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Thursday, December 14th

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger and co-hosts Jamar Nesbit & Mike Pacheo discuss Mark Price being fired with David Scott from the Charlotte Observer. 


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It's. Powered by North Carolina. That's what worries me about Aaron Rodgers is he's not a guy who sees what brought down like forget so just forget the arm talent stuff first second deck guide the way she moves around he is the mixture of Tom Brady Cam Newton his ability to run. Around and beat Chile's escape ability to wanna use that term on top of being able to throw from any platform is only real example where. Save evidence pitchers the hall of Famer the gamecocks sports hall of Famer Jamar Nesbit Super Bowl 44 chance. Ballmer Kantor former saints. Former jag she's claiming the jags now I think is the jags are good you claiming the Jack said he feel that the jags always a newborn as they are trying to Brock out 2003 OK so you're not claiming Jackson now I don't know man they took the fight literally to Seattle and ended in the crowds do they data and actually my former office on coach without a head coach there's so. Oh really that's your guy tomorrow done or your guy your baloney eaten sandwich guy Doug Maroney who loves his Bologna sandwiches apparently down in Jacksonville buddy knows you're claiming Saxon bill all of a sudden now the third there there one of the premier teams and AA decision not at all now okay all right this of the champ this year Jamar Nesbit Mike could Chico's gonna join us in the theaters radio network and done he'll do that coming up. In in this hour and he'll take us inside the locker kept in my early saying he is now live on leave from practice yesterday. Not to practice not to the point time to know not do due to his role in the offense well and so we will get answers from like the Chico on what's going on with that I'll we'll get an update on. Where things stand we Shaq Thompson who didn't play on Sunday I'll think the printers miss Jack Johnson on Sunday. That's tantamount it. Yes and I'm not that's not a mean as a knock or criticism Shaq a distinct and that is what it is on and then you get trade terms and concussion protocol although we didn't know that on Sunday but you know this happens to really get these symptoms after the fact and hey I don't feel right well let's check in now. Craig turner is in concussion protocol. But he finished against these kids finished a game yes there's that is true so we got our offensive line that we are Super Bowl trip Jamar has been hang out and investigate that. The one of those situations where we need to investigate I don't know this could be protocol what do you think he's I think this could be on the open up this just could be a hail lookup on day isn't a disaster question on the silent like oh really just ask questions you're just. I'll bring his earlier clueless. Okay who aren't so you're bodily you're with a sick each of the next two days yes I'm here last pillar for we poignant twice as Mike and twice is nice this the next two days what are we doing this this are they don't Guitar Hero mom voiced a category five wood that's a -- and as that would just on a Thursday during get Georgia's yesterday soared pushing everything up today and you guys can join a 7045709610. Same number for the phones. And the building sinner techs like MI wrong as in Singapore has lost a mass last nightly they literally lost a math equation last night to the rocket they did what was one did not equal to. It's amazing to me. How much the NBA has changed. This quickly as he used to be older few teams playing this way and it's really everybody's playing four out one in or or sometimes five out on the perimeter. And the hornets from a personnel standpoint I don't like I think we've been really careful about to strike as I think I've heard a lot of people be critical saying. Franklin's peace talks loudly for Kaminsky sucks but he's won the most inconsistent players have ever seen in my might ever loving life. It's it's mind numbing to be how inconsistent to studious Oca from possession to possession game to game to have all that stuff I got you. Marvin Williams Sox all the so Marlins having actually kind of a career year when you extrapolate his numbers were usually that's a moment okay that's only other thing right now you actually have to be a basketball watcher tarnished and Lamar. He had right okay so that's a thing odd thing you've got guys nicked a tube socks on that bitumen healthy and that's a thing to me yes he OK so now right celebrity's. He himself has said as much and that's a thing that I wanna talk and interviewing right dude don't be out there right period to strike you hurt your team when you're not 100%. Do we have a geely eighteen greens were just restore yeah I mean we need to start them may be send attuned to the J. League may be just like we do pitchers a rehab stint yeah. But I don't know I can see I'm no doctor obviously I don't think what nick is dealing with is ever going to be right this year. Like until you repaired surgically I don't think testing just he didn't have surgery no no don't rested here. Oh the same thing that you would on ebitda high priced free agent pickup for the wrote for the LA angels. Are they the LA angels of Anaheim Stiller just the LA now thirty LA angels what are that item. Still LA angels of and it's stupid okay today I skated guys for that all you have done knowing you're not a human guys might not be count before but I don't you thought. I need help you out there okay you and your horse so you look at like coach Connie deal with the same thing they discovered there's like goal UCL. Stringing what's going on that. And that's the same thing between Steele and with Ellison is not shooting elbow but it's a thing yes and put to meet that doesn't excuse this man is not healthy and you're telling me you're not healthy. Get it fixed I guess not it's not so I went to a situation analogous in my career. So if you're not a 100% a year you step out on the field and or court. You can't you can no longer use it as a as an excuse anymore right right you you can't so. If you're not