Primetime: FInal Thoughts on Panthers Eagles

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Thursday, October 12th

Kroeger, Darin Gantt, & Jamar Nesbit close out the show with thier final predictions for tonight's game. 


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Powered by North Carolina. Broker the NFL's gonna continue to be the one saint. All we didn't think this went through quick let's figure out a plan it's too late to allow this to become a mess that's lingering around your league needs to be late. Here it's that toothpaste is out of the two. Your expression pandora doesn't go back in the box. God bless you filly does what she. Hey we're here reverend Falwell party you should come join us WFANC Coca-Cola dog cast thanks everybody else out here cardiac sports league these homemade Italian ice. It's also been barbecued JJ is red hots. You can jade eyes are not that hot dog stared at me right now I'd I got a quick. Run in my mouth for a few moments like to be that big Jamar Nesbit daring jail let us on this Thursday we'll take you all the way up until six. Pregame fires up at six here. At the WS antique Coca-Cola doghouse while eager come try the brand New Coke zero sugar we've been simply not an all afternoon you contrite the the new taste test with the F Coca fresh team. On site and done. We're we're gonna get to Brian delicate an hour to the guys all put up pregame coverage at 60 Brian Billick from the NFL network Super Bowl winning head coaches stick around. Offer that so Mac O Leo give me a hot Mecca we'll take Omar wants to go hot magical we'll take I don't. I don't know the Mac Khalili is the abject disaster a lot of people wanna turn him into I mean it yeah. I don't know that he's just a guy they're certainly paying him to be something better than just a guy. But peace. At times settling in I wondered if he was able to do without his brother on the field with him as he's had to do all but first game of the year but. Last week was a little better but there were still moments where he does things and it's like oh my gosh what's this got to deal on the McCaffery touchdown he should have been flagged friendly downhill down feel if I mean so. It's I don't ask Israel why could a way I understand why people would be concerned with him because he was effectively brought in here to be a better version up Michael war correct and I don't know with he's quite there yet but we'll would you say. Is seen in a problem with that though is he's wasn't as physical and as menacing as a run blocker right as Michael or so you've paid a whole bunch of money. To DV as good as one thing much as Michael war and even better at the other and he's been put in he's proven or shown thus far. To be so. Michael lore. Although we I guess we we saw our first game last week DG rightward collegial ways. I was fine without his brother right now a year yet and we you're now theory where he could not play well without his brother now a Big Brother in the middle he he lost a little something but. I I think part of it too is a learning. A new system man playing through an injury again I mean he he was limited in practice the of the week so. That's obviously an adjustment he is a guy tonight to watch though because he turned physically went back in the game. And it's easy to do that when the adrenaline pump right absolutely so the short week you've got to get that thing ready to go tonight. And he should be ready go to night but he there and that's that's a quick turnaround and it's actually just depends on how many pop to her when you twist that thing. That's I mean that's really into your ideas I've thankful that instant replay cannot go back in April flags after the fact otherwise Vickerson McCaffery it's a beautiful play designed by the way didn't. This state that jet sweep did you run the option look we can't it's too many outside a casino so little shuffle shuffle pass insects and they routed as long as they don't. Did illegally downfield they just go on his side absolutely fine. And so oh here's the other thing nacco we'll we'll will we we expect to get a go to night Brian Cooley goes out we know that Demetrius Cox. I out tonight is all they have their safety hate Jersey Burke filled in fine minds and they haven't even Colorado right. They were fine right off the front off the street. Not better jobs actually played more parole last week and I thought he was gonna I mean I and I don't know whether that's jeers were not. Knowing exactly what to do just yet but. You know what I highlight the college he'll wield all the stuff Collin college is not your typical free safety right we can all agree that he's not a typical anything right he's a great special teams player he displays a nickel we feel Smart but he's really good. Inside the box and he's really good in the red zone and by brigadier chairs they found a way I think to. Utilized copy hi how are you William a little bit yet I was using utilizes ranks tied him that assists I don't hide them. Come on then that's what this as soon as we are did not absolutely does what he does well right right. And the things he does not do very well we needed to find a way. To not put him in disasters don't ask him to do those same right media's peace is possible we found a wave for him not to have to do two things he doesn't