Primetime: Earl Grant

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Monday, March 12th

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Your chance to win a thousand dollars coming up in about fifteen minutes Damione Lewis with me it's prime time overpowered by ortho Carolina NCAA tournament field is set. Some people are this year is. Feel like they should've gotten and we know how you and those discussions you just go when you when your conference championship and that's exactly what this team did is they are going to determine for the first time since 1999. Champions out of the CA we welcome in the head coach from the College of Charleston. The cougars get ready for all burn in a thirteen four matchup that's gonna be fun we'll talk about a win of Earl grant with us right now. I'm the technique I guess like coach are you doing congrats on the tournament bid. Or grip. Appreciate it let's get to talk to you so if I told you I don't know coach me. I I I say hey. Right now in in early march in 2018. You're gonna know I did you guys are getting ready to be a thirteen seed in the NCAA tournament and play Auburn. After winning the CAA would Chua said not sounds about right that's right on time are you ahead of schedule right now. You know I don't know I think. That is in my art in this staff about players. Who want to do. You know we knew how hard it would be so. You know we've made progress and I wish you that you appreciate in you will meet you won twenty he. And this came up a little bit short. Certainly this season. You know we had a goal to try to get back this moment he we you know but. You know two years ago not to be job at September I was the only school that our started. We'll this is an athlete who plays into our school for our. We knew what was going Pete Carroll from the beginning. But you know I think we when it is to be trying to compete and being. You know way out competent should be here what is prepared which could be is that there. How conference champion said of the CAA you'll get ready for all of and we'll talk about the matchup come and belittled because now we know exactly you guys are gonna play. All over the course of the weekend called College of Charleston head coach Earl grant with this right now on the technique on gets on in you grew up. In North Charleston right so this is this is kind of a hometown job that's got to make things even more humbling from that regard. Yeah you know. This is simply you obviously my bit to Gregg Marshall. Which talks a bit you know and that's when you an assistant here at it college. Jock. Beckett you know in the ninety. You know in the bid ninety and so I was. Use go to India or high water on the journal's. How come down simply to pick up basketball players come to the park just plea you know been that bad boy this summer league. And sold not open look Joseph out campuses downtown chill is about twenty minutes away. In my home but you know the thing that was fairly significant was weekly. Coffers tournament in north Joseph can't see which is about which. Where I grew up so that there extra significance to it it was very humbling to be trying to. You know on ground on forehand. And just be able to it that into the city. Earl grant for the sec coach for the College of Charleston they're in the field to 68 to get ready for Auburn and others the champions out of the CAA you know when I was in school it. And app state coach you guys were Southern Conference school now it's CA and there's been so which conference realignment. Has that changed the dynamic of the program or is it still mostly the same the way ECC recruits these days how does that change reunion conference omens. It's changed a little you know what they offered the job we. It will come out there first year. In part. Why should we go back in the car was that good movement should be done. Look at you know in the walls were firm. But the core were to disassociate with those BUT Chattanooga. The team to really get excited when we ain't gonna. And there we decided who is unity. Locally are. You would not Easter. So now. The problem that the seeing them much in good. There are political. Outlook we have hired. That they doubt that this is. Important in. What took the but he's been on I think it was that great who look up. Recruitment they and reason. About making the progress. I've been cheap and effective age. Travel is different yeah the competition is open it was set to. About it is it's in their group out there. On the some of the. Coach I don't know if you're one where you have maybe a little self doubting you econ you can be neurotic some times and living your own head I can be that way. Did you ever a moment over the course of these first three years rethinking and even just you know internally where you're in your office by yourself one day after a tough loss or like. And I know one doing the right things but it just doesn't feel like it right now what's missing something that delight hasn't it hasn't gone on yet right is something hasn't clicked to deliver a moments like that of a self doubt or did you always have confidence that the program was heading in the right direction. You. Com. I think that there is hope you know when where and how great Marsha where we gotta all be over in that first round of the tournament. It's OK. Thirteen fourteen. And and actually live with the Wichita State. And so he you know he obviously took me with them. And so I wanna game at that and now virtue in 24. And so was tell you go your way a lot of the two or the it was. You know I was about other I was an assisted. And bull have been there for the chips. Are. All. You know I think sometimes we lose there is now we have it was a they expect the players and makes you better you're stuck it out it's always that. Zachary from the accounting which in the country. And it repeat again we ended up but it is separately so. My effort you know. Reform. I think that maybe if you know one of the trusted. You know this fit into your fortune in large incident. Auditor proxies we wouldn't. And so it will probably be recited likable. In the it. Believe what we do. You know it hasn't I used to live by being too so. Are you doing that you go to the tournament for the first time since 1999 the last time and and you said just a few moments ago John crass losing control. I hate that point who did you have a guy at any point coast is it's been since last Tuesday night now when