right. Or if you step on a court. You have to be right correct you have to yeah right bite your behind off. To present a product as good if not possibly better than a product you have when you're completely healthy now as he said a few weeks ago when he was trying to come back fuel grade a feel great my conditioning is good ideal it's it's progress really well and then also he gets out here and Saturday told Rick Nelson the observer yeah I'm president I'm just not myself different practice is he your practice and in the game content. It's different 100% you're right near. And so but you don't get to have it both ways you don't get to stay coaching coaching coach put me back bring you that bring me back and then also and they bring you back and it's. We want you look like double alumna myself and go get to be yourself again correct go get physically whole again to where you're not hurting your team and so all the stuff going on with the hornets but I sailors don't look so bad also writes whatever dashed acting as the asked the biggest. But my whole point this is independent of all these things. The hornets talent wise or not awful. And in fact when the entire organization is saying top to bottom this is the greatest combination of talent we've had during this era hornets basketball under Steve Clifford over five years is the most talented team they've had and I don't think that's a lie now but I think I'm ready qualified but I think what it points to -- is the talent as we're seeing now doesn't fit. It doesn't sit together. It doesn't fit in today's NBA and when they have to play the style that that team has to play together. It is such a fine margin for error from what needs to go right. For them to win on a nightly basis especially against elite teams in the NBA and when it's not he looks like what it look like last night against Houston. I think coming into the season and coming off of last season we all understood that we had a very thin margin of error in order to be successful. Like we knew we were going to have to plead greedy. Tough nosed no it's what they did against it's what they did against OKC a Monday night with a diving on the floor shares souls are clogging passing writing that how. Getting him running I had to be the norm every game. Hey dad guess what we had to do and that was what was said I think who didn't come and into the come into the beginning of the season. You have coast click fraud and what he's not mean to ask will we spoke about I was going to have to be the monster Dow's going to have to be the McCain Palin Norway and at this level right like dish I am the well. Is that sustainable as flatly is that sustainable playing now way yes really yeah what is it you go Siebert the book but the problem is right. The game has changed so much. So whereas I'll say this doesn't listen to 100 in twos threes against them into games this year I am 100 in tool but truly listened. I understand the outcome is what we wanted but they held held Houston to a 106 points. Yes and no look I agree you're right he's doing good work you're liberally extrapolating out eight we held them to just barely over a hundred points just 25 points a little bit over point five points a quarterly and they shot 44%. So overall license for three like those Armond they're there or great numbers hole so it. Are awfully good beating to amass its like to take or choose one to take more threes. Even if the shooting numbers percentage wise are great the math over the course of four quarters is gonna balance itself out. Troop and like I'm telling you wouldn't what a guy like Dwight Howard even two years ago when he MBA. And this is hall of Famer Dwight Howard we're talking about. Dwight Howard's having a career Renaissance and it's not because of anything and it this is not on quite a messy I'm not saying this is a slight on Dwight it's it's completely irrelevant. What's what he's doing on the basketball floor so distorted steam in today's NBA is borderline irrelevant here he's seen intended to half last night in two years ago on an NBA game if that happens. That dudes commanding a double team every time down the floor the second half after he had ten and five in the first quarter let's get another body I yard. I was open him or you die every cushion all sales are confronting and we got held on the backside I think that's that's what's going to ask what would have happened. But now we're like our listen let the why did he is. Because I mean no. You know chances aren't what 60% and field who manned the point last night QB brown was rude to you here QB he was rooting for the hornets. You say I'm not a king and Kennedy might give the impression though not gonna sound like QB but the hornets would get a stop this is late in the first half to cut the lead down to who won I think fourteen attack. Yes and before yeah yeah and QBs like. There you go oh you go there you go you gotta stop the run and get out run yes I'll. That yeah oh great don't see now you build some momentum and make it tighter before and a half. Huey free can brown and I love UB Julie was rooting on the hornets because he felt so our form last night there you go yeah he's ahead that's a good stuff. Ahead get out her on downright and he said the same thing on the broadcast now as he's like. Eighteen in their fronting a and it is in today's end but to do then is it he's like even today's NB in yesterday's NBA which was really like two years ago was MBA. You are feeding the post every single time down the floor and in today's NBA teams are happy to let you feed the post. Every single time down the floor. 