do very well OK so really just good coaching so a couple of things here we are talking about this earlier with this panthers' rushing attacks to the Panthers throughout. All rush offense is it's bad like it I've never been. In my time following this team and I've never seen it is easy to always committed to running the football don't always go back to fox producer for George he can't grade going to every year do for you can do is go back to fox so outside of 01 right like no one was a blip on the radar and do it and now we've talked about fifteen straight years essentially is here in OT there. You'll meet a taste of its fifteen years of a team wanted to be balanced on offense with with a rushing game of the Panthers right now. Our seventh at rush attempts they're nineteen they're rushing yards 49. In yards per care and so during the top. Really you know quarter of the NFL in art being committed to running the ball yes yet there are the bottom. Three of the NFL actually being a fissures in Africa and productive or the ball and Jonathan Stewart on its eighteen carries they have 248 yards rushing on Sunday against the winds and Jonathan Stewart's eighteen carries. Fifteen of those eighteen carries he was hit behind the line of scrimmage right. Another I'm expo. The owner of the gulf ethnic. So great for our security should get there there be concern about the rushing offense or is it. Hey give it more time and this is eventually gonna Wear on teams and they're going to be there to find their way well so here's the thing work so there's actually both. You can do nothing but give it time because that's all you can do you not Colombia to go out there and get rid of everybody hold wholesale. And bring in whole entire new offensive line. So our aspect of you afterward. But at the same time is going to take time. I mean they have a built in excuse. They're starting Pro Bowl sinner is in there. Right now the Tyler Larson pretty good man. Paint my that he Brian Cooley he's a pretty good again brown just telling uses our starting its comedies are good as the host an average NFL center. Com. And I think there's a little bit a grade inflation at play they really into. It's it you know Mercedes great pretty enemies he's fine he's fine there's a lot of these service of his service you know there are a lot of find sinners and yet so that's who you're not going so far specialists are not gonna lose because then Tyler Larson in a couple of years might be viewed in the same way we look at it Geoff Hangartner. My guy who filled in it was good just finding could start for you for awhile. But everybody was armed people were looking to replace him yes it's an upgrade dip. They'll hang on. Carney is not bad. I mean I am not trying to turn this guy and some kind of dog out there but. You know he Yale Frankel Leo because very few people are so what do you think about this rushing game is also word by the way because when you're when you're. Staying committed to the ground gave me an injury to stay committed to the ground right you got two floor behind. It is working well enough to set up your passing game that you do keep going back to it so it's not like. I don't baby submit to cents or disagree I don't feel like they're banging her head against the want to running for the sake of running you know it does seem like it's working within the rhythm of the offense. And setting up what they wanna do the passing game and more anything else is keeping the defense of the defense honest. Is really what is doing all right because if you allow that deepens to make you one dimensional. But he played into their hands one and into that play call sheet that they had us on nicely laminated halls all these different colors and all that sort of stuff. It gives real small when you can only do 11 thing about this defense of your peers and numbers Panthers are. Fourth in total defense right now seven the past defense eight if pass defense deep that rush defense fourth in scoring. Bob but they mean really. We're kind of helter skelter and home in the fourth quarter the last two games here the numbers that count on this first that these first three quarters of the last two games. 86 plays 378. Yards to forty points allowing just two touchdowns on sixteen drives. And they're holding teams to four point three yards per play. In the first three quarters over the last two games that's that's Stafford injured and out Tom Brady and in the fourth quarter. They've allowed six point four yards per play 237. Total yards 48 points that's four touchdowns allowed month five total drives. This fourth quarter defense has a meet everybody's been audio as you say hang on grain on hang on get a stop. Is this a that if he worried about or is it a byproduct of the offense not going out there for the kids are byproduct of play any as Tom Brady Matt Stafford. Two cats who do this on a regular basis and I mean bring in teams back and score points in the fourth quarter is what Matt Stafford is best stat. You know and that Tom Brady can't has turned out to be okay at football for a six round. Well it and I think this is great boy Kyle we get this in a primetime WS frenzy probably Jewelers put her feet. Proudly recently named one of the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country by national jeweler magazine