Primetime: Evan Silva Tells Us Why Dez Bryant Should Come To Carolina

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Monday, April 16th
Kroeger talks to's Evan Silva on if Dez Bryant would fit in Carolina.

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Carry on Johnson do you prefer if you're dipping your hot buffalo wings do you prefer rancher blue cheese. Okay in his. I they have a field is salute you for. Well we're food Portland is he. Tell me they Jesse had a small screens get in the villain. This is that it can. It's. Like night you know you'll wind person you're only ever drink wine as like obese is our pairings you know if you go like with the shark coterie board with a great why you gotta have a have a pairing there there's a there's a there's it. A talent thing going on with your would you chase must have felt not physically. I did read it and round of applause from carry on Johnson for choosing ranged live from the mark's been real T studio. Kroger. All right we'll open the show where they bite handing me and I always we opened a brand new week it's primetime were powered by ortho Carolina. We got producer Ryan. Across from me get behind the board we got Billy the marlin who's gonna jumping studio witness he's out on look on location. On this Monday he's been producing for Kyle and frank who really Kyle and Darren. And they've been out at the Joseph moss foundation golf turn it seems like everybody who's anybody at Charlotte. Out of range tree country club this afternoon so Billy is gonna come in here he witnessed the rest of the show an hour away from John killer kills young company with us. The legend himself he'll be witnesses three it is prime time overpowered by ortho Carolina. You can text us if you wanna jump in 704. Five to 709610. That's the same number for the phone still fielding sent her text line 704570. 96 Teddy could tweet us Bradley Jewelers Twitter feed app prime time WS Lindsay Bradley Jewelers recently named. One of the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country by national jeweler magazine building trust. For three generations and also it's diamond monster Browne leak and to celebrate they're given away a week and get away for free. Would any purchase of 1999. Dollars for the best selections values and deals on diamonds only one choice that's friendly Jewelers. And Bradley Jewelers dichotomy guys can tweet us. Throughout the show a foot Monday shooting get into a little bit it everything and this is one of my favorite times a year I know people get. Kind of down on sports this time a year because they feel like all there's nothing to talk about what are we gonna deal. Well guess what we are now less than two weeks away from the NFL draft so we'll talk about the theaters. Their options are still so wide open 24 speaking of which Evans so was gonna join us for more real world and NBC sports. And he's gonna join us at 230 I think Evan silverlight is one of the best follows out there. If your football junkie like if you just love football football football NFL football that is every cent. Everything this guy is so good in the prep work that he does he want to match a preview for every single game. Every single week in the NFL and I'm not just talking about a one liner to hear there in depth stats. About players and match ups from a fantasy perspective but it also has. Real implications on the football field it's a must read for me. You know one you hit the nail on the head in the hand -- like you're used to -- for growth pro football talk and rule the world when the two relate you know together -- minister kinda stuff together but when he got he got moved over essentially just wrote -- world and I was kind of -- point I'm like coming always -- -- -- -- -- -- -- but he's he's -- edited -- it's so good and so like -- -- talked into 230 -- correct me if I'm -- -- is one of these guys who say Dez -- to the -- makes a lot of sense yet he kind of correlated to the fact that -- -- that -- cam was kind of a quarterback -- the top quarterbacks last year in in kind of -- balls in tight windows which is kind of what does is natural strength is still a -- that does is the point in his career where he's knocking it it's -- going to get separation from a defensive back but he still has value your team -- that your you have to do -- the right probably. Debate got a little bit again you know what happened while we are on the air on Friday we're kind of working through it collectively is an audience what do you do when Dez Bryant is it a situation. Here in Carolina that makes sense I I think it does. Does the good outweigh I wouldn't say the bad but do the positives outweigh the negatives to the pros always the can't because. You are Mack talking this morning about Dez like he's some sort of like problem child I don't know man I don't think does that weigh. And I must say Dez doesn't come what baggage but I think he comes with competitive baggage yeah that's the problem with Dez is do you feel like you the locker room. -- really rein him in and get those juices flowing in the right direction in a positive way and that's a good question it's a good debate to have but I think from a football standpoint. You'll be lying to yourself with the Panthers are a better football team by adding Dez Bryant would you can control and you think you can work you're not chemistry wise there's no way you could argue you're not a better football team by adding Dez Bryant verse is not doing now you. Want his skills of the football player you just don't want to baggage that comes with the you want to personality you don't want but the fire you know he's got. No I just want some of it you do you want that guy the kind of once the ball good but again you know how much of that you know it is second vehicle quote cancer in the locker yeah I don't know it's an interesting debate we're gonna get into it Evan Silva from -- world's gonna join us at 230 at 430. I was kidding but maybe I'm not kidding Larry Brown's up I mean he was twice over coach in this town once with the Carolina cougars. Another time with the Charlotte Bobcats and