2.2 where. If Dwight does it I elicit an adjustment for us is getting the white ball early in transition or early in the early in the office. Before they quote unquote have a chance to set up their defense a lasso stuff you know put it doesn't matter doesn't matter if it's. I really don't we closeup any cameo delaying. And lord knows you don't want like close enough 'cause he's really got no post moves so it's got to be one touch up paint go up or run. And can get him out there rim runs is going to be logs has got to be all that stuff for why now going to be in the first 78 seconds of the dog on play clock he's got to run it down to the big box down up down low. And if he has some mighty smaller bag gets doggone Yasser. He has somebody smaller on him because a transition match ups and gimme the ball early and I think I actually just a facilitator I agree. And I think that's where though like if you start making teams pay that way and is rising again like people even -- a defense defense defense I think it is the way this team needs to play to be consistently successful if you do that and you get out running transition and then like start scoring consistently in transition I do think it starts putting bodies on him to where did you get the trailers coming for three yesterday and all the other stuff SARS but it's like I do think it is a trickle down effect it's just mind numbing to me because it feels like. I can envision that happening you join me like I can say it's possible has put actually believing what happened is it is an entirely too but in order I want to do that happened a Norfolk to happen just like you mentioned. The defense of and the before you have to get stops in order to get out transit you know donate money and let's just has Greg Kaminsky dental for tickets last night for a ball on the floor. An arms I'm not telling you I wanted to I wanted to punch my TV. And I'm everything they were doing Monday night against Oklahoma City the starters did that last night they were fighting or competing fair and frank Kaminsky lean down and its hips yes in real time and an NBA game to try to pick up a basketball. And I'm like oh what is wrong with you he several seven to be doing that although man that's the longest Barcelona where you really that's all of the senate. That low Ben two he played four years of college he knows better than nationally it's worrying about guys that you don't mind I just a bend down and I get this all right here awakening you picked it up and ran out for an open three now. Sorry maybe next time I'll make an adjustment Jim Matt Brady you guys jumping actually get a break we come back to board is that the Super Bowl champ I've actually got a couple ideas for the awarded to get to that later on the Charlotte 49ers no surprise here there dumpster fired David Scott from the observer in fifteen minutes. To help us make sense of why they fired mark price their head basketball coach today. It's next on prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Carolina. She does see a great job cover the 49ers he's always done a great job cover the 49ers they fire mark price today. Today didn't fire him they they released him from his contract that's desert kind of your Charlotte to release him. Up from from his contract and one of the things that's really interesting. About the way that that whole thing played out Asia get this from David story are from athletics director Judy rose quote we're trending in the wrong direction and we speak and write your own performance junior just the head coach of the basketball program. Some confused is that like in general and everybody in the in the athletics department's training in the wrong direction or is that just more price of the basketball program I'm confused. But nonetheless she says our record shouldn't be our record against the competition we're playing. But tell we're our sweet but don't we don't worry we are in season two we can get back on track and John Mark price told David Scott of the observers gonna join us in ten minutes I'm still stunned to be honest I was called in this morning. And they told they're gonna make a change they said they don't like to direction the program was taking and that I might have lost some of my players which I don't agree with what one he's his own son is on the team back. So I find I honestly honestly I find that is a grown man a fund that really hard to believe. I thought it really hard to believe that a coach that played in the NBA that's one of the all time best point guards of his generation in the NBA even if most kids today probably don't know the name mark price as an MBA player he's got street cred. When you sit down and talk put them and you X you're around him he knows basketball. And it. The fact that. He's Sony's in that locker must find it hard to believe that he is it that. Unless there's some sort of divide around his son there some sort of rift around his son and his playing time and I'll be on a sudden followed the 49ers enough to know that's a thing. I just find that really hard to believe that the locker went sour when one of the players is the son of the coach Willis that's a sticking point itself but I I don't know I find that hard to bully. Or. Even after he had lost the locker room he would've known right so he could not come out and said. I'm glad that's always funny to be right Terry do this were old many guys he's he's lost the locker room where you'd. You know yet debts go really had our eye and especially with his so no I had no idea are you serious I especially was his son the mole which I wonder if those guys pat him down every time he goes in and out blogger insurers are getting back to his daddy anyway. Quick. With his son in there he would have known what the temperature is now so if he would've felt like he was losing the locker room I don't think that you know. I'm so surprised. Would have been his attitude. Yeah I'm just I'm really confused thirty and 42 obviously that's. That's not grade and his son Hudson plays on the team is the second leading scorer on the team. And and now Houston's signature god and I have the utmost respect which used to was the basketball coach I was at school Appalachian State and Houston is a very good and decent man from a distance Richards and get a fair shake and Appalachian State. And that's an impossible school win that I'll just tell you that right now in terms of what we care that we don't care about basketball depth and I wish we didn't. That's my school and I don't root for any of these other schools Carolina duke state none of that never have never will that was my school. And I wish we were gonna basketball Houston made his competitive. And dumb he I didn't think you got a fair shake. And at and happened so I think they're gonna be in capable hands with him as an era but that's not the point amended that why I say this all