all right hello overcome a back 5 o'clock hour. Starts now. First. You can what a pair tickets to the hornets. And lakers on Saturday night Star Wars not present about Nissan Titan we got two pairs to giveaway right now what do it to the fourth. And fifth callers it is 70457. No 960 at fourth and fifth callers two pairs to give away hornets and lakers on Saturday night. We're back and able to its prime time powered by ortho Carolina.