soul will would've happened three times no I don't think you will but we'll talk to him. I know can we just spend a lot of time because it would get into this later in the show we will do we spend a lot of time with Larry today. Trying to figure out what it's like to work for Michael Jordan. What's Michael Jordan like is an owner and an executive Ike is a little find out. Some of those things misconceptions. Things that are true things that are untrue where it's good words that. I'll Wear. I'm Michael Spain and celebrity may be betray him. He's greatness may need to Trace him as an executive in a way that it wouldn't as a player sort of talked to Larry Brown I would just talk basketball just awesome ST Clifford firing for the hornets and what he would do which direction you go and I would imagine he's got insight. Because it's such a coaching fraternity on guys like David Tisdale I'm guys like auditory Messina. And now Jerry Stackhouse is another guy that's been thrown out there all linked to the hornets in the early coaching search and I would say that by the way is we'll talk about that throughout the show. Let's be very careful. To start saying oh this guy's a favorite. Or this is gonna be to god gets the job these guys are names for a reason I think there are serious contenders but at the same time. I think a lot of these guys are going to be you know holding pattern I don't think anybody are also they're also guys that are available right now yeah no doubt and so I would get into all that ordered to do that coming up. I throughout the course of the next few hours Larry Brown scooter join us coming up at 430 and can I say this OK because you got some NBA playoff stuff to get into we're gonna talk pay enters the OTAs began. I today we talk about would have when Darryl Worley over the weekend which. I don't know how to talk about decision this this situation would your were really other than to say it's sad that I just incredibly sad and it's a weird dynamic. That a lot of Panthers fans and was seemed to celebrate it. I understand maybe feel like it justifies the trade or maybe it makes you feel better about the trade happily Torrey Smith. Are but this wasn't about the trade I mean this is a guy I think clearly he's got issues man. And he's either Panthers knew some of that stuff I don't only to camp there's ever thought this could happen. There's no way they would cut a while ago if they don't this what happened and so it's all kind of settled it and all that but. You know I love the MBA around here OK we all know that the twelve week so you like the NB a lot is the way I do. But can we be honest put ourselves for sure out for 12 here should work. How do we need whispered as a Philip you need to whisper this. The NBA playoffs weren't very good over the weekend. Does anybody agreement that I don't think the playoffs were very good whatsoever on the whole there's a gamer to I thought obviously the Boston Milwaukee finish coming down the stretch was incredible. The game was not over the course of four quarters. Each team come ahead Iran. At the fourth and walking made Iran. Middleton it's a prayer for shopping go to overtime and in Boston closes it out be honest now's out he's complaining about the foul when he probably should've got a Fowler earlier than ever called got called against him. Objects so to cast got their teeth kicked in by Victor early deep bow and Lance Stephenson at and the pacers yesterday on their home floor. I don't rockets and eight rockets and timberwolves was kind of good last night down the stretch in the fourth quarter. You'll Philly I thought Philly Miami was going to be. That he's better than any other I would say truly better than any other in the NBA in making adjustments did coaching staff is built for NBA playoff action. No joy Allenby we thought okay what can happen. Well as a good game at the halftime break. And then Philadelphia curves stopped him and it was a blow out 13103. On Saturday night on the whole. Like I tune into those playoffs expecting because we've heard this now for weeks could be wide open and anything could happen and normally get one upset if you're lucky in the opening round mean there's 345 this time around. If I did it just left me kind of wanting more over the weekend had him clips are so Monday you know he died on Sunday Stephen I want to tonight's game on Saturday and after it and we won't we walked across the street went and went to a Barnett was on is actually on the game in the Yemen the bar and I mean it was it was like background noise of zambians like you weren't it was not some that you were literally drawn to. But he tire likes of the game what was the best game from the weekend on the whole I mean I guess who probably that rockets game last night. Yeah or ordeal like if you stayed up for pelicans blazers is really good to wanting it to be Davis finally breakthrough win a playoff game got how good you seek it might cut a man I. He's doing all that to adapt to Marcus 'cause now he's got so much belly bogeys going away and that's why is kind of so that's why it's kind of slipping and an MD MB she commerce it was fun to meet a lot so Casey yesterday did anybody else watch showcasing yesterday and a I missed okay that's deemed to be. Now Donovan Donovan was really good he injured his pinky till looks like he's gonna be good to go for tomorrow but that's neither here or there I mean he looked good it felt like at times he should have done more for them. But to see okay see. I mean look Paul George and I did you are using edit he calls orders highlight itself that just look like Theo Casey we've been waiting to see all year. Stephen Adams is a freaking monster on the offensive glass up Paul George is it got to contain gold from both ends of the floor. And Russell Westbrook when he wants still. I in Carmelo Anthony when they want to can be guys that are. Really I did some players it's a great team I did see Russ is outfit after the game. I was feeling that outfit on oh before I actually liked it I could wearable for Rossum are mad at him and that I wonder you're aware that tomorrow I