the time that day in this is true college sports and pro sports. Any sport on bad teams bad programs fire coaches mid season. Point blank. And inking DOS and a dire circumstances. Bad teams bad programs bad organizations. Fire coaches midseason it doesn't work. Doesn't it wasn't so cancerous he got to get rid of it and that's the only way to fix that problem and it at which point it's really just have been made it's we don't think we're going to be better it's just things are so bad now we just got to get this stuff out of the way. But I can't imagine this is one of these situations Lamar price so. As a former player military would it would what that kind of signals. If you fire coached there in the middle of the season. It armor. The weather's the intended. My notion or not it signals to the players that our organization is divided. And we as players either. Any we wind up calling for this man's job and the upstairs whether it be college or. Professional listened to us and they fired the guy. So now we are filled with some sort of you know in the nation and our chests pumped up because we got a man's shot and got a may have fired. Or is this situation to where you know yet they fired a coastal where the next to go I situation so. You're actually right when he's a bad organizations. How fired during the middle of the season because. Shoulders. And an united front to the players period and players just like kids when there we see mommy and daddy fighting. Hey listen if we can drive that wedge even further right we can do all we want you know I mean it is is a bad look. To it to the fire tournament this season but is even worse from organizations Campbell because going forward. There's no way that you can present a unified front even if you bring in even when you bring in the new. As an opponent on the season this year which is unfortunately and in unfortunately in in the context of what they haven't been willing to do to make changes with the football program which is a source of a lot of frustration for 49ers fans as well always take these two calls and David Dodd did its God's gonna join mr. Martin is Mercer role champ went for Chico slid in the studio as well from the Carolinas tonight and -- which it would threaten to hit the back door orgy coming trump I can tell you that aren't that she did my secret all right so there you go we go we're hitting we're gonna talk painters and a little bit. And get just get the update on what's going Alec after marlin after what. I happened yesterday he was struck. Downplay that and pump the brakes I think so we'll get some answers on that from the Chico it's got a wait let's go to gym early quicken or get mad and here than David Scott joins us Jim what you wanna say many thanks for hanging on. Do this let's have a lot bigger than just firing to have mark provides this is a low point that the north sports center Al whistle blows against division I repeat. So that's our football program our basketball program. I can do not gonna come there in that environment and the clinical benefit that is McGraw recruit tactic to take touched every year to overcome this fiasco that has developed and if you need an attempt to introduce you to during the Easter retire I'd like very probably didn't need. Well they know that's tasks unannounced had the idea that you go Melamine had been on I don't mean that is as a disrespect but that's just the truth I mean did the damage has been going. In terms of the resin and that's unfortunate because you know Jim she was what the third female athletics director in college in college history Ameen. That's something that should not be lost. And I feel like it's been lost because of how long this is this is gone now. Yes I've it's she's she has been good lately it's time on the go may have an addition university. I had ever sale. We're in Great Britain big trouble there are comfortable come list. Yeah I go and I appreciate Conan I don't want I don't wanna be knee jerk and overreact got forward say they can't because it takes is one higher honestly. Politics is one Hiram and they denied by the way I've got a plan for forty understands or worried were upset were candid kind of like Jim it's doable plan. It is just three hires. Why are they easy exactly now you just fired about where it starts right and then you also have a situation with the actual football coach for people were calling for his job and she decided to keep and been prior. The news. According yet you gotta get your facts are right on this list as I don't really know you see here like is this right not necessarily. All that stuff is right right it all seriously don't. It is one right higher at the top honcho at this is still look at Charlotte there's a top 25 city in this country it's a growing university of growing city here in the southeast the weather's great down here during a decent comforts they could get an even better comfort so like I don't we got to be can I know it's hard to imagine now but things could get better. Other and it and maybe not. And that. One of fashion right I mean we looked as I agree on that it's this kind of toe has been the last couple years and you look at. Does the last sentence in Sibley turner was the 0405 season. Right so since then I think compared Davidson's to an antenna do this and thank you dear you know having it here just did not. What's at 236 and 116 at the end of four until. Same area same a dozen different conference and you know and it's it's a one diddley didn't make subtle and I would argue Marshall. You know so it's it's not apples apples a but I ask you know anything and this is in a big gap but I'd argue Charlotte should be getting slightly better caliber of players that Winthrop are so isn't where it's there are criticism within our private school. Now want to sisters existing school but I smaller at 6000 enormous and it's a huge gap but I would say Charlotte should be capable of getting a little bit higher of the caliber player in the winter it would be a basketball so it's not a Leo like. It there's no reasonable explanation to X you know to justify some of this stuff. And you Davidson look what Davidson starting this year and that is a private school. On the networks both ways I guess sometimes of