building trust for three generations. It's proudly Jewelers and rally Jewelers dot com he says a team started seeing the year I started the year seeing wanting to see if Kim could beat them. They were selling out on the run now it'll change with Kim point well. We'll say I didn't know it's a strategic decision Eagles are gonna bank and I think. You had to do that I can still get it right there right thing to do you look at a weight alliance played them last week they didn't have any choice but to throw the ball I mean based on what dutrow was doing mentally so. Hey if teams are gonna load up playing on an a boxing go is aggressively added is the alliance did a week ago. Kim's got split that way all right Daniel DVR Dave join us so we come back in del we continue to get you said. For Panthers and Eagles we got a talk about what the Panthers are gonna see Carson went tonight we get to that two DG. To Bart as Mitt and we're back after this on Primetime Live for the W offense he Coca-Cola dog house quarter of Mitt import it. Come on why we're powered by ortho Carolina. Listening to primetime which Chris Kroger powered by ortho Carolina dot com. They're just taking it upon themselves did challenge the the delicious it just boils down to each man just just doing his job his assignment you know wind. Whether whether we are your top pass rushers or they're not yet to figure out. Ways. You know he's as good a pocket passers areas so I think that's what makes it difficult to defend every one of those is on he's not a one trick pony. He's got mobility Scott designed runs a day to a lot of different things and and I'll just brought player best team defense. All right Doug Doug Peterson head coach for the Eagles and does your short third defensive coordinator. Eagles defense the numbers. I actually thought that neatly on the pass defense they're second against the run thirteenth that story. With just like theaters. And this goes back to the Jim Johnson yours they're super aggressive want to get after teams take what's on. And here's the crazy numbers right now last year it was thought. Cool pictures pretty good against the Muster against the boys 89 point 6%. I was the quarterback rating Lester gets the points well if you blitz all the time just like you never discussed the same thing right it's the same look right blitzes and only work or change OK so 89 point six last year were the quarterback rating for. For opponents when they when they sit. Five rushers are more Fisher 58. And completing just 46 and a half percent of the passes four point five yards per attempt so either they're this they're doing what they wanna do which is disrupt the rhythm the flow of the passing attacks though so what you're saying is the Schwartz is with them had and yet you yourself a I. There. Our top indicate that but to what the theaters I thought last week that's the best I've seen a long time. All Steve Welch at least alert is what it's a place to date they've blitzed. Point one at a forty past drop from Matt Stafford all the sacks. Well pressure's. All that stuff came out most of most of what they did last week came against puts it but I never once thinking of thought. Mean why they constantly sitting utes like heat but it felt like every time we turnaround. They were you the Russian five or six guys he was always strategically cap on early and appearing real time a quarter blitz on Jack Thompson had a very well timed blitz that rock that Stanford collegiate scene accompanied to come it's so. I I was last week to me it's like OK that's the Specter defense that Julius Peppers NKK short. Being disruptive that's taking advantages of chess pieces you have to get after the quarterback I mean I think philosophically. If Ron Rivera never had to believe it's the price would not suit you mean you want to do it by Buchanan got to sometimes it's like DeMar says that he never do it. Vineyard predictable also in its contingent on that front four get home. All right so up breaking news in the NFL plus a little bit Ezekiel he loses his appeal court. I so he's suspension back on what's that is there now we got away I mean there'll died this week so. There is a there's effectively a week and a half for his legal team to figure out what the next step is but for now the injunction. Has been lifted. Which means the suspension is back home. To those six games. All right well here's the thing Mike Chico is here unlike high if there's radio network is on the CPI's security post game show tonight you'll hear that undies elevenths and with a luxury is built of outrage against PC yet you're really five weeks in look at very grizzly right I am that's five weeks five weeks he sees that the I. That was true anyway this five. There's the question what which which you're one of which you wanna see is that that raises that question I get the electric to a teary issuers that appeared. Which is vital you know not like particularly that would he's puberty hasn't kicked all away in that yen although only grayer says otherwise and that's why don't go by Omar public Tom Hanks from asked. Old hairstyle on its not like you look good you look very good look at Hewlett he'll likens it to a gambler but yet you really are are the I still text or earlier this techsters just the worse he says nobody likes the economic zoologist