will not what color was that there was like a purple little rivalry and color a cup it was like a light diploma. And they know undershirt only Russell Westbrook pulled it off I just on the whole NBA playoffs. And this is a like I get I'm not a die hard hockey fan myself but you can't put the MBA playoffs. Next to the NHL playoffs and I did this over the weekend and anybody else do this we flip the channel back and forth the intensity level between the two of them it's laughable. Like it's laughable and I know the NBA ratchets up the defense dredges up all that self ratchets up what she gets the post season but even putting it aside the NHL playoffs over the weekend. And it really it left a lot. To be desired to me like I won I need to see a lot more sickening Tonioli even in this whole situation with coli. Can we talk about this for so we gonna get into this later because what's the precedent for this situation with choir Leonard who got away by all reports is now don't you shutting it down for the year. The best player on a team that desperately needs him going up against the best team of this. Gerald NBA basketball say not you know what I know you cleared me my team says I'm not clear on dispute went on to ride this one out a good you guys go ahead. What's the precedent for that I don't think there's any precedent for something like that now I saw so much people on Twitter trying to finally gonna quote you finally there are two parable situation and support of the last couple years I can't think of one man thing when he I can't think of one so I mean and we take it a dynamic here this is. The NBA equivalent of the patriots this would be great eat right or someone if his ilk saying you know what and I don't feel well and I knew you guys same clear I'm not you guys is go ahead and we think this dome thing is no big deal I say it's not see guys go on ahead without me that's roughly the equivalent of what's going public coli right now and bodily single trait for that guy. I have major red flags going off around this right now death. I guess he's a supreme talent but you wanna go trait for a guy who basically for a calendar year now has been saying I'm not right in the spurs are saying no you are come back and play basketball. And he's a non good on you to sit this one out and I'm not saying you gotta trust his team at the word all the time. But for this to be dragging on as long as it has this seems like it's about more than just an injury or Daria does yeah something weird going on. Speaking of the NBA hornets coaching search that's going on I wanna get into this. And what we come back because Evan Evan so. Evan silver excuse me former world's gonna join us at 230. I wanna talk about the hornets shaking things up because we talked about this on Friday they cleaned out not only the entire coaching staff. Really all of basketball operations and the way that they are mixing things up actually might be an encouraging sign I tell you why next its prime time power but ortho Carolina so. Listening sub prime time which Chris Kroger. Powered by ortho Carolina. They need to read a couple or that you can catch it what a great talent it robs bird if you watch the cook cheated I know this dike is good. In order the way it and I just don't chase it out short bridge it's better they it would change from street clipper to someone. I need your arms around me I need to just hang on tight leash. Let's pistons GM. And coach for now Steve van Gundy came all this on Friday I actually think Steve was a little more tame that I thought he would be. On a scale of one to ten it was like a seventy was almost like it's a don't cuddly bear. Unlike any just William Hung he's almost got a soft and cuddly unaided likely you like the match reporting gas going anywhere and you know wanting to look actually thought he was being kind of odd generous at one point recalled the in the deported stuff. Bottom third of the NBA cause I'm amazed that I haven't had a chance to listen the whole thing inform him sit here beginning get a ticket am doing about a hundred things. Basic bottom third or did he Selig bottom three. Now go back and listen I think we have the audio of the backboard right now I think it's it's in our. I think it's in our cuts full Dan listen to I think he calls the bottom third we'll play that a second while I do I don't worry. I don't forget get my perks dot com your spot to get the best deals and this Thursday we are what now sitting here three days away from our pro football draft roundtable. Thirty dollars pitcher in the door and deal worth neighborhood grill on morehead it'll be up a great got a football talks dimensions could be what they're setting match is gonna come on the show this on Thursday Gary gets to be over there witness on Thursday. And of course the whole panel Dre' Bly Omar Gaither frank Garcia and OF NC crew. And doubt we will get to all that and you can sign up tickets are still going on get my perks that come more City Hall with a draft guide put some food in your belly. During Q by getting drinks and corona Beers well it's going to be great not to sign up to get my perks dot com. Are also don't forget you can also good to get my perch stock can't get it take advantage of our first in flight for your. Our dear to your card as well ten above the local breweries here in Charlotte 29 dollars you can also play classes welding gets set to get my perk stock up. Stewart who roof opening topic of the day I'll. Less than ten minutes talked to him wrote a world NBC sports and we'll get a soft so the Panthers he thinks Dez Bryant makes a lot of sense year old talked of about that and boy it is also what this team needs still. From our roster standpoint after free agency and del what he thinks a Christian McCaffery go nadir to present a he was a Shannon McCaffrey. Our from a fantasy standpoint because he was a fancy machine. If you're one of those PP our league's or gonna talk to him about when he takes a Chris McCaffery the load he could carry in north Turner's offense next here's what it's all that he's gonna join us coming up. And 230. I so that was standing