who you're willing to lead in -- a little glass ceiling on the kill a minute delay bomb killed and he's a lot of risks us seasons but the talent in my some things also you know agree let's go to Matt greens right media's assault on the hornets really quick Matt what's up there what you wanna say. I had com. You know we hit. I think all won't put up on Dwight Howard probably exceeded a lot of expectations are very. Maybe you good luck but I didn't we've got eight you know eight he was black beard and distorted gently away and nothing. Last four days that you liked point 414. That's what they stand and they're one of the free tickets to possibly get two of the worst teams and the weeks. And I created but battle but opposite rent it why it's so happy. There's toward escort to pretend that I'm starting lineup. Right out may be up Margaret and two out there. And and KG is just. Well there's gonna well we gonna score adapted that they do what I guess but it did your image that style yeah is it it doesn't work anymore in the state of BA. Yeah oh yeah I would say it doesn't work do you works it's just a fighting it's hard to win a lot of games that way like I think doctors should Kona I would say I think the hornets news and could be a 500 team but I think you know unfortunately this team wasn't supposed to be just a 500 team but now they kind of feels like their ceiling sneak it is a seven or an eight seed act like. 41 in forty laundry list 42 other what is going through Syria doesn't know there was. But I think this team was when it was built. Based on two years ago and that we've been playing with this team two years ago we probably would have been a 500 if not a better team the unfortunate thing is. This team was put together to face. A previous Eastern Conference. The Eastern Conference has gotten better yet acknowledged he just he's just it's just better look at Indian donating the Indiana what they write without Paul George there few games over 500. Well you know. That I it and that'll happen right all the people who have been traded from team is a leader here right so you know bad guys cut caught fire in as we known basketball you need is one player. There's the kind of transform things but this team was built to do well two years ago or even the last year. This team was better is better this year than it was last year. Unfortunately the Eastern Conference has caught up with the Western Conference and and a lot of people's minds basketball. Talking Heads. Might be better from top to bottom in the Western Conference just based upon records in and you know head to head matchups between the two different. Actually I think going into last time bodily all nine games in the NBA last night were east vs west. And I forget what the overall record was last night and I think going into last night did the east head to head to head advantage like 8881 on the year which isn't a wide margin so we have two point like for awhile we examine what's. This happens when decent rest his soul night and day it was wrong with a right now let's go to nick really quick he wants to jump in next nick nick what some that we wanna say. Hey guys I don't agree man you. Boy I mean the ineptitude of the Charlotte 49ers and heroes just coming in that are clear picture here. Gently they are the actor after this structure short amount of time what these player you know we were losing game that. You know there's a silver lining in this case just this kid you guys talk about a stroke 49ers hopefully people wake up. Realize that you heroes has got to go to these are not gonna get better and told us. And caution you leave that school I mean completely. Ridiculous. But hey you know they keep talking about it so was something changed it. In nick I appreciate you calling him in 70457096. And Sean swayed no come on in the second you guys saying if you wanna jump in here. And I get into the fray UK and and doesn't just mean a surprising news today men mark price who just a few years ago was gonna tonic credit. Offer developing some of these young hornets players for working with Campbell walk pretty good just three point shooting to be among the best in the NBA it is position. I yelled it was surprising to see him become the head coach for the Charles 49ers the dearest there's talk of that time that he was looking to be a head coach. At some level. And he got that opportunity and now here we are less than two and a half years later in those three in six starts for the 49ers a thirty and 42 mark. In it is overall tenure there. He's been a just released from his contract he's a fired I think so get some answers on this from nod David Scott a great reporter great reporter in general from the Charlotte Observer. What was escorted out by a Secret Service I don't know about that Doug Davis what is the scoop on his morals that would happen. He's fired or what was he was third leg of mutual parting of ways what have to which would coach price this morning. I feel tired Tom no doubt about it. They bottom out around this morning it would be. Unbeknownst to him anything with all of them and I don't. Terminator yeah. They told him. That they could likely be the direction the program a petting. That they thought he had a lot of players and let him go now that they've picked up. I mean this is this a shocking argument you've been around this athletics program for a long time to some of the stuff now at a certain point. I feel like a lot of people's moved anybody has been around this series for for a period of time has come a punch drunk around the follies was with the Charlotte forty niners but I mean this the timing of this. On how long he had been there I mean nets did this it just seems completely out of left field for the staff this morning. I think the economy now is the cut you know nine games in the season. To go to a billionaire you know there's two plus seasons not not probably getting. The kind of chip it would've wanted to. I'm around. Not talked to Judy wrote a little while don't it further the though come on which have been like EFO. They have reshoot scenes from a player should she didn't like being hampered that you get in com. Remarked about how I might cut and around. And associated met with the president there