Welsh. Is that your first ball and other text eroded just analysts little bit buildings that are text line. Hey what was that what was that drink. Odd that that daring me as the Philadelphia cocktail in honor at the Philadelphia cocktail which is a thing I did at an emergency room. When they pump you full of saline and and different. You know could be hazardous to get you back on your feet. Call by him being I decided that since Phillies a two shot and beer town you get to shouted Jim beam and being willing and a parent and apropos I think right now there are some vehicles like Bob savages out here on the quarter right outside of the W testicles Coca-Cola doghouse where there Eagles gear. And pictures drop the full quarter. Right on the sidewalk next which as you know Alaska executive cry easier ride next to a trashed Cato last drink it there doctor Kerry they're being willing I think is what they're tricking your eaten. Eat your food like literally right off trashed it. Polar in this cooler the street just. But it just average is at stake undersea AC clean streets the it's it's unity it's you think you can eat because it's near Charlotte. Much of Philly savages there are a lot of Eagles they're not here today here at the on us are we pump in this out. Early. For you you're the one making fun of him and create an office trash cans and it it's my city I I worried about we're about Itochu back croak. All right so let's go to the phones here 704 phones I don't know but it does not he's dead opposite of pre game coming up in about thirty minutes here on infancy crime bill local open it up with Kyle and hit it coming up. At 6 o'clock let's go to DVR Dave wants to join us. Mike if this call screener work here Dave what's up buddy how you doing. But I com well going on stage well argued that are surrounded by Billy Graham. In. Keep the site out there. I'm president. Really worried about the running game are Jewish so what liberation wrote what is actually got to spent the last. I love letters six minutes after the fourth quarter Stewart government run and I am urged. And yes I'm aware now of the 49ers. Bottom right you know art I'm articulate what about the calling itself. The play calling itself trying to double medal over and over there about though a little silly but it. You know Detroit federation that they wanted to stop Rhonda and I yeah. Yeah and if we don't want it going dark against some. I'm not gonna blister harshly Burke to prosper how many. Don't worry about it but we all got our last game that they wanted to stop the run game and make it well that's what we want anyway. So you know I actually just didn't they bring. I have very competent the general in charge of perjury or the yards down field. Murder or just about everywhere and I am OK with that if we are actually not arch O'Neal yet Briere Serbian air. Who cares what it anyway and again. Yet David appreciate the call buddy and I like it'll acquit on a little in the game but up until you play up the win that game we've heard a lot of people say go. So far over this past few days as they've been trying to break down analysts and reporters and other media types saying. I like the media like the carry get a pro football talk dot com people saying that you don't the evolution camps. That's taking what's there but he has that's probably oversimplification. But he's been taking what there and I think it again this game is to me is such an interesting opportunity because. Do four point teams conference games mattered divisional games medic I would hope so on that point first. I wanna see that this team. Is it. A little some guys he if you will because it's I look district are the only three note from daisy showcase different guys whoever he declared to motto directly. They're the only real road team in the NFL yes they should be applauded for that it is hard to win on the road in the NFL especially to go to England. And go to Detroit good wins and no doubt good winzip. On many sites and sites. The probably yes. United there I did it probably is if you come home and you go to one into a home with a loss tonight. That didn't adding that completely undercuts whatever you're doing other brokers then it tells me this team. Who is they've heard it is at home when their comedy here on a short rest that. You can't handle prosperity like I wanna see this team proved to be that yet they are immature bunch we thought they are they're all on purpose that they can. Do even if it's a muddy ugly game tonight do what you need to do get the heck out of dodge with a win. Any joy in a longer lay off on the back into this as you get ready for the next game so I its affairs which should be another. Should be another win so I just wanna see the sea one proved to be. That whole what this is what eight going home in 2015 no such a big regional what they did they use their home slate to built some momentum to go on the road. This seems kind of maybe doing an opposite right now we're the better on the road. Look it's easier right wing. More talking about you people are doubting you as we go eroding you're the underdog you're the favorite on national TV tonight don't short rest at home against another 41 team. Back it up tonight at that tonight that's another reason tonight this game feels like a big game today. I don't