Gaudio Friday talk about Steve Clifford and look we're gonna get into this mortgage in a little bit or talk by some of these coaching candidates. I can Jerry Stackhouse is out there I toward Messina. Was a long time. International coach an Italian coach of the year multiple times over Euro league champion four times over. I think he's a true Tonya early coach of the year candidate. I mean this guy is as accomplished an international basketball coaches shall ever spot he's on the who's who list of international basketball he's been an assistant with the spurs. Opt for the last few seasons so he's on the list and of course Davis his sales and utterly that we talked about Friday so we get to those names but. I wanna talk about this first second because this happened on Friday. Where Chris managed reported everybody's out. Everybody support staff training staff are the assistant coaches aren't out yet but that's basically because. Somebody's gotta be in the building. Likable player wants to go in work out or be around people you gotta have some. Someone so of a staff in place and so to be assisting coaches staffs and our are gonna be in place but scouting staff is gone all the analytics folks gone cleared out. And it. I think the first thing you hear there is when you see that is as a fan or anybody you read that news I think to what you're your immediate reaction is is. Well okay you're just starting new yea you're starting your dad at its most basic. Point that's what you're doing you're wiping the slate clean your starting knew why to me this feels like a big deal though is in this it won't talk to Larry Brown about this at 430. Just generally speaking we talked to me an X about this in recent weeks go around the NBA. I it's it's kind of a not so dirty secret that the hornets are cheap. They're cheap Michael Jordan runs is basketball operation on the cheaper side thinks so when standing do we have a cut a stand Indonesia. So saving Donny speaking of of the hornets job where it ranks in the NBA this is from Friday with a sub prime time listening. The bottom that are sure they they're sitting out about there ought to be good you look to big bike. Tradition at all so money you think like what they've been willing. You say not only there approaches producers boots. It didn't like that it certainly not going to be the most sought out there you don't want your most sought after jobs. It you're torturing. So that point right there to me is the sticking point on this whole thing because. If you've got Michael Jordan not only hiring Mitch Kupchak and it's easy to do the FOM thing and look maybe that's true some basic level. But you just hired a guy who on his own accord as a GM. As the head GM. Let's four NBA championship teams he's better GM. For seventeen years in the NBA he's done some pretty good drafting he's done some pretty good trades and he's also listed times what GM hasn't. But the fact that you're granting Mitch Kupchak the power. To completely come in and wiped a slate clean whether those guys deserve to be fired or not it's not it's not exactly normal. Odd too to fiery train Sapp we know what it's not uncommon either a happens sometimes. And for Michael Jordan to grant that to Mitch Kupchak to allow him to do that for him to have the latitude to come in. And in his first week on the job so you know what Steve Clifford you're out coaching staffs going to be out eventually and everybody in the scouting department. And everybody from a basketball operations standpoint you guys are gone you're out of there. That's not cheap they cost a lot of money you're paying people go away and guess what you're gonna have to pay people to come in and take those new jobs soul. At its most basic thing with this whole situation. I think I think that's actually should be an encouraging sign if if you're hornets and not knowing what's to come not knowing what the coach is going to be. Not knowing who Mitch Kupchak and higher underneath him from a scouting staff standpoint. But the fact that Mitch Kupchak has has decided to wipe the slate clean Michael Jordan is actually allowed him to do so. And he's gonna go spend even more money bringing into an entire new basketball operations. That's no small thing that's a big thing. And it as we've talked over the years what's wrong with this hornets team what's wrong with a franchise will from a basketball standpoint. I think it's affected a lot of people are in different. You know sectors of what they believe this basketball team should look like how should be built. How do we go about it what what's the way that we do this we keep disc player we trade this clearly cut his player we draft this player. So when your missed cut Jack can you come in although it goes away. All the drama all the preconceived notions. That's not to say every one of those scouts didn't do their jobs or did a bad job it's not CC Cooper did a good or bad job it's just wiping the slate clean. And I think the fact that Michael Jordan did to my knowledge she's never allowed this to happen under his ownership. For a guy to come in. And completely gut the basketball operations staff. I think that's actually an encouraging sign I think it tells you that Michael Jordan. He's at least trusting Mitch Kupchak is probably what was missed cut checked bring to the table which he brings to the table and Steve Clifford told me this brings rings but he brings culture. Steve Clifford said it in his exit interview when he was an LA that was the one thing he was blown away by the culture is real. And so for Mitch Kupchak to go to there's going to be like a lakers these kind of thing how I don't know about that but I would say if your rich got jacked. I've been a winner I know what it takes to win. Follow me on an organizer of the winner of culture center and I think it's really hard to instill that on guys that you didn't hire. Even if it's only a handful even if you have a few guys that stay over from the previous receipt regime if you're Mitch Kupchak you're hand picking. Either of the guys directly or indirectly we're going to flesh out your basketball