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Monday, March 19th

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Talk to a man on the call all weekend long for Westwood One and of course always in the tar heel sports network. And you can hear him on WBT our flagship here in Charlotte for a for tar heel sports network broadcast national champion himself. Eric contrast with his Eric how you doing man it's good to talk do you think to make in time. Of course but it did it great I mean your I'm here territorial I am but it the great another year or. March Madness civic continues to display. That are out there. Obviously you were highlighted this weekend but you have BP. What they're expel her or it over to junior. Well eat either you go back to the Carolina he won't talk you NBC would talk and all the other games in a moment would tell you go back to that Carolina game. I mean I'm I was seeing their my media seat watching that game yesterday I know a lot of tar heel fans in the building were thinking the same thing. Eventually runs gonna happen right I mean eventually just assumed at some point. North Carolina was gonna find a way to either just start knocking down shots or find a way to get better looks at the rim and it just. It never materialized North Carolina after they took at seven point lead I think it was twenty to thirteen. They never looked comfortable the rest of the way what what did you see calling the game what what lent itself to Texas saint am being able to look kind of impose their will on North Carolina yesterday. Well I think there are a bit or that there are well pretty good description. You know for Carolina. They always has kind of been the struggle on the new look or a bit too big or. C in bowl. Would be image of a team like exit spared him there. Very good presence there before court. And there and couple out where record shouldn't backcourt which over the course seat and worked at prepared him. I had not shot the ball. As well as they did last night only that the great the but they were certainly clinic in we will air that they. I got nuclear power that they are. In other coaches suspended an upper guys war. Four team rules that there there broken of all those back of their. If he asserted did you know they were playing better. Air and paper called all displayed when the name. Because there are and at peace it was so out or editorial and has been all Europe but it outs by the ordeal though. The daughter's you describe to dog at all or butch. What that they don't have to our program that's really table all right now if they're being. Veteran good top players in Siberia and even where they're at plate you're it will likely Carter and it. I've been very good at and operated in side they are you go to a local rep for the Lou. Then you saw that the perimeter candlelight whether or lose. Again we don't appear then that carried out the at all there's no blue paper reader and it went over. Tiptoe out that are now very. Well last night not that we're really working or saw. They have it through their wrote an article a couple. Are there where they can trot out. It felt like maybe in the year and I know the game was still it was a larger advantage pretty I mean we saw the look we we saw 22 point comeback yesterday. I mean any anything was possible obviously. I think they were still about. Five minutes remaining I'm going off memory here and I hit it to leave was was it eighteen. And that forgive me for not remembering somebody get a shot near the rim and it was an incredible block pinned against the glass. In and got to run out Robert Williams on the under other into the fort cherry picking a little bit of course he threw that that emphatic windmill dunks down so that lead could have been sixteen. With five to go we still and another media timeout coming instead of ballooned all the way back to twenty and that's like I just watched the tar heel players at that moment I don't blame on the shoulder seemed to slump a little bit but that's sort that sort of place seem to really. Exemplify what wasn't going their way yesterday they just couldn't get that one basket or that one stop to get the run going and I think that play seemed to maybe be a back breaker push that lead back out. On you know obviously the team gave it as it quit a bit but when you're. You're. You're not perimeter shooters. Not making shots. That and thank you can attribute that not took me two orders that have been shot but all well. If the debt but it didn't do this shooter opened it. Two out of there out of place were being expended. By text there bill. There are a lot of heat suit that bullet through it. From Jamaica. The way that it but they could be an ability spirit is an escort her out if you knew was born but we apparently typical Olympic program. The president well Williamsburg paper that side. Live there are clearly to chop block Currie has there you go there are a broad a lot of people don't talk about prolonged time we. These two used to reduce debt by. Epic when you look at Carolina they needed the Bible or to Europe. Cracked the little. Area there they have returned returned to practice a couple of shots. Air contrast with a start you'll sports network former tar heel the national champion was on the call for Westwood as well with Kevin Kook or a weekend long here at the Charlotte regional in the NCAA tournament delayed let's talk about Luke may relate quickly obviously. It was a treat for him to get to come back home essentially play in front of a home crowd. I eat eat I mean he struggled to shoot Eric you know that he had 23 points in the two games I thought let's go I don't both teams did an incredible job defensively on a bullet. Eight of 45 shooting it was to a seven from behind the three point line. What didn't go well for Lou quit when you watched him these last two games and he's been struggling shooting a little bit for a few weeks double what what what have you seen from Lou compared to may be how he was flying about a month ago. Yeah you know I think if there were number one teams are giving more or cut there are a couple of stood out to do and you know air. You know he still out of position pour off because he's really close lawyer and so what. Wouldn't put him as opposed it took a couple of things but the ability. On the perimeter and its ability to Beckett looked that and they dribble pull up because Egypt to have that we're out of what you got. Or are there guys look at it like Tampa competent beer and it would go our. That are already on it now perimeter and so you have now by Carolina we're reward will apply. Admit that eat at the operate well there you don't know what about the perimeter at the victim there is it is. Major area that Veoh to work with it was a heated it. And and I think the team got better at limit being you know. To