you guys punched your ticket. And he had somebody either it's somebody with a school formerly or somebody in the college basketball world of basketball world in general which reached out you congratulating congratulating you were here like. And I can't believe that guy just gave me a caller left me a voice Miller sent me a text anybody come to mind like that. On the island of shocked. You know a lot of my well. Pearson buddy in the business. You know call me month meant to happen you know ray marsh congress goes out cool your peers Shaka Smart that there actually that it. You know most people. You know Mac. The hand and out Murray State is all about. The fraternity Brothers are. All and get a leash. And the problem with it. You know how weird but it you know the mayor Joseph if they reject that or. You know. Odyssey that would think he's created tension but all of this city yet but you're predicting that they call it. Reach an eye on him and his wife but that was unique. But in the Coca paternity ego not that surprised these type text messages they call it. Know a lot of you guys know. Well you you guys who get ready for this thirteen four match up which is you know let's see it on where we've seen upsets before he noticed what 12513 fours are little rare more rare but they still happen. Up from time to time you guys get ready for an Auburn team that. Probably a little bit smarting with themselves after lose an Alabama the SEC championship put. Look another shorthanded I think they've got seven scholarship players their little undersized as well but. Look that's the top team out of the SEC which is a deeply can we don't know how good of a Coach Bruce Pearl is sort which the scouting report early on an Auburn coach. While me opposite Hispanic homily would you agree year. You know as twenty challenge. Certainly you know to keep body and he impaired. You know. Interest not ought to buy it right because all we're going into the so make sure it was all time. Look at this will be calmer. My first time Gilbert who wanted in return him. Was my first year when complete tennis in Greensboro yeah Enqvist on immediate. That the to be. I don't know why so real you. So out I don't waste of your trio wouldn't be appropriate where or not resolved that. Special teams. He compound that you know eternal. Transition. It's adjusted or even look at bill. They ought to the end of the guys are. And I got a great watcher he's no one. All all the you know you have to mentality rightly so. A lot of what you need to know you already know it's one Hilton Justin has been adjusting you know has been. You know and you know and so you know we going out where thing about it. You know it is there were in the summit distraction yeah. In August and bury our change damaging but even on. Do you and you know I'm sure I'm not the first person to say this but you'd you'd look ahead I mean if if things go. The way they could go I mean year old girls inaugural coaches waiting in the next round if you know on dissent and Clemson if they. You don't win it though when we were fortunate that there it was hard enough yet fortunate that it. Either way you look at this freaky because he Debra happened you know one Christine at another. He was with even an assistant with the record of 24 which talks separately for cheap like. Knew we were side by side next to each other and off to vehicle to New Mexico State so. Either way you located at the specific. It's your thing for me that it could coincident to make those state. Like goes or the source you know I think the think it would and they. Coach I know you you got other stuff to worry about but all the consternation and always tends to go on on selection Sunday after the selection show and again. You know these two days just in to we start getting some games in Dayton. You're you're at a mid major school I always feel like you know maybe the mid majors don't get enough. Benefit of the doubt or enough leeway when it comes to the selection process so nobody talks Oklahoma State in. And Notre Dame today I I kind of feel for team like middle Tennessee immunized or anything to do hours this is kind of the process you guys got to live with that good battery different. And you know I mean I think we've just got to compete and try to schedule at all. You know schedule support gains. You know maybe art is scheduled to go by what replete with an L sports games so RPI. That the schedule. You don't can be pretty good night with a quarter system I don't know if it was at all but it. Militants sixty unbelievable top 25 he two weeks ago. A lot of good wins 25 mean you know I feel bad for north eastern you know we beat image agreed to a indeed play well enough to compete dug out. And the issue between pull. That this is finished say you know you don't fortunate that a team could lose will be played in NCAA tournament. What you did you know. And so. It is unfortunate I don't know that we can do much about it yeah the towel I assume we NCAA. And what we do. And and really bringing a lot of money and so. Again I think that coaches at that maybe this is it true that he hated that it can try to schedule well. Put us open position I don't know RPI or to schedule. Well and I know you guys don't have to worry about this I mean to me I would just love to see these first four games and anybody gets automatic bid. Timmy should not be playing in Dayton you wanna send these last eighteen into the tournament as at large to Nikos those of the teams that should be playing in Dayton make a really earn that extra spot. Indeterminate I feel for team like north Carolina central Texas southern the 216 seats get a battle out date without getting a real trip into the stern I hate for teams like that. Who. Europe has to issue this be it should be it should be playing in. Under and I'm sure that fortunate. To the cause of articulate thing yeah I hope we gave that your. Saint Mary to stay in the that you know when they think that it started I agree you are seeing bears and militant state complete. Well coach guy you know were on locally we're going to be written for you guys are watching you guys and I think it's a great match up and no we can't wait to see we guys do. Out west is are you guys get ready to take on. I'll Auburn in the thirteenth format chip out in San Diego and who knows what the future holds a go go go get after it and I mean you'll catch up the next week herself. Yeah we're. Appreciate to have.