operations seven I think that's a big thing. You think there was one of the things that Mitch meat you know. You know he said you know what the parameters from it's taken the job what do you think he would have declined the jobs he didn't have an opportunity I think that was part of it I think on the money thing was clearly part of the Mitchell to set himself. I mean how could not among other things and not build your mix like hey you need me more than I need you. But I if your Mitch Kupchak you certainly go to Michael Jordan you say look I'm doing this man I'm doing in my way and doing it right. And it's not to say you can't have to say M and look Mitch told us that last week it's not to see you cannot say. It's not to say you can't have input. But guess what I've got a way of going out of doing things and so we're gonna do it my way. And I promise you the results are gonna come is as as a result of that let's take a quick time out on the other side. Let's get to Evan silver Rota world NBC sports dot com we get as Dawson is theaters roster about a week and a half away from the NFL draft and we find out what he thinks they need to add in the draft next week its prime time power by ortho Carolina. Primetime which Chris Kroger. Powered by ortho Carolina dot com while obviously a tough skin effect how many quarterbacks go and how that affects it increases position players down let's think that this is a different draft because if it's nine it didn't normally in past drafts like you look last year and I think there were six offensive tackles on the first round in. In six corners go Wolf Blitzer at the positions of strength of Topper little bit different I think delay as far as depth wise that is a little different than he usually is so it's harder to predict I think what's gonna have. That's Panthers general manager Marty hernia on earlier today with Garcia in Bailey right here and FNC we're gonna go to detect you can't get slime bottom to this 2 o'clock hour. And I think this is one of the best football guys out there one of the greatest follows you can you can have on Twitter your diehard football fan at. At and instilled as we can get him on Twitter brutal world dot com is where he can read his work and he's with this right now on the technique on guess on Evan syllable what do seven you don't mean it's good to talk to you again. We're here are your support current production. Yeah I was just telling people earlier it's easier match off column that you put out every week during the football season is just like. Beyond even the fantasy implications and there's huge fantasy implications. It's just a great read like I feel like I get a great grasp on every game based off your match ups. Column you put out in these are lanky man like how long does it take you put that thing together every week. They expect so cute that's what I'm working on all week. People live but people used it I've sports betting. As well. And so are your a lot of peace partner feedback. About it and thank you very much for reading. In in its greatest get a real I feel like I can't get a good grip on out on a game in July its oil port through similar stats it's always Gracie can check that out wrote a world icon Evan silverware this. And you can follow him on Twitter. I'm at and it's always a desk right gets cut it will talk about that first the war ground elsewhere but does right gets cut on Friday that really a surprise based off the lead up. Over the course of a few days we knew it was gonna happen in a lot of people bringing up the Panthers I think for obvious reasons when you look at their depth chart at wide receiver you're one of home and you said. Pinter standout. You know especially to about Cain mutiny in how we lost they're trying to force of balls into tight coverage. Maybe in looks they just got a massive question mark I think that whole position but. You know Joseph person from the observer importing hitters not expected to pursue it how. How what is this thing for you re sick man but I I think does make sense even though the Panthers make might be donated to for direction here. Yeah it very cute pictures usually reverse course and changed their thinking I have reason to doubt you know Joseph pershing aura about it. All right now but they could refer they're thinking. I think the draft they don't come out of the trap with a receiver. That they think could help him right away one of the reasons that I thought. It it makes change work as a polluted Q. You know they're Bryant is not a big time separation receiver so he requires a quarterback. That is willing to wrote you. Like rocket receiver and throw the ball. Receiver even when he's quote unquote tightly covered in Cam Newton had one of the highest rate in Vienna well. Well if you're willing his aggressiveness. Willingness to throw the ball to receivers who were. Created one yard last separation. And he really never been surrounded by you don't play with our receivers that work they don't separation whether Kelvin Benjamin or debt and functions. And those guys were in for our Dave in those situations Cam Newton trust his arm brought his arms very. And unity the most accurate and I well know what you will allow these receivers. You know you'll tropical Hubert make plays in tight coverage and the current quarterback is dead aren't you playing well. In your mind Evan do you think the Panthers have ever put the right type not amassing enough is that we do that sometimes only hasn't had enough help or enough weapons but do you think the Panthers have put. The right weapons around Cam Newton in seven years. I mean I think if we can look I'm and stated yeah it never like in upper Echelon. We achieved record is best you can have a proper really with that you're. You have to welcome back and all open measurement ripped his ratio and intriguing can't. And yet Greg Olsen and chase game. And I think that they're hoping for similar impact are fortunate. Other big dot com in a candidate sure you do that for years I think. I think the you know I'm an ideal world Curtis Samuel can come back. And get help you with personal account