at us now. Before the season gets going too far she she wants to think there's time to get even panorama of the way to do. Madrid and tricks. I haven't started popping play yet so common in her view. For the parent do if they can make it felt we feed him what what you can capture great you know. We're talking did discuss from the Charlotte Observer and I you can follow him at at David Scott fourteen he's with a shred now on the technique come to slice a mark price is let go after not even two and a half years in the job and you don't sit here and a struggle like this from a memory is assuming they grow up around here just wants to see Charlotte beat the respectable on their sports but tough. Alan major got five years and he had one winning red earth just a couple morning records. And in his first two seasons he was a combined 23. And 37 and it. I mean there is all you remember that David a lot of people say why do you keep bringing this guy back why do you keep giving him second and third chances so I don't know if you asked this to Judy rose today but how is it that a guy like Allen major to get five years but a guy like mark price with his pedigree. After just over two years ending twelve games under 500 Heston has to kick rocks today. Well she'll it's been hurt perk that went down a poet bitchy. Said thought that things are moving in the right direction and as you can get it right and he would bring an end you know good good recruit doing a great recruiter he brought in a lot of unaccounted I know what happened what I want to gut there's another thing but. She always thought that alone would we're moving in the right direction Chiat conquers the surgeon after only two years with mark price and change here. The program is going in the wrong direction he wants to. Coming to them about it and start all over again one more time what with another guy presumably. Next spring we'll let. If you could branch and is something with the program. In it's a step to know which way the team and going and which could programs going. In which he. You know somehow in the short amount of time. Thought it was too late to turn around on the mark and and beyond a new direction. I know this is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things but as much as you've been around them. Do you agree with that assessment that she makes. Well I don't I just don't think that they're really not pot you know. And I think yen and I will you know a lot of people wouldn't want either. Wanna hear that and I'll I'll be consistent with that what the book program Tom I think you got to do a basketball coach. Cuts at least three years and maybe 45 in the zone read them their and I think the bank network with a book co typical op program content. You know what I type. I don't think it met its earlier that a wrong move there to keep Brad Lambert because of that but anyway. I've yet to think he'd be if he's got a little bit more time and introspection basketball has been a reflection program could go wrong. There disconnect you know go back to square one. David is the is the assumption maybe that is used in censure does it does a good job he's a candidate to maybe take Joseph awful timers as he just. Place holding until they eat and seasoning get up to get a national search on. Yeah I'm not a particular affinity thing like I think it it. You know accused and got a lot of a lot of experience. It well apple state for nine years. One a couple divisional titles you know on the play not a basketball school. You know he can he can go to gonna get as champs but no I mean it. But to predict anything on the phone now it's. You know depending on how they how to finish up under him you know maybe you'll get a chance to keep going but. You know I'm she'll get a spare change at two to keep the job but it I don't know what what to think you can debate. Her talking to David Scott on Twitter I'd David's got fourteen he can hit the links they're firm his latest on a story of what's. I constantly updated to with what's gone on this more as a mark price has been let go is the I had coached. Up for the Charlotte 49ers and done he's with this right now data Scott of the Charlotte Observer with this right now on the tech become guess line I'm so. Speaking of mark price and you spoke to him do you I'm sure isn't that time to process this puts any idea of what's next what what where does he go from here. Yet it didn't know and exactly because it's been so quick and I want so depriving. I'm I'm sure it got iron from the are out there and you'd better and BA connect and it is well before the shooting coach. You know he never been a head coach before and and so. You know maybe not he didn't a good move and go back to him yeah Obama and again maybe. More than on the bent comic guide during games not that the shooting coach to get more current arm on. That could come out of the company yet he want to stay in the game I'm. Well you speak at a Judy you know how it's been I mean obviously college game day was in town a few weeks ago I never been in town before and amid signs littered behind its bond is set afire Judy rose all of that's the most run we've seen from Charlotte 49ers fans. Nationally in a long time and they you know they try to make their voices heard so what. What do we make of of Judy rose right now in her. Job security M I guess she is secure means that chancellor the ball was on this radio station a few weeks ago and it was very adamant about that but I don't know how many other ladies in the country David would. Would get this many cracks at hiring a men's basketball coach without without finding success from a sixteen years. Yeah well look pretty who should partner. Certainly hurt job that is secure. The chancellor has been. Very clear about that the chancellor was involved in the visit marks so it's not like cheap it's something that that he disagreed with stokes. There there are bunkered down out there on that I'm I would be. Very deprive Obama and it could have happened if anything were to happen what went to each job round should happen. Support of the champ where she's she's very clear to what she's doing arm. Is what cheaply because right now and doing things the right way and and makes it the right decision