that area at their constricted it even more and and certainly you know people are players are gonna go through. Episode where you don't shoot the ball well. Yeah. A couple of 31 or perform a number toward it well for reform look prop beer and what the big greet them. Well Carolina what the number is speaking on beer and aunt Betty era but it didn't hit it out of despite double digit rebounding night. If basic determinedly and we're all very. He would be able to her so well there appear rebounding force which helps control the potential certainly. Respectively he wrote we group limited and and I think if it goes back to just the general feel Carolina where one is that although there shoot hoops just a little out of sync yet. And I think you have to give a lot of credit where credit is you're that a bit well. Erica if I tell you before this tournament starts that the fourteen remaining in the sweet sixteen from the ACC you probably would've said only a fourteens. From the ACC in a sweet sixteen I could see that happening but it's duke it Syracuse its Florida State it's constant if I go back a week going tell you that we we will we Jewish sentiment. We know you don't expect you expect they do group likely it would be there aren't they well they're being Earl that are being. Beat them or some other form they've determined that well they score not you don't mean well we. In the sweet sixteen and there were there you lose out there are guard play it was going to look at everything they do. But they made a run before your gorilla that rhetoric Apollo or are. It network team they want that up fairly but they're very bad run out. Florida State has always acted people were ordered animal that. And you know that those that but it it seems that struggled a myth that voice heard about the out. Here's. But what you see out of them is consistent. Outlet a bit of Allah and if there at the start a lot of active at night. There anybody who make sure that that in this week. It seems took that so I agree that there and it it is they're rather unlikely or so there that are in federal credit. But. Nonetheless epic it all the little parity with the nobody it was well urged your order but it worked. Don't pull up right that middle pack. Well you were there on Friday night I was kicking myself Eric full admission for leading after the afternoon session and I wanted to be there to support Ryan noted a man does see what would happen but. I thought when everybody thought right sixteen vs one there's no way this happens 135. And order one seeds all time in the opening round to determine against the sixteen. You got a front row seat give us give us the thing that is gonna stick with you forever. Are being in that in that broadcast position and also give us the context of what you thought we saw in relation to college basketball history on Friday night. Well no particular order. Or not I would not have a little bit outlook illustrated the oh. And they're huge there's a tremendous therapist where are Horry. The ones who are at they're there there are or where we're recuperate there. Operating. The scene of lives to listener Europe that they order you do a great job under. Call out last minute or broken out of the game. They're really brought everything together and brought that life that over polite well look where we're gonna. Want to look the Serbian extra. But then I'll think it would you look at what you have been it'll. Temperature in Europe. They are happily watched particular route they beat these epic and have a personal call games and personal. I was really the prior art Powell you know aspect beer. They're deep down low spent a lot of that you know credit he beat me that they were doing things look for during their credit all yearlong. And the politically he beat beat them they were driving in Italy where they scored in the what it would look out they expect out of date struck. And bite Ers a good thing. Or so been there were there was never. Accustomed to give it up. But then on the other side or any time remarked watching junior college opportunity came in in games throughout the Speedo. That pertain it would always be able to air so call that the well which what they did a marked difference. In this year seem even from years past when they were number one beat there at that point tournament aren't really that they appreciate you see. This year they seem to be able to call principal. Obviously it's your beat beat beat beat not. And that was I think the the most surprise you think there are well Iran I don't know are we there hadn't even noble or. Not a media day is wrong group now are able to throw it at the water. We were very quietly confident but you root. Very cooperative. Player ability but it took come off a big William. In their conference term attempt for pot. It was a very hostile area are regular. There were other that you don't like cute current or org join together the right time. They're at the capacity a lot of play there at all players or bigger picture out there per cent. They shot great from beyond the arc and those that they. Make it seem capable. Of those big time victory so. It worked there worker re oh well your career. You're you're pitted at the gate is being that they were not in that actually pin number will roll beat. I don't that you really at the BC team. They came down at least politically and. All I can say is in that state alone you NBC welcome to the family man welcome to the fraternity isn't going to be a little man ever won it once soleil okay the sunshine there once in awhile. For for all of us okay Eric was there are much trust national champ with the Tar Heels. And he knows what it's like to make its way through this tournament will leave you with this you can just give us a one word answer on this Eric I lets you re pick your team. I'd to win it all releasing now knowing what to feel the sixteen is who'd you pick to win it all cut down the nets and San Antonio and a couple weeks. You know I repeat their tech question and here's why they're hardly the last competent and sure yeah. About it earlier I don't know what I look out there are out there but you know. It is. It is incredible the walk and I really don't apple BO well what happened next weekend as return look agent 00316. And so not made it doctor questioned you right what we're what we're studying the is exactly what we all are an up or edit the artwork so there's now they each march. Well come tournament time because it is not nobody knows what happened at an expert at all to be sure it will be edits. My Erica I know you've been busy all weekend long so thanks for for drop them by and talking hoops with the first few minutes is good to catch up. Okay likewise I read mail so. Good legal -- contrast tar heel sports network he's doing Westwood One coverage you're Charlotte.