struggled on the you know as a rookie announced coming off a severe injury was also really strong. Coming out of Ohio State won the youngest prospects. In 2017. Draft so he cannot reach our you know our. You know learn and author under new coordinator this year in well I don't really know what you expect that name is mr. you're pro. Art and and so was with a true world dot com he's on Twitter at Evan still pleased with dust right now in the technique I'm guess when you're actually tweeting the other day talk about Torrey Smith sand. Your daughter was one of the strangest acquisitions. The off season to what what what makes you say that about Torrey Smith. I injured Eagles organic product. And I don't forget he's worked his salary right now she's five million dollars I mean Panthers could try to imitate that are in dollars and probably. Sign in about a week later you know her one year and German half million army he's. He's not a company. Commodity. Right now at this stage of his career in that it was a strange trade. Figure out. That the young quarterback which starts on his resume imperil or early and get back god that was going to be released now they're aware of it I. You've got to wrap it. In Philadelphia. Like they were given up. Well Perino lock in NFL starter. But you just don't see trade like that there at all if you know. Teams trading young players was starts on their resume at premium position by order for a guy was almost certainly going to be taught by the eagle. Evan what are the moves if any date that you thought they did even if they were they were smaller ones that make my not a Greta bunch headlines toward the moves from the offseason for the Panthers. That you think actually our our good deals like I actually think the Ross cock grow deal. Might under the radar but I think that's a really good signing for them. I do you always like oh you know he he's strong mayor played duke. You don't like underrated. By the NFL think you always play at a high level you know not necessarily shut down corner. And I think they knew what ever you being in situations. Where you Mets meet start whether it be in in Pittsburgh Steelers. Or all the giants in this spot starter he has been active not think the second period and ordered the positions. That the papers need to attract. Mean Mike Adams 37 years old restate the you know James Braddock area and didn't take the circuit yearly that I would've expected it's like they kind of powered on and on early and late last year I think if they are gonna look at at second areas hole. And try to make some upgrades are they do that true third round pick. I think it that would that would make sense for them you are addressed secondary with a third round. I mean EC is it different. Better or worse Don Terry oversee starlet to elect is just a different defense of tackle is it a better defensive tackle or worse defensive tackle. I Don Terry to oversee starlet to elect. Our ticket and are great and it's certainly not very dark very well. Plays like he skated last year he was auto one year deal. We're it went well last year I think you're about even of his career is never going to be a double digits are. What is not bad hip human being and we've got we or how they used. Chart you look I think just trying to plot code and he wasn't showing signs. Oh really getting better what about Kerry vote younger I think has more upside and it hit like that aren't by the. Up blessing on the roster as it currently stands the start talking with a draft really quick Evans so was with us wrote or world dot com he's on Twitter. At and in Silva Christian McCaffrey's rookie season how would you evaluated. Going up and down. All the line where it was war and I forget that remain the panthers'. Biggest weakness right now. So I don't think it's you know they're going to be end clothes there will sort of Russian off an armchair and we need secret should McCaffery continue to elect not an outstanding dark for period average. But I think there we saw how if you can be in the receiving game he's an issue or big play. And if you go back and look at historically. You know how well our running backs reform and rookies. You know we certainly would not Holloway. We're looking at it who are looking at him in comparison to other or are rookie running back and thinking that there is reason for concern. I think that they needed not to add. Another running back in the day. Certainly will in a traffic and it was where you've been. Out of order in May a lot of or without you guys who are shown he's he can play in the patent game he's six foot holes to order per ounce. And I think that he and other got it into that per round re couple. We're talking now and in silver wrote a world NBC sports as well but we're world dot com and you can follow him on Twitter at Evan solar talk golden Panthers NFL draft. I speaking of distracting you mentioned a minute get to third round picks they've got four picks and a top 88 overall. That's a pretty good Paul and they need a minded bigot a lot of holes and his roster and it I don't know I mean I look back now and I did say this for awhile I think it was kind of unpopular at the time but. Now I think general. You don't wisdom of hindsight wait out its drafting was pretty spotty correctly what you think distracting does that Cilic this roster looks really thinned. Given how much credit he got for being a town evaluate your. I couldn't agree more I mean. You know I don't like they've got a there's certain way that he presented himself but if you go back and look if you track record and what actually accomplished. The connectors you know I mean he did not make the raw her significantly better than what you'd hear. From you know the first stint Marc Kern. So I don't you know looking back I don't think it that was a significant law. You know we think they've got open and it is well respected around you know I don't. Upon god. In prep opportunities on got to within Q but when you were the Panthers GM. You know he did not really put the ball forward were were for Carolina. So it sounds like for you a 24. I mean obviously at a C