and you know and I know that. Drives people crazy but they're they're kind of backed up from the position out there where. Any you know any thing you Byron our current leader in whatever. Would you know kind of payment skating and what's going on up there so. I think it's up and we just got to play out for the it would future on the all people next year I'll be tool will will play a big part of all the art scene how they do an environment about the law Cotto. Radio David Scott beat writer for for the 49ers doing great work for for the Charlotte Observer and a follow him on Twitter said David Scott. Fourteen and you can hit that links your first piece that said that slide Charlotte Observer dot com with quotes from mark price Judy rose in the like it would Steve I've seen people texting this in on our tax on David site I don't obviously I'm not certain about this but do you know what's up with with Hudson price marks on what do we know status of him what's his points. We don't know Marc says he was gonna he hadn't popped that. Could not propped her probably about app it happened the morning. He had not popped and planned on it. And didn't you know but he did say it up between a Democrat upcoming content an awkward situation. You know he's got a bit predicament because basketball player who he is regret tramps cursing your arm and so is perhaps. Thank you could fit and if you want to stay at mar that at the plate either that or not so we will say. But David did you talk Tia thanks for the great work never dull day at the office I suppose. The good Theo Davis got always appreciate and data came out of retirement. That's right and he can retirement and this God's bridges get out of here man Davis got back into the new them back in the BC and assist. This is frustrating that I look I got grown grown up peers in people's texting and tweeting in San Hudson's gone I mean maybe that's true I don't know I barely I is that once. Maybe Hudson's tweeted that out and I don't I don't know about their foot. But B I mean at this. I just once so much emphasize that in athletics program and and as I mean you've been around this this program used to be something that was a source of pride in this city qualitative. I didn't I style phone 49ers when they were gonna bring in the football team. And then it didn't hire Mike manner well and that's a whole other thing and hold on I want to get a break we come back we get back into the Sean wants to join as Michael Chico Jamar Nesbit ginger grant Packers president former Packers president. The manager rested Aaron Rodgers. When that do Brett Favre was already there quarterback we talked to him in 45 minutes we get into the pitcher's locker room with Michael Chico coming up in the 4 o'clock charge but look 49ers fans and the days. They seem they seem long they are. Under the pressure seems heavy it is and the future seems anything but bright but I got to play it for you okay. And his plan. It's the multiple levels could called the Kroger plan it's it's the Kroger multiple multi pronged plan Marshall plan after world war two and the current clients trust we're going here there's its next primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Only got a pretty Charlie's going to. Crying time when Chris grow. Powered by Mort don't care. The united states of America stadium Wake Forest Demon Deacons did peaks and pound coming down. From off from Winston-Salem to take on the Aggies and they NM kimbo is not coaching he's just gonna be observing his negatives or tennis or country Jimoh lord knows you you. Should be doing any etched her work to earn that 75 million dollar contract he got the whatever that's neither here nor there we sound bitter guy tick don't know looked Youngstown you deserve better. My bitterness only more more parity human kickoff set for one multi platinum selling country music are music artist Scotty mccreery Arthur on those Scotty mccreery headlining a 2017 golf ball fan fest at main street freedom of public on game day and you can get ticket in -- at bilk tickets dot com so that's the voice Jamar Nesbit bodily speaking of tickets we got Eagles tickets to giveaway we'll do that coming up in the when he six or thirty we think. Injure grange joins is a 430 getting what do it for thirty OK we'll give legal to do when those things. Are you gonna call in when you can't your disallowed well Butler Paul Michaels called them a thought the Eagles already came in later. No that was I think you think that getting company. So you think not all white and the height of eagle eager to play this Philadelphia. On the offense now you like Brad Stevens with his dad humor on man did you hear about his joke about. Jalen brown. And Jalen brown wears the sport specs. You know the eyeglasses sports specs you know during when he plays like the goggles yes and he he made a joke last night where he said it was quite done. Spectacle Lou. That Brad Stevens is the king of bad jokes they don't have that I don't Stevens. In Boston because of that anyway people depend Eagles tickets for thirty will give those away is it spectrum center April 11 like Chico to Marquez could injure brand's gonna join us coming up. I you know in in about thirty minutes or so when you're ready for this is the early multi pronged plan. To fix Charlotte 49ers athletics you ready for us yes garrido. I note I'm still wondering to me is multi pronged one werder too is that I think FaceBook like this I know we did just the audio work on this okay so this is I'm getting distracted my multi prong solution to fix Charlotte 49ers athletics OK so. Here's number one this and this is in order these are priorities particularly noticed a lot of this is the most important thing seriously this start with a costar with the don't joined of their own. It goes is this sets the table for everything else and get started to top. And it's kind of like a reverse pyramid here okay okay just only a temporary lead on us now first. Your Charlotte from now on your Charlotte talk to me as a university or Charlotte you're not a wants yes it can follow me here because for a long time. You don't know it is like this and trust me this might play and you make jokes Alice are just get to the floor senator RT UNC CE RT UNC