disagree with anything you said last. They're gonna have to figure out who they are really wanna be guy act unfortunately we are young in the wrong positions. A lot of the backfield the defensive backfield Arroyo were where young in the wrong spots. And they just so happens to be something that the Eagles are good at exploiting with their office which is going to be the problem I don't. The third the two trench the two trenches I think are evenly matched. Both ways you look at offensive burst their defense and our deep river. I mean we're going to do well against their offensive line right their main guy is not there we're going to do well against their offense a lot. I worry I mean I think we're going to do well. You know by a and they might do well vice Versa their defense birth are excellent so that does the true battle I think is going to be the wide receivers vs. On both sides in they've got guys who can go over the top and that's that thing without Kurt Coleman be in there. It's your little bit worried about because Kurz made so many plays out there in center field and at Torrey Smith gets behind you can get ugly. In her yeah eight people and it here's the other thing the Chico I want to see he took. I don't think Carlson talked about a lot this week I wanna overstayed a but I do think this is an interstate so story line of corporate store Luntz further on down the list. This is an older defense upfront. And I've seen at times we don't look we just talked about the numbers a lot of the past church came on what's last week against drew we saw against buffalo. Are we saw against New England in inability for the fraud for. When you're rushing for dropping seven to get home when it matters most because. Let's be honest it's Julius Peppers and budget dudes but it's a future hall of Famer who's leading this team about a half sacks and other guys are like hey any eight Charles Johnson. And it's not always the same bunch of dudes who led the league in sacks last year don't agree but they're also a year older and so my point is this I don't need series still sorry KKR grace and on the outside it's a little bit older I guess my thing is a short week. You know again you get the benefit of being a hole but this is older defense are always see this defense proved to me that yards short rest they can do enough to get off it. And play this game don't look panicked about to say that's another reason for Reid. So now she's so independent ever to shoot to worry so yeah I don't know it's just generally as we get and we to a disaster rights and disaster what are you watching for tonight. And that's Syria the line is is going to be the line plays on some minority crime because you can't there's obviously don't want trying to reestablish the run game after not being able to do it so well last week insulin your stocks got a ways to be game time decision decision zeros tonight and again in talking about how much they blitz in the pressure there is voter put. I believe the contention that Mike quick made earlier that Carson Wentz is better able to handle the absence of Elaine Johnson this year than he was last year. At this time does last year it was three games into his NFL career. When you lost that guy for the next seeing games. He's a more mature player but how much of that is because he's got a clean pocket to work from. But the way the numbers on that he last year I had a Ted he's got a ten to two interception rate touchdown to interception ratio. 65% completions one lane Johnson right tackles out there that's one to two. TD to interception 62 Walt is actually the total number way has been out there. Andy his completion percentage dips like 61 so. Yet there's an eye which is we're so sick of right tackles as a reason why. Our quarterbacks like numbers would dip quiet why how could you explain that. Well they've a lot of times teams are right handed. And so they run the ball to a so of that right tackle is not there he can't that dates he can get the defense and the widen an awesome stuff it cuts down on your running game. Which now you have to pass more which won't give you more off. More option for hidden. We didn't hurt Chico's because defense. One interception on the year that man flew key clicked but your secondary has no picks on the year. There's only one team with fewer turnovers forced on the year it's Atlanta and they've played one fewer game let mother but those other teams have seen their terms come in bunches. If we establish it as the other day as the pick up a bunch of scientists are counting up three's yeah. Well a bit its date anti goes a little bit to the pressure up front too because we saw two years ago there's a lot of pressure forcing bad throws and you know I think. That they'll kind of goes hand in. Yeah I I've I mean that's a reason to worry for me yet but yeah at a certain point this defense is gonna you can't get by forever not forcing turnovers. So taking care of the football you can control that I know it's less. Eight your less able to force feed but to keep to have the idea of controlling force literally can't correct that the was in the first half but think Detroit. I'll think all but been one time they punted were three and outs. So if if you're getting three and outs. I think that kind of it's almost like a turnover sure. Or at least