obvious board falls and things could be crazy attorney was saying earlier we play that cut put. Sounds like to you you think wide receiver safety your. 24. I do you dial the interior offensive line. Or do you play you know. My uncle Leo he is bodies pretty much broken down he's already talked about I was gonna retire. After the season trade turner you won building block. And then of course you all in remote well sort think that interior offensive line but that meant by that is considered a period position. In this trap you might be able to it you're your second caller infected wound and you might not have to take him. Number one for but I think that you're you're right offered the line wide receiver and defense that I mean no provisions really stand out from me. Vision where the papers need to come out. Well this drop of young talent got that are rate went right away. Mean they're they they have immediate need. He's these position papers don't bother me. When you look at them relative to the rest we bought the need that they do you have really standout in the these guys that are great way you're walk. Art and legal in this I'm not saying I'm not asking you if you think this guy's gonna be the best cornerback from the draft class overall blood. Hey if we fast forward five years are now they got ears your confidence is gonna be really good player and asleep quarterback is who who's the one quarterback for you at the top. And I mean there are like all the guys you know I think it is baker may feel so. I think he would be my number one quarterback and I think it. And are emphasizing. Tree that are predictive. Like hype. And they should be looking more accuracy. And baker baker made you'll all know what height. You you're just under six foot one. Newspaper consistently. Accurate quarterback. Every year. The college level and he is an accurate. Now you'll pastor as well he's not just a guy who live ball screen than me yet. Great efficiencies that will own them all out you'll Britain that he would be to god they. I have the highest war. And might even be most solid. That can be calm. At least a solid starter where it. You know they have Arnold doc wrote in Josh talent those guys might well more action. Don't doubt my that better fueling the baker made it I think they're bigger critic of the bat that it's become. Well long terms are. And Evan solar wrote a world dot com on Twitter at Evan Silva and he's got those tree does work but especially once the season starts and Tony that match up colony puts out every week if your fantasy person as he said. If you like to gamble a little bit. Are you just wanna know more about these gains it's a great way to go and Evan it's always a pleasure talked semantic trick in times force. Eagles and the silver wrote a world we take a quick timeout we come back to the other side I wanna talk Panthers again per second because. We gotta talk about who was in town today for the Panthers as a relates to the draft and Cam Newton. Once again he's all of us it's primetime powered by ortho Carolina. It's do. You. John killer killer goes through and all he's gonna join us coming up in ten minutes filling the Marlins back bill where you bend and a tournament seeing a little weak where there could be events. It's a game birthday trip with my wife OK that is it game last week to sit up and play those are all acceptable. Excuse doesn't work today with with Jerry down in the car and engineering department actually. Shadowing the great Jerry doubt the great engineer extraordinaire. Beth and it was I I learned a lot did you did a great is rub off on Neil. He would UH ninety lesson here and he'd like this is like doing your homework any proof of I need a major show your work you what you what you got from again and engineering thing you can give me here are if I had one big take away from today. Our first air card sales and there was a little bit of delay in the signal coming back to the studio so I agree Jerry Jeff what does he do he's got to back up. Air cardiac you have and we got everything going through that OK see you learned had a had a had to improvise on the fly and its engineering. It's part of that OK so will look Billy blood bill is that they're learning is that they're spread his wings in a radio world unhappy form. I just got mr. my feeling and insights told Ryan Mike worst Billy I haven't seen billion a week where is it. He's back today thankfully so welcome back my friend are we got killed going about less than ten minutes he's gonna jump in here fire of things at 3 o'clock what is. Larry Brown's gonna join us coming up at four Justin read about 430 I should say. Just agreed in town. For the painters today and I I don't know how many mocks have seen in the last week. As we're about a week and a half away from the drought that said Justin Reade. At 24 safety at a Stanford makes a lot of sense for the Panthers and use one of the top fifty or top thirty visits. Unjust and read today as they began their routier's other voluntary OTA's the voluntary workouts I soul. Joseph does it mean anything not necessarily other than to say they are doing their due diligence on a guy. You when you wouldn't be drafting him at 24 correctly Q you know I think you would all you would probably be like we his goal those who told us last week it is only two top 25 cities in this in this draft that's make it make if it's Patrick and during games. So what you're doing there is your brain your brings Justin and and you're probably not my my ravens team that that they drafted every year 24 you probably move back to like thirty or like the near the beginning of a sec around if you could find -- grab an extra pick and then take just ideally. If you can try to dance partner but that's you know that's the everybody loves the idea of trading down. But you can find somebody who watched what you have while you're on the clock right so I think that's gonna happen. Is that what would be the scenario where you would need to where somebody so yeah we may be a quarterback perhaps you'll Lamar Jackson still there 24 something like that may feel maybe is a guy acts