Charlotte is at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte why are they called Charlotte for sports but how commences UN CC upfront how come they don't Wear Ewan CC on the jerseys they get many when you call them the UN CC forty niners none of this dual identity crap it stops now all you're either the University of North Carolina at Charlotte for everything. You're leading academics is what you're yes him or you're the university of Charlotte which a lot of 49ers fans for years have been clamoring just call us the university of Charlotte just like Memphis state that is now Memphis. I'm cool with that I'd prefer if we have if we could be clear just beat the university of Charlotte that your identity for academics them and for athletics that's our starting point on these are some naming rights and financial. OK heirs pay the money want to figure that out and I got a W got people are figure that stuff out OK art for streamline your identity or not I don't know the bylaws of the university's real. Nobody is how it's going to know who you guys are some details we did UN CC nobody knows who you are right make people know Charlotte, North Carolina now the university offers start to figure out rename OK gotcha that's gone right. Next which name we go. I like university of Charlotte the Charlotte I think chemical or a when he was mayor suggests that they do that. The only source for me that was my idea first okay you can Tomasson reminds me next yeah June heroes you gotta go bye bye it's been a good run. It was once a good on the it's not good anymore and hasn't been good for a while 27 years is a long time for somebody be in athletics director at any level in college sports let alone one that hasn't produced any meaningful success in any major money sport in borderline fifteen years OK it's time to go. Had a great run you were and a TrailBlazer for women in college sports that should not be a something we've we sweep under the rug should be Nash streets or performance business Hillman men or women. It's a performance business just like you said hey I'm not seen the results are not happy what is with mark price your words not mind. Everybody saying that about viewing your athletics department overall so that goes number two no hard feelings see ya so I you know aura he got to go number 30 my god anymore sit okay you want to hire Inouye. He was the immediately offered. He was the AD TCU is they'd like to conference changed he was the president of the free can NFL Carolina Panthers man he was in this city he knows people he gets relationships. He's Harold and I think he can shake hands he can kiss babies he can cut deals he's done all this if he can go to one NFL owners' meetings he can on the Charlotte 49ers athletics department pretty seamlessly okay bull they're sure guy on the job. I don't know he's he's beat a professor you're your alma mater South Carolina as a candidate right now OKC and again details okay so anymore seeing your new AD we're now under state steps for okay you ready for a new basketball and football coaches I don't know who they are quite frankly I don't care but I trust a guy like Danny Morse and hire some pretty good ones. That would make some results start to happen OK that's step four number five. This one might be higher might be missed prioritizing your gonna look we want this is my plan it was hastily thrown together number five blacks draw a line around the city of Charlotte you can't build all your team's offer recruits in this area and we got a good high school sports yes and creating quite that good of a lot of competition for university standpoint I get it but the backbone culture and identity of your programs is specially football on basketball need to have a distinctly Charlotte flavor and flair to them okay except Dick dale who's who in this town you might only get one per class get the one. That's what you gotta do we not much is seen CMS go to kidnapped boys go to Concord go to literally get like 34 counties are legitimate. So yes my guess old Estonia then they're they're turning kids away plane high school football on rock he'll man. That's an NFL pipeline their building down their south point and all those schools and they had little it would mean we talk don't coverage and that's that's their plan is says it to get those that make it happened okay it's been too long that needs to be the number four I think you need to draw a line around the metro area in this area and Charlotte needs to be Charlotte to kids from this area you can get your Georgia is your tennis seizure Virginia's eastern or western North Carolina is the backbone flavor and flair this of this area needs to represent your sports teams. And last but not least. You do this stuff. I'm telling you your plane in the American. Claiming conference USA tour and topped 45 city in this country Uranus in a school. That's got 30000 students that's going to be 40000 before too long for there them in all its own real while. You guys and you act carried by. Internet. No this is this is people commute to open undergrad or grad students are 30000 assuming a 40000. It's not crazy you do all these things I'm telling you have the American freaking athletic conference and knocking on your door saying hey guys. You wanna end what's that Charlotte this seems pretty good. Now we'd like to be in a city like this we got the NFL the NBA. Maybe Major League Baseball or something down the rodeo we. At least interesting are you America you'll what are you come into our great conference this DOS is not that hard that is the Kroger multi prong planet if you follow this plan and yup. I promise you success OK I guarantee success with this plan from Chris Kroger alum answers questions let's say you I forget which that it wasn't might have been stepped to. Where Judy was gone. Right it was just after just the two other people saying. It probably should be step one that it was saying let's jump trod that well LeapFrog that's an affront but that's my one little nebulous I'd like one stop at one is my one hold on we could get a quick idea we come back we keep debating this we get your calls but for Chico Jamar Nesbit ginger bread in thirty minutes to and its prime time. Were powered by ortho Carolina.