it it it can flip the field depending on filters are going to get maybe this is one of which this is what these situations where again the way Philly wants to play fundamentally different than most teams in the NFL or now the passing game. Course which is gonna stated up pocket he's gonna deliver balls down the field he's not afraid. Of force the ball into a tight window maybe gets tipped and it turns it into an interception or taken a big hit just to get the ball down there so. There's a built it to stop that stuff but at the same time Philly that's what they're not afraid to do that still. I think maybe if there is a game where that you could stay on it predicts a turtle this is the formula where maybe align itself it. Yeah of course what's take some shots at the Panthers finally take advantage of it. Well and his maturity consequences is gonna be on display it to him wanting to. Players talk about all this week was how much the seen him grow and continue to grind Carson once and end because maybe playing. Beyond his experience if you all day and listening going through last year. Had to help in that regard because he did have some success early laid down the base where you know OK I can play all right. And then having to go through a tough stretch is not the worst thing in the world as long as a guy is is not out there. Just hung out to dry week after week after week and I watch Joey Harrington yeah or Jimmy Claussen Hemingway. I can under for wasn't me earlier what I try to bring reality into Barack but I mean that happens but it never got to that point last year with wins and I bounced back and play better coming down the stretch he played the ground work for coming in and play in this way this year it's like I Danny billion primetime at WFNC dot com garage door guru you Villa Boxee says grows up not a big issue of Fayette. The feeling is it setting this league up with what he's done with the play calling can result heads minute 25 years saw snow I got my Sheila and I am just not be going through the right it was laced speech he feels about us trying to stop the pastor come at us. Balanced on defense I say McCaffery camp. Jays to go off we talk about our running game but a lot of our runs last week were considered passes I feel they're going to be they're going to try to pound it tonight. Our defense will shine and apple go off also. Odd that comes in from but stand in the garage door guru Ebola box prime time. At WS Antioch comfort I did so he writing some Collins somebody wrote it earlier other buildings that are Tex lines say. That the Rob Glaser they're too predictable they just they just brought it up the metal. Well I mean. Yeah like that is kind of like Dick you lined up eight you brought that team a little military places you can run left right middle left right. And maybe outside what I heard Damione Lewis say this earlier the weakness can speak to this he suffered a lot of people say. We have the right McCaffrey or the middle not get anything there they are he's not running the ball well too little to really run the ball well at all does have a whole lot of lip pencil. Yes. He doesn't MacKenzie go somewhere else and are doing so the thing is we received a ruckus toss sweeps more run run run those stretch plays to the outside. But opposing defense is no they want her on the he would go to the runways to the outside they don't wanna get an edge with this guy he if you could break point. Quality is so. When the when the caller the screener or however you got the message about how it was not complicated. There is a lot of window dressing. That the pit Carolina Panthers do a lot of missed direction to get back to the same type runs that everybody in the league. They already is the same thing the you know you have a fullback you bomb which of fullback on the front side linebacker you'll have been cut off for eagle to have a wide receiver coming. They like as a reversed the hold up backside and so. Are we can go through all that sort of stuff but. The thing is this they're trying to run between the tackles. Because. You know right now. There tackle their their offensive tackles aren't necessarily going to be able to reach a controlled age and do all sorts of things that you have to you have to prove that they would. Consistency right here to keep teams honest so if you put McCaffery entered every time you run McCaffery district wave or just cost way consulate that you know that you're tell you're showing your hand resurrected as an absolute so yeah we are. Hey we know what we know you know destroy could go well but guess what. Yeah we're gonna stick the ball was due to Philly it's eating and even a full 43 or four yards and then you got to I don't remember do we have a true fullback on his roster. But if we cut you know Alex Armas the most is the closest thing that night totally the last cuts brave armor McCurdy is back now he is next attached. Look at. Well that's an ask the hard thing about a right because in the past we care a lot of was able to truly run the ball they had a true fullback. And now fullback but SA took on the lead difference on linebacker or he cut off right. A lot of running backs grew up now until these last couple years played with behind the fullback was able to read off his block. They were successful why because there was