so I can see this happening because for example if this were to happen. I think your drafting the guide series guy sees their 24 you take serious guys yeah. DJ Moore or Calvin Ridley is their 24. You take those guys that's on saying like. You have to be on the clock to spot where something happened that people weren't expecting. Can somebody would have to jump up and say old I can't wait any longer I can go get dad yeah and I think I think you're right though if you could trade back. Eighty at a the first round altogether and get into the high second round. Or you get into the low portion of the first rate RD lol we get even lower like 282930. Something like that. I think you do would put it the same point oh points on the board when you pick a 24 piece of your options are guy like will Hernandez or Ronnie Harrison. Or Justin reed all were. You know didn't you name moment I think at that point the wide receivers are gone. You know I I think you probably think jam maybe we need to take this guy is put it as one haven't set I mean yeah there's not really a lot of like. Impact full means that this team has that you need to funny guys at least I guess they can start for a day away I think this thing either 24 to me and I think this is stating the obvious. I think this is either going to be really fun where somebody solicit and it's 140 take holy crap out of that happened. Or is gonna be so blah like he's gonna be such a non. Sexy text that I think fans are gonna take really. That's who we got its what do you want to if they dress like. I've seen. You know the ravens dress like Ben Grubbs of the world junior you get no calls on the Monday after the draft is Iran's like Susan will learning the guard drew ends will Hernandez say he likes to answer maybe you've heard of him that they're gonna take who knows how. And why do we get what are we doing with Larson what are we doing with Jeremiah Searle and I'm not saying like this will be their first pick given his injury concerns like if if Billy price had like not tore his pack yeah I think you're thinking right and they would have drafted him with twit Torre for like you do the same reaction been. Wu with senator an officer and interior linemen like I USO may have forgotten solicit out of our Michael Leo II this eight and a lot of people keep saying this like they don't love the idea of where he's bodies that. And it's fair to say is missed what 22 games over the last two years and on top of that. When you start saying. On the front end all this is the retirement tour. I don't know man I've got misgivings about that so I don't know if we've talked enough about just how much of a neat I think they could get by without drafting to guard and all. But I don't think that's the right thing to do when you might want to invest a high level ticketed because he probably need to go find your safety moving for death. And that's that's and you need a safety netted safety to. I mean who's to say I I pray to god it doesn't happen what happens of Brian quill gets injured again. I think he's you know we talk about Luke she cleaves when he away from being really injured again. I think to say mr. triangle we'll just one hit away or one series away. For being sidelined for good and that's scary notion you saw what happened why short Ryan clearly got her when he was the guy the year candidate communicate and aligns him with him and Greg Olsen and in effect he's had both those guys out. Two of the guys that made calls on the line you saw how to study how it affected them dramatically as the world how about this side text rice in building Sydor checks like 704570. Nice extensive scrolls. I I think getting Dez Bryant would be a disaster Kim would spread wouldn't spread the ball around you foresee Dez just like we can be Wazir that would be a bad move. Dan from Iraq writes in on the building center tech slide 704 by seven nights extent well I don't know how much stock a component that is I would probably say not a lot. But Cam Newton over the weekend at it again okay Dez Bryant gets cut we talked about our Friday we'll get back into it a little bit oddly you get. The NFL tweeting out where does land like it's a a board game. And there's a bushel wheels when every team's logo on it. And the printers logos on their it's the Redskins the Seahawks the Eagles the Panthers the patriots the ravens the giants. All the typical landing spots I didn't see them put him on the rams still by the way grant with a range to one in on that. Is that where they draw the line of star studded teams saw somebody also in the rams ran on so we it surprises though seriously are you just do it man if the rain has made that move like this is liked were living like a manned program. All you did just be all end so the NFL put out the thinking of OG and Maytag debt at Dez Bryant where's this going and can Cam Newton responded on mr. Graham with the training handsome Fuji say it is stupid fought saying please pretty pretty police. So I think Jim's making it clear he would he would want a guy like Dez Bryant on this team. And I think it's an interesting debate I don't know how you could argue from a football standpoint. You've been better off without Dez then with desk now what do you think the chemistry can work. And you can all floating gathered everything good kid. So idiotic Simeon glee work in that world in that locker room. I don't know about that you wonder if cam has like point here is that if like Marty Ernie Ron Rivera those guys if they gave cam like Kate. But don't like a coupon like you get one you if you want one player you can use the Q cashing in at any time you tested on Dez Bryant school you have to at this point who else is out there I feel like you got to this point hold on John tiller killed those joining us right now we fire to 3 o'clock hour Larry brown and an hour and a half lead to disorder it's coaching search. Talk a little NBA playoffs this coli Leonard situations bunkers. And we got a talk going happily Darryl Worley up in Philadelphia over the weekend which is just terribly sad it's all next prime time powered by ortho Carolina.