somebody there to help guide them where the hole is going to be your hopes while the hole out on a host of so. You know McCaffrey did a lot of good things in college unfortunately guys are bigger and those polls close a little bit quicker than when he was playing in the pac. Tenth packed twelve to a packed tennis that the pac ten at like seven years where you've been I think in my. They'll pat hey senator I'll stay up late and of course those games. We did you sell occurs Peterson so that I threw -- Peterson they were not donated we're not doing anybody any favors but our games on at 1030 at night. Naral and Kirk herb street fire effects that you should be grateful for the is punitive trillions it all down right here on end kind of full court by the way breaking ESPN news. I saw the story today a ticket to the Philippines there's an ESP a channel you'll be ESPN sync go into the history of five. So were approaching this thing could we feel chip manor three away from ESPN the Ochoa foes this whole strategy cotton we are getting cut. There's a closer and closer to kick off to come back Alley does somebody just wrote it on the buildings that are tech slide. Hey I'm thinking about coming down to the dock us never been before he got TVs heck yeah we got now TVs and get the bar open. The U want the best surround sound you've ever heard you come stayed here at the dog house while Bank of America Stadium erupts. Right across the street its free come on by everybody's saying it out we'll take you all the way up until kick off. We got pregame fired up to twenty minutes Brian Billick would join the guys at six we put a poll on the show after this its prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Back on prime time powered by ortho Carolina Kyle Bailey is in the house get ready for Panthers pregame show he loves capitalism over here Derek get actually asked in the right. He drove into the studios. One out into the studios that we disaster actually. But you front Henrik beyond that hopefully get pictures. But it only drove into the parking lot at the studio that we wrote over your together to board has bit Gary give the with a social my critique goes been hanging out with a stupid if there's radio network. Can't get pulled out his blazer and I say what do you TV hit tonight. To know why would you think that what was Lester was so you Wear a blazer that's on the visit to lately for the serious soccer dad is a new us auto play it's after Labor Day but it just walked out there I think you might get it you know you just. It is dampened swampy out there that is confirmed but yeah you can't be wearing seersucker after Labor Day you've had a just a rule that you might get a weather exception tonight I'm not sure on that so why here's the thing color rush tonight that there's where they're all blues from that it really talk to KK about it that's not a flattering look for anybody know what's beyond especially on your attitude Arivalo listen more blue. Why don't like coastal along with his words work well at least always start sweating it will darken up more than Michael you're at that point throw it still it's gone you know you're you're working too hard to justify it at that point of reaching the money isn't looking. But Jamar as of sarcasm gentleman that stature would you prefer the blue on blue to the why don't mind. Seeing if only slightly. Even if only slightly air because I'm seeing a boom of the blue is darker the blues are because I'm thinking about what Sean Gilbert looked like in the final tonight and it was not good I was there who here's the thing he's I was like are cool. He looks to that point that they thought so last week patriots did this the Eagles are gonna do tonight since the Panthers are wearing. There blue and Eagles to limit a dark color that is contrasting enough to go up against it. They won't Wear all white you know sometimes using words like. Yellow line read oh and I go different okay Aviv January might look like ketchup mustard on a hot dog the wool Alex right you know it'll work. White is not a color by definition white and black are not colors because they do not have specific wavelengths. It instead white like contains all wavelengths of visible light black on the other hand the absence of visible light so white is not truly color. On the spectrum OK it is not a so if you come with you talk all you need to go about Philadelphia is they're doing a color rush gave it they're not actually wearing uniforms all of any color. Okay that's all you need to know about the Eagles tonight I got until you're there IQ levels that. So they're going that I they're holding seats that either holding court there overturned in which they're using as far as we see this quarter they only know basically telling us was fifty degrees out that the put a fire in the label deal rocky movies a basically what you're saying is the Eagles are going dressed as the lower level of Bank of America saying you stupid music net John I. Well and so I was gonna let it sit for unions and a joke for thought I don't I don't look I know most people don't get your humor or so people don't get your humor I love your humor. That's not a funny joke today you could ever I'm gonna tell it's this is a friend driving on using that joke for at least three years ago retired general and teller rushed you know how signed filled its like requires a joke doesn't believe in retiring you don't tired I didn't hit a political could Joseph Ron Rivera's 2323 and one in games decided by such stimulus in the words of Greg Olsen BA they're out. Excuse. Oh funny. Love or attire sometimes he would sit your bet it's in your if your favorite and I all right. So cosmonaut and a few moments the fire pregame show got Mumbai here W offense it Coca-Cola doc as it is free FR EE free tailgate. Drinks are flown as can be great time. Come on out thanks to everybody's who witnessed Richard's Chicago home with Richard dot com Miller Lite Jack Daniels backpack line. Kept for Genesis and out of course park heating and cooling on the back deck so we appreciate all those and Brian Billick is gonna open up the pre game with a right at the top at 6 o'clock. All final thoughts. We senate for four hours we'll say one more time I think this is going to be a really good game tonight plays you're really good game and it's important it's meaningful. I think more than anything. The pit there's not only can put themselves at the pole position if only for a few days atop the NFC. They put real heat on Atlanta with a win tonight and weaken it could it be even half up with a week off also lost for Atlanta. Palin is gonna tough stretch coming up over the next six weeks so that's a big guy to be part of this case and honestly if this game turns out to not be good then it's only because of the structure of playing on Thursday night and making everybody get short week. Make it one team traveled roads don't short week it's just hit it might be impossible to have good football on Thursday night if this unknown deliver. And I think it's going to be like the last two weeks I think it's going to be close game at the end probably never as the ball last wins again. Because pretty thick. I feel it. Through big big game hunting camp is a win no mice or my between 321 and won't be more via a blow by any stretch of imagination well it's interesting because I I think Mack was given out December earlier today historically in the over the entire tenure of Thursday night football. 52 point 61% gain isn't so it's in if you really think dead anyway short week here at home. Should be in your favor. But I think this year was a record one is more right wrote teams are one in four through the first five thirst for the home ratings are wanted now would afford but. But I think you won't usually when bowling game preserve that Thursday a football games every week it's been so one in three have been for so far this a became number five so. One in three on Thursday night football for. I'll for the home team so far. That's weird I don't know what that says it just is what it is probably. This week you're not if you go to a lot of hitting a practice of any right no this is all mental rep as a result Garrity absolute we're not we shouldn't be touching anybody list. I mean. And I don't know I kind of I don't know how to CPAs structured to handle short weeks. Com I know you're supposed to still get the 24 hours so that automatically puts you into Tuesday. Brian and then and that's generally how it goes you usually get one. What is a good real legit practice at. When you play on Thursday night don't get your go to the press box there right now heading cross street one on. How many three everybody weeks of the year you actually working. Drama Red Sox outfielder coffee table in the regular season. I don't know three or four probably bad you'll see they don't run there at 33 point three and a half yeah 3.5 is probably the right place to put the over under. I'm not gonna drag out there for Iran though. Sunday 1 o'clock game against New Orleans that's too pedestrian for an odd Luis by the way Luis Moreno get their Spanish broadcast willow means Luis is saying here's the stat he's always looking to help what won it four on Thursday that football. Which I guess what include the opener. Bryant but I'd bet to different gay I don't know I don't I don't get to see what's going on one and that's your season opener that's a different times are really long week yeah that's not a short we get plenty of time all right we have break. We come back on the other side. And put the we will be a different way and we Kyle daily either hit man who gets you go with the Panthers pregame show. Mike Chico's got you on news 1110 dog and three WT after the game. This post game show his foes get children Madonna and they're again making appearances well entering abusive toward as the amount are put a a few times easier than how I'm just I come here all right stick around text everybody dropped my Mike quick former NC state great former Eagles wide receiver. Radio analyst tonight hi illegal makes it tough courses well Bryan Phillips gonna join us Philadelphia. And about five minutes or open up the papers pregame Joseph Kyle Bailey Tony they hit they had come by WS fencing Coca-Cola doghouse it's free free tailgate. Taking you all the way up until kick off if you don't have tickets to watch the game here here's the crowd right across the street great way to enjoy it tonight with a quarter of many more ahead. We'll talk to you guys tomorrow back get you fired at six they'll want to pit your reaction is good at. Brigades coming up next stick around.